So Much For Another New Dawn…

By Kevin Whitcher

Online Ed: Wembley not so kind to Arsenal as Gunners hopeless in North London derby

At the end of a match in which Arsenal had been totally dominated, my thoughts went back to the trip to White Hart Lane in the late spring of last season. It would be the final match the Gunners played at a venue where they had, on occasion, achieved remarkable things and played some excellent football. Yet, on the last chance they would get to do that before the conversion to a stadium that will be unrecognizable on the same plot of land, they were anonymous. Tottenham won 2-0, but the scoreline was generous to the visitors. What a contrast with some of the previous displays Arsenal sides had given.

Bellerin calling for help in the build-up to Spursí goal

It was at the fag end of a season in which Arsenal dropped out of the top four for the first time under Arsene Wengerís tenure, and with his deal expiring at the seasonís end, this writer felt that at least we would have something different to look forward to after the summer. It wasnít to be. The team played with desire and commitment in two matches at Wembley against Manchester City and Chelsea to win the FA Cup. The contrast with attitude and lack of quality displayed in certain of the fixtures played in the Premier League was remarkable. The trophy saved the managerís job, and we hoped for better this season, with the evidence that these players were capable of going toe to toe with the clubs that had finished above them in the table.

I say hope. Maybe blind optimism is more like it. Deep down, I suspect most Arsenal fans knew how this season would pan out. More inconsistency. Some great wins and some rank defeats. Arsene lost his mojo a long time ago and it wasnít coming back anytime soon. Still, perhaps a silver lining came out of the woeful 90 minutes we witnessed on a wet Saturday lunchtime at Wembley yesterday. There can be few who can argue that next season is going to be any better if the manager remains to see out the last year of his deal. Fortunately, the club are gearing up for change, and the necessary departure of Arsene this summer will see a few heads roll both on the playing and coaching staff, but such ruthlessness has been lacking at the club for far too long.

The game? Arsenal made two changes with Wilshere and Eleneny coming in for Alex Iwobi and an injured Aaron Ramsey. The former did at least create a couple of very decent chances, one in the first half for Aubameyang who was wrongly called offside when he had a one on one with the keeper, the other for late substitute Danny Welbeck although he failed to control it. Jack also had a very decent shot palmed away by Hugo Lloris in the second half. Until injury time, that was about it for Arsenalís attacking threat.

Tottenham only had one chance of real note before the interval, when Harry Kane failed to get a clear header on target. Arsenal were cagey, focusing on stopping the opposition rather than playing much football themselves, which was a perfectly acceptable approach given the goal threat of the opponents.

That was the first half. Things began to unravel quickly in the second, as the home side took control. First Cech almost gave the ball away in his own area trying to dribble the ball round one of the Spursí players. They got away with that one, but not too long after Harry Kane, with three players around him, climbed higher in the box to beat Cech with a quality header. The players claimed a push on Koscielny, but although Kaneís hands did make contact with the Frenchman, it was once he was up in the air meeting the ball. He didnít actually push the defender. Iíve seen referees favouring one side give a foul in that situation, but thatís clutching at straws.

Kane had two more good chances very soon after as Arsenal were on the ropes. One he headed wide, the other, a volley, produced a great save from Cech. The keeper, in spite of his worrying continued attempts to play football in his own box, was all that stood between a single goal defeat and humiliation, pulling off a string of saves. But that 200th clean Premier League sheet is going to have to wait a while longer.

There were more chances. Vertonghen, Dele Alli, Lamela and Trippier all should have scored. Near the end of the game, we got an alarming stat. The home side had notched up 19 attempts on goal (eight on target) to Arsenalís four (one on target). That stat tells you all you need to know. It was noticeable how Mauricio Pochettinoís side were hungrier to win the ball back, a real contrast to Arsenalís strollers. As was said to me later, ďItís not a teamĒ.

The consequence was that we saw a half of football in which the team went to pieces defensively. It was hide behind the sofa stuff. Where was the pride? The determination? How come these players can do it sometimes, but not habitually? We know they have it in them because we have seen it.

Lacazette and Iwobi replaced Elneny and Mkhitaryan as Wenger chased the game. The number 9 had to wait a long time to have any impact, but had two very decent opportunities in the dying minutes to salvage an unwarranted point. The first, a penalty area volley with no-one near him, was ballooned over the bar. The second, a one-on-one with Hugo Lloris from the angle that he rolled wide.

So much for the hopes that Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan could turn around the season. I titled my piece on the victory over Everton, ďAnother New DawnĒ. Weíve has several false ones since the stadium move. For example, when the club signed Alexis Sanchez to join Mesut Ozil, it looked like there was some genuine team-building going on. Yet the following summer, Arsenal failed to sign a single outfield player. Leicester went on to win the title in the season that followed. And that should have been the final straw in terms of the board and Arsene Wenger, but finishing above a collapsing Spurs on the final day of the season gave the fans a happy ending and the fact the club had allowed a relative minnow to finish ten points clear of them was quietly forgotten.

