Arsenal’s pre-season training starts

By Simon Rose

And the transfer clock is ticking...

I recommended last month in “How to survive a transfer window” to pace yourself through this summer’s transfer window and to make your life during it more sane, by not letting yourself expect a major signing every day. We are all rabidly desperate for Arsenal, finally, to build a strong enough squad to sustain challenges right through to the end, but we cannot physically make them do it and we may as well not drive ourselves nuts with the daily indignation of “what the hell are you doing Arsenal!?!” We know by now that Arsenal is a curious beast and that it acts in mysterious ways.

We have all followed to differing degrees of attention this summer the various mooted transfers that Arsenal are said to be working on and each of us will rate the likelihood of those deals completing with a variety of belief and distrust. Yaya Sanogo is in and he does seem to be a talent worth developing, but we still are little the wiser on any realism behind talk of Marouane Fellaini or Wayne Rooney genuinely heading our way.

I mentioned previously that I have three deadlines for when I want Arsenal to complete signings: 1) by the start of pre-season training, 2) by the start of the season, and 3), at least before the transfer window closes! Well, here we are, Arsenal have started pre-season training today and we have not made one significant signing. Sanogo is a good start but he has been away at the FIFA under-20 World Cup and our squad will not see him any time soon.

So we have reached the first transfer mini-deadline without having yet improved the squad meaningfully. It is refreshing that we have shipped out numerous squad players, which if nothing else brings sizeable wage money back into the pot, but it is a bit gutting that we have not yet added one significant signing. I am not however about to find the nearest cliff and I do have faith that Arsenal are working hard on deals, but it is a shame that the squad reassembled today without a key new teammate to meet.

It is not only important for morale that new talent is added to the squad by the start of pre-season training, it is also crucial to the squad’s physical preparations for the campaign ahead. For players to be missing now can have a profound effect on their physical readiness for the whole season to come. Pre-season training is when players are conditioned together for the whole campaign ahead. When players miss this vital time - through injury, post-tournament recuperation or just plain not having been signed yet – it affects their fitness for the entire season. Miss out on pre-season training and your conditioning will be hampered across the whole campaign.

In some respects of course we are not on our own in this problem. Most clubs have yet to make many summer signings and we know that many deals happen far nearer to the end of the window, close to transfer deadline day, than at the start. But we don’t really care about the other clubs, we want to steal a march on them by being as complete as possible, as early as possible. I think a key reason why Lukas Podolski barely lasted a full game last season was because he joined up with the squad somewhat late, following the European Championships.

As things currently stand, it does look likely that Gonzalo Higuain will join Arsenal, soon, from Real Madrid and probably before the players leave for our tour of the Far East. I was unsure about this deal when it was first mooted but over the weeks it has really grown on me. Higuain has had over six years at the Bernabeu and scored over 100 goals for the club. An Argentina regular and international teammate of Lionel Messi, Higuain is clearly an A-list transfer target. All we need now is for Arsenal not to manage to balls this one up and he should be ours. He might not have been in place for day one of pre-season training, but if he can be in situ in time to join the rest of the squad as it embarks on its globe-trotting, then he won’t have missed much and we can look forward to a rewarding season ahead."

There are also many rumours that Cesc Fabregas is to return to Arsenal, largely for family reasons. Fabregas is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest players and in that sense you would love to have such a talent in Arsenal’s team. For me, personally, I have no great feeling either way on Fabregas coming back. Once a player leaves Arsenal I rarely have any real feeling for him. Once they are gone, they are gone. When I see former players featuring for their new club, I rarely feel like I recognise them, in their new kit. They are like actors I once saw in a film. I don’t hanker after them. For me, I am unmoved by talk of a Fabregas return. I would only want him back if he genuinely wanted to be back, not because he has to be, to see his daughter more regularly. Cesc was desperate to go to Barcelona and he’s won trophies there. Even if the Barca crowd have given him some gyp, surely he would want to stay there? He should only return to Arsenal if he genuinely wants to be with us. I don’t want him back in our ranks if he is going to have a face like a smacked backside.

Beyond Higuain and Fabregas, talk persists about signing Fellaini from Everton and even Rooney from Manchester United. Such talk is not going away and while these might seem to be two of the rather more fanciful transfers said to be coming our way you never know in football and they are likely to be slow-burners throughout the window until something categorically happens. But in the here and now, pre-season training has started and the best we appear close to is for Higuain to join before the Far East tour and the clamour also seems to be that Fabregas could be resolved soon too. They would be an incredible goalscoring partnership.

