Arsenal can still win the league if rivals wilt. Why give up?

By Simon Rose

Try the Predictor: be as positive or downbeat as you like!

Why do many people assume that sports outcomes are certain before they are finished? Why give up before every possible chance is over? We all know that Arsenal have made a mess of a perfectly winnable title race so far this season. The league table looks against us and we seem too far off the pace to get back into the race now, but the season isnít actually over yet. Who is to say for sure that Leicester and Tottenham wonít suffer in the weeks ahead? Who is to say that Arsenal wonít catch a drift of form and slowly take gradual advantage? The league table is just an accumulation of all results so far, it is not binding on the results to come. I prefer to believe in the possible.

Whatever you think of Arsenal, the players and the manager, there is never a guarantee that leaders will hold on. Liverpool didnít win the league in 2014, even though the media were practically crowning them. Everyone is used to watching major athletics meetings where pacemakers drift away, as fancied runners eventually come good late and hit the front. Devon Lochís infamous slip in the 1956 Grand National has become synonymous with last-ditch calamity in the face of evident success. Collapses happen.

The history of football in general, let alone of Arsenal Football Club, is littered with triumph and glory in unlikely circumstances, including comeback victories against the odds. Teams fail. Teams make a mess of great positions and lose out. Only this weekend, few expected England to beat Germany after going 2-0 down. Arsenal have won several titles and cups in far-fetched circumstances. Arsenalís history would look very different if people giving up on us had been binding on our chances to win silverware.

So many of our triumphs have been won the hard way. The 1953 title, won by 0.099 goal average over Preston? The 1970 Fairs Cup triumph, after being 3-0 down away to Anderlecht? The í71 double, needing a result at Tottenham for the title and coming from behind against Liverpool in the final? The first team to beat Liverpool when Ian Rush had scored, in the 1987 Littlewoods Cup Final? Anfield 89? The first team to win both domestic cups, in 1993? Beating Parma in 1994? Going a whole season unbeaten, for the 2004 Invincibles? Coming from 2-0 down in the 2014 FA Cup Final to beat Hull!?! Arsenalís honours board would be a whole lot emptier, if people giving up on us had decided our outcomes. Itís a good thing Arsenal kept trying, frankly.

I blogged before our recent trip to Goodison that there could be chastening times ahead if Arsenal donít beat Everton, but the manner of our win there was quite eye-opening. Our first-half performance was like going back in time. Itís probably been a decade since Arsenal played at that level. Welbeckís recent goalscoring form has been good - 4 goals in 9 games - and his movement and finishing for the goal were clearly impressive. Iíve written about Welbeck and what his resurgence could mean for our run-in for the next Gooner issue 258, due out for the Watford match.

We all acknowledge the problems with Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is stubborn. We have serially failed to sustain credible challenges through over-caution in the transfer market and a frequent lack of discernible tactics. We know all this and more besides. Nobody is oblivious to it. We all know that Arsenal should be clear at the top of the table, not six points behind Tottenham and eleven points behind Leicester, as leaders, albeit with a game in hand on both. But it is always crucial to acknowledge that nothing is over until it is over. What kind of fans are we if we give up on Arsenal while success is still possible, however remote? What is the point in being a supporter if all you are going to do is bicker that we didnít sign this one or that, for months on end? Put away your gripes and get behind the team. Who cares who the manager is, for now?

Whatever you expect from the weeks ahead, you can predict the outcomes of this seasonís remaining matches for yourself and decide how the season ends: with this season predictor tool. Predict results for the rest of all the Premier League matches this season and the league table changes with each completed set. Be as positive or as downbeat as you like! You could be realistic on all results for all teams, taking into account the order of fixtures and see where the league table takes you. There are always some unexpected results too, so you might like to weave in some calculated randoms. Momentum matters: poor initial results can cause further damaging loss of points, which could make all the difference in the title race. Remember, it is not about ďLeicester and Tottenham wonít lose X games nowĒ: draws can be very damaging, especially if from winning positions.

Any chance Arsenal possess to stake a claim for the title is, for me, based on the next three or four matches, which take place by and including Monday 25 April. There is no real time to waste: if Leicester and Spurs are to wilt, they need to start now, for their confidence to suffer and for more points to be lost later along the way. We play before our rivals for the next two games, with the chance to put pressure on them both with wins. Would they cope if we keep winning before their matches? Leicesterís next three games are all televised Sunday 1.30 kick-offs. Spurs face three tough matches next, with Liverpool away, Utd at home and Stoke away. Can Leicester and Spurs handle it? Make a mess of these initial games, while Arsenal win and we would gain valuable ground, quickly, while destabilising our rivalsí remaining games too.

