After the Apathy, Victory

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Arsenal leave it late v Leicester in front of subdued crowd

It looks like it will take more than a semi-final victory to put the enthusiasm for the team back into the Arsenal support. The attendance yesterday was maximum 75%. Granted, this was a rescheduled game, but it wasn’t on the box, and if the team were playing Real Madrid in the second leg of a Champions League quarter final on a Wednesday evening, I suspect people would have been able to make it somehow. So at least 15,000 empty seats should send a loud and clear message to the board.

Pick your seat? Upper Tier at kick off

And two conversations I have had over recent days indicate that the Wenger extension is not yet signed and it’s simply a matter of the club just waiting for the right time to announce it. It will be decided at the end of the season, and it will be decided mutually. That translates as – if one side does not agree – then no new contract. And let’s get one thing absolutely clear here. An FA Cup trophy might be good for feelgood factor, but it doesn’t matter a jot on the balance books compared with the £50 million plus of lost income for failing to qualify for the Champions League. Wenger is talking about plans for the summer and onwards, but – given that he has indicated he wishes to stay – he would. The decision is not his alone to make. The number of empty seats at recent matches, the fact the club had to go down to red members to sell their semi-final allocation, send a direct message to the board. People want something exciting to happen at the club and two more years of Arsene isn’t it. In spite of the victory at Wembley there were no chants of ‘One Arsene Wenger’ last night.

Sadly, the club are not going to announce that the remaining seven fixtures are Arsene’s final hurrah, giving the fanbase the opportunity to unite and get behind the team in a more substantial way than the occasional chanting we heard in the second half against Leicester. So the team face six Premier League matches in which they can afford to drop minimal points with a crowd unconvinced and often unmotivated. It’s not a healthy situation. Spurs away, Man Utd at home, Southampton away and Stoke away. United will probably play in a similar fashion to Leicester – massed ranks in defence and breakaway attacks. The other three sides will be more expansive, which at least will provide Arsenal with more opportunities to create genuine chances than there were yesterday evening. However, the defence will be more thoroughly tested.

In truth, Sunday at the Lane is the game that will set the pattern. I fully expect Arsenal to turn up for that one – the visiting support would not allow them any doubt as to that from the first minute. But it will be a severe test. Come through it unscathed and they can continue with the confidence that has slowly built up with the three games in the new formation. Lose and I think we’ll just see complete collapse.

Against Leicester, some rotation, presumably to save legs for the remaining games. Monreal switched to the back three as Holding stepped down. Gibbs and Bellerin came in as wing backs, the Ox on the bench. Coquelin replaced Ramsey and Giroud was benched, with Sanchez playing central and Theo returned to the starting line up. The latter proved a complete waste of space except for one first half chance. For this observer, the post Highbury move era has become known as ‘The Walcott Years’ – a clueless player who should have been drummed out of the team years ago somehow retained and played. But never actually good enough. There are a large number of others that applies to but they haven’t hung around quite so long. Bottom line is that we’ve largely been fed mediocrity in comparison with what we enjoyed before. Wenger chose to develop Denilson and Alex Song rather than pay an extra £2 million to secure Xabi Alonso in 2009. That worked out well. No wonder no title challenge for so many seasons.

Anyhow, Leicester did carve out some chances, but were unable to convert. Petr Cech pulled off one excellent save in the first half. In the second half, Leicester seemed to become even more entrenched, and it was a case of the Gunners seemingly lacking the imagination to break them down. The game looked to be petering out, but on came Giroud, the ball started to get pumped into the box and from one such knockdown after 85 minutes, Nacho Monreal smashed the ball in – later it transpired – off Robert Huth. We had no idea in the stadium, because the videoscreen did not show us any replays, a surefire indication that there might have been something iffy about the goal, offside most likely.

Seeing it since, Giroud is offside, and there is initial doubt as to whether he got a touch, but it was just Huth. Whoever was in charge of letting those in the stadium see the replays was evidently in enough doubt not to take any chances. Rather strangely, as soon as play re-started, rather than consolidate, Wenger’s team went gung ho in search of a second. Lunacy. No football intelligence there, no leadership, no calming voice. Maybe a new formation, but the same old tactical naivety. Eventually they calmed down and slowed things down in injury time.

So three points that may or may not prove significant. Not a great performance by any stretch of the imagination, but another result and as we all know, the points are what matters. Spurs up next…

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27th April 2017 10:48:23


Comments and Reaction

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TonyEvans  11:14am 27th Apr 2017

Kevin - boredom is the word and, as you say, most supporters see 2 more years of Wenger giving us nothing more than a nailed on certainty of more of the same, which we have all had a gutful of. The excitement of someone new coming in is what is required, no matter how we do in the last few games of the season. Such a shame that the club don't announce Wenger is leaving at the end of the season so we can all unite behind the team properly. - Post No. 106709

Jumpers For Goalposts  11:14am 27th Apr 2017

Kev estimates 75% attendance but that is very generous. The pictures I saw of the crowd last night show an enormous number of empty seats, with probably no more than 40,000 turning up. For the visit of the reigning Champions. At home. At the business end of the season. My God - how stale and boring Arsenal have become under this awful regime. The Club is crying out for change. Wenger is not the future, he is the past and that's where we will remain until he goes. - Post No. 106710

Time for change  11:15am 27th Apr 2017

Only a £900,000 shortfall for losing finalists. Come on Gazidis and Keswick push harder for Wenger's exit whether top four is made or not. - Post No. 106711

Cheltenham Gunner  11:59am 27th Apr 2017

Yet another dull, uninteresting game in a season full of them. Sanchez should be ashamed of himself for his 'Rivaldo' display. - Post No. 106712

Leek fc  12:21pm 27th Apr 2017

So let's just look at this scenario. It's next season and Allegri is on the touchline giving it the large. We play Leicester on a cold Wednesday evening and we huff and puff and get a late own goal winner. Kevin's report would be jubilation, positive arse kissing blah blah blah. Mr Wenger gets slated for taking 3 points. Fickle Gooners.... Don't you just love em. - Post No. 106713

Redshirtwhitesleeves  12:35pm 27th Apr 2017

With Allegri apparently signing a new contract at Juve the board need to be acting fast, begging Simeone to come to us for next season. We can't endure 2 more years of this boredom. Like you said Kevin, we need something EXCITING to happen, and an FA cup final isn't it. So many empty seats is an embarrassment to the club. You could probably have fitted last nights crowd into Highbury. I wish to f*** we had never left our beautiful home only to be fed lies and spin and end up where we are now, over a decade later, a club going downhill fast. - Post No. 106714

Exeter Gunner  12:43pm 27th Apr 2017

Apathy is the right word for the supporter base these days. Most won't protest, but there's next to no enthusiasm for the status quo either - save for the odd blinkered freak like Leek, too stupid to comprehend the concept of context. - Post No. 106715

jeff wright  12:52pm 27th Apr 2017

It looks like another fear of losing for both sides on Sunday scenario , deja vu last season and a few other games recently that have resulted in draws when wins were required. One thing is for sure though and that is that Wengo can't rely on lady luck helping him out for the remainder of the season. Also he needs others to fail for him to succeed. Starting tonight with the Mancs derby although looking at the maths involved regarding league points I can't see how there is any benefit for Wengo in whatever the result is. Liverpool look sure of a top 3 spot the bookies make them 1-7 on for that and you can't get any price on Chelsea doing so and the spuds have secured their own one .So that just leaves City ,United ,Wengo and Everton scrapping it out like rabid dogs fighting over a bone for Wengo's infamous 4th place trophy . Personally I think that he has blown it and the tough games to come home and away will leave him well short of winning it.If he does lose on Sunday at the lane of shame, where there are more psychopaths to be seen than in Broadmoor , then it could well be meltdown time for Wengo .He looked very flaky again last night and there was the usual Keystone Kops panicky defending at the death and what was all that drama queen nonsense from Glum about>? Really embarrassing that malarkey don't these idiots like Sanchez realize that replays will show up their pathetic play-acting . Wengo's smug face after the fortunate fluke goal was funny though.It's all down to his genius in working out that he needed to play three at the back you know! You couldnt make it up. - Post No. 106716

peter wain  13:00pm 27th Apr 2017

the problem is that winning just prolongs the agony. get 4th and win the cup and wenger will claim not much wrong with the squad and son it starts again and another two years is wasted. - Post No. 106717

glenngould  13:05pm 27th Apr 2017

That's funny - I call them the Walcott Years too. Lavish over-indulgence on the basis of potential and a complete lack of ruthlessness to cancel the experiment and create a winning mentality with hungry players paid large contracts only when they've done enough to justify them. Wally - unfortunately for him - personifies the wasted years, hence so many people's frustration with him... - Post No. 106718

Gaz  13:07pm 27th Apr 2017

Considering the performance on Sunday even I was amazed at just how flat last nights performance was. What to say that hasn't been said a million times before though? The fans in general are totally bored with this tired old excuse of a manager but also totally unwilling to fight for something new and exciting. Maybe just maybe for all the gusto coming from Wenger RE new signings and planning for next season its simply a case of him thinking out loud about him wanting to stay. I'm hoping the reality is he was given a target at the start of the season and a failure to finish in the top four means the contract offer is withdrawn. As I sad that's just wishful thinking on my part but I have to have something to cling onto. - Post No. 106719

TonyEvans  13:18pm 27th Apr 2017

I like the term 'the Walcott Years' too, sums up perfectly the slump from 2006 to date. Just watched one of the Wenger 'Hitler' YouTube clips which had the great line of 'If Walcott used a disabled parking space no one would query it'. Add in all the expletives and it really made me laugh. - Post No. 106720

RobG  13:30pm 27th Apr 2017

You really would have thought that Wenger would have realised by now, that Walcott at centre forward, only works against non PL teams or someone as down as Sunderland. Any half decent defence nullifies him completely. But then Wenger is nothing if not consistent and utterly myopic in his determination to keep repeating his own errors. - : Sigh :- - Post No. 106721

Rippy  14:18pm 27th Apr 2017

No one really thinks top 4 is a reality. Plus a large majority don't care anymore. We've played a lot of crap football this season. Roll on the fa cup where we can all remember why we watch the arsenal. Let hope we turn up on Sunday !. - Post No. 106722

gooner.ed  14:25pm 27th Apr 2017

Leek FC has been banned for trolling. Just a WUM rather than actually making any valid points since we had to switch comments to registered users only (to get shot of Jamerson once and for all). All points of view are welcomed and we will run articles right across the spectrum of opinion, but repeated trolling won't be tolerated. Meant to do this a while back but never got round to it. Today's offering reminded me. Oh and by the way, regards, "It's next season and Allegri is on the touchline giving it the large", I may well be jubilant because it would probably mean the game had some meaning... as in competing to win the title. Anyone remember those kind of matches? It's been a while. - Post No. 106723

Alsace  14:39pm 27th Apr 2017

Some of those in the rebel alliance advocate not turning up. One of the reasons that many season ticket holders continue to renew, is, that like me, they don't want to lose their seats. The football is a marvellous enjoyable thing when Wenger isn't spoiling it. I won't be going to the Cup Final because I want the team to lose to make sure that this time, there is no salvation for our tormentor. Kevin is right. If the manager had any sense of decency he would announce his departure so that we could enjoy the cup final. We should be enjoying ourselves. A cup final against Chelsea in which we are underdogs? Should be fantastic, but all I can think of is seeing the back of that creature. Given that he has chosen this path, a humiliating end is most appropriate. Hopefully he will be booed off the pitch with his lapdogs crawling after him. I am embarrassed to be an Arsenal supporter, especially in the face of proper professionals like Sanchez, who, like us, simply can't understand the well paid but oh so satisfied with losing mentality. Arsene Wenger was invited to become manager of one of the greatest names in world football, and London's best and most successful club. In 21 years he has turned the club into a worldwide laughing stock and the third best team in London. There begins to be good evidence to believe that board members have finally cottoned on to these facts, and are deeply ashamed by them. Let us hope that their knives are sharp and their contingency plans good and in depth. - Post No. 106724

mbg  14:42pm 27th Apr 2017

Another lucky win gifted, a subdued crowd, waking up after the wet dreams of a semi where we won fook all realising what we could be stuck with for another two seasons ? it's a a pity they couldn't have done that when they had the perfect chance/opportunity to do something about it. Remember that if/when it's to late. wenger out. - Post No. 106725

GoonerRon  14:49pm 27th Apr 2017

@ Alsace - just out of interest what's your criteria for the best team in London and on what basis are we third (assuming Chelsea and Spuds are ahead of us) - Post No. 106726

mbg  14:58pm 27th Apr 2017

And another reason the weasel is talking about plans for the summer and onwards is to spite and stick two fingers up at the dissenting fans who want him out. Go now wenger your not wanted here. - Post No. 106727

Yes its Ron  15:04pm 27th Apr 2017

So agree with you re that waster Walcott. Yr right though Kev, that team last night was with WHL in mind. Only saw the highlights on Sky late on. Atmosphere seemed stunted and putrid really and it looked a poor game. On the contray i saw Tottenham v CP. They certainly know how to grit a game out these days do Spurs. It was a real battle in the face of the usual Allardyce hoofing methods and they gradually wrestled control then killed CP off. AFC will need to be at it on Sunday to survive WHL unscathed, to a level that we ve not seen for a few seasons. - Post No. 106728

mbg  15:19pm 27th Apr 2017

jw, yea did you see that smug grin, real I told you all so mode as if it were all down to him, pathetic old man, and just wait until all that can be salvaged from yet another failed season is to try and save his reputation yet again, and this so called three at the back that he's putting up dropped and disappear like a fart in a gale. - Post No. 106729

Exeter Gunner  15:37pm 27th Apr 2017

GR - without speaking for him, I'd presume Alsace's criteria is that Spurs and Chelsea have better teams than Arsenal, as evidenced by performances, results and the league table. What criteria do you employ? - Post No. 106730

Alsace  15:50pm 27th Apr 2017

Gooner Ron. I'll try and give an intelligent answer. 1) It's a slogan and propaganda, but like all good propaganda it's actually the truth. 2) If you measure by championships or F.A. Cups, Spuds and Deniperstoi Chelskaiova, are miles behind. 3) However..... 4)Chelsea have won loads more than us in the last 10 years, including many league titles. 5)We are a million miles away from winning another league title. 6)Chelsea were the first London club to win the Champions League. We look like never being able to win it. It should have been us and if Wenger had been sacked 10 seasons ago we would have got there. 7) So Chelsea are clearly out of our League and competing with the big boys. Have been before and are about to again with the guy who built the Juventus defence. 8) Spurs, on any measure have built from the back and have been far stronger than us for the last two seasons. This year, that will tell in the table. 9) To Conclude. Chelsea irrefutably stronger than us mentally and structurally. Spurs have also now passed us by. That should, in my view be obvious. This is not necessarily a permanent state of affairs, but we need a new manager and we needed him 7-10 years ago. Arsene Wenger was handed the best team in London on a plate. Despite his spin and excuses, we are currently the third best team in London. - Post No. 106731

jeff wright  15:51pm 27th Apr 2017

mbg,it's all brewing up to be a disaster for Wengo he is hanging desperately on in there hopoing for a miracle to help him out again to win his 4th place trophy. The FA Cup final is just a side show to Stan and his gang. He knows the score on that. Old Syrupy is in the game for money not glory .Wengo could be in trouble regarding the top 4 place - if as looks the most likely he misses out on winning it and the big bucks that Stan loses down to Wengo's incompetence will not have the porno mustachioed wig wearing creep jumping with joy . Syrupy Stan doesn't pay Wengo 8+m a year to just win FA Cups that is for certain.Anyway, last post for awhile, I'm off to Benidorm for a couple of weeks with the missus tomorrow . I'll be watching the game on Sunday of course - probably in a bar on Levante Beach .Last year I watched the Sunderland away game in one on a Sunday - there was a Newcastle supporter, they were fighting relegation , in the bar and he was more excited about the game than AFC ones were ! I told him not to get too hopeful of us winning and I was right with the game a real yawn inducing bore fest 0-0 .I take that view on the Cup Final it's best not to expect anything and that way you won't be disappointed ! - Post No. 106732

CT Gooner  15:59pm 27th Apr 2017

Nice one Exeter. Yes GR, where do you put us and why?? I have us third, and our current trajectory is not good - Post No. 106733

Yes its Ron  16:07pm 27th Apr 2017

Lads, hear you all but im still not totally convinced Spurs are ahead of us. Ive lots of admiration for their Coach and the build that hes done but there s some thing still paper thin there i feel? Its kinda hard to define. A razor blade wdt fit between Spurs and us. Its the Wengs factor that divides us. I think under different coaching this squad of ours, weak links and all (yes, you Wally being the main one!) is maybe as good as Tottenham. As for Chelsea, theyre in a different stratosphere to Asl and will stay there for the foreseeable it seems to me. Conte has made them quite likeable again dare i say!! - Post No. 106734

Exeter Gunner  16:27pm 27th Apr 2017

Ron, but Spurs are ahead and yes it is due to Wenger, but the dead weight of his management is reality. We're not comparing the Spurs team v what the Arse team could be under a different coach but the one we've got. - Post No. 106735

Yes its Ron  16:49pm 27th Apr 2017

EG - Point taken matey. Im guilty of trying to dredge some optimism from the wreckage i suppose. Ive not had this inner feeling that Spurs are on the brink of or are already possibly markedly better than us since circa 1964/65 ish when a youngster having the pi-s taken out of me by Spurs fans for following Arsenal. Its not easy to assimilate. Ill get there! - Post No. 106736

Roy  16:49pm 27th Apr 2017

This whole scenario is now bordering on farce if it isn't already. Anyone want to have a guess how long it will be before we become serious title challengers again ? That's 2 guesses of course, one each for if he stays or goes. Or you could just pick an average out of the air. Here's hoping we turn up on Sunday. @NoNewContract #wengerout - Post No. 106737

Bob Bayliss  16:58pm 27th Apr 2017

Why are television audiences allowed to see endless repeats of controversial incidents but supporters who pay extorionate sums to watch the game not allowed to see a repeat of the game's only goal in case it contains a hint of something iffy? Can anyone explain how that is either logical or fair? - Post No. 106738

Jumpers For Goalposts  17:13pm 27th Apr 2017

It's because they still see us as an unwashed bunch of yobs and oiks Bob. There is a horribly unhealthy arrogance about Arsenal I'm afraid and it seems to be getting worse. I'm finding it harder and harder to like my Club any more. - Post No. 106739

Old Man  18:09pm 27th Apr 2017

Alsace, could not agree more! I have been going since 1955 when the Chavs won the league legitimately! Why should I give up my two season tickets which will be handed down to my grandchildren because we are ruled by a demented Napoleon?! No, I sell my tickets back to the 'franchise' so that I can afford to wait for his Waterloo! Then I will be back to enjoy my Arsenal again. I know how frustrating this must be for the full on rebels but I am a Londoner and my Grandfather supported our team back in 1919 during the Norris era so there is no way I am going to risk not being able to continue to follow my team once the dictator has gone! - Post No. 106740

Paulward  18:40pm 27th Apr 2017

We only put our Leicester tickets on the exchange on the morning of the semi final and they were snapped up almost immediately, so was amazed to see so many empty seats there last night. Can see an even smaller attendence versus Sunderland, especially if the top four is out of reach by then and can only assume the board are taking note. - Post No. 106741

mbg  19:20pm 27th Apr 2017

Ed very pleased to hear that a source tells you TOF hasn't signed yet, very encouraged indeed, so the fans still have a few more chances then, to let TLSOE know exactly how we feel and what we want, and no two bigger opportunities coming up, unless we'd all rather be brought back down to earth with massive bump and suffer more Lunacy, no tactical intelligence, naivety, leadership, subduement and a hell of a lot more Apathy. wenger out. - Post No. 106742

jjetplane  19:52pm 27th Apr 2017

See Sanchez doing selfies on his tweet showing his 'busted lip' Wally will love it and if Sanchez stays along with the invisible one (Mesut) and the auld fella with combined wages equal to a small country's income, then Sanchez will be like the rest of them. It's a 'one flew over the cuckoo nest' world in deepest Holloway and sanchez will be the final one to take his medicine, buckle up, and become as useless as the rest. No protests are needed when a club is on a slow suicide mission. They really are boring now - as in turgid. - Post No. 106743

mbg  19:54pm 27th Apr 2017

jw, watch out for that odd ball leekie now he's been banned for trolling again he'll be at a loose end and now knowing your going he could be heading for Benidorm to stalk you as we speak, so keep an eye out he'll be easy enough to spot, bald head long bed sheet wrapped around him, Moses sandals, with a tattoo of wenger on his arm playing little symbols and chanting arsene, arsene arsene, arsene arsene, arsene arsene, have a good break, wenger out. - Post No. 106744

CORNISH GOONER  20:07pm 27th Apr 2017

I wonder if HMRC are going to do an investigation on L'Arsenal anytime soon? Can't be to many Premiership clubs that are squeaky (RIP) clean on tax affairs. I think our Club currently should be prosecuted for simply taking money under false pretences. - Post No. 106745

GoonerRon  22:17pm 27th Apr 2017

@ Alsace - I think it's bit early to say Spuds are ahead of us. Ok, at this moment they are ahead of us in the league but have won a single trophy this millennium, two in over quarter of a century and out-performed by us in the league in every season for the last 20. Chelsea are ahead of us having spent over a billion quid on players, fair do's. As for Wenger being handed the best team in London on a plate, just over a year before he got the job we finished behind Chelsea, Spuds, QPR and Wimbledon in the league. You may think we're a laughing stock but it is relative to the increase in expectations he has generated through being so prolifically good, so soon in his tenure. All is not well at our club, and I've said many times we should find a better manager in the summer, but some of what is said here is excessive in my opinion. - Post No. 106746

markymark  22:27pm 27th Apr 2017

Occasionally I play around with lyrics and post dreadful songs. I have got one specially for Squeak when Wenger departs. My only fear is that it will be so long away that Squeak RIP will be a distant memory. I say a good riddance to Squeak but bring back Mandy Dodd! - Post No. 106747

mbg  23:03pm 27th Apr 2017

Did you see that big f*****g pansy Sanchez showing everyone his sore lip ? look what the big bad Leicester player done, what a prick, my young son and I bet a lot of others like him had worse from the playground, what must real Arsenal men like the TA, FM, LD, NW, SN, PV, IW, LB, GG, etc, etc, of this world must be thinking, pathetic, your as bad as the f*****g rest of them Sanchez. wenger out. - Post No. 106748

mbg  0:52am 28th Apr 2017

What has wally go on wenger ? what has he seen ? what has he got photos off ? has he ran off into the bushes during training at London Colney for a slash and caught wenger in a compromising position with a hedgehog ? it can be the only explanation for keeping him at this club, it's certainly not football and he can always get another mouth piece. We want wenger out. - Post No. 106749

CT Gooner  0:58am 28th Apr 2017

I think the problem GR is we just don't know how far this current board and owner are prepared to allow us to fall. While an arguement can be made about where we are in relation to Spurs today, if Wengers stay is extended might we be in competition with Palace or West Ham in 2020? - Post No. 106750

markymark  7:18am 28th Apr 2017

Protest will always find a way to be heard even the most despotic of dictators spend vast sums and manpower quelling revolt. The 400 or so who marched caused jitters in the boardroom and probably helped arm those in the board who want significant change. The 15000 staying away is probably the true protest for those who don't want to engage in potential risk of clashes, simply can't be bothered to match but want change. The interesting test will be ManU. If that crowd is lower than usual the board will begin to fear big time. I suspect if they mistakenly give the Old Waste of Space a further contract that the gates against unfancied teams will crash. The board are welcome to that and serious questions should then be asked of their stewardship. - Post No. 106751

Exeter Gunner  9:43am 28th Apr 2017

GR - the current Spurs team is better than the current Arsenal one. The club of course not. You seem to be confusing the two. The original point was about the teams. Arsenal now have the third best team in London - that's indisputable. - Post No. 106757

Bard  12:33pm 28th Apr 2017

There is no doubt Kev that there is a dilemma here. If Wenger signs for 2 more years and cant change things drastically then the atmosphere will be even more toxic than it already and the board will have to sack him and that will be difficult as to many Arsenal fans he is more than a football manager, he is closer to being a messiah so the fire will turn on them. There is no evidence whatsoever that he can take us to the next level and real doubts over whether he can keep us at the current level. The sensible decision is for him to leave. But then what do I know I have only been a fan for 50 odd years. - Post No. 106763

SPARKSY  12:34pm 28th Apr 2017

Extension will probably be announced after the season has finished and ST money will be in, so that no one can protest. - Post No. 106764

Alsace  14:06pm 28th Apr 2017

Gooner Ron. My dear old thing. In my admittedly very humble opinion - as far as the assessment of in what order the top three London clubs come, its a moveable feast based upon what criteria you use. The Chelsea billions thing is a red herring for two reasons. 1) We now have equivalent spending power and 2) lack of billions didn't stop Leicester beating us by over 10 points last year. The early success of Wenger thing is also a red herring. It's ancient history. My expectations not for Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp in sparkly costumes. They are for a serious defence, a midfield that can kill and pass equally strongly, and strikers that can run fast and score. Wenger hasn't tried to achieve that in years if ever. Case in point Jermain Defoe. 15 goals a season for SUNDERLAND. An absolute no brainer. but tell you what, lets keep Theo ( 10 goals a year max) instead. I can see it, why on earth can't he? Given the resources which he has, he is an absolute waster. Our managers pre Herbert Chapman were muppets, Billy Wright and a few ex players were muppets as managers and Wenger is an absolute muppet. He isn't fit to lick George Graham's boots as far as power to weight ratio of intellect and resource is concerned. This is Arsenal, not West Ham United, although keeping Wenger for another two years will ensure that we fall behind them as well. So that's why I disagree with you, in the nicest possible way of course. - Post No. 106771

mbg  17:31pm 28th Apr 2017

CT Gooner, but we certainly know how far the AKB wengerites are, in support of their messiah. Sad, We want wenger out. - Post No. 106783

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era