Once that tour ship sails off, the first transfer mini-deadline sails off with it and we head towards the second one: signing new players before the season starts. There is a good month of pre-season-related touring and friendly matches to play out between the middle of July and mid-August, when the season starts. There remains much time to add further talent to the squad, but the more time that passes now the shorter an amount of time any new additions will have to join up with their teammates, to form a rapport and, crucially, to get conditioned physically for the whole season ahead. The Emirates Cup at the start of August sounds like an ideal point by which to have finalised our squad, but we all know that Arsenal are sure still to be reputed players in the market once we reach the ultimate transfer deadline: when the window closes.

Now that pre-season training has begun, the ball has started on roll on needing to lessen the time that new recruits miss out on their integration and conditioning. The clock is now ticking, in that the longer that such additions take to present themselves the less time we have to prepare them for the season ahead. Arsenal have had too many seasons where insufficient squads have failed to maintain challenges for silverware. The need remains for us supporters to hold on to our expectations, distance ourselves from the rollercoaster likelihood of transfers and to prevent ourselves from living like a gibbering wreck of unfulfilled daily hopes. We cannot make Arsenal do anything. We can only hope that our squad needs are met, as soon as realistically possible and without too much of the tight-fistery that often ruins imminent deals. Arsenal apparently have big money to spend: let’s finally show some ambition and spend it, to convince ourselves and many unimpressed supporters, that Arsenal winning trophies is not now a fanciful concept.

4th July 2013 09:00:00


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garyfootscrayaustralia  0:14am 5th Jul 2013

I think the chatter around the big name players you mentioned will tail off pretty soon. The club have already completed their priority signature of an unproven, injury prone overseas youth team player for League Cup ties and / or a loan to the Championship. Higuain would seem to be the only name worth realistic consideration. - Post No. 38990

smithy  7:17am 5th Jul 2013

Unfortunately we have all been here before- wenger talking about big signings and season after season nothing materialises.sanogo and signings like joel campbell are simply not the level of signings we require.Wenger should stay out of the financial deliberations or we could be revisiting another mata situation this transfer window. - Post No. 38991

Ron  8:16am 5th Jul 2013

I'm afraid that i don't see Higuain as 'A' class Simon. If he was such a player he wouldn't be leaving Madrid so easily as they wouldn't let him.Rooney isn't leaving Utd and certainly not for Arsenal. Hes at the best level he'll ever reach there (and he knows it) and he s a declining, problematic player with fitness issues anyway. Fellaini isn't joining Arsenal. Good player and a type much needed, but Wenger won't pay the price. He'll fiddle about with that hoping he'll get him cut price late in the window when Everton have brought in new players and then probably miss out for a few Million. Why would Fabregas go back to a weaker squad than the one he left? I agree with you on the prospect of him though. It's heresy to say it too, but to be honest he was overrated at Arsenal. Good player, but never a truly top one. Big fish at Arsenal amongst the 'project youth' set up that gave him a rating he wouldn't ever have had, say at Utd or even Chelsea Hes gone and should stay gone plus he s too proud to head back to N7 with his tail between his legs and rightly so. - Post No. 38992

BADARSE  8:16am 5th Jul 2013

How do I make it through the night? Well, decades ago I distanced myself from gossip. Does that sound wise, obvious, naff? Check your own routines before you dismiss that sentence. We all have a natural urge to acquire information, and how thrilling if we are the first in our circle to break the news? When I adopted my policy it was easier. People weaned on the 'information highway',(how dated that sounds!), are often infected I think. Trawling for kernels, then scraps. The madness that accompanies this procedure is evident. I have people 'telling' me things which at best are guesses, when it comes to transfers. I really stay outside it all, but it chips away, the blowing in my ear never ceases. Simon is advising. Obvious advice? Certainly. Try completely to hold those wishes and desires at bay, it's a tough one. Me I am about to switch off again from any clamour, and coast downhill for a while, until news comes from the Arsenal, or the media announces a 'done' deal. Happy griping people; I see plenty of 'eeyore' moments ahead. Let's just hope those drab, moribund periods ahead, are at least punctuated by some uplifting moments. Now where was I? Ah, yes. Back to the 'Archers', let's have some real drama in my life! - Post No. 38993

Alsace Lorraine de Totteridge  8:40am 5th Jul 2013

I agree that Fabregas wouldn't want to come back, not with Wenger in charge at least. He might come back if he was going to be in charge, as I believe him to be ambitious in the managerial direction. Interesting that people are downplaying his abilities. Old Walrus features is desperate to keep him out of the Spanish team, but it may be noticed that in major cup finals, when Spain have been up against it, the player who unlocks the stalemate is.....F Fabregas. I would love him to return to help sort out the mess, but it won't happen until the messmaker is gone. - Post No. 38994

