More of the same at Southampton

By David Oudôt

Online Ed: Late equaliser spares Gunners’ blushes on south coast

Ed’s note – I was unable to catch yesterday’s game. However, regular Gooner contributor David Oudôt was good enough to step in for me and cover the article on the match. My thanks to him for the piece that follows…

Aside from the 5-2 massacre of Everton, prior to yesterday we had only scored three other away goals in the other six away games we had had so far this season, not a stat that warms the heart on a cold December Sunday. In light of that we should perhaps be grateful that Giroud’s late, late equaliser got us a point against a very average Southampton side, rather than feeling equal parts angry and frustrated about seeing another defensive debacle and an attacking performance based solely on possession for the umpteenth time in the last seven years. But, alas, we will instead exhale long and hard in frustration at our team’s performance. Again.

With the exception of Mustafi being sidelined since last Saturday and being replaced by Mertesacker, we played Wenger’s best XI based on our 3-4-2-1 formation and style of play and it was not arrogant for us to expect a victory today against a mid-table side. However, we seemed to have a repeat of last Saturday coming, as the opposition came out hungrier than us, our defence being ridiculously shambolic and feeding them open goals. With Mertesacker stumbling over and giving Tadic space to run into with Monreal and Kolasinac already ten yards up the pitch with their minds on attack, the very average reserve centre forward Austin dinked neatly over Cech for the opening goal in the third minute. Thereafter we seemed to try and give them more chances with the back three each giving their worst performance so far with Monreal constantly out of position, Mertesacker three yards behind everyone, and Koscielny clearly suffering from his ongoing Achilles issue, and if Southampton had someone like Kane up front we would have been three down in the first 20 minutes. If it was a boxing match the referee would have stopped it at that point.

Who exactly coaches the defensive stuff at Arsenal? Based on their playing career CVs, you’d be entitled to believe that Bould and Lehmann must be involved in some way, but with the defenders’ focus being on them having to be creative as the midfield players in front of them it looks as though Steve and Jens just do as they’re ordered by Wenger. Like the players themselves. It is so annoying that when Cech gets the ball or has to take a goal kick he looks to feed one of the centre backs on the ground and we build up play from the back a la Bayern Munchen and Barcelona. It’s fine if your keeper and defenders are of the same quality as Neuer, ter Stegen, Hummels, and Mascherano. But Arsene, ours are not. Every team now knows to pressure Arsenal from their own goal kicks as our defenders often panic, there is no audible communication between them, and the opposition often get fed the ball. We all see this every week but Wenger seems to think their performances in training outweigh those in matches.

Going forward we seemed to focus on possession and wearing the opposition down, but with them having their early goal behind them, the Saints automatically got into a 10 behind the ball system and there was no way past them. With our players forbidden from shooting from range under the instructions of their manager, they were focused solely on passing their way through and it was only if there was a particular piece of quality skill that we did find room for a shot at Forster. This only happened twice in the first half with Lacazette and Ramsey having shots after producing intricate pieces of skill themselves.

Second half saw us looking more eager up front and keener to get an equaliser, but with van Dijk, Hojbjerg and Yoshida being very strong, we were kept at bay quite comfortably. Whilst we managed six shots on target over the course of the game, only one of them was a very good save from the ‘keeper, and it’s a bit sad and predictable that we were again reliant on our plan B of a Giroud header after coming off the bench. It showed that our Wengerball doesn’t work against teams who have 10 men behind the ball, as we’ve all known for nearly a decade. Performance wise, the only players who stood out were Ramsey and Ozil, the former having to do the work of two men with Xhaka being incredibly poor throughout the game (and he will hopefully be replaced by Wilshere on Wednesday against West Ham, who offered a lot more than Granit after he came on). Ramsey was looking to get everything going, whilst Ozil worked hard in both halves and looked to create so many chances you felt sorry for him as he deserves better than us. When he left Real Madrid, players such as Ramos and Ronaldo were publicly berating their club’s decision to sell Ozil – praising him as the best creator at the club. The thing is, when you create openings for the likes of Ronaldo, Benzema, and Higuain, the goals often follow as they are all players on the same wavelength as Ozil, whereas at Arsenal the players aren’t and nothing comes from his work as much as it did at Real, or still does for the German national team.

