Barcelona in Paris reminiscent of latter day Champions League Arsenal

By Kevin Whitcher

PSG – New manager, new purpose

‘Who could possibly replace Arsene Wenger?’ is an oft heard mantra when the pros and cons of changing the manager are debated. It is ironic that the Frenchman is sometimes seen as a natural fit for PSG, having a good relationship with the club’s Qatari owners. And yet, seeing what they have done in pursuit of landing the Champions League indicates he would not actually be a good fit. Wenger has reached three European finals in 25 seasons including six campaigns with Monaco. Unai Emery has been recruited due to his record of having led Sevilla to three Europa League trophies in succession. He will try to succeed where both Carlo Ancelotti and Laurent Blanc failed. In Blanc’s case, the decision not to renew his deal looks harsh. Of the 12 domestic trophies available in his three years, PSG won 11 of them, a Coupe de France his solitary failure. Demonstration that domestic success is taken for granted, but that the cup with the big ears is the one that matters now.

Watching Emery’s team – notably without captain Thiago Silva and vice-captain Tiago Motta - take apart Barcelona last night made me wonder how on earth Arsenal managed to win the group they were in with the French champions. If I recall correctly, PSG were profligate in front of goal against the Gunners at the Parc des Princes, and construed to somehow allow Ludogorets a draw in Paris in the final group game. Unquestionably a freak result, but finishing as runners up does not look to have harmed their prospects. They were superb last night and could have actually scored more than the four they did. Emery targeted what he perceived as the opposition’s weak spots – their right back (converted midfielder Sergio Roberto) and a relatively inexperienced (although a French international) central defender – Samuel Umiti.

Barcelona were full strength in front of their backline, but PSG snuffled them out wonderfully, limiting their chances. This, in spite of the absence of the two aforementioned Thiagos and the fielding of an even more inexperienced centre back Kimpembe. Notably Italian midfielder Marco Verratti played like an absolute tiger the length of the pitch.

Critically, Barcelona did not adapt their game to the challenge of the night. They played the way they always do, rather like Arsenal approach European fixtures. Of course, normally, that is good enough, but yesterday, aside from a 15 minute spell after the opening PSG goal when they were bossing possession and territory, they looked like a team on the rack.

So in conclusion, when people ask who could possibly replace Arsenal’s current manager, watching a few matches in both the Premier League, foreign leagues and European competition suggest that in fact, there may well be a good number of talented upcoming individuals who have adapted to the ways of the modern game more easily than M. Wenger seems to have managed to. Take each match as it comes, sure. Arsenal do that. But prepare for the opposition before the game, and if need be, be proactive and prepared to make changes once the game has begun to adapt to events. That is something Luis Enrique failed to do last night, and one suspects the Catalan club will have a new man installed this summer as a consequence.

Apparently there was a tweet last night to the effect of “We all thought if we waited long enough Arsenal would end up playing like Barcelona, who’d have thought it would be the other way round?” – although I can’t find it to credit it. Still, it made me chuckle.

We watch and wait to see what unfolds in the Allianz Arena this evening. Football is full of surprises, and no-one could foresee PSG winning by four goals against Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Inestia and co. Isn’t it about time Wenger eliminated a European giant for the first time since 2008? Or will Carlo Ancelotti have prepared his team to nullify Arsenal’s attacking threat? One hopes not to be hiding behind the sofa by 9 o’clock this evening…

15th February 2017 09:52:11


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The Man From UNCLE  10:41am 15th Feb 2017

Just think, if we hadn't have won the group, you know, cos everyone kept saying that it was about time we did, we would have beaten Barca last night too. Oh hold on a minute... - Post No. 103983

bradyorbergkamp  11:23am 15th Feb 2017

We always have poor in game management no matter who we play or what is at stake. Unless this approach changes we will always start with a problem as other teams know the manager will not help the team,mistakeing allowing players to grow and find their feet as help.Ali's man( angelo dundee?) is supposed to have "spotted" a cut on a glove to buy time against Henery Cooper.In a big match has AW ever done that?its more forwards or defenders,no cute spotting of a chance or a guick change to solve a problem. - Post No. 103985

jeff wright  12:01pm 15th Feb 2017

Wenger would have found a way to mess things up last night against a lethargic Barcelona.He obviously drew the short end of the straw by winning our group .His tetchy comments yesterday when questioned about his appalling record in Europe do not inspire me with any confidence that things are about to change for the better. I'm expecting the usual Wengo favourites such as limp wristed Wally to start and the clown Wengo is still persisting with his ludicrous rotating GK's policy .When was the last time that Ospina, that name sounds like some rare bird's one, play a competitive match >? Only Wengo could do something this stupid and expect to be taken seriously. I reckon that Wengo will go all gung-ho against Bayern to try and score away goals thus leaving our disorganised defence - with the lost a yard of pace now Keystone Kos - well exposed like a frightened rabbits caught in the headlights at night of an oncoming articulated lorry. Arrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! - Post No. 103987

jjetplane  12:30pm 15th Feb 2017

Completely kills the BS that Wenger could be at PSG or any other toppish side in the world. Just media chat to smooth over the rolling contract which may become the longest in football. Interesting to see what will happen tonight because Wenger has never really beaten the top boys when it matters. Doubt much will change and doubt I will care that much. - Post No. 103988

Redshirtwhitesleeves  12:58pm 15th Feb 2017

Wenger won't prepare his side any differently against Bayern tonight or Sutton Utd on Monday. He will just have his team go out there and 'play their own game'. No mind will have been paid to tactics or the opposition and how to nullify them. I'm expecting Walcott and Ozil to both be picked tonight despite their recent disgraceful disappearing acts. We won't see anything remotely different from Arsenal tonight nor do I expect anything other than to be eliminated over the two legs. If we are thrashed tonight and it's all over after tonight's game it will hardly come as a shock to anybody. All I hope is that it speeds up his departure. That day cannot come soon enough - Post No. 103990

mbg  13:10pm 15th Feb 2017

Well our old fraud would certainly not be recruited for the amount of times he's won it that's for sure. wenger out now. - Post No. 103991

Cyril  13:17pm 15th Feb 2017

I wish my love life was like Arsenal. The amount of legovers..! - Post No. 103992

Jumpers For Goalposts  14:05pm 15th Feb 2017

It's brilliant that Wenger has spent years trying to turn Arsenal into Barcelona (with zero success) but suddenly Barcelona have turned into Arsenal without really trying. - Post No. 103993

John F  14:32pm 15th Feb 2017

Wouldn't it be great if when Emery gets mad with the ref he shouts "you are awful and but I like you" and dressed in drag, worth having him at Arsenal just for that.BradyBergkamp my grandad would not stop going on about the Ali cut glove incident right up to the time he popped his clogs in a bookies after winning £500 never knew it that was good to go that way or not. - Post No. 103994

jjetplane  14:51pm 15th Feb 2017

Ancelotti has only won 3 CLs so should be easy enough for Theo now he is part of the best side Arsenal have ever had. Bayern are an aging team and slightly pedestrian this season so 2 nil should do it ..... That's 2 to the old boys. - Post No. 103995

Bard  15:31pm 15th Feb 2017

My take is that we will play quite well tonight. Make and miss a few gilt edged chances followed by a calamitous error in defence and everyone will come away wondering what might have been had we got the rub of the green. Just like er..... a thousand other matches. - Post No. 103996

Arseneknewbest  15:35pm 15th Feb 2017

Imagine it's five minutes before kick off in Munich tonight. wengo says to bouldo: Let's just check what we've done before the team goes onto the pitch, we've offered no motivation to the players - check, we've not discussed any tactics in order to beat one of the best teams in the world - check, we'll blame the ref/fans/time difference/pressure of a faltering league campaign (delete as appropriate) for the impending heavy defeat - check, I'll even say look what happened to Barca last night when we ship the same number of goals that they did - check, the groundhog's got a clean nappy on - check. Great bouldo, in that case we're all set for our annual humiliation - check! - Post No. 103998

Yes its Ron  15:39pm 15th Feb 2017

I think its the start of the decline at Barca now. A long time coming but welcome. Fed up of hearing how angelic and 'above' normal football they are this last 7 years. Pity PSG didnt score 10. They're at the stage now where they're so arrogant, they just think the front 3 will do the business and win the game while the rest get their cigars on. Reality is that that Suarez and Messi probably peaked 12 months back. Neymar wont stop there once they start losing a few more. A while to go before theyre as brittle as the N7 Barca lite version though and they wont wait 12 yrs before the act to arrest the decline. - Post No. 103999

Arseneknewbest  15:45pm 15th Feb 2017

There is method in Ancellotti's apparent madness. He evidently favours a return to managing Chelski after saying no-one has the right to criticise wengo (along with the implication that he deserves to stay forever). Martin Keown, on the other hand, is as thick as pig excrement and a complete sycophant if he believes what he said. More divisive lies that really did not need to be said. A truly hopeless state of affairs. - Post No. 104000

David1  17:32pm 15th Feb 2017

For starters Arsenal are going out tonight. Secondly, with regard to the succession, if the board have been happy with Zippy for the last 6 years, then they will have no qualms in appointing Bungle. It could be a long, cold, lonely winter in the shadow of Chelsea. Who woulda thunk it 12 years ago? David Dein. - Post No. 104002

Bard  17:44pm 15th Feb 2017

Ron interesting thoughts mate. my view as well. I was watching last night and thought that half of the tackles PSG put in would have been fouls in la liga. It's a conflict free zone in Spain. PSG played really well and rather like Arsenal Barca's football looks like it's a thing of the past. Good for the game and Barca will come again. Will be interesting to see what Messi does. Does he need a new challenge ? Sadly not at Arsenal. - Post No. 104003

mbg  18:13pm 15th Feb 2017

Did you hear TOF prattle on about speeritt, yawn, experience, big performance, focus, etc, etc, all meaningless words that he's been mumbling for years, and i'm sure doesn't even believe himself, all been listened to intently and believed by the AKB wengerites no doubt, all we needed was meenteel strength and the box set would have been complete, what a fraud, wenger out tonight. - Post No. 104004

GSPM  18:44pm 15th Feb 2017

One more chance for Wenger to prove he has what it takes tactically to beat a top team . Has he learned anything from countless BM beatings, this I believe is his final chance over 2 legs to set up his team to come out on top.......come on Arsene do not let us down !!! - Post No. 104005

Redshirtwhitesleeves  19:11pm 15th Feb 2017

Ron, bard - I agree with your takes on Barca. The great football and success has always been underpinned with blatant cheating, play acting, and they have got away with murder in some games I've seen. Some of the referring in their games has defied belief and I wouldn't be at all surprised if some brown envelopes haven't been changing hands over there. Like you guys, their demise can't come quick enough for me, it's long overdue - Post No. 104006

jeff wright  20:41pm 15th Feb 2017

Wengo or the players have played a more cautious game so far although coceding a goal after 11 minute. The fortuitous penalty though has thrown Wengo a life-line if we don't concede anymore goals .We are unlikely to play at home with everyone in our own half. - Post No. 104008

CBee  21:21pm 15th Feb 2017

Great half time talk by Wenger eh? - Post No. 104009

Paulo75  21:22pm 15th Feb 2017

Decent first half followed by a completely inept no show in the 2nd. Unable to string passes together or defend as a unit. So many of these players shouldn't be anywhere near our first team but instead are indulged season after season despite not producing. Woeful but entirely predictable yet again. - Post No. 104010

Arseneknewbest  21:33pm 15th Feb 2017

Anyone else think we look at bit like Barca ce soir? I wonder if Keown is feeling a bit fecking stupid right now. - Post No. 104011

BigDaveTheGooner  21:38pm 15th Feb 2017

Showed great spirit though didn't we Arsene!!!! It all turned ugly when Gabriel came on. What a complete and utter shambles,men against boys!! What more can you say that hasn't been said a thousand times before?????A - Post No. 104012

Up For Grabs Now  21:40pm 15th Feb 2017

Ah it's February, out of the title race, last 16 CL exit already confirmed, different year same outcome, only one common denominator - Wenger! How can the club continue with this never ending farce? - Post No. 104013

Siddy  21:40pm 15th Feb 2017

Great half-time team talk. W***er out. - Post No. 104014

John F  21:41pm 15th Feb 2017

My son just text me to say "we are a joke of a club now that everyone just laughs at".Hard to disagree. - Post No. 104015

GSPM  21:42pm 15th Feb 2017

Thank you Arsene. - Post No. 104016

jeff wright  21:44pm 15th Feb 2017

The oh so familiar sight of Keystone Kos limping off in a tough game away against top opposition was the harbinger of doom to come. What an hero this guy is !Yet again in a big game against top sides little Ozil disappeared up his own hype hole .This clown wants 300k a week to stay.That is providing that Inspector Clueless does so as well ! We as a club have under Wengo become the laughing stock of football .I suspect that there are even more laughs to follow before this season is over.What say you lee kfc ...cluck cluck cluck... - Post No. 104017

Paulward  21:46pm 15th Feb 2017

Utterly predictable shambles, if Wengers our manager next season I'll eat my hat. The saddest thing is we played pretty well for 45 minutes and still lost 5-1! Not much more to say except good luck to whoever takes over this lot next season and tries to transplant a back bone from somewhere, heaven knows we need one. - Post No. 104018

MAF  21:48pm 15th Feb 2017

a disgrace. clueless. no fight. didnt have a clue what to do, Bayern enjoyed themselves tonight. please Arsene please, stand aside and help us find a new manager now. persuade the Juve boss to come - Post No. 104019

mad max  21:49pm 15th Feb 2017

I blame the so called fans who go to the matches for not protesting loud enough, the,yre keeping this clown in a job what a joke of a club we have become ----ing nauseating get him out now - Post No. 104020

Redshirtwhitesleeves  21:59pm 15th Feb 2017

groundhog season #10 shaping up quite nicely. What's that saying about insanity? Repeating exactly the same things over and over again and expecting a different outcome? That's where this genius of a manager is. Special mention for Ozil tonight - he really has perfected his disappearing man routine. What a joke club we are, a laughing stock. Not even any feelings of disappointment or sadness at losing anymore, just complete apathy and indifference. Different season, same s*** as ever. - Post No. 104021

CORNISH GOONER  22:02pm 15th Feb 2017

How did we get on? No, don't spoil it for me - I've let my wife have control of the TV handset tonight so I can watch the highlights show later. Can't wait, bet we show that we are ready to fight & have great speerit. - Post No. 104022

BigDaveTheGooner  22:03pm 15th Feb 2017

Watching Wenger on the bench is like having your mate round and watching it on the tele,he suddenly becomes the expert by throwing his hands up in the air,pointing out what's wrong and how to rectify the situation,the only difference is he's the manager and is in control and can actually do something about it,except he doesn't cos he's as gutless as the players he puts out on the pitch.Watching him berate the referees is nothing short of disgraceful,it's about time some one at the top should tell him he represents Arsenal Football Club and that behaviour won't be tolerated,but of course they won't cos he does what he wants.Roll on the end of the season when hopefully he will walk. - Post No. 104023

Paulward  22:06pm 15th Feb 2017

Going beyond anger and frustration with Wenger now, almost feel sorry for him now, cuts a pathetic figure indeed. - Post No. 104024

Hi Berry  22:09pm 15th Feb 2017

Does anyone at the club know how to stop crosses coming in?The build up to the Lewandowski headed goal was so predictable that the outcome was inevitable before the ball got anywhere near him. Dixon and Winterburn must be shaking their heads in disbelief. - Post No. 104025

jeff wright  22:10pm 15th Feb 2017

What a pathetic response from Wengo in his BT interview , was he really expecting any better result tonight. The interviewer though gave Wenger an easy ride as they do. Monkey Head on the panel said Wengo needs to hand over at the end of the season to someone else .According to Keown it was all about 20 years of work for Wenger4 tonight. All I can add is if that is what 20 years of Wenger brings on then then what a waste of time it was. Wengo should hand over to someone else NOW and not after yet more humiliations are inflicted on us. - Post No. 104026

jjetplane  22:11pm 15th Feb 2017

Where the **** is Leeeky when we need him? A faster, younger team simply swatted aside by majestic journeymen. Interesting to watch Sanchez (where's your dogs now?) and Ozil for the rest of the season. I cannot see Wenger making a profit on either of them - who would want them? What is Keown saying now? lol! - Post No. 104027

TonyEvans  22:18pm 15th Feb 2017

Didn't watch it or listen to it. Said to my wife at some stage this evening I bet Arsenal are 3-0 down about now - it was 3-1, then predicted it would be 5-1 at the end. We all know the script so well by now we don't even have to watch the bloody game to know what is going on! - Post No. 104028

mbg  22:21pm 15th Feb 2017

Gibbs you wengerised little wanker THATS what you call a statement. Go now wenger if you have any decency, your an embarrassment. - Post No. 104029

markymark  22:27pm 15th Feb 2017

Oliver Holt, John Cross, Martin Keown, Gary Neville, Little Squeak...... your wrinkly old fraud took one hell of a beating! - Post No. 104030

GSPM  22:27pm 15th Feb 2017

Let's enjoy Alexis while we have him. He will not stay after this season. He is driven , his manager and some players are just not upto the job. The pup we were sold with the stadium move is alive and kicking, Stan counting his dosh would not know about winning, just look at his other franchises. It was good while it lasted. We have paid a bitter/ heavy price for early success . The end is nigh . - Post No. 104031

Paulward  22:31pm 15th Feb 2017

Before anybody thinks it can't get any worse, don't forget what our next fixture is! Losing to Sutton would be the lowest point in our entire history and I'm afraid it's perfectly possible. - Post No. 104032

GoonerRon  23:06pm 15th Feb 2017

Chastening night. The end game is undoubtedly at play now, this version of our seemingly annual machine-gun-ourselves-in-the-foot just feels different somehow. I actually think the players have lost faith in the manager, whether they're disheartened or more proactively not 'putting it in' I don't know but change is in the air soon. - Post No. 104034

mbg  23:09pm 15th Feb 2017

jw, we're the laughing stock of world football all right, and the cause of it is an even bigger one. mad max, yes well said it's about time all these so called hard core fans stood up and were counted (they all can't be ABK's)instead of just exchanging their scarves with home fans, they've played their part and don't come out of this smelling of roses either. jj, to early for him yet, he'll sneak away from his village when they're backs are turned and probably arrive on here when we're all in bed - Post No. 104035

David1  23:11pm 15th Feb 2017

MBG - I'm with you on AW going tonight. However, do you worry that there is no one on the board that has any idea about how to replace him? Wenger has never been the problem; it's the board who retain his services. The reason he's still in post is because they don't want any more than Wenger delivers. Things could get a whole lot crappier - there's no guarantee that they have any ambition to compete in the PL, let alone the CL. Especially that useless septic tank. - Post No. 104036

jeff wright  23:17pm 15th Feb 2017

mbg, it will get worse before it is over because there are no excuses left now for Wengo .He has used up all of his get out of jail cards . He could with the support of Syrupy Stan and the suits at AFC brazen it out if he wins his 4th place trophy but only ,dare I say , idiots, will still be left supporting Wenger .The real idiots are of course those who still do support him and not as the stupid Gary Nevill claims those who want a change from the specialist in failures rather ( yawn) tedious over long tenure . - Post No. 104037

Gooner1972  23:32pm 15th Feb 2017

15/2/2017 - Arsenal Football Club - RIP!!!!!!!!! - Post No. 104038

mbg  0:43am 16th Feb 2017

David1, you agree wenger should go tonight, then blame the board, if we have/get a different board would you want him to stay ? the board might be clueless in that department alright, or not, we'll have to wait and see, could it be any worse, it looks like you've seen the light and realised what a lot of us have done four five six, years ago, but to say wenger was never the problem ? jesus H where have you been these last eleven seasons ? wenger ran the show, they followed his advice they listened to him for all these years, he was given allowed far to much power, everything was/is done his way, are the board responsible for what happens on the pitch ?did the board pick/target all the second raters over the years ? who we bought since and buy now ? decide what they're worth ? what overinflated wage to pay them, play them, train them, what position they play, do tactics, make subs, etc, etc, etc, etc, and sit on the bench looking fooking clueless as we're embarrassed and humiliated (just like tonight) no that person was wenger doing it his way, just like he's always done, the board has or never had any say in all that, i can see why you might think they did though, but now you want wenger out surely you can see he's the problem. It doesn't matter what owner/ board we get it's not going to be any different as long as we have wenger as manager absolutely nothing will change, our only hope is a new manager, personally I don't care who it is, if we have to do a man yoo for a couple of years so be it, I think that's more or less expected anyway, but there's plenty of top managers out there regardless of what wengerites would/will tell us, just look at an Article on here a few days ago, no the most important thing now is getting this fraud of a manager out and thankfully that's getting closer and closer. wenger out. - Post No. 104039

markymark  6:57am 16th Feb 2017

David1 - Chelsea were probably more at risk of a poor decision under Abramovitch due to his autocracy, if you remember Avram Grant for instance. I suspect that Gazidis will be having a word in people's ears seeking advice. It appears 2 maybe 3 managers have been approached. There is rumour that one rejected us ( I wonder if it is Simione) Allegri hasn't rejected us. The people being mentioned are the sort of manager I would have expected. I think someone like Eddie Howe would be an example of what you are worried about where a weak and inexperienced board grab someone they could manipulate. Now Allegri on the other hand.... interesting very interesting. - Post No. 104040

markymark  7:12am 16th Feb 2017

I just popped over to Untold rather ironically there might appears to have ended at 1-1. I wonder if dodgy Tony shut down the site as the hammering developed. Stranglely my post suggesting that Brickfields should be struck off by the BMA for continually accusing people of mental illness who don't agree with his view over Wenger has also failed to appear. - Post No. 104041

burked  7:30am 16th Feb 2017

The biggest opponent any Arsenal player had last night was his 10 team mates, THIS WAS THE PITS. On this evidence alone the club must bring in someone like SIMEONE to absolutely rock the place. Any chance ''Sir Chips'' would reveal his ambition for the club ? What is he doing as chairman ? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. - Post No. 104042

CBee  8:13am 16th Feb 2017

Good to see that some at least in the media are starting to tell it how it is. This from Barry Glendenning of the Grauniad " Arsenal are thrashed 5-1 at the Allianz Arena for the second time in two visits and can consider themselves lucky to have conceded just five. Having had Bayern in all sorts of bother at the end of a first half, they were torn apart in the second half. It was a gutless display, but that won’t come as any great shock to seasoned Arsenal-watchers. They’ll make all the right noises about trying to put things right in the second leg (they always do), but this team has no heart or backbone. They downed tools and gave up tonight." - Post No. 104043

markymark  8:16am 16th Feb 2017

Many of us have alluded to the point that we may have to take a real humiliation for him to go. I truly hope we are not embarrassed by Sutton. I now think though that the dynamic is changing. Keown has done a complete volte face. His exact words last week on Radio 5 were "he won't leave at the end of the season" now it's "he needs to make the decision to leave at the end of the season." Yes he makes the decision , however that decision is to go. A bit like being left in a cell with a pistol and a bullet in the chamber. We are now moving into does he actually last the season? Sutton could finish him completely. - Post No. 104044

TonyEvans  8:33am 16th Feb 2017

It's not the defeat or even the gutless manner of the defeat that depresses me, after all this is what we have come to expect; what is really depressing is the huge possibility that Wenger will simply shrug his Gallic shoulders, air brush out another humiliation and, with the backing of our spineless board, continue to inflict himself on our beloved club. He's done it so many times before - ridden out the storm and clung on, what's to stop him doing just that again? - Post No. 104045

Hi Berry  9:32am 16th Feb 2017

Anyone know what the stats were for passing in the end? At one point on the stream I was watching the count was Bayern 600 and Arsenal 130.....not bad for a team that plays possession football! Steam-rollered from start to finish. - Post No. 104046

Yes its Ron  9:46am 16th Feb 2017

Never mind the loss, that was predictable, its the fact they let me down that irks me. Id predicted only 4-0. Can never rely on the Gunners! - Post No. 104047

GSPM  10:03am 16th Feb 2017

Its a great shame, that this is the week the team decide to play like Barcelona........ - Post No. 104048

David1  10:58am 16th Feb 2017

MBG - you've got me all wrong! I've been a Wengo since 2008. It strikes me that the crisis is worse than an ageing manager, and could get a whole lot worse because our board, unlike the Chelsea board, has little to no ambition for the club. Therefore, why would they choose a high-profile successful candidate, when what they want is the continuance of stability. It will take a revolution in the boardroom to change the new corporate ethos of the club. They don't recognize how stale and shy*te things have become. We all want a new manager, but they don't share your ambitions. It could be a long wait. - Post No. 104053

FPGooner  12:13pm 16th Feb 2017

I hope that Arsene’s tenure will come to an undignified end. He should be immortalised in phrases such as ‘…..mind the Wenger on the pavement’ or ‘…don’t Wenger it up’. I sat at the Emirates on Saturday and could not believe the atmosphere - more noise and cheering can be heard at an autopsy. Chips, Stan, Ivan and the hapless bungler, Arsene - you are lining your pockets and killing my club. But there are still thousands of Gooners who believe the drivel that Neville and Cross peddle. They are the quislings who have colluded in the slow death of my club. Once upon a time, we used to be a football club - we wanted to win things, we had personality and character - That's all gone now. The thrashing last night will be forgotten by the quislings and their deity, Wenger, in a day or two. We have become goldfishes, we really should be playing in orange. Most managers would get a 8-2 hiding and be writing a resignation note or considering hari-kari. Not our old fraudster - he rushes out and does a trolley dash to buy players that Crewe Alexandra wouldn’t take for free, including a player with a broken back. This shortly after he has announced that he will only buy ‘…top, top players’. What we absolutely need right now is a Top, top manager because in my household, much to my wife’s delight, football has become the love that dare not speak its name. In the words of mbg - Wenger out now. - Post No. 104071

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