Giroud and Walcott close in on Arsenal's 100 club

By Simon Rose

Who will reach the historic milestone first?

Olivier Giroudís late equaliser at Old Trafford put him on 86 goals for Arsenal, seven behind Theo Walcott on 93, in their race to reach Arsenalís exclusive 100 club. Only 17 players have ever scored 100 goals for Arsenal in our 130-year existence, so it is clearly a rather elusive achievement. And when I say race, you could comfortably call it an amble before this season, as neither Giroud nor Walcott were in great form towards the end of the last campaign. Giroud was without a league goal from January to May, before scoring four goals in his final two league matches, while Walcott only scored four goals himself after Christmas. Yet both have racked up goals at speed this season so far, bringing the 100-goal horizon into sudden, unexpected and increasing focus.

Given how timidly Theoís last campaign petered out, many Arsenal fans probably had little idea how many goals he had netted for the club to date. Considering how many Arsenal supporters had also given up on Theo as a lost cause and wanted the club to sell him, there is a fair chance that some fans couldnít have cared less either. With Theoís form fairly non-existent after netting at home to Manchester City on December 21 he wasnít especially on the 100-goal radar as this season began, but Theo got cracking fast, with eight goals in all competitions by the middle of October. All of a sudden, Theo Walcott has now scored 93 goals for Arsenal. Another run of goals and Theo could hit the 100 mark in the foreseeable future.

Similarly, Giroud didnít even score in an Arsenal match this season until after Theoís most recent goal, with two late efforts at Sunderland. Like Theo, Giroud has also crept up the digits and suddenly has 86 goals for Arsenal. While Walcott needs just seven more goals to reach 100 for Arsenal, Giroud is starting to catch him up, gaining four on him unanswered and with momentum on his side, all while barely having started a match. Yet form can come and go. As swiftly as you notch several strikes in as many games, you can soon go seven or eight matches without a goal. The season is young and both players have lots of campaign ahead of them, but there are just no guarantees. It could yet be that they both fall short and neither of them ever reach 100 goals for Arsenal.

Seventeen players have scored at least a century of goals for the club, ranging from Joe Baker on 100 to Thierry Henry on 228. Given the relative momentum of Giroud and Walcott, reaching 100 goals for the club could look like just a matter of time, but looks can be deceiving. If it was that easy, there wouldnít be a small band of Arsenal players who reached around 90 goals but fell just short of the magic 100 mark. In Giroudís range sits Cliff Holton on 88 goals, followed closely by Alan Sunderland on 92. In Walcottís sights sits Don Roper on 95 goals and, excruciatingly, Paul Merson on an unnerving 99.

How gutting to be so close, but to know that your total will never rise. All three of Roper, Sunderland and Merson could, in their time, have easily cited a number of goals that were disallowed which shouldnít have been. For Merson, if any one disallowed goal had been given, he would have reached 100. That has to be mortifying. Or imagine having known for almost 20 years that several efforts hit the woodwork but didnít go in and that you will never get the chance to redress that, to get that one extra strike you needed for 100 Arsenal goals. It must gnaw away at you.

This is the precipice where Walcott and Giroud find themselves. Both are closing in on 100 goals for the club and both have scope to achieve it this season. Giroud looks in a vein of form where he could keep scoring. Heís not started many matches but that could change, which could accelerate his goalscoring. Walcott stormed to 93 goals but hasnít scored for a month, while Giroud has climbed nearer. A sub-plot to this season could quite conceivably be that Giroud catches up on Walcott and vies with him, as the two strain neck and neck to reach the magic milestone. Giroud could perhaps overtake Walcott. Theo might overtake him back. While Arsenalís chance to challenge properly for the Premier League and/or the Champions League is the bigger picture, their goal charge makes for a fascinating sub-narrative.

