A Tale Of Two Penalties

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed – Arsenal take all three points at home to Baggies amidst controversy

Tony Pulis’ teams have a record of giving Arsenal a torrid time away from home, but he is far less of a problem at the Emirates. And so it proved again last night against West Bromwich Albion, although it could have been very different.

There aren’t too many people who didn’t think Mustafi’s foul on Rodriguez in the Arsenal box, fairly early in the game last night, was a penalty. Fortunately for the Gunners, referee Bobby Madeley wasn’t one of them. Or at least, if he decided to play advantage, allowing Rodriguez to hit the post and a colleague to put the rebound wide, he then did not subsequently award a spot kick after they failed to score. I assume the rules would allow him to do that.

Hindsight tells us Rodriguez should have stayed down, but I can only assume he believed it was too good a chance not to get up again and put the ball past Petr Cech, who got something on the shot to avoid his team going behind.

Arsenal took the lead through a free kick just outside the area by Sanchez, which hit the bar, only for the predatory Alexandre Lacazette to head home the rebound. Rather than take this as an opportunity to control the game and take the sting out of any opposition response, Wenger’s team construed to allow West Brim to dominate the closing stages of the first half, with Monreal having to clear off the line amidst other very decent opportunities which a better forward line would have capitalized on.

The second half was much better, with the Gunners doubling their lead thanks to an excellent Lacazette penalty after Ramsey had been barged off the ball a little too heavily (although in truth it was a less obvious spot kick offence than Mustafi’s).

So, a win’s a win, but the concern is that the lack of focus and organization that saw three goals conceded against Leicester and four against Liverpool is still an issue. Arsene Wenger paired Elneny and Xhaka in the centre of midfield last night, moving Aaron Ramsey forward. I am far from convinced that the club have the solution to shoring up the midfield with any combination of the players in the current squad, and ultimately, this is going to cost more points than have already been lost this season. It’s a glaring weakness in the Arsenal set up that has not been addressed. And recent history has told us that it is unlikely to be sorted out until there is a change in the way things are done at the club.

Reputedly, Dick Law is leaving his post because he is actually frustrated at not being able to negotiate deals without having to leave the room and get on the phone to Arsene Wenger. And – this is pure speculation – a bit of me wonders if Ivan Gazidis has given up trying to take an active part in player recruitment after the manager over-ruled him on the signing of Lemina from Juventus in the summer. So now the CEO has simply decided to let Wenger fail with a view to moving on either next summer (if this season sees another failure to make the Champions League) or in 2019.

As for the current campaign, last night’s game demonstrated that Arsenal’s problems when they lost possession have not been ironed out yet, and by the time they face Spurs and Manchester City either side of the international break in November, they will need to be. What bemuses is that the team are capable of discipline and organization – we saw it at Stamford Bridge. And yet, they can then allow a team like West Brom to exploit them when they lose focus for spells during the game. It’s the old Jekyl and Hyde Arsenal. And it certainly isn’t the hallmark of champions in the making.

Still, Arsenal are at least moving in the right direction in terms of position in the table. Brighton at home on Sunday should be comfortable enough. The visits to Watford and Everton that follow the next international break will be more indicative of whether this team will be capable of a genuine renaissance after the nadir of the season’s opening matches.

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26th September 2017 10:31:31


Comments and Reaction

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Bard  10:37am 26th Sep 2017

Kev there were plenty of empty seats at the ground last night and no wonder. Although it was 3 points in the bag I didnt think Arsenal showed very much. Bellerin as a wing back doesnt work for starters. As you point out in the first half WB had plenty of chances. Whether the Dick Law story has legs remains to be seen but you wouldnt bet against it. One positive for me was Nacho. i love the guy. Always puts in a shift and what a clearance. - Post No. 109981

The Man From UNCLE  10:53am 26th Sep 2017

I did post previously but anything that annoys Pulis can't be bad. Hearing him having to suck it up makes it all worthwhile. - Post No. 109982

