Why I do feel abusive towards Arsene Wenger

By Siddy Shivdasani

Respect is a two-way street

(Ed’s note, the original title of this piece had the letters ‘eng’ in the word Wenger replaced with three asterisks. Running a piece with that title is a step too far for the Gooner, although we do acknowledge that it reflects the level of animosity that has unfortunately built up amongst a section of the Arsenal fanbase. Right or wrong, it is a reality that some feel genuine hatred towards the manager as an individual.)

Has Arsene become the Tony Blair of football?

Rant alert! I don’t go to games anymore. Part of it is financial and part of it is my rage regarding the current regime.

I find it interesting, from an anthropological point of view, to see this AWFC saga play out (when I disengage from my personal frustration with the current state of affairs). I think it’s incredible that pro and anti-Wengerites are actually having punch-ups. Isn’t this reality alone enough for him to realise that the writing is on the wall?

He is tearing this once magnificent club apart.

Yes, the board are hapless and I wish they would sod off, too. But AW is one of them. He fronts every move they make, from ticket prices to transfer activity (why oh why didn’t he sign Kante when he had two bites of the cherry? Smartarsene). Apparently, it’s even his voice on the club’s phone line.

Anyway, I get the feeling he thinks we are all mugs, with some of the guff he comes out with. Like the “spireet”, the “solidarity” and “mental strength” of his team.

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Wenger?

We’re bottlers (there was a time when I thought that would never be said about an Arsenal team) and have been for years. We are also now the laughing stock of European football thanks to the 10-2 aggregate mauling by Bayern Munich… to add to the other 5-1 against them in 2015… the 8-2, the 6-0… I could go on but frankly, I’m trying to forget about the numerous humiliations.

This has all been said, I know.

My essential point is that I don’t understand why AW still garners so much respect, most obviously from the AKBs. As a mixed race Brixton boy, I’m with (AFTV’s) Troopz on this: F*** him. I refer to him as “W***er” because that’s what I think of him these days. Just being real. I think there’s a particularly English thing going on with how much reverence he’s been afforded, even among most of the WOBs who want him gone…

Stiff upper lips and all that [repression].

Where was he when, as a seven year old, I first stood on the terraces at Highbury on November 2, 1979 when we beat Brighton 3-0? Arsenal will always be more mine than his.

Nowhere in the world would fans of a club with such a rich history as ours have tolerated an old fraud making such a pig’s ear of things for so long. Think Barcelona, think Real Madrid, think Juventus, think Man United, think Boca Juniors, think Nagoya Grampus Eight. Okay, that last one is a joke. Now the joke’s on us.

He treats ‘his’ fans, all Gooners, with contempt. Obviously WOBs and - probably even more so - AKBs. Lose 10-2 and blame the ref! Yes, he thinks you are mugs, AKBs.

Modern managers have had to evolve into part politicians to cope with the challenges of current media dynamics. But AW has indulged too much in spin for far too long and it’s getting worse. He has become the Tony Blair of football. In deep, deep denial about his popularity and, now, his legacy. The best thing that can be said of Wenger is that at least he wasn’t responsible for the Iraq War. I jest but…

As the saying goes, all political careers end in failure.

He has the audacity to say he “built” Arsenal. I just want to shake him and slap him and yes, I do feel feel abusive towards him. He doesn’t give two hoots about us, he’s in it for himself, his massively swollen ego and his bulging wallet. He doesn’t appear to have a humble bone in his body.

It is also becoming increasingly clear how much he owes to GG’s legacy. I was thinking about Stroller’s best XI and concluded that only one of the current, so-called team would make it into that line-up, Alexis Sanchez (although I think Ozil still has the potential, with the right gaffer, to become an Arsenal legend but that’s another story which I’ve already written).

Lee Dixon recently revealed that AW didn’t think Cashley could defend at first but didn’t know how to coach him, so he got Tony Adams (oh, how we miss the real Mr Arsenal) to show him the ropes. That was a masterstroke and Cashley went on to have a long period of being the best left back on the planet. But it seems to me that AW lost his touch and started believing his own hype somewhere down the line, hence (the now defunct) Project Youth (which he’s trying to resuscitate by persisting with the out of form Iwobi). But despite that failure, his vanity and arrogance still know no bounds…

Billions of pennies for Steve Bould’s thoughts.

Of course, our younger fans don’t remember that there was life, and success, before AW was anointed. Sky-high prices have meant a lot of true fans have been priced out of going to matches, which means that The Emirates has been taken over by middle class punters with pull who come to consume the atmosphere rather than provide it.

We are regressing as a team and a club and AW is regressing as a coach and, I strongly suspect, as a person.

Fans, pundits and journalists keep talking about how much he has done for us.

But how much has Arsenal done for him?

He was pretty jammy to get the job in the first place with what was an unremarkable CV. Fortunately for him, David Dein saw something he liked and it turned out to be an inspired appointment.

But admittedly with the benefit of hindsight, he was also blessed with an embarrassment of riches: Probably the most celebrated back five in English footballing history and Dennis Bergkamp, the best player I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt.

And AW has taken around £100million out of the club.

Wenger out, NOW.

(Ed’s note – It should be remembered that The Gooner and onlinegooner.com exist to provide an open platform for views across the Arsenal spectrum. Individuals have their opinions, but the fact is that we don't get too many contributions in favour of the way things are at the club these days. When we do, we publish them.)

18th March 2017 00:25:04


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mbg  1:59am 18th Mar 2017

Siddy, I doff my hate mate a great Article best on here for a long time, and all the truth, nothing really needs to be added, so have a good read AKB's (what's left of you out there)and as a once regular chief AKB on here used to say,(before he emigrated to Walton's mountain) after you've read it, read it again then make a cup of tea sit down and reflect then read it again. wenger out. - Post No. 105380

Guernsey gunner  6:26am 18th Mar 2017

Great post mate and I share your frustration. He's taken the joy out of being an arsenal fan, all the bull**** he spouts, the annual hammerings and his complete and utter contempt for everyone who isn't one of his brown nose brigade. Can't wait for the day he ****s off but I really do wander when that will be. Wenger out......now. - Post No. 105381

Arseneknewbest  7:28am 18th Mar 2017

Thanks Siddy. Two wholly deluded cretins in the photo: The first one a crypto-Tory paid a fortune to masquerade as a middle east peace envoy causing nothing but war, devastation and misery. The second a pseudo-socialist paid a fortune to masquerade as a football manager bringing nothing but cringing embarrassment, arrogance and yes, you've guessed it, misery. Two f*cking peas in a rotten pod (obviously I'd prefer to call them "cnuts" but that might be a step too far for the Gooner). Caption competition: AW & TB "if we can just get the British public and Arsenal fans to swallow an hallucinogenic drug this size, world domination will be ours..." - Post No. 105382

Alsace  7:48am 18th Mar 2017

I bow to no man in my loathing of this individual. I have been waiting over a decade for him to sod off so that I could enjoy going to football again, enjoy having hope in the new season again. Part of me dreams of a post Wenger purge where his acolytes are made to denounce him or walk the plank, but the truth is that his simple departure will heal all wounds pretty quickly. - Post No. 105383

Deighty  8:11am 18th Mar 2017

That is an excellent article mate, sums it up completely for me too. TOF will be here next season though because if he had decided to go for the best of our club it would've been announced (or leaked) by now to allow time to sound out anyone incoming. Worse still he might move upstairs and appoint a yes man himself so he can still pull the strings with an offensive salary. Get this old git out of my club. - Post No. 105384

!No Pasaran!  8:31am 18th Mar 2017

Well put Siddy. The removal of hope under Wenger has been a process, not an event, much like any revolution. I no longer attend matches, I last went in 2011. Still watch/listen when we're playing, but no longer feel the sadness of bad results, or the elation of victory, as in recent years they have been meaningless. I too remember the Arsenal before Wenger. I'm not a Sky-era fan, I don't expect to win every game we play, as Wenger recently alluded to. I just want us to compete again, but this will never happen on a consistent basis with this manager. As for respect, I have as much respect for Wenger as he has for us as fans, that is none. He cares not one jot for us. - Post No. 105385

