Two-thirds down, one third to go

By Simon Rose

Thirteen games to pull off another Great Escape

Goran Popov has a lot to answer for. What is it with West Bromwich Albion? Last season they infuriated Spurs, as stand-in keeper Marton Fulop produced an inept display in the final game of the season, helping Arsenal to a win that allowed us to pip Spurs for 3rd place. This weekend, Popov got sent off against Spurs for Albion, gifting Spurs the numerical advantage that helped them to grab a late winner. That Spurs win sees them remain four points ahead of Arsenal at 4th in the table, three points above Everton in 5th and with Arsenal 6th.

As Arsenal supporters, we would seriously love to return to the days of making a proper sustainable title challenge, days which are not that distant in the memory. For the moment at least, title challenges are beyond us. The best that it has seemed to get for Arsenal for some time now has been to maintain achieving the minimum: qualifying for Champions League football. The competition has its moments, both for Arsenal and as a neutral observer once we are knocked out, but it is no longer a competition where we look like realistic challengers. Our next opponents Bayern Munich are a formidable beast. On-going participation in the Champions League is needed for one basic bottom line: money. That seems somewhat incongruous given that we barely spend money during transfer windows, but that is the bottom line and we all know it.

At 25 games into a 38-game Premier League season every club is now essentially two-thirds of the way through this campaign. We need to finish at least 4th in the table to earn Champions League football for next season and, as mentioned above, we are currently four points off Spurs in 4th place. Clearly we would prefer to be four points ahead, but we are in a decent hunting position. I stayed adamant throughout last season that we would finish at least 4th if not 3rd, even in the face of Spurs being well ahead of us. Oil separates from water, I had every confidence that we would finish above Spurs by the end of that 38th game, which is all it needed. I am equally comfortable of the same, this season. Letís see if Spurs can hack it. Letís see if Spurs can finally manage a 38-game season, rather than a 37-game season or less.

This Arsenal team has had a jumble of a season, with fantastic sporadic performances and results at times, together with too many matches where we were barely in attendance. Weíve gone through the usual palaver of uncertainty over player futures, plus performances of the sort of varied ineptitude that leave you wondering how Arsene Wengerís famed hunt for players of top top quality equates with some of the pish he has assembled. Yet despite another garbled season and Spurs being media darlings, here we are, two-thirds through the campaign and we are just a spitting distance behind Spurs and 4th place.

Just like last season, putting aside all of the gripes and tensions felt in varying degrees by Arsenal supporters, our aim to finish at least 4th and above Spurs is well and truly on. We are four points behind, with 13 games to go. That is perfectly achievable. We could clearly do with avoiding defeat at White Hart Lane in early March. I have no doubt that we can claw back the current deficit. Everton should not be ignored but they will slip away, leaving 4th a straight run for Arsenal and Spurs. Given Chelseaís tendency to stick one arm behind their back and sling themselves to the floor, 3rd is not an impossible target, albeit improbable. We might as well aim high. If you reach for the sky you might just get the clouds.

Yes yes, I know, lots of Arsenal fans donít want to consider anything remotely positive, they are far too busy driving themselves nuts while clinging to negatives and preconceptions to judge things for what they are. And what they are is an Arsenal - this erratic, up and down, frustrating, madcap defending Arsenal Ė that has 13 games to overturn a four-point deficit behind a club that we feel sure that we are better than. Are you seriously telling me that we canít do that?

Last season Spurs reached the brink of a 13-point lead over Arsenal and we still turned it around to finish above them. That implosion was partly helped by managerial uncertainty over Harry Redknapp. We are unlikely to get that assistance again. This Spurs look set to put up a prolonged fight for the spoils. The difference this time might come down to one basic factor: strikers.

Arsenal supporters might be miffed that we did not add an extra forward during the January transfer window, but Spurs failed in that regard too and I think it might be their eventual downfall. We have four players that you could reasonably name as strikers: Giroud, Podolski, Walcott and Gervinho. Spurs have Defoe, Adebayor and Dempsey. Our four strikers, to their three.

You can argue (laugh) about the virtues of Gervinho (and Dempsey) as strikers, but I was amazed and delighted that Spurs failed to sign an additional striker. For all of Arsenalís flaws Ė and we can all count several Ė which club finishes above who, to land at least 4th, could well be settled effectively by which club has the stronger depth of strikers. And it is there, in striker depth, if that is all it takes, where Arsenal are likely to have the edge.

4th February 2013 09:00:00


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Paul  16:35pm 4th Feb 2013

And sadly you will celebrate 4th place like Wenger and the board while Man Utd with our best player from last season will be 30pts ahead of us thats the true story of our season.We are no longer title challengers and maybe never will be again as long as we have a manager and board who think 4th is a trophy.You are just a deluded fool - Post No. 34164

CanadaGooner  16:56pm 4th Feb 2013

Simon, I like this article very much because you have embraced reality: Wenger will be here till the end of the season (and unfortunately for a few more trophyless seasons probably) and the set of dodgy players we have will remain (we cant afford a house-cleaning or the board wont sanction it anyway); so, what we're left with is the usual SALVAGE operation we're now getting so used to. Fortunately, Spurs to the rescue very soon. They will begin dropping points (it's their trademark) and we just have to hope some of the more serious players we have e.g. wilshere, will stand up to be counted and get us our coveted 4th place trophy. Sad reality of today's Arsenal (perhaps not too dissimilar to some of the periods we have had in the past; for some of us who are old enough to have endured those painful years) - Post No. 34165

Rich C  17:32pm 4th Feb 2013

I recently got dogs abuse on twitter for a pro Arsenal comment so I'll be careful here...... I don't care where we finish. I think fourth but if its sixth I don't care. Arsenal fans are the reason why I don't care. We have become a collective of moaning, abusive idiots on one hand and nostalgic Wengerites on the other. The "we want our Arsenal back" lot are the worst! What Arsenal do you want? The George Graham one that spent no money, paid no wages and put faith in a group of talented English players?? Or the Terry Neill one that lost its star midfielder to Juventus over a matter of 125 pound a week, then lost its star striker to Man Utd? Or the Bertie Mee version, Double winners to oblivion in three short years? What we're going through is ARSENAL!! "We want our Arsenal back" moaners should learn their history. Or do they simply want the pinnicle that AW took us too.......IRONIC!!!! Support the team, remember who they are, what they are and who they represent! - Post No. 34168

Fozzy  17:35pm 4th Feb 2013

Good stuff, Simon, and good to read a positive piece for a change. Even to the extent that you have described Eboue-with-a-syrup as a striker. As for the rest of the content, Arsene will judge you in May. - Post No. 34169

Mikey59  17:37pm 4th Feb 2013

I despair at articles like this. Is it really all about finishing above a one man Spuds team? BTW they have a forward that contributes most of their important goals. Give you a clue, it's not Defoe, Adebayor or Dempsey. - Post No. 34170

CanadaGooner  18:20pm 4th Feb 2013

@Rich C - very good comment mate. I think literate people must be able to state an opinion and comment without getting harrassed. As for "we want our arsenal back" almost sounds like those illiterate "we want out england back" type stuff; where people seem to forget the world has moved on, and is still moving. We want positive change at Arsenal, so that we continue to improve and SUSTAIN good results i.e. keep pace with progress and not assume we can win titles with a bunch of babies when other clubs are buying mercenaries who have a lot of fire-power. But to think ARSENAL's history is completely filled with glorious victories and non-stop winning is as you say, represents a lack of knowledge or understanding of where the club's come from or our history in general - Post No. 34172

Dan h  18:46pm 4th Feb 2013

25 games 41 points very poor return.It to this poster shown up by the fact this is a very very average league this year.We may come fourth we may not we had a real get out of jail year qualifying for the CL last season sadly instead of a wake up call the club rested on it's laurels.Gervinho should be nowhere near a first team shirt at Arsenal.We may as well let him sit at home watching Max Wall dvd's while getting the leftovers of Santos second KFC bucket! - Post No. 34173

James  19:03pm 4th Feb 2013

This is a depressing article i despaired when i read it.The triumphalism of a 4th place finish.So our only ambition is to finish above a one man team Bale FC.4th place is not a ****ing trophy.Wenger if he had any dignity left would resign at the end of the season with the words "sorry i have failed and i cant take the team any further".It wont happen of course and the trophyless streak will continue for another 5 seasons while the profits go through the roof.How long before JW goes? The only way thing will change is if we finish out of the top 4. Simon you are just the type of fan Gazidis loves you dont question why we have fallen so far behind the league leaders you are just happy that we produce mediocrity season after season.Instead you are happy to finish a point ahead of Bale FC - Post No. 34174

maguiresbridge gooner  19:12pm 4th Feb 2013

Well Simon, we've got WBA still to play on 6th April, i think it is,it's not the final game of the season i know but hopefully they and their keeper will roll over for us again, as i'm sure we'll need some sort of help along the way to our favorite position, and all that lovely dough for stan,ivan and the lads,because as you quite rightly point out any kind of proper title challenge is beyond us and has been for some time.Yes credit where it's due you did tip us right from the off to finish ahead of the spuds (even though we did need help on the last day of the season) as did CanadaGooner.There's still a lot of football to be played yet but at the minute the spuds are in the driving seat can we rely on them to blow it again and give us a good laugh ? and can we rely on our experience of third/fourth place qualification to get us there ? But there's nothing to laugh about and nothing to be proud off when the height of our ambition is to get third or fourth place ahead of our neighbours, and qualify for a competition we're never likely to win not with this current regime anyway. - Post No. 34175

jj  19:56pm 4th Feb 2013

Who cars if we finish in the top four or not. I'd much rather get to Wembley in the FA cup. Football is about the guts and the glory. - Post No. 34177

Wengerballs  20:01pm 4th Feb 2013

This is what is so sad about us now, that our most passionate fans are writing articles like this. Our only pride and glory as a Club now is coming from behind like a dark horse to try and pip a CL qualifying place ahead of the spuds. This is Wenger's entire strategy, playing brinkmanship with fourth place, his 'trophy', to add to his consequetive run of 15 other CL qualification 'trophies', and he takes even greater pride doing it all by spending as little as possible in the transfer market. We are not even in hooey of challenging for top honours any more and our Manager's only ambition now and the fatcats corporate strategy as a Club is to sneak into 4th spot spending as little as possible doing it. Brinkmanship between being bridesmaids and mediocrity, that's what it is. And footballs greatest spin doctor, Arsene Wenger, has everyone convinced, including you, that anything more is beyond our reach. - Post No. 34178

Green Hut  20:42pm 4th Feb 2013

Nice tongue-in-cheek piece on how Wenger has successfully lowered our expectations. - Post No. 34179

lee afc  20:57pm 4th Feb 2013

Excellent post simon...nice comment rich c....Paul... I have followed your comments over the last month or two. You have nothing to bring to the table other than abuse and pathetic comments. Proper gooners do not behave in such manner. - Post No. 34180

Wenger Must Go  21:05pm 4th Feb 2013

How sad is it the an article about Arsenal possibly scraping into the top four has to be typed?! Used to be unbeaten champions!! - Post No. 34181

Wenger Must Go  21:17pm 4th Feb 2013

*that an article - Post No. 34182

GG89  23:25pm 4th Feb 2013

Cīmon on the Spurs make it an interesting 4th place final... the gooners have been walking it for years now... Thatīs if Benitez does the impossible and lets the gooners in for 3rd and a longer summer holiday... you never know Mancini might get tight and Citeh fall apart and RVP goes lame and Manure canīt score more than they concede... 1st place is POSSIBLE. - Post No. 34184

Gare Kekeke  1:30am 5th Feb 2013

I agree with you Simon. I too have believed all season we will finish in the top four but for me it would only paper over some serious cracks that still needs to be addressed. Should it happen, would I celebrate it? Absolutely not. Finishing fourth should never ever be recognised as a trophy especially as you have mentioned that the real reason the club wants to be in the European Cup ever season is purely for monetary purposes, nothing else. Our average (some may call it pitiful) record in fourteen previous seasons of European Cup football under Wenger to me suggests (maybe stupidly) does he actually want to win it? Iím not convinced that defensively we can stop a Bayern Munich side that score plenty. But we shall see. Losing to stellar clubs such as Barcelona, Milan & Man Utd is one thing but annual disappointments against the likes of Panathinaikos, Auxuerre & more recently Schalke 04 as we have done over the Wenger years is baffling and head scratching. - Post No. 34186