Giroud and Walcott both have their critics, among Arsenal fans and neutral observers, but whatever you think of Theo Walcott, he stands just seven goals short of becoming only the 18th footballer to score 100 goals for Arsenal. Sadly not everyone on that list remains a hero but the achievement takes some doing and it would register a haul that will stand the test of time, with the scope to target more up the ladder. David Herd on 107, Frank Stapleton on 108 and Jack Lambert on 109 are all within reasonable range. A prolific season could yet see Theo reach 100 goals for Arsenal and maybe even overtake one or all of those three directly ahead, as 110 would then be the next target. A similarly prolific run from Giroud could see him claim another 14 goals before the campaign is out and reach 100 goals. Giroud started the season on 82 goals. Twenty goals for the season is perfectly reasonable and frankly quite realistic given that he scored 24 for Arsenal last season. A particularly prolific campaign would see them both reach 100 goals for the club and I for one would be immensely proud of them.


22nd November 2016 09:00:00


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John  8:40am 22nd Nov 2016

Pointless. - Post No. 100501

Bard  9:38am 22nd Nov 2016

Simon this post is faulty. What matters is goals per game. Wally has scored 93 in 250+games over a 10 year career. Thats less than 10 per season. For a striker thats p*** poor by any standard as he contributes nothing else. Joe Baker scored a 100 goals in 156 games. They cant be talked about in the same breath. Joe Baker was a proper striker Wally is second rate at best. - Post No. 100503

GS  9:43am 22nd Nov 2016

The 100 Club, is that the one that used to be in Oxford Street...Not sure point of article, or is it a circular. - Post No. 100504

Exeter Gunner  10:11am 22nd Nov 2016

This article summed up in a sentence "Theo might reach 100 first... on the other hand Giroud might... on the other hand one or both of them might not." Two mediocrities who symbolise the past decade being celebrated by the author. I wonder why... - Post No. 100505

Ron  10:36am 22nd Nov 2016

Walcotts entire Arsenal career has been timid. 93 goals in 10 years is a poor return, irrespective of his years defined as a winger. Hes never been an orthodox winger and he ll never be an orthodox striker. Hes just ....well, hes just Walcott! Sell him in January while his stock is on a slightly upwards gradient for once. Girouds a decent player. Well done to him in such a short time. - Post No. 100506

Wear Your Colours  10:49am 22nd Nov 2016

It would be nice if both of them could reach the 100 club before the New Year starts. COYG! - Post No. 100507

Nick  11:25am 22nd Nov 2016

How was Ian Wright left out of your reminiscing Simon ? And Cliff Bastin ? 100 goals in top flight football is a REAL achievement yes BUT the RATE at which those goals are scored is the more important factor in gleaning the relative effectiveness of a striker is it not ? - Post No. 100508

GS  13:02pm 22nd Nov 2016

Almost Jamerson, you nearly had the makings of a good post there, but you went and ruined it by grouping Arsenal with Barca, Real & Bayern. Never mind, good effort. - Post No. 100510

Bonzo  13:56pm 22nd Nov 2016

Jamee - when you left your caravan this morning to survey your sugarbeet crop did you remember to unzip Leekey's Gimp Mask? - Post No. 100511

Torbay Gooner  14:06pm 22nd Nov 2016

This could have been written by a ten-year-old it's that starry eyed! - Post No. 100512

Wardy  14:11pm 22nd Nov 2016

blinkered ...... an over hyped under performer who hasn't improved since he joined as a 16 year old ...... move over Wally and let the Ox flourish as a wide right midfielder - Post No. 100513

Redshirtswhitesleeves  14:37pm 22nd Nov 2016

I would happily drive wally to his favoured destination just to get shot of him. He is not a footballer in my eyes and Wengers mystifying persistence with him is one of the main reasons holding this team back. Had we have had a real quality player instead of Wally (who miraculously only seems to come to life when there is a new contract in the offing) then we might well have had the nous to get us over the line in the past when we have fallen short. Giroud is ok in my opinion, good player and a good option off the bench, I hope he gets to 100 - Post No. 100514

Website Editor  15:49pm 22nd Nov 2016

Ah that reminds me. I have been a bit snowed under the last few days. Time to go and delete the posts of our number 1 troll... - Post No. 100515

Arseneknewbest  16:11pm 22nd Nov 2016

Why let something as banal as goals scored be what decides entry into the hundred club? Surely the modern Arsenal ought to be measuring players' worth by different yardsticks that more accurately reflect their modern aims. For instance, we'd all be better off recognising the first one to having 100 million in the bank. Or how's about the first one to have graced the PL with one hundred different snazzy barnets and/or beard designs? Or the first one to get 100 tatts with cliched triusms about the meaning of like (in sanskrit or chinese). Or 100 international caps against "talent" like san marino and lichtenstein. No, the winner should be fisrt to get to 100 months out with injury. Frankly Simon, it's completely meaningless. - Post No. 100516

GS  16:46pm 22nd Nov 2016

Arseneknew: surely Diaby wins the 100mths out injured award , closely follow by rosicky, RVP & Jack. Rosicky & RVP good players, shame were injure prone . - Post No. 100517

jjetplane  17:28pm 22nd Nov 2016

What about the circular club where Perry is around the 160 mark or most articles posted which has Atwood at the 10 thou mark though most of them are about cod sociology, jiving and having a drink with Walter every leap year when he can get away from the TV studio. Looks like Simon has been working on this one for half a year. Excellente/oh wey/oh wey/oh wey ..... - Post No. 100518

Alsace  17:45pm 22nd Nov 2016

Numbers are funny. If you left Jamerson up front for the whole 20 years of Wenger's reign, would enough goals go into the goal inadvertently off various parts of his body ( mostly his bottom, obviously) to get into the 100 club? If yes then that gives you some idea of why Theo is homing in on the figure. It certainly isn't his prolific goalscoring, but the eons he has spent in the team. Giroud deserves his place in the club. Darth Theo does not. - Post No. 100519

mbg  18:53pm 22nd Nov 2016

To hold, or have to hold, the cart horse and wally in the same esteem as those other 17 or to have to mention them in the same breath is sacrilege, it just goes to show how far this club has regressed and the joke it has become under wenger. wenger out now. - Post No. 100520

Smithy  19:03pm 22nd Nov 2016

What are we doing ? Why are we third in the injuries championship table - we only need another couple and we will be joint top. As arsene says we need to judge him over ten seasons and our consistency in this competition is unrivalled. We are number one for injuries most seasons. - Post No. 100522

Paul Ward  19:39pm 22nd Nov 2016

Have only seen big John Radford in clips and was very young when watching Stapleton in the flesh but would point out that Giroud's scoring ratio is superior to both of those, think he'd be a deserving member of the 100 club. Remember the stick Stapleton got when he naffed to Man Utd too! As big number 9s go, Olivier is a pretty good one. - Post No. 100523

mbg  19:46pm 22nd Nov 2016

jj, good point, the circular and the auditor are fighting it out for their own record of who can get the most pointless articles printed (I wonder is there a trophy for that) and now we have rose tinted making a late charge again, not as long drawn out as usual to be fair, and of his two mates, but putting two second, some would say third raters on the same pedestal as real world class strikers/players we've had at this club during it's illustrious history says it all, him an his two mates would get on well, i bet they're kicking themselves didn't get in first. - Post No. 100525

Seven Kings Gooner  20:05pm 22nd Nov 2016

Paul Ward: FYI, I saw a lot of John Radford and he played wide and centre forward long before Henry started coming in from the wings and scoring goals. Radford played alongside Joe Baker as he broke into the team as an inside forward. In our double year John would break wide and send in the crosses for Ray Kennedy. Trust me if JR had played out and out centre forward he would have done the hundred well ahead of Giroud, who never the less has done very well considering he plays up front on his own. - Post No. 100526

GS  20:48pm 22nd Nov 2016

Breaking news - Nasri loves/respects Wenger , but left Arsenal to win silverware - can you believe that , who'd have thought it . In Wenger we rust. - Post No. 100527

Paul Ward  21:43pm 22nd Nov 2016

Farewell then Tottenham Hotspur, wish I could say it was nice while it lasted, which wasn't very long. Wonder if they'll fill Wembley for the 3rd place play off v CSKA? Thursday nights wouldn't be the same without them. - Post No. 100528

jjetplane  21:46pm 22nd Nov 2016

As I remember Monaco are pretty good ..... - Post No. 100529

GS  21:47pm 22nd Nov 2016

The spuds have had their chips, keep your Thursday nights free finsbury joe. - Post No. 100530

mbg  1:45am 23rd Nov 2016

ArseneKnewBest, well said, will we be getting a circular, audit, or a rose tint anytime soon on 100 or even 200 assists ? I wonder how many meaningless players are in that club ? with TOF's tippy tappy i'd say everyone of his little technicians could be in with a shout for a trophy there, even cech, I bet they'd even give their messiah some for all those times he's thrown the ball back after we were awarded a throw and went on to score from. - Post No. 100531

Mad Monk  1:51am 23rd Nov 2016

Giroud is better than Messi and if you don't believe me ask Tony at Untold and you should not be allowed into our country if you have a different opinion to Tony even if you have been democratically voted the President of a country (that would also mean banning all American citizens as they voted for him) - Post No. 100532

Smithy  7:37am 23rd Nov 2016

Finsbury joe - it's a little darker over there in Orc land today. Always in our shadow. - Post No. 100533

Wear Your Colours  7:44am 23rd Nov 2016

I am not sure why Theo gets so much stick for his stats. When you compare them with other wide players for Arsenal they are very good. He has made quite a lot of subs appearances (probably lasting less than 20-mins apiece) but has scored more goals from fewer full starts than Pires and Ljungberg in the modern generation of Arsenal wide men and is miles ahead in terms of goals scored by comparison with legends from the past such as Armstrong, Rix and Limpar. - Post No. 100534

Arseneknewbest  8:08am 23rd Nov 2016

wear your colours - just putting Feo in the comparative company of those four is akin to a travesty. But then to suggest that he is somehow more effective than Bobby, Freddie. Geordie and the super swede is truly insane. Feo should be judged alongside the likes of Paul Dickov, Paul Shaw, Anthony Stokes and Sanogo if you want accurate analogues. And then, when the wages are factored in, he starts to look a little, shall we say, overrated. As someone wisery said on here yesterday, he needs to be sold expensively to some muggy club who think they can get more out of him than our former manager. - Post No. 100536

Paul Ward  8:33am 23rd Nov 2016

Theo is not in the same class as Super Rob that's true, but as his stats show he is more effective than given credit for. The trouble is when he is bad he is very bad, last Saturday being a good example, Let's hope he is back to his best tonight - Post No. 100538

Redshirtswhitesleeves  8:57am 23rd Nov 2016

Did I miss the new rule stating the scum must be awarded a penalty every single game? Despite becoming the new referees favourite I am laughing hard at them this morning, they never fail do they, to put a smile on our faces - Post No. 100539

GS  9:10am 23rd Nov 2016

And the Spuds go marching on,on,on ...into Thursday night Football. Always in Our Shadow. - Post No. 100540

Bonzo  9:39am 23rd Nov 2016

Very well done to Leicester and Spurs. A satisfying night in the Bonzo household. Just up to us now to win the group. Up the Gunners! Jamee how did your Kerry Dixon charity night go? Raise any money for Chelsea old timers? How was Alan Hudson's speech? Please enlighten us. - Post No. 100541

Ron  11:31am 23rd Nov 2016

Wear yr colours - staggered that you can even raise the effort to compare the hapless Wally with those you mention, albeit yr speaking of goals scored only (thankfully) and even then in a Wally career decade that has seen defending more or less rendered obsolete and 'illegal' by barmy rules shaped to favour attackers and refs. I am so glad you stopped short of comparing those players contributions to games with the Wally, as you d have been in truly deep water had you have done so. SKG - Lovely points re big Raddy. he had all the tools of his trade didnt he. Power, poise, nous, craft, sportsmanship and game intelligence. He played out such an unselfish career for Arsenal back when it was a real football Club. Would excel in the modern game as he did back then. - Post No. 100543

John F  11:35am 23rd Nov 2016

If Freddie was left to play as a central midfielder where he was very effective he would of got more goals,he used to burst into the box to get on the end of pass usually by Bergkamp.Bursting into the box like that is not really the done thing in tippy tappy heaven so Wenger in his wisdom decided to play him out wide which was the start of his obsession with playing players out of position that continues today.One thing for sure Freddie would not of jumped over the ball to avoid a tackle like Wally did at Sunderland.When Theo was at Southampton his coach said of him that he could run through puddles without causing a ripple ,I am never sure if he said that because he was fast or just a bit of a lightweight.Top striker No ,top runner through puddles without splashing yes,hop skip and jump over a football champion he definitely has potential. - Post No. 100544

Bard  12:35pm 23rd Nov 2016

Yes big Raddy, that brings back memories. Top player and would have excelled in the modern game. The Theo issue isnt complex. He is fast no doubt and he is streaky on the goal front. but he isnt a winger, he doesnt have much game awareness, he cant cross a ball,he cant defend and his control is patchy. My point is that if he isnt scoring he is a passenger and in the modern game you cant carry that unless your Ronaldo or Messi. I think he has come to symbolise everything thats wrong with the current set up. Average players on huge contracts who consistently fail to deliver. - Post No. 100545

Bonzo  13:23pm 23rd Nov 2016

Jamee - yes Theo speaks very well, what that has to do with things God knows as most us would rather concentrate on the football skills. Anyway an old Queen like you probably burbles on in Polari to your old chums and Merchant Navy pals down on the dock side. - Post No. 100547

Bonzo  13:43pm 23rd Nov 2016

Jamee - your Theo contribution can best be summed up as follows. "Ooh seems like a nice boy!" Are you channeling Larry Grayson perchance? Vada Ajax my sisters. - Post No. 100548

Mark from Aylesbury  13:50pm 23rd Nov 2016

I see stories saying Xaka has failed to shine are reaching the press. Does failing to shine include breaking Wengers tippy tappy clause and shooting from 30 yards? - Post No. 100549

Glen  14:10pm 23rd Nov 2016

What a fascinating article. The next target after that is 110? Really? Not 544,345? Walnut and Giroud are symptomatic of Wenger's latter day loser reign - keep them there long enough and eventually they will crawl to a large tally. Suarez would have scored 100 goals for arsenal in about 4 years... - Post No. 100550

John F  14:20pm 23rd Nov 2016

Give me sport are reporting that Ramsey has a broken toe that he picked up before the Utd tie and had to have painkillers .If true that makes Wenger's decision to play him and on the wing even more baffling especially as he had other options available. - Post No. 100552

Bonzo  15:04pm 23rd Nov 2016

Jamee "Seems like a nice boy" those nice table manners and a pretty face go a long way in your book. For the rest of us, combative nature balanced with some skill and a desire to win the big prize for Arsenal will do. Frank McClintock Geordie Charlie George The Stroller Liam Brady More recently Patrick Viera Denis Tony and the back 4 Freddie David Seaman Thiery So many more....... Theo???? Come on - Post No. 100553

mbg  15:05pm 23rd Nov 2016

Mark from Aylesbury, yes wenger and AKB speak for having a football brain and using it instead of following out of date orders of an out of date philosophy from an out of date manager, how he must hate it when disobeyed and not listened to even if it means a win. - Post No. 100554

jjetplane  15:14pm 23rd Nov 2016

Someone must have hacked into as there is a slight sense of rattiness and a miniscule WOB thing but yes - it would be NICE if the lovely Theo (Jamerson has his top naked pics all over the caravan) and Olly reach the 100 club which may have something to do with flying around Europa until CL qualification is secured anddoing things that boyz do when they are together ..... NICE sums up the last 12 years of middle class ennui served up by the Ostrich at the er Ems Bistro where Santa Arsene hats are now on sale. Freddie is God! & Jamerson sounds distinctly lower order lol! - Post No. 100555

mbg  17:30pm 23rd Nov 2016

JohnF, does it really surprise any of us ? like I've already said in another article ref Sanchez, TOF thinks of nobody only himself, the last thing on his mind is a players welfare, just his own, as long as wenger thinks a player/players can do a job and make him look good that's all that matters, not fit, broken toes, broken back, rushing them back, etc, etc, he'll not worry about that, and when he does eventually break them and they become perma crocks and useless to everyone even him he'll start worrying about their welfare then with big contracts and extensions as if he's doing the decent thing and making himself look good (in some peoples eyes anyway)and how it works, when it's his fault all along, what a fraud, wenger out now. - Post No. 100557

Seven Kings Gooner  20:04pm 23rd Nov 2016

Ron, I have two memories of John Radford outside of some the great goals he scored (the one at Anfield in 72/73 season in particular)one, when he cleared of the line in the last home game of the 71 season against Stoke to preserve our 1-0 lead. However my favourite was at Wembley in 71 when Tommy Smith is hurtling towards him to take him out, big John, slips the ball one side of Smith, hurdles his flaying legs and was away. It was typical of the big bloke who was very light on his feet, Tough as old boots and a true Gooner. - Post No. 100558

Arseneknewbest  21:52pm 23rd Nov 2016

If we'd had their manager, and they ours, we'd have probably won that by a mile. Meaningless tournament (for us) of course. And to cap it all off, his zip issues returned. What a loser... - Post No. 100559

Augustus Flair  21:53pm 23rd Nov 2016

Sorry as a 50-year Gooner to butt in on the usual diatribes, chaps, but can I just add my congratulations for Aaron Ramsey's priceless contributions to hairstyles... sorry, Arsenal's cause tonight and let's hope his highlights (in the football sense, obviously) keep everyone happy. Another vintage performance. - Post No. 100560

smithy  22:09pm 23rd Nov 2016

very poor. Arguably we deserved to lose. This is still a million miles away from a champions league winning team. Tactically we looked inept, particularly the collective drop off when we went 2-1 up. Iwobi had a very poor game as did Ramsey with his constant sideways or backward passing. Rant over... I am frustrated as I don't see any progress. - Post No. 100561

mbg  22:30pm 23rd Nov 2016

Augustus, the only thing these pampered little nice boys are interested in is looking good for the cameras in these games, indeed every game, little p****s, if they and their old past it manager would spend more time working on tactics and the opposition than in front of the fooking mirror working on their hair and beards they might be thought more off and get more respect. Zip fiddler out. - Post No. 100562

Roy  22:35pm 23rd Nov 2016

They've got Unai Emery, and we've got Dick Emery. - Post No. 100563

Bonzo  23:55pm 23rd Nov 2016

Jamee (seems like a nice boy) son... I not understand your gabble. I want Arsenal to win the title, so do all of accepting Finsbury Joe. But then again you seem to saying your a winner over seeing Arsenal consistently falling at a final hurdle. So it looks like both you and Finsbury both want Arsenal to fail. Finsbury because he's a Spud and you because of your poster pin up hero Kerry Dixon and your ongoing support for Chelsea. Your not a real Arsenal supporter so go away. - Post No. 100564

Finsbury Joe  0:31am 24th Nov 2016

It's an embarrassment to qualify in the manner Arsenal have done, especially with the Cheating Chilean in full flow. Arsenal should be taken out of the Champions league, they have no ambition to get beyond the first knockout stage, and even if we did have such aims, the manager and players are just too poor. Arsenal are lowering the coefficient year upon year, which will affect other English clubs who are at least prepared to give it a go. But then again, very little about Arsenal is English, apart from their habit of failing on a football field - Post No. 100565

jjetplane  0:56am 24th Nov 2016

So 5 live say back over at the Ems 'Wenger is having trouble with his zip and Arsenal are second best'..... Story of the last 12 years and twenty in the CL. N other club would be laughed at so much and hoping the 3 santas - Olly, Ramsay and Wally make a good show for the season. - Post No. 100566

Mark  6:20am 24th Nov 2016

What shall we do Simon put statues for them next to Henry outside the ground?.This is Walcotts 11th season and he has scored 60 league goals.Thats a pathetic return.As for Giroud he is an Arsenal CF who has never scored more than 16 league goals in any of his 4 seasons at the club.Ask youself Simon why we never win league titles and are crap in the CL when we are relying on these two clowns.The bottom line is neither Wally or Giroud are good enough - Post No. 100567

Arseneknewbest  8:30am 24th Nov 2016

Finsbury - To paraphrase you just a little. It's an embarrassment the way the spuds have been dumped out of the CL in the manner they have done, especially with diving harry kane in full flow. Spurs should be taken out of the CL. They have no aims of getting beyond the group stage, and even if "we" (very curious to use the first person plural given you're a spud FJ!!) did have such aims the players and manager are too poor etc. etc. etc, ad nauseam bloaaaghhhhhh! My head's spinning now (a bit like Jamee's after he was taken over by satan a few years ago). Is that actually fj, or is it if suffolk strangler and subterfuge supremo? Nurse! - Post No. 100568

Arseneknewbest  9:10am 24th Nov 2016

Jamee son - You're an awful misanthrope and a hypocrite - You spend quite a bit of your time hijacking Finsbury Joe's name on here and then you go and slag him off. Incredible; almost like self-abuse, but then you're no stranger to that are you? Leave the critique for the big boys Jamee - you haven't got the number of brain cells for stuff like this, and you're not really an Arsenal fan are you? - Post No. 100570

Bonzo  10:26am 24th Nov 2016

Arsenal Knew Best :- The Jamee soap opera continues unabated with a faux posted disagreement between himself and Finsbury. Much like the bizarre religious discussion where he argued back and forth against his ownself using two different user names. I believe I the past that 'Pete' his brother is also some form of alter ego extension that has now been killed off. You also see scenarios where he acts outside of his perceived tolerance I.e. A Gay man or a woman who gushes about how cool (Fancies) an Arsenal player. These pen portraits have some understanding to them. In short Jamee is not the man he portrays himself as. I increasingly wonder if he has any actual like for Arsenal as everything about its background he seems to dislike. - Post No. 100572

Arseneknewbest  19:55pm 24th Nov 2016

Leekie and Coleslaw - can you actually corroborate that story from your psycho-buddy? I.e. that you were all queueing at your local labour exchange and one of you had th temerity to suggest that said Jamee was a tosser? did it actually go down that way or wereone of you two actually the aggressor? Humanist? That'll do if it makes me different from you Jamee, you orrible herbert. - Post No. 100620

Guy in Jersey  20:24pm 24th Nov 2016

Walcott has scored 93 goals in 358 games, which is a slightly better strike rate than I'd imagined. But how many were scored in important games? With his pace, and Wenger's favouritism, it's sad to think what he could've achieved if he'd some talent AND a footballing brain. Walcott's like a snowman, he melts away when the heat is on.............. - Post No. 100623

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