Five Serious Contenders To Take Over As Arsenal Manager

By Henry Williams

Who could possibly replace Arsene? some fans ask. Here’s some suggestions

It hasn’t exactly gone to plan for Arsene Wenger this season, has it? The Gunners boss is out of contract this summer and a large section of supporters will be hoping that the club decide to look elsewhere for a new manager.

Could either of this pair improve Arsenal in the Champions League?

Without a doubt, Wenger has been a fantastic and loyal servant to Arsenal for the entirety of his tenure but it is time to move on; the Frenchman is holding the Gunners back. Here are five potential candidates who could be sat in the Emirates Stadium hotseat at the beginning of next season.

Luis Enrique
On paper, Luis Enrique might be the punters’ most obvious appointment – and he is certainly available after recent comments. The Barcelona boss announced that he would be leaving Camp Nou at the end of the campaign; fuelling speculation that he could move to the Premier League if the right job became available.

While Arsenal are far from the finished article, Enrique may be tempted by the vacant spot at the Emirates Stadium. At Barcelona, he didn’t really have an opportunity to build his own squad and managing in the Premier League would put his capabilities to the test; especially as Arsenal are in need of significant investment to keep pace with England’s top clubs.

Massimiliano Allegri
Since taking over as Juventus boss in 2014, Allegri has been there and done it all. The Italian champions have won the Serie A title for the last five years in a row and they are clear at the top in the race for number six. Allegri led Juventus to the Champions League final a couple of years ago but can he take the Old Lady further? A move may be on the cards...

According to various reports, the Italian will be first on Arsenal’s list if they decide to move on from Wenger this summer. Allegri’s record in Italian football is second to none but will he be able to replicate that in the Premier League? Antonio Conte has had no trouble putting his own stance on things at Chelsea and Allegri could be a good fit.

Eddie Howe
Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has been linked with Arsenal for quite some time; and with good reason. Howe has been a revelation since leading the Cherries to promotion to the top flight back in 2015 and Gunners fans appreciate his attacking style and intent, particularly whilst managing a mid-table side like Bournemouth.

Just imagine what somebody like Howe could do with talented players at Arsenal? In some ways, Howe might guarantee maybe six extra points every season – which could prove vital in a competitive Premier League. Although not absolutely necessary, his managerial nous in England’s top flight could give him in advantage if the board go hunting.

Diego Simeone
If you asked supporters to choose a replacement, a large chunk of fans would land on Diego Simeone. The Atletico Madrid boss has reiterated time and time again that he is happy in Spain but a move to the Premier League could tempt him away from La Liga. If nothing else, his passion and charisma on the Emirates touchline would be appreciated.

Atletico haven’t been anywhere near as dominant this season as they have been in the last couple of years but that isn’t necessarily Simeone’s fault. La Liga has been very competitive this campaign and Madrid have placed most of their focus on the Champions League; a wise choice and one that could prove decisive come the end of May.

Thomas Tuchel
A few years back, Arsenal fans were desperate to raid Borussia Dortmund in a bid to secure Jurgen Klopp as their next manager. Unfortunately, a move failed to materialise and Klopp is now in charge of Premier League rivals Liverpool – but the Gunners could look at current Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel as a potential candidate.

The German side don’t receive the recognition or plaudits that they did during Klopp’s era but they still play football in the right way and Tuchel’s style will appeal to both the Arsenal supporters and the board. Tuchel is relatively inexperienced in management but that won’t matter too much; he has shown his skillset on the big stage on more than one occasion.

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Graham71  11:03am 15th Mar 2017

"Just imagine what somebody like Howe could do with talented players at Arsenal?" What talened players are those? Wally Ox Ramsey Xhaka Coquelin Wilshere and Giroud?Sanchez is off so that leaves us wih the grand total of no talented players.Howe would be like Rioch totally out of his depth.My choice would be Allegri but i can see him going to Barca.However we do get needs to have a total clearout like Graham did in 1986.The club is like a holiday camp for average players - Post No. 105291

Bob Bayliss  11:16am 15th Mar 2017

It goes without saying that whoever is manager would need the full backing of the board. Subject to that, Simeone is far and away the best candidate for the job. We haven't waited all this time to replace Wenger with another "make do and mend" prototype. Time to mean business. - Post No. 105292

the playing mantis  12:54pm 15th Mar 2017

Eddie Howe has zero credentials to take over. I'd rather stick with wenger than a wenger wannabee. - Post No. 105293

jeff wright  13:04pm 15th Mar 2017

If a new man is appointed and that depends on results regarding Wengo's top 4 trophy ,that have now looked a bit brighter along with United's hopes also it must be said , if Kane is out for remainder of the season ,then it will still be a situation of the new man having to work within Stan's plan. I have always believed that Wenger should be doing much better than he does do because even with the so called business plan in place Wengo, despite claims to the contrary, has not been short of money and runs a Chelsea style wage bill .No socialists at the Blues by the way ! Plenty of socialites though. Anyway ,Leicester with no big money to spend have blown Wenger's and the AKB 's lies that money wins trophies and a lack of it cost Arsene them out of the water. Wenger has come up short for donkeys years on many fronts in his rather increasingly boring and now diversive tenure .A lack of any sort of tactical nous during games with his stupid instead fixed subs that do not take accountant of circumstances and often make matters worse by him leaving on struggling players and taking off ones who are on the ball, so to speak,being one obvious major flaw in his make-up. A poor judgement on buying players with his stupid he will not pay over the odds for any player once HE has decided what their value is being another one.This stupidity on Wengo's part cost him and the club dear in the long-run with silly Arse Arsene missing out on signing some top players who might well have actually won us trophies and paradoxically made Syrupy greedy Stan even more money as well. Wengo's' training and medical regime has been a disaster, this is down to his own stubbornness by him refusing to allow others better qualified to help him out in the way that managers of other top clubs do. Wenger's public persona has also dipped alarmingly over the past few years after his dedicated follower of football, le prof image, was exposed as being a sham ,when he was caught with his pants down in Paris with some younger woman indulging in some late night non-football extra-curricular activities .These sex-fueled antics by old Arsene resulted in his wife and daughter leaving him and probably resulted in causing him some mental stress . He is looked on now days as being a figure of fun sitting fiddling away with zips and pieces of string verbally and physically attacking match officials and opposition managers when things go tits-up for him and is looked on as being a figure of fun by opponents rather than one of fear. Wengo also struggles badly to cope with the awkward questions that are now being asked by some of the media .He never was much good at the PR malarkey along with many other things. He has been rather lucky though in the past and if that luck has run out now remains to be seen.I don't get the impression that Stan wants Wengo to go and that everything is being done to try and ensure that he stays.Anywhere other that at AFC he would have been gone long ago . You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 105294

mbg  13:20pm 15th Mar 2017

There's always someone (and always has been) who can replace this excuse for a manager although the wengerites would tell you not (who do you get to replace him, Yawn, bullshyte)especially if they think no ones available, and then in their next breath the tell us any manager would be honoured and crawl on his hands and knees to manage us, You couldn't make it up. You have five good names there for starters Henry (so much for who do you lol) and i'm sure there's more, any one of them is good enough me they couldn't do any worse that the useless waste of space we have. wenger out. - Post No. 105295

Yes its Ron  13:34pm 15th Mar 2017

AFC needs a very, very powerful figure to take charge to rid the Club of its lethargy and pedestrian social/gents Club culture. Its a job that goes beyond the buying and selling of players and picking of teams. Once Wengers gone, fans ought to prepare for a few years of hard times whoever goes there. The majority of that squad need clearing to purge Wengers style, habits and psuedo philosophy driven football. Its a great big job now, far bigger than had Wenger been sacked back in 20111 when it shd have happened. The new bloke will need lots of cash and even more fan patience. We could even go to mid table and below before things really change steeply for the better in my view. Its a price worth paying though. Arsenal FC are an anaemic, lukewarm excuse for a football Club right now. - Post No. 105297

Arseneknewbest  13:40pm 15th Mar 2017

Henry - Thanks. Just one quibble. You say that Wenger has been "a fantastic servant....for the entirety of his tenure". If that were really true, there'd be no need to move him on would there. Say what you really think. If you define "entirety" as about 50% (and that's evidently not how the OED would define it) then we'd be in agreement. But the man is a cretin and has been bad news for the club for over 10 years. In essence, he's one of numerous enemies within the club. I'd take any of those 5 (with Enrique and EH as last-gasp candidates). I'd also sound out Bielsa as I think he'd garner everyone's respect. And Bergo (someone else - TA? - could do the flying manager role for away games). But I'm one of those people who haven't worked a day in football unlike Stan-K and good old sir chips. Oh, hang on... I'd even take Neil Warnock or Phil Parkinson from the lower leagues given the extent to which the playing staff need a boot up the jaxxies. - Post No. 105298

mbg  13:40pm 15th Mar 2017

jw, it not only caused him mental stress but Cost him some to in the area he worships the most (not when he's buying players though, when he's earning it) Money, i'm sure she walked away with quite a few of his Meellions and i'm sure he wouldn't have liked parting with that, that would have caused most of the mental stress, but i'm sure he has it recouped again for doing fook all. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105299

Goonhogday  13:48pm 15th Mar 2017

Great post. I'd like Allegri in the hot seat. Howe isn't ready in my opinion. Simeone is a great choice too and would add badly needed steel and competition with his compatriot at Spurs. However, as outsiders, I wonder if Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp would be interested if asked to interview as a coaching partnership? - Post No. 105300

MAF  13:51pm 15th Mar 2017

Eddie Howe wont be tough enough. Needs more hardening up. Koemann, Allegri, Simeone - Managers who understand steel and style but dont Forget about steel. Wenger's idea of steel ??? those idiots Zhaka, Elneny while he let Spurs buy Victor Wanyama and Chelsea take Kante. Beam me up Scotty if ever there was more damning evidence that Wenger has lost ze plot ist his choice of signings. Wanyama and Kante have had Major Impacts. Our guys have been a complete joke. - Post No. 105301

mbg  13:53pm 15th Mar 2017

Ron, it certainly will be worth it, and think of the proper fun and excitement we'll have. wenger out. - Post No. 105302

jeff wright  13:57pm 15th Mar 2017

mbg,I have always thought that Wenger's wife leaving him after he was caught out in Paris cheating on her has been air-brushed out of his history and that not enough account taken of the consequences that the Paris affair had on the old fraudster - both mentally and financially.We all know how much he loves money -especially his own. - Post No. 105303

TonyEvans  13:57pm 15th Mar 2017

A strong manager required that does not suffer fools gladly and has no favourites, who can oversee the huge clear out and rebuilding job required. We are, of course, jumping ahead of ourselves here though, as Wenger will not go quietly and could well still be blighting the club for two more years at least. That will ensure the likes of Ramsey, Walcott and the Ox are all OK won't it! Although there is talk of the Ox getting twitchy feet and Wenger's latest on that was that he hopes the Ox stays at the club as he has 'attributes that we value here at Arsenal'. So what are they then? Spending half his time on the treatment table, losing the ball in dangerous areas and not being able to deliver a decent final ball were all I could come up with! May be a tad unfair I suppose, as he has never really had a decent run in the first team, but even so he really has not delivered on his potential has he. Of course he joins a long list of players that have gone backwards under Wenger, so he is definitely not alone on that front and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see him doing really well somewhere else under a different coach. - Post No. 105304

Arseneknewbest  14:57pm 15th Mar 2017

Radix malorum est cupiditas = the love of money is the root of all evil. I knew reading Chaucer would come in handy at some stage in my life. I know that playing away is a global phenomenon, but in France you're regarded as a little odd if you're in a position of power and are not committing adultery. The French don't know the meaning of the term "bon viveur".. That's two out of ten commandments he's in breach of - there's also that signing from Southampton after he coveted his neighbour's ox... Fuggit - let's just throw the book at him and dress Cazorla up as a spanish inquisitor (which no-one would fear). - Post No. 105305

equalizer  15:11pm 15th Mar 2017

Wenger, "....a fantastic and loyal servant to Arsenal for the entirety of his tenure..." You lost me there - Post No. 105306

markymark  15:34pm 15th Mar 2017

When did you first want Wenger to leave???? I'm going to put Gooner Ron 2017 - not sure whether it was a specific or accumulative issue 2016 - Simon Rose????? 2016 - Arseblog????? 2014 - Kevin Whicher (publicly) 2011 - Me! - Birmingham City final Not trying to speak on anyone's behalf (though it looks like it) I'm just interested in a relative time line of when we lost faith and changed over. Please feel free to amend / add your details. - Post No. 105307

Paulo75  15:47pm 15th Mar 2017

Eddie Howe is not the answer. What has he achieved to target him over the others mentioned? Wenger mark 2 in the making. - Post No. 105308

Bard  16:14pm 15th Mar 2017

Good article. I suspect the club would need a good clear out if a new manager came in. He would have to be authoritative as well as being proven. Dont see Eddie Howe being up to the job. There are quite a few out there who could do a better job. Leicester have just managed what we havent been able to in 7 years !!!! - Post No. 105309

Exeter Gunner  16:20pm 15th Mar 2017

A Wenger wannabe or mark 2 would be infinitely better than the real thing. Unlike the real thing, they could be got rid of once they failed. - Post No. 105310

David1  18:59pm 15th Mar 2017

Not sure that I'm that bothered about the style of football. Would be happy with Leicester's approach last year if it made us competitive. - Post No. 105311

Seven Kings Gooner1  19:42pm 15th Mar 2017

Markymark : I'd had enough after Stoke v Arsenal Nov 1st 2008, that day I saw cowards wearing an Arsenal shirt. Almunia got out of the way of both Stoke's goal, Adebayor limped around all afternoon and Van Persie got sent off. During that drive back home I vowed not to go back and I have n't and will not, until we get some proper men back in our team. Arsene needs to leave so we can start the long process (Ron has said it will be a long haul and he is dead right) of rebuilding the club from top to bottom. - Post No. 105312

CORNISH GOONER  20:03pm 15th Mar 2017

I can remember even way back in the "glorious" Webster years when the team just didn't turn up & my sons & I would know it was going to be a bad day at the office. I reckon the Webster DNA infiltrated the club, like an alien parasite, much earlier than we would like to think. It was just that the majority of the squad were so bloody good we didn't see it. - Post No. 105313

mbg  21:08pm 15th Mar 2017

Here we go again not content to be a laughing stock on the f*****g pitch we're now a laughing stock off it as well thanks to that waste of space sir chips (capitals intentionally not used as lack of respect) and his latest offerings, thanks to wenger chips and others this club has become sick and rotten to the f*****g core. wenger out now - Post No. 105314

Cyril  1:04am 16th Mar 2017

Was listening to marine let pen on the radio talking about French nationalism. She says, when we don't like the dog anymore, we call it a rabbit! Um , maybe Wenger it's time for the rabbit call! What is going on ! - Post No. 105315

mbg  1:41am 16th Mar 2017

jw, your right there, Imagine if it had been Mourinho or fergie etc, what the AKB's would have made out of it and what they'd have given them they'd have never let up, remember when maureen first called (and quite rightly too)TOF a specialist in failure they were outraged and tried their very best to belittle him and embarrass him accusing him of no respect, where were they when their messiah was disrespecting Arsenal and his wife and young daughter by shagging some slapper from god knows where, not a fooking peep, yes his spin department did a good job there, not as good as his lawyers though and TOF's millions he got from the club under false pretence's, I bet she's never had to work since anyway. wenger out. - Post No. 105316

markymark  8:26am 16th Mar 2017

It's gone very quiet around here, not even a squeak could be heard. - Post No. 105317

Up For Grabs Now  9:28am 16th Mar 2017

Right now, I would take any of that lot, and a hell of a lot more, as long as Wenger no longer has anything to do with the club. An entire decade has been utterly wasted, and any new manager has got one hell of a job to turn this club around. From being the team that now gets sand kicked in their collective faces, whenever they come up against decent opposition, hopefully back into one with the ‘Over my dead body’ attitude we once had, prior to Wenger’s tippy tappy don’t shoot feeble bottlers took over. Just imagine watching Arsenal play, without having to hide behind the sofa, whenever the opposition attack. Imagine strikers willing to chance their arm from distance, rather than trying to walk the ball into the net. Imagine defenders whose number one priority is to defend, rather than attack. Imagine a manager whom patrols the touchline barking instructions at players whom are not doing what they have been told to do. Imagine a manager not just sitting on his arse or hassling the fourth official during a game whilst also not wearing a sleeping bag! Imagine a manager, who shock horror, changes tactics during a game to suit the occasion! Imagine having subs used which haven’t been pre-decided and used before the 70th minute! Imagine not being forced to watch slow build up endlessly passing the ball sideways. Imagine wingers taking defenders on and crossing a ball. Imagine the team in a winning position during a game and closing it out, to bag all three points, rather than trying to score the perfect goal, but in doing so, concede one instead. Imagine having an entire new coaching staff who don’t run it like a baby crèche. Imagine a new medical team who can actually keep players fit. Imagine club legends returning to the club to help change the current DNA back into the old DNA of the club. Imagine press conference without words like ‘Mental strength’ or ‘Speerit’ being uttered. Imagine a manager who plays players in their natural position! Imagine a manager without an ego who respects the fans and doesn’t try to bull**** them. Imagine a manager who will kick the door down at half time if the occasion calls for it. Imagine a manager who gets the team to play from the first minute rather than from the 46th! Imagine a manager who views finishing fourth as failure, rather than success! Imagine a manager who actually takes the opportunity to watch upcoming opposition in the flesh, taking notes forming a game plan. Imagine all those AKB fanatics following their lord and master wherever he ends up out of the club forever. Imagine the fan base being united once more! Imagine hope returning, even if initially things are probably going to be tough, because of the mess left behind. Imagine winning a big game away from home once more! Imagine one day progressing beyond the last 16 in the CL! Imagine having a manager who doesn’t think he invented the club! For me personally, imagining going back once more and attending games, having boycotted the club since 2008 because of Wenger. So much to imagine and hope for, once the curse of Wenger has finally been lifted from the club! - Post No. 105319

CBee  9:50am 16th Mar 2017

Great post Up for grabs - Post No. 105320

shu  11:45am 16th Mar 2017

Eddie Howe could be this years Owen Coyle (remember when some on here wanted him), Eddie will probably be sacked by xmas. - Post No. 105322

mbg  16:22pm 16th Mar 2017

Up for grabs, good post, yes your dead right an entire decade wasted, a whole f*****g decade (it doesn't sound like much when you say it fast) but Ten Years wasted, what other manager would have gotton away with it,(another sack able offence on it's own) have we progressed in that time ? have we came on any ??? no we definitely haven't, i'd say we're actually worse off now even further behind than we were then there's no doubt about that, we've actually regressed definitely, Ten Years Wasted, and all because of a vain, egoistic, arrogant, past it manager who's long dead but hasn't the f*****g grace to stiffen. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105332

Kallstrom29  20:49pm 16th Mar 2017

RALPH HASENHUTTL The only choice I'd be happy with and surprised anyone would choose the Dortmund guy ahead of this charismatic chap http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/who-rumoured-arsenal-candidate-ralph-9378642 - Post No. 105340

Siddy  1:53am 17th Mar 2017

Someone who never gets linked with the job is a certain Patrick Vieira. He was the boss on the pitch and he's been picking up management experience. Someone I don't want is the preening Thierry Henry. He's an awful pundit and a first class poser. I know he was a great player but I never warmed to him as a person. i remember him being particularly disrespectful to Lauren in full view of the Highbury faithful. Tony Adams said Bergkamp was ten times the player Henry was. I agree. If Anelka wasn't such a w***er then maybe he'd have a statue at the Emirates if he'd stuck around for Bergkamp to provide the ammunition he went on to a supply to Henry. He made Henry into the great player he was. But Henry is the best dresser. - Post No. 105345

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