Why would Fabregas want to leave Barcelona?

By Simon Rose

And why would we want to take him back?

An awful lot of people think that Cesc Fabregas is coming back to Arsenal this summer, due to family reasons for being in London, not being a first-choice player at Barcelona and Arsenal having a first refusal buy-back clause. But why would he want to come back to Arsenal? And why would we want him back?

Fabregas was a wonderful player for Arsenal. He put himself out, often well beyond the cause (in lieu of half-decent allies) and gave his all for the club. That was until he decided for sure that he was desperate to return to Barcelona and could barely conceal his dismay at still being at Arsenal. Many feel that Cesc practically went on strike to force his exit, creating Barca as the only buyer. Arsenal had little choice but to sell him, to Barca and for less than market value. Are you sure want to buy that back? I'm not comfortable with it.

Fabregas rejoined Barcelona to be back at his beloved hometown club and to win trophies. He has achieved both. Arsenal have won nothing since he left. On the pitch, what would he be coming back for? The promise of big-name signings? Promise means nothing. Sign some big-name players and then there is a concrete proposition to rejoin. Short of this, why on earth would Fabregas want to leave Barcelona?

We are told that Fabregas is unhappy at Barca because he hasn't dislodged Xavi or Iniesta from the first team. Sorry, I think that is garbage. He would have known that replacing either of two such legends would take time and he must surely have built that into his expectations. It would hardly be reason to leave his beloved club that he was desperate to return to. The Barca crowd apparently haven't taken to him and give him a bit of barracking. Well, if true, that's a bit of a shame, but would that make you want to leave your hometown beloved club that you campaigned to rejoin? I doubt it.

Manchester United are now trying to sign Fabregas. Many sagely nodded that if Cesc left Barcelona it would only be to come back to Arsenal. United apparently had no chance, because we had a first refusal buy-back clause at 25m and 50% of any fee should he go elsewhere, meaning Barca had to get 50m in that scenario to claim their 25m. That never smelt right to me. Now, reportedly, the clause is 50% of the profit. That creates a very different context.

Cesc wouldn't join Utd because he loves Arsenal? Cesc would only leave Barcelona to rejoin Arsenal? Please. He is a professional footballer. He enjoyed being at Arsenal and he wore the badge on his chest with apparent pride, but he doesn't have to wear the club on his heart every day like we supporters do. He wants to win trophies. If he has to leave Barca, Utd - even without Fergie - remain more likely to do that than Arsenal.

There is nothing to stop Cesc Fabregas leaving Barcelona to join Manchester United. Nothing. United are a much better football proposition than Arsenal. Sorry, but they are. Arsenal now face a rare opportunity to confront a formative Fergie-less United, so the club must not fail to pull off the big-name signings they remain happy to discuss. But Cesc Fabregas does not need to be one of them. He has had his Arsenal time, thanks, bye. We need to move forward. He is a world-class player, but the world is full of footballers. We do not need to re-sign a player who forced an exit, just because his main reason to return appears to be family-related, risking him skulking around like a smacked arse.

Cesc Fabregas should stay at Barcelona. He should stay there, play as much as he can, fill his trophy boots and only leave when/if Barca decide they want him to leave. I do not believe that time is now. If it is now, Arsenal are not his only possible destination. And if Barca do not yet want to sell Fabregas and he does not want to leave, then all the other strands are red herrings and this is a non-story.

16th July 2013 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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Bob  12:17pm 16th Jul 2013

I agree that there is no reason why Cesc has to return to Arsenal if he moves at all, or that we need to sign him becaus he played for us before, but we do need to be competing for players of his calibre. The statement "we need to move forward" is a bit rich given no evidence that we have signed the calibre of player who would enable us to do so,and indeed have let a succession of them go over the past 7 years. - Post No. 39260

Seba  12:29pm 16th Jul 2013

I dont think we need Fabregas. I rate both Wilshire and Cazorla higher and we need to bring in a different kind of midfileder. - Post No. 39261

Johnny Lynch  12:46pm 16th Jul 2013

You get right on my tits Rose with your pontificating and know it all writings .. - Post No. 39263

Preston Gooner  12:54pm 16th Jul 2013

The buy back clause in the contract would have to have been agreed with Fabregas, and not just the two clubs, therefore he must have thought about a possible return someday (though probably not as soon). Would I have him back? In a heartbeat. He's a better player than Cazorla and is a real game changer. However, he won't be coming back as Arsenal (Kronke) would rather have the 50% of the sell-on fee. That speaks volume about where we are. Don't expect ANY big signings any time soon. Expect a couple of nobodies/has-beens/ones for the future on 31st August at about 11PM. - Post No. 39264

Marketing Campaign  13:26pm 16th Jul 2013

trust you have all enjoyed the last 4-5 weeks of PR where Arsenal have clevery pretended to be a BIG CLUB again... probably 70% of you have fallen for this but 30% of you know in the end we shall likely not buy any of these ''star'' names.......its all PR - Post No. 39265

garyfootscrayaustralia  13:27pm 16th Jul 2013

Next week's non-story: "Joel Campbell's Work Permit - The Signing We've Been Waiting For" - Post No. 39266

Lord Froth  13:31pm 16th Jul 2013

Lol...calm down Johnny Lynch. You did make me laugh but personally I generally enjoy Simon's articles but why not submit an article yourself? Preston Gooner, you said "that speaks volumes about where we are" in regards to something that you just made up yourself. How do you know what Kroenke would prefer? In regards to the article, I have to agree with Simon on this one. I don't really want him back and would prefer to get Fellaini as we have other midfielders of Fabregas's ilk (I'm not saying they are as talented)but we need a bit more steel in that position. I'm more worried about our goalkeeping and striking option more than the midfield right at the moment. We only have one decent goalie and one out and out striker at the club. If, however Fabregas does move it would sting if he went to United and won something and that ain't no lie. - Post No. 39267

CT Gooner  13:44pm 16th Jul 2013

I'd take him back without question, why, he's the the best in the world IMO. Another reason, he signs for UTD and we won't catch up for years! I agree we could use a strong holding player more despatrately, but our squad will only improve if we sign better players when they are available. And Simon, I'm confused, are you agreeing that the squad is weak and the chances of quality additions close to nil?? Not what I'm used to reading from you... - Post No. 39268

Ron  13:48pm 16th Jul 2013

Simon - Hes a good player but not now the type Arsenal need in the middle of the park. We need strength there, not guile. Cazorlas nowhere near Cesc s standards but he and Wilshere can do the job Cesc did, but they need protection and some spite alongside them ie Fellaini, thats who we need. That buy back clause was a sop to Arsenal, they ll just want the sell on fee and wdt give a hoot who he goes too so long as they get their cash. PS If he leaves Barc now he ll do so with his tail between his legs and be admitting he failed as i see it. Unless they tell him hes off the coaches radar, he ll stay and so he should. Is there anywhere better? I think not. Back to Arsenal? That would be so career regressive in my view and it wouldnt do much for us. As you say, his time came and went and being brutally honest and in fairness to Wenger, had the likes of him, Nasri. Adebayor, RVP, Clichy and Toure all stayed and stuck at it, mayeb their dreams would have been realised. For me, i wouldnt have any of them back. If they were so good when they were together they would have got us over the line a time or two before they headed off for the greater cash riches elsewhere (im ignoring the sound arguments that Arsenal were too limp wristed in their efforts to keep them and prove their value to the Club, thats just rank bad management and said players no doubt saw it that way, whilst your Djourous and Songs and Walcotts were cossetted by Wengers 'socialism' in preference! - Post No. 39269

jack  14:05pm 16th Jul 2013

usually think ur spot on with your opinions but this story uve posted is a bit of a non story, signing fabregas a step backwards?? I think ur letting your personal feelings cloud ur judgement on this one simon - Post No. 39271

Tony Evans  14:08pm 16th Jul 2013

Why indeed and certainly not to Arsenal - the guy has ambition. - Post No. 39272

Roy  14:09pm 16th Jul 2013

Yes,Simon, I get it, but how will you feel if up at OT next season with the game on a knifedge, Cesc threads one through the eye of a needle to RVP who the produces a worldy to win the game ? I rather think I may well be in trouble with the missus for causing malicious damage to whichever household item happens to be closest , or whatever the alternative may be down the pub ! I know they say you should never go back, but one thing is as clear as day and that is that Cesc returning can only improve us. There's many players I would tell to f*** off in this situation, but Cesc isn't one of them and I'd welcome him back like a shot. As you say, world class, and how many of them do we have ? - Post No. 39273

Bard  14:20pm 16th Jul 2013

Dont get the point of this Simon. These stories are all rubbish, like bidding 30m for Suarez. Wenger has never spent more than 16/17m. Fabregas coming back to us would be tantamount to failure. Why go back to a club that's going nowhere. The really amusing story is Arsenal's desperate PR. Having promised to deliver big signings, it looks like he's going to end up with egg on his face. Unless of course YaYa is the big signing we failed to spot.e - Post No. 39274

Calm Down  15:07pm 16th Jul 2013

we have absolutely zero intention of competing with Utd, City, Chelsea; forget it quickly. we are in reality gearing up to make sure we remain ahead of Spurs, Liverpool, Everton to keep our top 4 place, and to try to get to QF CL. why on earth would Arsenal spend 50M+ just for a chance to actually win a trophy or come 2nd or 3rd in the EPL...? economically does not make any sense at all.... - Post No. 39275

Graham Simons  15:24pm 16th Jul 2013

I generally disagree with pretty much everything you write Mr Rose but on this occasion I'm with you - I don't want Cesc back either but it's also worth pointing out while we've won nothing since he left we won nothing with him as a captain either. Never worthy of Paddy's shirt that boy. - Post No. 39276

Gaz  15:48pm 16th Jul 2013

Definately dont want him back nor do we need him back. As others have said we've got Wilshere and Cazorla (and Rosicky) as our attacking midfielders and whilst Artetas done an ok job as DM we really need somebody better in the position. Of course with Fellani saying its his preffered position you'd think its a no-brainer but as this is Wenger we're talking about I'm guessing we'll be seeing that cheap midfielder from QPR coming in... - Post No. 39277

maguiresbridge gooner  16:01pm 16th Jul 2013

It just goes to show the good job TKOS and his department have done yet again in having those fans think/believe that. Why indeed would he want to leave Barca the players in front of him aren't going to be there for ever,and why would he want to come back to Arsenal after all he didn't want to play for us anymore like you said forced an exit he wanted out, and for quite a while too,yes it was to his beloved home town club but he still didn't want to play for us anymore, just like RVP he forced an exit, and wanted to win honors (and they have) would we have HIM back ? oh i forgot Cesc was a good little boy and kept his mouth shut and didn't rock the boat so he'd be welcomed back with open arms, VP on the other hand had the balls to speak out. Personally i'd love to see him back but i can't see it being any time soon why come back to a club that's no better than when you left and he's certainly not going to be made any promises, maybe if ogl was to give us all a cardiac arrest and actually make the proper signings and show ambition and proper intent, and barca didn't want him, but as there's not much chance of that, there's more likely hood of him returning if/when wenger goes . It's highly unlikely but if he does make a return to the Prem, it will be to one of the mancs and your right Simon would he care ? of course not, and would Arsenal and Wenger care ? not in the slightest,and what about our fans would we welcome him with the Poznan ? That would be interesting but i doubt it,after all he was a good little boy and didn't speak out. - Post No. 39279

Pesho Saulov  16:08pm 16th Jul 2013

Three reason why I think we should bring back Cesc: 1. His football ablility alone is reason enough. While I agree with Mr Rose that Cesc's position is not one that needs urgent attention, Fabregas will be a massive improvement. He simply creates goal scoring opportunities out of thin air, he is player that can win a football game on his own and since RVP left, we don't have one of these. 2. Cesc became a symbol of the club. To see him play for another English team would be (another) sign od decline. The fact that we won nothing during his time is irrelevent, because he is the last person responsible for this. 3. It is worth having him in our team, just so that others don't. Barring Gerrard and Lampard, who are both 30+, he is the best midfielder to play in the EPL in the last 10 years. His aquistion would be a massive improvement for either Utd, Chelsea or City. - Post No. 39280

John Gooner  16:13pm 16th Jul 2013

Ha ha, well done Johnny for saying what most of us are to polite to. None of the players we have at the moment are fit to clean Cesc's boots, with the exception of Jack maybe. - Post No. 39281

unchives  16:25pm 16th Jul 2013

The whole point of having first option of a buy back clause is that Arsenal would want him & he would want to come back if circumstances meant he came back to the premiership. Indeed he said something similar in a recent interview, that he would only rejoin Arsenal in the premiership, if Barcelona didn't want him. Arteta is hitting his 30s, Diaby is finished & Rosicknote is not reliable. Cesc would probably then finish at Arsenal. I don't know why you are so negative, we now have the money to buy at the top end. As you know, we have yet to sign anyone, that is the worrying factor, do we only go for one player at a time? Surely we are trying to sign multiple targets. - Post No. 39282

Fozzy's mate  17:08pm 16th Jul 2013

Simon, the fans were given the sop of "we have first option" and "he will play for us again". Can you imagine the justified outrage if we do not take that option and watch Cesc and RVP leading Manure to actual (not virtual) trophies? I do believe the club don't want him back as they did not have to sell when he had 4/5 years left of an 8 yr deal. In reality it is all smoke and mirrors, which will only be further established if we fail to activate our option. - Post No. 39284

Highbury Boy  17:19pm 16th Jul 2013

I'd have him back in a heartbeat but why on earth would he want to come to a club which is delighted to finish 4th rather than go somewhere where the aim is to win things. If there is a clause which means Arsenal share in the profit it demonstrates even more that Ivan and Stan were very much alive to the big possibility that Cesc would return to a big spending PL club. Methinks Ivan has just earned his 2013 bonus. I see that the PR Dept have got the new captain to spout the party line about continuity at the management level being an advantage this season. That plus Arsene being loyal and not falling to the charms of PSG seems to clear the path for the rolling over of his contract. What with the season tickets being taken up on the back of stories about mega signings this summer has been a PR triumph. - Post No. 39285

They Left And Won Trophies  18:06pm 16th Jul 2013

"And why would we want to take him back?" Here's the question...And why would he even want to come back? What for? Continuation of the trophy drought?Sad to say but the other contenders have a better shot at a trophy! - Post No. 39286

maguiresbridge gooner  18:34pm 16th Jul 2013

Fozzy's mate, the first option was indeed a sop/spin, as for the justified outrage when/if it doesn't happen, we all know where that will come from, the apologists will just shrug their shoulders as usual. - Post No. 39287

Arsenenknewbest  20:31pm 16th Jul 2013

The other thing about Fabregas is that he allowed himself to be photographed in a Barcelona jersey while he was still our player. It's not that different to when Ince wore a Manure shirt before he left the Hammers - and we all know what WHU fans think of him. I hope Fabregas's re-signing doesn't happen, but far worse than that would be the signing of that racist cannibal from Liverpool. It's got to be a ploy right to get someone else, ideally a better human being to start with. Talking of other good midfielders that we let slip through our grasp, I was sorry to see Coquelin loaned out to a German club next season. Fabregas?.... meh - it ain't gonna happen anyway. - Post No. 39289

ppp  20:48pm 16th Jul 2013

I understand your argument Simon, but we would have a better team wirh fabregas in it. Add to that the horror of seeing him in a united shirt with rvp... Well, that would undo all the joy of not actually losing anyone this summer. - Post No. 39290

1975  21:38pm 16th Jul 2013

Hull are interested in bendtner. Roma are keen on gervinho. Both are hesitant because of their wage demands. Being on the arsenal wage structure is a real blocker. This is what we should be worried about. Getting rid of our rubbish. - Post No. 39291

GG89  23:37pm 16th Jul 2013

Great player.... any team that has fabregas in it needs two cover midfield players to mop up the failed through balls he puts in resulting in fast counter attacks.... Hes an effect player that can come off the bench to turn a game... See hes performances for spain i.e. the last world cup final for example, when he came on as a sub and turned the game... Hes not what arsenal need, not many teams can use his services, Manure would be weaker with him occupying space in the centre, barca play him as a false 9 so there are three midfield players behind him... Busquets looks bad when fabregas is in the team. The gooners won nothing with him RVP playing together... Fabregas is the product of AW... looks good but unbalances the team, all GunHo with little attention to protecting his or the teams goal/s... - Post No. 39292

billthered  6:40am 17th Jul 2013

I think everyone would take him back like a shot,but does anyone believe he is likely to return to us.The PR machine is in overdrive at the moment signings are imminent.Yeh,yeh,yeh.Well I'll tell you something my season ticket has not been renewed and I keep getting e mails from the club stretching the closing date to renew from early June to the latest 19th July,that my friends is the real world of AFC waiting lists my A*se. - Post No. 39293

Dan  7:23am 17th Jul 2013

Wengers worse nightmare Suarez Rooney and Fellaini all available this summer.And he wont buy none of them.Remember Wenger used to say he would only buy if they would improve the squad.Well these three are world class.What ever happened to the 70m Ivan? - Post No. 39294

Seven Kings Gooner  8:15am 17th Jul 2013

PPP: We once had a team that included Cesc and RVP - still won nothing!! Do you start to see the real picture now? - Post No. 39296