TonyEvans  9:08am 18th Mar 2017

Obviously I'm with you all the way, Siddy. Hate is a strong word but probably is not strong enough for the loathing I feel towards Wenger. I dream of the day I find out he has gone from our club. - Post No. 105386

Up For Grabs Now  10:27am 18th Mar 2017

It’s very easy to relate to an article like this, because like you Siddy I too now detest Wenger and all he represents this last decade. Had he left the club when DD was ousted, he would have been forever a revered figure, instead, particularly for long standing Gooners, he has become the opposite, and I for one will now always remember the failed years of his tenure. - Post No. 105388

jjetplane  12:00pm 18th Mar 2017

Nicely put Sissy and all this show some respect bolloxs is not the nature of true football. If you don't like a player, pundit, coach, team whatever you call it. Hence the oldest song of the lot being 'the referee's a wanker' ... This goes for fans too and those tossers over on Untold now blaming the WOB for Arsenal's last few poor results! Nothing to do with the fact that the players are ****, the coach is a semi-retired accountant (best not seen or heard) or that the fan base has mutated into a bunch of zombies with a penchant for hipster food. Just got finally thrown off Untold after a little stint. Hard to stick on there without calling out the plonks. Wenger is the worst thing that has ever happened to Arsenal. Adams, DB10 won those trophies and it shows. Wenger may have been responsible for having the chicken boiled and leedle bit steaming on veggies. Total cock, embarrassment and Pulis relishing saying Arsene must stay for five years at least! Even the Baggies do not consider Arsenal under Wenger a lively club. Mid-Atlantic club it is now - drowning in an ocean of mediocrity. Go team Pulis! - Post No. 105389

bradyorbergkamp  12:39pm 18th Mar 2017

How do you know he treats people with contempt? He has always tried his best and over 20 years has acted with great dignity in times of turmoil and sucess.he has tried his best.his best is clearly not good enough anymore.i give him 5 years to rebuild after the debt was paid down and that has not worked out.it the boards fault he is still there.he is like a punch drunk boxer always thinking he has one more fight but the tone and language of the blog is out of order to me. - Post No. 105390

Siddy  12:54pm 18th Mar 2017

bradyorbergkamp, I gave examples of him treating us with contempt, like blaming the ref after the 10-2 and saying he built the club. I totally get it that you object to the tone and language of the article, that's the whole point of it. I object to people sitting on their hands and keeping a stiff upper lip when the manager is threatening to destroy all that was ever good and great about Arsenal. - Post No. 105391

jjetplane  13:22pm 18th Mar 2017

I meant Siddy(Brixton Massive) and Fins PK used to be called Lickle Brixton when it was awash with soul boys in the 70s .... - Post No. 105392

bradyorbergkamp  13:34pm 18th Mar 2017

Siddy he really thinks its the refs fault - Post No. 105393

Siddy  13:59pm 18th Mar 2017

bradyorbergkamp, I think you are saying that he's deluded and I think that actually shows him less respect than I've given him. Well played. - Post No. 105394

Cyril  14:06pm 18th Mar 2017

This has to be the lowest point. What is going on with the defence! - Post No. 105395

Guernsey gunner  14:11pm 18th Mar 2017

West broms last 2 games....lost 2 0 at home to palace and dicked 3 0 away to Everton and here they are handing Arsene his ring piece and some dickhead arranges for a banner in arsene we trust. Some of our so called fans are clearly not that. - Post No. 105396

CBee  14:16pm 18th Mar 2017

Comedy gold defending, unbelievable. Look on the bright side, how the hell can he sign that contract now. Its only going to get worse. Bybye Wenger. Your finished. - Post No. 105397

Ritchie Growling  14:27pm 18th Mar 2017

This is like Don Howe's last season, minus the drinking. - Post No. 105398

Arseneknewbest  14:29pm 18th Mar 2017

Hang your head in shame wenger. How far do you have to f*ck this club before you're satisfied? Save for Welbeck and Sanchez, get shot of the lot of them. Now. Ramsey, Ox, Feo, Mustafi etc. aren't Arsenal players and never were. Take Bouldy; the groundhog, and the other parasites with you. It's going to take years to restore any sense of pride after this regime of sh*t. And you just know, he'll still be there in a week's time, talking bollix and laughing at us. I hate you wenger. - Post No. 105399

TonyEvans  14:39pm 18th Mar 2017

I wonder who the pillocks were in the pro Wenger plane. Not Arsenal fans that's for sure. - Post No. 105400

John F  14:39pm 18th Mar 2017

It is a good job we are not near the relegation zone as we would be going down.First Wenger claimed it is a fight for the championship,then the top four now i expect him to say 7th place.I cannot believe the Akb's had a plane supporting him. - Post No. 105401

mbg  14:40pm 18th Mar 2017

I have to say I've never hated the man it's never been anything personal, that is up until the last two/three seasons, I now detest the man, hate him and the sight of him and that voice ? it makes me fooking cringe, making a laughing stock and bringing, setting, and regressing the club I once loved back years (when we should have been pushing on) with his out dated philosophies, training methods, medical department, etc, etc, and mostly because of his vain, egoistic, pet project youth which failed miserably, listened/listens to nobody will take no advice from nobody and still won't to this day, all resulting in humiliation after humiliation, embarrassment after embarrassment, beating after beating, the spin, the lies that come out of his gob, and the disrespecting of fans with those lies and spin let alone all the humiliations and embarrassments and beatings, and then complains and whinges when he gets no respect back, even to this day because he's that egoistic and arrogant he just continues doing it his way with the same old drone, and that sly smirk and grin ? you could hate him for that alone, wouldn't you just love to be able to knock those off his face, he had his chance to go with a bit of dignity on various occasions but didn't instead staying on and turning fans against him and giving them cause to hate him even more with his antics how can anyone have respect for him, yes another record for wenger and his AKB's to celebrate, the most hated manager in Arsenals history, what he has caused and done to this club he will never ever be forgiven regardless of what he does during now and the end of his tenure. wenger go now your not wanted here, wenger out. - Post No. 105402

Arseneknewbest  14:41pm 18th Mar 2017

I bet stan-k and chips paid for the akb plane. Hope they dock it from his wages... - Post No. 105403

John F  14:52pm 18th Mar 2017

The fact that there was two planes up in the sky shows why Wenger has to leave.It is ridiculous that our fans are showing a hatred towards each other normally reserved for the Spuds.Wenger staying will only make the situation worse and even the most ardent Wenger supporter must realise that the onlyway to unite the fans is by getting a new manager in. - Post No. 105404

Redshirtwhitesleeves  14:54pm 18th Mar 2017

This is why I feel abusive towards Wenger- he has ripped the heart and DNA out of our club. Go now, you are humiliating us you utter turd - Post No. 105405

Cyril  15:04pm 18th Mar 2017

If you are going to zonal mark, it would be helpful if there are Arsenal players in the zone. Sometimes, we can get caught up in the emotion, but I can't recollect seeing anything like that defending from a professional football team. Head scratcher ! - Post No. 105406

mbg  15:05pm 18th Mar 2017

Would anyone be surprised if it was the club themselves TOF's spin department who hired the plane ? just listened to TLSOE in the post match babbling in fluent martian completely lost you could hardly understand what he was saying, standing there shaking all you could hear every now and again was focus, focus, he was making no sense whatsoever, he's completely gone now, finished, done there can be no way back now. we want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 105407

Ritchie Growling  15:09pm 18th Mar 2017

My guess on the purchaser of the counter - air strike is Josh Kroenke, in his father's near permanent absence. - Post No. 105408

CT Gooner  15:35pm 18th Mar 2017

10 Stars, two shots on goal today.... - Post No. 105409

Arseneknewbest  16:11pm 18th Mar 2017

Cyril - Half of West Brom's goals this season have come from set pieces. So we decide to set ourselves up like a pub team to defend two corners. John F - Good point. We must be the only major club to tear apart three ways thanks to the disunited fanbase. Although I reckon the amg-akb ratio must be at around 9-1 by now. Here's the silver lining. No CL next season, and if we continue like this there'll be no ropey either. When wengo gets home tonight, he's surely going to have one of those "look himself in the mirror" moments and pack it in. He is a stain and an enemy within. C'mon leekie you poultice - where are ya? Leekie must appear! - Post No. 105410

mbg  16:23pm 18th Mar 2017

First let me say I have no respect or sympathy for this old fraud of a manager whatsoever, none, he has brought this all on himself, but if he has any friends left or any at all one of them needs to put him out of his misery, and put their arm around him and say come on arsene lets go, I have a lovely warm comfortable private ambulance waiting, it's going to take to you this wonderful private clinic where you will receive the best of care and can rest and recuperate for six months or so, then you can go home to france and enjoy your retirement, I know there will be tears and crying mumbling but I don't want to, maybe even a struggle where he might have to be restrained maintaining I don't want to go this is my club with a wee whisper in his ear but it's not arsene it's not, it's for the best now if he has any friends at all. wenger out. - Post No. 105411

mad max  16:27pm 18th Mar 2017

that pro wenger plane was paid for by his sychophants on the payroll at the club, its all become an absolute farce now, he could have left years ago but now he,ll be remembered for taking the club backwards and all the humiliations he,s brought upon our great club. surely the board will have to withdraw his contract now. he,s now gonna leave one hell of a job for the next manager. go now you sad old fool. - Post No. 105412

BigDaveTheGooner  16:41pm 18th Mar 2017

When does a slump become a crisis???? NOW!!!!!!!! - Post No. 105413

Paulo75  16:46pm 18th Mar 2017

Announcemount on his future soon apparently. The next pundit to mutter careful what you wish for should look closely at how pathetic that squad is after 20 plus years at the helm with substantial resources. Lots of top drawer managers out there just now but whoever it is they have one hell of a job to banish this weak mentality and comfort zone that has been allowed to breed for year after year. - Post No. 105414

jjetplane  18:22pm 18th Mar 2017

I said at the start of the season it will be 6th at best. maybe 7th yet - he should go tonite and take his ****ing DVDs, boiled chicken and leedle veggies back to Totter(idge). Banners all over the country saying Wenger must Stay! Walter the Wanker on Untold blames the ref for all goals. He is only saying that cause now they will dismantle his little Belgium Arsene club and he will have to move to er Sweden. Looking forward to Atwood's next smary ****ing missive. Could not happen to nicer people. Missed the second half cause we went to the theatre. What great news to come back to! **** off Wenger now! - Post No. 105416

mbg  19:27pm 18th Mar 2017

Any resignation yet from the most hated manager in Arsenals History. wenger out out out. - Post No. 105417

Alsace  20:29pm 18th Mar 2017

What we are, perhaps understandably missing from this Hun hate session is that this slump in form is purely and simply attributable to Wenger' structural inadequacies coming home to roost at last. He is at last. Being found out. His get out of jail free cards have run out. The draws against Sutton and Lincoln have all come to an end. Even his creatures in the team, the ones who no one else would be daft enough to employ, are doing their poor best, but his system is blown and there is nothing they can now do but lose, lose and lose again. Pulls went on TV and explained, quite simply, how he was able to get those goals scored. Someone crossing the ball properly and someone being on the end of it. Simple. Too simple for Wenger. Thierry Henry blamed the players. I don't. They are following Wengers looney tune lack of a system. This situation is going to continue to unravel and he will leave in disgrace. He deserves every scintilla of pain and suffering he endures. For a clever person, I'm afraid he's that stupid that he doesn't realise that all he has to do to stop it is to sod off. Let's hope the penny drops soon. - Post No. 105418

CORNISH GOONER  20:30pm 18th Mar 2017

Two "makes you want to give up" moments today:- Webster "this is a unique bad patch in my 20 years" & Jamie Rednapp "it's difficult to find (top) managers out there". And the sycophantic 2 (Jamie + Thierry) completely bottling it when it came to admitting Webster was the problem with Arsenal. Out came the usual cliches "the players have to take responsibility" etc. etc. However the growing **** storm may well be irresistible even for Le Teflon one. - Post No. 105419

markymark  20:49pm 18th Mar 2017

The Ox was more respectful and impressive than Wengo today. I highly suspect that the players knowing that the pressure is all on Wengo are going through the motions. They are looking for him to go. If Wenger was as emotionally intelligent as he is controlling. He'd know that an immediate statement should be made to confirm his departure. The longer this goes on the worst it gets. I wouldn't be at all surprised is the pro plane was the PR department. - Post No. 105420

Paulward  21:17pm 18th Mar 2017

Starting to remind of those dark days at the end of Don Howe's reign now . Wenger is so over you need a new word for over. What you saw today was not worthy of AFC. - Post No. 105421

Cyril  21:38pm 18th Mar 2017

Listening to the interview, I think he will leave. I might get stick for this but I am truly sad. I remember the day GG was sacked. It was a monday evening and I was up the gym about to train and there were spud fans laughing their heads off. I put my gear back on and went home. I had a tear in my eye. Will have a tear about Wenger too as it should never have ended this way. If he and the board understood how much THE ARSENAL all mean to us and made us competitive and restored our pride, I could accept the lack of glory. Tony Benn, one of the most erudite MP's and commentators, regardless of your politics once wisely told us that the reason working class people flocked to the Tories after 76 was because the working class people realised that at that point there was nobody representing them and that power shifts always begin from underneath. This is were we are at!. - Post No. 105423

mbg  22:02pm 18th Mar 2017

Alsace, it's been a long time coming hasn't it, he's bluffed his way for a long time, and now when real know how in buying proper players (not second third rate crap) and skill on the pitch both tactically and how to manage and get the best out of the players especially the second raters (instead of using the long relied upon excuse he lets them work it out for themselves) is needed and called for he has been found out and found out big time, the Bayern humiliation being just one example, instead trying to use petty excuses and blaming others, but a lot of us have knew that for years, and without George Grahams defence already in place when he arrived here smirking and grinning he wouldn't have lasted his first ten years and be a nobody now long forgotten. Yes he's been found out now alright it's been a long time coming as the saying goes long runs the fox but he's always caught but unfortunately he's brought this club down with him and made it into the laughing stock he is himself. wenger out now. - Post No. 105424

Petergooner  22:12pm 18th Mar 2017

Why were Theo and Ramsey playing today? They did nothing at all. They earn all this money for nothing. Wenger said he has decided his future. Then tell the true fans now and leave now. I have just got a book called The Book of Football Quotations by Phil Shaw. Here are a few quotes from the past that are still correct now:- Peter Hill Wood 1999:- "If a player we wanted to sign said "But I can get £52,000:00p a week at Man Utd we would say get it then". 1925 Arsenal's secretary manager:-"Only people who will not spend big money on transfers need to apply for manager's job". 1998 Wenger:- At some clubs success is accidental. At Arsenal it is compulsory". Tony Adams 1995 in bringing in Dennis Bergkamp and other top players:- "I didn't want to play another 300 games with mediocre players". Good job Adams is not playing now. - Post No. 105425

Alsace  22:17pm 18th Mar 2017

MGB. I think that you would be surprised how rapidly the wounds will heal once he pushes off. Yes it will take his successor time to build up the squad, but I think that everyone will be energised by his departure. - Post No. 105426

Cyril  22:24pm 18th Mar 2017

I don't think it is as easy as just blaming Wenger.Tony Benn also stated that when you capitulate to market forces you no longer are a citizen but a consumer. Whilst I accept football clubs are not nationalised industries, the input and the work we put in by being present is wholly important. That interaction relationships means without any reservation whatsoever, we have the right to expect our desire to be respected. There wasn't or isn't a Tony Benn on the board to tell for e.g rich oilmen to go back and have a rethink about expectations, which they did when he was a decision maker.The club sold us out after the move people. We are not citizens of this parish anymore. Damn it! - Post No. 105427

Alsace  22:32pm 18th Mar 2017

The architect of our misfortune is in fact Rupeybabes Murdoch. It was he who decided to pay telephone numbers for what is in reality a pretty ordinary product. If we can convince everyone in the TV industry that it's not that entertaining, we would lose the forces that spoil the game. Who honestly cares whether Theo earns £100 a week or £100,000. The sky money made the share price of the club and many other clubs viable commodities. The move from shareholding being a burden to being a money spinner was bound to attract people whose motivations were not loyalty to the club. Let us hope that sanity returns one day. Getting rid of Wenger is the first step. - Post No. 105428

Ebor Gooner  23:01pm 18th Mar 2017

Two scenarios loom. In one, Wenger has the decency to resign now. The team get behind the caretaker Manager, improve their performances, and achieve a finish in the top 4. In the second, Wenger keeps us all in suspense, until top 4 is mathematically impossible. Despite his protestations that he has the best interests of the club at heart, I fear the latter! - Post No. 105429

Cyril  23:04pm 18th Mar 2017

Alsace, this is true. A friend purchased a share for under a grand many years ago and sold for 15. As parodically as the sound, I could only be pleased as he has been a major contributor to all things Arsenal. Perhaps there needs to be a vanguard movement to explain to the nouveau riche who populate the Emirates that this still is a working class opera and you are the same as us. And to say have a voice as benign is not good. One day, your money may be gone and what did you truly have to say. To quote Edmund Burke ' all that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing'. It's only footy but you can find parallels in most social platforms. It's a struggle right now! - Post No. 105430

mbg  23:24pm 18th Mar 2017

I bet the buzzing of the wenger tower today by the WOB air force was a real blow to his giant ego a real kick up the arse and especially embarrassing and really pissed TOF off to top it off, yes his ego has taken a hammering today and it couldn't happen to a better fraud. wenger out. - Post No. 105431

Siddy  23:42pm 18th Mar 2017

I sampled the joys of Walton's Mountain for the first time today. I guess I wouldn't be welcome there. I found it fascinating and disturbing. I get the feeling that if Wenger had a **** in the centre circle at half-time then this Attwood character would write a long, rambling, self satisfied piece on how we should **** on our seats in support. On how, in a roundabout way, it makes perfect sense AND he has the evidence. You couldn't make it up, although I just did. Attwood out, NOW. - Post No. 105432

mbg  23:46pm 18th Mar 2017

Remember what he told us after overcoming the mighty non league Lincoln ? We've got our confidence back,(remember that AKB's ? I bet you believed that to) LOL tee hee. You couldn't make it up, what a f*****g fraudster he is. Go now wenger you waste of space. - Post No. 105433

mbg  0:03am 19th Mar 2017

Siddy, 105432, good one, in other words he's write a long rambling Log on it. - Post No. 105434

Siddy  0:20am 19th Mar 2017

Cheers, mbg. Sorry for the mental image, there was no need for it because his team have been stinking the place out already. - Post No. 105435

mbg  1:34am 19th Mar 2017

Sorry meant 105432. - Post No. 105436

TonyEvans  9:01am 19th Mar 2017

Talk about putting yourself first, before the best interests of the club. Seems Wenger is revelling in the uncertainty he is creating and is completely uncaring as to what his procrastination is doing to the club and it's supporters. If he knows what he going to do, why the delay? The only reason I can come up with is that he is going to stay, and is waiting for a better time to announce his intentions. That condemns me and every other fan that is desperate to see the back of him to continue to want to see us lose - thereby giving him not even the slightest sniff of a chance to inflict himself upon us for even one more year, never mind two! - Post No. 105437

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era