GoonerRon  11:18am 26th Sep 2017

At least with their non-penalty (which was a definite pen) they got two bites of the cherry to score afterwards. Livermore 12 yards out with Cech near his right hand post was arguably easier than a penalty anyway. Pulis didn’t mention the two decent shouts for pens we had for the pull on Monreal and Alexis shirt tug, nor the fact that on another day Nyom, Dawson and Krychowiak could have had second yellows. Pulis can **** right off if you ask me. As for our game, 3 points, a clean sheet and two goals for our shiny new striker are all quite nice. - Post No. 109983

Mark Mywurdz  11:52am 26th Sep 2017

A bit lucky at the end of the day. In terms of the general quality of the two sides, there wasn’t a great deal to choose between them. You’re right about the midfield. I still don’t think the balance is there. Thankfully, Laca is starting to look like a player, who’s not afraid to put the ball in the net. That’s going to come in handy. I still can’t see us getting in the top 4. - Post No. 109984

Redshirtwhitesleeves  12:59pm 26th Sep 2017

As he does every season, wenger has left us 4-5 players short of being genuine contenders. It's a scandal that his continued incompetence and repeating the same mistakes year after year were rewarded with a new contract. It's struggle to think of anything new to say, we've seen it all before so many times and we all know what's coming when we get round to the Man City and sp*rs matches. - Post No. 109985

GSPM  13:02pm 26th Sep 2017

Arsenal were poor, rode their luck and got the 3pts, better teams would beat us, if we continue playing like that. Cant see any improvement coming soon. Another Non-season in waiting.........ZZZzzzzzzz - Post No. 109986

TonyEvans  13:10pm 26th Sep 2017

Agree with Redshirts - seen it all before. I can't wait for the day when we can really celebrate a win again in the PL with any confidence that it might actually lead to something. Instead Wenger clings on, in time honoured fashion. His comments about how much letting Gibbs go hurt him only serve to reinforce the view that he treats Wally and the gang as his pseudo family, and therefore indulges them instead of making the tough decisions he is paid a bloody fortune for! - Post No. 109987

Yes its Ron  13:25pm 26th Sep 2017

I reckon the ref was right not to give a pen against Mustafi. Barely any contact, if any at all. OK, he was in the area. It didnt merit a penalty though in todays game for delicate flowers dancing about like ballerinas theyre often given. On the whole Arsenal were average though and Albion maybe deserved better. I like Pulis. Hes honest and a good Coach who does well with meagre resources. - Post No. 109988

Yes its Ron  13:42pm 26th Sep 2017

PS Wenger was his usual mealy mouthed self, wriggling over and around the issue when asked about the pen. Is the bloke capable of ever expressing an unambiguous view? Hes become an underhanded sickening character. GR, we ve all taken a 'f--k right off' approach to other coaches down the yrs, its no longer merited from Arsenal fans (it often never was). The better approach would be for you to join in the chorus of saying the same thing to the weasel we ve got as a Coach in my view. AFC arent pulling up any trees soon with that squad. Bard - agree. Monreal has been Arses best player for two years now. With his approach and application ive no idea why hes stayed there.Hes a different breed to most of them. - Post No. 109989

John F  16:06pm 26th Sep 2017

Good report kev,I thought it was a a penalty for West Brom but as GR pointed out so was the Sanchez shirt tug.The final ball around their box was poor last night and if it wasn't for the penalty I could not see us scoring a second.Elneny had a good game and Monreal was excellent. - Post No. 109990

Arseneknewbest  16:34pm 26th Sep 2017

Hi Ron I agree that their pen claim was spurious, whereas the push on Ramsey was clear. But I beg to differ about that appalling gob****e Pulis who exemplifies the win at any costs mentality that has wrecked football. His calling Sanchez a cheat this morning is the height of hypocrisy. Think how much better the place would be without him and our very own gallic gob****e. - Post No. 109991

CORNISH GOONER  19:39pm 26th Sep 2017

This lot, thanks to you know who, are miles away from being genuine title contenders (again). Meanwhile the Gallic Spinmeister carries on spinning with no-one apparently able to tell him to shut the **** up!! Totally bored with this endless cycle of underachievement. - Post No. 109992