Five of Arsenalís last eight games are at home and by early afternoon on Sunday 24 April we will have played five of those games, before Leicester host Swansea at 4.15 and Spurs host WBA on the Monday night, the 25th. By the end of that Spurs game, we will know if Arsenal have a chance for the title, as each of the sides will then have just three games left. Leicesterís final three matches are hard: Utd away, Everton at home (possibly seeking form before an FA Cup Final), finishing at Chelsea. If Leicester have suffered in their earlier matches, these final contests could be brutal. Likewise, Spurs finish with Chelsea away, Southampton at home (they can be very good at times) and Newcastle away (who knows what they will need on the final day). Arsenalís final trio are Norwich and Villa at home, with City away wedged in between. That poses a challenge for us too of course, but Iíd rather have our final matches than those of our rivals.

The above is all about possible outcomes in remaining matches. Pressure can have a bizarre effect on even the most assured. There is no doubt that it could be Arsenal who make the biggest mess of their remaining matches of the three rivals and finish mercilessly behind the pair of them, ending third at best. But I just sense that if we can build on the Everton win in our next few games, especially as we play before our rivals, then we can force pressure onto them that they may not handle. To me, there is as much scope for Leicester and Spurs to lose their way as there is for Arsenal to find theirs. The landscape might look very different once Spurs have played WBA on April 25 and we each have our three remaining games to play. Enough of a swing may have happened by that stage that this will be the vital moment to assess the league table and the crucial matches ahead.

What will the top three look like when Leicester, Spurs and Arsenal each have three games left? An Arsenal title is currently improbable, but ultimately not impossible. The potential is there, but it will need our rivals to suffer in their next few matches while we keep winning. Arsenal know all about injuries causing damaging impact, so a key injury or two to our rivalsí star players might just scupper them at crucial moments. If Arsenal can just stay cool and focussed on winning our games we could yet sneak in to overcome the pair of them, take advantage and steal the crown. Whatever your frustrations with Arsenal, that has to be something worth putting your energies into supporting across the weeks ahead. For now, predict away with this season predictor tool and be as realistic or as cynical as you like!


28th March 2016 09:00:00


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W  10:10am 28th Mar 2016

Good article Simon, I have to say i agree with you - Post No. 92064

Arseneknewbest  10:40am 28th Mar 2016

Simon - With a different manager and a squad with some players known for showing some fight, there'd be more of a chance, but c'mon, we all know what happens to this club when faced with the chance to win the title. If we had, say, Leicester's squad, and GG or even Ranieri in charge and were 11 points behind Wenger and his accolytes such as Wally and Giroud, then there'd be an even bigger chance. My point is that we just haven't got the right personnel. No manager; and no TAs, Rockys, PVs, McLintocks etc. means we aren't going to cut it and never will 'til things change. - Post No. 92065

Captain Frank  10:54am 28th Mar 2016

I had a go Simon and we finished second to Leicester by 4pts pipping Spurs by one point. I felt I was insanely positive with the Arsenal results - 7 wins and 1 draw - but was realistic with the rest. I'd be astonished if we win the league and whilst I'd be delighted if we did, I wouldn't look forward to people like yourself saying "I told you so" which you do regularly anyway. We would still need a new manager in my view as well. - Post No. 92066

Nick  11:11am 28th Mar 2016

Stranger things happen at sea, the fat lady may not be actually singing but she's clearing her throat, not impossible but highly unlikely, wed know more now had we had the traditional Easter period of games instead of some boring international friendlies. Of course id love us to defy the odds and win the title and in doing so put the odious neighbours back in their place, below us ! However the realist in me tells me it just won't happen,all this papers over the REASONS for our being in this position in the first place, which of course is why Mr Rose wrote this piece, to deflect criticism from his idol, we are where we are due to Wenger inaction in two transfer windows and his inability to motivate the team when the pressure is on or against so called lesser teams which is where we lost at least THIRTEEN points this term, those points would see us as champions elect around now ! No matter the outcome this season it should not be forgotten or forgiven that Wenger wilfully failed to strengthen the squad,or that he was unable to motivate those players he had when it mattered and that this is NOT the first time this has happened in fact grasping defeat from the jaws of victory has become a Wenger speciality! Whatever happens he should walk at seasons end ! - Post No. 92067

James Gunner  11:30am 28th Mar 2016

Some former players have said sacking Wenger will make Arsenal be like MU. I feel it's a gamble worth taking. Assuming the fm carries on next season,isthere any guarantee he will change his philosophy ie endless passing and possession soccer as well as other issues? If the answer is in the negative then it will be a forgone conclusion ie the gunners will choke in feb to march.Then it will be a lot of time wasted. Arsenal have wasted ten years. Wenger has choked at the finishing line more than 5 times. At any big club it is criminal and the manager has to pay the price. - Post No. 92068

Bard  11:38am 28th Mar 2016

Simon; theoretically your article is true. Leicester and the Spuds could down tools and lose the rest of their fixtures. However if you are making a prediction you have to take into account past history. Arsenal are serial bottlers or at least this squad are. so yes its possible they will have a chance but even if they did they are unlikely to have enough strength to take it. The second issue is that they dont have a top striker so there is no one to create momentum in a tight game. they need to create a ton of chances to take even one. So no wont be putting any money on them winning the league. - Post No. 92069

jeff wright  11:38am 28th Mar 2016

For us to succeed others must fail. Possible but not likely. Germany v England - Kane ,Vardy, Alli. Welbeck, Ozil... all on parade can anyone spot the two flops out of those 5 >? Let's face it the Foxes and spuds are most likely to score more goals than our players in the remaining games left. Foxes shave scored so far 79 goals -spuds 86 . Us 67 .Foxes 11 points more spuds 6 more .G/D is worth another point Foxes 23 .spuds 32.Us 18. Talk of us miraculously winning all of our 8 games while the two sides who are clearly better than us,if as is claimed the table doesn't lie, based on hocus - pocus analogies with past unlikely victories by others against all odds is just more of the old let's all get behind the team.This being AKB speak for, let's all back Arsene and judge him in May. When May comes and we finish 4th, or third at best and that is what it what the most likely outcome will be, 3rd or 4th - then the goal posts will be moved again and it will be claimed that Arsene deserves another 3 seasons! You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 92070

Torbay gooner  11:42am 28th Mar 2016

Well Simon, of course mathematically it is still possible. However, you would have to be as deluded as the manager, if you honestly believe we will win the title with this group of players. I would though be happy to be proved wrong, notwithstanding the unfortunate downside that Wenger would be given a further contract as a result. - Post No. 92071

jeff wright  11:50am 28th Mar 2016

Correction on goals scored ,Foxes 54,spuds 56 ,us 48,City 52 ,WHU 50 .So City and WHU have both scored more goals than us .Admittedly it's tight but we have to play both those pair away and us beating them is no shoo-in.Good old Arsene. - Post No. 92072

anthony walters  12:13pm 28th Mar 2016

unlikely that it is for leicester and spurs to both flop yes we are supposed to be supporters and get behind the team.dunno what match you watched jeff but welbeck played bloody well for england on the left and nearly all reports on him were very positive.we haven't scored enough goals around the team that's not just one striker .giroud, who has been below par but very unlucky recently too, got a class goal for france so that is positive too.the idea one world class striker scoring shed loads wins a league the is a myth up there with the loch ness monster.chelsea hardly scored many goals the second half of last season and won the league.we haven't defended well enough as much as anything through individual mistakes,poor positioning and lack of desire from bfg in particular.wenger lined the teams up etc so has to take responsibility and should lose his job for failure if we do fail to win the title.whether he will under this hierachy is very debatable. - Post No. 92073

jjetplane  13:28pm 28th Mar 2016

Probably the best excuse of the lot is to keep saying Arsene FC have thrown an easy title away as opposed to saying Leicester are by far the best club in the PL this season and Tottenham are the second best. If the Hammers had been more consistent then they too would tightly be in front of Arsene FC. No coincidence that Totters and Foxes players are lighting up the England set up with the great English spine of Arsene fueled gnomes nowhere to be seen though apparently they were to lead Arsenal and England to glories Tony Adams could only dream of. Mr Rose seems a bright enough spark but he has that old AKB equals positivism religion coursing through his veins and that has been proved season upon season to be a depressing and backward looking state that just goes around in a circular fashion. Speaking of circulars it would seem that Simon and the Reverend are certainly reading the same gospel where it s the fault of those negative fans who are holding the team's progress. Does anyone really think Wenger merits another title? - Post No. 92074

