Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era

For some reason, I can’t get the song ‘How Long’ by 1970’s pop combo Ace out of my head as I write about the game at Bournemouth. Why this tune has permeated my mind, I cannot be certain. Maybe it’s being used for an advert on the TV or something. Anyway, the chorus begins ‘How long has this been going on?’

It’s painful viewing for everybody

And with Arsenal, it's a pertinent question when it comes to disappointing away performances against supposedly lesser sides. Because the Gunners made a pretty poor Bournemouth team look good yesterday afternoon. The Cherries recent home results have been as follows, the most recent first…
Wigan (FA Cup) 2-2 draw
Everton 2-1 win
West Ham 3-3 draw
Liverpool 0-4 defeat
Southampton 1-1 draw
Burnley 1-2 defeat

It’s not exactly Fortress Vitality Stadium we are talking about here. No Britannia Stadium (or whatever it’s called now), no Reebok (ditto). In an email exchange with one of our proofers, Mike Preston, he wrote, ‘Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma’.

Alexis Sanchez, still on the payroll, was left out of the travelling squad, no great surprise given it’s just a matter of time before his departure is announced. Mesut Ozil has an unwritten agreement that he will get a winter break, so there is always some kind of convenient injury at this time of year, which no-one can actually say how he picked up. And it is the Ozil absence that is most damning, a symbol of the culture of complacency, the comfort bubble that Wenger has allowed to develop at an underachieving (given its resources) football club.

We see it on the pitch all too frequently as well. Jack Wilshere was the only player in an Arsenal shirt that did himself justice at Bournemouth. He, at least, put a shift in. The front three of Welbeck, Lackofthreat and Iwobi were largely nullified and, having construed to go a goal up, the defence was not up to the job of keeping a clean sheet.

The Arsenal goal gave hope. A fine through ball by Iwobi to Bellerin exposed a high Bournemouth defensive line that could not retreat in time, and the Spaniard’s shot was helped on into the net by keeper Begovic’s attempted block. All well and good, but the visitors were unable to take the sting out of the game, and Eddie Howe’s team, who had demonstrated greater attacking threat, responded with two goals of their own, both of which exposed the lack of defensive ability by an Arsenal side that is on course to concede 50 plus goals in the league this season.

Aaron Ramsey (at 1-1) and Theo Walcott (after Bournemouth’s second) came on to try and rescue the situation. The latter probably knocked a bit off his transfer valuation such was the paucity of his contribution and I can’t say Ramsey made any impression either. It was generally a nothingy kind of display, the type of which we are seeing more and more often. I’m assuming Arsene Wenger did not complain about refereeing decisions after yesterday’s match. Certainly Alex Iwobi got away with an obvious handball in his own area. There were no excuses. Arsenal, even without Ozil and Sanchez, should have had enough about them to take three points yesterday. Last season in the same fixture, they were fortunate to salvage a point. There is no question we are witnessing a team in the process of gradual decline.

Still, some good news followed. A Liverpool side including a rejuvenated Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at least gave Gooners the pleasure of being able to celebrate ‘Invincibles Day’ by ending Manchester City’s unbeaten run. But that was about it for the positives, unless Theo’s departure to Everton has been confirmed and I’ve missed it.

As for Arsenal, assuming Carlo Ancelotti is lined-up to take over in the summer, the real question is why bother waiting ‘til then? The Italian is ready to start now and a new manager in the dugout effect is probably the Gunners’ best chance of getting back into the top four and strengthening their hand in player recruitment over the summer. Are we allowing Arsene Wenger to continue for fear of not embarrassing him? You set yourself up for that kind of thing when you start erecting busts of your current first team coach and celebrating him in your stadium with the likes of hanging chain divides in Club Level with his head on putting him on a par with Herbert Chapman (a man who won three titles in a row at one club and started an identical sequence at Arsenal before dying halfway through the job, at a time when the top flight was far more competitive).

However, I cannot see one good reason not to sack Arsene Wenger now, get in a replacement to freshen things up and get the team playing with some kind of purpose again. What is the point in delaying? Wenger was given this season to prove 2016-17’s poor Premier League campaign was a blip. Yet without the first team needing to exert any of their precious energy in the Champions League they are doing worse than this season. They are about to lose their best player for peanuts, and can’t even motivate their other superstar to play half the time when the weather turns a bit nippy.

Arsenal Football Club has been allowed to go rotten. Change is going to happen and the reason to delay it disappeared with the defeats away at Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth. The writing’s on the wall, it reads ‘Time for Change’ in big letters. So let’s bite the bullet, say goodbye to the Wenger era and get on with it.

Arsène – Thanks for the memories, but it's time to say Goodbye. Now sling your hook and let us have our Arsenal back. ‘I love this club’, my arse. He would have gone long ago if that were the truth, for example when Pep Guardiola was waiting to take the job. What he loves is his bulging bank account, funded by years of Arsenal fans putting up with mediocrity because they are too polite to call out that the emperor has no clothes. Do the crowd need to turn against him at the Emirates before the board get the message? No-one wants it to come to that, but if this is allowed to drag on much longer, it just might. ‘Judge Me In May?’ It’s a foregone conclusion.

Arsenal have won one of their last seven matches.

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15th January 2018 09:37:18


Comments and Reaction

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Gunner Rob  9:45am 15th Jan 2018

sack Wenger now ? who do you think will do that then? Kroenke who offered him a 2 year contract a few months ago. Wenger is under no pressure until NEXT season, when he will go all out to either win something/finish in the top 4 to earn himself yet another contract. Wenger said on Friday that he has no intention of leaving this summer, so he won't. The supporters clubs are hardly calling for his head are they? - Post No. 111858

Jumpers For Goalposts  10:14am 15th Jan 2018

The first comment sums up our problem - fans are too weak to do anything. Rob - don't be so defeatist. If we all got together and protested, we could force him out. He is making our great Club a laughing stock and it has to end!! - Post No. 111859

Deighty  10:16am 15th Jan 2018

That display should be the one that gets him sacked today. And he should be sacked now, not allowed to even go to the end of the season and leave under his own will. He must be sacked. Does not deserve any dignity now. When was the last time you were confident of winning a match regardless of the opposition ? I bet it was a long time ago now. That is a mindset the scousers and spuds now have, not us. - Post No. 111860

Up For Grabs Now  10:21am 15th Jan 2018

Kevin, I admire your optimism re next season and CA, but I will only believe it when I see it. There have simply been far too many false dawns re-Wenger leaving over the years, that I remain somewhat sceptical that Wenger will ever leave, as I am of the belief he will only leave when carried out in a wooden box! This is also why I and many others rarely if ever even comment on sites like these anymore, because we have simply had enough and just can’t be arsed anymore, having lost all hope. Footballing wise, Liverpool did all Arsenal supporters a great favour by ending Man City’s unbeaten run yesterday, ensuring they now can’t match the ‘Invincibles’ by going an entire league season unbeaten, well at least for this season! Ironically it also means Gooners can now watch Man City play outstanding entertaining football (Without wanting them to lose), something Arsenal once did back in the distant past when the ‘Invincibles’ were plying their trade. They may of course also become another English club that wins the CL in the near future, to add further salt into our wounds, after Chelsea achieved it in 2012, adding to Man U & Liverpool, let alone Villa & Forest as clubs with the status of having won it. To think that Pep Guardiola was rumoured to want to come to Arsenal, but our stupid board decided to stick with whinger! Mind you, they could have had a host of other managers in the hot seat by now, but no Arsenal remain in a time warp saddled with Wenger’s failed philosophy. Just hope that teams like Burnley, Leicester and Everton can somehow catch Arsenal and finish above them, come the season end, as that would make an interesting spin job for the board wouldn’t it, to justify keeping not only the stale completely out of date manager, but for getting the money in for season ticket renewals! They deserve nothing less, and whoever eventually takes over the helm, has one hell of a job to get the club back up there. This in my view will now take years, and it may already be too late, with all our main competitors levelling the playing field in terms of revenue income from either pipeline stadium developments (Chelsea) or actual developments (Spurs & Liverpool) regardless of sugar daddies. They also will have CL money (Either Liverpool or Spurs as both Manchester clubs and Chelsea are currently guaranteed top 4 status for the foreseeable future), something I don’t envisage Arsenal getting ever again, whilst Wenger remains. I do sometimes wonder if Lady Bracewell-Smith had had a crystal ball, would she have sold her 16% stake to Usmanov instead of to Kroenke, and if she had, how would the last decade have panned out for Arsenal? Irrelevant I suppose, but you can’t help but wonder, as quite frankly dreaming is now all that remains, primarily one of the day Wenger leaves, and ideally Kroenke also! - Post No. 111861

Gaz  10:23am 15th Jan 2018

Agree with all of that apart from this: 'Do the crowd need to turn against him at the Emirates before the board get the message? No-one wants it to come to that'. Sorry Kev, but we should ALL want it to come to that otherwise nothing changes. I'd also suggest the main Arsenal sites-including the Gooner-fully get behind all protests to get this man out of our Club. It's now well beyond ridiculous. - Post No. 111862

Scruff  10:31am 15th Jan 2018

Perhaps in a hundred years the people will say ' Wenger diddled while his empire burnt' Merson summed it up ' it used to be a privilege to play for Arsenal' and now the moron Attwood is attempting to justify Wengers tenure by again bringing George Graham into the mix again. We have become a joke and people are actually laughing at our displays ( 4 players chasing the ball like school kids) Could go on and on about the errors but no point it's the same every week . - Post No. 111863

Seven Kings Gooner1  10:32am 15th Jan 2018

Very accurate report Kev - however will you turn up for the next home game? If you do, you and thousands like you are the reason he is still with us. It's nearly 10 years ago I first saw the yellow streak form in our club, yet Napoleon is still with us. He remains because our fan base has changed dramatically, we were never fanatical but we had some standards. Now people who go have been brain washed by Wenger - it is really like a cult following, a footballing equivalent of "a flat earth society". I have felt for some time that under Arsene we could get relegated, laughable maybe but what is left now of our team is just how AW likes it, no dissent, no stars, just players who if you told to play 10 up front they would do it. The song that enters my mind when I think of the club is "All along the Watchtower" - "There must be some way out of here said the joker to the thief" Or perhaps a collectors item by the V I P's (formally Spooky Tooth) "Straight down to the bottom" - Post No. 111864

John F  10:33am 15th Jan 2018

Good post but he has so much control at the club it will be like trying to remove Japanese knotweed.What a shambles we are.A past it goalkeeper a right back who thinks he is a winger but can't cross or defend.Defenders Who need to go and do panto so they Can get used to he is behind you shout and not look like frightened rabbits.A Midfield that Just must study the movement of a Bridlington crab for training .And a forward who has had his confidence destroyed by not playing to his strengths and Wenger subbing him on 70mins nearly every match.New signings will come in to move the spotlight off Wenger but not the all the ones we need.Cech would not last in any other top six team but Arsenal where he is pampered and made captain. - Post No. 111865

Yes its Ron  10:39am 15th Jan 2018

Bmouth are quite a tough team who fight. Its a little insulting to be honest to say theyre like yr grannie etc etc Kev . They deserved to beat puny Arsenal. Theyve more fight in them in one game than ever AFC can muster in a Season. All Clubs have been out muscling Arsenal for yrs on end. Its not too difficult is it!. The teams we ve put out for so long lack spirit and strength. The debate abour sacking Wenger has been ended for years too really. Should have been sacked in the tunnel at OT in August 2011. That was the day his goose was cooked. - Post No. 111866

Paulward  10:45am 15th Jan 2018

The old fraud has already confirmed he is going nowhere, and he isn’t going to be sacked. We are gonna have to suck it up until May 2019 when he will depart, leaving our poorest squad for 20 years and a team that hasn’t even qualified for the Europa league . This is how it will play out, forget Ancelotti and forget rebuilding. - Post No. 111867

Big Andy  10:47am 15th Jan 2018

If the club were properly run then Wenger would be called up to the boardroom today and given his P45. This would not be a knee-jerk reaction but an entirely logical piece of senior management. It's obvious now that we are not going to finish in the top four, and the way were are performing it's extremely unlikely that we'll qualify for the CL by winning the Europa Cup. The prognosis now is a sixth-place finish. So there is absolutely no reason now for Arsenal Football Club to continue to retain the services of Mr Arsene Wenger. And a better manager, like say Ancelotti, might be able to rescue this season and get us into Fourth place. So now is the time for action by the Board. The problem is that we are NOT a well-run club, and our utterly useless majority share-owner will probably allow farce to continue for at least another year. Sad. - Post No. 111868

Yes its Ron  10:52am 15th Jan 2018

Guys -lets forget about bloody miserable Wengo for a day. Lets all pay respect to Big Cyrille Regis the former Albion lad. One of the best CFs i ever saw and played in perhaps one of the most penetrative and exciting teams of his time, the W B Albion side of circa 1978 - 1983. So, as a footie fan, RIP Cyrille. You we re hard fast and always very clean and fair and brought pleasure to many. - Post No. 111869

Paulo75  10:52am 15th Jan 2018

"How long has this being going on"? The answer to that is approximately 8 years too much. Now waiting for the day when Carlo Ancelotti (or some other suitable candidate) pronounces "I am the Resurrection". - Post No. 111870

Yes its Ron  11:05am 15th Jan 2018

SKG - I keep thinking more The Animals. 'We ve gotta get outa this place, if its the last thing we ever do' ....... So glad i dropped it in 2011! - Post No. 111871

John F  11:19am 15th Jan 2018

Please don't tell me we are going to have Wenger the musical.Be like Evita,they could use the same songs "o what a circus" etc. - Post No. 111872

The Man From UNCLE  11:26am 15th Jan 2018

On the music theme, perhaps the Arsenal DJ can have the following tunes ready before the Palace game; Welcome To My Nightmare, What Kind Of Fool Am I, You've Lost That Loving Feeling, The Thrill Is Gone ending with Eh Cher and You've Overstayed Your Welcome. Wonder if the penny would drop. - Post No. 111873

Exeter Ex  11:57am 15th Jan 2018

We used to be a unique club for the right reasons. Now it's the wrong reasons. You'd think someone could explain to Kroenke that the TV money pouring into the club is not dependent on Wenger being manager. He's not finishing top 4, he's letting money pour out of the club through mismanagement of contracts - there's not even an financial reason for Kroenke to keep him on. It actually makes financial sense to sack Wenger now, to increase the chance of 4th. Trouble is I think Kroenke bought in at least partly because of Wenger, thinking he could just leave him to run the club, and he's not going to give that approach up easily for one that involves doing some actual work and going through some instability for a rebuild. I just hope there's no late flurry of decent results this season that mean Wenger ends the season on a relative 'high' and would possibly even lead to - horror of horrors - a contract extension. You know they'd love to do it if they could. So if you're an Arsenal supporter, embrace the concept of 'short term pain for long term gain' and hope the current form continues until the end of the season. - Post No. 111874

Petergooner  12:17pm 15th Jan 2018

WHO WOULD WANT TO COME TO US NOW??? This morning they are talking about Aubameyang coming to Arsenal. He is the top goal scorer in Germany at the present time. Yes so when he comes he will be coached by Wenger like Lacozette who was the top goal scorer in France when we signed him. So in 6 months time Aubameyang will have scored maybe 5/6 goals for us and lost all confidence (like Lacozette) and wonder why he sigend for us (like Lacozette). SO NO DIFFERENCE THERE THEN. IT IS SUCH A MESS. Please demonstrate next weekend and every weekend, we need Wenger to go, plus the board and Kronke. Get Ancelotti in and lets get our club back. If Wenger still here next year do not re-apply for season ticket. - Post No. 111875

GoonerRon  12:25pm 15th Jan 2018

Like the Warford game all over again - go one up and hit the button that says ‘that horrible middle ground that only Arsenal can find where we don’t press on for a second goal but don’t control the game whatsoever and therefore let the opposition build up a head of steam’. I hope you’re right about Carlo Ancelotti but I’ve no confidence the board have the balls to sack Wenger. Maybe Sanellhi coming in will be the tipping point for the board to do it. - Post No. 111876

TonyEvans  12:28pm 15th Jan 2018

More of the same please, Arsenal, do not do anything that might save Wenger's arse yet again. - Post No. 111877

Yes its Ron  12:48pm 15th Jan 2018

Tony - looking at that charade of a performance yesterday i rather suspect that quite a few players agree with yo and intend to do nothing to halt the slide. Its not too hard to spot when players arent putting it in. The only surprise is that the players have stuck at it over the years as they have. It doesn't mean though that under a new Coach the end product would be much different. The whole squad is weak and not good enough to challenge in today's PL. - Post No. 111878

TonyEvans  13:04pm 15th Jan 2018

Ron - hope you are right. Perhaps the players have (at last) had enough of easy street life under Wenger and have actually decided they want to do better under a proper coach, and are playing accordingly to get rid of the parasite. - Post No. 111879

Yes its Ron  13:10pm 15th Jan 2018

Hi Tony - im guessing quite a few will know that they wont make the cut under a new Coach. On that basis, its too late for many of them to start thinking of a new life at Arsenal. A few might i suppose. Depends what remit any new Coach has to tear up the tip tap toe blueprint, whether Wengo goes upstairs and WHO said new Coach is. - Post No. 111880

Moscowgooner  13:20pm 15th Jan 2018

As others have said, the crowd turning against him at Emirates is what EVERYONE wants! Ten years overdue, but still.... - Post No. 111881

peter wain  13:25pm 15th Jan 2018

wenger has already said he will see out his contract at least. I thinkg Stan will give him two more years. As for us buying three players in this window that is fantasy. THREE PLAYERS IN THE NEXT THREE WINDOWS MORE LIKE. And why attackers. I thinkg we need anew goalkeeper two centre halves a new right back and at least two mid field players (more if Ozil and Wiltshire go). Our mid field is so weak we do not create chances for the strikers. - Post No. 111882

Goonhogday  13:31pm 15th Jan 2018

Is this what Gazidis meant when he said a catalyst for change ? Wenger out, Kroenke out - Post No. 111883

The Man From UNCLE  13:49pm 15th Jan 2018

On sale at the Armoury from this Saturday; Arsene Wenger's Greatest Hits, featuring: If You Go Away / My Way / Money Money Money / A Fool Such As I / Help / Falling To Pieces / Ship Of Fools / The End Is Nigh / Please Release Me Let Me Go / One For The Road - Post No. 111884

Alsace  14:22pm 15th Jan 2018

Do you know Kevin, me old fruit, I wonder whether the denizens of the soul-less bowl have it in them to make noises at Monsieur. I would love to think that we could make a noise fit to rip the guy's metaphorical throat out. I would love to be there when it happens, because the type of emotion that you have shown in your writing today, I have been feeling X 10 for the last decade. What Arsene Wenger has done to our club is not ok and we should try and ensure that he leaves the club to the sound of jeering. This time, hopefully it is all going to catch up with him. Maitland Niles, played out of position when we need a defensive destroyer, is having his confidence destroyed as so many others have before him. Wenger is a poor coach, a menace to his own side and a helping hand to our rivals. - Post No. 111885

GSPM  14:37pm 15th Jan 2018

Wenger's end game has been running for over 7yrs, he cant see what all of us can. Its sad to see a great Club suffer for the folly of Wenger & Stan . The Demise of our club is squarely at their door, and we the fans have paid a heavy price. lets hope the end is nigh and we can all look forward to a new era, whatever it may bring., at least it will be new. - Post No. 111886

markymark  14:42pm 15th Jan 2018

Guys some seriously good music spins being suggested . Sam Cooke’s change is gonna come ..... please oh please . Then the reality from Zager and Evans “ in the year 2525” - Post No. 111887

mbg  15:05pm 15th Jan 2018

Is there a manager anywhere now that hasn't TOF in his pocket ? and knows exactly what he is and about (a past it fraud)even the nice ones the ones that supposedly respect him are sticking the boot in, you can bet all the others have been watching carefully and know exactly what needs to be done, and do it, and not roll over and let him and his pansy nice boys play their tippy tappy, and you can bet that other failed half wit Hodgson will not be so respectful next time either, especially if he needs three points or whatever, - Post No. 111888

MAF  15:13pm 15th Jan 2018

they need Johhny Evans because they actually need a Defender who can Coach himself... asbolute joke wathching Mustafi getting pulled out of Position every single game; he really has no clue in terms of a positional sense during the match and we have no one at the Club who can Coach him... as fans if we Club together i reckon we could hire George Graham part time and offer him as defensive Team Coach... when you Support the funny farm as us poor lot do its not such a wild idea. King Wenger, drunk with power, does what he absolutely wants to when he wants to and in reality does not feel any pressure whatsoever. he has £100m in the bank and knows he can go to various 2nd Tier French german Clubs to see out his time. lets just all make sure when time Comes the world hears the true Story re his so called legacy - Post No. 111889

A Cornish Gooner  15:39pm 15th Jan 2018

Love don't live here any more/Comment te dire adieu/Go/He's gone/The most wonderful day of the year/It's over - Post No. 111890

