Gooner Podcast 154 now online

By Kevin Whitcher

Recorded on Wednesday evening

Gooner Podcast number 154, sponsored by goonershirts.com is now online.

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Recorded: Wednesday 15th March 2017

Topics Include -
Why is the reaction to Arsenal’s annual collapse more intense this year?
Would a top 4 finish & winning the FA Cup legitimize another two years of Arsene?‬‬‬
If Arsene Wenger did get a contract renewal, would he survive two more seasons?
How effective a form of protest are empty seats?
The benefits of not qualifying for the Champions League.
Is the board of directors fit for purpose in 2017?
Is Manchester City the best possible FA Cup semi-final draw?

Mustafa Goldstein (Twitter@VillageVoice1)
Simon Rose (Twitter@thatsimonrose)
Bernard Azulay (Twitter@thedogsbollock )
Host: Kevin Whitcher (Twitter@KevinWhitcher01)

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17th March 2017 12:26:32


Comments and Reaction

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King Jeremy  15:19pm 17th Mar 2017

One of the best podcasts for a while. Surprised that the panel seem unanimous in the view the Arsene is going. I do not believe it for one second. The man has no shame and the board no desire for him to leave. Only no 4th place and a cup semi final humiliation might change this - but even then only maybe. - Post No. 105356

RobG  15:22pm 17th Mar 2017

Good one guys. - as always. Sad to know that the printed Gooner expires at the end of next season. Will be sadder still, if Wenger is still clinging on at that point. - Post No. 105357

mbg  16:17pm 17th Mar 2017

No it certainly would not, no matter what he does or what he flukes it would or will not Legitimise another contract, it's to far gone, to late for that now, (and has been even when TOF was signing his last one)there's been to many embarrassments and humiliations, beatings, spin, lies, etc, over the last ten years, some just as recent as a few weeks, No, absolutely nothing he does or says will Legitimise a new contract. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 105360

John F  16:29pm 17th Mar 2017

Good podcast.I do hope the confidence in Wenger going is justified but I tend to agree with King Jeremy and I have a feeling with three coaches leaving Freddie,Primark as I call him and Jonkers, that a new coaching team will come in with him still in charge.The board will try and hype it up as a shake up especially if they employ Henry and the sheep will lap it up. - Post No. 105363

KC38  16:48pm 17th Mar 2017

Mangers tend to dictate success and sadly this board offer little confidence to get it right. Would love Allegri - I live in hope - Post No. 105365

John F  20:32pm 17th Mar 2017

According to the daily Star online (i know its the Star) Primorac is not leaving and more disturbing Primark claimed Wenger isn't going in the summer either. - Post No. 105372

mad max  20:56pm 17th Mar 2017

its time to increase the protests rumours are he,s already signed the contract this cannot be allowed to continue. the man has to go at all costs, otherwise things are about to turn ugly. WENGER OUT NOW. - Post No. 105373

Sean  0:13am 18th Mar 2017

Great final question! Shame it wasn't allowed to be answered; I had my answers within 30 seconds. The games whose scores I'd reverse would be Barcelona 2006, Zaragoza 1995 and Chelsea 1991. WENGER OUT! - Post No. 105377

mbg  1:20am 18th Mar 2017

I read today where TLSOE has said when he goes he would like to stay on and take over running the Hale end academy, read into that what you like, but either at the end of this season or whatever if he's talking like that at least TOF knows his days are numbered. But just imagine a past it old has been like him running the academy with the dung he has produced with his coaching over the years ? Jesus H we're doomed we're doomed, no get and keep the old past it waste of space as far away from the club as possible and make sure he fooking stays there. wenger out. - Post No. 105379

Graham71  16:46pm 18th Mar 2017

Bad call.You should have waited until todays humiliation.The useless players have done a Leicester.Wenger has lost the dressing room - Post No. 105415

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