Ron  11:06am 5th Feb 2013

Personally i find this 4th place scuffle amongst Arsenal and other Clubs who have totally NIL chance of winning the CL each season tedious and worthless. If we finish 5th/6th i wont bother too much. It will give new impetus to the tournamnts that we can win domestically hopefully i.e we can try and regain a winning mentality in the Club again while a new coach trys to steer a course back to the CL with a team that might actually genuinely challenge for it once there rather than just making up the numbers as we have done for so long.If Tottenham keep Bale fit, he ll drag them to 4th spot in my view. If they do it, good luck to them. Lets be really honest, their tilt at the CL a couple of years back was far more real and exiting than any of the pitiful efforts we ve made since 2006. Detest them as we do, but you wouldnt get a razor blade between the spuds and Arsenal now, such has been our decline in quality as we ve nose dived toweards them speedily. - Post No. 34188

chris dee  11:55am 5th Feb 2013

I think the board and Arsene should be congratulated,they have succeeded. Many Arsenal fans now view 4th place as a trophy thanks to the constant drip drip of propaganda by Arsene and Gazides. Things have been so wayward these past few years that here we are gagging,pleading and begging that we finish in 4th place 20-25 points from United. Not good enough for one of top 10 richest 'franchises' in the world sport,with the best stadium in the UK and a huge fanbase here and around the world. Never mind those who tell us that in our history we have never had success over a long period of time. That's why we moved to the new stadium.We knew for a few years it would be tough,but with a bit of application and pragmatism by Arsene we could have won the Carling Cup this year and beaten Birmingham in the final but we approached the final and the game against Bradford this year in the most arrogant flippant way imaginable and got our rewards.That's down to Arsene. What a different mindset the fans and the players would have with a trophy won.Players would have stayed with the knowledge and confidence that they could pick up medals.Instead the fans are complaining and the players look like they are having nervous breakdowns every time they are under any pressure instead of going into games as trophy winners. - Post No. 34189

maguiresbridge gooner  12:28pm 5th Feb 2013

Wengerballs, well said, sadly this is what we've been reduced to. - Post No. 34190

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  12:55pm 5th Feb 2013

Wow, we could get 4th or even (gasp!) 3rd place beating Tottenham to the punch. And for what????????? So we can replay the last 6 seasons all over again??? How about an article on how finishing outside the top 6 could be the kick up the arse that this stale board and past its sell by date manager needs? - Post No. 34191

Fishpie  12:56pm 5th Feb 2013

Simon, coming fourth again this year is just another way of saying we did what we always do: we have defended poorly in too many games, we haven't worked hard enough in others and as a result have dropped unnecessarily lost points and will finish miles away from what would otherwise be an attainable top 2 target. But I sense gradual improvement in some key players and a little team spirit momentum emerging and we have acquired what looks to me to be a serious left back so with just a third of the season left, beating Spurs to fourth would be better than nothing. They may not have got a striker. Unfortunately, we didn't get a new much needed dependable centre-half. Each of our current three centre backs are capable of dropping clangers at any time. That I fear will scupper us. But very happy to be proven wrong. - Post No. 34192

foxinthebox2001  13:19pm 5th Feb 2013

until the time comes around once more when I believe the manager is putting all the resources he has available into building as strong a squad as possible I can't get too excited about 4th spot. - Post No. 34193

El Bodgeo  13:34pm 5th Feb 2013

'...3rd is not an impossible target, albeit improbable. We might as well aim high. If you reach for the sky you might just get the clouds...' You crazy reckless dreamer! 3rd? Just imagine, 3rd, not 4th. Wow! Thank god you didnt say 2nd, that would be just ridiculous. No team can aim that high surely? And I thought 4th was ambitious. Incedible! Im with you Simon, lets reach for the sky! - Post No. 34194

Tony Evans  13:35pm 5th Feb 2013

Ron - agree with your take on this 100%. We are usually on the same wavelength, and most definitely are when it comes to the scrap for the 4th place 'trophy'. - Post No. 34195

Graham Simons  13:37pm 5th Feb 2013

so we finish fourth and everything's alright again is it? WRONG it's just papering over the Chamakhs. - Post No. 34196

vince  13:37pm 5th Feb 2013

Simon, Good piece written. Unfortunately some of the arm chair idiots on here will not get it into their thick skulss...Booo hoo WE want the title, boo hoo we should win the fa cup, well face it that isnt going to happen unless there is mega investment. And even with that is success really guaranteed? just ask man u (last season) chavs - this season, spurs every season. Lets see where we end up then shoot the team...but before that we need to gather together, support ...a cll to the arms ..Arise o Gooners. - Post No. 34197

