The Devil is in the Detail

By Bard

Were Arsenal’s flaws all too apparent in the win over Palace?

The euphoria surrounding Giroud’s wonder goal and the routine three points that accompanied it suggests job done. No slips ups, no cock-ups. Arsenal are back in the title race, at least that’s how it looks to some. However to me there were aspects of the game that revealed exactly why Arsenal haven’t won the Premier League for more than a decade and why Wenger is incapable of being the catalyst for that next title.

Was Giroud’s wonder goal followed by familiar failings?

Giroud’s goal in the first half settled the nerves. All that remained was for the side to put the game to bed with another goal. After the break the side played with aggression, intent and no little skill and second goal duly came in the 56th minute via Iwobi’s head. With barely half an hour left in the game it should have been game over. It required the team to stay compact, keep the ball, frustrate Palace, above all don’t allow the team to get stretched and see out the remaining 30+ mins. With another game coming up it would also have been prudent to take Sanchez off. There was absolutely nothing to be gained and everything potentially to be lost from keeping him on.

What happened next was typical Arsenal, they started to play as if they were two behind. Players piled forward leaving huge gaps in the midfield and leaving the defence exposed. It was the kind of basketball football that Arsenal play all too frequently. This gave Palace all the encouragement they needed to give it a go. They created at least three good chances by my reckoning. Cech made a couple of terrific saves and their strikers missed one or two good chances. On another day it could easily have been a 2—2 draw. Arsenal got away with it and as a result no questions were asked.

But it is precisely this lack of game management that has become the hallmark of Wenger’s management. At the higher levels you cannot get away with playing reckless gung ho football. You cannot imagine a Conte or Pep playing this way. Furthermore his decision to persist with Sanchez when the game was effectively won, knowing he has another game in a couple of days borders on the reckless. Losing Sanchez for any extended period effectively signals season over, why take the risk?

Small details maybe but it’s the small details that make the difference at the top level.

3rd January 2017 09:00:00


Comments and Reaction

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chris dee  9:10am 3rd Jan 2017

Spot on!Game management non existent. It's the same type of game management that lost us a 4 nil lead at Newcastle and the same type of game management that lost us a two goal lead against Spurs with only five minutes left.And Michael Owen must still laughing his head off when in a FA Cup final and winning 1-0 we still piled players forward and allowed Liverpool a breakaway equaliser and I'm sure other fans have their own fond memories of us giving games away.Still let's not get to upset as this is Arsene's last season. - Post No. 102113

Moscow Gooner  11:04am 3rd Jan 2017

Chris - hope you are right about this being AW's last season, but that seems too good to be true doesn't it? I see AW complaining about the Christmas fixture list this morning - but all the more reason then to get key players off as soon as we went 2-0 up. We see this failing time and time again; I remember a European tie years back at the Emirates when we were 5-0 up by about the 60 minute mark and he kept ('accident waiting to happen') RvP on the pitch until the bitter end. This will never change - look at the line up in Basle... - Post No. 102114

jeff wright  11:05am 3rd Jan 2017

Bang on the money regarding the points you make Bard .It's not down to misfortune that Monsieur Wenger last won a league title back in 2005 .He had the players then such as Bergkamp the ultimate number 10 and Sol Campbell in defense that could think for themselves and make a silk purse out of his cows arse tactics.The only player in the current side with any title winning experience is Cech and he won his trophies at Chelsea with John Terry ,Lampard and co in front of him .We don't have any Terry type leader in defense nor a Lampard who is a member of Mensa there are no geniuses in our side though and Wengo is not,despite ludicrous attempts by some to claim so, one either. Regarding Sanchez it look as to me like he is struggling ,there is no lack of effort or skill from him but a lot of his energy is wasted and he still looks as though he doesn't really know what his role in the side is. Neither does Wengo either.Wenger has already conceded the title to Chelsea his priority is to finish ahead of the spuds and to 'win' another top 4 trophy .If he does then we can expect him to get another 2 years to carry on trying to do the same. He needs these 'wonder goals' and other Hollywood style crowd and media pleasers to help divert attention away from the mess he has once again made of our title challenge that we were told was taking place not so long ago .Yet here at the start of the New Year 9 points adrift of Chelsea and Wengo relying on them taking points off Tottenham .You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 102115

Roy  11:07am 3rd Jan 2017

Well said. They do say familiarity breeds contempt, don't they ? Oh well, at least we are near the end. - Post No. 102116

Brucie  11:29am 3rd Jan 2017

Blimey - Surely Elijah could have considered his other options, such as making a wig or lecturing them in the error of their ways. Definite lack of in - game management there, I'd say. - Post No. 102118

Nick  11:35am 3rd Jan 2017

Spot on with your match assessment Bardon I thought exactly the same ,we have to cut out the stupidity of giving the ball away by trying to be clever and ignoring the simple pass ! We are always putting ourselves under pressure and giving the opponents a confidence and hope that should be denied them! This comes from our game ethos which comes in turn from the manager ! As for keeping on a visibly tiring Sanchez well that was plain stupid and just WHAT was the merit in swapping Elneny for Coqulien ? - Post No. 102119

Bonzo  11:42am 3rd Jan 2017

Jamee - you ask me a question and I answer it, I ask you the same and you still do not answer ! The impertinence. From your latest tale I can see that Elijah had a very thin skin much like Wengo. Here's a further question. Who enters a competition 21 times and wins **** all. Answers on a post card please. - Post No. 102120

WeAreBuildingATeamToDominate  11:43am 3rd Jan 2017

Benteke missed a relatively easy chance to make it 2-1 which would have made an uncomfortable last 20 minutes. Hard to get too annoyed over a straightforward win vs poor opponents though. - Post No. 102121

jjetplane  12:13pm 3rd Jan 2017

Wengo now moaning about fixtures and qualiteee (sic) of the PL which must amuse many others in the game when you think of the kind of money he has coined at the expense of qualiteee - useless ****! Please block Jamerson - he is off his sad trolley and so boring he really needs to get in with Atwood the Smarmy, jiving wannabee journo. He makes Savage look professional. - Post No. 102122

GS  12:19pm 3rd Jan 2017

Bard, Good article. I do wonder if Wenger has his subs pre-arranged before kick off, I don't think he reads the game as it is going on and makes changes as he sees fit. After all why would you always make subs at the same time? As for Wenger saying today about TV Money in the game and they demand when teams play, all very well Wenger but that is what gets you your £8m pa salary, maybe you could give some back if it means a less busy schedule, err maybe not. - Post No. 102123

Bonzo  12:44pm 3rd Jan 2017

Squeak - if you think Wengo's so good, name what he will Win this season? Failing to answer this question will prove your a gutless coward. Answering he will win nothing would show you back a failed regime and do not have Arsenals best interests at heart. I'm interested in hearing your answer. - Post No. 102124

Arseneknewbest  12:52pm 3rd Jan 2017

Bard - Thanks - good piece. It was thoroughly alarming the way in which the game became "end to end" after the second goal went in. Nonsensical. I think many sides are able to out-think Arsenal at times like that by creating the conditions by which our midfield think they can pour forward thus opening up our own defence. The Newcastle draw (thanks for re minding me about that Chris!) is a case in point. Palace didn't have the form nor fire-power to cause the usual palpitations but the majority of PL also-rans are perfectly capable of pulling off a draw in that situation as we know to our cost. He learnt nothing from inheriting that back four and the culture of relative impregnability that used to inhabit our club. Would love to think his days are genuinely numbered and it's exciting to hear people that I respect on here saying it could happen this season. But something someone said on here struck me too - the idea that he's a sad, lonely man who has nothing else left in his life other than Arsenal inc. I still haven't ruled out him presiding over the club in 100 year's time while being cryogenically suspended in a long, thin jar of pickled onions. - Post No. 102125

Mark  13:00pm 3rd Jan 2017

It was a lucky Goal for those of us that know Giroud's actual capabilities.. no suprise to see Wenger make a huge deal of it in order to Keep distracting the fans and media from the clear weaknesses are in the Team/Management/Club. The PR machine at Arsenal is its most succesful area. Merchandising is more crap than you would think compared to the other 8-9 top Clubs UK/Europe. All in all we continue to suffer a slow and painful decline that over the next 3 months will become reality for all to finally see. - Post No. 102126

Peter  13:02pm 3rd Jan 2017

Well done Bard about Alexis. All genuine fans say what you have said "With another game coming up it would also have been prudent to take Sanchez off"and "borders on the reckless. Losing Sanchez for any extended period effectively signals season over, why take the risk?". Unless Alexis is "Superman" and has extra powers that no-one else has and never gets injured or when B Munich come along we will be playing without him because he probably will be injured. Maybe Santi will be back which will be great but we need Alexis to be 100%. We are not going to win the league so why not concentrate on Champions League and beat Barcelona in the final in Cardiff to make up for Paris. Then Arsene can leave happy and so shall we be. Let Alexis have time off like Arsene has done for Ozil. (Ozil is not injured). - Post No. 102127

Exeter Gunner  13:04pm 3rd Jan 2017

Are we sure Wenger hasn't been cryogenically suspended already? He looks well pickled to me. And as we're talking about in game management - would we notice the difference if he was? - Post No. 102128

jjetplane  13:57pm 3rd Jan 2017

Wengo talking up Olly's freak effort and trying to put him in the DB10, Henry bracket and claiming everything as his own creation with that old boy smugness we have come to know and hate. Wengo in his football ignorance only sees the game in isolated moments like the cart horse turning scorpion for one moment in his career whereas the big picture 0f no PLs in 12 yrs or CLs since the big bang show Wengo indeed has no plan except for his personal fortune that he has conned out of the game. With Pogba and Alii up their game just as the great playmaker Mesut calls it a season Wengo will need more than rudimentary substitutions to get even a top 2 place. Someone was talking of the amusement of heat monitors on coaches so you can watch the likes of Conte in full flow. He is really like an extra body on the pitch. Imagine a wengometer will read please try later this app is not working ..... - Post No. 102129

Nick T  14:08pm 3rd Jan 2017

Absolutely spot on....Ramsey replacing Lucas was the pick of the bunch for me - here you have a guy thats been knocking on the door, banged a hatrick last time out and was probably most in need of a full 90 minutes from both form and fitness perspectives....braindead!! Wenger's rotation policy (or rather lack of) is an accident waiting to happen and an injury to Sanchez sadly seems almost inevitable - Post No. 102130

Jamerson  14:31pm 3rd Jan 2017

I think Giroud is a class above all the other traditional strikers in the Premiership and compared to all the other top strikers in Europe has an excellent conversion rate.Yet I still think we look more effective with Sanchez down the middle and I'm still not convinced whether we should pay Ozil what he wants.As far as Elijah was concerned he wasn't bothered about being called baldy he had been to their City probably treated badly and was only interested in carrying out what God had told him to do.You can imagine what their parents thought of him when they heard their kids had been steamed by these bears,I bet they played the victims for years and they did try try to kill Elijah,though it wasn't really anything to do with him.I will tell you later how Elijah dealt with the Roman Catholics of his day and you will think WOW top man.. - Post No. 102131

Peter  15:01pm 3rd Jan 2017

Post No. 102130 Well done Nick J. Lucos Perez needs time on the pitch and against Palace it was the right game for him to stay on for 90 minutes so why did Arsene take him off when we were 2-0 up? Again his substitutions are wrong. Perhaps he is keepign him to partner Giroud against Bournemouth and rest Alexis. Alex could do Alexis job which will help him also to get more time on the pitch and as I have said before when Santi comes back Alexis again could be rested. - Post No. 102132

Exeter Gunner  16:02pm 3rd Jan 2017

If you look at the pattern of Wenger's substitutions it's obvious they're preplanned and hierarchy based. Nothing else makes sense, they're completely irrational otherwise. He takes Perez off because he feels able to. He doesn't feel able to take off Sanchez. He hates confrontation and his main, perhaps only, ambition is to keep treading the same well-worn pattern and stay in a job. - Post No. 102133

mbg  16:18pm 3rd Jan 2017

Dead right Bard one lucky goal from our second rate nice boy striker after a fancy flick that came off has had others coming off as well with the wet dreams again, (you'd actually thought we'd won something such was the euphoria, but as we know that comes secondary to the AKB moist brigade) but we all know that's all they are dreams,(and even in those it's 4th place) when we wake up to the cold light of day that is wenger. Good Article. wenger out now. - Post No. 102134

mbg  16:34pm 3rd Jan 2017

chris dee, excellent post. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 102135

Torbay Gooner  16:47pm 3rd Jan 2017

All valid points Bard, things won't improve until Wenger goes. Don't really understand the sneering for Giroud on here. Ultimately we all know he is not in the Aguero/Costa 20/25 goal a season class, but he has enough ability to be that decent 'back up striker'. As for his goal, if you could n't enjoy then I feel sad for you! - Post No. 102136

Mad Monk  17:04pm 3rd Jan 2017

Best observation ever from a brethren on Untold; we play Bournemouth at night when the weather is likely to be very cold and maybe wintry too despite Bournemouth being a sunny seaside town! This is so obviously a conspiracy as the poor devil's have to play when it's cold aah! What's bloody obvious is the person who wrote it has never been to the UK let alone watch Arsenal. - Post No. 102137

mbg  17:22pm 3rd Jan 2017

jw, good post, and it's not only TOF's priority and ambition to finish fourth, and above the spuds just wait until that massive feat is achieved again, between the smug grins of wenger there'll be whooping, selfies, high fiveing, and bouncing from the players,(as if we have actually achieved something) and the AKB's ? they'll be whooping, partying like it's 1999 and be moist for a week like we've won something, ambition fulfilled again. - Post No. 102138

Employment Vehicle  17:57pm 3rd Jan 2017

Bonjour tout le monde zis is Arsene here. Dec 31 has passed and i have another £8m in ze Banque. my personal fortune is now around £85m which not bad for a Football Manager...i am the richest Manager around and in 2018/19 i shall be appointed new Manager of Shanghai and im off to China.... - Post No. 102140

mbg  18:56pm 3rd Jan 2017

Basket ball football from a basket case, yes how many times have we seen it before from TOF and little technicians when we thought we had the game won (and you've mentioned a few) sheer complacency, only for it to backfire, we never learn and never will under this old past it manager, we got away with it this time thanks to woeful opposition. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 102142

JameeBA  20:02pm 3rd Jan 2017

Though it hurts to go away Squeaky, It's impossible to stay But there's one thing I must say before I go I love you you know I'll be thinking of You in most everything I do Now the time is moving on And I really should be gone But You keep me hanging on for one more smile I love you all the while With your cute little way Will You promise that you... Save all your kisses for me Bye bye Leekey bye bye Don't cry Squeaky don't cry Gonna walk out the door But I'll soon be back for more Save all your kisses for me, save all your kisses for me. - Post No. 102143

Arseneknewbest  20:13pm 3rd Jan 2017

2-0 down to the mighty Bournemouth. Jamee - better start to get your excuses ready. - Post No. 102144

Gooner89  20:13pm 3rd Jan 2017

Just go Wenger. Get a taxi to Paris after the game and just go. Eddie Howe anyone? - Post No. 102145

David  20:15pm 3rd Jan 2017

2-0 down at moment - feels like the Southampton game last year. Please Zippy, just go. - Post No. 102146

jjetplane  20:30pm 3rd Jan 2017

Sanchez and Ramsay will not be doing selfies together for a while. As pundits say the new Arsene boys are as ordinary as the old lot whom I cannot remember and funny to hear Claridge could not either. Two classes above and 2 nil down. Better get yer bible out and find a revelation quick! lol! ps rumours have it Santi has put the weight on but is now concentration on cabaret work in a velvet suit with the customary Emirates smile. Granite has to be the most awful but verses money the old bird in the duvet has made. - Post No. 102147

Arseneknewbest  20:43pm 3rd Jan 2017

To paraphrase Henry II, "Will no one rid us of this turbulent chihuahua?" If it stays this way, it's surely a massive step towards wengo's P45. He'll be spinning the excuse-o-meter in the changing rooms right now - I bet he'll go for the old fixture pile up line. Jamee - try putting lipstick on this particular pig you turd polishing twazzer. I'm only listening, but did revolting Rambo and the chileno have a contretemps on the pitch? - Post No. 102148

Ebor Gooner  21:01pm 3rd Jan 2017

2 down at half time, and looking easily second best. This is where a Manager earns his salary. Big team talk, change of tactics, even a tactical substitution perhaps? I'm afraid experience has taught me that Mr Wenger is unlikely to do any of these things. We are likely to play exactly the same, and make a substitution around the 70th minute. If most of us could see this sort of performance, and result, the minute we come up against a half decent side, why can't our Manager? - Post No. 102149

Bonzo  21:08pm 3rd Jan 2017

Squeak - "Mr Wenger is the best manager we've ever had"..... Quote of the bleeding century. Now will you, Jamee and the wrinkly old Anorak wearer finally do one! - Post No. 102150

Arseneknewbest  21:10pm 3rd Jan 2017

Has Bob Bradley left the country yet? - Post No. 102151

Augustus Flair  21:12pm 3rd Jan 2017

Arseneknewbest: The fixture pile-up is not "a line", as you so cynically put it. Our boys are exhausted by their onerous seasonal workload, Scorpion goals and all, unlike Flair's sister, for example, and millions like her, a carer on the minimum wage who has worked all over Christmas, and is still full of beans. You are cynical, sir, and doubting the Emperor Great Weng and his dynasty of terra cotta sycophants (all right there, Bouldy?) is tantamount to treason. - Post No. 102152

Arseneknewbest  21:23pm 3rd Jan 2017

Augustus - nice one. Your sister is worth 8 million wengos. Yes, a wrinkly old emperor whose brain has atrophied, wandering around a provincial shopping centre with a bottle of p*ssy cider in one hand and with his baw bag shrivelling in the arctic weather. The end is nigh Jamee son! To quote the great man that is mbg, "wengo out tonight". 3-2...losing, lottery football is back. - Post No. 102153

Bonzo  21:42pm 3rd Jan 2017

Two more points left total incapacity to tough out a game. No doubt Squeak I'll be crowing about this loss of two points for years. - Post No. 102154

mbg  21:52pm 3rd Jan 2017

Go now wenger and take your fancy dans with you, pathetic. Resign tonight. - Post No. 102155

Augustus Flair  21:56pm 3rd Jan 2017

mbg: too harsh, mate. A stirring comeback against one of European football's major forces and another point to cement that much-coveted fourth place we all crave. Good old Wengo, don't resign tonight, you hapless clown; good old Bouldy, another stalwart mannequin performance for your pieces of silver. - Post No. 102157

Greg38  22:00pm 3rd Jan 2017

Great comeback yes, but that first 70 mins were an utter shambles!! - Post No. 102158

mbg  22:10pm 3rd Jan 2017

No fancy scorpion kick tonight from the carthorse, he just had to lift his hoof, nice boy premadonnas just thought they had to turn up, what a kick up the arse. go now wenger. - Post No. 102159

John F  22:19pm 3rd Jan 2017

Barca post is even more apt after tonight's performance.If Wenger claims we have great mental spirit after showing none for seventy minutes it will just show just how deluded he really is .In reality we were P poor in defence, Bellerin was Awol,Cech is doing a great impression of the Spanish waiter and all I saw in that 70 mins was players moaning at each other after yet another misplaced pass.Why didn't Perez start?Imagine if we were playing Liverpool or Chelsea away it would of been six.Wenger really has the devil's luck.Great comeback yes but it was Bournemouth a team near the bottom,who gave us a football lesson then panicked but even at the end our hapless defence nearly gave them a chance to win it.It is time for Ospinia as Cech has lost it but you can bet he won't get dropped as our spinless dictator has his favourites as the Perez decision shows.Has Cech ever saved a pen for us . - Post No. 102160

Exiled gooner in Portugal  22:24pm 3rd Jan 2017

Season over and zip fiddler will finally lose his 4th place trophy and no European football to worry about next year, perfect clean slate for a new manager to start from!!! Wenger and the board out. - Post No. 102161

Paul Ward  22:37pm 3rd Jan 2017

Wow, even by the extremely low standards of recent years that first 70 minutes scraped the very bottom of a barrel of sheer ineptitude and lethargy. Worse than the 5-1 at Anfield? The 6-0 at Chelsea? The 6-3 at Citeh? Quite possibly . Horrible to watch,will someone give us our Arsenal back please. Don't think we even have to write Wenger out any more, for him the game is up. - Post No. 102162

mbg  22:37pm 3rd Jan 2017

Did you hear the bearded carthorse ? we could have won it at the end, LOL, Dohhhh really ? Pathetic, if you and your old past it manager and the rest of well groomed little nice boys wouldn't have been so fooking complacent in the first place you might have. Resign tonight wenger. - Post No. 102163

Hiberry Spy  22:51pm 3rd Jan 2017

Resign tonight Wenger .. and take that shlt-stirring troll mbg with you. - Post No. 102164

Jack the lad  22:54pm 3rd Jan 2017

Wonderful comeback from 3 down. The spirit is well and truly there. It's our year. - Post No. 102165

mbg  23:01pm 3rd Jan 2017

Augustus Flair, John F, yes guys but just wait for it from the hapless old fraud (if it hasn't already come) the great menteell speeritt bla bla bla, when inside I bet he's fooking seething because he can see what we all can see, pathetic. Do the decent thing wenger and resign. - Post No. 102166

Jamerson  23:28pm 3rd Jan 2017

Soft penalty and the third should not have stood for a foul on Bellerin,the result was not good enough but the WOR were in total melt down too early as usual.Now lets talk about how Elijah sorted the false religionists out.First up to worship Baal is what all Roman Catholics,Muslims,Pentacostals,Hindus,Buddhists,Mormons,Jehovahs Witnesses do etc.//While Obadiah was on his way, Elijah met him. Obadiah recognized Elijah, so he bowed down to the ground and said, “Elijah? Is it really you, master?” “Yes,” Elijah answered. “Go tell your master that I am here.” Then Obadiah said, “What wrong have I done for you to hand me over to Ahab like this? He will put me to death. As surely as the Lord your God lives, the king has sent people to every country to search for you. If the ruler said you were not there, Ahab forced the ruler to swear you could not be found in his country. Now you want me to go to my master and tell him, ‘Elijah is here’? 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Nick T  23:51pm 3rd Jan 2017

Sanchez body language tonight, both during the game and especially at the final whistle, tells you everything you need to know about both him and his (current) teammates. I believe the only way he stays is if AW goes - I dont think its about the money with him and maybe hes stalling to see how it all plays out? PS AFTVs a belter tonight - Chris is 'proud of the team' and Ty is 'optimistic after that great comeback'....are these loons genetic experiments?!? - Post No. 102168

Mad Monk  23:59pm 3rd Jan 2017

Not really bothered anymore so enjoyed the the game tonight, doubt we will win anything but hopefully it's Wengers last season. Untold reckon the ref was corrupt and biased towards Bournemouth???????????????? - Post No. 102169

mbg  0:29am 4th Jan 2017

Nick T, you could see/read the body language alright, 2-0 down they were like rabbits caught in headlights, 3-0 i'd swear you could see the little nice boys shaking with fear even on TV, and TOF he just sat there looking as fooking clueless as ever. Genetic experiments, nice one, it explains those two half wits to a tee, it would also explain what goes on in the London Colney medical centre. Go now wenger. - Post No. 102170

Mad Monk  0:33am 4th Jan 2017

Tony Adams in an interview the other year was worried about the development of Bellerin and how he could improve under Wenger. He was pessimistic about it and it seems he was correct even though the downtown Kuala Lumpur brigade slagged him off. Him and Ramsey were shocking. - Post No. 102171

Cyril  1:49am 4th Jan 2017

On a lighter note, that must be the best impression of Eric Morecambe since the 80's.... that really cheered me up and I need cheering up believe me. La la la la Giroud .... Class !! - Post No. 102172

Bonzo  5:37am 4th Jan 2017

Wobbywoodend - I think the laughs on you as I said two points dropped , title hopes over. Dreadful first 70 minutes complete ineptitude. Sing all you want about coming from 3 down. Wengers last season I'd say, yours as well. - Post No. 102173

Mungo  5:50am 4th Jan 2017

Jamerson - you worship Satan as do your false elect you are doomed to the fiery pit. - Post No. 102174

Smithy  6:58am 4th Jan 2017

Fatigue of attitude. The whole club has gone mentally stale. This will not change until Arsene goes. - Post No. 102175

Leek the Squeak  7:22am 4th Jan 2017

We won 3-3 squeak, we won 3-3 squeak, squeak, Wengies the bestest, squeak, squeak, squeak, there's ever been, squeak. Only Wengie can come from 3-0 nil down to win 3-3! It's the mental squeak, spirit! MBG, Jeff and nasty Bonzo. Sniff my cheese, it's got blue veins and stinks. Squeak, squeak. - Post No. 102176

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

16th February 2018

Frozen North Provides Relief For Arsenal

Rare comfortable away win for Gunners v Ostersunds