Arsenal were rank in a game that should matter to the players. There was no sign that it meant anything to anyone aside from Wilshere. And they played like it. There are eleven remaining Premier League matches this season, a League Cup Final and probably four or six Europa League games. Surely if there was any doubt that these should be Arsene Wengerís final fixtures as manager, that should have been dispelled by a soulless display at Wembley in a unique North London derby. There really is no good reason to drag this out any longer than is needed.

If Arsene Wenger loves the club as much as he professes (rather than a deeper affection for his bank account), he should call it a day. That isnít going to happen before the seasonís over, and if he doesnít, the board need to do whatís best for Arsenal and give him his golden handshake of a yearís salary on May 31st. Itís time we all moved onÖ unless thereís anyone out there who wants an unfortunate third part to this away North London derby trilogy when the Gunners make their first trip to the rebuilt White Hart Lane next season.

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11th February 2018 10:58:48


Comments and Reaction

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Guernsey gunner  11:18am 11th Feb 2018

Letís hope he does one in the summer kev I canít stomach much more of this. The new signings were dreadful yesterday in a game of such importance and they were anonymous. It could have been a real hammering and you just know one is around the corner before the season is over. No more hollow cup victories that some deluded fans think justify the old fool staying on. For the sake of Arsenal f.c he has to go at the end of this season - Post No. 112811

Big Andy  11:20am 11th Feb 2018

"If Arsene Wenger loves the club as much as he professes (rather than a deeper affection for his bank account), he should call it a day." Dream on. Wenger will NEVER resign from this job. My guess is that he is still desperate to get a new contract after next season. Fortunately, even Stupid Stan and his gormless son have now probably realised that TOF is passed it, and Wenger will finally be gone at the end of this season. I hope so. - Post No. 112812

GoonerRon  11:21am 11th Feb 2018

Spuds haven't won a single game this season when going behind so the incorrect offside could have been a pivotal moment, especially considering we were set up to soak and counter and the first goal is crucial to that game plan. It doesn't cover up what came in the second half at all though, we were on the ropes for large parts and couldnít get anything going offensively. Weird really, I'm pissed off about the second half and the result (I unequivocally wanted us to win) but there's a very small feeling of silver lining that it could be another step towards change. - Post No. 112813

TonyEvans  11:47am 11th Feb 2018

Wenger's post match comment that the result was 'hard to swallow' says it all really. Yes we missed a couple to decent chances but the Spuds had far more, and as Kevin says dominated large parts of the game. The man really is in cloud cuckoo land. - Post No. 112814

Exeter Ex  11:48am 11th Feb 2018

How certain contributors think the comments section should look under this match report: "Never mind! I'm sure the boys did their best!" "It may be Spurs but it's only one defeat!" "Yes no good analysing, just forget it and move on to the next game!" "A true supporter doesn't think about these things, just cheers on the team and Mr Wenger no matter what!" "Mr Wenger needs more time after all the recent changes" "Yes, in fact now's the time for Mr Wenger to sign a contract extension. We need stability!" "As long as we trust in Mr Wenger, everything will be fine." "As long as Mr Wenger is manager, everything IS fine." "Remember the Invincibles?" "Remember gobstoppers?" - Post No. 112815

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:59am 11th Feb 2018

No surprise with the result, our away record alone suggested a defeat but if City play anything like they did yesterday the league cup final could be the heavy hammering that we are long overdue. Wenger has taken me back to Billy Wright's teams of the sixties, defeats up north and thrashings handed out at home, to the bottom eight clubs, where Eastham & Baker would run riot. Trouble is Ozil is no Eastham and the new boy never got a kick yesterday, although he was onside for the one on one. Wenger still being at the club is like a ridiculous plot from a TV soap that you know could never happen in real life - yet for us it does. - Post No. 112816

A Cornish Gooner  12:08pm 11th Feb 2018

Exeter. Coming soon: Eggman versus The Pun gent Wriggler - Post No. 112817

henleygooner  12:59pm 11th Feb 2018

Surely the headline should be "New Dawn Fades"? - Post No. 112819

KC38  13:53pm 11th Feb 2018

Kevin how can you be so sure this is his last season? This team are a reflection of the manager, weak, cowardly that do not do confrontation or dig in. Wenger raves about Kane and yet he is unmarked in our box, he hides when questioned about the defence by insisting the team donít score enough away, well if you dont compete and go into your shell away you wonít score, but the main issue is the defence, a base. The team cheats itís fans itís that simple, at home itís all lovely and comfortable , away itís tough you fight for the right to play, but Wengers philosophy totally undermines any chance of success, Xhaka is the perfect example. - Post No. 112820

