The Capital One Cup

By Maguiresbridge Gooner

Would winning it suddenly make everything alright?

The Capital One Cup - or whatever it's called these days – is great for Arsène to blood young guns with potential. With tickets easy to come it gives fans the chance to see the team who otherwise might not. But, as we have seen over the years it has never been and never will be Arsène's priority (we all know his holy grail) and, to be fair, when we were one of the top teams in the Premiership and winning titles, doing doubles, and breaking records, it wasn't ours (the fans’) either. But that was a long time ago.

It’s 19 years since the last one

One point that has been debated recently, because of where we are in the competition now, is whether we should really go for it. Should the manager put out his strongest team just to get the current players off the mark on the trophy front? Maybe instil a winning mentality and fill one of those spaces round the stadium that have remained empty for far too long now? That seems to be the consensus among fans. But I think we all know that won't happen. You'd think he'd like to make up for the final-against-Birmingham fiasco, but, like I said, it's not his priority. But let’s say he does. He puts out the strongest team possible and we go all the way and win it barring another Birmingham comedy of errors.

Would that suddenly make everything alright? Would it make up for everything? The last seven years of failure? The embarrassments on the pitch in that time? The selling of our best players every season for profit and replacing them on top contracts with dross that are never going to be good enough? Treating the defence which has always been the backbone of the team like it doesn't matter, and not addressing the goalkeeping situation since Lehmann, and, many would argue, Seaman? Would Arsène's first words in the post-match interview be “I told you I could win something on the cheap. It took seven or eight years, but I told you so”. Would it suddenly make everything alright?

10th December 2012 09:00:00


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Goonerjon  14:24pm 10th Dec 2012

You reckon the last seven have been bad...a relatively short term Gooner I suspect. I remember when getting into the top four was an achievement and we had players worse than Jenkinson, Walcott and Squillaci and they got in the first team every week. Support a club, learn its history. - Post No. 32006

Mark Rice  14:29pm 10th Dec 2012

At the end of the day Wenger should put out the strongest side starting with our first team keeper not some hapless kid ... But sadly I very much doubt if he will and that's why we need a new manager hmmm - Post No. 32007

Ron  14:40pm 10th Dec 2012

Winnig the CC involves sending out the Clubs supposed strongest line up(whatever that means)for about 5 games. The question the Club should answer (for me anyway) is why cant they seemingly do that as well as perform to their optimum in the PL and CL? If they cant do it, then (in my view) the players need changing or the Coach needs replacing. Lets face it, the CC is the least valued trophy and contains a lot of teams who field weaker teams.In Arsenals context though, it at least has the potential to add something to the Clubs mundane outlook and stale approach. Winning such a Cup wdt crure the Clubs fundamanetal issues, but at least it might create some cheer around the place,brighten up Wenger s years old tiresome, doleful and sombre mood and you never know, even a few of the players might just enjoy a break from chasing the 4th place/balance sheet 'trophy'. - Post No. 32008

gee  15:06pm 10th Dec 2012

By that rationale, would fluking a champions league win make it alright? - Post No. 32009

jason b  15:07pm 10th Dec 2012

It would be something to build on,yes.We win a trophy.Fantastic..If we then lose four of the following five and it costs us CL football,then what?Can't have that,we would say.No.We would be back to square one again.Ironically we might get the change that so many of us wish to see. - Post No. 32010

Simon F  15:08pm 10th Dec 2012

No it would'nt change anything but it would be a start just like it was in the 80's with George Graham. and to be honest it would not do the fans any harm to have something to celebrate!!!! Sadly being realistic, we are miles off winning the league and Champions league so its either the FA or League Cup.... - Post No. 32011

richard  15:43pm 10th Dec 2012

MMMM another unsatisfied customer. No team has the right to win things remember that. Well you say wenger has filled the team with dross be more precise what players are in your OPINION not up to the job. I point to Arteta Wilshere Cazorla Podolski sagna Vermalean Mertsacker and Koscelny Gibbs all good players then you have Rosicky Ramsey Eisfeld oxlaide chamberlain coquelin yennaris walcott giroud.when we beat Bradford we will have qualified for the semi final stage for the 15th time a record.this stage 10 seasons in succesion not bad going for a competition Wenger uses to blood kids.Winning the cup would give the players who played confidence and more importantly the squad. let us take at money wenger has to spend 150 million in sponsorship over 5 years that works at 30 million a season mmm once you sort pre existing contracts out not much left in the kitty if anything from that so once again wenger will have to sell to buy some in. Yet we have continually finished in the top four under his tenure and had continuous champions league football. we currently sit 2 points of the champions league places and are in a good position a win tonight followed by reading on monday and confidence and self belief start to run throught the team. - Post No. 32012

As  15:49pm 10th Dec 2012

What was all that about?? Seriously, do you want arsenal to win trophies or do you want them to not, so that you can continue saying they don't win trophies! That was a joke of a post, negative, spiteful and totally rubbish!! what a waste of time. - Post No. 32013

Rocky RIP  15:50pm 10th Dec 2012

No, it won't make everything alright but it would feel fantastic to win a Wembley final again. Those of us who remember how good 1987 felt (and how it was the platform for bigger and better things) will back me up. Belief is a massive factor in football. When we do finally win a trophy and shut all those tedious '7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (?!) year trophy drought, blah, blah' comments up it could see an explosion of euphoria and relief. It it just us who get this treatment from the likes of James Olley? No mention of a 52 year title drought at WHL James? Just us then. It gets most mention from our fans on here. It'll be followed by complaints of 'not enough' before we've had time to enjoy it. Still, massively up for what is our best chance of a trophy right now. - Post No. 32014

Tony Evans  16:04pm 10th Dec 2012

No! - Post No. 32016

allybear  16:15pm 10th Dec 2012

Good article Maguiresbridge Gooner but for me winning this cup wouldnt change my opinion of the manager. Stubborn&arrogant he is tactically clueless&he has made some very poor signings through the years. I really think that the club would flourish under a new manager. There are some very good managers available around europe who im sure would love the chance to manage Arsenal. Unfortunately i wont get my wish and AW will be in charge for many more years. - Post No. 32017

chris dee  16:26pm 10th Dec 2012

Whoa,slow down me old mucker. First things first, let's win the frigging thing and then we can start debating what Arsene's says. - Post No. 32018

Moaney Evans  16:41pm 10th Dec 2012

No, nothing will ever be good enough. - Post No. 32019

Stroud Green Road Boy  17:08pm 10th Dec 2012

If Wenger left at the end of the season anyway, then yes it would. - Post No. 32020

ALAN AYLESBURY GOONER  17:32pm 10th Dec 2012

Any trophy would be nice this has to be our best chance of one this season and as we don't play until next Monday I really don't see why Wenger cannot field a strong side and have the game won by half time then in the 'magical' 70th minute make substitutions. - Post No. 32021

loyal since 1980  17:47pm 10th Dec 2012

As a supporter, winning the league cup would not make a difference,it would be nice, but wouldn't go round shouting about it like spuds supporters. However, it would, i hope, give this squad a feeling of winning and that could lead to bigger things, for me, I want to be competing every year for the league. I remember the early GG years, the won the league cup in 87, runners up in 88, league champs in 89, again in 91, cup(both) in 93, CWC in 94, losers of CWC in 95, it bred a winning mentality. Then it followed on with AW early years with GG's players, Adams and Co had that winning mentality stemmimg from 1987, they went on to win cups from 97 onwards until 2004. That 2004 side had influence of a winning mentality stemmin right back to 1987, so yes, it is important for this team to win the league cup, it could be the start of something - Post No. 32022

Redfox stop, start, move.......  18:37pm 10th Dec 2012

we need to win a cup, this time round. Will give us all a boost. . . . . However as for the last seven year, it's been woeful and no it will not make up for that gash period in arsenal history. GASH! - Post No. 32023

Jason  18:47pm 10th Dec 2012

I agree that winning the "League Cup" wouldn't be our greatest ever achievment, and certianly wouldn't make everything all right, but maybe we should think about our younger and future fans. I have two young boys who have followed their Dads team, and are not old enough to remember seeing us win anything. To them winning something would mean everything. We are going through a lean time i agree, but most of us older fans have seen times alot worse. Seeing the joy on my kids face of winning the League Cup would mean far more to me than anything i've enjoyed seeing Arsenal win!!!! - Post No. 32024

Wombledin  19:23pm 10th Dec 2012

Have we become Tottenham? Any trophy is a good trophy to win but not when we are now incapable of seriously challenging for the 'real' trophies. Winning it would just be a sop and be used by the current regime to justify a new fat contract for Wenger and continuing putting corporate interests ahead of what the fans really want, ie, seriously challenging again for top honours. - Post No. 32026

Old Timer  19:57pm 10th Dec 2012

No, it wouldn't make everything all right or make the last 7 years a success but I'd love us to win it because the youngsters have produced so many memorable (for the right reasons) performances in the competition during that period. And all at budget ticket prices which bring in kids and younger fans who maybe don't have the opportunity or means to go to the regular matches. Great to see our future fans enjoying themselves and supporting the team. I think for once the club have got the pricing policy absolutely right. - Post No. 32027

Daniel  20:11pm 10th Dec 2012

Those who want Wenger out wouldn't be satisfied if we won the lot.The funny thing is most of them have only been fans since he arrived and don't know the history of AFC. - Post No. 32028

Bard  20:54pm 10th Dec 2012

It would ease the pressure but not sort out the longer terms problems. The question we've been debating is can Wenger change ? I think we all know the answer to that one. What separates him from Fergie and Mourinho is that they cut their cloth and our beloved boss lives and dies by his principles, misguided though they are. What's needed now is pragmatism and he doesnt do that. Oh yes and he doesnt do tactics or buy decent players anymore. QED - Post No. 32029

northbank123  21:10pm 10th Dec 2012

Why do people smugly presume that only recent fans want Wenger out? It's completely untrue. In fact, you could make a case that those who blindly support Wenger ignoring his demise are disproportionately the ones who have only come around under Wenger and fail to realise that we were the 3rd most successful club in England before he came along. - Post No. 32030

anthony walters  21:17pm 10th Dec 2012

another moaning minnie . i,d take the capitol cup and 4th. i remember far worse times and most clubs would love to be in our shoes though i agree we pay the highest ticket prices only to see our best players sold. - Post No. 32031

600NER PETE  21:34pm 10th Dec 2012

Tony Evans..... You beat me to it......NO! But let's face it, we're not likely to win it anyway, whether we play a "strong?" team or not.Also there are not many young players that have been blooded in this competition that have gone on to be worth putting in the first team anyway. PS I enjoyed the Wembley trip in '87 ( not so much in 88!). Just wish I could get as excited about the current team. - Post No. 32032

LJB  21:48pm 10th Dec 2012

Goonerjon,the "top 4" is a relatively recent invention,being a byproduct of the change from European Cup to Champions League.Therefore finishing 4th was neither here nor there;cups were regarded as far more important.Funny how the much derided George Graham team of 93 to 94 managed to win the two domestic cups in 93 and the Cup winners Cup in 94,despite all the spposed "dross" on show.We may have finished 12th in the league in 93,but noone really cared,4th didn't get you a CL place in those days,so winning cups was the best route into Europe.The introduction of the CL,which in some Leagues allows a team almost a quarter of the way down the table to enter a competition supposedly for "champions",has changed the dynamics of football with the riches on offer making domestic cups sadly irrelevant for many clubs.I think that the FA cup winners should get a CL place at the expense of the fourth place trophy;it would give clubs that don't stand a hope in hell of getting in the top 4 a chance of CL football and all the riches on offer.Its boring the same old teams in it every year,and is a form of financial doping which curiously Wenger doesn't object to.Daniel,all the people i know who want Wenger out have been fans for a very long time,going back at least to the 70's and some even earlier. - Post No. 32033

allybear  23:07pm 10th Dec 2012

Daniel i have been a fan since 1970&i desperately want Wenger out,i cant stand him and never rated him. He was very lucky to inherit the team when he joined. Also i dont think that he was ever a visionary manager,just very fortunate. So dont accuse me of not knowing the history of the club. Wenger was the manager who presided over the humiliation at OT and continues to buy second rate players and is now ready to offer the hasbeen Henry another run! - Post No. 32034

Gare Kekeke  1:04am 11th Dec 2012

Probably not. But give me a day out at Wembley with a proud performance (preferably winning of course!) over the usual annual European Cup knockout disappointment (the next one due early next year) any day of the week. It might not please Tom Fox but the heck does he know about OUR club? Who knows, a League Cup triumph could instil a winning mentality that has been severely lacking in our squad for a few years. I doubt it but let’s give it a go. Just ask Chelsea when they won it in 2005 or Man Utd when they won the FA Cup in 1990 (oh Wrighty you were so close!). The 1987 final win against Liverpool was my first great memory as a Gooner and made up for losing an FA Cup tie at home to Watford a few weeks earlier; my first game at Highbury on my 7th birthday weekend. For a club the size of The Arsenal and our wonderful history, finishing in the top four would only have a lot of merit if we attempted to win the European Cup the following season. I still think we’ll still finish 4th this season due to our experience and the inconsistency of the likes of Everton & Tottenham. Beware of Liverpool though. They are finally coming good under Rodgers. Btw, I’m only in my early 30s but a considerable amount of Gooners of a certain vintage who sit in my block think a change of manager is due. Good luck to the boys at Bradford tonight. Wish I could be there, but work comes first. Up The Arsenal! - Post No. 32037

GaryFootscrayAustralia  3:19am 11th Dec 2012

Check out Romford Pele's Rebekah Brooks haircut! - Post No. 32038

Ali  7:02am 11th Dec 2012

Wining the cup wouldn't rectify everything but it would certainly be a morale booster, something to build upon and would make this season a much better one than the previous seven trophy-less seasons. - Post No. 32039

Nilesh Bhagat  9:00am 11th Dec 2012

Good pre-emptive strike to justify why you will keep on moaning even if the club does manage to bring home a trophy. What a daft article, of course winning the Capital One Cup won't 'make everything allright' but it would be something to enjoy (though it seems that a section of Arsenal fans are incapable of enjoying anything) and perhaps could even be a springboard to further success. Do you even want us to win this trophy? It seems to me that you are the one that loves saying 'I told you so' not Wenger. - Post No. 32040

Mandy Dodd  9:12am 11th Dec 2012

How many of the invincibles did wenger inherit ally bear? - Post No. 32041

Daniel  9:52am 11th Dec 2012

Bard@Fergie and Mourinho win things but at a cost. Their football is both dull and too pragmatic to watch and they both court the media to get an advantage.Mourinho's Chelsea were awful to watch bar Robben and Man Utd play the sort of crap that if Arsenal won playing that style we would be slaughtered.ie 75% of their goals come from set plays and defending deep against any one half decent. I don't care what those two jokers have won,I wouldn't want any of them near Arsenal. - Post No. 32043

Inspector Clueless  10:04am 11th Dec 2012

wenger will never win anything ever again at Arsenal - happy to take all bets - Post No. 32044

graham yates  10:07am 11th Dec 2012

Wenger statistically is the best and the worst manager Arsenal have ever had. - Post No. 32045

Brigham  10:12am 11th Dec 2012

Richard, it is all very well you commenting on the fact that we have qualified for the ECL for the past 15 seasons. But what is the point in all honesty? We will never win it with the current attitude within the club of "its not the winning, its the taking part which counts" We have lost our winning mentality, our winning mental strength and we lack a bit of physicality. (Blimey, Wenger has got me at it now!) IMHO, Arsenal qualifying for ECL each year is a bit like an octogenarian with a fit young girl on his arm out and about in town. Everyone knows its for show and there will be no end result. But to get back on track, it would be great to win a trophy and maybe put that winning mentality back into the club. - Post No. 32046

Paul  10:18am 11th Dec 2012

No way.The Spuds won the league cup in 2008 their fans hardly talk about it.Its a Mickey Mouse cup.And you all know a league cup win would mean 5 more years of Wengerdross.When GG won the league cup in 1987 it was at the end of his first season not after 7 barren years.Are we Tottenham in disguise? - Post No. 32047

Paul  10:36am 11th Dec 2012

@Mandy Dodd within 2 seasons Lauren Cole Campbell Edu Pires and Bergkamp had left the club.Yes he built the Invincibles but look how quickly he destroyed them - Post No. 32048

northbank123  10:56am 11th Dec 2012

Nilesh - Everybody would like to win a trophy, nobody's denying that. But why would people need a 'pre-emptive strike' in case we win the thing? Wenger has explicitly stated it's his 5th priority, just about the Emirates Cup, and he's never taken it seriously in his entire reign. So if he suddenly goes out to actually win the thing does it really justify his years of abject failure and slipping further away from the top? Or is it a show of desperation that we're at our lowest point under him in 16 years and in fact don't have the best squad ever or a chance in hell of winning the league, despite what he says. Bear in mind where Liverpool are and that they sacked Dalglish despite winning the thing last year and that tells you what it means in the grand scheme. - Post No. 32049

Peter Wain  10:58am 11th Dec 2012

do get your hopes up we will lose. Squad rubbish manager rubbish Gazidis a conman and the owner a charlatan. - Post No. 32050

Rocky RIP  11:06am 11th Dec 2012

@Ally Bear - 'never rated him.' I'm not sure what a manager would have to do for you to rate him then. Provide achievements which you would deign to approve of please. Perhaps align it with a medium range transfer budget whilst you're there and see how you get on. Good luck. 2 Doubles and an unbeaten season playing some truly incredible football are clearly not good enough. The Invincibles were hardly inherited either (Parlour, Dennis, Cole homegrown..who else?). Assembled relatively cheaply. Wenger may have lost his way and you may not like the guy, but give him some credit. 'Never rated him'. Utter clown. That's beneath contempt. Longevity of support counts for f all if you've always been unable to appreciate talent. You've just been unable to appreciate talent for longer. - Post No. 32051

MrC  11:18am 11th Dec 2012

In answer to the question to win a cup in Feb, would maybe be what the squad needs for a bit of self belief and drive them on for the rest of the season. Look what happend when we lost the final the whole season imploded in about a fortnight. - Post No. 32052

Graham Simons  11:40am 11th Dec 2012

Wenger inherited just three of the invincibles - what is scary is all three are infinitely better and I might add instrumental in the unbeaten season than the garbage playing for us today. Without Keown I honestly don't think we would have gone unbeaten - his anger in the battle of old trafford help galavanise the squad. Raymond Parlour is just the sort of player you want around your dressing room - bleeds red and white and is so much better than the rubbish on our periphery these days. Last but not least, the man, the myth, the legend Dennis - we all know how good he was. - Post No. 32053

GoonerV  11:45am 11th Dec 2012

You make am article to create am argument no one has made. No one has said winning the Fa cup or league cup would excuse the last 7 years. So the rant at the end has no basis and as such the article is sort of redundant. If we won the carling cup then great and the fa cup too...nothing more nothing less Why does everything require such over analysis/debating/scorn/ridicule/praise. Tired article from a tired site - Post No. 32054

David Priced out of modern football  11:52am 11th Dec 2012

Ally bear - Just out of interest: would you rate a manager who took a team away to the San Siro, which was assembled at a cost less than that of the opposition's goalkeeper, and annialated them 5-1? Please answer. - Post No. 32055

Nilesh Bhagat  11:59am 11th Dec 2012

northbank123: the pre-emptive strike part is making sure that even if we do win this trophy the '8 years without a trophy' mantra becomes '8 years and only The Capital One Cup'. This article is just a pretext for yet another attack on this site on Wenger. As I stated previously winning this trophy quite obviously does not solve everything. Wenger has it all to prove again in my eyes but why use the possibility that we may win something as another oppotunity to beat him up? - Post No. 32056

BW  12:33pm 11th Dec 2012

The only time I ever got to visit the old Wembley was at the game against Wednesday in 1993. The one where Adams dropped Morrow and who broke his shoulder. Ah, happy days. Winning the League Cup would undoubtedly take the pressure off Wenger, and give Gooners something to celebrate, but with the team and backroom as it is a result like that would just paper over the cracks. - Post No. 32057

marwoodonthewing  12:48pm 11th Dec 2012

I remember being in the clock end in 98 and saw us draw in the cup with Port Vale (think it was the third round). We went on of course to win the double but I will never forget some clown behind me saying very loudly 'i told you we should have stuck with Rioch this Wenger is rubbish' . @allybear - you may have been a supporter since 1970 but which team exactly? Up the Arsenal. - Post No. 32058

Red Member  13:03pm 11th Dec 2012

there is not a chance of winning anything with the current team, it is not good enough. the club is also not set up to win anything anymore, it is set up to generate profits. - Post No. 32059

Nick  13:06pm 11th Dec 2012

Richard , so if we beat Bradford tonight (notice i say "if"), that will be 15 times under Wenger weve qualified for the semi final stage will it? weve also "qualified " for the cl knockout stages for 13 odd straight years , but , how many times have we "won" either cup ? BLOODY NONE thats how many, and that my friend is NOT success. - Post No. 32060

northbank123  13:13pm 11th Dec 2012

Nilesh - It's not an opportunity to beat him up. Everybody here has said they'd like to win it and obviously rather would than not. But, as the title of the article hints, it doesn't really make a difference in many people's perceptions of Wenger. A cup is a cup but I'm not going to shift my view on him if we win it by virtue of playing Coventry, Reading, Bradford, Middlesbrough and Norwich, or whoever really. There's no need for a pre-emptive strike when Wenger has treated this competition with contempt for a decade and a half and values it well well below finishing 19 points behind the top two positions like last year which was apparently a huge success. It won't change my mind on Wenger whatsoever because, although it would be nice to actually win something, it won't change the fact that he'll sacrifice the FA Cup in the 4th/5th round as always, we'll get humiliated in Europe in one of the next two rounds and yet if we finish 30 points off the top but still scrape 4th he'll tell us how successful a season it was and the cycle will begin again. Nobody's praying we win it so that we can use it to slam Wenger with. Just saying that it in no way changes our complete lack of ambition and his gaping failings. - Post No. 32061

El Bodgeo  13:17pm 11th Dec 2012

You can stuff 4th place. And 3rd and 2nd while you're about it. You can also stuff 'the brand', whatever the hell that is. Wonky Kronky, Slippery Gaz and Professor Idiot can all get stuffed as well. Like all true Gooners, I'm only interested in competing for winning trophies. I dont care what corporate logo is printed on the side of the cup just as long as I see my beloved red & white ribbons tied to the handles. Come on! - Post No. 32062

Rocky RIP  13:41pm 11th Dec 2012

@Marwoodonthewing - well said my friend. Anyone saying they never rated Wenger is either a) comfortably the worst judge of a manager ever or b) a fan of another club spreading negativity on a site that is supposed to be for Arsenal fans. If b) please, with the best will in the world - poke off and discuss your own club's lack of success, which is liable to be far, far greater. 1961 anyone? Fair enough, Wenger is worthy of plenty of cticism in recent seasons and we owe it to ourselves as fans to always question if people running our club are doing a good job; but equally credit where credit is due. If our own fans want to re-write history and claim Wenger was NEVER much cop, then we're in trouble! We fans like these, who needs enemies? - Post No. 32063

GoonerRon  14:14pm 11th Dec 2012

Sounds a bit like a pre-emptive strike to me, to justify the continued Wenger-bashing in the event we do win it. If the only thing it does is stop every journalist, pundit, sportswriter putting '7 years without a trophy' when they type the word 'Arsenal' it will be utterly worth it. It's clearly not our priority but winning a trophy in February can only help us kick on in other competitions. - Post No. 32064

allybear  14:21pm 11th Dec 2012

Firstly to people slagging me off i think im entitled to my opinion&if i support a team i dont have to like the manager or certain players.I dont like being called a clown&people who support a manager no matter what are the real clowns. Once again AW was the manager when the team was embarrased 8-2 at OT! Please clarify for me if AW bought Bergkamp or was it Bruce Rioch? - Post No. 32065

Mike  15:11pm 11th Dec 2012

If Wenger was managing another club the same way he is ours, the would be plenty of people wanting him to come here - Post No. 32066

Tony Evans  15:16pm 11th Dec 2012

Northbank123 - Well said. It is this seemingly never ending cycle of achieving a top four place but nothing else that is driving most of us round the twist. I would gladly swap a top four finish for the FA cup, which I would never have even contemplated a few years back such is my desire to see us win the CL, but such is the pitiful level of the squad these days what chance have we of winning the CL? Yet again all we are waiting for is the usual humiliation in the last 16. - Post No. 32067

Tony Evans  15:26pm 11th Dec 2012

6OONER PETE - 88 was horrible wasn't it and Gus Ceasar was dreadful, but I reckon he would slot in nicely now under Wenger - probably on a long contract at £60K a week. Super, super quality! - Post No. 32068

Adam Ant  15:59pm 11th Dec 2012

I don't see winning a trophy now as any kind of vindication for what has happened previously. As a club we need to focus on the 'here and now' and a little less on the 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow' mentality. Arsenal SHOULD be in a position to do things NOW (whether we are or not is purely down to Wenger) - Post No. 32069

LJB  16:37pm 11th Dec 2012

David Priced,would you rate a manager who took a team to the Emirates that cost less than the oppositions admittedly rubbish left winger,and won 2 .0.completely outplaying their illustrious hosts with the sort of football their overpaid,overrated manager has been trying to play for years? And he has only been there since july!! Just asking. - Post No. 32070

Daniel  18:37pm 11th Dec 2012

@ALL.This may hurt but I have never met anyone who I consider a true fan who wants Wenger out.My neighbour follows Arsenal(Note follows not supports)he hates Wenger and calls me an AKB which doesn't bother me.He has two sons one doesn't like football the other supports Man Utd.I asked his son why he didn't support Arsenal he said because his dad is always slagging them off.Both my boys are Arsenal supporters.Another neighbour down the road supports Spurs his two daughters are also spurs supporters.He thinks my neighbour is a plastic too,even though he claims to love Arsenal and has been a fan for 40 years.What I'm trying to say is that there are supporters and followers most Arsenal fans these days are followers,no matter how many games they attend. - Post No. 32071

Bob  22:38pm 11th Dec 2012

Whether we won tonight or not, Wenger had to go. The fact that we put out the strongest available team and lost to a league two club merely emphasised the extent of our decline. - Post No. 32072

allybear  22:41pm 11th Dec 2012

in my last article i asked the question of who signed Dennis Bergkamp? Bruce Rioch signed him in 95 from Inter. I will concede that AW signed some very good players in Viera,Petit et all and i would like to apologise if i upset anyone. Im frustrated at the lack of success&very disappointed at the loss to Bradford on pens. - Post No. 32073

Tony  22:43pm 11th Dec 2012

A pre-emptive strike heh? When are you Wengerites going to realise we will never win another trophy under Wenger. - Post No. 32074

Ken Dodd  23:14pm 11th Dec 2012

By jove,by jove what a beautiful day to storm into Wenger's office and blast:''Invincibles?....not a patch on Georgie's 'unshakeables'...two points deducted,captain jailed and one reverse at Chelsea with almost an entire first choice defence missing...oh Georgie Graham's magic,he wears a magic hat and when he saw the title he said I'm 'avin that...!'' - Post No. 32075

Highbury Boy  23:16pm 11th Dec 2012

I always thought you were getting ahead of yourself in thinking an Arsenal team under Wenger would ever again win anything and so it proved. Another humiliating experience. What will it take for him to go? - Post No. 32076

Gooner1972  23:41pm 11th Dec 2012

Quite simply Arsene we no longer trust.. Time for a change, a bit like when Les Dawson took over from Terry Wogan on Blankety Blank!!!! Jokes aside two words David Moyes, time to ditch OGL, sorry but enough is enough...... - Post No. 32077

Just to clarify  10:49am 12th Dec 2012

allbear - since you keep asking, David Dein flew to Milan to sign Dennis Bergkamp. It had very little/nothing to do with Rioch. - Post No. 32176

Moscow Gooner  20:21pm 12th Dec 2012

The debate is pretty much moot now given last night s result but.... like others here I ll take the FA Cup over 4th place now and in the future: apart from the pure economics there s little point in playing in the UCL each year if we go out at the 8th final stage (or even the semis). Football is about winning: nothing else. - Post No. 32237

Issue #269 - Out Now!

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16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds