Bye Bye (For Now) Andre Santos

By @RyArsenal

Reflections on the Brazilian’s loan deal

I write this as a fan in turmoil. My heart is wounded at the loss of our charismatic, lust-of-life character that has departed. My head however is absolutely ecstatic.

If only they knew… Andre Santos welcomed by Gremio fans

Andre Santos arrived with us in 2011 after spells with most notably Corinthians and Fenerbache and all the signs pointed to us having signed a good wing back. Brazilian – check. Skillful on the ball – check. A likeable man – check. However, as we saw Santos play more and more, the expectations got lower and lower just like Abou Diaby’s appearances per season. Andre has however given us some memorable performances - especially scoring his first goal in Arsenal’s 5-3 win at Stamford Bridge.

The straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak was most definitely the shirt swapping incident at half time with Robin Van Persie. I understand, that in Brazil the culture is different. But in English culture, to swap shirts with a player at half time is bad enough – let alone that player being RVP, who left the summer before and is seen by many of the Arsenal fans as a traitor and the subject of anger and betrayal. This, coupled with some awful performances started a rather turbulent state of affairs with the Arsenal fans.

Nothing makes me happier than Arsenal players proving me wrong. Of course, the best possible outcome of this situation is that Andre comes back from Gremio (if indeed he does return) a player having benefitted from six months of solid play – something that he won’t get now that Nacho Monreal, a deadline day signing from Malaga and, in time, Kieran Gibb’s return from injury.

Andre was clearly a popular guy behind the scenes at Arsenal Football Club. Lukas Podolski tweeted ‘We will miss you man, I wish u all the very best #Gunner God bless you", Santi Cazorla joined him adding ‘Good luck to my friend @Andre_Santos27!! It was a pleasure to share this time with you!!’.

In his interview on Arsenal.com he thanks the Arsenal fans for their support and vows that he will be back a better player. To make my feelings clear, I genuinely like Andre Santos. Do I think he is the sort of player that should grace the hallowed Red and White shirt of the club I love? No. But even after his own fans booed him off in scenes reminiscent of Emmanuel Eboue; Andre still announces his love for Arsenal Football Club on Twitter, in interviews and on his favorite social media platform Instagram. And I can’t hate anyone who does that.

14th February 2013 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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James  7:05am 14th Feb 2013

He will never be forgotten.Everytime we pick our worst ever Arsenal 11 the name Santos will be there at LB.Just wish he could take Gervinho with him to Brazil.When he stepped on the speak your weight machine at Arsenals training ground it replied "only one at a time please" - Post No. 34438

Liam  7:42am 14th Feb 2013

Yeah i agree. i was shocked by the amount of hate he got before/ when he left. I mean, he's a terrible player, but he's never said a word against the club, he tries his hardest and he doesn't seem disruptive. You can't ask for much more than that for a personality of a player. Thanks for the memories Andre! - Post No. 34439

Alsace Lorraine De Totteridge  8:05am 14th Feb 2013

The Great Hornby has something to say in his classic " Fever Pitch" about players who just reach their own level of incompetence and are suddenly found out. I don't think that anyone disliked this chap and I am pleased that he has escaped. One wonders idly how long he will be on our payroll for. - Post No. 34440

chris dee  9:00am 14th Feb 2013

The best possible outcome would be for Santos to stay in Brazil for good.Whoever recommended we sign him should be put in stocks outside the Emirates where we could throw rotten tomatoes at him. Arsene Wenger should be sued for incompetence for buying ,and the worse of all,playing him. Santos has been so bad that I am starting to look back at the time Emmanuel Eboue played full back as a golden era in our history. - Post No. 34441

billthered  9:02am 14th Feb 2013

Well in answer to you Santos cannot love Arsenal more than me and you dont want me at fifty eight playing for our team do you. - Post No. 34442

Denilson  9:32am 14th Feb 2013

"He drives how he wants, he drives how he wants, Andre Santos he drives how he wants" - Post No. 34443

foxinthebox2001  9:36am 14th Feb 2013

Odd that even after 18 months under Wenger, the coach who revolutionised players diets and training regime, Santos still looked a good 10 kilos overweight. Another sign AW is losing his way? - Post No. 34444

Pat O'Cake  10:51am 14th Feb 2013

A generally poor defender but I prefer to hold that against the manager for buying him, than the actual player for not being good enough. - Post No. 34446

Sophie  11:01am 14th Feb 2013

I think people are a bit harsh on certain Arsenal players.The reason Andre Santos was suspect in defence was mainly due to his attacking instincts.He had the best stats and goal ratio of any other player in the premiership.I believe that if Joe Hart had been an Arsenal player he too would have been hounded out by the fickle boo boys down to his many errors. - Post No. 34447

theopants superstar  11:49am 14th Feb 2013

I understand and share the writer's feelings. Santos did seemed a good egg and a very likeable guy - until required to do his job as a defender. Felt a bit sorry for him over the whole RVP shirt shopping incident (instigated by the latter). However his defending was piss poor and his fitness questionable at best and for those reasons I'm happy he no longer get's to put the Arsenal shirt on - for this season at least. As we're regurgitating old fat jokes, here's one: When Andre was in class at school he was so fat he sat next to EVERYBODY!! - Post No. 34448

Cambridge Gooner  12:35pm 14th Feb 2013

Truly a very likeable character and I think that if he could have played more as a left winger, we might have seen a lot more from him. Next time Aaron Ramsey is doing his fish out of water impression on the left wing, think of the Brazilian skill that we could be utilising. - Post No. 34449

kdmgooner  12:46pm 14th Feb 2013

Gone but still on the wage bill. Even OGL has given up on him. Wenger does this, he waits until the damage is done and they have turned in multiple crap performances which have cost us games and then realises that they aint good enough so we loan them out rather than sell them because of their high wages.Squillaci is another one, so crap that he no longer picks him even if all our other center backs are injured. For gods sake get them off the payroll, pay off their contracts if need be. At least this idiot cant get picked if the isnt here I guess - Post No. 34450

don froth  12:50pm 14th Feb 2013

Another Wenger wage bill masterstroke! - Post No. 34451

Ron  13:42pm 14th Feb 2013

If a manager buys and picks a player who s evidently so grossly out of his depth at an early stage, the manager is to blame for asking for more of the employee than is possible for him to give. This is particularly so, when the Employee showed promise in another area of his work, ie in Santos s case as a winger. Its another vain ' i can convert a player' crusade by OGL that has nt worked. If he had have signed him years ago as he claims, Ronaldo would be a struggling Centre half, ready for a loan out to Brentford! - Post No. 34452

jack  14:09pm 14th Feb 2013

don't worry you'll have your wish soon, he'll be back at arsenal because no other team wants him - Post No. 34453

maguiresbridge gooner  15:17pm 14th Feb 2013

He gave us memorable performances alright, another rubbish player that we're stuck with and have to loan out,he really was one of these top top quality signings, top top quality dross.Is it really any surprise that he still loves the club ? He's sitting pretty on a good contract for being crap, he probably can't believe his luck.There have been to many of these kind of players allowed to grace the hallowed red and white shirt over the last five or six seasons, with nobody being held responsible,no surprise there. - Post No. 34454

Paul  15:20pm 14th Feb 2013

He can swap as many shirts as he likes with oponents i judge him on his performances on the pitch.And he was bloody usless.Not helped by never being fit.Out of breath after a 10 yard run.But at the end of the day Santos cant help being rubbish but our £7m a year manager doesnt have to bloody sign him does he?Another unforgivable Wenger signing.Santos is well up there with Gus,Igor and Squallaci in the hall of shame of Arsenals worst defenders - Post No. 34455

Mike  15:30pm 14th Feb 2013

He made mistakes but I don't recall him costing us a game as implied by many - Post No. 34456

BNG  15:56pm 14th Feb 2013

Almunia,Santos,Silvestre,Squiggles,Stepanovs,Eboue,Denilson, Vela,Gervinho,Park & Chamakh for a recent grim 11 with Fabianski,Cygan,Baptista,Aliadere & Jeffers on the bench, I know i've left Bendtner out of the team but if he'd been played as a striker and not as a winger in OGL's Frankenstien experiment he would have had a half decent scoring record - Post No. 34457

tfSmudge  16:09pm 14th Feb 2013

Nice article RyArsenal, I agree it was regrettable what happened to Santos, I genuinely liked him too. But I'd go deeper: under a different set of circumstances would half the current squad be at Arsénal at all ? Looking back to our successful years, who actually attracted, negotiated and signed the likes of Bergkamp, RvP, Vieira & others and brought them to Arsenal anyway – Wenger, Hill-Wood or else Gazidis ? Nope, surprise surprise it was actually David Dein. Whose job is that now ? Strangely this success with the AFC chequebook seemingly stopped the moment Hill-Wood decided to sack our very own Mr Arsenal, ironically when our trophy drought started 7 or so seasons ago. Wenger took the cash, but with it came complacency and boardroom hush. The Wenger/Gazidis combo has been hit and miss at best. So it would seem knocking these under-par players is futile, given they wouldn't have been here in the first place. It would be interesting to find out which of our missed transfer targets Dein would have signed over this barren period. Chelsea have been rubbing their hands together ever since. Ironically Hill-Wood lives closer to Stamford Bridge than Arsenal. Never mind the bollox. - Post No. 34458

Reg  18:14pm 14th Feb 2013

Think we'll have to see how he is eventually judged re the good egg scenario. You don't have to sit there and take the money until the end of the contract (Squillaci et al style), you can move to play football. In credit to Eboue he moved only months after he signed a new contract. Another Wenger couldn't run a piss up scenario! - Post No. 34459

Soph  19:43pm 14th Feb 2013

He should go to Manure.Afting watching another boring defensive display from them in Europe last night they could probably do with an attacking fullback.Even Van Persie looks ordinary playing for them that chance he missed last night my 90 year old grandmother would have buried.I'm actually glad we got rid of the overhyped cloggy. - Post No. 34460

CanadaGooner  21:42pm 14th Feb 2013

I'll take Eboue anyday over some of the players we currently have. Laurent is the same; I still cant explain why on earth Wenger got rid of him! It seems to me that the culture at Arsenal post 2005 is one of ACCEPTANCE. I dont see how Wilshere with his desire to see arsenal do better and win things will last at the emirates. Sooner or later he will get frustrated and leave. For Fabregas and RVP, not winning the Carling cup against Birmingham and our capitulation after the Clichy debacle Vs Birmingham in the league the year we should have won it should mean neither of those folks can single wenger out for blame, as they had those trophies within their grasp but squandered those opportunities. Santos joined arsenal and settled right into that ACCEPTANCE mold; with players very relaxed and at ease with 7 years winning nothing! What I would pay to have some AMBITION back in our team (like what Keown, Parlour and those die-hard, trophy-crazy players we used to have, who wouldnt settle so nicely into this 4th place is a good result crap!) - Post No. 34461

Ed enough  6:06am 15th Feb 2013

Pointless drivel about a crap player....moving on.. - Post No. 34462

Brigham  8:42am 15th Feb 2013

I do not blame the player, even though he has been very poor. I actually blame Wenger and his scouting system, which I can only assume has become so bad that they recommend players like Santos. It beggers belief really. - Post No. 34463

chris dee  9:01am 15th Feb 2013

Many terrible players mentioned in these posts,but I take exception to Igor Stepanov being branded a failure.Any player who helps Arsenal win a trophy is a legend in my eyes and Stepanovs did just that.He played a part in adding one of those dates around the Emirates unlike 'better' players such a Vermaelen etc. Which is why, no matter how talented Jack Wilshere is ,he is still behind David Hillier,Stephen Morrow and Ian Selley who all helped Arsenal win trophies,because that's the name and aim of the game.Unless of course you are the current board and manager of Arsenal. - Post No. 34464

Ron  11:11am 15th Feb 2013

Chris Dee - Smack on and to be honest i doubt Wilshsre will get the chance to see the fruits of his labours reap any reward. He ll be sold well before then, probably after his protestations of the Club having no real ambition have been made via the press.He s destined to be the next candidate for vilification by those who amazingly still cant see why the likes of Fabregas and Van P et all head out of the front door to something better. - Post No. 34465

Gare Kekeke  12:08pm 15th Feb 2013

No real loss. Good riddance in my book. Even more worrying that Wenger hasn’t ruled him out coming back in the summer. Overweight and just not good enough as a defender for which he says he is. I remember a regular poster said last summer that all of our defenders our ‘world-class’. Does that include the woeful Santos? Typical of a Wenger apologist to defend his failings. So Santos is out on loan well as another ‘world-class’ defender Djourou. Terrific. Next thing we’ll be told fourth place is a trophy. Oh wait............................ - Post No. 34467

maguiresbridge gooner  13:36pm 15th Feb 2013

Spot on Ron, i know wenger apologists who had the daggers half drawn and the names ready for walcott just the way they have for RVP, now of course he's their little darling, thats until maybe next season if he fulfills his potential and some of the top clubs with better prospects and more dough come sniffing. - Post No. 34471

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