Are you happy with Arsenal’s stadium?

By Kevin Whitcher

AISA survey open to all Arsenal Supporters

We’ve been asked to give the following a plug by the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association

Home Matchdays – Your views sought

Please take part in the Arsenal Independent Supporters Survey, which runs until 11 December - the views and experiences of every Arsenal supporter who goes to matches at The Emirates Stadium, however frequently or infrequently, are important - the more fans who take part the better.

It only takes a few minutes to complete. Everyone who provides a valid email address will receive the results of the survey and will be invited to a meeting to discuss them, and to prioritise the issues to be presented to the Club's Board and Chief Executive.

Take part here.

2nd December 2012 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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Dan  21:37pm 2nd Dec 2012

Nope,we want highbury bavk, and not this souless spacebowl that has borought us nothing but misery. - Post No. 31524

David the Price is Ian Wright Wright Wright!  22:01pm 2nd Dec 2012

Well, a more pertinent question could be: are we happy with the stadiums Arsenal? - Post No. 31526

DANIEL  6:36am 3rd Dec 2012


Anna Mary  8:58am 3rd Dec 2012

The stadium atmosphere is least of our worries. Right now the team needs to start winning - Post No. 31539

Arsene is a Fraudster  10:58am 3rd Dec 2012

The stadium is a white elephant in the sporting sense. Terrible souless bowl run by people who just don't care - Post No. 31559

Charles Hawtrey  17:11pm 3rd Dec 2012

The club seriously need to act in order to help improve the atmosphere. Make it fun to go again - Put ST holders in the Clock End. Have sections for like-minded fans. People who want to make some noise are upsetting those who'd rather sit on their hands; those who'd rather sit on their hands are annoying those who'd rather make some noise. Separate them. Have more designated areas; give people a choice when they take out their ST. Expand the REDsection. Too many vociferous voices are lost and diluted by the corporates, silent tourists and JCLs. PLEASE introduce Safe Standing. It's the way forward, despite what the Luddites say. - Post No. 31607

Rocky RIP  17:41pm 3rd Dec 2012

The stadium feels like a corporate cash cow, with one purpose in mind: to extract the maximum amount of money from the paying 'customers'. Treat people as customers and they demand value for money, so don't be surprised if they then complain. Value your loyal support and it's a different level of loyalty being reciprocated. Highbury had charm. It had class. We had ownership. It was ours. It was about the fans. Too many people feel like they are just a number at the E8888888. The club have gone after the money of corporates, passing tourists and JCLs, to the neglect of the core supporters. A VERY DANGEROUS TACTIC. The fan base has changed for the worse ie. less knowledgable and passionate and more fickle. Proper Arsenal priced out. Alienated. Feeling disengaged. We need more like-minded areas. Bring back a Clock End with ST holders within it. We need to ensure the next generation of kids attending grow up in the same habit. That's how a lifelong bond is formed. I read one idea today to offer the hundreds of empty seats that ST holders leave empty to local teenagers at half time. A cracking idea. The club not wanting the hastle won't stand any longer. They need to pull their finger out before more fans walk away from a phoney 'match day experience' which isn't aimed at them. - Post No. 31609

Mehmet Gazioglu  18:55pm 3rd Dec 2012

1) Away fans are moved to the south corner upper tier 2) No attempts by the club to make an atmosphere in the stadium eg Fan cheerleaders getting to crowd singing all match 3) allocate the north stand and south stand as "singing stands" and realocate "family & tourist fans to east and west stands. 4) reduce the cost of seats for goodness sake!!! Keep your club level prices but seriously £1900 for a ticket in north upper? - Post No. 31618

weststandlower  22:42pm 3rd Dec 2012

someone below suggested fan cheerleaders? ahaha stadium is a soulless overpriced bowl full of tourists who like to buy their nachos and enjoy the padded seats. stewards who would rather bully a little kid for standing than dare stop any racism/real problems. awful awful awful - Post No. 31634

In conclusion  23:19pm 3rd Dec 2012

We have attracted 'fans' who are arrive late/leave early and are prepared to tell other fans to sit down and stop singing. Literally. Revolting. We even have a grass up a fellow fan system. The atmosphere will always be dire if the club seek these types of people ahead of a proper footballing fanbase that doesn't treat it like a day out at the theatre, or church. Sad times. More and more vociferous fans will walk away and the club will end up with the 'support' it deserves. Where has OUR arsenal gone? If you read these sites as you claim to Ivan, PLEASE give us back a clock end of like-minded, vocal, die-hard Gooners as the BSM are very sensibly requesting. It's a proven fact that strong vocal support helps the team on the pitch. - Post No. 31635

Rocky RIP  10:23am 4th Dec 2012

I jumped up when Thierry scored against Leeds, as any proper fan would. I was soon tapped on the shoulder and told to sit down by some wet weekender face behind. It's not the stadium, it's some of the people we seem to have attracted. Proper fans being told to pipe down are weighing up the choice of approx £50-62 to sit in virtual silence, or down the pub with your mates and a beer in hand. That to me is all wrong and needs to change. The JCLs are calling the shots and it's killing the atmosphere. - Post No. 31661

AtLeastWeStillHaveTheAwayBoys  22:52pm 4th Dec 2012

I've just stopped going to the grove because me and my dad simply can't afford it. I completely agree there should be a safe standing section and i've actually grown to hate our own stadium. But if this is any consolation, it's not just Arsenal's problem. It's modern English football that just seems to lack the passion and character it previously had. When I see support in Turkey, Greece or even France it makes me wish we had that sort of support. Maybe we should look into forming an Ultra movement like Palace's "Homesdale Fanatics" look them up. - Post No. 31730

Rocky RIP  11:10am 5th Dec 2012

There's a good interview on youtube entitled 'black scarf movement march-interview with arsenal fans' which articulates the sentiment very well. People who run our club should be made to watch it. Plenty of die-hard core supporters have been priced out or refuse to go to home games now. When we moved stadium we were told there'd be more tickets available to local kids at affordable prices - quite the opposite has happened. There's also a lot of stuff being spoken about the German model of running clubs with more emphasis of growing roots in society and placing fans at the heart of the club. Plus they have Safe Standing. Ingredients for a better atmosphere and a happy fanbase. - Post No. 31773

Ian M  14:36pm 5th Dec 2012

you have to go abroad now, Germany is a great example, of proper football grounds with proper support and great atmosphere. English football, like Arsenal, has sold its soul to corporate interests from abroad. It is dull, sterile and absurdly overpriced. - Post No. 31794

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