Good Show Olivier

By Tim Charlesworth

Praise for our number 12

The Goonersphere is once again an unhappy place (and nowhere is it quite as determinedly unhappy as the comments section of Online Gooner). Gooners the world over have been sharing their ‘grumps’ on various forms of social media and websites. As despair grips us (again) we are a wondrously miserable lot.

Ever the contrarian, I am determined to find something nice to write about: Olivier Giroud has been the recipient of a surprising amount of ire, and I want to stand up for him. I suppose that there are a number of causes of the criticism:

1. Giroud has often been the lightning rod for our frustration – our big problem over the last few years is that we have been good, but not quite good enough – and Giroud is a player who neatly encapsulates this problem.

2. A striker is the ‘public face’ of the team. Partly, this is because he is conspicuous as the one most likely to score a goal (which is the objective of the game after all), and partly because the striker is genuinely the most important player in the team – that’s why they are more expensive, and why the most famous players are generally 9s or 10s.

3. Sanchez has become our favourite player. Not only is he good, but he also wears his heart on his sleeve. He is particularly popular with those who believe that the players are not giving 100% effort, as this is not an accusation which any reasonable person could levy against Alexis (who positively exudes manic determination). Alexis is just about the only person involved in Arsenal FC who has the universal respect of fans. In the last three games, Giroud has rather surprisingly displaced Alexis from the Centre Forward position, and we are not very happy about this.

4. Giroud’s enthusiastic (and presumably pre-planned) goal celebration against Bournemouth, whilst not a great crime, was both eye-catching and ill-advised in the circumstances.

All this gloom seems to have hidden a rather extraordinary purple patch from our much maligned striker. Let’s consider what Olivier has done in the last three games (his only three league starts of the season, remember)

1. 26th December, WBA home. We won 1-0 thanks to an 87th minute goal from Giroud. This goal was a truly exceptional header, pinpointed into the top corner under severe physical pressure from a defender.

2. 1st January, Palace, home. Olivier scored one of the most elegant Arsenal goals of all-time. It wasn’t in a final, or against a top team, so it won’t be remembered as a truly great goal (like George’s daisy cutter; Thomas’ scrappy chip; or Sunderland’s tap-in), but for pure skill, it was wonderful. It capped a sublime passing move, begun in our penalty area, of which Giroud’s own backheel was the other highlight.

3. 3rd January, Bournemouth, away. An injury time equaliser, after assisting the previous two goals to get us back from 3-0 down as well! It was another exceptionally difficult and accurate header, delivered under physical and emotional pressure.

The WBA goal was worth two points, as it converted a draw into a win – this is the highest value that a single goal can possibly deliver. The Palace goal, amongst its other merits, undoubtedly changed the match in our favour, and the Bournemouth goal was worth another point. Three starts, three goals - and no ordinary goals either, neither in terms of the skills delivered, nor the importance to the match. He had been pretty good coming off the bench too, for the rest of the season. This is about as good as it’s possible for Olivier Giroud to be. He has been a hard working faithful servant to Arsenal, in a difficult period of our history. Unlike most modern players, he has resisted the urge to undermine the club by opining publicly on his frustrations, and this must have been particularly hard this season when he didn’t start in the league before Christmas.

To be honest, I am not generally an admirer of the ‘big centre forward’. Give me Brady, Rocky or Ozil any day, over Stapleton, Smith or Giroud. Nonetheless, I can’t help but admire the skill and athleticism required to score the WBA and Bournemouth goals. Heading the ball precisely under pressure like that is something I could never master with any reliability on a football pitch, and anyone who has tried it will appreciate how difficult it is. A lot of it is about physical prowess, both height and bulk, but don’t underestimate the difficulty of timing the jump and controlling your body in the air to reliably meet a fast moving ball. Giroud has many shortcomings, but I think he is the best attacker of the ball in the air in the Premiership. His skill reminds me a bit of John Terry and Nemanja Vidic in their prime, two exceptional aerial presences. It may not be my cup of tea, but it’s damn fine tea nonetheless.

What exactly has Giroud got to do, to earn the respect and admiration of Arsenal fans? He can only work with the gifts that nature gave him, which were height and strength, rather than pace; agility; or a Mesutic first-touch. It’s not his fault that times are hard at Arsenal, or that the manager played him in a position that people want to see Sanchez in.

It has been an incredible couple of weeks for Giroud, one that he is unlikely to ever repeat. So let’s all say, without agenda or prejudice, ‘well done Olivier and thanks’, bravo, good show: “na-na-na-na-na-na-na” to you, with bells on.


Tim is the author of “It’s Happened Again” available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. Read a sample chapter at www.itshappenedagain.com

6th January 2017 09:00:00


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Reg  9:41am 6th Jan 2017

Giroud epitomises Wenger's Arsenal. We all know there is better out there but he can't deliver it. It's the passive acceptance of second best. - Post No. 102344

Mad Monk  9:51am 6th Jan 2017

Thomas's scrappy chip? Scrappy? Are you sure you're not Attwood? Scrappy? Giroud missed a sitter against Palace because he is that slow he couldn't catch Ozil's apparent cold . I get it you like Giroud he's a decent enough player for a cup team or one wanting to survive in the Premier League not a team with higher aspirations. We all know you're a regular poster on Untold who's congregation only have eye's for Wenger and nothing else not the club , the ex player's nor the history which it claims to uphold but regularly mock whilst comparing to their God figure, they have one made man named Menace , a pure racist homophobic dick who claims Arsenal would be a mid table Championship club without Wenger. These are the people who should be reading this article. - Post No. 102345

lance peters  10:28am 6th Jan 2017

until he scores a minimum of 20 league goals in a season , he cannot be respected. he went 3 months without scoring last season. 3-3 against bournmeouth in a fixture we needed 3 points to make ground on Chelsea this man decides to do his rehearsed celebration instead of showing intent to get a 4th and the 3 points we needed so desperately. Celebrating an equaliser against Bournemouth shows the level that we have dropped to and it is players like Olivier who has brought us down - Post No. 102346

Ron  10:43am 6th Jan 2017

Great squad player but never a main man. I like him, but he really should shift that daft beard and the bouffant hair. Hes a burly committed bloke and the type that all squads need as he offers throw back type football, direct and oft needed to get a team out of a mess. His goal return for a journeyman type forward is impressive. Its right that he represents the modern Arsenal though, decent but not quite top marque. He shouldnt be hung out to dry for that though. Wenger and the Club is at fault for not supplementing him with top quality, which in turn would make OJ a better player too. Anybody that has polayed footie will tell you that its strange how yr own game improves by several ratchets when youve a few far better players with you to play off. OG does his very best.Its the overall mediocrity of the squad that stops him being even better. Sanchez is a higher class player than OJ, but im sorry, but hes not and never will be a player classed as being at the pinnacle of the game. Hes very good and has a fantastic attitude which is a good job too as hes 2nd tier nontheless. If he was as good as the hype, he wouldn't be playing for Arsenal. - Post No. 102348

Exeter Gunner  10:50am 6th Jan 2017

Like all Wenger fans, you want to see greater, continuous, ongoing celebration single moments like an early season beating of Chelsea, or an Ozil goal against Ludograts, or Giroud's scorpion goal, or an equaliser against Bournemouth, because you know these isolated moments are as good as it gets under Wenger these days and you want to distract from the fundamental issues at hand. For your point 2, I've never heard anyone claiming these as great goals in themselves, rather hugely significant goals in AFC's history. Your disparagement of them on aesthetic grounds shows up your disparagement of pre-Wenger Arsenal. You don't think people can see it, but they can. - Post No. 102349

Jumpers for Goalposts  11:15am 6th Jan 2017

Reg - only 2 lines but you said everything there is to say about Giroud and Wenger. Good man! - Post No. 102350

Seven Kings Gooner  11:18am 6th Jan 2017

I don't how serious you can take a post that calls Michael Thomas's goal at Anfield a "scrappy chip" - a wind up OK but if we really want to discuss Mr Giroud then may I refer you to Ron's very concise reply. - Post No. 102351

Bob  11:30am 6th Jan 2017

I've always liked Giroud. While he isn't truly world-class (Aguero, Suarez) he is a good all-round striker, and it isn't his fault that Wenger hasn't signed another one to share the load over the past 3 seasons. With respect to the injury-prone Danny Wellbeck, he isn't good enough at the level we're looking at: I doubt United would bite your hand off if we offered him back in exchange for Rashford or Martial. He is 30 now, and I suspect like RvP his shelf-life at the top will not extend for more than another 12 months or so. but he has been a decent signing. - Post No. 102352

Torbay Gooner  11:45am 6th Jan 2017

Giroud is one of the few players that has improved significantly since he has been at the club. He is undoubtedly better when not an automatic starter and his impressive goals to minutes ratio this season seems to reflect that. He is clearly a 'marmite man' amongst Arsenal fans and I don't see that changing any time soon! - Post No. 102354

Redshirtswhitesleeves  12:28pm 6th Jan 2017

Nearly choked seeing that lazy loafer Ozil mentioned in the same bracket as Brady and Rocky, do me a favour! As for that 'scruffy chip' it gave me the most euphoric, ecstatic football related feeling I think it's possible to experience. Feel a bit sorry for Giroud though, he's a decent player and good to have in the squad. Nowhere near the class of the best we've seen ala Bergkamp, Wrighty, Henry etc but far far better than your Bendtners, lee chapmans and doesn't deserve the amount of stick he gets in my opinion. I blame the manager myself - Post No. 102358

chris dee  12:34pm 6th Jan 2017

Never mind Giroud,I'm afraid I'm at a point where I couldn't give a toss about individual players and how good or bad they are, what system to play or the clubs latest marketing ploy. We act like a major world club so a few major trophies wouldn't go amiss, but no chance in the foreseeable future. - Post No. 102359

jjetplane  12:48pm 6th Jan 2017

Think you will find Lord Tim (Timmy) Charlesworth (estate worth 20m) is more than just an Untold poster. He is royalty and apparently even gets into see Sir Atwood (Tony) for a small fee and a restaurant of jiving Tony's choice. Nothing miserable in calling Giroud a carthorse and the worst sort because he finds his predictament so ****ing funny. Timmy has an incredible perspective on himself and the rest of the eggs in one ostrich basket case (geddit) apostolic foundation of never seen Arsenal as such (too vulgar) but love to pontificate on those less blessed than we who percieve football ass high art and Oliver Giroud as a picasso of the practice. Still think the armenian's effort for the Mancs was a better goal and he did not milk it like your grinning donkey which gets me on to Mesut who apparently is emotionally spent having scored THAT GOAL (surely you remember?) and is taking time out to recreate the Moment in watercolours which will morph into a banner which will be draped just under the spot where Sir Tony sits trying to keep his jiving feet still. Same old Arsenal/Taking the piss. Michael Thommmasssss! - Post No. 102360

DJ  12:56pm 6th Jan 2017

Lovely hair, very handsome more interested in himself than the team (see goal celebration at Bournemouth)Squad player at best never a championship winning striker. - Post No. 102362

Reality Cech  13:18pm 6th Jan 2017

'George’s daisy cutter; Thomas’ scrappy chip; or Sunderland’s tap-in'? You absolute prat. - Post No. 102364

Ron  13:19pm 6th Jan 2017

bba - note yr comments. Ive not been to a home match now for nigh 4 yrs and wont go again, until the Club looks to want to become a progressive Club again on the pitch as well as off it. Im of the view that AW needs to finish but im equally of the view that his departure in itself wont alter much there - on the pitch. Radical change at the top is needed too but SK s going nowhere seemingly is he. Of course the Club is richer now than in the 80s. That may well please you in itself. For me, it does nothing as its become Arsenals raison d etre and in my view Wengers signed up to that and shelved his footballing ambition so to share handsomely in the Clubs wealth. As a fan, i find that by a Coach to be unacceptable. Hes compromised and as such is now a quasi Coach, close to being fraudulent. All of the top Clubs are richer now as are most of the rest. The PL inception has seen to that. Football generally was in a chasm in the 80s as was everything else back then. To compare its fortunes then to now is daft. As a fan though and as far as fan feelings/experience for the Club is concerned, there was a closeness. Todays Arsenal is a remote entity by comparison. On the pitch the Club is clearly happy to bring up and lead the back markers. You could argue that Arsenal have always been like that since the 30s ended but thats another longer debate. Back in the day, it didnt seem to be so and the ambitions on the pitch were more honest and greater for sure. Basically i dont like what AFC have become, thats why i dont go save for the odd away game here and there. Thats my contribution to the demand for change. As far as iffy fortunes on the pitch are concerned. It happens and its happened to AFC in every decade theyve existed and will continue to happen. I dont mind that, but as a fan i dont like to feel short changed in return for coping with it. AFC are treating its fans with disdain by running things now as they do. You may well like it, thats fine by me. Wenger can stay forever if he wants. Thats fine too. i no longer truly care. The sad thing is that many long term fans feel the same, yet Arsenal are impervious to that. Why should they care? Maybe they shouldn't. Theres an upside to everything though. Being weaned off from being blinkered to AFC has assisted me enjoying the game more. I get pleasure these days from seeing other Clubs from time to time. Im sure AFC dont mind! AFC ares till my team, but the Club has reduced me and many others to no longer feeling upset when things go awry on the pitch. They should ask themselves why that is in my view. It might help them. - Post No. 102365

Mac  13:35pm 6th Jan 2017

Nice to see a positive post here. You had it spot on in that Giroud encapsulates Arsenal for the last generation. Better than we seem, but not good enough. FYI here is what the Guardian as to say about Olly: "Indeed, no forward in Europe’s top five leagues has a better record at present: Giroud has contributed either a goal or an assist every 49 minutes this season, seven minutes fewer than anybody else. In comparison, Lionel Messi has done the same once every 68 minutes." - Post No. 102367

Hi Berry  13:38pm 6th Jan 2017

Hear hear, Ron. I think that post encapsulates the feelings of so many long term supporters these days. There seems to be a general numbness in a lot of us regarding Arsenal's fortunes now and, as you say, I doubt very much whether there will be any change when Wenger goes. - Post No. 102368

Exeter Gunner  13:51pm 6th Jan 2017

All true Ron, but bba won't know what you're on about. He can't even follow his own argument, let alone anyone else's. - Post No. 102369

Bonzo  13:59pm 6th Jan 2017

Jamerson - a while back it was confirmed that you and BBA are one and the same . In the past you have been honest about this. If you are BBA I think you should confirm, so at least we know who is who. - Post No. 102370

Redshirtswhitesleeves  14:15pm 6th Jan 2017

Ron- you have hit the nail squarely on the head as usual. You've said everything that need be said, the upshot being many Gooners of a certain vintage have had their attachment to the club completely severed, that for me is the saddest part of all - Post No. 102371

jeff wright  14:27pm 6th Jan 2017

jamie aka this and the other is clearly a wind-up merchant any discourse with him is a waste of space and he is best ignored.His constantly changing names does not change is persona. His claims that everything under the Syrupy Stan and Wenger regime is better than it was in the 80s shows how little he actually knows about AFC . Regarding the scorpion king's latest stats being better than Messi's - well I would hazard a guess that a number of other players ones at some time or other would also be so. Giro's limatations are exposed every season and will be again and if h3e is such a hot-shot then why couldn't he get a first place start for so long>? It's the overall stats and trophies won though that counts. Giro v Messi,no contest ! Giro is not the best striker in the Prem or in Europe. Costa has been the best striker in the league so far and to suggest that Giro is better than him or even as good is ludicrous . So once again it is just another case of some current stats,such as the ones used earlier this term to show we are 'calendar year champs' albeit perennial chumps - that really are as with Giro's latest ones - just a case of the sum total being greater than its parts. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 102372

Mac  14:58pm 6th Jan 2017

I never would have expected to need to clarify that I don't think Giroud is as good as Messi- quite an amusing thought. I was merely following up the authors point that Giroud has actually been playing very well (by his standards) this season and it deserves to be recognised. - Post No. 102373

Tony Evans  15:31pm 6th Jan 2017

Tim - if that's the best you can do to try and put a positive spin on things then please don't bother. We're nicely placed for the 4th place battle, still in the CL until we play Bayern and there's always the FA Cup to save Wenger's bacon again maybe. So all is well, I suppose, if you buy in to what our club has become now - money focused, boring, no ambition and completely distanced from many older fans (me included) that have deserted the soulless bowl in droves. Ron - top post as usual encapsulating what many of us of a certain age feel about Arsenal these days - still our club but the passion was driven out of us years ago. - Post No. 102374

jeff wright  15:45pm 6th Jan 2017

Mac, the author used a comparison with Giro's latest stats in a few games played with those of Messi if he had just stuck to praising Giro for his recent efforts that admittedly are better than 15 games played by him last season without scoring,at least on the field of play that is, then he would have been on safer ground. I'm not a big fan of these sort of stats based on a few games played during a season and will wait and see how the rest of this season transpires for Giroud before concluding that he has improved . I was not aware anyway that Giro was not receiving any praise for his recent efforts . However, I very much doubt at his age that he has improved so something is not adding up here. In the meantime it's been revealed that Glummer has been offered 900k a week wages to go and ply his trade in China but will consent to stay with us and learn to love everyone if Stan pays him 400k a week. Not much chance of that ever happening so I guess that it's adios amigo to the sour-faced tetchy glummer Chilean and au revoir to Wengo if there is no 4th place trophy at the end of this season for him to celebrate. C'est la vie ! - Post No. 102376

Arseneknewbest  15:54pm 6th Jan 2017

Mac (Jamee - another guise I wonder?) and Timmy - Did one of you hold the pig while the other applied the lipstick? The point is - we f*cking drew with Bournemouth after being 3-0 down. This after spending millions on underachievers and a manager who is a blood-sucking dunce. If you can still find cause for optimism after that, then you need to go a little easier on the LSD. Just keep finding one player that's in a bit of form (Feo or Danny next I'll bet); spin it like shane warne, and hope we'll all believe that the chihuahua man is taking the Arsenal in the right direction. Weng is not fit to suck the sweat off of GG's balls. The same metaphors goes for Giroud and Alan Smith/DB/TH/IW. I cannot wait for the next circular... - Post No. 102377

John F  16:06pm 6th Jan 2017

The problem I have with Giroud is his lack of focus when he loses the ball.He often stares up to the sky with his hands outstretched while play is still going on around him something the manager should sort out but doesn't.otherwise a good sqaud player. - Post No. 102378

mbg  16:20pm 6th Jan 2017

A striker is the public face of the team alright, at least he's supposed to be, but not according to TOF as far as mr bumble s concerned that's him until something goes wrong of course then it's the player/players, I suppose like all good wengerites his second raters are admired, and something nice can be found to write and say about them even if it is about what they are, it used to be wally, ramsey, etc, etc, and by the way twinkle hoofs lucky back heel has already been forgotten Thomas's lucky chip Charlie Georges daisy cutter are still remembered today and always will be. wenger out and his second raters with him. - Post No. 102379

Tim Charlesworth  16:35pm 6th Jan 2017

I don’t usually respond to comments made on this website, but I did want to respond to a couple of commentators who have suggested that I am in some way disparaging Michael Thomas’ 1989 goal. Let me be quite clear on this: that goal is the best moment of my football life, and I expect that statement to remain true until my death. It is vaguely possible that I may one day witness an Arsenal player scoring a last minute winner in the Champions League Final. If I do, then it might come close to the ‘It’s up for grabs now’ moment, but I doubt it. Nick Hornby wrote a wonderful justification of the idea that this goal was the single best moment of his life. This piece (in Fever Pitch) is a great example of Hornby’s genius, and well worth reading if you are not familiar with it. I am basically with Nick Hornby on this point. Obviously my wedding, the birth of my children, and a few other things come first in my affections, but for the sheer unexpectedness of it, for the rapid conversion of despair into joy, I don’t think it can ever be matched. I have watched and re-watched that goal, perhaps more times than is strictly healthy in an adult man. This creates enduring agonies in me, because each time I watch it, I am convinced he will not score. The conviction that he would miss the chance was my initial reaction when watching it live on television in 1989, “oh no”, I thought, “missing this chance makes it even worse!” Because Grobelaar dives the wrong way, the ball ends up a long way away from the keeper, and this creates the illusion (thanks to the foreshortening effect of TV) that the ball is going wide. Somehow the memory of that moment floods back into my brain, and overrides more than 26 years of evidence that he will, in fact, put it away. On the plus side, this bizarre brain-burp also allows me to relive a bit of the joyous surprise when the ball ripples the back of the net. The chip is actually quite a good bit of finishing, especially considering the delicateness of execution under unimaginable pressure. What is less impressive, is the way that Thomas controls the ball (via a ricochet off Steve Nicol). I have seen Thomas interviewed about this and he does not pretend that he deliberately bounced the ball off Nicol. The way the ball fell to him was very fortuitous, and it is that fortune that I am referring to as ‘scrappy’. I wasn’t really writing about Thomas, so perhaps my summary of the moment as a ‘scrappy chip’ was slightly too brief (not an easy thing to encapsulate in two words), and gives a misleading perception of my opinion. I would hate anyone to think that I don’t adore this goal. Not only is it a great goal, but in my opinion, it’s the greatest goal of all time, and I suspect I will never revise that view. Happy Friday to all! - Post No. 102380

Reg  16:41pm 6th Jan 2017

Did they have 3 foot daisies back in 71? - Post No. 102381

Gaz  16:43pm 6th Jan 2017

Anyone who can describe THAT goal at Anfield as merely a 'scrappy chip' can't really understand football at all. As usual some top replies from the usual suspects . Like others have said I'm just numb to it all nowadays and the only comfort I can take away from it all is knowing I'm not the only one who feels this way. - Post No. 102382

mbg  16:46pm 6th Jan 2017

Ron, good point there, get rid of that silly qiff, but leave the beard and stop trimming it three times a day, and he could start to resemble a decent hard man,(something we've never had for eleven years or more) unfortunately as we know that would soon be nipped in the bud by TOF, and of course would look and be pointless when he started doing his silly Morecambe and Wise impressions. Any Resignation yet ? - Post No. 102383

jeff wright  16:48pm 6th Jan 2017

Wengo is talking up the FA Cup again , he's won it 6 times in his 21 year tenure at AFC and that is nothing in reality anything special for a manager of AFC, check out other managers records compared with their time at the club.GG even won the League Cup as well one season and like Bertie , have to tip my hat here though to Don as well , also won European trophies. So with the European Cup obviously unachievable for Wengo, despite him once claiming that winning it was his main target and ambition and with him also having once claimed that finishing in the top 4 was a bigger trophy the old fraudster is now making the FA Cup an important and special trophy .You couldn't make it up. I can't understand why anyone would fall for all of this claptrap from Wenger .Yet, despite the constant failures season after dreary season by him, they still do. I actually like the FA Cup and have no problems with Wengo trying to win it .My problem is with the nauseating hype that comes with the clown doing so. He did not even in 2005 bother having a victory parade to celebrate winning it. Of course that was following on to to 2004 unbeaten ( in the Prem) season and Wengo believed that he was destined to win bigger things . However,here we are donkeys years later with him having won nothing else and the FA Cup for him being in reality nothing but a face-saver provided he gets Syrupy the 4th place finish as well and the cash that goes with doing so.All I can add is yawn... - Post No. 102384

Mad Monk  16:50pm 6th Jan 2017

Attwood has been slagging off GG again with his 'evidence' that Arsenal were garbage in the 1992-1993 season and losing at home to the Spuds, he fails to mention us being the 1st team to achieve the feat of winning both domestic cups and that GG played the reserves against the Spuds ( they were all in the Favourite that night) so the first team could be fresh with no injuries for the final rather than playing for some imaginary trophy ( Birmingham cup final anyone) - Post No. 102385

Paul Ward  16:59pm 6th Jan 2017

Tim. I'm with you on this one, Girouds record is a good one and he gives us a different dimension, imagine how tippy tappy we'd be without Giroud? He also turned the game up at Sunderland when coming on as sub, so on his own he's gained us at least 5 points this term and has hardly played. Criticising a 12 mill buy with his goal record seems a little harsh to me. - Post No. 102387

jjetplane  17:00pm 6th Jan 2017

'let me be quite clear on this' said Timmy Cameron while name dropping his hero Hornby who apparently was in then schoolboys once and was frightened those nasty little kids (future WOB) would nick his scarf. Reason/s why Arsene FC have been a soft touch ever since Tony, DB10, Bobby and the boys stopped running the club for Wenger while he smugly took praise for it. Prefer the train sets meself and Timmy wonders whether anyone has ever read a book on here. Fever Pitch was pure ****e and Hornby is a fake. Now that Tony Adams book ..... Lucky old Thomas hey! Hardly a scorpion ... - Post No. 102388

Bard  17:42pm 6th Jan 2017

Tim, I think we all appreciate Giroud's efforts and his role in the team and Ron has eloquently posted an analysis of his abilities but we could have been watching Suarez if we hadnt behaved like idiots when offering £40m+£1 and therein lies the dilemma. Are we a big club competing for trophies or a plc trying to maximise revenue ? Most on here and other sites know the answer to that question. The so called 'despair' you refer to is connected with this. If a celebration of OG floats your boat, all power to your elbow. Im afraid it leaves me cold. - Post No. 102392

Bonzo  17:47pm 6th Jan 2017

One thing we can be sure of is that PSG rumours will surface around Wengo. I reckon one year in hot seat then option on the board. This will be a lot to resist seeing that he is a figure of ridicule in the UK. Further option is Wengo\'s pal Dragan Stojković is managing in China. Wengo is greedy for the cash so could see him going for it. He also leads a very insular life so don\'t reckon the cultural and social differences will make too much difference. - Post No. 102393

mbg  18:37pm 6th Jan 2017

Bob, and that has been the problem with this old past it manager over the years far far to many decent (and below)signings, and nothings ever going to change. wenger out. - Post No. 102395

CORNISH GOONERO  19:16pm 6th Jan 2017

OMG - what a pointless article. A L'Oreal type should not be anywhere near a top class club (which is what we once were) with genuine title aspirations. For the millionth time - IT'S THE MANAGER STUPID. That's why we are not just miserable but incandescent ffs!! - Post No. 102396

GS  19:34pm 6th Jan 2017

Cornish: just beat me too it . Wenger is the problem as we all know . How come Rambo is a world beater for Wales , how come jack is always injured with us , how comes subs at set times , how come clueless for 12 yrs ...... On another note, strange that our 2nd biggest shareholder is now sponsoring Everton , Mosheri left Arsenal because he had no say in how things were run, will Usmanov to the same . The whole place stinks right now . - Post No. 102397

mbg  19:45pm 6th Jan 2017

Timmy no need for another article taking in your personal life as a response, but your messiah signing his contract/contracts not up there with the greatest moment of your football life, as for Arsenal scoring the winner in a CL final ? you'll certainly never see it under this past it old manager, and even then it will be a long long way off thanks to what he'll leave behind. Any Resignation yet ? - Post No. 102399

Finsbury Joe  20:34pm 6th Jan 2017

I owe you guys, and especially Bonzo an apology. I have been generally quoting, and at times eulogising Myles Palmer. However, I have been sent numerous links and emails saying how often Myles gets it wrong. Also. I have seen quotes suggesting he is a dyed in the wool Tottenham fan , and always has been. Then, today I saw this quote from Myles in the very recent Frustrated Fritz article "It must be coincidence that since I announced two more years of King Wenger, attendances have dipped and results have become iffy" Rest assured I will not be quoting this false, super ego, agenda driven yuppie again - Post No. 102402

mbg  21:33pm 6th Jan 2017

Another moment in our great history (what we have left of it thanks to this old egoistic arrogant fraud of a manager)albeit a sad one, on this day 1934 the best manager in our history and the man who truly made Arsenal passed away at the age of 55, Herbert Chapman, Mr Chapman you must be turning in you grave. - Post No. 102404

bba  22:12pm 6th Jan 2017

Bonzo. Come on. You don't appear to be answering my questions. Don't feel sorry for yourself. I'm waiting. - Post No. 102406

Kenny  22:14pm 6th Jan 2017

Never scored more than 16 league goals in season.Thats a pathetic disgrace.Not fit to wear the ****.But loved by Wenger and our dumb supporters.Dont you want to see a 25 goal a season striker? I do.Giroud and Walcott sum our club up - Post No. 102407

Cyril  1:20am 7th Jan 2017

Tim charlesworth: he practiced that attempt earlier in the season against Man U and missed. It was so poor Grobelaar had to go the wrong way just in case. It's fixed baby - only joking - best footballing day of my life mate!! - Post No. 102410

Bonzo  7:28am 7th Jan 2017

BBA - I've kept the name calling / slate style response to the previous thread. It's quite simple you just read it and reply in there. Finsbury Joe - I'm presuming this is the real Finsbury? - Not a problem. I spotted that comment myself from Myles. He does have one mega ego. He's somewhat of a Tony Attwood in a way. Check out Le Grove he's set up the site for the right motives has gone like many of us extremely cynical but operates the site with an open house policy. - Post No. 102412

Bonzo  8:14am 7th Jan 2017

Finsbury - from what I can make out Myles was a big Keith Burtinshaw fan but became disenchanted with Spurs after his departure. He then jumped onto Arsenal under GG and was then a big Wenger fan until around Champions League loss to Barcelona. - Post No. 102413

JM - LONDON  12:41pm 7th Jan 2017

Sadly a couple of goals, and rather pretty one have got the ranks of supporters from around the world hailing Giroud as a must have player. Sadly the truth is that whenever he starts and for that matter Walcott as well I instantly feel we are down to ten men. He pretty much cost us the title last year in a season when it was there for the taking thanks to his 16 match barren streak. No wonder he hardly started atall earlier this season. Now just think if we'd had Suarez when we had the chance for say £55million. I was really hoping he'd be out the door in January on loan and to run his contract down just like do many before him. We won't win anything with Giroud. - Post No. 102422

Joe S.  23:29pm 11th Jan 2017

Does a Crappy player such as Giroud desreve so many words and attention. I think not but a football team attracts different types of supporters who will not necessarily become your best friend and could even embarrass you. - Post No. 102638

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