MAF  14:05pm 11th Feb 2018

with Stan as owner & Wenger the selfish refusing to let go, the club is just dragged down to where most of us felt it could end up going if change didnt come. defenders who dont know how to defend. amazing to say that of an Arsenal team but we all have to remember ''Arsenal'' is no longer ''The Arsenal'' the DNA of backbone + fight has been well + truly removed in the last 7-8 years. we look forward to at best being the 6th best team in the EPL even with chelsea unable to spend as they once did, purs having £150mpa less revenue than us & Liverpool also having american owners with limited resources; it comes down to management of the club + team and thats where today's ''Arsenal'' is in a huge amount of strife which is often masked over by the PR Machine. so many mistakes with players in and out, players contracts, coaching/training, discipling, so much wrong with the club today, its not so easily solveable anymore. I could not believe how positive Keown has been all week about a new dawn at the club. Is he really that deluded ? i like it when Rio Ferdinand straightens him out almost every week on BT sport. Even Thierry wont say it as it is. Only Wright, Merson, Charlie seem to see clearly about where Arsenal are really at these days + say it as it is. - Post No. 112821

!No Pasaran!  14:18pm 11th Feb 2018

I like the Joy Division reference henleygooner. ĎDecadesí or ĎI remember nothingí would also be fitting for Wenger. Awful 2nd half yesterday, but nothing weíve not witnessed before over the years. - Post No. 112822

RobG  15:12pm 11th Feb 2018

The League is pretty much a write off, now. Our one hope is the EL. Although it's a pretty forlorn one. All eyes on May. Kronke and the Board must act come then - surely ? Will they...? - Post No. 112823

Arseneknewbest  15:21pm 11th Feb 2018

Kevin - thanks. You hit on the only silver lining we might have for the next few months, i.e. that our chihuahua-headed cretin of a manager might have fewer than 20 games to go until he f*cks off for good. If it is to be au revoir, finally, this summer, I will be going on a massive bender that will probably end in MBG's local in maguiresbridge. Get em in mate - we'll party like it's 1999! You'd also hope that wengo's departure will lead to his fanboys and pseudo hooligans calling it a day. - Post No. 112824

mbg  15:22pm 11th Feb 2018

Kev, yes Another new dawn, these new dawns have been going on and are/have been predicted for thirteen years now lol usually after we've won the first game of the season, and then again the first win after we've been humiliated and embarrassed by mediocre opposition, we all know who by, the AKB wengerites who are as false as their messiah, and you know what's the funniest thing of all ? if a miracle were to happen (I know I know don't laugh) even after all these years (and by the law of averages it should have, but of course this is wenger we're talking about)they'd be spouting we told you so, and with a straight face too, you couldn't fooking couldn't make it up. Go now you good for nothing weasel your an embarrassment. - Post No. 112825

mbg  15:33pm 11th Feb 2018

Guernsey gunner, good first post for the top of the page, so much for all this getting moist (by some) over our new signings, of course now we'll hear from them it will take them a year to settle in, get their feet, find their bearings, very conveniently forgetting of course who'll be coaching them, they'll end up just like the rest want out or ruined. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112826

markymark  15:44pm 11th Feb 2018

Arsenalknewbest - funny you should mention this. For me it will be a dozen Oysters, chateaubriand, Champagne , finest wines plus a night dancing with the wife . For ToOaW Iíd guess sicked up remains of a Rustler Burger and his collapsed body after a litre of buckfast. Brian will write a 100 articles randomly frothing and poking. The sad truth will be that his eggs will have collapsed and his wife will call for medication - Post No. 112827

Paulward  16:16pm 11th Feb 2018

What more is left to say? This funeral march cannot be allowed to continue until May 2019 .You have to wonder what planet the AFC hierarchicay are on to continue to employ ArsŤne Wenger.We can all handle losing but these insipid away capitulations are horrible to watch , and have become the rule not the exception.He should leave in the summer regardless of any cup success . - Post No. 112828

David1  16:40pm 11th Feb 2018

So, the AW revolution appears set to take Arsenal all the way back to 1995. The problem is that Arsenal will probably win the Europey thing and get a place in the CL. Which will persuade the old boy to stay on. - Post No. 112829

Bard  17:14pm 11th Feb 2018

Good report Kev. It would seem to me that yesterdays result is more of a problem for the board than for us fans. The question is dare they risk another year of Wenger? Do they throw a shedload of money at the problem for his last year? The other issue is that if history is anything to go by he is not going to go easily. He has never broken a contract and he is addicted to the job. The thought of Ivan trying to persuade him to leave is fanciful in my opinion. All in all it does seem as though things are coming to a head. I hate being beaten by the spuds but if it ultimately leads to Wenger getting the bullet it will have a silver lining. - Post No. 112830

