Arsenal Fans Must Return To ‘FANDOM’

By Baba Grumpy

Arsene Wenger still has his believers

Ed’s note – as stated in yesterday’s piece on today’s planned march, The Gooner is an open platform for the views of supporters across the Arsenal spectrum. We print what is submitted to us. We welcome debate. Football is all about opinions after all. So if you have an issue with the content of the site, please submit something. The truth is that we rarely receive positive articles about the club these days unless they are nostalgic in nature, but are open to running any that we do receive. Baba Grumpy, through Twitter offered to rectify this by submitting the following piece…

We all live in a new world. A world of instant gratification, a world of ‘me first’ where people’s feelings trump any other consideration. Welcome to this wonderful new world.

This ‘me first’ ism has resulted in the return of the Wenger Out protesters in the last few days. The ‘Wenger Outers’. They took a smack in the face last season during the Norwich game when the fans inside the stadium without prompting started signing the praise of Arsene Wenger.

Sit back, take a deep breath and reflect on that occasion. The spontaneous Pro Wenger chant was smack bang at a time when we were on course to lose our bragging rights against the pesky little Middlesex neighbours. A majority of fans forgot that for a long moment and paid homage to our greatest manager of modern times – Arsene Wenger.

The protesters didn’t learn back then. They have started again this season. They are quite vocal online. I hope this is not a case of empty barrels and all that. The protest march before the Bayern game attracted the media but had less than a 100 people participating according to observers / onlookers. (Ed’s note – this figure was gleaned from the twitter accounts of @Suzagooner and @Blackburngeorge. Independent media sources estimated the figure at around the 200 mark)

A fan who wanted to organize a pro Wenger march was apparently dissuaded by threats of bodily harm. It is a big shame if those who are exercising their rights by marching turn around to deprive others of the same rights just because they are at different sides of the Wenger debate.

The Wenger Outers clearly don’t want Wenger. It is their right but they do not speak for the fan base. The miniscule support for their protest marches and the lack of support inside the stadium evidence this. These minorities are turning the club and its fans into a circus act. They are helping the media feed a narrative of crisis and failure. Two scenarios that clearly do not describe Arsenal. Narratives only designed to fill the ‘sheepy’ click links of the media and ravenous pretentious bloggers. The protesters are helping charlatans disguised as fans feed fat on the pain and suffering of all genuine fans.

Yes we have had a torrid January & February in our two top competitions. Everybody knows that, the club; the manager; the players; & the fans. It hurts everybody. The only people who are not hurting and who revel in the run of poor results can never be called Arsenal fans. It doesn’t matter if the great satan is Arsenal’s manager, a TRUE Arsenal fan will never wish the club ill for any reason.

You don’t like Wenger? Hold your nose and support your club. Support the boys in red proudly. Create a frightening atmosphere for opponents inside the Emirates. Let’s turn our home turf into a boiling cauldron for those competing against our players. Let us well and truly be the famed 12th man not organizing all these purposeless marches designed to turn everything about Arsenal into a joke.

For me, Wenger’s position is assured in the history of world football especially in England and Arsenal. The way football is going there will never be another manager to go the whole season undefeated. Wenger is in a peer group of 1. Mourinho for one desperately wants to crack that group and is even more horrible to Wenger because he can never attain that goal or the status Wenger has with all the top guys in football.

Yes the stats speak for themselves, the last time we won the league was 2004. Yes FA Cups no longer counts except when Manchester United wins it. 4th place finishes are irrelevant except when Wenger and Arsenal drop out.

But what has not changed is Wenger keeps Arsenal at the top table achieving something the Spuds will die for. Something Liverpool will kill for. Something Man U will pay £100m for right now. Yes those three and many others have changed their managers multiple times but they still can’t lay hands on Arsenal & Arsene’s records.


Mr. Wenger’s time will come soon. Maximum, in four years time, he will retire. Maybe he will consider the French Football Manager’s role then, but who knows but at the moment, his life work is Arsenal. He wants to finish his career at our great club. Not because of the £8m per annum salary as some ignorantly infer, not because he doesn’t have other options as some sneer but because he is loyal to this club he has helped modernize, this club he has given a fair share of his working career to.

Arsene is a decent man. A very decent man. A thoroughly decent man. I believe him when he says his commitment to the role is still as strong as ever and he himself will walk away when he thinks he can’t contribute positively. I believe Arsene, I trust Arsene more than any of the protesters especially the ones who are getting multiple five minutes of fame by denigrating The Arsenal. These ones who appear to be clinging to Arsene Wenger’s good name to make a notorious name for themselves and other Arsenal fans.

Mark my words, these Wenger Outers will be the first to turn on whatever new manager is appointed when Wenger leaves in 2 or 4 years time.

My message to all Arsenal fans, SUPPORT THE ARSENAL. Let us return to ‘FANDOM’. The support for Arsenal should be for the squad of players, the manager / coach and his staff and the Board.



11th March 2017 07:27:43


Comments and Reaction

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Leek fc  7:53am 11th Mar 2017

Absolutely brilliant BABA. Best post EVER. Let the egg throwing commence. - Post No. 105096

mad max  8:33am 11th Mar 2017

what a joke of an article,it,s people like you that are keeping this washed up manager in a job in turn making us the laughing stock of football, the spuds and the chavs must be loving watching us suffer. you really are in love with arsene f.c not arsenal .f.c . ther,s an old saying THERE,S NONE AS BLIND AS THOSE WHO CANNOT SEE. baba black sheep following his false messiah god help us all with fans like you. - Post No. 105097

Gaz  8:42am 11th Mar 2017

I'm kind of lost for words. - Post No. 105098

Exeter Gunner  9:17am 11th Mar 2017

It's like through sending it in via Twitter the author is subconsciously asking us to excuse this pitiful, deluded, lie ridden attempt at an article. There's no building an argument here, just fragments, empty slogan after empty slogan. It really is cult-like stuff, no rational analysis or thought process going on here at all. The irony of the call to support Arsenal is this person manifestly isn't an Arsenal supporter at all but an Arsene supporter. When Wenger finally goes people like this and Leek will also thankfully disappear. - Post No. 105099

Rocky the King  9:22am 11th Mar 2017

Trying to justify and defend the indefensible must be an exercise in absolute insanity if this is the best that you can come up with. Did you list his current successes? Did you detail his plans for the revival? What hope did you give those who dissent from the cause? All you can fall back upon is a cheap shot which insults the loyalty of true fans. Wenger sits like King Canute trying to defy the tide of misery as Arsenal FC lurch from one humiliation to another. What is missing from your piece of sycophantic propaganda is a real credible reason to support the club after it's massive failings. You don't say, support Wenger because winning the League is imminent, neither do you say that he will have a good chance of winning the Champions League. You chronicle the divisions among the fan base in insulting terms, suggesting pro Wenger rally organisers have been threatened with violence. My personal experience is that a lot of "blue on blue" violence starts with mouthy AKBs trying to silence dissent in a way that would bring them public order offences. The club itself has had schemes that allow AKBs to text the club if fans near them are being antisocial by disturbing their sleep or no doubt singing anti Wenger songs. You are devoid of any credible reason to support Wenger other than because he is currently at Arsenal. The blind loyalty of AKB's like you is akin to the hoardes of North Korean citizens who believe that their leader Kim Jong Un is a god. You might be able to ignore reality within the safe confines of your blog, but please, when you belittle the opposition in terms of numbers, you sound like Donald Trump on a bad day. As for prententious bloggers? Moi? It is the likes of Arseblogger who in my opinion has brown nosed his way to fame and fortune by not saying it as it really is over the seasons. AFC now cling desperately to pandering after juvenile social media 'likes'. No true fan of Arsenal would wish the club ill for any reason you say, again an insults to many grassroot fans who have been priced out of this club by the greed and condescension of the ruling cabal who take fan support for granted. A true fan will be feeling dreadful to see the present state of the club, and wishing that something would change. A true fan will be hurting as they wrestle with the dilemma of speaking out against the club and the choice of silent opposition by not turning up to home games. A true fan will finally take action and try to save the club that they have supported for decades by calling for an end to this repeated exercise in insanity. Well BabaGrumpy, you will not silence the opposition by this piece of journalistic nihilism. In fact if the only argument that you can make is that there is no other option for the truly loyal, then I suggest that you are employing the same argument that Jeremy Corbin made for the leadership of the Labour Party. In short, it defies logic and runs headlong into on coming traffic on a motorway, i.e it is a car crash waiting to happen. You know nothing of the pain and suffering of those hard core fans who have walked away from the club in tears of pain and anguish. They have seen the club that they have supported for decades transform into a monster, owned by an unaccountable US Billionaire. So any criticism is unpatriotic? Well if the great satan were manager of this club, at least we would have won a trophy by now employing the means most foul. You can continue to act like an ostrich with your head buried up Wenger's behind, it is a free country, but do not have the audacity to be able to claim what makes a true Arsenal Fan. You ignore the worst excesses of totalitarian delusions of the Arsenal Board and call for a return to Fandom? Wenger is consistent I'll agree, as Mourinho stated, he is a specialist in failure. Failure to win the League back to back, failure to beat our top four rivals consistently, failure to sign some the world's best players like Hazard, Ribery and Ronaldo when he had an opportunity. Failure to win the Champions League, failure to get a decent return in the transfer market of many of his buys (Anelka excepted) failure to unite the fans at the club, failure to create his fabled dynasty, failure to win the league when he described it as a two horse race, failure to be a man of his word ( Parisienne waitress photos anyone?) In short his rap sheet would guarantee Arsène Wenger three life sentences without parole. In fact the pity is that I wasted precious minutes of my time reading your blog, I consider that the best reply to your insulting piece is to print it and use it as toilet paper. - Post No. 105100

markymark  9:28am 11th Mar 2017

Ok let's look at your article. First thing I created a piss take of BBA called Babagump who had suffered a frontal lobotomy and repeated "my name Baba, Baba get angry". Your name is very similar. Any reason for this? Next thing I was on the March and there were definitely around 200 so please don't do a Tony Attwood on us ( he said 4!). I kept to the back as didn't want to be on TV. The crowd was roughly 10 wide and 15 to 20 rows in front of me. Let's just say though that you're right and I can't count. You should still be very worried. Prior to the March and Bayern. Arsene wasn't taking any supporters views into consideration and it was his decision alone. Post Bayern he is taking fans views into account and he has been left deflated by a public confirmation that both parties will make the decision. This is a major defeat for AKB's as this is a massive tactical retreat. Next thing you keep repeating Wenger is a decent man as fact. This is pure subjective opinion. I could be a wonderful dinner host, kindly to animals but be operating fraud scams. Am I decent or am I a villain? Therefore Wenger could be perfectly pleasant and at the same time a greedy miser who puts his acquiring of wealth above the fans. It's a perfectly realistic scenario. Then we have Ian Wright heavily hinting that the changing room is rebelling. People on the inside suggesting things aren't well. He's finished imho. Last point until you carry out a meaningful poll of Arsenal supporters at the ground. You may find Ipsos will do it for a few grand. You'll never know how or what they think. Suffice to say a vox pop on the BBC news didn't have one person saying he should stay. I suspect you might get a nasty surprise. - Post No. 105101

Gaz  9:54am 11th Mar 2017

Rocky the king: I'm kind of lost for words again. Thankfully for the right reasons this time. I'd love to see a response but we all know it would simply be a rehash of his original daft and insulting article. Simply brilliant fella. - Post No. 105103

BigDaveTheGooner  10:01am 11th Mar 2017

What complete and utter garbage that article is,I gave up reading it when I got to "so we have had a torrid January and February ". Where the hell have you been? We,ve been having torrid periods throughout the season for at least 10 seasons and while that old has been is still at the helm and idiots like him are backing him we will continue to do so. I didn't see you mention any convincing positives as to why to keep him,I truly think you cannot think of any,as with all the WMS brigade they all focus on the first 6 years of his tenure and hope that one day he will wave his magic wand and everything will be rosy again,well I,m afraid it's not going to happen,he is a busted flush, a has been ,who is dragging this great club into the mediocrity and he simply has to go,and the sooner the better. - Post No. 105104

RegW  10:14am 11th Mar 2017

Mark my words Baba you'll be marching this time next year if Clouseau is deluded enough to sign a new contract. - Post No. 105105

Fryguy54  10:45am 11th Mar 2017

Total waste of time and effort,supporting a team is about passion but that has gone from the club and until Wenger goes it won't return.What a sorry state of affairs. - Post No. 105106

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:00am 11th Mar 2017

Baba - Would you trust this lot to go to Anfield and win 2-0? - thought not, that is how far we have fallen. However I think today will see us fall a lot further. I have said it before but only one manager in today's game will have a plan, the man without a plan will be the one you are trying to defend. - Post No. 105107

CORNISH GOONER  11:00am 11th Mar 2017

Glad to see you have returned safely from Cornwall Leekmeisterl. As to the article? Very fair minded of The Gooner to print it but OMG! Give us FACTS not OPINIONS. And as for Webster being a decent man? - if so he would have walked years ago. - Post No. 105108

jjetplane  11:58am 11th Mar 2017

Concur there Cornish Hahahahahahahahah this article is ****ing hilarious and obv the writer is a half cooked spud who wants his uncle to stay forever at that lovely Ems resting home just off the Holloway Rd. Awwwwwwwww ..... Love these Wenger apostles giving the get behind the lads ****. They are not lads and even the Ox is looking like a bingo lady with that ****ing hair do. Then there's Olly's ****ing Hergest Ridge quiff and Bellenderin with his mum's clasp on his ashen bonce. Then there is Gabriel who looks like he walked out of a game console death squad suffering battle trauma and hasnever recovered since being propelled into said rest home off Holloway Rd. And then of course there is wise old Theo. Theo the muse. Theo the deep. Theo the apparently tortured. Theo the major league Bellend! Visions of aging ostrich watching behind net curtains and seeing nothing. Getting on a bit but still got mennnnntalll spiriiiittt. Getting behind ****ing what you say. In the old days the Clock End core drank on the Holloway Rd. If you told them to get behind the hair dos they would guffaw and shower you with grog and fag butts. Oh the metaphors. Come on Lincoln/come on Lincoln/ ..... Love to the WOB. We want Lincoln's manager/lalalala ..... - Post No. 105111

Bob Bayliss  12:20pm 11th Mar 2017

Won't waste may words on this drivel. Wenger has passed his sell-by date. His earlier achievement are there on the record, but by staying on at least six years longer than he should have done he has now ruined his legacy and held the club back. - Post No. 105112

RobG  12:42pm 11th Mar 2017

I'll try to be charitable....and it is good that the Gooner allows all view points. But two things stand out about this. There is no rationale for Wenger staying on other than the fact the writer thinks he is a good bloke. That's an opinion although not one I hold to be sufficient in itself to guarantee his employment. However the facts are rather different. And Wenger has never won any UEFA completion and frankly he never will - at least at Arsenal. Mourinho has won the CL with different Clubs and when he did it with Internazioale, it was part of a treble that no Italian Club had ever managed before, including Juventus. I don't think he loses any sleep over Wenger's record. And the idea that Man Utd are worried by us ? Sorry, another delusion. Even Liverpool can point to Five CLs to our....none. True, we are ahead of our dear neighbors but even that record looks like ending in May. Like Leek, the writer is not an Arsenal supporter but a Wenger obsessive and cultist. It isn't illegal. But has less and less to do with the development and enhancement of Arsenal Football Club, as each day passes. - Post No. 105113

Guernsey gunner  12:48pm 11th Mar 2017

Total bollox....trying to defend the indefensible. Wenger out now and keep up the protests, I have done my bit on Twitter this morning. This site and le grove are the only things that keep me going these days. - Post No. 105114

jjetplane  12:49pm 11th Mar 2017

Wondering if the above is Blacksheep as seen over on Untold. Making The Moonies seem rational! Must be some sort of specific Wenger chip in the brain which have to be removed if we are to see an Arsenal without aa lonely old accountant steering the wheel. As Trump da Chump says - Sad. Pep just saying that a season without a trophy is total failure. He needs a few lessons from uncle Arse(ne). That will sort his ambition out. - Post No. 105115

Kvltman  12:57pm 11th Mar 2017

"For me, Wenger’s position is assured in the history of world football especially in England and Arsenal. The way football is going there will never be another manager to go the whole season undefeated. Wenger is in a peer group of 1." If you are referring to world football, then you seem to forget that the current Chelsea manager went unbeaten through a whole league season with Juventus in 2011-2012, all while moving to a new stadium that year. So while both achievements are magnificent he is actually in a group of at least two. Do not let your devotion to Wenger blind you to facts however! - Post No. 105116

Leek fc  13:06pm 11th Mar 2017

BABA. Great stuff. Very fickle the minority eh. - Post No. 105117

equalizer  13:08pm 11th Mar 2017

Good article Tony. I've read enough of your drivel to recognize the style, language and opinion. All those years in advertising and marketing, and your research on media and the science of selling are serving you well in the employ of the current regime at AFC. And I use the word regime quite purposely. The disgusting thing is that you purport to be an Arsenal fan when what you actually do is ride the gravy train and use social media in an effort to manipulate public opinion. No real football fan would be happy with the consistency that you purport to be happy with. We don't really care if the manager is a "decent man" as you say. For the majority its consistent embarrassment, frustration and tedium from listening to the same old spin, double talk and mantra. Thankfully his time is coming to and end. You'll have nothing to write about but referees then. - Post No. 105118

jjetplane  13:21pm 11th Mar 2017

equaliser love that deconstruction of jive dancing Atwood. Leekie eheheheheheheheheh ..... You might have Wenger but football fans have got Neyyymarrrrrr ..... Sorry not Hassocks but Broadbridge today. Tough game but like Lincoln we are ****ing ready! - Post No. 105119

mbg  13:42pm 11th Mar 2017

And what rock have you crawled out from under ? Oh you smell a result don't you ? you have a sniff of a win for your lord and master against mighty Lincoln, with a name like that one can only guess you're one of these JCL's who've probably only been supporting Arsenal for half a dozen years, the serious protests have only begun in the last two years, obviously that's what's annoying you, we've been putting up with your messiah and his crap, embarrassments, humiliations, beatings, second third, raters, lies, spin, for over ten years now and it has all came to a head the fans have had enough(and rightly so) and want him out, and their not in the minority you like to think they are (there's your spin for you again you'd believe anything)there's no manager in the history of the game who has had an much support as this past it old fraud, and given as much time from the fans (should we give him another ten years yeah you'd love that) so don't pop up on here giving it about support and loyalty who the f**k do you think you are ? it's so called fans like you who are the problem, (and have been for years)and why we're in this mess, who support the manager and not the club, so when your messiah gets his win today against the mighty Lincoln you can get all moist again and celebrate like the embarrassments and humiliations (and all that went with them)over the last ten years never happened but it still won't save him, and he'll still be The Laughing stock of Europe, and you can crawl back under your rock (or whatever other dark place you reside) as i don't expect we'll be hearing from you again until the next win anyway. We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 105120

Graham71  14:25pm 11th Mar 2017

Since we won the league in 2004 we have competed in 52 competitions we have won 3 cups.You talk about consistency there's your consistency.We are consistent FAILURES.Dont you want to see Arsenal win the league title ever again in our lifetime?Wouldnt you like to see Arsenal just once join the likes of European super powers Forest Villa Steaua Bucharest and PSV on the list of winners of club sides most important trophy? This week Arsenal became a laughing stock not just because we lost 10-2 but because the manager didnt resign on the final whistle.Once again our clueless clown went back to what he always does after a defeat he blamed the officials.Wenger is a SPECIALIST IN FAILURE who at any other club would have been fired 8 years ago.I am 52 i dont think i will ever see Arsenal win another league title in my lifetime.That will be Wenger's legacy - Post No. 105122

Cyril  15:01pm 11th Mar 2017

EH BABA, are you tugging on my plonker?. Do you go inside the ground?Let me assure you, in my block, almost everyone to a man or woman are either grumbling or apoplectic with rage over Wenger these days. I'm stunned. BABA, you are having a bubble bath!! Please tell me you are. I know you really meant to post this 3 weeks Saturday!!!!!!! - Post No. 105124

mbg  15:10pm 11th Mar 2017

I bet Spurs, Man yoo, Chelsea and their fans just love fans like you, you and your like are their 12th man every time we meet. You couldn't make it up, we want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 105125

markymark  15:10pm 11th Mar 2017

Squeak - do you understand what fickle means ? I really don't think you do. Virtually everybody on this site has a continued stated aim either pro or anti with the vast majority wishing to end Wengers reign. That is not fickle you fool. That's a long held view. Fickle is a wavering back and forth you pillock. I.e. Loving Wenger one minute hating him the next, not a stated position that has been held for years - Post No. 105126

mbg  15:31pm 11th Mar 2017

Anyone else notice how leek is so quick of the mark today on this one, when it's usually well into the evening or night time when he crawls out. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105128

mbg  15:49pm 11th Mar 2017

jj, yes this get behind the lads (yawn) crap, what the fook does he think we've been doing for the last ten years, but it didn't/wouldn't/doesn't make a blind bit of difference who the lads are, or would be with his messiah in charge, deluded or what, more to be pitied than laughed at. wenger out. - Post No. 105129

Moscowgooner  15:58pm 11th Mar 2017

An astonishingly complacent article really but I guess it takes all sorts.. First, past successes don't excuse present failures - we are planning for 2024 not 2004. Secondly this idea of Wenger as some kind of altruistic soul who wants to 'finish' his mission at Arsenal is BS of the highest order: he is in it for the 8 Million quid a year and the ability to impose his will on the club from top to bottom. At best he has disdain for the fans, at worst I think he despises them. Wenger out now!! - Post No. 105130

Ritchie Growling  16:52pm 11th Mar 2017

Amazing piece, Baba. Don't get too Grumpy in future when Stan's servants pass on the message that your zero hours Walmart - style contract is cancelled when you've outlived your usefulness as a propagandist. - Post No. 105131

cameron326  17:32pm 11th Mar 2017

Yes Arsene is a decent man, (in a professional sense anyway, none of us know him personally as much as we all like to say) Yes Arsenal FC is a laughing stock. Yes we need a better manager. Any other club the size of Arsenal measures success by titles and title challenges not "top 4". Top 4 is a minimum requirement. We gave him the benefit of the doubt between 2005-2010 due to the new stadium argument, but that excuse is long past its expiry date. We're getting further away, not closer. - Post No. 105133

markymark  17:49pm 11th Mar 2017

MBG - Squeak is as thick as Nicky Minaj's arse and with none of her redeeming features. It's gotta be lonely for the boy, all his pals have buggered off funnily enough never to appear on any other Arsenal sites. - Post No. 105135

RedTav  17:53pm 11th Mar 2017

We need balance to the debate, and this article certainly supports what I believe is now the minority opinion. I too, believe Arsene to be a decent man and I respect his contributions to our club as much as the most ardent Wengerite. Enough is enough however and I believe we can be better, much better. I do not believe Arsene is the person to get us there. The club have embraced his ideas, his footballing philosophy and we have hit the ceiling. A cup success and CL football is good, but we have the means to great and surely all true Arsenal fans want that. - Post No. 105136

jjetplane  18:13pm 11th Mar 2017

Last time Lincoln played Arsenal they won. It was 1915 but then how many goes has Arsene had at a euro type trophy. Ozil has been dragged out of his bed with apparently no thumbs left. Sanchez is diving, Granite is up for a red, empty seats everywhere and finally the Toffees are 3 pts behind Wengo's little wombles. 6th place possibly nailed if WBA slip up though no trophies whatever happens. Another contract for The Unsavory One. Come on Lincoln/**** off Wengo .... - Post No. 105137

mbg  18:15pm 11th Mar 2017

Great coverage on Sky Sports of the Protest. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105138

jjetplane  19:02pm 11th Mar 2017

Lincoln still have the Vase and Promotion to play for so really they are doing better than Arsenal in the grand scheme. Untold still slagging the ref? against non-league opp.? Ugly ****ing people. Empty empty seats and a semi final spanking to come. Wonder who Wengo would rather? Le Plonker. - Post No. 105139

mbg  19:11pm 11th Mar 2017

5 conceded Lincoln fans know how Arsenal fans feel now. wenger out now. - Post No. 105140

UTU The Arsenal FC  19:20pm 11th Mar 2017

This excuse for an article has got to a be a Wind Up, Right ? I have followed The Arsenal over land and sea since 1979. We have become a Joke of a Club who have sold out the fans profit. Its all been said before by many fans on here and in the Boozer for the last decade. WENGER OUT ! - Post No. 105141

Exeter Gunner  19:28pm 11th Mar 2017

Now Lincoln know what it's like to be Arsenal in a big match. - Post No. 105142

Leek fc  19:28pm 11th Mar 2017

JJ. Your hatred for the Arsenal is great. Posting all day now licking your wounds. For me, woke up and read the greatest post ever on this site, beat the greatest team that Lincolnshire has ever seen, but "it's only Lincoln" as you will say. Get your Wembley tickets genuine gooners cos the stay away folk won't put any money in so enjoy. - Post No. 105143

mbg  19:48pm 11th Mar 2017

Nothing to celebrate tonight, nothing to be happy about, nothing to be proud off (although it won't stop some getting moist)after the humiliation of 10-2, it doesn't get TOF off the hook by any means, it makes up for nothing, against non league opposition, nothing has changed, i'm surprised The Laughing Stock of Europe had the Gall to even show his face out there today, has he no self respect ? smirking and grinning as if he hasn't just suffered the biggest embarrassment and humiliation of his life, lets hope he skulked off down the tunnel looking and feeling like the past it washed up embarrassment he is. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 105144

Leek fc  19:58pm 11th Mar 2017

mbg. Love it. Quarter final win and you've still got the negative virus. Do you want your Arsenal back?????? - Post No. 105145

jjetplane  20:03pm 11th Mar 2017

Leekie who are you going to trounce at Wembley. I was there when the spuds done us last time and you were probably in the spud section. Would not want the spuds now? lol! never expected Wengo's 'world class' team to lose against Lincoln who have more pressing things like a Vase and a league trophy to hopefully lift. How many trophies will Arsenal win this season apart from participation cup for finishing 6th. Do you think Arsenal will finish above Everton? How many empty arsenal seats were there today? I was at a match and it was great and cost me 90 quid less than you oh muggy one. Enjoy your season and your bif win against Lincoln. That is it for the season. Off to Shoreham next week lalalala /lalalala How can i be licking wounds when i saw my local team win today in a compelling match Nice chicken salad after looking out to the glorious English Channel. Looking forward to the semi draw with deep relish lol! - Post No. 105146

Exeter Gunner  20:11pm 11th Mar 2017

Incredible rallying there from Leeky. Beating a team of electricians and farmers has proved the doubters wrong. Pretty sure Leeky thinks 'fickle' means 'disloyal'. The thickest poster ever on OG - and by god there's been some contenders. - Post No. 105147

Leek fc  20:17pm 11th Mar 2017

Lots of children on the march today. mbg, bell end bonzo, JJ, exeter, Cornish, reg, Cyril etc. Your fathers should be ashamed just to make up the numbers. Bell end, was that you holding the "W" of the wexit banner. Would sum you up nicely if it was. - Post No. 105148

Exeter Gunner  20:37pm 11th Mar 2017

Leek, before the source of your ice was we were complaining without doing anything. Now the protests are happening you're still upset with us. Can you spot the flaw in your reasoning here? No, thought not. Now, fess up - you've been misusing the word 'fickle' for months - what is it you thought it meant? Too late to google now... - Post No. 105149

jwe1981  20:39pm 11th Mar 2017

Looked like a lot more than 200 to me at the protest. I would say circa 500. Need to make sure it is 1000 at the next home game and the message might start to get through! - Post No. 105150

markymark  21:10pm 11th Mar 2017

Squeak I've got a new word to describe you "thickle" definition thick as ****e bell end polisher. - Post No. 105151

Siddy  21:24pm 11th Mar 2017

Absolute tosh. W***er has taken £100million out of Arsenal and we are expected to treat him like Mother Theresa. How many "decent" men do not have an ounce of humility? We lose 10-2 and he blames the ref!!! You couldn't make it up. We are the laughing stock of football. I want my Arsenal back. W***er out, NOW. - Post No. 105152

Leek fc  21:27pm 11th Mar 2017

Exeter. Quite a poor show from where I was standing today. Agree that protests are happening but a couple of hundred maybe??? Wow. Mr Wenger is quaking in his boots. Mark. Simple fact is you can never get away with the fact that you called yourself Bonzohomo. BELL END is for you son. Hope the pilot knows where West Bromwich is next week for the banner. Again, BABA. Great stuff, great post, great work. The wobbies won't sleep well tonight. Ooo too bee. Wenger will stay. - Post No. 105153

mad max  21:40pm 11th Mar 2017

well done to the fans today the numbers are growing we must keep the pressure on the specialist in failure, at last even the akb,s have seen the light. many of us have been calling for his head for years, but we were priced out of attending the matches, keep up the good work gooners we,ll soon get our club back. c.o.y.g - Post No. 105154

Leek fc  21:43pm 11th Mar 2017

Siddy. You want your Arsenal back. Which Arsenal do you want back?? The 13 league trophy years or the 117 years with no league titles. Problem with most on here is truly they do not know what they want. When the great man has gone. Will you be saying we want our Arsene back. Be careful what you wish for. Very fickle. - Post No. 105155

Siddy  22:04pm 11th Mar 2017

Leek FC, I am not fickle and this is not just about success, however that is measured. But I am not going to get drawn into your circular arguments. I went to my first game aged 7 in 1979 and it was love at first site, even though we were also rans. But I have fallen out of love in the last four or five seasons. I've been remembering this week when Kevin Keegan's England lost 1-0 to Germany at the old Wembley in 2000. He resigned on the spot after the World Cup qualifier and said: "Not good enough." Now that's humility and I rated him for that. A real football man. I repeat, our fraud loses 10-2 and blames the ref. That's denial. Careful what you wish for? I ALREADY HAVE SOMETHING I DON'T WISH FOR. The old fraud is destroying our club. I know exactly what I want. There are no guarantees when it comes to success but I want someone else to have a crack at it because we will never win the PL again or CL under W***er. We might go through a few managers before we get it right but it will be fresh and interesting again. AND we might stand a chance of keeping hold of Sanchez and Ozil. Might. The sooner we get going in this process, the better. W***er out, NOW. - Post No. 105156

Cyril  22:11pm 11th Mar 2017

I don't want to court u Leek ever. I won't lower myself to you. A return of 13 league titles is prowess. Amazing prowess. Wenger gave us 3 and wow Wow. It's over , we need to add you loser. It's over you twat! We are still only 7 behind the record and WE WANT TO BE RELEVANT. ASS! - Post No. 105157

Paulward  22:17pm 11th Mar 2017

Baba: If you took your arguement mate no fan anywhere in the world would ever question the powers that be. What do you say to Leyton Orient fans who are about to disappear into the conference? Be quiet and blindly support an owner who is rinsing their poor little club Out ? Fans are the club, not a cabal of millionaires ( Wenger included). Was on the march today and thought it went very well . Another pre Man City needed. - Post No. 105158

markymark  22:26pm 11th Mar 2017

Oh dear Leek you're doing your pathetic Ronnie Kray act again all Essex Road are yer? You'd almost carry it off were it not for some of the most obsequious posts ever witnessed . Mr Wenger this, Mr Wengie that, lick slurp... I've got yer number son, I'll have yer ears son.. laughable. Now I know you get easily confused and mixed up with your fickles but let me explain it was Jamerson the homophobe who used to call me Bonzohomo. Not a description I used against myself you imbecile. Jamerson of course being a completely repressed individual irony know no ends. Now go polish a bell end as you seem to be obsessed by them. - Post No. 105159

A Cornish Gooner  22:34pm 11th Mar 2017

Leek The Unofficial Arsenal Historian: "Season 2016-17 will best be remembered for 11th March 2017, the day Arsenal defeated 'the greatest team that Lincolnshire has ever seen'. This was their finest hour and a half". Has 'The Great Man' just won a trophy Leeky? - Post No. 105160

Paulward  23:08pm 11th Mar 2017

Arsenal always known as a team that was hard to beat, not the prettiest I'll agree. Nowadays we lay down and die far too often for my liking. Don't remember getting hammered 5 or 6 too often even in those dark early eighties days , need to recover the backbone. George in his blazer,not Weng in his duvet . If the board had ambition they'd be on the phone to Simeone. Offer him a kings ransom and a huge transfer kitty. Forward Arsenal ! - Post No. 105161

mbg  23:16pm 11th Mar 2017

Siddy, good shout, wenger has a brass neck even showing his face there today any other manager in this world have been on gardening leave or done the decent thing themselves, how any other manager or player can have any respect for him after the other night is beyond me, I would doubt they have, but we know TLSOE has no respect for anyone least of all self respect. And the saddest part of all for Arsenal fans to sit there and allow it and put up with it. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105162

Siddy  23:38pm 11th Mar 2017

Paulward, bottle is something that Arsenal has always been associated with. Since i started supporting the club in 1979, no matter where we were in the league and even under Terry Neill, no questioned our bottle. Our tactics, yes. Our talent levels, yes. But our bottle, no, never. And when you think about the GG era, we were effing hard and I loved it. Now we are the biggest bottlers going. People are laughing at us across the globe. When the dictator finally gets the much-deserved Ceausescu treatment, I hope the AKBs sod off with him. W***er out, NOW. - Post No. 105163

Roy  4:04am 12th Mar 2017

Surely you've got to be kidding me ? Underrate consistency ? That's a neat way of putting be careful what you wish for, isn't it ? It's what's known to us as bottle job Groundhog Day. There's only on person to blame for turning this club into a circus as you put it and that's the man in the picture. And why don't you try laughing stock of Europe while you're at it ? Most laughable of all is that you think there is a chance he could still be here in 4 years time when it's quite clear he's already overstayed his welcome. If he stays on, we'll be consistent alright- consistently in mid table. Wenger then Kroenke out out, out. - Post No. 105166

Guernsey gunner  7:49am 12th Mar 2017

My only concern is that west brom seem to have switched off last couple of games. What we don’t want is an easy game there to paper over the fault lines running through the current set up. Wenger out now, the clown. - Post No. 105167

Bard  8:22am 12th Mar 2017

Im with Leek here. It's a brilliant article Baba. Setting aside footy matters Wenger is not only decent but very kind to animals, children and average footballers. He puts them on massive contracts which helps them buy big houses and post selfies. The only quibble I have you might have been better served posting it on the Songs of Praise website. - Post No. 105168

Brother Noopsy  9:12am 12th Mar 2017

Baba, a good effort and you're entitled to your opinion but your opinion is quite simply wrong. Two things, firstly tarring all the supporters that want Arsene gone as not true supporters is just a bit pathetic. I want him gone and I don't remember applying for a licence with terms and conditions as to how I express my support. You might not consider me a true supporter but your opinion means absolutely nothing. I can also call you not a true supporter. See what I did there? See how it works? It's pathetic isn't it? Also, saying that other teams would kill for the chance to be where Arsenal are, yes, they might do but when they get to where Arsenal are I'm sure they would try to push on from there, unlike Arsenal. - Post No. 105169

Siddy  10:43am 12th Mar 2017

So Bard, he's putting animals on massive contracts now? You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 105173

hertsgooner  14:54pm 12th Mar 2017

Baba, what ever it is you have been drinking before writing this article , I suggest you bottle it up and sell it for a huge profit f - Post No. 105192

Wengerballs  3:15am 13th Mar 2017

Thanks Mrs Wenger. Now f*ck off. - Post No. 105210

Yes its Ron  9:53am 13th Mar 2017

Demanding change and wanting better for the Club is being a fan, esp in the face of obvious decline, whom only the blind and daft cant recognise. Nobody's making a judgement on AW as a man, just his ability to cut it nowadays. I rarely castigate an article to its root, but this one's absurd and pointless in all of its aspects. - Post No. 105215

Herd  16:42pm 13th Mar 2017

Well it made me laugh ,but there are many others out there who sadly feel the same way ! Baba is on a wind up metinks ! - Post No. 105235

StanleyIpkiss  13:58pm 14th Mar 2017

didn't even finish it. Why couldn't you have chosen scientology? - Post No. 105266

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era