TOOAW  20:00pm 26th Sep 2017

Hey jumpers. How'd the demo go. Did I blink and miss it. - Post No. 109993

Cheltenham Gunner  6:24am 27th Sep 2017

You're right about the midfield Kevin, it's bascially pants with Xhaka seemingly unable to pass or deliver a ball with any kind of accuracy. He also can't shoot or tackle, but apart from that he looks decent!! Can't wait for the game against Man City! - Post No. 109994

markymark  9:14am 27th Sep 2017

ToOaW - the ultimate protest is those who are not turning up, where do you think they are? All decided to go on holiday at the same time, all mysteriously had cars or trains breakdown? It’s actually pretty simply Wengo is increasingly irrelevant and a fair chunk are sitting out matches. Will the ground be full against City? Most likely yes but are people going to turn up otherwise? Obviously you’re a bit too thick to notice this . Now what have I got to do again? Remind me of the 4 questions I haven’t heard them in a while. - Post No. 109995

Bard  10:26am 27th Sep 2017

markymark; good post mate. There is an apathy around the club. This team are going nowhere and most of the fans who know anything about football are aware of it. I suspect so do most of the team. Yes we will get a full house for the big games but the stadium will have a ton of empty seats for the rest. What will trigger the protests is a couple of dire performances. I thought the side dodged a bullet on Monday night. WB could have been 2-0 up before we started playing. I see no improvement in our defensive set up, we are an accident waiting to happen. - Post No. 109996

Yes its Ron  11:40am 27th Sep 2017

AKB - HI matey. Hes not everybody's cup of tea is he! I just have more respect for Coaches of the lesser clubs though in the main. They say they cdt manage at the so called 'big Clubs'. I always tend to the view that yr Wengos Peps and Mourinhos probably cdt manage at the lesser Clubs. Pulis s sole remit is to keep clubs up. He does that. Long is the list of many lesser clubs who tried to 'play football'. Theyve all gone down and it ll happen again this season. Im an advocate of the view that there are many types and methods of playing the game. The ultra defensive method is but one. I dont have a problem with it mate. Wengo does though! On the contrary, i think the rush to 'play football' is to the detriment of the game here. The PL is choc full of crap defences, many are now in fact laughable to watch even through the eyes of an ex under 12s Coach like me! - Post No. 109997

TonyEvans  12:24pm 27th Sep 2017

Good post there Ron. I reckon we all think, with the sort of sky high budget the likes of Pep and Maureen work to, that we could a half decent job at one of the so called 'big' Premiership clubs. Far tougher proposition keeping the likes of WBA in the top flight, and a decent defence is a prerequisite to avoid the drop. As you allude to what's wrong with good defensive play anyway - The media don't like it because it's not 'sexy' but most, old school, what I would call 'proper supporters', certainly do. Arsenal used to be famous for a parsimonious defence, and I loved them for it, but sadly that's no longer the case under Wenger - in fact it's quite the reverse isn't it. - Post No. 109998

The Man From UNCLE  12:39pm 27th Sep 2017

Ron; I go along 100% with your comment on defences. I heard just this morning the meeeeeeeedja mob creaming themselves over "the abundance of great strikers in the PL" blah blah. With the quite frankly abysmal defending at present, any half decent front man will fill their boots. - Post No. 109999

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:55pm 27th Sep 2017

Hi Ron - very good point about the poor defending in the Premier League. By all means go through the gears when you have the ball but what is wrong with every player having a defensive job to do when they don't have the ball. For me it's shear laziness or arrogance when players think closing down or doubling up is beneath them, Ozil anyone. One of my old school mates who has worked a good few days in football summed up Arsenal "The only team who can turn a goal scoring opportunity into a save or a goal conceded by Cech! - Post No. 110000

Gaz  13:27pm 27th Sep 2017

Hit a new low on Monday night. Gone from wanting Arsenal to win being the most important thing in my life, to wanting them desperately to lose to force Wenger out to not having any interest whatsoever in the result. I think I'm done. - Post No. 110001

Redshirtwhitesleeves  14:06pm 27th Sep 2017

I agree with the other lads on here regarding the poor defending in today's game. I often wonder how many goals Wrighty would have got if he was playing these days with Bergkamp providing the ammunition. There are no defences around like ours under GG or even Utd's with Bruce and pallister. And with penalties being handed out like confetti it's no wonder today's strikers are getting so many goals - Post No. 110002

Yes its Ron  14:49pm 27th Sep 2017

Hi lads. I think as TV has taken ownership of football, lock stock and barrel, the downgrading of defensive expertise and as such the corresponding hype and fervour about goals goals goals is all deliberate. Its to keep viewers. No other reason. Its footballs equiv to 20/20 cricket if you like. S--t quality, but colourful and 4s and 6s galore. Good bowling is just an aside. Whereas cricket has given them a perfect ball as well as rule changes to facilitate the slog fest, football has been made a game for dainty flowers and rules that makes genuine defending nigh on impossible in the way that we want to see it. The penalty fest is all part of the same drama now and im sure refs give them to encourage the attack attack attack bonanza. They always even it up once they give an outrageous one anyway dont they! The hype has resulted in defending becoming a dirty word and precious f-----s like Wenger and Saint Pep tend to ignore it and little short arsed c--ts like Mourinho never miss a trick to moan to the media that teams dont let his vile club play football. Has that odious tw-t ever watched his own team i wonder? So, i say good ole Pulis and even good ole fat sam to a degree, as both acknowledge a genuinely good side starts from the back. Yr Manch Citys, Arsenals etc wont ever dominate Europe with their sieves for defences. The trouble is that in todays footie World the modern viewers force fed todays circus type TV football would switch off if we created Arsenals of the early 70s and Liverpools and Leeds etc of the same era. In fact all teams could defend back then and attack, but hey, footie was born in 1992 wasnt it lads. Load of shallow, false rubbish todays game is in my view, but what do i know. Rant over lads, i ll bore off now!! - Post No. 110003

TonyEvans  16:03pm 27th Sep 2017

Hi Gaz - got there a while ago mate. Not quite sure why I even bother now to check for the Arsenal result. Old times sake I suppose and the vague hope that once Wenger leaves I might be able to reconnect somehow. Hi Ron - your comments on defending strike a cord with me - I'd love to see the likes of Peter Storey, Chopper Harris and Tommy Smith sort out some of todays lightweights! Only fairly though of course! - Post No. 110004

Gaz  16:27pm 27th Sep 2017

Hi Tony. Yeah I think that's just it mate. Very hard to just completely stop thinking about something that other than my family has been the single most important thing in my life for over forty years. Worrying thing for me now is that there's so much damage done to me by what's happened that even when Wenger and/or kroenke leave I'm not sure I'll ever rekindle the love I once had for the Club. - Post No. 110005

Alsace  19:31pm 27th Sep 2017

Gaz. You must come to my champagne and curry party when Wenger leaves or dies. My enthusiasm for the club will be automatically rekindled. Just think of it. We can get some decent coaches on board and kick the deadbeats out of the club with Walcott and Ramsey being ejected by security to spend their garden leave with the rest of the back room hangers on. Vic Akers as interim coach while the old boys assemble to restore the soul of the club and Arsenal values. Get George Graham in to do the firing. - Post No. 110006

TOOAW  22:50pm 27th Sep 2017

"WB could have been 2-0 up" according to Bard....., weren't, never did and didn't. Negativity is the forefront of the O.G. For the record.... I was asking about the demo purely because 'jumpers' used a post to suggest posters should 'make your feelings known BEFORE the wba game' his words not mine. Clearly this all fell flat on it's Arse as it did last season. Embarrassing fellas. Just admit it. Silver membership anyone ???? - Post No. 110007

markymark  8:10am 28th Sep 2017

ToOaW - I’m sort of not getting this embarrassment thing? I mean I felt very embarrassed about Man U 8 - Arsenal 2 or Chelsea 6 Arsenal 0 or Newcastle 0 Arsenal 4 ( sorry typo meant Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4) then you sought of think you won’t get embarrassed again for a while and along came Bayern Munich twice . Then it was all fixed wasn’t it and blow me down yep it’s back to Anfield again for a spanking. Now out of Wengo’s 30 or so embarrassments what is your favourite Mr Tooawful ? - Post No. 110008

