Arsenal Legends Calendar Free with new Gooner tomorrow

By Kevin Whitcher

Bergkamp, Henry, Pires and co on your wall for 2017

Ok, unabashed self-promotion time.

Cover of your free 2017 calendar

The new issue of the Gooner (263) goes on sale tomorrow at the game v Crystal Palace and includes our annual calendar. For 2017, weíve kept it simple Ė with the theme being í12 Arsenal Legends From The Arsene Wenger Eraí. And you might not be too surprised to learn that those included are mainly drawn from the first ten years of Arseneís tenure, before the stadium move.

If youíve read this far, then a little discussion point to rise this above mere advertorial. What defines a legend? Iím not going to even attempt to answer that, but hereís one for you to ponder. Are Ashley Cole, Cesc Fabregas or Robin Van Persie more worthy of inclusion than, say Marc Overmars? One of these four features, and knowing the strength of feeling amongst many Gooners towards the first three, it wonít take a rocket scientist to work out itís Overmars. Yet, Cole, for example, won far more honours than the Dutchman in an Arsenal shirt. But letís face it, Gooners would generally object to having an image of Cole on their walls for a month in the coming year.

And yet, feelings towards Overmars were not exactly positive when he departed for Barcelona in 2000. He has underperformed in the 2000 UEFA Cup Final (along with Manu Petit, who joined the Catalan club at the same time). Petit even went on to play for Chelsea before Jose Mourinho arrived (Cesc Fabregas did the same, but is booed by many Arsenal fans when he plays against us), but time has meant that both players are now re-established in the hearts of Gooners, as we have seen when they have turned out for charity games, such as the Bergkamp testimonial and the Legends game against Milan. I guess the bitterness about their departures in 2000 was simply less. And unlike Cole and Fabregas, they left after their playing peaks. Van Persie departed after his, but joining Manchester United and winning the title for them did not go down well in North London. Anyway, just some food for thought.

We have also included Ozil and Sanchez from the current squad. Both have won silverware with the club, and hey, we wanted to include at least a couple of players from the last decade.

As for the issue itself, we have a Diego Simeone front cover, remembering that the issue went to press after the two defeats at Goodison Park and Eastlands when question marks about the teamís motivation were foremost on the minds of many fans. Inside, there is the usual wealth of quality reading on the Gunners past and present. There is a seasonal episode of our cartoon favourite Dwight Hart-Lane, and with the FA Cup 3rd Round imminent a reflection of 20 years of Arsene Wengerís 3rd round ties at Arsenal and his record of never having been eliminated at that stage of the competition. There is an interview with former captain and assistant manager Pat Rice, whilst regular contributors tell us about their superstitions when it comes to matchday.

There are pieces on safe standing and the modern fanís sense of entitlement, along with an article comparing a fatherís first visit to Arsenal with his sonís some 40 years on. Nostalgia comes in the form of pieces on the 1993-94 season, the Arsenal programme in 1987-88 and striker David Herd, who played for Arsenal before moving to Manchester United. We look at the recruitment of All Blacks psychologist Dr Ceri Evans to assist at the club, and the contract situations of Ozil and Sanchez. There is a trip report on Basel away as well as regulars including Talking Reds, The Spy, Mickey Cannon, Inbox, the North Bank Times, the 91st Minute and much more.

The issue costs £3 from our sellers on your approach to the stadium. Help your fanzine survive by buying a copy!

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Comments and Reaction

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Wobby Wotten  13:34pm 31st Dec 2016

Funniest quote of the year goes to bell end bonzo telling Jamerson to man up and grow some and there he is posting comments on here under several names with absolutely no substance to anything he's written. He's now started a love fest with the boring Irish guy and arseknewbest. Wouldn't want to be standing in front of him in the pub tonight eh - Post No. 101994

mbg  14:24pm 31st Dec 2016

Of course their just as much legends as the rest (the fact Cole has won more than Overmars will be conveniently overlooked by the AKB luvvies) it's just the fact they seen through TOF a long time ago and said and indeed done something about it that still rankles, especially when they were proved right. - Post No. 101995

Bard  17:06pm 31st Dec 2016

The Cole saga was an Arsenal classic. They pissed him off in the contract negotiations by offering very little and he left to become a Chelsea legend and world class full back. Whats more we still havent found a left back who is remotely in his class. Finding top class players is difficult enough but finding them and letting them go over peanuts is beggars belief. Happy New Year to one and all. - Post No. 101998

Bonzo  17:56pm 31st Dec 2016

Wobby Woodend - please stop already with this multiple personality split you have with Jamee. Indeed Jamee does need to grow up and grow a pair as he is the whiniest loser, always weeping when we lose. Retiring coz Arsenal don't win titles anymore and still maintaining his creepy love in with Wengo. Jameee loves Wengie, repeat Jamee loves Wengie. - Post No. 101999

GS  18:22pm 31st Dec 2016

Cole leaving was a sure sign Wenger was losing the plot, you have a world class player who you allow to leave to one of your rivals for the sake of a few thousand £££, all this while Wenger gets Paid top dollar. His bad judgement from there on just kept getting worse , both on and off the pitch . Even now Wenger is bigging up that finishing 2/3/4 to the chavs would be a good season :( - Post No. 102001

Arseneknewbest  18:29pm 31st Dec 2016

Wobbly bobbly jameebba blobby - more deviant bullsh*t. Stop drinking leeky-man's fermented potato juice because it's evidently making you hallucinate. On second thoughts, finish your flagon containing your best friend's warm dna infusion and see if you can spend the night in the marc almond ward at your local hospital irritating everyone. Not spending n.y.e. with your kids I assume. Hmm these digestives are wonderfully soggy... - Post No. 102002

Paul Ward  18:56pm 31st Dec 2016

Whatever ones definition of the word I fail to see how either Sanchez or Ozil are legends to be honest, and I'd be hard pushed to find 12 of them in the Wenger era too. For me a legend spends a long time at a club, is a leader with a special fan bond, and is integral to some success.Adams, Viera? Yes. Ozil, Sanchez ? No. And so to a chastening fact, we enter 2017 twelve points behind the league leaders, despite spending 90 million in the summer, happy new year everyone - Post No. 102003

jjetplane  19:15pm 31st Dec 2016

Back with the 8m smug grin again as Wenger loves nothing more than throwing the virtual towel in now the race moves up a gear. Interesting to see his aging mug come May and the selfies are banned because Wenger finishes 6th and Wiggee wants to know where his US spend is coming from. ****e club and most AKBs hate most of the legends above so who is the market? Happy fireworks - we got em on the beach later. - Post No. 102005

Bonzo  19:36pm 31st Dec 2016

Happy New year everyone I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family and here's to Wengo's last year in charge. Jamee and Squeak is it a double date your arranging on Grindr? - Post No. 102006

Au Revoir Le Fraud  19:55pm 31st Dec 2016

Did any subscriber not laugh when they unfolded the Walcott poster? - Post No. 102007

mbg  20:20pm 31st Dec 2016

My personal definition of an Arsenal legend is a player who retired or left the club after giving years of great service(even they did join another club )and winning honours to go with it, and we still remember fondly, and did things that we still remember, Tony Adams, David Seaman, David O'Leary, Nigel Winterburn, Lee Dixon, Liam Brady, Rocky, Dennis Bergkamp, just a few, and you can go back a hell of a lot further, who really loved/love Arsenal and had them, and indeed still have them in their blood, Charlie George, etc, etc, i'd bet even if someone asked Ashley (and others) he'd admit he still has a soft spot for Arsenal maybe even still in his blood, just not the manager, and Dein and a few others from the time, and of course the fans, (and you certainly can't blame him for that) I can see why you included Ozil and Sanchez who are still at the club but sorry Kevin not for me, Ozil and Sanchez maybe the pick of them yes, but would/will we shed a tear if they leave in a couple of months, would we class them as legends ? even if they have won a couple of pots ? i class RVP and Cole more as legends) would we still remember them and be holding them in such high regards in ten twenty years time as we do all the legends mentioned ? wally ? (and others) a legend/legends ? how any one will/could call him a legend is beyond me, in his own mind maybe, just my opinion of course. wenger out - Post No. 102009

mbg  20:31pm 31st Dec 2016

Thankfully it hasn't included TOF in there another legend in his own mind. Happy new year to you all also, hopefully we'll have the best new year present ever. wenger out - Post No. 102010

Wobby Wotten  21:18pm 31st Dec 2016

Bonzo has just walked in the pub. He's got his full leathers on and his hair in a ponytail. He's ordering a gin and tonic. Told ya fellow gooners. He is ya know. - Post No. 102011

Bonzo  21:29pm 31st Dec 2016

Wobby Woodend - how did you know I have a love of Gin? My God you've got insight! Now a favourite at the moment is Plymouth Gin as it has a little bit of sweetness on the pallet and mixed with a fever tree it's got just a bit more zing. I'm also dabbling with Bols Genever, try this as a short virtually a shot and add apply juice about 50/50. It's not for the feint hearted but great as a warmer. Have to admit to really liking a Hendricks it is a fashionable Gin but it's popular for a reason. Hair isn't in a pony tail but still have some . Are you still on the break fluid Wobbly? You need to educate yourself with some great fortified spirit options. - Post No. 102012

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  21:41pm 31st Dec 2016

mbg, I've no love for David O'Leary. He may have played lots of games for us but have you read his autobiography, no fan of Arsenal there, and his quite frankly disgraceful carrying on after his Leeds side beat us 1-0 in May '99 still rankles. (Running on the pitch a la David Pleat Luton 1983? Classeless). Though we had the last laugh after he was sacked a few times in his career since. - Post No. 102013

Mad Monk  21:52pm 31st Dec 2016

Question; who was the first team to win the European Cup in Great Britain? - Post No. 102014

Bonzo  21:56pm 31st Dec 2016

We are building a team - my pet theory is that O'leary thought he had a job coming up at Arsenal. This didn't come through so he got bitter and angry. Apparently he is a bit of an odd one and has had fall outs with people. Stranger still he is now apparently an Arsenal ambassador. If rumour is correct. I think he's our Roy Keane a legend but an uneasy relationship none the less! - Post No. 102015

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  21:57pm 31st Dec 2016

Real Madrid when they beat Eintracht Frankfurt in Glasgow was it 1960? - Post No. 102016

Mark  21:59pm 31st Dec 2016

Cole was an Invincible and part of the greatest Arsenal team ever.His partnership with Pires was a thing of beauty down the left.He was also the best LB in the world at the time.He never let Arsenal down whenever he wore the shirt.Unlike Ozil who has never turned up in an away game v a top 6 club in 4 seasons.If Adams or Vieira had been about after the Man City game they would have had him up against the wall.Ozil legend dont make me laugh.Also Cesc was a legend a top class player a world cup and double Euro winner who Wenger surrounded him with dross like Diaby Helb Denilson and Eboue.In 2008 he very nearly carried the team to the title.I remember Cesc running games at OT Anfield the Bernabeu and the San Siro.Something Ozil has failed to do.Arsenal fans who booed Cole and Cesc stoop to the same level the Spuds fans did with Campbell.Cole and Cesc left to better themselves and win trophies.If they had stayed they may have won an FA cup but never a league title or a CL not under Wenger - Post No. 102017

Wobby Wotten  0:01am 1st Jan 2017

Bell end bonzo is on all fours in the car park with his spurs pants around his ankles. I knew it, he's a fraud, he's one of them. Not a pretty site. - Post No. 102019

Mad Monk  0:30am 1st Jan 2017

WABATTD exactly correct! (Before anyone says sad git at this time of year posting I'm on my way to Monaco working) it's just a way of proving how to put a spin on facts something people don't get myself sometimes included . Just like Attwood claiming a Frenchman is greater than Chapman ... really? - Post No. 102020

Mad Monk  0:42am 1st Jan 2017

Mark totally agree with you about Fabregas absolutely loved him and how we let him go to Chelsea when we had first refusal beggar\'s belief. I would have sold most of the rubbish we have now for him but a lot of mugs on Untold think he is past it! To allow him to play in a Maureen team is criminal. - Post No. 102021

mbg  1:55am 1st Jan 2017

WABATTD, i was aware of that as i typed that mate, i remember you mentioned it some time back, and to be honest i wasn't impressed with him then either and he could and should have showed more respect, but i thought at the time it was the French, Viera, wenger and co he was aiming all that at, blowing kisses at and all the rest, but everytime I've heard him speak i always thought he spoke well of the club, to be honest I've never read his autobiography and wasn't aware of that (i must look it up) maybe it was the regime ? he did give us great service though and was a steady pro who we could always rely on with those big strangley legs and in air, i wouldn't mind a thirty year old of him now, it would be interesting to see if he was offered a position now what he would say and/or do, maybe that was the problem back then he never was. - Post No. 102023

Paul Ward  7:01am 1st Jan 2017

Don't care what happened when he was manager at Leeds, or what was said in his book , David O'Leary is a true AFC legend.Arguably the best defender we've ever had, Spider showed tremendous loyalty during those bleak mid eighties years, when Brady and Stapleton were quick to leave us in the lurch. That loyalty was rewarded when he enjoyed the successes under George, his tears at Anfield showing how much it meant to him.A true one club man, David makes my best ever AFC team, and is a legend. - Post No. 102024

Smithy  8:01am 1st Jan 2017

Happy new year gooners! Brace yourselves for more of the same - lacking enough mentile spireet to really challenge to win anything. - Post No. 102025

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  9:22am 1st Jan 2017

mbg; fair plays pal. I know Pires wasn't at AFC in '99 but there was a bit of verbals between him and O'Leary after they beat us in Nov 2000. Anyways, the book is David O'Leary: My Story written with Harry Miller. To be fair he does say in there his respect for the then Chairman Denis H-W but there is also a lot of griping, he did come across to me as a bit of a sourpuss though that may be the man rather than the club. But anyways there it is. Happy new year and let's take Fat Sam's pub team to the cleaners today. - Post No. 102026

Bonzo  9:42am 1st Jan 2017

Wobby Woodend - how was the brake fluid have the remaining brain cells clicked this morning? I fear you mistook me for someone else. It's actually a flashback your suffering of when you crawled out of your caravan when the potato juice sent you and Squeak delirious. Here Woodend - what manager enters a cup competition 21 times and never wins it? Answers please. - Post No. 102028

Paul Ward  20:33pm 1st Jan 2017

The nearest we have to a legend now is Laurent Koscielny, a superb defender whose anticipation and calmness on the ball make him one of Europes finest centre halfs. Wouldn't swap him for anyone myself, immaculate, 50 mill for John Stones anyone ? - Post No. 102050

mbg  0:18am 2nd Jan 2017

Mark, dead right, and RVP also, he had ambition left even after being worn down by wenger and showed it(unlike TOF when him and RVP were having all those discussions then) and it paid off, something that never would have happened if he'd have listened to him. - Post No. 102052

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