A Depressed Gooner Writes...

By Camgooner

Did you enjoy your weekend?

I write this twenty four hours after the abject display against Swansea, having just heard the news that we have drawn Swansea out of the hat for the FA Cup third round.

My initial reaction as a fan is that it is a chance for revenge. Surely, given the pain evident on the playersí faces when the second goal went in on Saturday, they know that the performance wasnít good enough. They will need almost no encouragement to head out and fight for the honour of the Arsenal badge. Somehow, though, I donít think it is that simple - we were simply outclassed by Swansea.

Early on in the game, I was watching their shape. Defensively, they were organised and moved as if they knew what those around them were doing. They reacted smoothly to us passing the ball around away from their goal, and usually won it back efficiently when we entered the danger area. They pressed and tackled. They werenít made to work hard to track runs and runners. It was all too easy.

For a spell, at the start of the second half, we did do much better and pulled them out of shape. They definitely got lucky on a couple of occasions. But this only lasted about 15 minutes, and then they managed to regroup and started to look solid again.

During all this, they looked dangerous on the break, and - more worryingly Ė kept possession in a way that was reminiscent of Arsenal past when they were unable to break. When was the last time an away team came to us and had 56% possession? I would imagine that few teams get above 50% in away games. When they were passing it, the shape of our defensive unit was less coherent, leading to a flat back-five containing Gervinho on several occasions. Credit to him for working here, but what does that tell us about the defence?

Back in April, I wrote a piece following the defeat to Wigan. In it, I argued that we lacked preparation for our games, and we had a culture of complacency. I hoped that Pat Rice's replacement might provide steel. On one level, Bouldy has helped - we are now not dropping behind and having to claw our way back so often, but the deeper malaise remains.

Firstly, our team is simply not drilled in defence. This is unforgivable. The basic errors that lead to goals are unforgivable. The fact that we only won the ball back when Swansea misplayed a pass, rather than because of tackles and pressing, was a huge contrast.

Second, there is a lack of urgency. Except for a fifteen to twenty minute spell, we didnít manage to move the Swansea defence around and out of its comfort zone. Often, there were no options for defenders or midfielder to pass to. Not enough players looking for space and wanting the ball.

Thirdly, and most unforgivably for a Wenger team, the current squad lacks creativity and variety going forward. We donít seem to mix it up. There is a lot of passing and no incision. We rarely play long balls over the top (TH and IW both thrived on the odd ball booted long). We leave our lone striker isolated too often.

None of this is a money issue. Swansea gave Arsenal several lessons, but the greatest one is that money isnít the be-all and end-all of competing in football games. They have a fraction of our resources, but played with composure and commitment. Well done to them. January is going to be a big test.

3rd December 2012 09:00:00


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g clarke  12:14pm 3rd Dec 2012

end it all and watch tot - Post No. 31572

Charlie  12:34pm 3rd Dec 2012

All the whingers told Wenger they want trophies not top four finishes. So this year he will give them what they wanted 7th place and one of the cups. Now they want consistency with a top 4 finish and the cups are meaningless. - Post No. 31575

claudio  12:50pm 3rd Dec 2012

the simple truth is the playres are not good enough profits before trophies - Post No. 31580

Badfinger Taffy  13:29pm 3rd Dec 2012

It was truly a great performance from Swansea, not only as a watching fan but all the stats on the planet pointed to a far superior performance than our rich cousins. With 56% possession we worked hard for each other and constantly tried to create goal scoring opportunities. Arsenal played a bland style of football with little purpose; however it is credit to Swansea that we forced them into that mindset. The Swans accumulated a performance score of 653 whilst arsenal scored just 399. The more interesting stats however are in defence and attack, Arsenal scored 36/83 respectively whilst Swansea scored 348/146. Of course you would have to say that in general the more expensive the player the better he is, however the transfer market has gone nuts and some teams have purchased nuggets, sorry Arsenal, your team is not worth the enormous sums when compared to the fraction Swansea spent. Just £2 million for Mitchu and £16.5 million for Santi Cazorla (ok a great player), the whole Swansea team didnít cost that much, in fact we made well over £25 million selling players/staff last season. Even as I type the ĎTalk Sportsí radio presenters are talking about moving to Swansea because the football is so good, and we need to remember that football exist to entertain fans live or on TV and players have a duty to put their heart and soles into their performance. On paper you should win your next three games, but then football isnít played on paper. Realistically we are still aiming for 40 points, you need to set a realistic target also. - Post No. 31583

Kevin Tonkinson  13:34pm 3rd Dec 2012

Charlie - how can you take it as red we're going to win one of the cups? Don't be so ridiculous, we won't win the LC unless someone else dumps Chelsea out and even if we get past Swansea we'll get turfed out of the FA Cup before the semis. As always. Why should a cup run come at the cost of league form? Given we've only played 2 LC games with reserve sides out that's no excuse for being 15 points behind after 15 games. And people want more than 'consistency' too, maybe a genuine title challenge for a start? The excuses for Wenger are becoming less and less reasoned. - Post No. 31584

Gavin  13:45pm 3rd Dec 2012

It really is an open secret that if any half decent organised team tries to play us at our own game,(whatever that might be now), rather than come hoping to waste time and cling on for a point, the chances are they can turn us over. WBA did a while back, Fulham had a go recently, and even 10 men QPR suddenly found they were the better team with 10 men when they decided to have a go. We are not talking about the so called top sides here. - Post No. 31585

A Jack  13:52pm 3rd Dec 2012

As a Swansea fan, I am very impressed by the above blog. At least your fans, and WBA's to be fair, and Clarke too, have praised our quality, when the pundits just lazily trot out Arsenal or WBA were: slow too start or tired, or some other pathetic excuse other than we were bloody good! As a resident of London, it has been interesting to chat to some of your fans after the game, and back at work today. But I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment that your problems do not lie with money - well not in the way some of the Arsenal fans suggest - spending on big money transfers. Maybe complacency by players on top dollars, have too easy a life? Our team on Saturday, and our squad in general cost a fraction of what your does, and like you, we manage our finances carefully. We also had several key players out injured. Our two star men from giving West Brom a lesson - Hernandez and Routledge, meaning we only had one fit wide man. No Danny Graham - our top scorer last season. No Vorm - one of the best keepers in the division last season (our keeper on Saturday was a free agent who couldn't get a club). No Taylor - international left back replaced by a rookie 19 year old, who didn't give Walcott a look-in. What seems to be missing at Arsenal is leadership. Leadership on the pitch - don't ruin Wiltshire by giving him the captaincy now. Wait. And leadership off the pitch - in the boardroom! Someone to question Wenger's transfers for a start. You seem to have wasted a lot of money on dross - players I would never associate with the Gunners. It seems no coincidence, as an outsider, that since Dein left your club that you have failed to win a trophy - ok you hadn't for the two years previous to this - but your player recruitment has not been as good as it was under his stewardship. Still, I think you would be making a mistake to remove Wenger. For all that he has brought to you, who else could you see, other than Guardiola, taking his place - and even then there are no guarantees that he wasn't successful due to an extraordinary group of young players he inherited. Maybe Klopp? Certainly not Roberto Martinez, who is one manager I heard mentioned on the weekend. If you think you can't defend now...and I talk from experience, as he was one of the catalysts for our current success. But defensively, he's not great! See you all in January! - Post No. 31588

In Arsene We Trust  14:23pm 3rd Dec 2012

Sigh, same old anti-Wenger whining. Is there someone on this website who isn't just writing the same old nonsense? You guys really like to pander to those lot. I shouldn't be surprise, as I get a lot of abuse personally directed at me just because I support Wenger, yet those comments get approved then posted by the moderators here. I take it a majority of writers here agree with them lot. - Post No. 31590

Jed  14:35pm 3rd Dec 2012

Camgooner, this analysis is spot on. It is refreshing to see calm, logical reflection on the way we are playing rather than thoughtless knee-jerk reactions of the kind that the first three commenters have indulged in. @g clarke - your point is what exactly? The tots would love to see AW stay with us as long as possible, its their best hope of finishing above us. @ Charlie - you're an optimist if you think we are going to win anything this season and you have also missed the point about the top 4 - when you have the 4th highest wage bill and the 4th biggest income you should be coming in at 4th place - its not an ambition, it's just getting round the course at par. @ claudio - whilst it is true that the people running the club are prioritising profits, I think you are being harsh on the squad, they are actually a decent group of players - the Swansea result was so clearly the result of inept management it is amazing that anybody could think it had anything to do with money. - Post No. 31591

Chris Doyle  14:49pm 3rd Dec 2012

It hurts, but it is really what it is. The so called elite of current Arsenal players donít match with any of the potentials that we can call them "Title Contenders". Van Persie, Nasri and other players who left the club were absolutely in their right frame of mind. Games are won with the spirit and the desire to win, but not with the un-professional approaches like we can see in the current Arsenal players, taking the games for granted that they have won it already. Why Man U is champion every year, because of their desire and hunger to be champions every year, and their never give up attitude towards the game. Even we can see Van Persie in making make the precious saves in his own half. And Mr. Professor is not bothered about it, because he wants to make the club rich, selling the core of the players to his rivals and giving back the wealth to the Master to save his job. Goalkeeping department is shame, having 3-4 goalkeepers of same cheap quality and not doing any business in the transfer window is another example of Mr. Professor conservative approach towards the club. You have the money after selling Van Persie and others, and still not buying a world class striker, considering that your core groups of players are leaving the club because they believe this club is gone crazy like a selling club, without any real desire to do well at the top level. So if Arsenal will be in the top six (06) at the end of the season it will be huge achievement. - Post No. 31593

Mike  15:41pm 3rd Dec 2012

The team is falling out of contention for the top 4 and look toothless - heres a question - do you keep walcott or let him go?. Oxade Chamberlain is looking more and more impotent and quite frankly I'd rather have Walcott. It is now stick or twist time. Rosicky maybe can freshen up the midfield and einsfeld may as well have a go. As to whether you want a sustainable club or one that is run purely to win trophies, ask the Rangers supporters. - Post No. 31596

Red Member  15:42pm 3rd Dec 2012

Claudio has summed it up the best - "not good enough" well of course they are not - we sold our best player in the summer. This is the season we would have had last year if he had got injured. We got away with it last season, I and that should have been the warning but criminally still nothing was done. KROENKE OUT, GAZIDIS OUT, and regretfully WENGER OUT! - Post No. 31597

Peter Wain  15:43pm 3rd Dec 2012

Conmsidering the run of the mill players we now have this is a totally understandable result. The management have wasted avout £60 million on dross like Arshavin Gervinho Fatty Santos and Giroud. Added to this we have Chamak and Bendtner still on the books as weels as Squllaci and Djourou. It is worrying that we now have money to spend as based on recent evidence much of it we be wasted. Far for being a model for other clubs to follow the below average players we have purchased compared to the world class talents we have let go shows how a club must not be run. - Post No. 31598

jj  16:13pm 3rd Dec 2012

@Charlie.I'm a whinger and I don't give a f*** about trophies.What I want is some proper coaching done with the players.Let's give them a chance by practising set pieces, having someone screening in front of the back four, trying to get behind the opposition and not passing sideways in front of them. Wenger appears to have become a lazy manager who wants to coach a 5 a-side session every day and not study the strengths of the opposition. As with all walks of life if someone gets rich they tend to take their foot off the gas.Wenger must go. - Post No. 31601

Khair  16:25pm 3rd Dec 2012

Wenger is getting all confused now because the club is unable to keep their real Stars. And the Stars need reinforcement back up to make the team more solid year after year that will provide chances of lifting trophies. Not a bunch of crabs or change they whole team very season. - Post No. 31603

maguiresbridge gooner  16:40pm 3rd Dec 2012

A chance for revenge ? you must be joking. Swansea probably can't believe their luck they must be rubbing their hands with glee. I was watching them to Camgooner and they were all you say the way we used to be a long time ago. They still lack preparation and have done for seasons now.Complacency is still there also.Even after been told by players in numerous interviews that they've learn't their lessons (the spin machine in overdrive)expect to hear the same again before Saturday.It's not the first time we've been given a lesson and under this current regime it won't be the last. - Post No. 31606

northbank123  17:46pm 3rd Dec 2012

Fair play, Jacks were very impressive. Can't imagine what it must be like to watch that for a fan given where you were in the late 1990s. But let's dress it up, if Arsenal performed at a level that reflected a club of our resources, and even talent on the pitch, Swansea wouldn't have been allowed to come and be the better team. That's not a disservice to Swansea, merely saying that much like going to Anfield now you no longer have to play absolutely out of your skin to take points at the Emirates. Just as people stopped presuming that anybody who won at Anfield must be a ****ing great side, people will stop assuming that anybody taking points off us at home must be the second coming of Jesus. We've won 3 out of our last 10 PL home games, far poorer teams than Swansea (Norwich and Wigan) have taken the game to us recently at the Emirates with great success. So, credit to Swansea, refreshing style of football and fully deserved the 3 points. But don't kid yourself into believing you came and bossed a great team, this lot can't buy a win. P.S. Why would anybody want to move to Swansea voluntarily???? - Post No. 31610

Swansea Jack  17:55pm 3rd Dec 2012

Well written, great observations. Saturday was no fluke, Swansea"s 3-2 win over Arsenal at the Liberty Sradium last season was an object lesson in passing. Quite right in stating that money is not the be-all and end-all to succes, talent spotting and sticking to a budget works for us. Players want to come to us because of the football we play, we sign footballers, not mercenaries. If they want the big bucks Swansea is not the place to be, we have players who are humble, honest and have a close relationship with the fans. Best of luck for the rest if the season, looking forward to the Cup match already. - Post No. 31611

Alsace V Glasgow  18:28pm 3rd Dec 2012

Wenger has lost his edge. Fergy never loses it. the players fear Fergy. they know if they dont perform he will get rid of them. the players at arsenal know wenger is softy. no one player has ever been outcast by him for continual crap performances. wenger is not a winner and never was. he took the credit for what Graham, Dein and a great bunch of players did for Arsenal. wenger will never ever win anymore more ever again the rest of his career here or elsewhere and i am happy to take all bets on that one. - Post No. 31613

Jaded Harold  18:44pm 3rd Dec 2012

What the f**k does Gazidis do? Well, he does what fans would want any MD to do. He repeatedly and publicly tells Wenger that he has money to spend and that he can spend it any which way he chooses. Then when the manager continues to do things 'his' way of not spending a penny over the top for anything (two year contract for Pires at 29 anyone?), and the team fail again with the money sitting in the bank gathering dust, the fans blame Gazidis. The board are culpable for much at the club, ticket prices, continued fan alienation etc., but what happens on the pitch is down to Wenger alone. - Post No. 31616

goonercolesyboy  18:51pm 3rd Dec 2012

I can't be bothered to retype my response but if you want to read it it is in the previous article about Wenger's wisdom. - Post No. 31617

Website Admin  19:15pm 3rd Dec 2012

@In Arsene We Trust (post 31590) - I've reviewed the comments made in response to you today on this article and others and don't think there is anything which has been published that I would consider over-the-top personal abuse, at least not on a football fans website. I have however rejected some comments which I feel have crossed the line and people would do well to remember that we're all Arsenal fans and should therefore be respectful of others views. There is no right and wrong, there is only opinion. - Post No. 31620

Endless, Nameless  19:26pm 3rd Dec 2012

I disagree in that it IS a case of money. Money that we are stuck paying to the dross that this manager has signed. The magic hat has been on sabbatical since 2004 and it will never return. We should write off this season and start afresh next year with a new man at the helm. Sad, but I no longer trust Wenger to spend the clubs money well. The £150m (or however much actually materialises to the transfer budget) needs to be reserved for post-Wenger Arsenal. Thanks for the memories, but that rust has now holed the boat. - Post No. 31621

Charlie  20:08pm 3rd Dec 2012

Have you noticed how all the people you meet who want Wenger to stay are generally the quieter more contented thinking types. While the Wenger out are loud opinionated ang generally annoyed with life. - Post No. 31624

allybear  20:09pm 3rd Dec 2012

Its really hilarious to hear Wenger being defended when its crystal clear that this man is well past it and has been for a long time. I dont understand why he is held in such high regard by some people. I for one would love to see him resign and give the club a chance to come out of his overrated shadow. Always remember that he inherited a strong squad from GG&was extremely lucky. He has been found out in the last 7years&also was in charge for one of the clubs heaviest defeats ever! - Post No. 31625

tfSmudge  20:17pm 3rd Dec 2012

Overpaid, underachieving, complacent, predictible and totally average... And that's just the board. But just before we all join in the Wenger out campaign consider this: Wenger's done nothing without his mentor David Dein... Bring back Mr Arsenal, everything else is irrelevant... never mind the bollox - Post No. 31626

I remember when Arsenal cared about its supporters  20:21pm 3rd Dec 2012

Is there an engineer out there who could manufacture a car without a handbreak, give the rights to Wenger and a sponser could give all the players a free car so they learn what it feels like. I can handle defeats , what I cannot deal with is a team and board that has no pride , no passion, no dignity , we want our Arsenal back. - Post No. 31627

northbank123  20:49pm 3rd Dec 2012

Charlie - Maybe you just don't hear them very much because they're dwindling in number? If you're happy for us to get ****ter every year while him and the board trouser disgusting sums and tell us we're in a great position then fine, doesn't mean everybody else has to be. What's rational about thinking that Wenger is doing a good job when all evidence points otherwise? - Post No. 31630

Clockendpaul  21:21pm 3rd Dec 2012

Charlie its called winners and losers, i will let you guess who's who. - Post No. 31632

In Arsene We Trust  0:15am 4th Dec 2012

@Website Admin: what about in "The wisdom of ArsŤne Wenger?" article where one told me to f*** off? You people need to be less in bed with the anti-Wenger rabble, maybe you guys will see them more clearly. Btw, you still haven't answered my question regarding having people write for the website who aren't anti-Wenger. Surely, you should be able to find level-headed Gooner that supports Wenger, unless there's some agenda this website against Arsene. - Post No. 31637

CanadaGooner  2:20am 4th Dec 2012

@maguiresbridge gooner; ha ha, absolutely agree. swansea must be rubbing their hands in glee. I can bet you a few pints that arsenal will win that match though. such is the inconsistency of the teams in the premiership and the only sad reality is that similar to tiger woods' predicament, the others havent got better, we (arsenal) simply got much worse. - Post No. 31640

Fasthare  5:53am 4th Dec 2012

After the Swansea debacle Wenger still stubbornly and arrogantly continues to rant and shout down anybody who criticize him and insists he can win the title. Our delusional manager is the ghost of Adolf Hitler in disguise Der Fuhrer who still thinks he can win WW 2 on D Day. god help Arsenal! - Post No. 31642

GaryFootscrayAustralia  7:12am 4th Dec 2012

Struggling for answers here...er...Mental Spirit? Team Resilience? - Post No. 31643

wind of change  7:19am 4th Dec 2012

Charlie - please tell us your opinions on how the club is run. On the club's transfer policy, wages policy, on the managers insistence of not spending time before each game looking at the opposition, on the high ticket prices, on the manager's tactics, on playing one up front all the time....... Go for it. - Post No. 31644

Wombledin  8:26am 4th Dec 2012

Why is everyone getting so worked up? We are only 5 points off fourth place, our trophy position. This is a temporary aberration. Three or four wins on the trot and we are way back up there soaring in fourth again. Relax and stop being such a bunch of whiney-assed little cry-babies, were only 15 games into the season. - Post No. 31647

Graham Simons  9:25am 4th Dec 2012

@In Arsene We Trust There is no anti Wenger bias - if you want to write a pro Wenger piece then do so. The reason there haven't been any on the site is probably because nobody has written any. And given the plight the club finds itself in that should tell you all you need to know about the merits of our manager remaining in place. I personally would love Arsene to turn it around but my faith in him died years ago. I don't think he's an idiot and I am grateful for what he's achieved but I don't think yesterday's achievements should enable him to retain his post if performances on the pitch do not merit it. - Post No. 31654

Anna Mary  10:28am 4th Dec 2012

Why is everyone whining so much ?? Whenever i come to Online Gooner, its the same old ****... Wenger Out... Gazidis Out. Give yourself a break. We are only halfway through the season. If Wenger goes, so do some of our players and so do our scouting network. Jose or Pep would not come to Arsenal without any money to spend. Then who will we get ??? For God's sake.... Show some balls and support your team. We will get our Arsenal back! - Post No. 31663

Endless, Nameless  11:00am 4th Dec 2012

@Charlie - ever noticed how the majority of the AKB brigade are the type of people to which the cost of a club level season ticket is a p**s in the ocean? You know, the type who will sit and applaud on cue. The type to whom the carvery meat of the day is more concern than the result? - Post No. 31667

under acveiver  12:50pm 4th Dec 2012

Anna Mary "If Wenger goes, so do some of our players and so do our scouting network." That is exactly what we want, the useless scouting network can take the useless players they found with them. - Post No. 31682

northbank123  13:15pm 4th Dec 2012

Can't believe the "our best players would go" argument is still left after Wenger first decided to strip the Invincibles squad and then one-by-one our best players have lost patience with his one-eyed regime. Fabregas, Nasri and van Persie left within 12 months of each other (and you can add Song to that even though he was a liability because Wenger still regarded him as a key member of his side): our remaining good players are more likely to go if Wenger stays than not! - Post No. 31686

maguiresbridge gooner  13:36pm 4th Dec 2012

Anna Mary what players ? and what scouting network ? any good or world class players we had are already gone flogged for profit by wenger, with a couple more to follow shortly, in walcott an sagna. And wenger is still here. - Post No. 31688

Red Mist  13:55pm 4th Dec 2012

Who are these good players we have? They have all gone we have jack trying to get back from injury and ox with someway to go to live up to all the hype cazola was good for a few games the rest Wigan standard at best. Please Wenger take them all with you. - Post No. 31690

allybear  16:52pm 4th Dec 2012

Anna Mary im afraid your way off because we have a poor scouting network and a lot of poor players+an overrated&overpaid manager. Its not that early in the season to say its another poor season ahead! Im not going to go over what i said in an earlier article other than Wenger out now! - Post No. 31705

ppp  18:49pm 4th Dec 2012

why does the website admin only come out with pompous, self righteous condemnatory responses when somebody supports Wenger? What about the mountains of shocking, bile-spewing abuse that gets aimed at these people - the true Arsenal fans! There is a shocking amount of boas aimed at real Arsenal fans on this website and it desparately needs to be addressed. Or is this supposedly Arsenal website hiding an agenda of some sort? You should be open about this. If you have a pro-Usmanov, anti-Wenger agenda then make it clear in an article stuck at the top of your website. - Post No. 31712

Bard  18:53pm 4th Dec 2012

The reason there are few posts form pro wneger supporters is obvious, there aren't any. I can handle blind faith but you don't need to have pro licence to see the team are in a mess. Swansea outplayed us last year as well as this. What are the pro wnengers going to write. 'Its a work in progress, or Gervinho is the new Henry just give him time'. At heart they are fearful of life after Wenger and would rather watch him take us down the tube. The club's bigger than that and there are some excellent managers out there. - Post No. 31714

billthered  7:02am 5th Dec 2012

I dont quite know who is actually running our scouting system thesedays but I preferred the old style looking at players with pace and ability (Anelka,Henry,Pires,Vieira,Petit,Overmars etc whilst nowdays Chamakh, totally paceless totally devoid of ability,who the hell scouted him Ray Charles,(Stevie Wonder to the younger element).Well I'd like the present day scouts to go back to their day jobs and let professionals take over the reins.As I have stated in earlier blogs it is only lately that I have joined the anti Wenger brigade to all you pro AW's remember what he said on leaving Highbury you know what it was something about competing I think. - Post No. 31741

DECLAN BURKE  7:26am 5th Dec 2012

WENGER doesn't do defending end of story. The man has GOT TO GO. Clive Tyldesley last night on ITV named Wenger's first line up in european competition. SEAMAN, DIXON, WINTERBURN, ADAMS, KEOWN, PARLOUR, VIEIRA, PETIT, BERGKAMP,ANELKA, OVERMARS. Does that not tell you enough about how much WENGER has let this club single handedly decline into an absolute total and utter MESS ? - Post No. 31744

Joe S.  12:25pm 5th Dec 2012

A Jack's articulation on what's wrong at Arsenal reflects a lot of the observations I regularly hear in Australia from neutrals ranging from poor decision making to outright accusations of money rorting ( from my regular barrista, a Moroccan who is also a passsionate Barcellona fan). Last year after the Milan debaccle I overheard a group of twenty year olds describing Arsenal as having sunk to the level of a B team.The point is that these non fans see what has been happening to our club from an dispassionate perspective unclouded by the past and what they are noticing is a club which was once admired for it's fooball quality, star players and winning ways to being a team which has sold off it's best assets and what remains is a stale refusal to adapt and move forward. Even with a team of ordinary Joe's Wegner insists in playing Tik Tak; why use four passes to get to goal when thirty five will do - as a Man. U fan derided to me. If the neutrals have been this perceptive why have so many Arsenal fans had their heads in the sand for so long? - Post No. 31776

Alsace Lorraine Du Totteridge  16:26pm 5th Dec 2012

Re in Arsene we trust. Yes, let's begin a search for a level headed gooner who supports Wenger. If by level headed you mean one who decides a question on the evidence, then we may be searching for some time. For those of us who have not had a good word to say about him for a very long time, it is pleasing to see so many former AKB's waking up and smelling the Coffee. Even the pundits on tv are emerging from their myopic haze. - Post No. 31800

In Arsene We Trust  10:08am 6th Dec 2012

@Alsace Lorraine Du Totteridge: those people aren't AKBs. A true Arsenal fan supports the club and manager through thick and skin. Those people are either plastic fan or glory hunter. People who wants the club to lose because they want the man they hate so much to be fired or throw abuse at the manager, they are not level-headed Gooners. You people have more in common with spurs fans. - Post No. 31834

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