Bard  15:41pm 15th Jan 2018

Looks like we are off on the familiar transfer trolley dash to save Wenger's bacon rather like signing Ozil on the back of the Villa defeat. Where is the long term planning you may ask ? Ones suspects it might get a bit lively behind the scenes with the newly employed back up team. Fankly why would anyone join us except for the money? - Post No. 111891

mbg  15:49pm 15th Jan 2018

And did you see that f*****g good for nothing nodding dog bould ? he actually does move, up of the dugout at the final whistle a couple of quick begrudging well played hand slaps and he's off down the tunnel in a flash (the quickest he ever moves) to skulk and continue nodding his baldy bonce in the changing room. - Post No. 111892

mbg  16:08pm 15th Jan 2018

Scruff, George Graham will always have more respect than wenger mate, and is still thought off and held in more high regards than wenger will ever be, so don't listen to, or pay heed to that fool attwood, the only thing he's good for is cleaning and polishing wengers Bidet. wenger out now. - Post No. 111893

Gaz  16:48pm 15th Jan 2018

My twitter feed is just full of fans getting all excited at the thought of us making a couple of signings. They just cant seem to fathom it out that no amount of new signings will make a difference until Wenger leaves. Just totally bizarre. - Post No. 111894

CORNISH GOONER  16:48pm 15th Jan 2018

Well, I thought it was a great game, best of the season, with a fantastic atmosphere - but that's enough of 'Pool v City. Meanwhile, on the south coast 2 Championship level sides produced a game of little skill but with a bit more determination from the home side. Awful match. And HE won't bugger off on his own accord because he would not know how to fill his empty life. He will be at AFC until he dies & even then I think a stake should be driven through his heart to ensure he has really gone from the scene - I know my Hammer movies!! In the present, I hope Sir Chips & Lord Harris have the piss mercilessly extracted by their toff mates when they next go for drinkypoos at their respective Gentlemens' Clubs. I need a lighter moment, a bit of humour to forget all this crap - I know, I'll log on to Untold Arsenal, it always has me in stitches of laughter. - Post No. 111895

Roy  16:54pm 15th Jan 2018

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing. Both artist and title pretty apt, don't you think ? - Post No. 111896

KC38  17:27pm 15th Jan 2018

Kevin thank you good read. Agree with others, new players offensively undermined by a woeful set up defensively the culture needs to change and that means the manager. What I struggle with and assuming Wenger has the final say on player contract, is how Kronke cant see this business madness, he knows jack sh1t about football but obviously gets business, to watch your employee allow 100 million plus of potential income slip out the club due to players running their contracts down surely has to raise an eyebrow! Then to watch your employee prepared to do business with a man that has abused your employee would raise a question of integrity, does your employee have no pride, values or principles! As for the performance it’s the standard now, the players are average, we dont purchase defensive quality because this arrogant dictator does not think their important, and the offensive side of the game is non existent. The club is a circus being run by a clown yet no ones laughing except our competitors. - Post No. 111897

1971 Gooner  18:04pm 15th Jan 2018

Some great tunes on here chaps. How about ‘No More Tears (Enough is Enough)’ by Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer? Or, more to my personal taste ‘Wont Get Fooled Again’ by The Who (but with ‘Until Stan drops Wenger another two-year contract extension’) added to the title? - Post No. 111898

RobG  18:18pm 15th Jan 2018

This is like a slow mo' car crash which will end in May. Nothing is going to happen until then. Regardless of whether they should act - they won't. But the moment the final ball has been kicked, all attention will fall on the Board and Kronke. It is a World Cup Year. So there can be no excuse for delay. There isn't the time. They have to act immediately. And if Ancelotti is there and waiting, it will be an act of criminal self destruction to pass the chance up. AW must be paid up and the change confirmed within days of the seasons end. I truly fear to think of what will happen if the Board funk the challenge. Surely these two appointments indicate that they won't? But we will see...... - Post No. 111899

Cyril  18:31pm 15th Jan 2018

As a ST holder, there is no appetite to go for Wenger at home. He knows that if and to be fair on most occasions, there is a good result, the natives accept it. I will give you an example of how many fans think at home games. A fellow chum ST holder started walking out when we went 2-1 down at home to Chelsea, along with so many others. There must have been 15 mins left and I have not seen that before ever in Wenger’s reign. That’s interesting as the fans are turning, but they are turning to walk out the door; not to have a go. It does say a lot but it’s passive unrest. In my stand, I have not heard Wenger our chants ever. The odd one or two have stood up and done it but it’s ignored. Anyway, as he went to go, he was met with “ walk out and you will miss an equaliser and a late winner” He was partially right. The point is, fans still believe in the fairytale ending in all games. Unless, we are getting stuffed at home on a regular basis, it ain’t happening any time soon. Wenger knows this and that is the last thing he will let go. I turn up last minute but fans are in there, well before ko supping beers, eating and looking over the London skyline. They are in prime land area with spectacular views. It’s a day out with great transport links. The days of hardened clockenders and Northbankers are gone. It’s a love in chaps and chapesses. - Post No. 111900

KC38  18:44pm 15th Jan 2018

If Wenger got lucky with draw and won the EL he will still be here next season. I never thought I would ever say this but I’m starting to believe I have to hope cfc beat us in the second leg and we go out of the EL, not sure I can actually watch and want us to lose but my head tells me this will improve the odds of Wenger saying goodbye in May sad but true. - Post No. 111901

TOOAW  19:05pm 15th Jan 2018

"I was born a winner" Freddie McGregor. - Post No. 111902

Scruff  19:11pm 15th Jan 2018

Ignore the foolish child a wind up merchant who quite possibly is about 14 and a Spud fan. - Post No. 111903

Alsace  20:15pm 15th Jan 2018

Interesting watching Arsenal Fan TV clips on YouTube. It is beginning to dawn on everyone that we have to puncture the cocoon of deference which surrounds the putrid old fraud. That can only be done with our voices. - Post No. 111904

Bob Bayliss  20:24pm 15th Jan 2018

Del Amitri - Nothing Ever Happens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxbIU0X-lCI - Post No. 111905

Paulward  20:36pm 15th Jan 2018

Tooaw : Assuming you meant I was born a whiner ? Far more apt - Post No. 111906

Cyril  20:48pm 15th Jan 2018

It will never happen at the Emirates. They won the lottery when they moved to Ashburton grove.I should know, they moved our housing service from there to North Rd, just off the cally. They dispersed Council services all around Islington and where the businesses went, only God knows. When they booted us out, they won the equivalent of say 5 Champions leagues and 20 league titles. Having an ST at Highbury was a privilege. THE 98 team, the best I ever saw!! - Post No. 111907

Scruff  20:58pm 15th Jan 2018

Bowie ; always crashing in the same car - Post No. 111908

Perryashburtongroves  21:09pm 15th Jan 2018

"Do the crowd need to turn against him at the Emirates before the board get the message? No-one wants it to come to that" Yeah. I think we do want it to come to that now. He's had his chances to **** off on his own terms, now he's going to have to go on our terms. - Post No. 111909

arrgee  21:09pm 15th Jan 2018

They don't sack managers at Arsenal. Neill, Graham and Rioch are the only 3 sacked in 50 years. Graham would have probably stayed a few years longer if he left the suitcase in the cupboard rather than sticking it in the bank. Wenger leaves when he wants. Unfortunately. - Post No. 111910

mbg  21:39pm 15th Jan 2018

And look at him in that photo, appealing complaining to the other nodding dogs, serving a ban and still having learned f*****g nothing, and the latest nodding poodle Lehmann with an ear piece in, whatever he wants or needs that for is anybody's guess. wenger out now. - Post No. 111912

Moscowgooner  4:56am 16th Jan 2018

Nobody yet has made the point that the home crowd have come together on one occasion to make their point very vocally: I think it was Everton last season(?) With the 'Stan Kroenke get out of our club' chant. If this is something we can all unite around at least it sends some kind of message. Better than suffering in silence. Frankly, given our huge supporter base, I am amazed at the lack of real organization to maintain a sustained campaign to get rid of him - let's set up a version of FC United of Manchester if necessary. I've run plenty of businesses, employing hundreds of people: happy to get involved now on a full time basis if others are also ready to act. - Post No. 111913

Moscowgooner  7:48am 16th Jan 2018

arrgee - yes, they don't sack managers. But look a little beyond 50 years and the picture does change with Wright/Swindin etc. Rioch was dealt with fairly brutally after just one, decent enough, season. In any case, those were very different times, with a very different board - and a very different set of supporters. Now we have an absentee landlord and a theme-park oriented fan base (half and half scarves, selfies etc). Relegation to the Championship would have its benefits because we would lose the 30,000 'tourists' and regain our soul. Hopefully a few thousand of those alienated by the Emirates move and the Kroenke regime would also come back. We'd have 40,000 real supporters in the ground. Introduce standing areas, cut out the Club Level and the boxes, and we might even have a real football stadium back.... - Post No. 111914