Exeter Ex  17:28pm 11th Feb 2018

Arsenal have 45 points. To match last season's total of 75 would mean winning 10 of the 11 remaining games. And that was only good enough for 5th. 4th is effectively gone, in February. The title will be mathematically gone in the next couple of games. Mathematically impossible to win the title in February. These are new lows. But it doesn't look likely that action will be taken anytime soon. The owner, the board and a big section of the fanbase seem determined to let Wenger drag Arsenal down as far as he wants. It's a unique, crazy situation. - Post No. 112831

John F  17:39pm 11th Feb 2018

It is ironic that the one competition that Wenger believes should not have a champions league place given to the winners could decide his future. Win it and I can see him staying on for one more failed attempt at the Champions league as the Board would not sack a cup winner. Get knocked out and it is players on the beach time playing in front of empty seats something the board could not ignore. - Post No. 112832

Arseneknewbest  18:16pm 11th Feb 2018

Exeter. Hi, I agree with that analysis and my only comment is good! I also think that there's enough euro talent left in the ropey to ensure that he doesn't get his miserable claws on that either as a backdoor to the financial holy grail that is cl qualification. He doesn't exactly have positive previous in Europe's half-arsed competitions viz galatasaray unlike his master and superior George Graham. He< Stan and their apologists deserve all this. A plague on all their houses. I take your point too that there is almost something wilful about his dismantling of the club. Reminds me rather of the plot of "the Producers". Alternatively, a comedy of errors might be more apt as anothr nod to Shakespeare. I repeat: he's an enemy within. - Post No. 112833

Reality Cech  18:34pm 11th Feb 2018

Thereís some tough sides still in the Europa; Milan, Athletico, Dortmund plus 3 or 4 Russian/East Bloccers. We might pull a decent off against one or two of them but over 2 legs? Wengers not good enough to win it. Best chance of Europa League next year is the Carabou. We can even afford to cock that up and with City in the CL already, EuropasSSFF9 qualification will drop down to 6th in the EPL. Best we can do. Woeful. Wenger out. - Post No. 112835

Bob Bayliss  18:52pm 11th Feb 2018

After the defeats to the likes of Watford and Stoke before Christmas, the new year saw us plunge new depths against Forest, Bournemouth and Swansea. But just because we spunked 55 million on Aubangeyang on transfer deadline day, so many people were blinded by the illusion that something had changed. Those who had organised a protest were told the timing was wrong. So how about now? Will it just take a couple of flat-track wins at home for everything to be ok again? I can excuse the tourists and day-trippers, but anyone calling themselves a genuine Arsenal supporter who slagged off the protesters last week is beneath contempt. You deserve to support a second-rate club: allow those of us who care to do what we can to influence change. - Post No. 112836

CORNISH GOONER  20:09pm 11th Feb 2018

Reports on another site that Carlo A. had flown over from Vancouver (!) just to see this mismatch - an interesting one for the conspiracy theorists or just plain desperate people like me to cling onto a hope that the exit of Arthur is nigh. Carlo would be a sensible stop gap as a very minimum. Very sad that the old chap hadn't the nous to leave AFC before outstaying his welcome or realise that it was raining at Wembley yesterday & so looking like a soaked chihuahua before the TV cameras. Yep, I am very prejudiced these days so would therefore welcome posts from the Gruesome Twosome to present a more balanced, factual post. - Post No. 112837

Bard  20:10pm 11th Feb 2018

Exeter mate I dont agree. I think the board must be aware that we are a sinking ship. The transfer window suggests that at long last we are developing a structure behind the scenes for life beyond Wenger. The problem they have is how to ease Wenger out. Despite the general feeling on this site there are many fans who are devoted to Wenger what ever he does and they will go into meltdown if he is forced out. There is very little chance of a 4th place finish currently so whats next. My view is that he is done for and that we will have another manager in place by the beginning of next season. Dynasties always end badly and this will be no different. - Post No. 112838

Paulward  20:52pm 11th Feb 2018

Canít believe Kroenke has signed off the Auba and Ozil deals to finish sixth and out of the CL again. Sooner or later he is going to want a return on what is, when all said and done, considerable investment. Difficult to see him indulging Wengers underachievement for too much longer. - Post No. 112839

Goonhogday  21:23pm 11th Feb 2018

I certainly would like to see Ancelotti have a shot at managing us on an interim basis or whatever (although his mate Ambramovic might have a say in that if he sacks Conte first). Wenger out. - Post No. 112840

TOOAW  21:44pm 11th Feb 2018

Lots of negativity on here. I've said it once or twice and will say it again. If you feel that the club is going backwards then how about a protest. Gather a few thousand together and make your voices heard...... Oh NO. That's already been tried and failed. Arsene.... The club is yours fella for however long you want it. Gutless, fickle, frothy, good for nothing, past it, moaners. TTFN. - Post No. 112841

Gaz  22:31pm 11th Feb 2018

Please canít we just block/ban this stupid prick. Whatever I think of Badarse at least heís obviously an Arsenal fan. This TOOAW wanker is obviously spurs/chelsea so whatís the point of allowing him to continue? - Post No. 112842

mbg  22:54pm 11th Feb 2018

Did everyone notice how the spurs players came of the pitch ? Any other time when beating us they'd be whooping, high fiveing and laughing,(just like our own nice boys and weasel of a manager would have been doing, skinny fist pumping, dining out on it for two months ) but yesterday none of it, just the obligatory palm slap and hand shake just like any other game, like beating us doesn't mean anything these days/anymore, as we're not as important as we used to be, just like we used to feel, that we had bigger more important fish to fry, now it was our biggest game of the season, and we still weren't up for it, what a shower of pansies. Go now wenger you embarrassment. - Post No. 112843

mbg  23:05pm 11th Feb 2018

Exeter yes mate and if a few of them had their way (that strangely haven't much to say today, so far anyway) that's exactly how it would be with gobbledegook and guitar playing thrown in. Go now wenger your not wanted. - Post No. 112844

The Man From UNCLE  7:21am 12th Feb 2018

Why's everyone so downbeat? We beat them 2-1 on aggregate. Last year it was 1-3. We're getting better. - Post No. 112847

Moscowgooner  7:43am 12th Feb 2018

Would be interesting to hear from anyone who was actually at the game. The atmosphere seemed pretty flat from watching on TV: but Wembley to be fair is always that way. How many tickets were we actually allocated? Interesting that the crowd was 83,222 - still 38 short of the all time top flight record when we played Utd at Maine Road in (I think),1948. As for the game, well the old inadequacies continue to be unaddressed while AW plays the 'bread and circuses' card. We'll continue to thrash teams at home - and then lose away. 6th is probably safe for now: Burnley and Leicester have too much ground to make up ) As for winning the Europa League forget it - far too much quality still left in there. Getting past Ostersunds would be a pleasant surprise for me... - Post No. 112848

markymark  7:47am 12th Feb 2018

Toady - lick , lick , Wengie , squirt , groan , Iím not Fickle my lord Wengie , an excellent defeat my great master, lick , squirt lick ,, - Post No. 112849

Arseneknewbest  7:55am 12th Feb 2018

website administrator - goonered - or anyone out there with the ability to lock idiots out of this site. Gaz is right - tooaw is a stupid prick who is simply trying to stir up unrest. Get rid ffs. - Post No. 112850

markymark  8:02am 12th Feb 2018

GAZ - bear in mind though that Badarse has been an enabler by of ToOaW , Leek , bba ( Toad ) , a pal of Jameeson and wanted to have joint dust ups with Colesey all were pro Wenger wind up Trolls. Our old buddy Badarse surpassed himself by awarding ToOaW Supporter of the year. I really do wonder about Badarseís credentials at times. He might have been an Arsenal Supporter for 75 years . However I think some 8 year olds have more grasp of Arsenalís issues than Brian Sadarse. - Post No. 112851

peter wain  8:13am 12th Feb 2018

another pathetic display. Why was Ainsley Niles not in the mid field. The swiss guy is rubbish. We need two centre halfs a goal keeper a defensive midfield player and a cerative midfield player as well as a winger. Free transfers will not do Wenger. - Post No. 112852

markymark  8:19am 12th Feb 2018

Gaz / AKB - I am of course happy to support any move to ban ToOaW . I would just say that he has a habit of coming back under a different guise. Not how that is easily combated. One thing was very obvious when ToOaW and Badarse said they were both going the increase in posters , not just postings was obvious. - Post No. 112854

Bard  8:23am 12th Feb 2018

Paul Ward I completely agree. He might give him the benefit of the doubt if we were nailed on for 4th but we are going backwards and he ends up coping a load of stick to boot. Whats so familiar and perverse is that we have needed a quality CB since Per slowed to a halt and as usual he hasn't done anything about it. Reminds me of the days of Almunia and Fabianski. He has spent the best part of £250m on strikers to little effect and nothing on defence. - Post No. 112855

Badarse  8:50am 12th Feb 2018

Nark it seems that you arte obsessed with TOOAW and myself. Please stop frothing and eat your eggs. - Post No. 112856

Gaz  8:56am 12th Feb 2018

markymark: Badarse reminds me of those fans on twitter who are desperate for that pratt the Ďarsenal guvnorí to be a real Arsenal fan as his opinions are so ridiculously pro Wenger! They donít get it that heís actually a spurs fan on a wind up! Iím guessing thatís why Baddie defends TOOAW so much. - Post No. 112857

Redshirtwhitesleeves  8:58am 12th Feb 2018

As per usual, it's not the losing it's the way we lose. No botte, no fight, no passion, no balls. The other lot simply wanted it more, as exemplified by the goal, where our 'captain' and 'leader' and 'best centre back' didn't even bother jumping. Could anyone imagine Adams, Keown, Bould, Campbell letting that open mouthed p**** rise unchallenged like that? We have a coward for a manager, cowards for players and it's spread like a cancer into the DNA of the club. Wenger out - Post No. 112858

Seven Kings Gooner1  9:00am 12th Feb 2018

I watch Arsenal these days just to log the steady demise of a special club. It's all about so many little pieces of nonsense that collectively are ruining the football they play. The last part of the game we had a 50 million pound striker playing out wide so he could get a better view of our other costly striker missing two chances at the end of the game. Will Lacazette and Aubamayang ever play together, if not then why in the name of sense did we buy a second striker when clearly we need help in other positions. However we will never really know what is needed for this team until new management take over and start to prepare the team in a professional manner. - Post No. 112859

John F  9:44am 12th Feb 2018

It is hard to know how good or bad our defence is with Wenger in charge.They are left exposed by the midfield and wandering full backs although it is no excuse not to be able to jump not only for Kane s goal but exactly the same chance just a few minutes later.Gabriel is having a great season in Spain and Sir Chesney has eqauled the Juventus record of the fastest amount of clean sheets, it was 11 last time I looked.He claimed he has learnt more in his short time in Italy then 10 years at Arsenal a damming statement on the standard of coaching under Wenger. We have a good defender in Kolasinac sitting on the bench why?. - Post No. 112860

Yes its Ron  10:00am 12th Feb 2018

I think the first most telling aspect of the game was the way that Arsenal were immediately deflated after the goal. It was as instant as a balloon being let down. I feel that tells us that the teams heart isnt really in it much now. Im sure AW knows it deep down. Secondly, it underlined the drastic need to buy a proper centre back. Koschieny was simply frightened of Kane in the challenges and his attempt to deal with Kane for the header was really sad to see. The result doesn't really matter though. It is another step to the change of direction that the club needs i think. They should give their all to win the League Cup now though. It ll salvage some degree of satisfaction from an atrocious Season if they can win it. - Post No. 112861

Badarse  10:03am 12th Feb 2018

Gaz please don't be a silly boy, you can attain better than that. When do I defend AW? When do I promote or show desperation? You should also curb your language, that too isn't necessary, still that may be something to do with those you hang out with on the OG, it does rub off I'm afraid. You also need to recognise the word liberty. To join the maddening throng calling for TOOAW to be banned smacks of Germany between the two wars. Try not to get sucked in. Leave the frothing to others, they are masters of the art. - Post No. 112862

Gaz  10:32am 12th Feb 2018

You genuinely believe TOOAW is an Arsenal fan? Might not agree with anything you have to say but I honestly thought you were smarter than that. - Post No. 112863

Exeter Ex  10:52am 12th Feb 2018

After performances like that the excuse used to be they were 'jaded' due to such an intense fixture list. That obviously doesn't work anymore so it's been starkly revealed as a lack of motivation, organisation and leadership, and was all along. And no genuine supporter of any club would ever say "The club is yours fella for however long you want it" about any individual. So he's revealed himself right there. But it's become very clear now that the only way to rid the site of attention seekers is to starve them of that attention. Do not feed the ego and it will fade away. If we want the comments to be about Arsenal rather than these attention seekers who want it to be about them, I think that's what the rest of us have to do from now on. - Post No. 112864

Badarse  11:18am 12th Feb 2018

That's certainly one way Exeter Ex, or as suggested you can become more honourable, either way it will work. It would be interesting to see the stuttering the site experienced without foils for the clique. Very interesting. - Post No. 112865

Gaz  11:25am 12th Feb 2018

Itís a real simple question! You going to answer it? - Post No. 112866

David1  11:47am 12th Feb 2018

TOOAW - I like your style. But you need to ask yourself, how well will your boys cope when Harry Kane goes to Real Madrid? That's gotta suck, man. - Post No. 112867

Yes its Ron  12:16pm 12th Feb 2018

Bard - i still prefer to think that AA is actually part of and fully involved in the backroom changes and is fully supportive of them and more importantly well aware of the direction its going. I simply cant think that theres an element of him being shoehorned out or sidelined to try and drive him out. Arsenal simply wont do that to him. I think the Club know who the new incumbent is. I agree where you say you think AW will call it a day in May. For him not to do so now will just pile ridicule upon him from all quarters. To maybe win the League Cup would put a good veneer on the mans final Season and as hes not won it, it would be a good finale to his time in N7. Small beer as a trophy perhaps but none so timely for him. - Post No. 112868

markymark  13:54pm 12th Feb 2018

Gaz - youíll never get a straight answer out of halfarsed. He will prevaricate , deny , claim why should he answer you. Weíre still awaiting to know how we wrecked society. The likely reality is that Badarse is embarrassed by ToOaW . But if toad goes that leaves just halfarse . A lonely position to be in no doubt. - Post No. 112876

mbg  14:13pm 12th Feb 2018

Arseneknewbest, sorry only seeing this now, yes mate, i'll have a bus waiting at Belfast international Airport to ferry all you proper fans down to Fermanagh for the biggest and longest party ever seen since George Graham won the league at Anfield, the champagne will be flowing, real top top qualittee stuff not old cheap shyte, my God it will be the biggest party ever seen, and it's getting closer everyday. Go now wenger you parasite and give us our party. - Post No. 112877

mbg  14:32pm 12th Feb 2018

Gaz, yes, I bet he still thinks the toad is a gooner, hilarious, (and he thinks he's smart)after backing and agreeing with him all this time it's going to be some come down and embarrassment when toady eventually comes out,(but I suppose he's used to that already) or maybe he already knows, as being a Billy no mates he'll be glad of and cling to anyone. Go now wenger you embarrassment. - Post No. 112879

markymark  14:57pm 12th Feb 2018

Gooner Ron - I get where youíre coming from but traditional Arsenal spoke pieces such as John Cross are backing the Wenger sidelined story . Virtually every source are saying the recent management acquisitions are friends or at least contacts of Gazidis. Personally I canít see a top DOF and a top talent spotter joining a club where they are told. Sit back guys no ones going anywhere - Post No. 112881

markymark  15:48pm 12th Feb 2018

Sorry got my Rons mixed up , meant yes itís Ron - Post No. 112883

Badarse  16:54pm 12th Feb 2018

Now Gaz I never realised that you were asking me a question as it appeared as rhetorical in your post, and of course you never addressed me personally. However the little gem of rudeness in the follow up post would really be asking for a response, but certainly not a written post. You need to learn some manners, please polish your performance by attending to AKB(and we all know what the B stands for-politeness), the MAYDUP man and the irresponsible, I mean irrepressible Nark. They are the diplomats of the site, albeit frothing ones. To put it in a hardnut shell, you have to earn a response buddy. - Post No. 112885

markymark  18:29pm 12th Feb 2018

Bardarse - refuses to respond again I see, this time you have to earn it. Apparently we must be honoured by Halfarses presence as he has so many other things to do. So much important stuff like saving the world from us society wreckers. There was I thinking you were a sad old git, well into retirement. Stuck in a corner and ignored. How wrong I was ? Take up golf and let people who can respond get on with it. - Post No. 112888

mbg  18:30pm 12th Feb 2018

John F, 112832, an excellent point, and well brought up, very conveniently forgotten about by his wengerites, and now that competition (that he and his wengerites derided so much) could well get TOF his CL place and save his skinny arse, why have the journos not put this to the arrogant old weasel ? I'd love to see his face and hear his answer, you can just hear all the loooks now, oh how the mighty have fallen he's now relying on scrapes, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving arrogant old failure. Go now wenger you failure. - Post No. 112889

Gaz  18:41pm 12th Feb 2018

Itís a real simple question. If you donít want to answer it just say so? - Post No. 112890

mbg  18:43pm 12th Feb 2018

markymark, it's good to see some do earn it, (with the minimum of effort) they must be saying and doing something right. We want the weasel out we want the weasel out. - Post No. 112891

Exeter Ex  19:00pm 12th Feb 2018

'I will not respond because you're demanding / rude / not honourable / I've said it before / you have to earn it etc etc etc' [delete as appropriate]. Isn't it obvious why he cannot answer a straight question, why he refuses to explain his stance on Arsenal / Wenger / TO0AW? It's because he cannot! He has NO ARGUMENT!! Has anyone waffled on so much saying so little before? Scratch the surface of the pseudo-intellectual, affected moral superiority, judgmental highmindedness and there's absolutely nothing there. Empty words, a waste of everyone's time, clogging up the site. No wonder so many want him gone. - Post No. 112894

Alsace  20:14pm 12th Feb 2018

Why do people want to ban TOOAW? His crime seems to be that he is a Wenger- lover. Lots of people still are. You can't talk sense to them. Sense is not part of their vocabulary. Only faith and a dogged determination to wish their position to be the right one. So ban him? No. Not for my money. If he can come to sense then so much the better. If he cant or doesn't wish to. So what. - Post No. 112898

markymark  20:33pm 12th Feb 2018

Alsace - the editor has previously banned him as Leek, when he was BBA he was offering to fight people on this site. Now he just wants to meet people apparently. If he does love Wenger thatís not the reason people want him off. It was also pretty obvious that when he said he was going to leave the site last time site traffic and diversity of posters increased. Banning ToOaW is a win win. Anyway itís up to the editors. - Post No. 112899

markymark  21:01pm 12th Feb 2018

Badarse this is a 21st Centuary football forum. Youíve tried this politeness spiel repeatedly. Odd when you can be very impolite yourself. If you want some good natured after you Claude type gathering go for a tea dance, book club , poetry society ( though please donít make them suffer ). This is an embarrassment , itís a simple question enough, your evasiveness is cowardly. Funny how you can write a near pamphlet on our supposed crimes. Yet asked a simple question......... nothing , not a ditty. - Post No. 112900

mbg  21:09pm 12th Feb 2018

markymark, yes meeting people, and all over the place, isn't there other sites for that. wenger out. - Post No. 112901