Peter Wain  8:28am 17th Jul 2013

With Arsenal being entitled to 50% of the transfer fee and fabregas wanting to win trophies there is zero chance of him returning and who can blame fabregas. All the spin in the world cannot disguise the fact that we have not bought any one in this transfer window and have not bought a world class player for many years. Wenger will not change now and I expect little if any movement for players plenty of spin but no top top quality arrivals. lets face it Higuain obviously does not want to come or else he would be an Arsenal player. Suarez really wants to go to Madrid and a Rooney transfer is a pipe dream with leaves us with? The best we can hope for is that Gervinho goes and that Bendtner finds a club. Incomings no one before 30 August at the earliest. - Post No. 39297

Alsace Lorraine de Totteridge  8:39am 17th Jul 2013

Fabregas is one of the best players we have ever had the pleasure to watch. It seems that he won't leave Barca and can perhaps be expected to feature more in their team this season. I still hope very much that he comes back. Apart from anything else the fighting spirit of the guy is tremendous. Does anyone remember that season where he and Flamini started making the Arsenal midfield work properly? Skill AND steel. - Post No. 39298

Joe S.  11:05am 17th Jul 2013

We agree on this one Simon. Cesc wasn't a happy soldier in his last two seasons in London, so I don't think after the riches of Barcellona he'll be too motivated second time around. Then again if he's good enough for Man U., why shouldn't he be good enough for us. For all his skill Carzola leaves a giant question mark for my liking. Mr Disappearance when the heat is on. Also agree with those who state that this transfer window has been all pretence. By the time Wegner forces his hand all the cream will have gone and he'll be panicking again. Wegner, Gazadis and Laws are three patheticic negotiators. It's all about how cheaply their targets will play for. Not much we as fans can do about it except grin and bear. At least we can enjoy Europe in the short term. - Post No. 39300

ppp  12:25pm 17th Jul 2013

@SKG - I'm not convinced United would win anything with both players either, it's the sheer horror of seeing it I'm worried about. Even if we won the treble next year, doing it while cesc and rvp played for the mancs would be weird weird weird! But listen I understand you're trying to make a point - that won't stop me supporting the team however. As a fan of far too many years I've seen lean spells before and this one doesn't bother me. - Post No. 39304

maguiresbridge gooner  13:06pm 17th Jul 2013

Maybe it would be the best thing to happen if he were to sign nobody (although it wouldn't be a surprise to some fans)maybe then others would wake up, and eventually take their head out of the sand,and other places and realise where the real problem lies, and then maybe we could all start singing from the same hymm sheet again and do something about it. - Post No. 39305

Seven Kings Gooner  13:28pm 17th Jul 2013

PPP : Sorry, but the point I was making was that we could n't win anything with both RVP & Cesc, because our club does not have the "boot room" mentality. We are all soft lights and plush furnishing now, a cosy, non combative regime that travels right up to the boardroom. Man Utd won the league with RVP last year and would stand a great chance of retaining it if Cesc joined. Anyway, great players will not join us because they know that winning trophies is not a priority. - Post No. 39306

ppp  13:46pm 17th Jul 2013

@SKG - I agree we have been soft and annoying for far too long. But Wenger hasn't been sitting on his thumbs all that time. He's built a side with some British grit running right the way through it and now he claims (along with the club) he's ready to add expensive signings. Obviously we'll all believe it when we see it - but I don't agree nobody wants to sign for us. That's rubbish, defeatist and completely lacking the winning mentality you claim to covet. If you mean we might not get Rooney or Suarez that you've read about in the papers - maybe you're right. Are they the only two players in the world? - Post No. 39307

Seven Kings Gooner  14:46pm 17th Jul 2013

PPP : I will leave it with you like this: when I think we have a team with the toughness and desire to really challenge for trophies I will tell you. Trust me, it could be a long wait! - Post No. 39309

GoonerGoal!  1:12am 18th Jul 2013

Buy Fabregas and Fellaini and sell Arteta and Carzola. It's a no brainer, but it won't happen. More likely we'll sell nobody, and bring in a couple more French/African teenagers who will hang around before being loaned out prior to disappearing into obscurity... WENGER/GAZIDIS/KROENKE OUT! VIVE LA REVOLUTION! - Post No. 39312

Adil  2:57am 18th Jul 2013

Sorry but 25 million for a world class midfielder who has premier league experience and you are saying that we should not sign him! - Post No. 39313

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