For Wenger to blame the hangover from ManYoo and Southampton running the clock down being key reasons behind the performance is sheer desperation on his part. The game was only changed with the introduction of Thursday night starters Giroud and Wilshere whilst the rest had enjoyed eight days since their last game, so to make those excuses is just another denial of Wengerball failing and that we need something new. We may have changed formation since the Palace game last season but ultimately the players are instructed to play the same way as they did in a 4-2-3-1, so with Wenger mentioning earlier this week that he actually prefers that to our current three at the back made me laugh at him. To use my father’s age-old quote about people who are self-contradictory and appear to be confused, Arsene “doesn’t know if he wants a sh*t or a haircut”. Quite.

The sad thing is that we have a very good squad. 25 very good players with a variety of skills among them who would walk into many other top European sides. Based on what you see on paper, we should be challenging for the trophies that every Gooner is pining for, but I really don’t think we get to see the real them at all as the players are committed to the Club contractually and must follow the instructions of their line manager strictly and obediently. The only two exceptions are Sanchez who does whatever he likes with the ball whenever he gets it, and Ozil who tries to create as much as he can – it’s no surprise that those players have already decided to leave in January or June. They don’t have to follow Wenger’s orders the way the others do as they know they’re already leaving. And after Wenger stating that the Club chose not to sell either of them of their own accord his confidence of getting the best out of them every week, there’s no way he can drop them.

You know those meetings at work when your boss orders you to do something or that you have to do a certain aspect of your job in a certain way, you go “yes boss, of course”, but walk away from the meeting thinking to yourself “s/he hasn’t got a f***ing clue”? And go about doing what they told you to do… which makes you and your company look stupid, naïve, and not getting everything that they should be? Yeah. That’s our football club.

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11th December 2017 10:47:32


Comments and Reaction

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markymark  11:39am 11th Dec 2017

I copied from previous post as it better belongs here. Direct quote from Wengo They were again a bit apprehensive to start well. That’s why sometimes it’s not too good to talk about a problem because you create an even a bigger one” So basically Wengo is saying he didn’t address the UTD debacle. Unbelievable ! - - Post No. 111102

Bard  11:42am 11th Dec 2017

Fair report David. The battle for 4/5th place is now truly on. Whats interesting to me is that we never give ourselves a shout. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot before we even get in the mix. With the exception of City we should be able to compete with the others but not if we continue to give away stupid goals. Mind you most of us on here have been saying the exact same thing for years. Surely he will call it a day at the end of the season. - Post No. 111103

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:56am 11th Dec 2017

"The sad thing is that we have a very good squad" Sorry David but I can't see how you could make that statement. Bar Sanchez and Ozil, I do not think any of our squad would make City's and perhaps judging by Man Utd lack of creativity Ozil would be a good buy for the Mancs - the rest forget it. Our back three yesterday were awful - we are due a real stuffing because you just cannot defend the way we do in any level of football and not concede a stack of goals. However my real amazement is how Xhaka gets a game (even allowing for his 30 million fee) Granit has to be the most inappropriate name ever for a footballer "son of Denilson" would be more apt. - Post No. 111104

Cyril  11:56am 11th Dec 2017

Fair analysis. I’m still scratching my head on AW comments about his defensive preference. He seems to be wanting to blame someone else. Shameful. On topic GG was interviewed at 89 premier and said 3 at the back can work and pointed to him playing the system against Liverpool. It’s not the formations that are the issue here. Here’s an idea get GG back as a consultant and Tony Adams to help out as defensive coach. And then I woke up! - Post No. 111105

Moscowgooner  12:07pm 11th Dec 2017

I know it's kind of tangential but when are we going to look like a proper Arsenal team again? We play away in a variety of hideous colour schemes none of which seem to have any link to our history and tradition. On principle, now decided I won't watch on TV or attend any game where we're not wearing either red and white or yellow and blue. - Post No. 111106

Offside  12:36pm 11th Dec 2017

The only time-wasting I saw was Arsenal's tedious sideways/backwards passing. Another limp away performance and one I was entirely expecting. - Post No. 111107