Arseneknewbest  21:12pm 12th Feb 2018

Hi Alsace - To my mind he should be banned for resorting to the foulest, laziest anti-Irish invective every time he comes on here and loses the argument, principally to mbg but also at times to any of the rest of us. Arse bad condones it, which is also unwelcome. There's enough to discuss on here already without his throwing hate speech into the mix. It generally conspires to demean online gooner. - Post No. 112902

TOOAW  21:42pm 12th Feb 2018

Well thanks for that fellas and Gaz. Firstly Gaz. The Nark Terms and Conditions would have you on a yellow card and out of action for a month. Try a bit of etiquette son. (T&C's apply) Nark does like to be the final word on everything but when Badarse and myself give it back, he does get frothy to say the least. Ignorance and stupidity seems to be the 'sit com' that OG crave. Maybe this site requires the 100% hatred for Arsenal and Arsene to be it's one and only. Grow some fellas. If I'm a threat to your livlehood then at least I'm a gooner and you're all lightweight non Gooners. What happened to the publicised Everton home game demo?? It fell flat in on its Arse. By all means disagree but Jumpers was confident that a few thousand turn out for the "Wenger Out" meet. It all went belly up because the fact is most attendees believe that the Arsenal are in safe hands.....Let the egg throwing begin. - Post No. 112904

TOOAW  22:05pm 12th Feb 2018

@Nark the sociopath. Please show me where I offered to fight people on this site. Frothy coffee and 2 hard boiled please. - Post No. 112905

markymark  22:19pm 12th Feb 2018

ToOaW - you old mockney mangler . What is it with you. Either 2nd rate Ronnie Kray or the old Leek persona please mr Wenger , lick , lick , I love you Mr Wenger lick , lick. Big Joe Cannon , Big Frank Mifsud , the Nash brothers , Big H, the A team , the Canning Town syndicate theyíd be turning in their graves or currently fuming on the A wing at your pathetic Jamie Oliver Mockneyism - Post No. 112906

Arseneknewbest  22:22pm 12th Feb 2018

Alsace - oh yes, and syntax. Tooey's syntax is abysmal. Tooey will read this, mouthing the words as his stubby finger laboriously follows the words, and will say, wot dozzeee mean? There's nuffink wrong wiv my breff. - Post No. 112907

TOOAW  22:30pm 12th Feb 2018

There you have it. The same 2 faeces wringing out the good cop amongst themselves. Laugh..... I nearly thought about the wooly white one tonight eh AKB. - Post No. 112909

markymark  22:32pm 12th Feb 2018

ToOaW - as your BBA persona you were threatening to meet up with people with the emphasis on paying people a physical lesson. Jamee was also regularly threatening to hit people and the old crock Badarse wanted to go fighting on the old Northbank with Colesey OAP. A guy on this site eventually suggested you meet him I believe at the Highbury Barn ( might have wtong pub ) where it would be sorted Man to Man. Your response was to disappear off the site in the BBA format permanently . I guess you can always deny being BBA but as you recently ended some of your postings with BBA we know itís you. Ps: have you spotted that your master Badarse still wonít say that your an Arsenal Supporter . Heís obviously unsure and doesnít want to lose face. You are a Tottenham Troll. - Post No. 112910

Arseneknewbest  22:41pm 12th Feb 2018

Tooey - when you write so inelegantry like that, you put me in mind of your cultural heroes and fellow spuds chas and dave. Following the gist of their dreary oeuvre, why don't you fack orf or "gertcha" "down to margate" and become a trappist monk so we no longer have to hear your "rabbit". You're becoming a pest cow son. You are the embodiment of viz's cockernee w*nker and I claim my monkey pony. - Post No. 112911

TOOAW  22:52pm 12th Feb 2018

Yawn. Boring Boring Arsenal. BBA. Chuckle Brothers night night. Nark... Or is it BAA BAA as they say in AKB's neck of the woods. Now where'd I out me ' Wenger Out' scarf. It's still in the sheep cor blimey - Post No. 112912

Arseneknewbest  23:13pm 12th Feb 2018

Just like Jeremy Wade on river monsters, I've reeled you in there tooey bba bba boyo. You lose the argument and suddenly I'm a sheepshagger. Dont think you've fully recallled my back story have you. Well get down ere me old China - the wellies and the stringless tennis racquet await you. Bbbbaaabaaaa bleat bleat. - Post No. 112913

Gaz  7:45am 13th Feb 2018

Not sure who's more stupid. TOOAW for wasting his time posting on a rivals forum or Badarse for actually believing him to be an Arsenal fan. Well I'm guessing he believes him to be an Arsenal fan as he hasn't denied it yet. - Post No. 112916

Issue #269 - Out Now!

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16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds