Gooner Podcast 153 now online

By Kevin Whitcher

Recorded on Wednesday evening

Gooner Podcast number 153, sponsored by goonershirts.com is now online.

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Recorded: Wednesday 8th January 2017

Topics Include -
Do Chelsea simply have better players than Arsenal or is their 12 point lead over the Gunners due to something else?
In the stadium itself, is the majority still backing the manager?
How are fans able to demonstrate their discontent & opinion?
Is the Arsenal manager aware of the social media debate about him?
Why do Arsenal get so much media spotlight when things are going badly?
Could Arsene Wenger survive losing at Sutton?
Does the two year contract on offer actually exist?
Is the supposed lack of hunger at Arsenal indicative of a more general problem in 21st century UK society?
The Keeper situation.
Thoughts on Lucas Perez.

David Oudot (Twitter@DavidOudot)
Layth Yousif (Twitter@laythy29)
Steve (The Highbury Spy) Ashford
Host: Kevin Whitcher (Twitter@KevinWhitcher01)

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10th February 2017 11:13:25


Comments and Reaction

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mbg  14:51pm 10th Feb 2017

Of course TOF's aware of the debate going on lads, you can be sure of it and that he's wanted out, he's just to egoistic and arrogant to admit it, and, more importantly, he knows if he did it would give it credence. - Post No. 103812

MAF  17:17pm 10th Feb 2017

please do an article about Allegri the Juve Manager. the more we get the debate + Facts out in the open the more the Chance might increase of something Happening. Allegri has taken over nicely from what Conti left at Juve. he is tactically smart, very disciplined and he is ready for the EPL. he Looks a great fit to me. we Need to all get behind this. we will be proud of our Club + Team again if we can get this guy in ! - Post No. 103817

RobG  17:23pm 10th Feb 2017

Nice one guys, as always. - Post No. 103818

mbg  18:10pm 10th Feb 2017

MAF, spot on, it's been very quiet from the AKB wengerite front on the Allegri subject, just like it always is when a good top manager is talked about or becomes available, lets hope and pray it's already well advanced, otherwise even if it is, we'll and indeed still could fook about and arse about and fook it up, and some other club will step in and beat us to it as usual, and then we'll hear the tired old squawk, yawn, but who do we get to replace him from the AKB's. - Post No. 103820

Paulward  19:13pm 10th Feb 2017

Just heard Wrighty on radio 5, he said he spent some time with Wenger at a function last night and he got the distinct impression that he's had enough and will go in the summer. Tend to agree. - Post No. 103821

John F  21:24pm 10th Feb 2017

Wenger is now odds on to leave in the summer with some bookies after that Wrighty comment.Mgb that is my worry that we miss out on Allegri esp as there are rumblings of discontent at Bayern Munich. - Post No. 103826

Siddy  23:56pm 10th Feb 2017

Sounds like it might actually happen at the end of this season - Wenger out. I will start liking him again the moment he resigns. Managers are like politicians these days and all political careers end in failure. What pricks like Gary Neville will never understand is that the WOBs are just sick to the back teeth of the status quo. We might go through a few managers before we get it right and I have little faith in the board. But it will be INTERESTING, whatever happens. Arsenal is a great club and we will rise again, sooner or later. Wenger out, please. - Post No. 103829

CBee  10:25am 11th Feb 2017

I thought I was an atheist but I'm praying these stories are true an that he is at long long last going - Post No. 103835

Cyril  11:04am 11th Feb 2017

Apart from the comments about fan with the note, Neville did point out what we already knew. In truth, aside from Leicester, it takes hundreds of millions spent to win th league. Sadly, it is a trophy that is purchased and not competed for in my opinion. To Wenger's credit, with the money spent he achieved what he was supposed to achieve. For me, going to watch ero qualifiers and then being knocked out has become tiresome. Is the new manager going to be able to spend Kroenke's millions. We shall see. I will probably keep my ST and sell back games to the club and give out to my mates when I can't go. I will then throw it in at some point. The premier league is like a smashed glass. It will never return to what it was. If I see title challenge again before I throw it in, well that will be a bonus. Sad days! - Post No. 103836

mbg  14:10pm 11th Feb 2017

Are Arsenal playing today ? Yawn. wenger out. - Post No. 103840

David1  16:59pm 11th Feb 2017

The way he feels now, he would probably resign, but there's enough time for the bitter disappointment to fade away if Arsenal finish 2nd, which they look likely to do. That combined with a semi final CL place, even a QF, place would be enough to see him sign a new contract. The problem is, such an outcome would be evidence of progress, even though it's still too slow. - Post No. 103845

mbg  18:00pm 11th Feb 2017

Ah diddims poor old weng, billy no mates feeling sorry for himself (even with £8,000,000 plus hitting his bank account every season, and he probably pays for nothing)looking for sympathy, (no doubt his wengerites will sorry for him and give it to him) well you'll f*****g not get it of me and a hell of a lot of others you egoistic arrogant old parasite. wenger out now. - Post No. 103847

The Man From UNCLE  20:13pm 11th Feb 2017

I took my boys to see the Lego Batman Movie and Sky plussed the game. Watched it when we got back. Didn't miss much then. But the film was pretty good. - Post No. 103849

donaldo71  20:29pm 11th Feb 2017

The Highbury Spy would "probably swap Walcott for Hazard" Probably.Is this man really that thick? Only one Arsenal player would get in the Chelsea team.The likes of Coquelin Ox and Walcott are laughing stock - Post No. 103850

Leek fc  21:04pm 11th Feb 2017

Watch this site go quiet for a few days. - Post No. 103851

Alsace  21:53pm 11th Feb 2017

Everyone in the pub v excited about The possibility of him going. - Post No. 103852

CBee  23:04pm 11th Feb 2017

haha, look who's popped out of the woodwork now we have beaten the mighty Hull - Post No. 103853

GSPM  23:23pm 11th Feb 2017

Squeaky leeky is back .......👎👎 - Post No. 103854

Leek fc  23:39pm 11th Feb 2017

Yep. And this site well and truly needs people like me. Call yourselves Gooners ???? - Post No. 103855

mbg  2:03am 12th Feb 2017

Alsace, yes mate isn't it great, there's a spring in our step again, but we'll have to be careful now TOF has played the poor me, the not appreciated card, the wengerites will be falling over themselves to make him feel loved again, expect them to use two extra soft baby wipes now instead of one regular, to sooth his haemorrhoids. wenger out now. - Post No. 103857

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