Cambridge Gooner  14:05pm 5th Feb 2013

@Rich C - I put it to you that you are not an Arsenal supporter, nor do you know you history any more than Wayne Rooney knows about astro-physics. The Arsenal wins things... or dies trying! Before 2006 Manchester United were only 2 league titles ahead of Arsenal (thanks largely to their golden generation) - in the intervening time they have won 4 more and it will probably be 5 this year. Yes there have been lean periods in the past, but they were usually succeeded by change in an attempt to improve things. That is the crux of the problem, not the lack of trophies, but the lack of effort being applied to winning. I would not moan for a second if I thought this great club was doing everything in its power to improve the team and win realise success, instead we pay top dollar and receive half-hearted dross. 4th place is not a trophy, Spurs should be an irrelevance at this stage of the season - 4th place IS NOT A F***ING TROPHY! - Post No. 34202

GoonerGoal!  16:15pm 5th Feb 2013

Your eyes must be deceiving you, 4th is nothing but a pipe-dream for this team at present. Yet we are presented with another Wenger courtier, having already accepted the "4th is a trophy" mantra, no doubt preparing to swallow "the UEFA Europa League is a trophy" line currently being prepared, just in case. Wake up, enough is enough! 4th is NOT a trophy! Finishing higher than Spurs is NOT a trophy!Only WINNERS may claim success. Only WINNERS may claim a TROPHY! VIVE LA REVOLUTION! - Post No. 34209

ALsace Lorraine De Totteridge  0:16am 6th Feb 2013

@ Rich C. I'd like an Arsenal which is run within its means, which is run with an orthodox properly coached defence, a midfield which has players some of who can create and some who can stop the other side playing, and some capable competent strikers. If you think that that is an impossible utopian dream, then I feel really sorry. Wenger has now admitted that his "tactics" do not allow for a solid defence. This title is more winnable than the last 6, and Wenger absolutely refuses to do the things that could put it within our grasp. Until you have been in an organisation that is run by an idiot, and see the invigorating effect of his removal, you aren't qualified to comment on this scenario - unless of course you think Wenger is a credible manager in which case.................. In May 1940 would you have shrugged your shoulders and said "better the devil you know, let's keep that nice Mr Chamberlain" ? - Post No. 34222

Hamza Ali Baksh  7:27am 6th Feb 2013

Spurs have the following fixtures remaining against Top-10 teamsÖArsenal(H), Liverpool(A), Swansea(A), Everton(H), Chelsea(A), Man City(H), Stoke(A). Arsenal on the other hand have: Spurs(A), Everton(H), Swansea(A), WBA(A), Man United(H). And Chelsea have: City(A), WBA(H), Spurs(H), Liverpool(A), Swansea(H), Man United(A), Everton(H). It does look, on paper, like Arsenal have the easiest run in, and I can see them make up the 5 points needed to grab 3rd. - Post No. 34223

Chris  9:56am 6th Feb 2013

I'd also like an Arsenal which is run within its means, but one which scores more goals than it concedes in almost every match without putting un-necessary emphasis on defence, a midfield which can use passing not only to create but to keep the ball from the opposition so they canít hurt us, and at least one world class striker to replace the one we lost this season. If you think that that is an impossible utopian dream, then I feel really sorry. Wengerís philosophy of the game is clear and whilst we arenít there yet, I donít think itís so unlikely we could be successful with it in the near-ish future, with suitable investment. I do agree that the title was very winnable this season and share your frustrations Ė but perhaps Messers VP and Song should take a share of your ire. It seems a little unfair that you believe that anyone who hasnít been in an organisation run by an idiot and seen the invigorating effects of his removal isnít qualified to have an opinion Ė but if you think Wenger isnít a credible manager I think that reveals what we need to know about your judgement...... Historical precedent for the benefits of change doesnít make it a panacea or demonstrate that itís required in this case, Iím afraid. - Post No. 34225