TonyEvans  8:57am 28th Sep 2017

Hi Gaz - I would be very surprised if the likes of you and me ever reconnected with Arsenal on the sort of devoted level we used to have. Arsenal, after my family and good friends, was the love of my life, and the unbridled joy of Arsenal winning and the gut wrenching feeling after Arsenal lost was part and parcel of my life. Just can't see that happening now. Wenger can be blamed for the most part, but losing Highbury has also played a big factor in my feelings towards Arsenal changing so dramatically. Arsenal will always be 'my club' but never again like they used to be I feel. - Post No. 110009

Badarse  9:39am 28th Sep 2017

I miss Woolworths, good old 'Woolies'. I remember the wooden blocked floors, polished to a sheen. I can still see myself buying sweets, four Blackjacks a penny; just a farthing each. Ah, the smell of new products on the counters in front of me, all held in place with panels of glass that the little Badarse could press his nose against. Uniformed and helpful, smiling staff. Gone, and with it my past. It isn't fair; I want it back. I blame Arsene Wenger. Poundland will never have the magic of the wooden halls of Woolworths. A Saturday morning visit used to be such a part of me and my family, and friends. All gone. I'll never get that feeling back. Now I wish that Poundland would burn down. Damn Poundland, damn Arsene Wenger. - Post No. 110010

The Man From UNCLE  9:53am 28th Sep 2017

TonyEvans; referring to your post, it's poignant for me that Brighton are the visitors on Sunday. Because, we played them 5 times in 1979/80, which was my first real season of being an Arsenal fan. Every Saturday I had a superstition of buying 1/4 lb sweets (esp Sherbert Lemons) and eating them whilst listening to Radio 2 (as it then was) football commentary. And I did that religiously for 2/3 years until old enough to go to Highbury by myself. The whole weekend revolved around 3pm on Saturday. Contrast that to Monday, went out with some friends for dinner, didn't even think about the match then taking place. Sad but true. - Post No. 110011

Exeter Ex  11:09am 28th Sep 2017

Gaz & Tony - feel the same. It's the toxic combination of the loss of Highbury, the obscene money and hype in the game now, and then the recidivist of a manager who, we learnt this summer, appears to have a unconditional job at the club, that all make it a massive turn off now. Speaking of recidivists, I see Badarse couldn't resist crawling back. What an incredibly weak-willed person he must be. Badarse - is there any part of you that realises that repeatedly saying you're not going to do something anymore (in your case, post here) then carrying on doing it makes you look like a pathetic joke? - Post No. 110012

TonyEvans  11:27am 28th Sep 2017

Man from UNCLE - it's amazing looking back isn't it and reflecting how large a part Arsenal played in your life back then, and the silly rituals and superstitions you used to go through to 'help' them to win. Me and my best mate had various 'lucky' superstitions - ranging from drinking a lucky orange juice (because we had an orange juice - God knows why orange juice - just before Paul Vaessen scored the late winner v Juventus) to a playing a lucky record (Airport by The Motors - can't remember why that particular record) and of course a lucky pub. My mate (who cycled in to work) had to beat the bus to a certain point too. It all seems daft now, of course, but back then Arsenal were the single most important thing in either of our young lives. - Post No. 110013

equalizer  11:31am 28th Sep 2017

Badarse, your idiotic analogy only serves to further illustrate your disconnection and complete lack of comprehension with regards to supporting a football club and what the club means to normal people. I'm wondering if we are seeing a new breed of football fan, emotionally disconnected, pleasure derived from the anguish of others. Or are you just a closet sociopath. - Post No. 110014

The Man From UNCLE  13:35pm 28th Sep 2017

Tony; talking of Airport by The Motors (nice tune BTW) believe it or not back in 2001/02 in the CL vs Mallorca we needed to win by 2 goals to guarantee qualification. It was 2-1 with about 20 mins left. I put on that psych classic "In A Gadda Da Vida" by Iron Butterfly - 17 minutes long - "we'll score by the time this is finished" I thought. Worked too, won 3-1 with Pires or was it Henry scoring late on. Hornby in his book writes about them lighting up at certain points during the match, thinking it'll bring them luck. Happy memories. - Post No. 110015

Badarse  13:55pm 28th Sep 2017

'Uncky Badarse, is you a redivest?'-"No little one."-'Uncky Badarse, is you a discoconutted, cyclepath, or evil a nude footbally fanny?'-"No little one."-'Then I finks dese pepples don't understanding the concept of Fuzzy Logic, does they?'-"Now that's an interesting idea little one, perhaps you are right."-'If I is, den dey don't understanding much; all is jus binery to dem.'-"Ah, little one, I think you may have something there. Anyway let's go and throw some mud at the wall together."-'Yay! I likes dat game, Uncky Badarse.' - Post No. 110016

Exeter Ex  14:01pm 28th Sep 2017

So, Badarse returns after an absence to belittle the comments of others via a p*sspoor analogy between the loss of Woolworths and the loss of Highbury. Yet Badarse has always claimed he 'never throws the first stone'. Or is that too 'binary'? - Post No. 110017

Yes its Ron  15:08pm 28th Sep 2017

I think with hindsight Arsenals choice of stadium design would have been much different and the manner of ticket allocation. Other Clubs have learned from it im sure and are mindful of the need to build a stadium to suit the fabric of its fans. Could never fathom why they built a ground to suit a warm climate? Madness. PS Atletico last night proved a new stadium neednt be like a mortuary and i might add that that must be an away performance by a PL teams thats not been matched for donkeys years by any team. Chelsea were simply excellent weren't they. Its a harshly absorbed measure of how far behind them AFC are now. It ll be many years before AFC can claw the club back to being Londons finest in my view, if ever. AW certainly wont achieve it. The difference now is just staggering. - Post No. 110018

Yes its Ron  15:27pm 28th Sep 2017

equalizer - yr comment on new fans isnt so far wrong. Its exactly as you say. The partizan fan has died. The emotional attachments arent there. Links to club and fan have died esp at the so called big clubs. Players have never been so remote. Its show business by tele and for tele and for business interests alone at PL level. Its best to drop a division or watch non league. The earthy feel of football still exists there. AFC arent going back there mate. Were they ever there in fact? London clubs in my experience have always been distant from the fans compared to other regions, though ive been gone 34 years! The clubs have little 'feel' for their root support. Spurs fans maybe have it all to come. I truly believe that whats occurred and how it is at Arsenal wouldn't repeat itself at a regional Club. AFC is a London unique concept and 'match day experience'. Imagine selling 'a match day experience' to say, Everton fans? Or Liverpool or Leeds. They'd laugh their collective bo----cks off and demand the owners out, esp if they were asked to watch Walcott as well. - Post No. 110019

Arseneknewbest  15:30pm 28th Sep 2017

01111100000001110001011101. For those unlucky enough not to own a binary-English dictionary,that is code for feck off badarse you twazzer.... - Post No. 110020

peter wain  16:46pm 28th Sep 2017

a half decent side would have been 4 up against us so poor was the defending. Bellerin seems to have no idea of positional play and it was his fault for the penalty that was not given. As for the midfield not creative enough and they still do not track runners so time and time again in the first half the centre backs were embarrassed. As for winning anything no chance in the league. If Wenger gets lucky we might get 4th although it is unlikely. As for the cups depends on the draws we get. Meet a top four team and we are out. Wenger out now - Post No. 110021

A Cornish Gooner  16:56pm 28th Sep 2017

Baldarse. I see your ‘binery’ post has received the two-digit response it merited. Well done, my tripe enriched chum. - Post No. 110022

Scruff  16:57pm 28th Sep 2017

Those who have no nostalgic feelings towards Highbury and the wonderful day's are referred to as cold,indifferent,frigid,boring and lonely! Does this remind you of Anyone? - Post No. 110023

Alsace  18:16pm 28th Sep 2017

Badarse's analogy was with Woolworths. He is misinformed. The comparison is with the bar that Holst called the bringer of war. Nowadays it is simply not as good as it was years ago. Smaller, less chocolatey, but better for the accountants 'bottom line' because lots of people will eat, and by analogy watch any old crap. The chocolate bar can, if you use the old recipes, be made properly again. It can then be sold at a premium because it is good. Similarly with Arsenal. Get rid of Wenger, get a decent coach, establish a standard of excellence and we will have our club back. Hopefully without those who thought that what passes for the Arsenal of today is acceptable. That's the restrained bit of my rejoinder over with. The rest is unprintable. - Post No. 110024

markymark  20:11pm 28th Sep 2017

- [ ] The Reverend B’darse eagerly scanned the Internet for the latest copy of Bretbart News. “Oh yes this was much better, proper news unlike the Bolshevik BBC. - [ ] B’darse went on to copy a number of contributions including calls for surprise attacks on China and pasted these into a full bloodied Sermon. “I think Steve Bannon really is a hero, I must remember to praise him as well!” - [ ] However a shock awaited the Reverend for in his inbox was an email from Theobold Oswald Odo Auberon Westmoreland or ToOaW as his drinking pals called him. - [ ] The Reverend suddenly felt a pang of fear and thought back to a previous eventful time in his life. Would it be a request for money laced with blackmail again? ToOaW was a notorious - [ ] drunk, just once the Rev had succumbed in his company. “Oh God!” that clip joint in Soho followed by the drunken train journey to the Derby. Why had he spent the whole church roof fund? Absolute madness! - [ ] Thank the Lord the roofer working on the Church had a previous conviction, suspicion fell on him and the local Plod felt his collar. Sergeant Colesey had then managed to beat a confession out of him. Later on Sergeant Colesey had laughed as he told the Vicar “You know what , we almost had to Nick you ! Luckily I know a few tricks to get a confession , he was a hard nut to crack but bloody hell after I was left alone in the cells with him, he started whimpering, then I knew I’d got him. Good old Judge Perry threw the book at him I’ll tell yer!” “The Lord does work in mysterious ways” thought B’darse as barely 20 months into his 7 year sentence the chap hung himself. B’darse then steadied himself to read the email, skipping most of the pleasantries the message became clear, £500 or I’ll tell all! “ the letter said. “Oh God how can I be rid of this man! “ Thought B’darse glumly. He realised he was going to have to meet him for a drink in some God foresaken pub and pay him off yet again! To be continued. - Post No. 110025

TOOAW  21:27pm 28th Sep 2017

@ mark of nark. Put the gin away son. There is only one BADARSE and your attempt to replicate his posts make you look a fool of all fools, Tea break at the WOB loony house must have been quite interesting. - Post No. 110026

markymark  8:13am 29th Sep 2017

ToOaW - you make me laugh “put it away son!” “Watch yer step sonny” , “I’ll ave yer ears!” It’s all so fake plastic Cockney machismo straight out of some outpost in Middlesex. Anyway just to let you know we once had the benefit of up to three Badarse’s , we had the real one, a fake one created by your pal Jamerson (who hated cockneys for some odd reason) and Brian the Parrot who agreed with everything Badarse said , a role you fill with aplomb. Well done you. Here’s a challenge for you, pen an article detailing why you’ve never been embarrassed by any of Wengo’s defeats 8-2 , 6-0, 6-1, 5-0’s. Our greatest defeats, the biggest comeback in Premier history , so much material to work on. - Post No. 110028

Moscowgooner  11:39am 29th Sep 2017

I guess the empty seats reflect the dilemma that me and many others confront: no faith in Asenal under AW - but the desire to hang on to a season ticket pending a change in the regime. - Post No. 110029

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era