Mark from Aylesbury  13:36pm 28th Mar 2016

Simon - I've given up on the manager not the team. I reckon a new manager could work wonders. England rugby team under Eddie Jones springs to mind particularly as they were under achievers - Post No. 92075

anthony walters  13:48pm 28th Mar 2016

agree mark this squad doesn't need much 2 or 3 players .better balance in team selection,game management by and utter focus .another example is andy murray's success under ivan lendl a coach totally focused on tactics and how to beat opponents and how to win not interested in murrays histrionics or looking for excuses. - Post No. 92076

mbg  14:01pm 28th Mar 2016

My God here we go again, telling us something we already know, (ArseneKnewBest beat me to it) but only with a different manager who knows what he's doing, not an old over the hill one like your messiah who hasn't it in him, and with proper players and not second raters and carthorses not up to the job either, that have been forced upon us by TOF. But you and the rest of the wengerites keep on dreaming Simon, keep holding on to your little comfy blanket of everything going wrong for everybody else, that's the stage we're at now (yet again)and coming good for your messiah (just like the last eleven years) it just ain't gonna happen and your love for your lord and master just won't let you see it. You couldn't make it up. wenger out. - Post No. 92078

mbg  14:13pm 28th Mar 2016

Maybe if wally and the carthorse and other little nice boys look into the whites of they're opponents (they're not their rivals) eyes and tell them to wilt because it's ours and we're making it ours, it'll actually scare them into wilting ? I doubt it, but you never know. You couldn't make it up. wenger out. - Post No. 92079

mbg  14:24pm 28th Mar 2016

jj, the old wind bag certainly does not, it would be the worst thing to ever happen to this club if we/he were to win it/one. - Post No. 92080

John F  14:24pm 28th Mar 2016

It is too big a gap Simon.I do not count Chelsea away as a tough game they will not try too hard if it means beating Leicester will hand the title to North London so I take that game as a certain three points for Leicester.The only problem Ranieri has is keeping his players level headed.Radio 5 are doing yet another special on Leicester as if they have already won it and if I was a Leicester fan I would be worried that the hype will get to the players and allow the Spuds in.Ranieri is doing his best to keep a lid on it by talking about his aim is champions league qualification. His easy going nature reminds me of the way Jack Charlton handled the Ireland team and I believe that this will be enough to see them through. - Post No. 92081

Arseneknewbest  14:49pm 28th Mar 2016

In essence, we should all (yes, akbs AND amgs) stop speculating on winning the title this year. It was never going to happen anyway given weng's chronic ineptitude over the past ten years, and it'll never happen again 'til he, the be-toupeed king of St Louis and Ivan the liar are in charge. A far safer bet is to wager on us finishing trophy-less but third or fourth because that what almost always happens. Not bad for the fifth richest club in the world I suppose. Who knows? the possible pleasure of the title going to Leicester and not the spuds might feel as good as winning a trophy? - Post No. 92082

CT Gooner  15:09pm 28th Mar 2016

Oh we'll support the team, as we do every week. Suggesting we don't is another AKB misconception. We just don't support the manager, a very different thing all together. I find it humourous that the focus now is "we can get it back", rather than "how the hell are we third, we were top at Christmas?". Again, all talk so we can pretend this season was anything other than another Ground Hog Day! Here's a question, if we had beat Palace to Cabaye, would we be where we are right now, I don't think so. Wenger's done, sooner you come to this conclusion Simon, sooner the club can get back to winning championships. - Post No. 92083

Hussein Kurdi  15:25pm 28th Mar 2016

From Arsenal fans in Somaliland, East Africa. what i asked my self is 'why we are playing each Game with two midfield instead of two strikers' - Post No. 92084

jeff wright  16:14pm 28th Mar 2016

AW ,the question was can Arsenal win the league>? I gave my views on that . Getting behind the team at games is of course something that one would expect supporters to do but that was not the question that was asked. Regarding Welbeck it was just the usual racing around that United supporters were used to all rather old fashioned typical big English style center forward stuff. Welbeck could still out there now running around here and there putting in effort and not scored. My point that Vardy and Kane are more likely to score more goals for their sides in the remaining games than Danny Boy will do for us and goals win points. As you point out our defensive organization is also suspect and The Foxes and spuds lose less games and concede fewer goals than we do. Too many things have to go right for Wenger's ways to triumph consistently and it is that lack of consistency that is the big difference between us and the currently top two sides. I still see us realistically due to these factors being involved in a 3 way dog-fight with City and WHU for 3rd and 4th places - with us having to play both of them away .The results of those tete a tetes could determine who wins the 3rd automatic Euro place and who ends up with the wooden spoon 4th place qualifier tie - or the dreaded 5th auto Ropey Cup spot. Good old Arsene. - Post No. 92085

Ross  16:27pm 28th Mar 2016

Why give up? Because it suits a lot of agendas. Especially bloggers and such like. Despite being a Wenger fan I look forward to the day I can say told you so. That day won't be long after Wenger leaves and we languish mid table once again. - Post No. 92086

mbg  17:05pm 28th Mar 2016

Captain Frank, good post, the AKB's will cling to anything, if their messiah was drowning they'd still hang on to him and drown with him. Your right regardless what happens this season it will still be time for a new manager. What rose tinted and the rest of the AKB's fail to comprehend or mention is if our Lord (not wenger)were to rise again this Easter and perform another miracle and strike our opponents down with a wilting disease it would still not guarantee we'd win it, all it would mean is TOF and his bottlers would find another way to cock it up, and you can guarantee that. wenger out now. - Post No. 92087

jeff wright  17:13pm 28th Mar 2016

It suits a lot of agendas to claim that Arsene departing will mean that we end up in mid-table. Someone who can't wait to say.told you so, must lead a very dull life,plod plod plod ... a fear of change is what keeps the Arsene show running and running... now come on liven up a bit Ross... AFC was successful before Wenger arrived and the 4th place trophy era was invented. So we we don't qualify for the Euro cash cow money yawn , it's not as though we ever have any hope of winning the European Cup with Arsene... he has had 20 years to do that in and failed miserably to do so.So then time for a change chum. If you are happy with Arsene the specialist in failure then bully for you. That doesn't mean everyone is though - or that if he goes that things might not improve. - Post No. 92088

Seven Kings Gooner  17:26pm 28th Mar 2016

Simon : It seems to me you are wishing we could win this game and wishing the Spuds and Leicester will lose that game. Problem is the games you use as examples of Arsenal come backs are from Arsenal teams with harden pros in the line ups, winners or tough youngsters determined to succeed. Even if we did close in on the top two (huge if)and needed a couple of wins to steal the title, the pressure would get to us and the Spuds would probably nick it from us! My nan had a great saying for life in general "wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which hand fills up the quickest" I think we both know the answer to that riddle don't we Simon. - Post No. 92090

Blair207  17:27pm 28th Mar 2016

A lot has Ben made of the fact that Leicester and Spurs are in unchatered territory for them and will they handle the pressure. This Arsenal team have never won title either and have proved on numerous occasions that they can't handle real pressure. I don't think Man City have any chance as they are underperforming even more than us. One good performance against an Everton team without Barry to give their midfield a it cohesion does not continue a run. To put any real pressure we have to win the next four games and hope other results go our way. But remember as soon as we start to catch up the pressure will be on us as well and we will struggle as much as the others to handle it. - Post No. 92091

Bard  17:42pm 28th Mar 2016

The problem with Simons thesis is the analysis of the Weng's history. His best years were when we were battling it out with Utd as the 2 top clubs ( and mostly coming second). Since Chelsea and City joined the game we have slipped further down the pecking order. This year with both those teams and Utd having poor seasons we still cant get it done as Raneri and the Pooch have moved ahead. My point is since the heady days of Utd/Arsenal Wenger hasnt shown he can mix it with the better teams over a whole season. The idea that he is suddenly going to get it done now is one hell of a long shot. - Post No. 92092

Arseneknewbest  17:43pm 28th Mar 2016

SKG - Nice one. That saying from your nan is dead true and has multiple applications, but it seems especially apt in response to Mr Rose's unfounded optimism. Someone should put a book together of the older generation's words of wisdom - my granny could also be counted on to say something pithy and occasionally scatological if I was caught picking my nose or farting as a boy. Back to football, although we beat Everton you have to factor in that they were extremely poor that day. - Post No. 92093

Big Andy  17:45pm 28th Mar 2016

We've got no chance of winning the title. But if Leicester win it Wenger will probably claim that we are the real champions because we did the double over the Foxes. - Post No. 92094

Hiccup  17:53pm 28th Mar 2016

This is just another 'round about' way of telling us to wait until May. Roll on May then. Yes Jeff, what game were you watching the other night? Did you not see the way Welbeck was set up with a square ball to shoot on the edge of area? I loved the way he put the kettle on and drank his cuppa as he waited for the tackle to come in. - Post No. 92095

BigDavetheGooner  17:56pm 28th Mar 2016

It's all very well living the fantasy dream,but we have no form going into the closing stages of the season. We have no players who are outstanding,the team is disjointed and we are as per normal injury prone and more importantly there are players who cannot be relied upon to dig deep and fight for the cause. And perhaps the the most damning of all we have not got a leader on the pitch that will root out the bottlers and give them the kick up the backside they need. So for me,afraid not,stick to your pipe dream it's just not going to happen.E - Post No. 92096

jjetplane  18:16pm 28th Mar 2016

Blair207 - fantastic point and they maybe Arsenal in name but can they qualify themselves as fighters? Their level is a fight against Hull in a Cup Final where they only just rescued themselves from the brink and we all know why they beat Villa ...... Then along came Watford and Swat! Totts and Foxes are so much more organised and both those clubs are really enjoying their football. The win against Germany will gee both clubs up even more. It will do little for Wenger's 'Philosophy' or for that silly Untold banner about Arsene and Art - not even close for a decade and counting. - Post No. 92097

jjetplane  18:27pm 28th Mar 2016

HICcuP haha! indeed Danny was in the kitchen for that one and he has already got that Olly smile when duh ... ****ed that one up good and proper. Contrast with Vardy who was way too quick for the Germans and then Harry who Wenger could have signed and stuck him up front with Suarez and Fabregas pulling strings ..... Ozil has taken to doing a Henry on Le Prof saying 'buy someone I can play beside ....' Tears will fall come May from everywhere as all those flash cars drive away for the last time - to be replaced by more cars, tattoos, headphones and of course the smiles .... - Post No. 92098

jeff wright  18:43pm 28th Mar 2016

Hiccup ,AW was obviously watching Danny Boy playing while wearing a pair of those wonder light red and white tinted specs,bought for £14,99p in Stan's store .These glasses turn the likes of Danny Boy into world class players when you watch them play when wearing them.This only happens though when the players are Arsenal ones -everyone else looks just ordinary . - Post No. 92099

anrhony walters  18:49pm 28th Mar 2016

jw i see it probably the same for us to win it we have to go on an unbelievable run and spuds and foxes both collapse possible but unlikely as i said in the article.welbeck is a decent goalscorer but does so much for a team holding the ball up and link up play .ferdinand and scholes have been highly critical of letting him go and many manu fans were hugely disappointed he went.his stats are somewhat misleading like walcott and bentdners stats if you just go on appearances to goals not great but that doesnt take into account how often playing on the wing,started as sub or been sub .what has cost us in goalscoring terms has been walcott and sanchez in particular not weighing in with enough goals. - Post No. 92100

jeff wright  19:02pm 28th Mar 2016

AW, the we should have kept Welbeck moans have died down now with the emergence of new talent at United regarding strikers. Sir Ferguson said that he only saw Danny as being useful out wide at times with his pace and tracking back game to help out in defence - all a bit one dimensional really.I can't see where he would have made any big difference to United's results this season. Even if, as is not always the case ,that he was fit to play. Wenger himself was known to have doubts about signing Welbeck and there was no queue behind him by other managers to try and do so. Danny is a decent squad player,but not the player that we needed and I can't see him being first name on Woy's team sheet either at the Europa fun-fest. Welbecks strengths and weaknesses were once again exposed in Berlin .He is never going to get any better. Ozil needs to give the prays to Allah at the start of games a swerve,they are not helping him .A bit less time out on the lash in night clubs might do though. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 92101

Hiccup  19:17pm 28th Mar 2016

Not over impressed with this 'season predictor tool'. I have us finishing 7th and Aston Villa staying up? Something ain't calculating right? I would advise everyone to use the predictor tool that the Untold site uses. This has the facility to go back and change Arsenal results where we have been robbed by refereeing decisions, bad pitches and BT Sport causing fan revolts. Needless to say, we had the league sewn up in February, but more importantly we currently sit top of the Calendar Year League. - Post No. 92102

anthony walters  19:30pm 28th Mar 2016

jw fair enough your opinions however vardy hasn't been any more prolific of late than welbeck mahrez has.nobody was queuing up to buy him on last seasons goals either .was it 5 for vardy ?i.m not he a one season wonder ?that remains to be seen .i don't know.harry kane on the other hand spurs will do well to hang on to him even when he wasn't scoring early season i was convinced he would come good and his link up play is superb.welbeck will play left for england if fit i am convinced of that and if we had a great centre forward for us there as well.ozil may be a great player but is the most physical coward i have seen in english football.ducks out of even free headers for a start.turns his back in too many challenges. - Post No. 92103

Arseneknewbest  19:44pm 28th Mar 2016

Hiccup - you must be feeling a little glass-too-empty tonight mate. Have a snifter full of absinthe and the fact that we're perennial underachievers won't even matter for a few delirious hours. Hey, maybe if we all lie to ourselves and use the predictor to make Arsenal champions, the league will take notice and actually award it to us? Worth a try eh Simon? - Post No. 92105

mbg  19:53pm 28th Mar 2016

Leicester will be parading the prem trophy and poor old wengerite Simon Rose will still be blogging away obliviously, we can still win it. It's not right laughing. - Post No. 92106

Red Member  19:55pm 28th Mar 2016

Simon don't you realise that most people have given up on this fraud of a manager. Arsene Plc in 2016 is a fan base divided, ticket prices do not equate to the success that we should be having, the owner extracts £3 million a year but does not say what for. Basically the club is rotten from top to bottom. Can we win the league ? ha ha ha ha Ps April fools day is on Friday - Post No. 92107

Arsenal4life  20:03pm 28th Mar 2016

The number of posters on this site who have a negative agenda totals about 50. What percentage of the fan base are you? Basically a worthless group, who satisfy each other's agenda and behave like their word or words are the popular opinion. When the likes of Piers Morgan is of a similar opinion then that says it all. - Post No. 92108

mbg  20:07pm 28th Mar 2016

Big Andy, or expect TOF to spout the spin we were the only ones to put up a good show against them, and try and stop them, and no doubt his followers and AKB's will believe him and take comfort in it. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 92109

Hiccup  20:07pm 28th Mar 2016

AKB, far from glass half empty. I am simply just using Simon's guidelines for my computations. 1Wenger is stubborn; 2 serially failed to sustain a title challenge; 3 over caution in the transfer market (is that what it's called now!) 4 lack of tactics, etc, etc. Christ, and all this is coming from an AKB? Just where are all the positives for us to hang on to? Oh yes, pacemakers in athletics usually drift away. So Leicester are just a pacemaker for Arsenal as they go for a record breaking points tally? Someone needs to tell them to pull up before they lap us! You couldn't make it up! - Post No. 92110

mbg  20:50pm 28th Mar 2016

jw, spot on, and Ozil isn't the only one either, you have to laugh at these fingers pointing and looking to the heavens at every start and when they take to the field kissing and blessing themselves (ridiculous), and then the look to the heavens when they miss a sitter, with the tongue sticking out (i'm sure that goes down well in heaven)as if it was some kind of divine intervention or somebody else's fault (there's a new excuse for the wengerites) pathetic, if their really that religious and reliant on their god to play football and score a goal they should know they'll not get much help from him if they're out shagging all over the place and drinking clubs dry, among other things, yet still they do it. I'd imagine the fingers in the air and praise are for thanks for the fact they've managed to con and fleece another £90,000 - £150,000 this week from an old fraud of a manager and mugs like the AKB wengerites and others. - Post No. 92111

Hiccup  21:19pm 28th Mar 2016

I've been on this predictor thingamajig all night. Great fun! Beats a PS4! You'll all be glad to know that I've got Arsenal to win the league now. I have been rather optimistic though. I am anticipating Leicester being deducted 2 points for fielding an ineligible player against Swansea. A further 2 point deduction for their participation in a 20 man brawl against West Ham. I then needed another 3 points to find from somewhere, so I've gone for a 3 point deduction for failure to control their fans at Old Trafford - along with a £70k fine for good measure! We are now the holders of the predictor title. That'll do for me. - Post No. 92112

Arseneknewbest  23:09pm 28th Mar 2016

Hiccup - that'll do me (and Mr Rose I guess). Championes, champignones, champignons, oh sh*te too many mushrooms for me tonight. Does the predictor also work out the probable route of the open-topped bus? - Post No. 92113

Guy in Jersey  23:32pm 28th Mar 2016

I did the predictor thing. Was rather optimistic about our last few games, a bit miserly towards Leicester, and probably a touch generous to Spurs. However, the Spuds won comfortably, extending the gap between us, and we still came third - albeit with a better goal difference than Leicester. 4. The Hammers 5. City 6. L'pool 7. ManUre. Still, my biggest woory is that some Arsenal fans still belive thatWelbeck's going to fire us to the title. To be fair to Arsne (for a chang), I don't think he wanted to sign jim. I certainly didn't want us to either - even if it was at £1.5 million). He never has been, and never will be, prolific 'cos he's just not good enough. People moan about Giroud, but for all his faults our French poser is a proven international striker, who has always scored goals. Welbeck is an England striker in the great tradition of legends like Darius Vassell, Peter Crouch and Jermain Defoe - willing, but never top quality. And Dannyboy's strike rate in club football is sh*t, which says it all. - Post No. 92114

mbg  0:17am 29th Mar 2016

SKG, great post, wengers chief tooth paste spreader Rose tinted didn't mention that, that it takes real players to do and achieve that, players with guts, ambition and balls, not has beens and second raters who have never won a premiership (and that doesn't include lucky wins against mediocre opposition in a comp that the AKB's and TOF himself treated with contempt) and never will under this old fraud of a manager with lovely teeth. wenger out. - Post No. 92115

dan  0:34am 29th Mar 2016

looool laughable stuff, this is a wenger team we are talking about, they have no bollocks, compared to the teams you mentioned above, forget it, there's absolutely no chance of winning the league now.. - Post No. 92116

Snowbiggee  4:27am 29th Mar 2016

When Arsenal capitulated in 2008 it was clear that Wenger did not have it in him to win another title. Several teams and many players later, it is still clear. Modern coaches study and plan every aspect of every game now. The strategy of buying technically gifted players, giving them little instruction and hoping their quality wins out, is no longer going to work. Arsenal need a modern coach. - Post No. 92117

Roy  6:48am 29th Mar 2016

If we didn't deserve to be 11 points behind, I could kind of see where you're coming from Simon. But since there's no doubt that we do, your call to arms has a somewhat hollow ring to it. We all know we should have won it this season and Wenger has been exposed as past it. Even if your miracle comes to pass, he should still go. - Post No. 92118

Red Member  9:46am 29th Mar 2016

the club have made it clear publicly that they place no value on winning the league and have no ambition to do so. To underline this they are likely to offer our manager a 3 year contract extension. My question therefore is - why are we even considering something that will NOT happen!!! - Post No. 92120

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  10:21am 29th Mar 2016

Simon you disappoint. No "show us you want it", "whites of their eyes", or "make it yours"? Standards are obviously slipping. Why not put in to the BBC to get a gig commentating on next years Boat Race, after Sunday it seems they have any old Tom Dick and Harry doing it. - Post No. 92122

Nick  10:59am 29th Mar 2016

Arenal4life, go on social media, talk to other supporters down the pub or at work, go on other Arsenal blogs, you will see that those who have had enough of the perennial collapses of Arsenal under Wenger are not a minority of " worthless" people with their own agendas but deeply concerned ARSENAL folk, whose only crime is wanting the best for our club! Go back over any of the last ten seasons and you will see the self same scenario unfolding , yes the last two seasons were given a shiny gloss by FA Cup wins , but the league form has never really differed, apart from Sanchez and Ozil the transfer policy has not changed either , and both of those were offset by outgoings etc, we have still not properly invested in playing staff, despite the money in the bank! Problems which have become endemic are not resolved, all this is down to one man , a man who no longer has what it takes to do his job in the way it should be done a man who is happy with the status quo and does not seek with any real conviction to change it ! Make as many excuses for Wenger as you like the facts do not lie, he himself loves statistics those which analyze his last ten seasons do not make happy reading,but no, you carry on with your head firmly stuck up your idols backside while abusing those of us who HAVE seen through the facade of Wengers delusion ! - Post No. 92128

Ron  13:15pm 29th Mar 2016

Hi Simon. Not sure if you went to Goodison but its probably been a decade since Everton were that bad too. Any half decent team would have taken them to the cleaners. AFC though are good to go, on the cusp, get all our legends fit. Give the Coach 5 more yrs and glory awaits. I think he ll storm Europe too! Cant wait for my 'Emirates experience' to unveil. - Post No. 92139

CT Gooner  13:38pm 29th Mar 2016

Excellent post Nick, thanks for taking care of that. I would say to those criticizing Wellbeck, what do you want of him?? He cost 16mil and is good out left, where we don't have many options (sorry, I don't count Gibbs) and can do a job up top if necessary. Since coming back from injury he has secured quite a few points for us. So before we get too carried away, 16mil does not buy a top shelf striker, so can we please rate him based on investment. I also like the fact Wenger didn't buy him as he offers something different, recall, if it had been left to Wenger he'd have eaten with the pope while leaving our plates empty. The more this "debate" goes on, the more my hatred of him grows and the less I revere his past glories. - Post No. 92145

King Jeremy  14:39pm 29th Mar 2016

The most I can see us getting is 75 points. It's possible the Totts will choke and we can surpass them for 2nd, but I just cannot see Leicester getting less than 76/77. Still, we showed great speereet this season eh? Bring out that new 3 year contract. Arsenal PLC - No ambition, no shame. - Post No. 92149

Arzil  11:06am 1st Apr 2016

all those who are claiming that if wenger will step down arsenal will do a man utd. despite of having knowledge that last season leicester city manager was not cladio and this season they are on top of why in the 9 planets these guys can't say that will pull off leicester. - Post No. 92269

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15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era