Chris  12:40pm 6th Feb 2013

ps - post 34225 was intended as a reply to Alsace's (34222) - Post No. 34231

Graham Simons  12:45pm 6th Feb 2013

"it isnt going to happen unless there is mega investment?" - I'm sorry Vince but since when are the ridiculous prices we pay at the stadium not "mega investment". Our "mega investment" is taken for granted and that's why so many of us gooners are annoyed with what's happening at our club. To put this into perspective just 15 years ago I went to see us play West Ham in the real clock end for a tenner. Recently I went to see us play them in the clock end at the Emirates and it set me back £50. In 1998 a pint of beer cost around £2.50 - would you pay £12.50 for a pint?! Because that's the sort of price inflation we're talking about - we had a much better team back then too. - Post No. 34232

tpm  21:37pm 6th Feb 2013

@chris. blame song and rvp, classic akb behaviour. 1st off song is no real loss, a darling of the akbs when at the club, yet a liability and endemic of not good enough arsenal. blame rvp? y? for being ambitious, not wanting to waste the remainder of his career carrying a poor side as he did last year? had he stayed we would not have signed caz or giroud. had he stayed wally would have gone to balance the books for pod coming in. wengers philosphy has failed for nigh on 7 years with maybe one exception, why would anyone think it would finally bear fruit now. doing the same thing over and over agan and expecting a different result is idiocy, yet you are advocating and thinking it will work in the nearish future. likewise what is the nearish future? how many more years should this experiement be allowed to continue without consequence or culpability to its failure? as for you las comment "Historical precedent for the benefits of change doesnít make it a panacea or demonstrate that itís required in this case, Iím afraid" utter tosh. neither does it mean that change should not occur,especially when the club is patently and undeniably getting weaker year on year, and being caught up and overtaking by clubs once a million miles away from us. u are yet another arsene fc man, with no concept of the club beyond the manager, and happy with the ambition of 4th and not utilising all the resources available to you simply to make a point. living in a world of football that has moved on from a decade ago, like it or not. - Post No. 34251

Rich C (again)  18:01pm 7th Feb 2013

It's funny to suggest I don't know my history as mentioned above. I think that my point is proved in that as a group of supporters, we have wildly differing expectations about what the club should be doing. My ironic point was that this club is in EXACTLY the same position it has been in many times before and those that claim to want their Arsenal back are simply wearing rose tinted specs. Apart from 7 years umder Wenger we have never brought the best players, never paid the most wages and never won a trophy every year. Oddly, the conservatismm of those running the club has always been a hinderance. The fact that I used our history to show that, and then get accused of not knowing my history is hilarious! You should just follow Stu Robson around, slaughtering the club for not trying, a man who scored a goal in a two one home defeat against Walsall, the darkest night ever as far as I'm concerned, so he should know about not trying.........History eh, don't talk to me about history! - Post No. 34270

Green Hut  20:59pm 7th Feb 2013

@Rich C- The slogan/chant 'We want our Arsenal back' was originally used by the BSM and supporters to reflect fan anger at the board regarding purely off-field matters, nothing to do with Wenger. Personally, I just want a manager who uses all the financial resources available to him to achieve success and then see what happens, but we've not had one of those for a long time. - Post No. 34274

Rich C (again)  23:12pm 7th Feb 2013

In reply to Green Hut, I unreservedly agree with you in everything you say. I have been bubbling with anger since Brighton away and got a hammering after trying to defend Aaron Ramsey from the guy in front of me. Ramsey came over to take a throw in, he was 8 feet from this loony who screamed at him calling him things that won't get printed here. He finished it by singing we want our arsenal back. He didn't come back 2nd half. I just think that there is a collective of people who are now attending games, STARTING the game abusing players and AW and then falling back on we want our arsenal back. I just think the whole thing has been hijacked by these types. Singing that at the AGM is exactly the right place to do it, it makes a point. However, attending games, a game we won, and spending the entire time dropping the "C" bomb at Ramsey is not what we should be about. How does it help? My opinion on the club at the moment is as low as its been in the 30 years I've been going, my own opinion is divided about AW. But how can we expect to keep our best players loyalty when they hear things like that. I am genuinely frustrated to the point of breakdown with the divisive nature of the support at the moment and feel that no one group has the monopoly on being right. I stand by my first point though, its always been like this to a degree. - Post No. 34276

WashBelly  21:43pm 8th Feb 2013

How many (fans) on this board are aware the amount of times Arsene Wenger has referred to achieving 4th place is the equivalent of a trophy? So why use it as stick to beat a man? He was being interviewed for gods sake!! - Post No. 34307

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