BADARSE  9:33am 5th Jul 2013

A L de Totteridge, I couldn't agree, and disagree more, with your post. Fabregas' abilty is immense, and he is what you say he is, a 'game changer', a real rarity in any level of football, but as rare as ethics in Manchester football circles, when it comes to the Premier League. The part I disagree with is that of Arsene Wenger's influence; he would, in my opinion, be the only catalyst to ensure it happened, were it to happen, and I cannot believe it will. Mind you, an imperative would be his desire. Players like this young man, function with desire at the forefront of their performance levels, without that he would be an empty husk. - Post No. 38996

John Gooner  10:22am 5th Jul 2013

Simon, I think you should explain your transfer deadlines to Wenger, I'm sure he hasn't considered it before now. You put a lot of faith in a pre-season training regime at a club with a terrbile history of injuries. I would rather these fictitious signings you speak of stay longer at a club where they get prepared properly and don't break down after a few games. Same old Wenger, a few promising signings to boost morale followed by the inevitable sales to set the squad back a season. 1 season forward, 1 season back year on year. For a self-proclaimed prophet like yourself, I'm surprised you haven't spotted the trends. - Post No. 38999

Tony Evans  12:51pm 5th Jul 2013

I wouldn't trust Wenger with my weekly grocery shop, never mind the Arsenal transfer kitty! My level of interest in transfer rumours this summer is zero. It will either be a player (or players) I have never heard of (I can already tick that box - Sanogo) or an over-rated player that no other top team is interested in and Higuain might fit the bill for this one. - Post No. 39005

GaryGooner  13:25pm 5th Jul 2013

I am really sorry to be slightly rude but are you on drugs RON. Fabregas was an over rated player.....I dont think so! He was a fantastic player whom i would love to see back in the red and white and i am sure most gooners would agree with that. I dont think he will return (yet) but to say he was over rated absolutely baffles me.COYG - Post No. 39008

Graham Simons  13:41pm 5th Jul 2013

I wouldn't want Fabregas back. He epitomised Wenger's approach of ridding the squad of the leviathans of the untouchables and replacing them with youngsters - we saw Vieira, Bergkamp and Henry leave and we replaced them with Fabregas, RVP and Walcott - I know which trio I prefer. - Post No. 39009

maguiresbridge gooner  13:57pm 5th Jul 2013

Simon, we never expect a major signing period,but what we do expect (and always get with out fail) is plenty of talk/spin about it,so there's really no need to be gutted, like all of us you should be used to it by now.Higuain ? he could be classed as a major signing(depending on where he's played)and would be welcomed as long as like you say it's not ballsed up, but him on his own will not ensure we have a rewarding season, we'll need two or three more major/class A signings,and we might at long long last have something to look forward to, but we all know what the chances are of that happening. - Post No. 39010

Jumpers for Goalposts  14:23pm 5th Jul 2013

Wenger, Kroenke and Gazidis must piss themselves laughing before they go to bed every night and again when they wake up every day. Our playing squad gets weaker year after year but fans still believe all of the stupid rumours and shovel money into the pockets of the afore mentioned greedy buggers. Every year we hear that a huge "war chest" is going to be spent but every year ****e like Gervinho turns up. Wenger is an arrogant, socialist has-been so why does anyone think that this year will be any different?? - Post No. 39011

Der Projekt ist Kaput  14:33pm 5th Jul 2013

At least 5 top notch quality players required to make us genuine title contenders. The reason of course that we need so many is that our best players have been allowed to leave without them being adequately replaced. Guess 5 players of the calibre we need will cost £100m plus? Don't know about the rest of you, but I'm preparing myself for another season of wondering if we're going to finish fourth. - Post No. 39012

underachiever  14:38pm 5th Jul 2013

Yes Jumpers, I reckon W,K & G go on Arseblog News and read the comments for a good belly laugh, full of gullible Arsene supporters. - Post No. 39014

BADARSE  15:23pm 5th Jul 2013

Jumpers For Goalposts, you tear me up. I pretty much know Arsene Wengers political affiliations, at least I could hazard a good guess. I've seen him criticised for being conservative and socialist. Can we get it right? And what has a persons politics to do with being a good, bad or indifferent manager? Come to that, what has an individuals politics to do with anything, like posting on these pages? Save the insults, he can't hear you. - Post No. 39015

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  15:26pm 5th Jul 2013

"Higuain has had over six years at the Bernabeu and scored over 100 goals for the club......." hey that's 16 goals a season on average. What a superstar, right up there with our current strikeforce, AND an Argentina regular to boot (pls remind me where they stand in the current level of football right now?). Simon please take your Rose-tinted glasses off - Post No. 39016

Jack Newman  15:44pm 5th Jul 2013

I have to say, at the very least, Higuanan himself will make the squad stronger, to some extent at least. If he is to sign Cesar, well have a top keeper in his prime form. I wouldn't mind him protecting the Gunners goals. Plus, this transfer also is deemed likely. Other than that, I don't think Rooney will leave, but if he does, he'll probably go Chelsea. As for Fellaini, well you know how much of a penny pincher WENGER is. No need to get worked up for him. Fabregas... An interesting player if he were to return from Barca, but I still doubt he will come back. I wish we signed someone like Tevez. We'd do well with Rooney or Dzeko. But those don't seem like options... Never know. If WENGER is prepared to make that leap of faith for Fellaini, it could be the difference between a trophy or just the plain old top four... Sigh - Post No. 39018

maguiresbridge gooner  15:48pm 5th Jul 2013

Jumpers for Goalposts, yes they really must,and they must love having such understanding fans, but a more apt word used on here recently is Gullible, certainly at this time of year. - Post No. 39020

nilz21  16:32pm 5th Jul 2013

All this talk of Higuin is premature...latest reports from spain say the deals about to collapse as Arsenal have yet to make a formal offer at the asking price of 27 million euros. Add this to Fellani - Dont wanna pay the asking price Jotevic - Dont wanna pay the asking price Williams - Dont wanna pay the asking price Rooney - Dont wanna pay the asking price Tells you everything you need to know about the plan for the summer. So much for Grazidiz big balls talk. The majority of real arsenal fans were right to doubt he would follow through with his promises of competiting with the best. - Post No. 39021

maguiresbridge gooner  17:22pm 5th Jul 2013

nilz21, you could be right, just heard on sky sports the completion of this deal is days off yet the reporter say's but Arsenal fans don't worry Arsenal are (wait for it)still keen, whatever that means. - Post No. 39023

Ron  17:38pm 5th Jul 2013

Gary Gooner - Yes, quite rude. Its my view that he wasnt everything hes cracked up to be along with others like Nasri and co who Wenger and the Club held up to be great 'winners' in waiting. What the f--k did any of them inc Fabregas win, when they were together before they all said they were leaving to win things? Not sure how many games youve seen but in the Fabregas years, i saw the vast majority of his games and seen him muscled out and out thought in games many, many times. His biggest failing is hes physically quite feeble and the EPL shown him lacking in the dept so often. Hes hardly tore up la liga either as evidenced by the booing hes had from his own fans for the best part of a year. Its just my view. I dont agree with yours but i wont accuse you of being coked up or anything as its pointless and ignorant. - Post No. 39024

BADARSE  18:39pm 5th Jul 2013

Ron and Gary Gooner, come on now lads, you know my Dad can fight both your Dads! Ron, am certain Gary Gooner meant no real insult, just a figure of speech, and you know I think you are the man! I agree with Gary, and he is only trying to defend his ground, so well done Gary! Now if you tried arguing with Ron about dear old George Eastham, I'd switch to his side. Now kiss and make up. - Post No. 39025

Ron  19:52pm 5th Jul 2013

BADARSE - Ha Ha. A minor spat matey! Anyway as you mention it, give Eastham modern pitches, modern training and diet, modern football technology and he d blind Fabregas as a player in my view. Fabregas was a good player, very good at times but became hyped as a so called 'great' one in an era where genuine great footballers are very thin on the ground, esp in the EPL and who are propped up by media hype. St Fabregas, St Lampard and the Archangel Gerrard etc etc. Its a wonder there isn't criminal sanctions for ever thinking that none are really and truly that fantastic. Messi is great. Ronaldo is great et al. Fabregas - very good and no more than that. Just my view. - Post No. 39027

Radfordkennedy  20:19pm 5th Jul 2013

Nllz...don't forget if we signed the 4 or 5 players we need right now it would probably cost us 4mill in wages before the season starts and you know the clubs stance on saving a pound note I don't expect anything but the late panic as usual - Post No. 39028

Gary gooner  20:37pm 5th Jul 2013

Hi Ron sorry for being rude. I just wanted to make the point that he was a very good player. I didn't say he was a great or a legend in Arsenals history far from it but I still think if he did come back he would make our team stronger as I feel we missed some of our cutting edge last season without his incisive passing. There is my olive branch I hope you accept it and thanks for refereeing badarse! - Post No. 39029

BADARSE  21:36pm 5th Jul 2013

Gary Gooner and Ron, you can support my team now, I warn you though, it's a lifetime contract I'm offering, nothing less! - Post No. 39030

Ron  21:53pm 5th Jul 2013

Gary G - No probs mate. Respect. Your point is a good one,but do you reckon his type of players needed now? Im more of the view that a bit of a feisty, heavy duty spiteful type like Fellaini in there with Cazorla and Wilshere is what they need now. Guy like him protecting those two type of thing? - Post No. 39031

Garygooner  22:07pm 5th Jul 2013

I agree with you there Ron one signing I would be really pleased to see is Felaini. We have been lacking steel in our midfield since patty left and we could do with someone who is a bit nasty aswell. I don't know why we won't just go and pay the price for him! - Post No. 39032

Carl Rawley  23:14pm 5th Jul 2013

There seems to be a rather unhealthy anti Wenger occupation on this website, which shows that people are more interested in the manager than the actual football club itself. These halfwits should decide whether they are Arsenal fans or just speculators about what Arsene Wenger is doing or not doing. It seems like this cult of anti Wenger is all about hating one man rather than supporting Arsenal Football Club. From what I've read from these people I certainly would not consider them true Arsenal fans,more like a cancer to our great club. - Post No. 39033

John Gooner  23:43pm 5th Jul 2013

All this guff about Higuain being overrated is irrelevant. The only question is: Is he better than what we've got at the moment? Yes, clearly he is. I would love to see cesc back, but it certainly won't happen this season. The signing we really need is Fellaini, but of course the signing we all want is usually the one that "falls through". Carl Rawley, you make a very confused and uninformed point. What you have said is just plain wrong and I feel like more of a 'halfwit' for having read it, engage brain before keyboard. - Post No. 39034

Noodles  23:46pm 5th Jul 2013

Ive said it before and I'll say it again this is the same magagment team that f##ked up the Mata deal, couldn't sign and compleatly messed up an ageing mark Shewarzer deal from Fulham and was held to ransom by wally 'dont say anything bad about me or my dad will be on the phone' Walcott ... What hope do we have with real player from a big club.. I bet they hate dealing with us as we just waste everybody's time thinking we are super cleaver!! I think we will sign Higuain and make 4th but if we signed felani we might compete with Chelsea but we are always one player short ...aKa Alonso as we are penny rich pound foolish!!! - Post No. 39035

maguiresbridge gooner  0:19am 6th Jul 2013

Noodles, I love your quip about they hate dealing with us as we just waste everybody's time, it could be truer than you think.It reminds me of a mate who used to sell cars,whenever he was advertising he used to insert the words NO TYRE KICKERS PLEASE to put off the ones who where only there for a look with no intention of buying. - Post No. 39036

Gaz  6:13am 6th Jul 2013

To be honest whilst I understand the excitement surrounding a Cesc return personally I reckon Fellani would/will be a far more important signing. Just not sure an attacking midfielder alongside Jack and Cazorla is what we need right now whereas a tall dominating defensive midfield player (Fellani said its his favoured position) fits the bill perfectly. Heard yesterday a rumour that we might offer Ramsey in part exchange for Fellani and this makes quite a lot of sense to me. Because despite being one of my favourite players and despite gaining a lot of plaudits for the second half of his season I thought Ramsey was eratic and gave the ball away far too often. As I said he's a favourite of mine but I can't help feeling he might be best served starting afresh somewhere else... - Post No. 39037

Peter Wain  8:14am 6th Jul 2013

"Yaya Sanogo is in and he doseem to be a talent worth developing" On what do you base that statement. A slick video. He is a second division striker with a bad injury record and that is all you can say about him. He is a free transfer who has had two broken legs and a season long layoff. He has been bought to keep Diaby company in the treatement room. So far this transfer window has been like the previous eight all talk and no action. Spend £70 million we have yet to spend 70p. Unless the management of the club is changed this comming season will be no different from the last eight. - Post No. 39038

BADARSE  8:31am 6th Jul 2013

@Peter Wain, but anyone else who knows! Who said we have £70 million to spend, or that that is our intention? A serious question Peter. I have explained before I don't read 'rags', and avoid gossip and rumour outlets like the plague. It means I sometimes miss real news. I do know as a negotiating ploy telling the prospective sellers that you have a certain amount of money burning a hole in your pocket would be pretty naïve. I wouldn't do it, why would Arsenal? My unsubstantiated view is that someone decided this amount must be available, therefore we can spend it. Am I right? Any answers please, 'but no tyre kickers', ha ha. - Post No. 39039

nilz21  9:27am 6th Jul 2013

@ Badarse ..I suggest to take a look at the clubs last financial statement. Add to that the 5 year emirates deal and 5 year shirt sponsorship deal. You'll get a rough idea..that we do have more money to spend then spurs !!! who have already made a buy for 17 million + O and this is a club DID'NT qualify for the champions league. - Post No. 39040

mark from aylesbury  9:47am 6th Jul 2013

Maguires Bridge - The legendary term "Tyre Kicker" Is alive and well in the Estate Agency game as well. Its a terrible thing to be labelled a "Tyre Kicker" The dream home aspirations get torn up and thrown in the bin as soon as an individual is so described! - Post No. 39041