markymark  7:59am 16th Jan 2018

Just a quick thought can the incredible winning Wengo ( I’m trying to be nice Toad ). Substitute Aubemayang after 65 minutes? Or even play him. I see rumbles ahead between Mislintat and the incredible winner Wengo. Mislintat had an ongoing war at Dortmund and doesn’t hold back I hear. Poor old Wengo, I feel he’s going to have a few things said to him that will burn his ears. - Post No. 111915

arrgee  8:39am 16th Jan 2018

@Moscowgooner Rioch was a rare exception. Mee and Howe walked but both had being hanging on. I don't see Arsenal ever getting relegated nor the 40,000 hard core support (if there ever was such a thing) returning. It is more likely that when us 50 somethings get too old and stop paying the £50 or so to get in that the big 6 clubs will start to play games elsewhere like the NFL teams as most of the supporters will be in other countries. More likely we will end up with Arsenal playing to 60,000 in Yankee stadium and the LA Rams relocating to London to play at Highbury. Right now all I want is Wenger to go and get a manager who has some chance of winning the league. It has been 10 years since Arsenal made any real attempt to win it. Arsenal/Arsene never got past that day in Brimingham. - Post No. 111916

TonyEvans  9:09am 16th Jan 2018

The odds must be shortening for a January 'trolley dash' with Wenger desperate to stop the rot. So that will be another midfield lightweight then, or a striker Wenger can drain of confidence. Any chance of a decent centre half or defensive midfielder - no thought not! I hate wishing ills on my club, but I hope this time the wheels finally come off completely and stay off; no League Cup or Europa to paper over the cracks, and the dismal League run to continue - horrible that it has come to this but the alternative is more Wenger. The time has come for short term pain which at least gives the chance of long term gain. It's not even short term pain for me now because I don't care enough to feel it, but at least with Wenger gone I might have a chance of feeling something again for a club I used to worship. - Post No. 111917

Yes its Ron  10:54am 16th Jan 2018

arrgee - i think yr right re playing abroad. There will be a Euro league tho before then i suspect. I think UEFA know their beloved CL is now a bit rubbish and looking jaded and needs a revamp. The Euro league will do it. Eventually whats left of the domestic leagues will become regional again i think. This isnt a catastrophy. Football will find its roots again. So called big clubs will crawl up their own backsides and the interest levels in them will fall. Real football fans will find themselves attracted to lower level local teams again, TV will dissapear or stick to the new Euro leagues and hype it up. Hopefully they ll play to empty stadia. Local players will thrive again as will British coaches in the domestic leagues. Some thing needs to happen along these lines as footballs soul has well and truly long gone as matters stand. The PL is a celebrity driven circus. Its strictly come dancing in footie boots! - Post No. 111918

Bard  10:55am 16th Jan 2018

Couldn't agree more Tony. This reactive stuff has dogged us for years. Where is the long term plan ? We have let the side deteriorate over the last few years. the dead wood should have been cleared out years ago. It's a shambles from top to bottom. - Post No. 111919

Exeter Ex  11:19am 16th Jan 2018

Ron, I think that's the best hope actually of football returning to its roots. Top level becomes pure showbiz, games in the US etc with an audience made up of those that know no better. I think there could be then a revival of interest in 'heritage' football, for want of a better term. Standing on the terraces, peanut sellers shouting '30p', players on comprehensible wages. Perhaps all the clubs in the showbiz league would end up with 'authentic' versions in the 'real' league started up by proper enthusiasts, as happened to Wimbledon. Maybe we'd see an AFC Gunners or something, based in Highbury or nearby. I'd support that team. - Post No. 111920

arrgee  19:58pm 16th Jan 2018

@Yes its Ron/@Exeter Ex - Maybe that is the Wenger masterplan. Turn us into a lower level local team for real football fans. I still remember the mid 70s when QPR were top dogs whilst Arsenal, Spurs, West Ham and Chelsea were dog sh!te. Can't say it was much fun, 17,844 others were scattered around Highbury when we played Birmingham and we got comps on the way in! doubt 15,000 paid for it, - Post No. 111953

mbg  20:53pm 16th Jan 2018

Alsace, dead right this arrogant past it old c**t deserves to go with jeering in his ears, (no fan fare goodbyes smirking hurrah's) booing, whistling, wenger out, don't come back, etc, etc, with his tail between his legs completely humiliated because of what he's done to, and where he's left, this once great proud club, what he has done to the fan base is reason enough alone, and he'd have got it and sent on his merry way at any other top club years ago. wenger out. - Post No. 111955

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds