The Gooner issue 233 out tomorrow

By Kevin Whitcher

Unabashed plug to help sales of the fanzine behind this website

Okay, so some self-publicity for the fanzine that funds this website, its podcast and itself. First up, a word about where The Gooner is now in these changing times. Print media has been suffering a significant downturn for a while now (did you know Arsenalís matchday programme sells fewer copies now than it did at Highbury?), and The Gooner is no exception. Itís fair to say that our future is uncertain. The last time the cover price went up was before the year 2000. Additionally, there is hardly any advertising in our pages. Granted, some readers may not agree with the view in my editorials that change is needed at the club, but there are 46 other pages with a genuine range of opinions, nostalgia and humour. We are an open church that publishes submitted views from all ends of the spectrum of Arsenal opinion. We believe for £2 we give value for money.

Front cover of the new issue

The internet and social media provide content about Arsenal that is both free and more immediate, and indeed we have this very website and a twitter feed (publisher Mike Francis is our tweeter there). However, the continued existence of the fanzine is what underpins all media that is produced under The Gooner umbrella. So the long and short of it is that, if you want us to be around for the long term, we need to be selling enough copies of the fanzine to ensure we are not pouring money into a black hole. So please consider buying the issue and encourage all your Arsenal friends to support us if you want us to stick around, by buying a copy at the ground, or subscribing to receive issues by post - you can do that online here. You can also just buy the individual issue to be sent by post if you do not wish to subscribe right here. For those who now do their reading on computers, tablets or phones, you can help us by purchasing the e-version of the fanzine (also available on as an app through iTunes). Maybe the days of the printed football fanzine are nearing their end. Who knows?

Regards the issue on sale tomorrow, there are features onÖ
Memories of spot kicks missed against the Gunners
Departed players that should have been retained
Whether referees are genuinely biased against Arsenal
A hated XI (a team of opposition players to despise)
Opposition chatrooms spied on for the game v Stoke
Whether Wenger & Kroenke are our Batman & Robin or a Bonnie & Clyde
Spurs 1 Arsenal 1 remembered from 1992
Getting your kids to support your team
Review of Arsenalís January transfer window
Bacary Sagnaís season so far
Nigel Winterburn celebrated
The job being done at boardroom level
And much more including all the usual features and columnists (except the Spy, who we use in a kind of Paul Scholes role these days!)

Fair enough for £2 of your money? Please support us if you agree.

15th February 2013 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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billthered  12:52pm 15th Feb 2013

As I stated in last months run up to the latest issue of the Gooner buy the Gooner and give the match day programme a miss.The programme costs three pounds and is a voice for the club and shows only spin from them so save your three quid and spend two on a magazine that airs our view and good and bad points,and also does'nt put money into yankee doodles pockets. - Post No. 34468

Goonimp  13:03pm 15th Feb 2013

Have just ordered a copy. I bought the last issue at the Stoke game and was very impressed with the quality. I was the editor of the Lincoln fanzine, The Deranged Ferret, for a few years so I know how tough it is. I used to order 750 copies (average gate 5,000 at its peak) from the printers, now I reckon I would be lucky to sell 200 copies from around 2,000 fans! Anyway, good luck with it and keep going. I shall probably end up subscribing. I actually bought 3 copies of the last issue and gave the others to Gooners back home. And I bought the other two fanzines. Maybe won't again... ;o) - Post No. 34469

PaddyStoodUp  13:12pm 15th Feb 2013

Sad to hear The Gooner may not be around for much longer. I've been a subscriber for 10+ years and love receiving my issue every month. It's great value and I always encourage visiting friends to buy a copy at the ground. The standard is probably better than it's ever been as well, so it's a shame more people aren't reading it. However, times change and there's so much to read on the web now that it's inevitable print sales will decline. I wish you luck in keeping it going and will continue to support you all the while you do. - Post No. 34470

maguiresbridge gooner  13:52pm 15th Feb 2013

Certainly worth two quid, but if it ever falls into Arsenals hands it'll quickly become a fiver. - Post No. 34472

Dan h  14:30pm 15th Feb 2013

Subsciber for a good few years now will be a sad day if it is stopped being published in print.Times change don't we know it. - Post No. 34473

JAMIE  14:43pm 15th Feb 2013

I always stick a copy of the match day programme free of charge through my neighbours door as he's something like 25,000 on the season ticket waiting list and can't get to the games.He in turn gives me a copy of the gooner whenever it comes out.Two months ago I called him a "Ginger Welsh midget"for waking me up at five O'clock in the morning when he went on his morning shift.(He's a foreman for a well known company).Since then I haven't recieved anymore copies from him even though I still stick the programmes through his door.Now there's gratitude for you. - Post No. 34474

Wenger Must Go  19:38pm 15th Feb 2013

Charge people to read your online editorial then Kev!!! - Post No. 34475

SE12 Red  22:15pm 15th Feb 2013

Never buy the official programme these days but always get the new edition of The Gooner . Great read on the Northern Line back to London Bridge . Keep up the good work guys . - Post No. 34476

Badger  21:29pm 16th Feb 2013

I have bought the Gooner near enough since day 1 and never miss an issue. Always a great read, I would be very disappointed if it were to disappear - Post No. 34479

Clive Burton  14:40pm 18th Feb 2013

Arsene Wenger should have gone a few years ago, now we see a club in decline with a board so inept and in Wenger`s back pocket, missing the nous of David Dein. Next season we could easily be bottom 6 material if the status quo remains. Jose Mourinho would make a huge difference to the club but is far too smart to want to join a club with a restrictive wage policy and is more interested in selling players than buying them. Gervinho, Oxlade Chamberlain, Rosicky, Chamack Arshavin, Squillaci, Giroud and even Podolski are players who are not in the same class as players of the early 2000s. Wenger lost the dressing room a long time ago and Steve Bould doesn`t seem to have made any difference to our back 4 which are at times half asleep. Hopefully Wenger will do the honourable thing and resign at the send of the season. With only a year exisiting on his present contract he should put all Gooners out of their misery and go in May. Only Arteta, Wilshere and Walcott can bare close scruitiny in the first 11. The rest are just average players who are here for the money. - Post No. 34731

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