Peter Wain  10:40am 6th Jul 2013

It does not matter whether we have £70 million or £100 million we still will not spend any of it. For the last two or three seasons we have spent no oney with the money from RVP Song Fabregas and others funding our "investments" in Gervinho Santos and Park. This time we would do our business early and so far we are well behind Man City Chelsea Liverpool the Scum and most other premier sides in that we have received £2 million and spent zero. At a time when we need seven or eightquality players our sole acquisition is one second division French player with two dicky legs!!! No decent keeper, quality centre half holding mid-field player or the two additional strikers we need. This is so like the last transfer windows -roll on 31 August we might see some action when all the top top quality players have gone and we are left with the dregs. - Post No. 39042

BADARSE  12:58pm 6th Jul 2013

@Peter Wain, have you got a bag of acid drops you've been sucking on? I did only ask a simple question, and am very sorry it pressed the 'negativity' button for you. Seriously, I can understand the reason for the vitriol, I just keep mine in check, and under wraps. Your answer was as I suspected, in that we have money in the kitty; thank you for your advice Nilz21, but I don't need to look at accounts, I am aware we are rolling in dosh. My question was answered succinctly by Peter Wain. However what we have available to spend, and what we intend spending are very different things. I don't for one minute think we will spend that amount, so therefore it doesn't figure as reality to me. Therefore I cannot anticipate, nor expect, I just hope, but with the 'handbrake' on. - Post No. 39043

Stroud Green Road Boy  13:26pm 6th Jul 2013

nilz21, when Gazidis was giving it the "big balls talk" he did add the caveat 'what excites Arsene isn't necessarily what excites you'. So I hope once and for all that, if/when Wenger doesn't invest in the manner we can all see is required this summer, all the 'board is holding him back' talk finally ends. - Post No. 39044

maguiresbridge gooner  14:47pm 6th Jul 2013

SGRB, yes the big balls talk/spin and oh how it was lapped up.It will be very interesting to hear what the wengerites have to say if/when he doesn't invest this so called new money we've all been hearing about in as you say whats required, and yes we all know what that is,but you can be very sure if the board can't be blamed his apologists will find some excuse. - Post No. 39045

Reality Bites  15:41pm 6th Jul 2013

The only way we will make top signings is if we find a way to keep Wenger well out of the way. This was done once before, two summers ago. Wenger had become convinced we would not lose both Cesc and Nasri, and when we did, he went into one. He single handedly killed off the highly available signings of Mata, Cahill and Jagielka, and they are just the ones we know about. Instead, Wenger instructed his team to spend muc of the summer chasing Joel Campbell, a player who will for various reasons never wear the shirt. After the OT debacle and as the windw closed, Ivan realised signings were urgent, he also realised Wengers dithering would stop them, so Wenger was packed off on holiday, expecting the sack and the board went to work, some they got right, some spectacularly wrong to the point Wenger would not play one of them, but at least they tried. Gazidis has put hge pressure on Wenger this summer, my worry is that if he really is going to PSG, he will find a way of stopping big signings. IG must be very very alert to this, we can now move forward, if the manager tries to stop this, he must be disposed of. - Post No. 39046

garyfootscrayaustralia  16:34pm 6th Jul 2013

If any more evidence is required of our transfer window team's propensity to dither and lose, look up Asier Illarramendi. - Post No. 39047

Noodles the tyre kicker....  23:16pm 6th Jul 2013

Just read the google link for Asier Illarramendi. ...just more tyre kicking by Wenger! I swear if lionel Messi was available he would send a scout to watch him 30 times then offer £7 million and if we did sign him he would play him at right back and drag him of every game in the 80th minute .. Then again now we know his a bit doggy paying his tax we ' wouldn't want his sort her' would we mr hill wood?. - Post No. 39048

chloe  23:57pm 6th Jul 2013

i dont agree with your description of sanogo as a 'significant' signing - he clearly is not! he is yet another player who might turn into something one day. we have seen a few too many of these in recent times. good to see some of the rubbish leaving... hoping for good new staff soon - Post No. 39049

BADARSE  8:10am 7th Jul 2013

Good morning campers! You go to bed late chloe! What happened there? In late from a cocktail bar, and just before bed thought, 'Ahh, I should just put a post on the Gooner.' Thing is, you are right about Sanogo. People nowadays just write and speak in capital letters. You have to look for the differences, at least recognise them when pointed out by someone else. Business is done in the transfer window. Business of all types of player trading. We, rightly so, are clamouring for big-name signings, to turn the direction of the club. That is fine, but we need to conduct other business. A very good, future potential, comes in the shape of this young man. It should be recognised as such. Don't let his signing cloud the issue, don't grumble and gripe about him being injury-prone, or sneer that he is a 'freebie'. He may be a very good investment. So be content with that aspect, then look past it, in awaiting the big-signings. These finer nuances make all the difference when trying to assess, or evaluate a position, situation, or occurrence. - Post No. 39050

Stroud Green Road Boy  9:49am 7th Jul 2013

Badarse, much as I should like to share your amazement that someone would still be up at three minutes to midnight on a Saturday night, we must also consider the possibility that not all posters are on GMT. I think the issue with the Sanogo signing is he's taking up a space in squad that still has many players that either can't or won't be played. Squad space is at a premium and this lessens the chance of a 'ready made' player coming in. - Post No. 39051

BADARSE  10:03am 7th Jul 2013

@SGR Boy, I bow to your greater awareness in this posting game. Told you I was a novice. Once more you give a valid observation in terms of squad places, so perhaps he is a major signing after all. Time will tell. - Post No. 39052

tfsmudge  10:21am 7th Jul 2013

I've read so many disillusioned angry comments on here regarding Wenger, his wads of money and our lack of decent signings. In some cases very valid arguments it must be said... BUT in my view this cashing in chips seems a little futile, because lots face it we haven't concluded a good deal in the transfer market since Dein was ousted 7 or so seasons ago by this 'happy to be 4th' board. Coincidentally we haven't won anything in that time either. Frustratingly weve missed out on numerous signings to the likes of Chelski, ****ty & co. When are we going to wake up and realise all our success came at a time when the right man was doing the signing leaving the manager to manage. By the way, it took a little work but we finally got our French 2nd division signing with the promise of course he'll probably end up at PSG anyway. The rot started in 2006 with our board and when Hill Wood stepped down recently, rather than reinstate our most successful chairman to date, they brought in one of their posh geriatric who'd probably heard of Arsenal while at Eton. If we all agree we want to be great again we should reject this boardroom upper class twit behaviour. Reinstate Dein, bring sanity back to the boardroom and clout to signing players and finally put Arsenal back where they were in 2006... Never mind the Bollox. - Post No. 39053

maguiresbridge gooner  13:17pm 7th Jul 2013

garyfootscray, would come as any surprise that we're the easiest team in Europe to gazump, and Noodles the tyre kicker, the Mercedes dealership must hate to see wenger coming. - Post No. 39054

jjetplane  15:15pm 7th Jul 2013

Some people are posting way too much on here! I await their enthusiasm fading as a new media avenue grabs their cyber-celebrity clouded world. One point - Wenger is even less important to Arsenal than a month ago. Hope to team have a least one leader ... - Post No. 39055

CanadaGooner  13:27pm 8th Jul 2013

Of all the names of potential buys you've listed (Higuain, Rooney, Cesc etc), the ONLY player(s) Wenger will sign before the final day of the deadline will be 18 year old Mr. Joe Bloggs from the famous and reputable French League 1. - Post No. 39056

exiled&dangerous  14:23pm 8th Jul 2013

I'm pleased to hear that Liverpool have rejected a bid for Suarez. What I'm more concerned about, regardless of his playing abilities, is why Arsenal are apparently bidding for a puerile, racist, cheating thug in the first place? It's been said before that football supporters don't care who plays for the side as long as they're winning. In his case, I don't think I could say that was true. - Post No. 39057

Bard  16:14pm 8th Jul 2013

I'm not sure what the fuss is about potential transfers. We don't buy big and we take forever to conclude a deal. We might se a bit of action later in the window but only for second raters. All the stuff about Rooney, Higuain or Suarez is flannel. Why would a world class player come to a club that hasn't won anything for nearly a decade and take a pay cut to boot. Come on guys get real. - Post No. 39058

maguiresbridge gooner  18:02pm 8th Jul 2013

exiled&dangerous, it would certainly be interesting to see what way we would react if he were signed, personally i haven't given it much thought maybe because its hard to believe in the first place,not only the player but the price. I think what would be more believable is that TKOS and his department are in full flow doing their job (and doing it very very well as usual)in keeping gullible fans happy, just the same way they used, and are using the Rooney situation at man yoo, that situation couldn't have arose at a better time for TKOS and boy did he take advantage of it,expect to hear we are in for, and have bid big for, a lot of more big names before we see who actually arrives. - Post No. 39059

fozzy's mate  19:06pm 8th Jul 2013

Simon as ever I admire your optimism/blind faith but until I see anyone of proven top quality come in I will not hold my breath. The crocked Auxerre striker who I believe will be the new Bishoff/Joel Campbell is all the evidence I have at present to judge actual intent over the usual smoke and mirrors. If OGL does as reported sign a new deal I believe our targets will not improve in terms of actual rather than potential stature. I'm going on the last 5 years evidence. I hope your optimisim proves more realistic than my pessimism but as our rivals bring players in we do not. - Post No. 39060

Carlos  20:12pm 8th Jul 2013

Simon, the first paragraph of your post makes real sense. The fanbase shouldn't get too het up about the club's inactivity or the constant stream of rumours in the press. In an ideal world we would rise above it. The problem is that watching a succession o recent summer transfer windows unfold we can all see where this is likely to lead - you could almost set your watch by it. May; the war chest stories to arouse interest prior to renewal of memberships / ST's. June: Away on holiday or commentary duty, rumours in the press mount and anyway we can't sign anyone until June 30th. July: have to be in before pre-season tour or what's the point as they won't have time to bed in, rumours begin to abate. August: having Diaby back will be like a new signing, get through CL qualifier, cash assured so what's the point especially if the league season gets off to a reasonable start. Trolley dash will only ensue if the league season starts really badly. I admire your stoicism and hope Simon, unfortunately I do no share it. - Post No. 39061

Ron  20:14pm 8th Jul 2013

Bard - A beacon of reality at last. Guys. Heed his words. They're smack on the button. Sanogo and the Keeper of one of the poorest relegated teams the EPL has seen is your lot. If you're lucky, there might be a 3rd rate midfielder thrown in late window. Arsenal's transfer window is about ridding themselves of Wengers embarrassing rump of garbage no marks hes accumulated and his hang overs from 'project youth' ready for when he ships out next Summer. The upcoming Season will be pretty much a re run of the last 5. Wenger knows it, the Board know it (and love it) and most of the fans bar those who are prone to hallucinating know it. - Post No. 39062

Green Hut  21:25pm 8th Jul 2013

Been reading Darren Bent could be available for £5m, expect Wenger to blow Newcastle, Fulham and Hull out of the water by authorising a bid of £5.5m anytime now. - Post No. 39063

Tyre kicking Wenger aka Noodles  23:00pm 8th Jul 2013

You have to laugh ...I can imagine the Arsenal directors having tea with Texas Dick and Wenger...."How's club level selling chaps as we should get a nice dividend soon?".."****e Mr Wenger I think they have got wise to your bollocks every transfer window"...." Hmmm I know, lets put a bid in for £30,000,000 for that goofy racist from Liverpool?" "brilliant that will shift some seats!" But what happens if Liverpool said OK...God Forbid?" "We do what we normally do, get some made up quotes from his dad saying my son is heading to London for a Arsenal medical, string it out for as long as possible, then act all disappointed when Rogers puts his foot down and scuppers the deal and then we say "will get him in January".... brilliant!! "We sell more tickets the mugs that turn up every week will think we want to spend some or our potential dividends coin haha Everybody's happy" ..."oh Mr Wenger now i know why we pay you £7,500,000 genius" .... but then again what do i know i've never worked half a day in football - Post No. 39064

Red Member  10:29am 9th Jul 2013

it really is hard to take the club seriously anymore. I think the only way to change things is a fans boycott now. it surely must be obvious now that a full stadium = no change in transfer policy. I am finding there are lots of other ways to spend my money these days - and once I stop going completely I don't think I will be rushing back - Post No. 39065

maguiresbridge gooner  11:50am 9th Jul 2013

Tyre kicking Wenger, Texas dick ? that's a new one sounds a bit like a porno/star but like Red Member has already said it's hard to take the club seriously anymore. - Post No. 39066

goonerdex  12:18pm 9th Jul 2013

I've lost confidence. As someone said earlier this week.....2 Togolese from the French 2nd division. That's what we'll get. Well if he does that happens, he deserves all the stick he gets next season. I won't have sympathy with AW this time. - Post No. 39067

Ron  14:22pm 9th Jul 2013

Tyre kicking etc etc - 'I think theyve got wise to your bollocks every year'. So funny. Can just imagine it though cant you. Not so far from the truth. Mate, the e mails flogging Season tickets to Red members have gone out so im told. Pretty clear the interest has fell again, like last year. Decent players or chronic ones, those charges for STs are an insult to peoples intelligence as well as their wallets in my view. Football deserves to go broke. - Post No. 39068

Wombledin  23:34pm 9th Jul 2013

The naivety and eternal optimism of some Wengerphiles never ceases to amaze me. Wenger and co will never, ever change their philosophy. They are sitting on their hypocritical moral high-horse bleating about FFP and the German model, etc, so even with all the money in the world they are not going to change their transfer policy now. - Post No. 39081

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