Mark Mywurdz  12:46pm 11th Dec 2017

We need a couple of centre halves and a centre midfield player. I bet if you asked every single fan walking out of the stadium, they would say exactly the same. Mertesacker? How does he get to captain the side? He spent the first half wandering around like a fart in a trance. Isn’t it his job to get everybody on track and psyched up? Picture Adams or McLintock allowing a performance like that! Chambers and Holding are either good enough or their not. It’s make your mind up time. - Post No. 111108

peter wain  12:50pm 11th Dec 2017

the passing for passing sake which we now adopt means we rarely get within range of the oppositions goal and it always breaks down when we make a mistake. I do not agree with the author of this piece I do not see 25 very good players at the club. Our keeper is past his sell by date as are all of our centre halfs. Quite where Chambers and Holding stand when they are behind Mertersacker is baffling. Our midfield which use to be our strength is weak, not creative and roll over by ordinary players. Where are the very good players? Wiltshire must despair if he cannot get into this side. Up front Lacazette lives on scraps and with Ozil Sanchez and Wiltshire soon to depart I do not see where we are going. So much for Gazdis's email and the catalyst for change - not much change and no catalyst at all. More of the same this season and next is more likely. Maximum two players is all we need you can hear Wenger saying in June after the season tick renewal date of course!! - Post No. 111109

TonyEvans  13:38pm 11th Dec 2017

More of the same indeed - how long is it now? Seems like a lifetime and yet there is still no end in sight. - Post No. 111110

The Man From UNCLE  14:04pm 11th Dec 2017

Mark Mywurdz; we've needed all of them since 2005. As I've said until I'm blue in the face, we could have Franz Beckenbauer, Bobby Moore and Franco Baresi in our back four but it is no use if they are not properly coached! So we have the might of FC Ostersunds with English manager to negotiate in the "round of 32". Ho ho. - Post No. 111111

RobG  14:42pm 11th Dec 2017

Pretty clear who the top three are and they are gone as far as we are concerned. Even allowing for Chelsea's inconsistency, they will finish clear of us. So we are in a mini league of three - with Liverpool and Spurs - with all teams desperate for the coveted 'Fourth Place'. In other words, just what we have been about for the last decade. - Post No. 111112

mbg  14:44pm 11th Dec 2017

Isn't that always the way ? There's always something to spare the old frauds blushes, there's always someone more useless than the second rate nice boys, he's that fooking lucky, then he (and his AKB's)proceed to blame others for it working out that way, but his blushes, embarrassments, etc, have ceased been spared years ago by those of us who know the truth that he's (and always was) just a lucky past it, clueless excuse for a manager. wenger out now. - Post No. 111113

Roy  14:46pm 11th Dec 2017

Yep, same old same old. We call it Groundhog Day, but even Bill Murray would've found this plot fanciful, and as Tony Evans says, there appears to be no end in sight. Europa draw hardly gets the juices flowing either does it, although it should mean progression. Crowd for that one should be interesting - I bet it's half full at best even though it's now knockout. We all have commitments that clash with football during our lives, but for the first time in my life I have purposely arranged something that was left up to me on Wednesday at the same time as a live Arsenal game and I couldn't care less. I'll catch up when I get home. Thanks for that, Arsene and Stan. - Post No. 111114

mbg  14:59pm 11th Dec 2017

Who do you think coaches the defence at Arsenal ?(and I use the term coach/coaches very very loosely indeed)as he's useless at it, hasn't a fooking clue, wenger of course, or/when he's not there himself as you say instructs/orders the two nodding dogs in the ways of weng and of course the noddy's obey. wenger out now. - Post No. 111115

mbg  15:31pm 11th Dec 2017

No we will not exhale long and hard in frustration, (that's for fans who haven't woke up and still have their heads buried in the sand, or wengers arse) a lot of fans have stopped doing that a long time ago because we know what to expect now, and why it happens and the cause of it now and have done for years, and have never been surprised or disappointed when it does, and until others who just keep exhaling at them pull their heads out of these dark orvices and see the light and speak out and do something about it this exhaling is going to continue. wenger out. - Post No. 111116

TOOAW  17:52pm 11th Dec 2017

I hear through the grapevine that good old gooner is up for yet another award. This time round, it's the comedy writers gold award. There can only be one winner with the likes of the mad oirish one needing 3 goes at one post. Come January, I feel there maybe more silverware with the 'pent up anger and hatred for Arsenal' Keyboard warriors ceremony 2018. - Post No. 111117

mbg  20:47pm 11th Dec 2017

Toadie, it's good to see you've recognised the first one. wenger out. - Post No. 111118

markymark  20:57pm 11th Dec 2017

Toady - did Untold win anything? - Post No. 111119

GoonerRon  21:30pm 11th Dec 2017

So delighted we learned from the Man U game and had a fast, error-free start. Not. Glad not too lose after such a lacklustre display. - Post No. 111120

TOOAW  21:55pm 11th Dec 2017

A few more awards on board for the O.G is first up...... ' indecisive supporter of the year' Nark is odds on for this one. 'boring, anti, negative, repetitive, sore loser' award has already been awarded and it goes to...... Paddy Maguiresbridge. Speech. Speech. Speech. "Venger oit. Tanks tee all da voiters. Venger oit" - Post No. 111121

markymark  22:34pm 11th Dec 2017

Toady - can’t be me as I’m banned on Untold. - Post No. 111122

Arseneknewbest  22:53pm 11th Dec 2017

Website administrator - In much the same way as you successfully excluded Jamerson and LeeKFC from this site in the past I reckon it's now time to consider the same fate for tooaw. I can't be the only one who is tired of his embarrassing and lazy racist claptrap. In the interregnum between this new bigot and those that preceded him this site was relatively free from tension and offence. So go on, please make my Christmas wishes come true by giving tooaw the heave ho. With the football side of things turning out to be predictably awful, let's at least cleanse ourselves of the scummy Herbert that is tooaw. - Post No. 111123

markymark  23:07pm 11th Dec 2017

Arseneknewbest - as sure as last order approaches you can trust Toad has binged on his cooking lager (carling) and then launches some sort of foul racist salvo. My theory is an Irishman once clumped Toad as punishment for telling piss poor Irish jokes. Hence the bitterness. - Post No. 111124

mbg  23:08pm 11th Dec 2017

Cyril, top post, great idea I have said it myself, George would have it sorted in no time without a doubt, i'd give him three or four proper training sessions, although i'm surprised you haven't AKB's on here giving you grief and telling you to move on from George Graham, (even though they well know he'd be the man for the job, the man to consult, and he'd have it sorted in no time too)well wengerites move on ? we have, and look at us ? look at what it has got us, look at what we've become, and being like for years now, a fooking laughing stock at the back, including the keepers position, a team every tom dick and harry just love to meet and play against, and it's all down to wenger and his long failed philosophies, well you can keep TOF and his embarrassing defensive regime, bring back George Graham. wenger out. - Post No. 111125

TonyEvans  8:43am 12th Dec 2017

All I can say is Wenger must have a bl00dy big carpet what with all the crap he has conveniently swept under it these last 8 or 9 years or so! - Post No. 111126

The Man From UNCLE  9:52am 12th Dec 2017

It's heartening to see our old mucker Mikel Arteta standing up for his side. Good man and good pro. Man Utd bad losers as always, but hey "show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser." - Post No. 111127

Yes its Ron  13:02pm 12th Dec 2017

For some reason we never impress at Southampton. Wengers comments about the Man U game though are bewildering. Does the man really still believe what he says? If he does, hes truly lost the plot. - Post No. 111128

peter wain  13:08pm 12th Dec 2017

when did we last win a big game? - Post No. 111129

Arseneknewbest  14:41pm 12th Dec 2017

Tony - Not to mention a fecking ginormous brush as well. Wengo has morphed into a corporate liar of the worst kind over the years in order to keep up with Gazidis and Gonnella and to remain in the realm of Arslikhan with his betoupee'd paymaster. Abandon hope all ye who support this sorry club. - Post No. 111130

Redshirtwhitesleeves  15:23pm 12th Dec 2017

It didn't take long for normal service to resume did it. A couple of good weeks followed by the predictable collapse we all knew was coming. Our back 3/4/5 hand out more presents than Father Christmas. Groundhog season is back up and running and we can all go back to sleep. We've all seen this film before a dozen times and know the ending off by heart. Zzzzzz boring, boring Arsenal, Wenger style - Post No. 111131

Paulo75  15:33pm 12th Dec 2017

Ramsay out tomorrow, Xhaka not up to it in my opinion, big doubts over Wilshere's ability to stay fit and Cazorla remains a long term absentee. We have a major midfield conundrum. Have lacked midfield physicality and leadership since Vieira and Gilberto days and Ozil just not built to dominate games creatively on a regular basis in England. - Post No. 111132

CORNISH GOONER  16:35pm 12th Dec 2017

More bollocks from Arthur today. "Mental burnout" the problem now ffs! I'm sure the Class of 2004 or '89 would have a good laugh at that. Or the likes of Roy Keane and other hardened professionals. Just shut up Arthur, no-one's interested any more, you're boring old fart. - Post No. 111133

mbg  17:23pm 12th Dec 2017

Wouldn't you just love to see the look on TOF's face when told by Stan it's been recommended to him to bring in ex manager George Graham as a defensive coach/consultant ? even until the end of the season, maybe by Ivan, and he tells weng I think it's a good idea and am going to go with it, wouldn't you love to have a hidden camera installed, that would certainly show us wengs so called love and commitment to the club. wenger out. - Post No. 111134

Arseneknewbest  19:30pm 12th Dec 2017

Cornish - True dat. Mental burnout occurs as a result of having a stressful job with frozen pay and rising bills, or sitting on the 6.30 at Euston and hearing that it's been cancelled for the fifth time in a month. Or being an air traffic controller, or working in the nhs and being told by Jeremy Hunt to sign a contract on much less advantageous terms. Or being paid 6 quid an hour to wear a hi-vis jacket to stand between warring hammers and Chelsea fans. It most certainly is not collecting a multi million salary running around avoiding tackles and barnet threatening headers. Shame on the fahken lot of them especially idiotic Arsene. I loathe him. - Post No. 111135

mbg  19:33pm 12th Dec 2017

Yes did you hear TOF in his presser, getting more annoyed with every question about ozil and his contract, with the staring at the journo, and then came the inevitable looook looook (when you just know he's pissed) I don't want to answer questions about that any more, arrogant c**t. wenger out. - Post No. 111136

Exeter Ex  20:33pm 12th Dec 2017

The 'mental burnout' stuff doesn't even work in a football context. His first 11 play once a week! With a very occasional midweek league game. The b*llocks he talks betrays the fact he's got no reasonable justification for the mess of the defence, the contracts, the lot of it. - Post No. 111137

MAF  21:09pm 12th Dec 2017

no one listens to wenger anymore. hes a coach from the past, hes way out of his depth now in the current premier league and would be better off managing the 5th or 6th team in the french league where they can listen to him all day because hes french. hes full of excuses, tactically one of the worst in the premier league given all the riches at his disposal. once ozil, alexis bugger off i really doubt if any big name players would want to play for wenger anymore - Post No. 111138

Paulward  21:43pm 12th Dec 2017

So here we are in mid December and despite our fortuitous victory at turf moor the other week Sean Dyche takes Burnley back above Arsenal and into the Champions League positions . This man or one of his ilk is completely what AFC needs, but don’t expect out hopeless board to see it. - Post No. 111139

mbg  0:13am 13th Dec 2017

Some great posts down there, describing the old weasel to a T, yes the diarrhoea he's talking now just shows what a f*****g fraud he is, and always was, excuse after excuse now about the slightest thing now too, completely gone now (it can only be a matter of time)out of his depth, clueless, he wouldn't know a tactic if his life depended on it, a fun figure a joke figure,who few other managers take seriously anymore, (that says it all) except to lull him into thinking he is (like the Southampton manager did the other night)then pounce, he falls for it every time, Maureen is the king as fergie was before him and a lot of others now, yes belongs in the French league now or lower english divisions where the idiots down there can swan over him until they soon realise the truth that is (he might even take his AKB wengerites with him. Go now wenger your not wanted here. - Post No. 111140

CORNISH GOONER  11:22am 13th Dec 2017

Reality check from Arseneknewbest on here - a proper description of stress & burnout & a reminder to all of us. Current AFC has zero affinity to its fanbase as long as Arthur remains. - Post No. 111141

Bard  11:51am 13th Dec 2017

I always thought Wenger had a love of Sumo the way he pushes 4th officials and other managers from time to time. You would never know how he feels after winning or losing, he's that inscrutable. Dear me what a load of codswallop, the man is losing his grip - Post No. 111142

TonyEvans  12:25pm 13th Dec 2017

Another damning statistic (as if we need one) against Wenger I have just read is that only three clubs (Stoke, Westham and Watford) have shipped more Premier League goals away from home in 2017 than we have. More stats for him to sweep under that enormous carpet of his! - Post No. 111143

Yes its Ron  14:50pm 13th Dec 2017

A few mention Dyche. Seems a good bloke but is he not the new Owen Coyle perhaps? Coyle was going to be the next Bill Shankly wasnt he? Where is he now? - Post No. 111144

markymark  17:16pm 13th Dec 2017

Interesting rumour that we have a deal ready to go for Steven Nzonzi the most Vieira style player around. Described as being an Octopus all big legs. If this is influence of our new team on board bring it on. Interesting age as well seeing he is 28 so buying effectively at his peak. - Post No. 111145

Arseneknewbest  17:33pm 13th Dec 2017

Marky - I saw that too. N'zonzi was certainly a(nother) very spiky presence in that Stoke team a few years ago. And I reckon he's gained some savvy and extra ability after playing and flourishing in Spain (and leaving the barren swamplands of the britannia stadium). Makes you wonder who'd make way for him in the team. The natural choice must be "shaka can't" but who would offer anything for our underwhelming, talentless midfielder? I'm genuinely in two minds tonight about whether to watch the hammers game or have an early night with John le Carre... - Post No. 111146

mbg  17:52pm 13th Dec 2017

Tony Evans, he's a master of that alright that's a tactic he knows a lot about, and it's also a stat we'll not hear AKB's throwing up either, and it's been a long time since they've had any half decent stat in their messiah's favour (if any at all) to bum and blow about. wenger out - Post No. 111147

markymark  20:27pm 13th Dec 2017

Arsenalknewbest - you would hope that Xaka will make Way . Just think that Wengo passed up Griezmann for him. Classic blundering from the fool. - Post No. 111148

markymark  22:02pm 13th Dec 2017

An in form Leicester are starting to threaten our position as we start to fall away to mid table. A dreadful run for the Champion of mediocrity. A humiliation for the likes Leek and his Alt Right pals Badarse and Jamee. Hopefully the Board will finally grow a pair and call time on him end of season. - Post No. 111149

Cyril  22:35pm 13th Dec 2017

It’s interesting how he went back to back 4. The side he played bar 1 or 2 players he could have played 2 years ago. In the meantime, they have made probably net 70 million. As a ST holder, it’s really hard to see this. “ well er, I prefer a back 4”. REALLY! - Post No. 111150

mbg  22:45pm 13th Dec 2017

Oh Dear the bully nice boys didn't have their way tonight either, I wonder who's fault that was ? the weather ? yes groundhog day has started even earlier than usual, back down to where we belong thanks to a past it has been of a manager. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111151

Arseneknewbest  23:15pm 13th Dec 2017

Surely we will finally be in a post wengo era providing we can lose to the equally dismal barcodes this weekend. Wengo - pull that little feat off and make us all happy. I've got mental burnout cos of you you sh*tbag. - Post No. 111152

Paulward  23:20pm 13th Dec 2017

How utterly tedious, and how utterly predictable. We are plummeting headlong into mid table obscurity , as nearly all of us on here predicted before a ball was kicked this season. A bag of nerves at the back and impotent up front, not a good combination with which to face the busy Christmas period. Fully expect things to turn ugly again early in the new year. - Post No. 111153

Exiled in Pt  23:54pm 13th Dec 2017

Same old sh#t, same old excuses, has he resigned yet. The board an Wenger out. - Post No. 111154

mbg  0:13am 14th Dec 2017

Just caught MOTD we were even fooking worse, woeful, it didn't take moyes long to pick up a few useful points and could have been three at the end with wengers keystone kops, moysie probably couldn't believe his luck playing against wenger already. We want wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111155

Cyril  2:42am 14th Dec 2017

I haven’t been for a while but will be back for Christmas. I will be there on Saturday and it better improve. I really don’t want you at my club anymore but I tolerate you. It’s just like the Brexit position. In 75, Benn explained how we went from 300 million trade excess to nearly 1 billion down in 2 years thru 73-75. We had a a 4 billion trade surplus with WTO in this time. Now sort my ENGLISH club out and make us happy or be gone. Do you hear me!! - Post No. 111156

TonyEvans  8:49am 14th Dec 2017

More of the same....at Westham! Although it might have been a different story had we played on Saturday and they had played on Sunday last weekend, according to the not so wise words of the master of drivel himself. - Post No. 111157

Bard  9:48am 14th Dec 2017

The passing was far too laboured to break down the Hammers.The only bright spot was Jacks display. l thought he looked much sharper than of late. We looked what we are, mid table mediocrity. Its hard to see how Wenger can stay for another season but then this is Arsenal. - Post No. 111158

mbg  16:16pm 14th Dec 2017

Cyril, it's to late for that mate, you should know that by now, and even by some miracle he did, it's still way way to late, you should know that also. wenger out regardless. - Post No. 111173

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era