Non-League Lincoln sent packing by Gunners

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Wenger’s Men revert to flat track bully mode

It was a no win afternoon for Arsenal in yesterday’s FA Cup quarter final replay. The best they could do – which they did – was put their non-league opponents away by a decent margin, and keep a clean sheet. Whether or not this will be the start of a recovery after the recent reverses against Liverpool and Bayern remains to be seen.

Before the match, there was a further #NoNewContract protest march from the old stadium. The numbers were double than before the Bayern game. I did a head count in Gillespie Road that put it around 450. There are plans to fly a banner over the Hawthorns next weekend and a crowdfunding appeal to raise funds for the campaign (although the two do not seem to be related). Significantly, during the 5-0 win, there were no chants of ‘One Arsene Wenger’. How many of the thousands of season ticket holders who did not attend, with swathes of empty seats visible in the home sections, would have added to the numbers on the march I cannot say, but they voted with their feet as far as this game was concerned.

Incidentally, if those planning to fly the plane with the banner at the West Brom game wish to get in touch via the editorial email address, I have been contacted by a group of Russian Gooners who are keen to contribute to costs.

As for the football, all credit to Lincoln and their marvelous fans. The latter were an example of a crowd supporting their team. Due to the gentrification via high prices, the obsession with making fans sit down in the early seasons at the new stadium, and the gradual dissipation of any genuine enthusiasm for the team, this kind of support is a distant memory from the home support at Arsenal. If you need any confirmation of this, just remember all the recent appearances at Wembley and the lack of any concerted singing by Arsenal supporters. Gooners only create an atmosphere at away matches these days, with the hardcore of away regulars that will get behind the team.

On the pitch, Lincoln gave it a very decent shot in the first half, and at times, it wasn’t obvious which were the Premier League team. They has one very decent chance to go one up after Nathan Arnold cut through the Arsenal back line as if he were Lionel Messi, forcing an excellent save from Cech. Cup keeper David Ospina was injured, because Arsene never drops his keepers. Remember Almunia’s sprained wrist that lasted about six months?

Lincoln’s team was stuffed with real football names. What a roll call. Farman, Wood, Waterfall, Raggett, Habergham, Arnold, Woodyard, Power, Hawkridge, Rhead, Muldoon. It brought memories back of Barnstoneworth United from Michael Palin’s ‘Ripping Yarns’. Their combined annual wages are probably less than Arsenal’s first eleven make in half a day, but I know who I’d rather have alongside me in the trenches.

The Gunners nabbed a goal through Theo in injury time of the first half, and the second half turned into a procession, most of the scorers having enough about them not to celebrate extravagantly. Fitness and technique told, aided by the size of the pitch. Lincoln gave it their best shot, but this was not to be a repeat of their incredible victory at Burnley. More than one Gooner was tempted by odds of 33-1 on an away win, given the nature of Arsenal’s recent performances, but even those odds were ungenerous given the reality of the situation. If the game were at Sincil Bank, then maybe, but never at the Grove.

Arsenal have 12 remaining Premier League matches this season, and one or two FA Cup games. Assuming Spurs take care of Millwall at the Lane today, they will have to beat two from Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham to win the trophy.

As for whether the manager’s future has already been determined, there are two ways of interpreting Sir Chips Keswick’s rather surprising statement in midweek -
1 – We are aware people are unhappy, but we are not going to sack the manager mid-season, but would prefer simply to part ways at the end of his contract
or 2 – He’s already signed a two year extension but we haven’t got the balls to admit it, we’ll choose when the moment is right (probably when Arsene is on holiday in June and the season ticket renewal deadline has passed).

However, there is some hope. The club have at least been sounding out other managers, and stories that Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri needs a decision will hopefully mean that the board do the best thing for Arsenal’s future prospects and take the decision to move on from the current stasis.

The thought of two more seasons of toxicity and delaying the rebuilding job that will be required to bring the club’s footballing structure (currently, Arsene takes all the decisions) into the current millennium, are bad enough. But can you imagine the abuse that will be hurled Arsene Wenger’s way next season when his team – by then minus Sanchez and Ozil – do their habitual thing of ending their title chances before Easter and get humiliated in Europe because there are is no tactical preparation?

There aren’t too many left who can produce any credible arguments as to exactly how Arsene Wenger can bring back the glory days to Arsenal. The win the FA Cup escape route looks a long shot this season, and a Champions League spot is in the balance, heavily dependent of getting results against the two Manchester clubs and Tottenham. ‘Judge me in May’, Arsene says, but we have enough evidence already. Well done on giving a non-league team a hiding, but it’s time to ring the changes.

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12th March 2017 09:58:01


Comments and Reaction

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TonyEvans  10:18am 12th Mar 2017

'We have got our confidence back' declares Arsene Wenger, after beating mighty Lincoln. Well that's all right then, everything in the garden is rosy again. If only! Is this the start though of The Great Escape, starring Arsene Wenger as an arrogant dictator looking for any possible justification to cling on to power? - Post No. 105170

GoonerRon  10:27am 12th Mar 2017

I will never not look forward to a Wembley visit so bring it on. Someone call an emergency vet for Chris Sutton's cat. - Post No. 105171

Wardy  10:32am 12th Mar 2017

Fantastic mental resilience ,,,,, Walcott is back ,,,,, 4th place is on ,,,,, I can't wait to renew my membership (no chance of any changes before renewal deadline I trust 😴) - Post No. 105172

Gaz  10:47am 12th Mar 2017

Never watched the game (was on a night out in London) and haven't seen the goals and won't be looking for them. Only thing of interest for me as far as Arsenal are concerned is hoping Wenger leaves in the summer. Sadly whilst I've already protested and will do again I can't help feeling that all this is doing is making Wenger even more determined to hang around in a bid to prove his many doubters wrong. I think we're already seeing evidence of this with his recent comments that are taking excuses to unprecedented levels. Another thing I'm noticing is his genuinely world class ability to redefine what success is. I mean his 'we haven't been the worst English club in Europe line' was just ridiculous. So right now I say let's keep the protests up but the bottom line is this. If you want him to even remotely consider leaving you better hope we finish outside the top four and don't win the FA cup. - Post No. 105174

CORNISH GOONER  11:03am 12th Mar 2017

Well war has now been declared hasn't it? The old Leech is clearly both delusional & determined to stay - talk of yet a further period of rebuilding & regeneration - does he think he is DOCTOR WHO ffs? Seems even John Cross has given up. Finally, how dare the few remaining AKBs belittle those fans who had the bottle to join the protest march. Let's hope the movement grows even stronger & that the flying banner does appear next weekend. - Post No. 105175

Arseneknewbest  11:24am 12th Mar 2017

Kev - Thanks. A Russian sponsored flyover of North London? Be careful what you wish for (as leekie all too often says). 'Kin 'ell - good job the cold war's over eh? Message to Russian gooners - try to persuade that big fat oligarch Usmanov to pay for the plane. It's not as if he's short of a few Kopeks. Maybe U.S. Gooners would like to join this potential arms race by providing a few F-17s to go with the MiGs. Theresa May would not bat an drooping bloodshot eyelid if you parked an aircraft carrier in the Thames. A joint military exercise would at least reflect Poo-tin's unhealthy love-in with our small-handed stateside friend agent orange (except the whites around his eyes). Tony Attwood could join them in his spitfire (or maybe he flies a Fokker on such occasions?). In essence a good idea. No way the TV media whores will leave that out of their bulletins. Any gooners there last night singing "yellow ribbon". I didn't hear any from my vantage point on the sofa. - Post No. 105176

jjetplane  11:27am 12th Mar 2017

Of course we knew Lincoln would never scale this particular height and now we have man of the match Mesut taking down Lincoln as he did with Ludograts. Do remind where he was when BM were having shooting practice at the Ems. As a big fan of non-league Lincoln are the Barcelona of our world. Two of the best sides I have watched this season are Haywards Heath and Chichester only 3 divs away from Lincoln! When I see a useless cockhead like Giroud giving it the fist celebration I want to throw up. Where has that slag and his selfie mates been for for the last few seasons? Wenger is a problem needing quich disposal but so does seemingly the whole squad. Never thought I would reach a point when I cannot think of a single player I like. Panto ****ing freaks with hair dos to match. Like GAZ cannot even be bothered with highlights but think I will give Totts and mighty Millwall a whirl. Must be losing my mind because I think Dele Alii is the best I have seen since Pires and love a scouse text last night that said do not give Wenger 2 years, give him five! Cannot wait for the sem finals because the last two FA Cups were easy fayre and let's see thumbsucker control that game if he isn't too poorly. Wankers to the core! - Post No. 105177

Leek fc  11:37am 12th Mar 2017

Keep up AKB. It'll be Birmingham not north London. - Post No. 105178

Arseneknewbest  11:50am 12th Mar 2017

Leekie - You pedantic old cnut. Here's some back. West Brom is in the Borough of Sandwell and is outside Birmingham, not in it. I was there last weekend and saw an horrendous game between them and Palace. Tw*t. Someone as thick and as one-paced as you should not be trying to correct people on here. It was an attempt at humour which I know you struggle with. - Post No. 105179

RobG  12:12pm 12th Mar 2017

Option 2/ is what I am afraid of. Terrified would be the word. Next season - No Sanchez (pretty much a certainty) no Ozil (highly likely), half a dozen other departures. A couple of half backed arrivals looking for pay day. And Wenger is situ for two more years. What were we ? Sixth when Rioch left. We will be doing well to repeat that in 2019. Assuming of course Wenger doesn't hang on for two more beyond that. I'm trying to be hopeful - really I am. But I genuinely worry about what we are facing next season if that plays out. If you think this is bad, you have seen nothing yet. - Post No. 105180

jeff wright  12:54pm 12th Mar 2017

Pathetic really the fast track bullies back in home mode thrashing modest opponents who sit 88 places below them in the pecking order. Then smugly asking,crisis what crisis ? I have now come to detest this arrogant cretin Wenger and his dwindling band of sycophants . This lee k fc character can't be for real it must be a wind-up . Surely no one can be this thick and stupid. GR visits to Wembley , old or new , depend on results. Great if you win horrible if you lose though . Especially if on the receiving end of one of Wengo's 'accidents'.Keystone Kos and Brum anyone>? The clown got away with it against Hull. Chelsea or City could be a different ball game. So let's see who we get in the warm and cold balls farce before concluding that it will be an enjoyable experience.As they say be careful what you wish for! Any chance of that Russian plane circling the Hawthorns diving down and strafing Wengo with rotten tomatoes would be greeted with much amusement. - Post No. 105181

jjetplane  12:56pm 12th Mar 2017

Just watching and contrasting yesterday's coaches. Danny of Lincoln is all smiles, jokes and always incisive about football. Arsene of the Ems is still moaning about BM and still saying it was the ref's fault mum! One ****ing decision doth not make a game twatty man. Can he explain all the goals after the pen which was of course was a correct decision taking also into account Monreal (lookas like a ****ing air steward!) playing them onside. Meanwhile over on Untold which hasto be the most paranoid site on the web the conspiracies go on and on and on. Latest article is number 1000 of**** pieces written about the diving cheating Catalonians. **** - even Sanchez (Patron saint of fluffy Dogs) was diving against Lincoln. Good thing Arsenehas got the ultra sensitive Mesut to control and show the non-leaguers what it's all about. Rumours abound that when Mesut is not in the world he can be found submerged in an isolation chamber sucking his thumb with listening to Anatolian chillsounds. This is a bit sad but I really like that Kane/Alii hand shake thing. I am like a virtual spud though having watched football for 50+ years I remember a lot of Tott sides and this one well is certainly pushing way ahead of the doddering, moany, paranoid, greedy wretch ..... Anyway - **** em all/United, West Ham, Liverpool/cause we WERE the Arsenal and we WERE the best/..... - Post No. 105182

Guernsey gunner  13:29pm 12th Mar 2017

Delusional old tool, how anyone can take the crap he churns out seriously is beyond me. Just watched motd 2 and Alex Bruce coming out with the be careful what you wish for bollox, at least Leon Oman called it right essentially calling us the bunch of pussies we have sadly becom. Wenger out now, the clown - Post No. 105183

jjetplane  13:31pm 12th Mar 2017

Great piece over on Untold by Samuel who is staunch Wenger but has written a damning post which is informative and eloquent. Tony Atwood will not know what hit him. Watershed. Seeing in Indy news that Wenger has been TOLD to make up his mind during next Int break so Arsenal can get on with life. Bye bye Mr Chips and the Ostrich. - Post No. 105184

KC38  13:32pm 12th Mar 2017

Hi Kevin, is it possible to find answers to why the press refuse to ask relevant questions to Wenger after he makes ludicrous statements. This week we heard "what has to change" this club is in a strong position of words to that effect. So in my mind the response from the press should be: 1. When you play good sides away from home you concede goals for fun. 2. Your record against the top six away from home is shocking you do not win them. 3. You have conceded 5 goals in 3 out of 4 games against Bayern. 4. You are 16 points behind the leaders it's only March. 5. Your purchases are not matching the fees you paid for them. 6. The performances are not impressive. 7. The same collapse follows season after season. 8. Your not set up correctly hence the goals conceded. 9. You have just lost a two legged tie 10 fudging 2. Added to this why does someone not explain to Wenger, sure the refs decision was open to debate against Bayern but the reality was that they were 5 1 up and while we were on top it's pretty clear that Bayern were not at the top of their game as it's very difficult to have total intensity when you start with with such a massive lead. What's got to change? How about the manager? - Post No. 105185

mbg  13:55pm 12th Mar 2017

The mighty non league Lincoln sent packing, (even though it took 50 minutes)that's about the height of our ambition now, and all we're good for under this old past it fraud of a manager. Out of our league Gunners sent packing by Bayern, (and much the same score too, coincidence or what ?)that's more like it. We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 105186

Redshirtwhitesleeves  13:58pm 12th Mar 2017

There is no doubt in my mind- a 2 year deal has or will be signed. This old p**** has no intention of leaving and the board have no intention of letting him go. A semi final humiliation probably against the spuds now awaits. And a further 2 years of putgatory to follow. Hand me that noose.... - Post No. 105187

GoonerRon  14:06pm 12th Mar 2017

@ Jeff - we've won on our last 6 visits to Wembley so hopefully that good run continues. - Post No. 105188

mbg  14:15pm 12th Mar 2017

Another great chance for a protest at Wembley, what better place ? plenty of TV cameras and coverage for the banners, large ones for the world and TLSOE to see, all the fans together not spread out all over the stadium singing we want wenger out we want wenger out, No new contract, etc, etc, etc,. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105189

clarky  14:26pm 12th Mar 2017

I didn't go on the Bayern march but have to say I was a bit disappointed with yesterday's effort. I mean less than 1 per cent of the fans attending the game bothered to join us. Yet, in the George afterwards I spoke to quite a few that said they wanted change but were not prepared to hound Wenger out. What it means of course that he will stay and we will have no-one else to blame but ourselves. I am now dreading drawing spuds in the semi. Hopefully Milwall can do us a favour! - Post No. 105190

clarky  14:37pm 12th Mar 2017

Mbg, trust me, that just ain't gonna happen... - Post No. 105191

TonyEvans  14:58pm 12th Mar 2017

Red shirts - The thought of a semi final v the Spuds is not good I agree. The Gascoigne semi was bad enough, but was thankfully revenged pretty swiftly. No confidence in our lot now at all and also if we win Wenger gets a crack at the FA Cup win get of jail card again - albeit against a much tougher team. So for me the potential Spuds semi is a lose lose situation, and God forbid losing a final to them, with the alternative though being two more years of Wenger for certain. What a choice and how bloody difficult Wenger is making being an Arsenal fan right now. - Post No. 105193

jeff wright  15:05pm 12th Mar 2017

GR, apart from the final against relegated Villa, surely the worst team we or anyone else ever played in a final, we have not exactly covered ourselves in glory in those games.Results of actual Cup Finals played at the new Wembley by Wenger are won 2 lost 1 .He beat Hull and relegated Villa but lost to relegated Brum in the League Cup one. A very fortuitous win over Hull and in the semi's v Wigan and Reading .Everything though in football is relevant it's a results game.So er,how did Wengo get on against Bayern Munich over the two legs then. - Post No. 105194

mbg  15:17pm 12th Mar 2017

jj, yes the arrogant old nasty piece of work he is, he's just loving keeping every body in limbo, everybody guessing, everybody hanging on, just like with signings but with no sly grin this time, just a growl, even the board are getting fed up and pissed off with it, even with serious protests and hostilities against him, (and building)and it being made obvious he's not wanted by the fans, and it's time to go it would surprise no one if he signed on again just to stick two fingers up at the fans and everybody, as we know he has no shame, what an arrogant old c**t. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105195

GoonerRon  15:22pm 12th Mar 2017

@ Jeff - we didn't play that well but did lift a trophy 4 times in 6 games. That's glory-a-plenty. - Post No. 105196

Arseneknewbest  15:37pm 12th Mar 2017

No Goonerron - That's turd polishing. Remember, we're Arsenal, the fifth richest club in the world whose name was a byword for hard work and success. - Post No. 105197

Leek fc  15:44pm 12th Mar 2017

Humour??? AKB!?!. There is no humour on this site, just doom and gloom. The negative virus is everywhere. Boring boring Arsenal was sung for O.G.. Listen to Jeff, he's gnawing on a bone and growling cos we are going to Wembley. Hatred for Arsenal is embarrassing. - Post No. 105198

jjetplane  15:58pm 12th Mar 2017

And still the spuds and Leekie chant Wenger must stay! Now that's funny eheheheheheheh .... - Post No. 105199

BigDaveTheGooner  16:19pm 12th Mar 2017

Leek,just what is the positive because for the life of me I just can't see it. Give me 2 good reasons why he should stay,and please don't refer back to what happened 13 years ago!!!! - Post No. 105200

Arseneknewbest  17:22pm 12th Mar 2017

Leekie - If you're finding this neither entertaining nor informative, f*ck off over to unsold anusol where your antediluvian wengophile bullsh*t might be taken seriously. You're dragging the rest of us down like a diarrhoea-based fart in a wetsuit. I preferred it when you were chez Jamee in the gimp caravan. Lighten up man - we know you don't really mean anything that you write about wengo. - Post No. 105201

Leek fc  18:12pm 12th Mar 2017

AKB. Read your post then mine then yours then mine. Who needs to lighten up? Feel free to check out my postings on here over many many years and it is consistent. Most disapprove but sorry chief, your attitude in the last post proves you are a beaten man. Go on, read my post once again. - Post No. 105202

StuartL  18:33pm 12th Mar 2017

Out of ideas Out of excuses He needs to be out of our club Arsenal FC NOT Arsene FC - Post No. 105203

jjetplane  19:04pm 12th Mar 2017

Oi chief squire know what I mean John .... One question Leek - do you think Brickfields is funn? and again Do you think Arsenal will finish above Everton annnnnd will they get to a cup final. Take your time no rush .... - Post No. 105204

GoonerRon  19:26pm 12th Mar 2017

@ AKB - 4 trophies is polishing a turd? Jeez. - Post No. 105205

jjetplane  20:00pm 12th Mar 2017

GR maybe you do Leek's questions for him 1 will Arsenal win the FA Cup and 2 Will they finish above Everton. Later. - Post No. 105206

markymark  21:12pm 12th Mar 2017

I Cant understand why Jamerson's bell end shiner stays on this site when he could be cuddling up to Brickfields and his oh so funny contributions. Apparently the Gooner is miserable and Untold is a beacon of light. If so then it's simple, go there Squeak. I promise you Squeak no on one on Untold will be nasty and pick you up on your limited use of the English language and your fickle failures. Old Walter will even say your making sense! - Post No. 105207

mbg  22:11pm 12th Mar 2017

jw, ArseneKnewBest, to some of the wengerites the thinnest wallpaper does the job and it's not the result that counts, it's all about the so called nice football and the day out. You couldn't make it up. We want wenger out we want wenger out. t - Post No. 105208

mbg  0:26am 13th Mar 2017

Any other manager of any other team would have picked a team of reserves or second string yesterday to deal with non league opposition, but no not TLSOE he was/is to big of a coward, he hadn't the ball's to take the chance, instead treating it as another career/arse saver. What a pathetic old coward. wenger out now. - Post No. 105209

markymark  7:34am 13th Mar 2017

My names Squeak so listen up Sonny! Yer don't mess with the Squeak! Not when he's mentally hard Cockoney roight ( sorry, he's slipped into Brum ) I'm Lahndan aren't I, yeah Slough born and bred son, so don't mess.. coz I'll have yer ears son. Gotta go chief, got a job on! - Post No. 105211

markymark  7:57am 13th Mar 2017

Exclusive....Exclusive..... Insiders have told us that Super Supporter Humphrey Leek is determined to sign a further 2 year contract. He believes, according to our source that the team remain determined and that he won't let a few supporters divert him from achieving a higher level of success. It's believed that Leekey is not interested in joining Untold. Recent 'Leek out!' Protests with shocking 'F off to Untold' banners and ridicule in the social media caused Leek to hide in his caravan for a month, but now he has come back more confident than ever. The source said "the thing with Leek is he's got **** all else to do, the well publicised telephone sex relationship with Mandy Dodd ended in acrimony after Mandy's mother picked up the phone in error, the dogging sessions with Colesey ended when Colesey got arrested and transferred to Wandsworth. He's got nothing else". We tried to contact his friend and fellow caravan enthusiast Jamerson but we were told to go away as he is now a God and cannot talk to mere mortals. The door was then slammed in our faces. - Post No. 105212

mbg  8:01am 13th Mar 2017

Any Resignation yet ? We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 105213

Up For Grabs Now  8:04am 13th Mar 2017

Incredible that anybody could be so brazenly arrogant, to imply that simply because Lincoln were dispatched, that ‘We have got our confidence back’! This is proof, if it were ever needed, that Wenger has absolutely no intention of leaving with dignity (We are long beyond that stage already I know) and will say/do anything to spin the justification for a new contract. Therefore, it is imperative we don’t finish in the top 4 or indeed reach the FA Cup final, or indeed win it, which I know is an extremely unlikely scenario, considering the opposition that remains. As much as it pains me to say this, whoever we draw in the semi later today, I hope we get smashed by them, preferably by Man City for obvious reasons, but if need be by the spuds. That’s how much I want him out, being prepared to be thrashed by the spuds, having supported Arsenal since 1970, just shows how much I now detest Wenger. It’s crystal clear, Wenger is determined to stay on regardless, so for me further short term pain/humiliation (One or two more isn’t going to make that much difference, I am pretty much immune to them now anyway, having experienced so many) is preferable than that dictator somehow getting positive results, finishing with a trophy and or the infamous illusionary trophy, meaning we must endure further groundhog years of his tenure. - Post No. 105214

GoonerRon  10:44am 13th Mar 2017

@ Up For Grabs Now - genuine thought from me, and the thing I can't completely get my head around...if we were to win the FA Cup that's 3 trophies in 4 years, and I hear from ex-players the game is all about the glory of getting a medal. So whilst I get the reasons why people want Wenger out (I've said it myself), why would you want the stinking Spuds to beat us to prevent us from winning a trophy which is apparently what this football lark is all about? I repeat, winning the FA Cup doesn't airbrush anything from history or fix all that is wrong wth the club, but I ****ing loved watching us lift it at Wembley in 14 and 15, and not for one second did I think 'it's only the FA Cup.' I am genuinely confused (not with your comment, but more about what we should seek from supporting our club). - Post No. 105217

Exeter Gunner  10:58am 13th Mar 2017

It's it obvious, GR? An FA Cup or 4th place trophy means Wenger definitely stays on. The unique combination of pain and boredom that makes up his tenure through regular humiliations and groundhog seasons isn't a worthy price for what has, sadly, become a hugely devaluated competition in modern football. Don't you want to see AFC at least compete for PL and CL? No chance under this guy. - Post No. 105219

markymark  11:11am 13th Mar 2017

Gooner Ron - I think the issue is the management model that Arsenal run ( this is me being very generous ) a normal club would have hoiked him out on the basis that we should be competing and winning titles. By a normal club I mean a club that is presenting an image of being a major force in football. Wenger shows absolutely no sign of wanting to go without operating some sort of PR war against a section of the fanbase. With all of this going on, all some can do is keep on kicking away at his platform. We are not going to be relegated . A trophyless season is not unusual so continual embarrassing defeats are the only way for those who want him out to gather momentum. - Post No. 105221

Yes its Ron  12:28pm 13th Mar 2017

GR - youre not 'genuinely confused' at all really are you. The FAC has been precisely the vehicle that the Club and the AKB s have used for years to airbrush the Clubs ailments from history. Lets be clear here and try to remove yr purported confusion. Most of us who would see Wenger gone simply want to see the Club PROPERLY compete to the extent that its resources should allow it to do as the 5th or 6th wealthiest Club in Europe. If the Club did that consistently and was genuinely seen to have tried its best to have done so, not winning the FAC would even enter the equation. Like it or not the FAC isnt now a tournament thats taken too seriously by the so called top Clubs. They pay lip service to it, like to win it even from time to time, but most of all its a tournie that the Coaches use to get them out of jail, as Wengers done for years and Pep Guardiola s doing now too. What the FAC isnt is a tournie to gauge a top Clubs well being. It now has an eminence akin to what the domestic Cups have in Europe and that s pretty low and has been that way for many years abroad. Arsenal embarrassment in being a make weight Club that frequently sustains thrashings this last 8 years both at home and in the CL needs to stop. End of. Youre not pulling the wool over anybody's eyes GR except perhaps yr own. - Post No. 105222

Up For Grabs Now  12:55pm 13th Mar 2017

I was going to respond to GR, but having read the other contributors reaction to his post, they have already done it for me. Thanks Exeter Gunner, markymark and Yes its Ron. - Post No. 105224

jjetplane  14:26pm 13th Mar 2017

Winning the last two against struggling oppo hardly constitutes glory as let's say when we went to Cardiff and saw Ray and Freddie do their thing. Do you GR think we can win it this year now we are the over under dogs? and can Arsene finish above Everton? Can Arsene finish above Tottenham now? Is Giroud better than Kane? Is Ozil as good as Barkley? Is Neymar the new God? One affirmative. - Post No. 105231

Arseneknewbest  16:17pm 13th Mar 2017

Goonerron - A TV quiz show cliche seems apposite here: "Look at what you could've won"...Wengo is a lying imbecile of the worst kind - no wonder he's adored by Leeko. You need to ask yourself if you feel conned by him and I'm sure the answer shields do not in any way equate to a succesful period in the club's history. And no, like anyone of sane mind, I'm not saying we have some divine right to win things. But because of our history; what we were told by the club pre and post move; and because of the club's finances, we should, at the very least, be competing for trophies that matter. And when was the last time that happened? - Post No. 105234

Up For Grabs Now  17:43pm 13th Mar 2017

Decided I would respond after all to GoonerRon’s post. The question you need to ask yourself GR is this – Why do so many long-standing fans like me, want the team to now continue losing, preferably heavily? If the board or Wenger himself did the honourable thing (Not a chance in hell, I have more chance of walking on the moon!), announcing that he was stepping down at the end of the season, everybody could unite, wanting to win all the remaining fixtures, to not only hopefully win the FA Cup, but to give the new manager a CL berth, to hopefully attract the players he might want to begin to rebuild with. The problem is as you well know, Wenger and the board don’t give two hoots about us, they are only concerned about money! That’s why I stated I want us to continue losing, to make the situation untenable for both the board and Wenger to not renew his damned contract! Do I really under normal circumstances want my team of over 45 years to ever lose to the Spuds, of course not, but how else are we going to shift this arrogant egotistical dictator, who thinks he invented the club out, other than by continues pressure led by poor results? - Post No. 105237

jjetplane  19:18pm 13th Mar 2017

Ruud Gullit saying if they beat the Mancs they would love Arsenal next. No way as regards the Spuds. How the times change ...lol! - Post No. 105239

GoonerRon  19:35pm 13th Mar 2017

All fair comments. I should repeat, I don't think Wenger has got the best out of this group and have said on numerous occasions I want a new manager in the summer, but I'm only recently in that position, hence my continued confusion of what good actually looks like in this day and age of football. And to Yes it's Ron - I'm not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, just airing my genuine views on things. - Post No. 105242

mbg  13:50pm 14th Mar 2017

Up for grabs, me too, nothing to be added. Is TLSOE still here ? - Post No. 105265

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era