Ancelotti Speculation Makes ArsŤne A Sitting Duck

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: The ĎI wouldnít trust this board to find the next managerí talk has gone quiet

James Olley ran a story in Wednesdayís Evening Standard that Arsenal were lining up Carlo Ancelotti to succeed Wenger this summer. This tallies with information I have been told, specifically that, after his dismissal by Bayern Munich, Ancelotti had two meetings with the club during the autumn, and has been a regular attendee at Arsenal home matches, watching games discreetly from an executive box. Certainly, Olley would have been briefed by the club to get the idea out there and for people to get used to the possibility.

Additionally, a friend was in a restaurant in Parma before Christmas. He knows the owners well and Ancelotti was raised in a small town near Parma and visits the restaurant occasionally. The former Bayern manager had been in recently and said that he might be going to Arsenal. The Italian press carried the story yesterday, claiming he had been offered a four year deal worth £10 million a year.

Interestingly, Wenger himself has revealed that there is an option for him not to see out the last year of his deal, on both sides. Ancelottiís family are moving to London, but there is certainly a case for the former Chelsea boss to return to his former club and take over from Antonio Conte. Yet one imagines Roman Abramovich would only use Ancelotti as a well-rewarded stopgap in case Conte departs before the end of the season, as Gus Hiddink was used twice in the past. For a permanent successor, the current story is that they would look to prise Massimiliano Allegri from Juventus in the summer.

For Arsenal, Ancelotti would be a good fit. A more sensible arrangement would be a two season deal, with an option to extend in the event of the Italian exceeding expectations in what is fundamentally a re-building job. However, Ancelotti may wish to have the security of a longer deal, demonstrating his ambition to see the job through rather than be merely a steadying hand in a period of transition. Going forward though, the club will be run on the same model as used by all other top clubs these days. The manager has some input in the players that come and go, but not the final decision. Raul Sanllehi will be in charge of player recruitment, and the scouting system will be overhauled under Sven Mislintat to get shot of Wengerís long-term underperforming cronies. It's difficult to see Gilles Grimandi retain any employment from the club for one. Some of the backroom staff will remain, and Steve Bould may be given a chance to actually do some work on the defence. Figures like Neil Banfield, in a job because of the relationship between Arsene Wenger and his father (another of the scouting team) will be demoted or dispensed with.

Effectively, the first team squad will be completely rebuilt, and needs to be. It is fundamentally broken. By the time the 2020-21 season kicks off, I doubt there will be more than half a dozen of the current first team squad at the club. Ancelotti is an excellent choice for what might otherwise be a turbulent time, with his experience of winning the Premier League and managing far bigger clubs than Arsenal. No-one should expect a successful League title challenge before 2020-21, but can look forward to change and progress.

For starters, Arsenal will become more solid, and less one-dimensional in attack. Wengerball tactics will be resigned to history and in time, everyone will realise the club waited far too long to freshen up and try something different, even (privately) those fans still loyal to Wenger. Coasters like Theo Walcott will become a thing of the past. Young players will get actual coaching rather than be told to just go out and express themselves. Ancelottiís CV is something a bit special. He is a level above what we have ever had at Arsenal, in that, like Wenger, he has built a genuinely great team (Milan in the early 2000s), but he has remained consistently successful elsewhere, winning titles and Champions Leagues with other clubs. At Bayern, he achieved exactly what Pep Guardiola did by winning the Bundesliga, but ultimately fell out with the powers that be at the club.

At 58 years of age Ancelotti is still sharp enough to oversee the necessary work to make Arsenal competitive again, providing a solid platform for the man who takes over the first team coaching duties once he moves on. Interesting times lie ahead. There will be a buzz again at Arsenal, something we have not felt for many, many seasons and all too rarely at the Emirates. Bring it on.

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12th January 2018 10:37:47


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Yes its Ron  10:54am 12th Jan 2018

I like CA and always have. A very sound guy he always seems to be. Having said that, im not sure whether hes one who has had his best and most dynamic days as a Coach and that hes perhaps not the sharp force he once was. It remains to be seen, but i do think Arsenal need a younger guy who can match the energy of the Coaches now in the PL. - Post No. 111769

The Man From UNCLE  10:54am 12th Jan 2018

Can we have him tomorrow please. Ta - Post No. 111770

Redshirtwhitesleeves  10:56am 12th Jan 2018

Please, please, please let this be true....A double celebration of new manager and Wally leaving...I can almost feel a pulse of excitement returning. I'd be happy with Ancelotti, the guy is proven and he actually does tactics and defense too! - Post No. 111771

Bard  11:18am 12th Jan 2018

Kev if only mate. I actually felt excited reading this post. Stubborn though Wenger is we are about to watch a meltdown in action this window. Losing Sanchez for half his value and possibly Ozil is a disaster. The team we put out against Chelsea was one of the weakest I have seen in years. Not one worldie but full of average Joe's aside fro Jack. The team needs a complete rebuild from back to front and Wenger aint the man for the job. Lets hope sanity prevail. - Post No. 111772

Exeter Ex  11:23am 12th Jan 2018

Cynically, can't help feeling Gazidis may have planted this story in order that seems like he's doing something, then when Ancelotti pitches up elsewhere Gazidis can repeat the 'we looked worldwide and couldn't find anyone better than Wenger' line and he signs a contract extension on the basis of winning the 'nearly' trophy - we 'nearly' won the league cup, we 'nearly' finished in the top 4, therefore we 'only' need one or two players to compete next season. However if the Ancelotti story has legs, the best thing about him would be he has a stronger CV than Wenger so could not be micromanaged by him from above, unlike a younger inexperienced coach e.g. Arteta. - Post No. 111773

John F  11:37am 12th Jan 2018

Might not be So bad a window Bard as it looks like Wally is off to Everton.If only the Club Would announce that this Is happening then I could be more relaxed about the rest of the season knowing change is going to come even though we will still have Wiggy.One step at a time i suppose. - Post No. 111774

Yes its Ron  11:38am 12th Jan 2018

Hear you all re CA.I still think the Arteta thing and Wenger upstairs is more Arsenal unfortunatly. A guy like CA will make demands and if not met he d leave. Hes not meek and mild despite the demeanour. Hes Abromovitches fave man too. I can only see him back at Chelsea really as it looks like Contes not staying, which is quite sad as hes good for the PL. - Post No. 111775

TonyEvans  11:44am 12th Jan 2018

Sound fit for me, and Exeter makes a good point that he wouldn't be a puppet for Wenger to manipulate from above (if the old fraud moves upstairs that is). I would love these rumours to be true, but will only believe it when I see it. Re Wenger moving 'upstairs' I don't rule it out but it would surprise me, knowing what a control freak he is. Ideally he moves as far away from Arsenal as possible. Wally to Everton too - fingers crossed! - Post No. 111776

TonyEvans  11:57am 12th Jan 2018

Hi Ron - surely even this awful regime we have at the club wouldn't have the gall to try to sell a Wenger / Arteta combo. I think they will go for experience, but I don't trust them anymore than I trust Wenger. Of course this is all pure speculation anyway, but I do detect a sniff of some sort of shakeup in the air. - Post No. 111777

Exeter Ex  11:58am 12th Jan 2018

From what we know of the club, it'll probably be up to Wenger himself what he does this summer. If so, the hope would be the France job becomes available as it would be face saving for Wenger, which is the most important thing for a huge ego like his - 'I could not turn down the duty to lead my country' etc. If the French FA were mad enough to offer it to him, of course. Or if he wants to stay in day to day management a good fit would be some middling French club which aspires to finish in a European qualifying position, as they would give him the control he craves. That is his level now. - Post No. 111778

peter wain  12:05pm 12th Jan 2018

I think that it would be premature to write off Wenger just yet. I still think he will want to see out his contract and I do not believe that Stan will fire him - Post No. 111779

John F  12:09pm 12th Jan 2018

Hi Ron I like to read other fans forums after we played them to get a better prospective.The Chelsea job is an impossible one as despite his success he was getting pelters on the Chelsea shed forum they are not too happy with him. Crazy subs ,the team he puts out ,sideways passing,and they also said that this is the worst Arsenal team in years and Conti still couldn't beat them. It goes to show what the level of expectation is at Chelsea and that other football fans can also see the decline in Arsenal.AC may just prefer a job where he is given more time.Chelsea are one extreme and we are the other. - Post No. 111780

Arseneknewbest  12:21pm 12th Jan 2018

The most uplifting and potentially positive story on here for a good while. CA equals senior, experienced manager with proven good use of tactics and some not inconsiderable football heft. I stake my claim to a new 'Ancelotti knows best' avatar on Online Gooner! And more good news in the offing with Feo on the verge of consigning the toffees to perpetual relegation struggles. - Post No. 111781

Gaz  12:23pm 12th Jan 2018

Obviously like most on here I'd love for this to be true. He's a class act, better than Wenger (with the trophies to back that up) and IF Wenger did move upstairs there's no way he'd be intimidated by him. There'd be a buzz around the place as excitement, enthusiasm and hope-regardless of what happens long term-would be returned and I for one would be right up for that first game with him in charge! As discussed yesterday though whether that enthusiasm is as strong as it was 10 years ago well we'll just have to wait and see. Sadly though I have a few concerns with these rumours. Firstly the reports all suggest this will only happen 'if Wenger decides to leave'? Wasn't there a similar deal mooted last year with Allagri that also depended on Wenger leaving? And then there's those rumours that Guardiola wanted to come a few years back but Wenger wouldn't relinquish his position? We all know Wenger 'loves the Club' and we all know he has nothing else to do with his spare time so what's to say he wont see next season out and then push for a another new deal? Then there's the thinking that as long as we fail to win a trophy or finish in the top four he'll definitely leave? Once again my concern here is that this leaves a way open for him to remain IF we somehow finished fourth and won either the EL or CC. Obviously this wont happen (at least I'm hoping it wont) but I think we should be taking any sort of scenario out of the equation and simply saying that whatever happens this season he's got to go because its become stale and incredibly boring! Guess I'm being real cautious as I'm so desperate for this to be true! Certainly I can see a lot of logic in the reasoning that he signed a two year deal with the option to go this summer rather than just a one year deal because it would have put us in exactly the same situation as last season which he himself said caused problems. Whatever happens I guess we can only hope that this is Wengers last season. Sadly it wont surprise me if it isn't. - Post No. 111782

Yes its Ron  12:26pm 12th Jan 2018

Hi Tony - i wdt put anything past them as long as its cheap. Arteta would be malleable and thral of the great master, needy if you like. They d dress it up as a sound long term platform for stability that we can read as meaning AW keeps an effective hand on the tiller as just reward for inventing Arsenal and creating their entire history for which we should all be grateful for. - Post No. 111783

Gaz  12:34pm 12th Jan 2018

Meant to add those Arteta rumours also sound far too worrying for my liking as Wenger will simply become his puppet master and nothing really changes. As far as I'm concerned I want Wenger away from the Club totally because one of the things that's effected my support is the fear he's become almost bigger than the Club itself. - Post No. 111784

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:35pm 12th Jan 2018

Kev : I do hope this happens and CA gets at least a four year deal, because what is needed now is a top to bottom overhaul. After 4 years maybe a more expansive and younger manager but not until the barmy coaching methods, currently employed, are driven out of the club and a competitive culture returns. It will be interesting to see which players survive the cull, not many I should think - if of course it does all happen. - Post No. 111785

Yes its Ron  12:38pm 12th Jan 2018

Hi John - interesting. All Clubs have a section of fans tho who dont like the Coach i suppose. They do have great expectations over there at SW6 too i bet! CA is Italian and Italians have a certain psychology about footie as we all know. Anybody with an Italian Coach who wants gung ho is deluded. Even Conte puts defence first really. As an afterthought perhaps they might give us Conte!!!. Straight swap. Apparently i read some yrs back that RA has admired Wenger from afar for yrs. He can have him. The Chelsea forum would over heat for sure wdt it. - Post No. 111786

1971 Gooner  13:05pm 12th Jan 2018

The article in the Standard does seem to suggest a possible Ancelotti appointment in the event that Wenger decides to go himself ("...[Wenger] could give serious consideration to cutting short his contract.) but we live in hope. Agree with Exeter and other about concerns with an inexperienced coach being influenced (to put it diplomatically) from above, but no doubt Carlo would tell Arsene to do one. At least being an Italian he would sort the defence out. - Post No. 111787

RobG  13:07pm 12th Jan 2018

Oh YES ! 👏👏👏 Bring it on indeed. - Post No. 111788

Paulo75  13:18pm 12th Jan 2018

All makes sense - letís have our Arsenal back please. Although in fairness any Manager who gets £20m plus for Walcott must be a genius non? - Post No. 111789

John F  13:33pm 12th Jan 2018

Wouldn't that be great Ron and then we can sing Arsene Wenger we want you to stay. - Post No. 111790

TonyEvans  13:58pm 12th Jan 2018

Hi Gaz - the biggest worry for me is the fact that Wenger, on the face of it, is still able to decide on his own Arsenal future. This uniquely barmy situation throws a massive spanner in the works for Arsenal ever being able to move on, completely free of his influence anytime soon. As I said before change does appear to be in the air though, but the spectre of Wenger hovers over everything Arsenal these days, and change that involves him having anything to do with Arsenal is not good enough for me to re-engage with the club. - Post No. 111791

mbg  14:49pm 12th Jan 2018

Great article Kevin lets hope and pray your right, yes the whole squad needs gutting alright, and just as importantly his/the whole back room staff too from top to bottom starting with banfield and the like, including bould, and all the other nodding dogs, and deserving too, as punishment for their devotion to wenger, and their nodding dog syndrome arse licking cowardice being afraid to speak out at the time and over and over again if nothing else, then lets see how devoted wenger is to them, I bet they'll soon speak out then and have something to say when their out of a job and realise their beloved ex manager doesn't give a f**k. Yes lets hope and pray your right, I can hear the Buzz now. We want wenger out. - Post No. 111792

GoonerRon  15:37pm 12th Jan 2018

Interesting and exciting if it happens. Ancelotti had Paul Clement as his No.2 at Chelsea and I donít think they worked together before that (someone correct me if Iím wrong) so perhaps having a No.2 with ĎArsenal connectionsí (keep Bould or maybe Arteta, Bergkamp etc) could be something he would be open to. - Post No. 111793

Scruff  15:51pm 12th Jan 2018

Why would any of the above happen? The owners and Wenger plod along making money and both have stated they are not bothered about winning. That mindset has spread to players so those who wish to succeed move away ( Van Persie Fabregas Sanchez etc) and whilst we have a fan base and morons like tooaw and Attwood putting a spin on it nothing will change. Wenger will be here next season because he is narcissistic and under no pressure to succeed. - Post No. 111794

adnydrum  16:01pm 12th Jan 2018

GoonerRon interesting you should mention Dennis, I've often wondered (wished?) he might figure at some point. Shame we pissed-off Patrick Viera back in the day; someone like that could inject some steely attitude into every area of the pitch. All-in-all a very sorry scenario being played out right now. - Post No. 111795

Yes its Ron  17:05pm 12th Jan 2018

GR - See yr point mate but be honest, whats Bould done there bar nod his head and doff his cap? Arteta s had a yr hiding behind St Pep s so called 'genius' and Bergy, great as he was, has not done much to shout about and cant fly. Too much store put by this connection thing i feel in all walks of life. Often its a byword for laziness, weakness or bias and leads to wrong calls. Liverpool did it all those years of course but that was with a real scouse/Northern culture to weld it all together. In truth Bergy, Arteta et al have no cultural link to AFC. The whole club needs gutting, from the owner to the cleaners it seems to me then a giant hoover put to the place to clear the cobwebs. - Post No. 111796

Goonhogday  19:33pm 12th Jan 2018

God, I hope these rumours are true. Iíd love to see Ancelotti working at Arsenal. - Post No. 111797

CORNISH GOONER  19:46pm 12th Jan 2018

Reading up on Ancelloti made me think that he wouldn't be that great an upgrade - sound but not transformative. However, no point in getting excited until someone can produce solid evidence that Ivan has been trying to source a chemical which is 100% effective in removing limpets/barnacles from a sinking ship's hull. The problem is simply that Arthur pretty well unemployable elsewhere & has no life outside of football. So - FAKE NEWS LOSERS - SAD! Yrs The Donald - Post No. 111798

Paulward  19:51pm 12th Jan 2018

Admire your optimism Kevin, but the evidence seems pretty flimsy to me and I would say a return to Chelsea is far more likely. Canít see Wenger leaving of his own accord this summer, and heís not going to be sacked ,so is Ancelotti prepared to hang around till 2019 for the Arsenal job?Dont get your hopes up everyone . - Post No. 111799

mbg  21:31pm 12th Jan 2018

I read this quote today and of course it could have been written or invented for whinger, Title, 3 ways to fail at everything in life, I, Complain about everything. 2,Blame others for your problems. 3, Never be grateful. - Post No. 111801

mbg  22:18pm 12th Jan 2018

John F, Wally eventually pissing off (five years to late) won't suddenly make it a good transfer window mate, there'd have to be a hell of a lot more of a clear out than that, and even then it would still be no good and a waste of time unless wenger went with them. - Post No. 111802

markymark  10:35am 13th Jan 2018

The deluded lizard is saying he is staying and that he is more optimistic than ever. Is it going to take a Jock Stein situation to end this. - Post No. 111803

Badarse  10:49am 13th Jan 2018

And the deluded slug says, 'The deluded lizard...' - Post No. 111804

John F  10:58am 13th Jan 2018

I have often compared the situation that is developing at Arsenal to that of the mid eighties team before George took over.The 1985 regulars that finished 7th Were Lukic,Samson,Oleary,Caton,Anderson,Davis,Robson,Talbot,Rix,Williams,Woodcock,Mariner,Nicholas.If the Utd rumours today are true that Sanchez and Ozil are going my combined team would be. Lukic,Samson,Oleary,Kos,Anderson,Williams,Davis,Talbot,Woodcock,Lacazette,Rix.Subs would be Ramsey,Nicholas,Robson Mustafi.The problem I had was that neither team had good enough wide players so the full backs are going to bomb forward with Talbot sitting DM.Kos only got in because Caton was crap.Not many of today's side would even get in the 85 team. The 1985 team was not as bad as I thought and had some good youngsters coming through, just a few big egos needed clearing out. - Post No. 111805

RegW  11:21am 13th Jan 2018

I know we have an impotent board but even they must realise that they can't allow Clouseau to go into another last year of his contract situation again. So they have to make a decision at the end of this season whether to extend or ditch him. God help us if it's the former. - Post No. 111806

markymark  11:42am 13th Jan 2018

Badarse you lying, gropefest poem producing tosser. How are your showbiz pals btw? It would be interesting to know what percentage of them are behind bars. - Post No. 111807

Exeter Ex  11:56am 13th Jan 2018

Given the history of not learning from mistakes and repeating them, I fully expect Wenger to go into the last year of his contract with the situation unresolved. And despite both stating they were no longer going to comment, we must expect Badarse and Toad to occasionally lash out on here. They have no counterargument and as supporters of Wenger, not Arsenal, in his gradual dragging down of the club, it hurts them to see him criticised, so it's the only option left open to them in order to express their feelings. - Post No. 111808

Cyril  12:16pm 13th Jan 2018

I donít think I could take another year of Wenger in charge as a ST holder. I can only think to compare to a guy going up and not getting parole. The Arsenal Board- please let him go this time. There is no danger of him repeat offending and winning the league, there is no danger of him winning the Champs league. In fact, his character these days suggest he wonít go near the top teams anymore! - Post No. 111809

John F  13:01pm 13th Jan 2018

I have still not given up hope as I am not sure Wenger could answer the question any other way.If he said yes he was considering leaving then he would have the same issues from the press as last year.We all know his misleading statements about star players not leaving then they do it he might just be spinning again. - Post No. 111810

Badarse  13:33pm 13th Jan 2018

Naughty language Nark, no reasonable comment Eggmnan? Protect your own? Hilarious rabble of losers. The greatest aspect of Arsene's tenure is knowing many numpties are frothing with outrage. Froth on Tommy! Two more poked with bald eggs. - Post No. 111811

Exeter Ex  13:40pm 13th Jan 2018

So Badarse thinks the best thing about Wenger being manager is he upsets supporters as he leads the club into footballing decline. The most honest statement you've ever made, well done Badarse. I don't think you could make your support for the man over the club much clearer. - Post No. 111812

A Cornish Gooner  14:27pm 13th Jan 2018

Arsene Wenger/Badarse(Sadarse) 2013-2018 Compare and contrast. Two boiled egos? - Post No. 111813

RobG  14:34pm 13th Jan 2018

If it wasn't for Mislintat and the Barca guy, I would need a lorry load of salt to take this. But the fact is they are here, in the case of the former and start soon in the case of the latter. These guys are not coming to tread water. They could go elsewhere at the drop of a hat. Something must be moving behind the scenes. So Wenger's 'I'm going on to 2019' - comment, is what he would say - (apropos M R-D). If Ancelotti is waiting to come on, they would be insane to let him go, as they will have to manage this transition at some stage soon. And no one but no one, will be available with his qualifications, to do it. It's not just blind optimism that fuels this. - Post No. 111814

mbg  14:39pm 13th Jan 2018

markymark, Exeter, yes and still thinking/believing he's important on here, you have to laugh, impotent more like, the site joke. wenger out - Post No. 111815

A Cornish Gooner  14:55pm 13th Jan 2018

Sadarse. 'The greatest aspect of Arsene's tenure is knowing many numpties are frothing with outrage.' Possibly the most ridiculous comment you've ever made, and you've made an awful lot in the past. Says a lot about your state of mind. Doesn't it? - Post No. 111816

Guernsey gunner  15:10pm 13th Jan 2018

Good piece kev, like the Wenger mock up with what I believe s a mandarin duck....anyway I am hopeful that this is end of days stuff from clueless.His comments sound increasingly desperate and frankly childish...Iím going nowhere and why should I change....err because your jeffin useless you old fraud.lets get CA in to start what will be a massive rebuilding job from youth teams to first. I would also love to see someone like Adams come in to remind players what it is to play for the aresenal, not the arsene. Instill true arsenal values not the non existent ones that clueless parrots on about like a broken record. Letís move on from this poisonous period next season....hereís hoping. Wenger out now. - Post No. 111817

markymark  16:37pm 13th Jan 2018

Badarse - what has actually made you pop up today or crawl from under your rock? ( a term you love to use ) Your ragtag element are diminishing every day. Wenger can only get older. His time is coming and your time is ending. - Post No. 111818

mbg  17:42pm 13th Jan 2018

John F, spot on, the weasel is still even spouting/spinning/lying that he can persuade Sanchez to stay and sign another deal, and all the time knowing he's gone, what a lying c**t he is. - Post No. 111819

BigDaveTheGooner  17:57pm 13th Jan 2018

Unfortunately Wenger has declared he is going nowhere due to seeing out his contract, well that was his choice regarding that, we need the board to tell him in no uncertain terms that he is stale and outstayed his welcome and that we need to push on and with him at the helm we certainly won't do that.Hopefully Ancelloti will get the the nod as to who comes in and who goes, I sincerely hope there is some truth in these stories as with a vast majority gooners I, ve had enough of Wenger, so much so it's actually getting boring discussing it!!! - Post No. 111820

Roy  20:05pm 13th Jan 2018

I would love to believe that this is true Kev, but Wenger is as stubborn as they come and I've a feeling that he and Syrup will keep their cosy little arrangement going as long as they possibly can whatever the consequences. As depressing as this may be, at least we are somewhere near the final straight. Rather than him going this summer, I wouldn't be surprised if they announced then that next season will be his last. It's the wrong decision as we all know, and while most of us would take Ancelotti tomorrow I fear that this is how it will play out. The longer AW goes on, the bigger the mess will be for his successor to sort out. Not the actions of someone who professes to love the club as much as he says he does. The squad is weak-willed and divided now and he is the primary cause. If he did love the club he would recognise this and go this year. As someone else on previous thread posted, at least Cloughie had the excuse that he was pissed ! - Post No. 111821

TOOAW  21:01pm 13th Jan 2018

Well spotted Scruffy Nark. And you are one day closer to the end too. Classic spotting fella. As I've stated before.... The great one decides when he leaves, not the 100 or so and dog who protests once in a while. Protests anyone?????? Gutless !??? Fickle ???? Gooner my arse. Ta da. - Post No. 111822

Rippy  0:46am 14th Jan 2018

Ffs tooaw or what ever your name is . Itís not a few hundred is it ?!? Thousands of empty seats . Thousands and thousands of fans want him gone. His a busted flush are you ****ing blind. And being rude and trading insults just doesnít help ! Seriously please letís stop this **** show now. Wenger will never gain the trust of the fan base again .. ever . Itís over see it for what it is please. Love arsenal but Wenger out. - Post No. 111823

markymark  7:51am 14th Jan 2018

Rippy has summed it up very nicely . Post of the day! - Post No. 111824

Petergooner  9:39am 14th Jan 2018

Saw a really good defencive midfielder last night at The Raizor, La Coruna, game Deportivo La Coruna v Valencia, his name was Coquelin, we should sign him. He commanded the middle of the park and made the game of football look easy and simple, held his position, looked for runners or ones in space and passed. Valencia were winning 2-0 until he was substituteed and then Depor scored and could have equalised, Valencia did not then have a controlling defencive midfielder. OH YES HE WAS A GOONER. - Post No. 111825

Alsace  11:30am 14th Jan 2018

I always used to imagine Ancelotti eating a sauce rich spaghetti dinner in his string vest and dropping loads of sauce down the front as he opined " my engleez is noh very goo". HOWEVER, please please please let this be true. I was a bit under the weather and didn't bother to go to the Chelsea home premier league game and COULD NOT GIVE MY TICKETS AWAY - FOR THE CHELSEA GAME! What sheer joy it would be to have hope and fun again. If Wenger is going I shall'nt miss the last home game of the season, so that I can walk out on his inevitable "Lap of Appreciation". He should never have come to Arsenal. Not fit to manage. - Post No. 111826

Roy  15:25pm 14th Jan 2018

You've got to be kidding me. The longest end game in history. Wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111827

Badrad  15:25pm 14th Jan 2018

Oh dear,Lacazette starting to realize what a mistake he's made - Post No. 111828

Bard  15:42pm 14th Jan 2018

That was another shocker. What an irrelevance Arsenal are at present. Haven't seen a poorer Arsenal side than that for a long long while. Surely surely he must get the message and leave. - Post No. 111829

Scruff  15:47pm 14th Jan 2018

'Offside Walcott' hopefully the last time we will hear that watching an AFC game. Lacazette looking like a man who knows he dropped a right one joining us! - Post No. 111830

John F  15:55pm 14th Jan 2018

Be careful what you wish for was the mantra against change last year.We might end up in mid table obscurity with a new manager was another, add to that our best players will leave if Wenger goes.Remember what happened to Utd was also said.Have we got a new manager in charge now because all their predictions are coming true.23 points behind city and counting. - Post No. 111831

Paulward  16:04pm 14th Jan 2018

If thatís the future post Sanchez and Ozil then God help us. Somebody please give a coherent argument as to why Wenger should not be sacked right here, right now. Genuinely worried about how bad we will be next season if Wenger stays, more chance of going down than making the top 4. - Post No. 111832

Goonhogday  16:09pm 14th Jan 2018

Arsenal - Not fit for purpose ... Wenger out, Kroenke out - Post No. 111833

BigDaveTheGooner  16:53pm 14th Jan 2018

What an embarrassment this once great club has become,words literally fail me,i,ve simply had enough. Wenger it's time to go.........NOW!!!!!!!! - Post No. 111834

Moscowgooner  16:55pm 14th Jan 2018

Not just on the basis of today's result, but i would prefer to see a young English manager like Eddie Howe bought in - and now, not at the end of the season. Full marks to Jack today: the only Arsenal player to really emerge with much credit. He will be a force for the future, and delighted to see him shut the doubters (here and elsewhere) up. - Post No. 111835

markymark  16:58pm 14th Jan 2018

No comment from Sadarse the Regime Supporter . Toad and Saddo are the unacceptable face of Arsenal sorry I meant Arsene ! - Post No. 111836

mbg  17:02pm 14th Jan 2018

The end is nigh the end is near because I did it my way, it couldn't happen to a more deserving weasel, go now old man, that will keep the two wengerite trolls site jokes under their stone for another while, although they never have nothing to crow about anyway. Go now wenger you clueless f*****g joke your not fit for purpose. - Post No. 111837

Cyril  17:11pm 14th Jan 2018

Once again in interview, he talks in the 3rd person. He is on 10 mill a year and is somehow blaming everything but himself. Itís disturbing. If itís not the problem with Sanchez itís something else. He gets his wages cos he can play the psychological subconscious blame game. Gooners, itís really bad news. - Post No. 111838

Goonhogday  17:25pm 14th Jan 2018

The saddest part is there was a time when fans would be rallying behind the club. For me, that was almost a decade ago. However, all rallying does is continue to endorse and encourage everything thatís currently so wrong with the football club from the top to the bottom ! Wenger out, Kroenke out. - Post No. 111839

mbg  17:29pm 14th Jan 2018

That's Eddie Howe out of the running then, he didn't throw a reception for the weasel, or bow and open doors for him, but most of all, didn't, and made sure his players didn't either, roll over for him and his nice boys, well done Eddie it didn't take you long to see and learn what TOF's really like. Go now wenger your a waste of space. - Post No. 111840

MAF  17:43pm 14th Jan 2018

i thought the Reds were excellent today + Ox had a great game, he's improved tremendously,,,,, Oh sorry wrong match.. Did Arsenal play ? i heard they did but i was frightened to watch. without alexis + ozil, we are more than mediocre. that selfish old man is quite determined to take the club into the gutter as many of us feared last summer after the fa cup victory. and so it has come to pass - Post No. 111841

Cyril  18:04pm 14th Jan 2018

Li ver poool, Li ver pool. Come on you scousers. - Post No. 111842

mbg  19:10pm 14th Jan 2018

John F, Yes that was the cry from the AKB wengerites for the last few years, or more, hilarious then, even more hilarious now as we're in the exact position (and it's not the first time either)now WITH TOF, as was predicted by the AKB wengerites and their scare tactics WITHOUT him, and even more worse off, hilarious or what, you couldn't make it up. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111843

Bard  19:30pm 14th Jan 2018

Liverpool /City a cracking game. Looked several levels above the s*** we are watching. Seeing the Ox plays so effectively confirmed the fact that Arsenal is currently a graveyard for young players, No coaching no tactical awareness. We are almost 20 points behind City and its only Jan. Its amazing that Wenger isn't under any sort of pressure apart from the WOBs. Pathetic. - Post No. 111844

Petergooner  19:39pm 14th Jan 2018

There is only One Great Piece of News today and that is that Man C can now not be "Invincables". They have been beaten - Post No. 111845

markymark  19:42pm 14th Jan 2018

Toad / Leek / BBA * You recently said Wenger is a winner , when challenged you did not reply. How does the Bournemouth and Notts Forest results fit around a winning mentality Player inflation is well into double figures, perhaps as high as 50%. Why is Wenger potentially selling his stars at a huge loss? Is this a winning capability and ethos. - Post No. 111846

Paulward  20:26pm 14th Jan 2018

Out of the top four race in mid January and about to give Jose Mourinho and Man Utd our best player. Does it get any worse than this? Yes.This is the point where our slow decline becomes a headlong rush into mediocrity and irrelevance, thanks very much Arsene. - Post No. 111847

KC38  23:38pm 14th Jan 2018

Shocking offensively a pub defence. A manager who runs the club but is not held accountable for players running their contracts down. We are ordinary at best, boring to watch and have no discipline, if and when we finish out of the top 4 it will be incredibly concerning if Wenger is allowed to stay on as it will confirm this club has zero ambition. We can all see the route weíre taking and Gazidis is not stupid therefore if his there next season we might as well pack up. How did it come to this a deluded arrogant manager and an owner who does not give a sh1t.......... - Post No. 111848

mbg  23:51pm 14th Jan 2018

I don't know where we lost that, LOL what an arrogant egoistic old fraud, and the tosser actually expects people to believe it, and of course they will, We want wenger out now. - Post No. 111849

mbg  0:36am 15th Jan 2018

KC38, how did it come to this ? Easily answered mate, because fans backed a past it out of date, finished manager devoid of new ideas, when other managers young and old were leaving him behind years ago, when other fans could see it, and what was happening and what was coming, and indeed predicted it on here numerous times,(and continue to do so without getting it wrong) but instead of getting behind them and agreeing with them, these other so called supporters mocked them, slagged them off, accused them of not being Arsenal supporters, they were told to f**k off, told to F**k off down the lane, etc, etc, etc, etc, accused of allsorts, the list is endless, even assaulted, where are all these accusing and assaulting fans today ? Very red faced i'd say and very f*****g quiet, (unless their now chanting wenger out) having now realised and been brought down to earth big style. wenger out now. - Post No. 111850

Badrad  5:07am 15th Jan 2018

If he has any honour he'd go - Post No. 111851

TonyEvans  7:20am 15th Jan 2018

The Ox must really be regretting his move to Liverpool! - Post No. 111852

markymark  7:49am 15th Jan 2018

Toad / Leek / BBA - looks like Arsene will be selling our best player to our long time rivals , this being the 2nd occasion he has done this effectively gifting them a title last time. Are you proud of your ďWinnerĒ Arsene? - Post No. 111853

markymark  8:00am 15th Jan 2018

Just heard that Cyril Regis has died of a heart attack aged just 59. Sad news a terrific player - Post No. 111854

peter wain  8:29am 15th Jan 2018

worst performance of the season as Bournemouth very ordinary. The quality of our squad is so depressing poor it is hard to see any positives emerging this season. Certainly Naitland Miles should not continue as a left full back nor should the swiss cheese continue in midfield. I was also surprised when Chambers was removed and Holding left on. Wenger out now. - Post No. 111855

Seven Kings Gooner1  8:35am 15th Jan 2018

Usual garbage this morning about Arsenal signing 3 new players. I hope we don't sign anybody because that will be the clearest sign that perhaps change is coming. Some still talk about a top four finish, I still find it staggering that even now so many Arsenal supporters do not see what many of us saw years ago. So sad to hear about Cyril Regis, in full flight with the ball at his feet he was a wonderful sight. - Post No. 111856

Hi Berry  9:04am 15th Jan 2018

So hard to take considering those of us who have not worked a day in football (and some of those that have) have been calling out in vain for a top GK, for the defence to be strengthened and drilled and for an effective defensive midfielder since the departure of Viera/Gilberto. Can anyone else remember the match where the Ox was substituted after having a good game and RVP standing there shaking his head at the bench. Good luck, I say, to all those who saw the writing on the wall years ago and abandoned ship and were reviled for doing so. Looks like Oxlade-Chamberlain has had a great weight lifted from his shoulders and beginning to enjoy playing football again. - Post No. 111857

mbg  21:11pm 15th Jan 2018

So here we go/are again another RVP situation (among others) remember those who said we've (wenger) has learned our lesson from this ? where are ye ? from transfers, embarrassments, humiliations, stuffing's, beatings, etc, etc, etc, the arrogant egoistic old parasite has learned absolutely f**k all but of course we know/knew that any way, he never does, Man yoo and Maureen threatening to hijack the Sanchez deal and f**k all TOF can do about it, and just like the RVP situation al he can do is bumble about and tell f*****g lies, I said at the time and am saying it again well done RVP and now well done Sanchez and to all you others who seen the light and got out of this old frauds clutches, it remains to be seen if Maureen will get another one over TOF like Fergie did but I bet it's really pissing the weasel off regardless of what he says. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 111911

Issue #269 - Out Now!

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16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds