Has Wenger declared war on the fans?

By Rocky the King

Real danger of the manager inadvertently causing damage to the club for several seasons to come

So, has Wenger declared war on the fans? Very possibly and I'll tell you why. Having seen and heard the words of Arsène Wenger at the post West Bromwich Albion press conference, I realised that Wenger now considers himself bigger than Arsenal Football Club. Of course I don't believe that Wenger would set out to deliberately harm the Arsenal, but his clueless tactics, which mirror the performance of his team, suggest that he has given little thought for the consequences of his delay in announcing his decision. In my opinion, this fit of pique could result in an unintended vengeful approach. Wenger has chosen not to declare his decision during the International week. A pity, because fans and all interested parties could have then debated the consequences in isolation. The decision when it finally comes will become the news agenda which will have the effect of being a major distraction for the playing squad. If it comes before the important league match against Manchester City, and if they beat us in the two game series (League and FA Cup), the consequences of this strategy would then put to an end any hopes that we have of finishing the season with pride.

“His demeanour appeared calculating as he baited his press audience”

Wenger's inept stance has the effect of appearing to exact revenge upon those fans who have waved Wenger Out banners at fixtures. This is why I ask if Wenger has declared war on the dissenting fans of Arsenal Football Club. In the press conference he struck a face of controlled anger, and if in fact as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold, then his manner looked almost threatening. Am I being fanciful? Probably, however you need to watch the video clip and take a long deep look into Wenger's eyes and see what I mean. This was not a man expressing remorse or being even slightly apologetic about what had just transpired. Instead his demeanour appeared calculating as he baited his press audience. He could have just said nothing, yet he chose to declare his intention to tell all very soon, as his mind was made up.

I made a mistake by saying previously that Wenger was virtually an irrelevance. I now see him as someone who could inadvertently cause damage to the club for several seasons to come. This will happen unless he does what is best for all and calms down and walks away. Let us also not forget that Wenger has been here before. Perhaps we should have paid more attention to his managerial history. In 1987 he was sacked after three seasons from the French club Nancy-Lorraine for poor results. When he was at AS Monaco, he guided them to the league championship in his very first season in 1988. He then went six years without coming close again. He managed to stem criticism in 1991 when he won the French equivalent of the FA Cup, but finally in 1994, his run came to an end with a final destructive season when he finished 9th. After a poor start to the 1994-95 season, with Monaco in 17th place in the table, saw him dismissed.

So what are the possible scenarios of his impending decision?

Scenario 1. He announces that he will leave the club at the end of the season.
Result? Some major players may announce their intention not to sign new contracts. The atmosphere on the training ground could be horrendous. Would players respond positively or negatively? I argue negatively, as there would be no immediate incentives. Admittedly the Board then has time to find a successor and in theory we could rebuild the squad next season providing we finished 5th or 6th. The majority of fans would accept this and make Wenger's final weeks less stressful.

Scenario 2. He signs a one year contract as a sop to his critics.
Result? No improvement in player performances and worse results to come. Everton and Manchester United are on top form and presently on a charge. Despite having games in hand, if we continue to play like this, then finishing sixth would be fortunate and probably unlikely. This the worst run in the league since the poor hapless Stewart Houston was in charge. The subsequent loss of Champions League TV and matchday income to the club would then trigger a bargain basement sale of many of our prized player assets. Bellerin to Spain, Sanchez to Manchester City for starters perhaps? The club then self-destructs and plummets down the league.

What is the best scenario for the Club? I would argue neither. Leicester City have shown how mercenary players are. Rather than be careful what you wish for, they have shown that they can improve their performances at will once the old manager has gone. Arsène Wenger has claimed in the past that his stewardship of the club will leave it in very good financial order for his successor. I predict that his successor would only be given a very small transfer budget if as seems likely, the club loses income. Wenger would then have left Arsenal Football Club financially worse off, and still collect at least £10 million in wages with his new contract. The impoverishment of the club and selling players would be tantamount to an inadvertent declaration of war by Wenger.

Scenario 3. Go Now!
Result? The players all effectively become free agents and they then start playing for their next contract. In just under 10 fixtures we could have UEFA Cup competition and a back door into the Champions League if successful by staying in the top six. This is by far the best outcome for all. Wenger has lost the dressing room and has been hung out to dry by the current player performances. So why not appoint a caretaker manager? This would leave enough time to salvage the season with hopefully improving results. Finishing sixth seems quite distant at the moment with Everton and Manchester United on a charge. This would take strong action by the Board. Sadly this scenario seems very unlikely as the two year deal remains on the table as their preferred option.

So finally to be serious, realistically the best we have to hope for is that Wenger goes at the end of this season. This by being shamed with a very poor end of season finish. We as fans of Arsenal Football Club must come together and declare that no-one, not the players, nor even Arsène Wenger is bigger than the club. We must tell anyone who will stop and listen that Wenger remaining at the club even for one more season would be harmful. Victory through Harmony is our motto. If Wenger can be persuaded to leave at the end of the season, then what better way to unite the fans than for the players to give us a massive victory against the scum at the Lane? This would soften the feelings of the WOB and be a great way of saying thank you to Arsène Wenger. Arsenal was a great and big club before Arsène Wenger and it will return to greatness after he leaves.

Statement: I can reassure animal lovers that no AKBs were hurt in the 'tongue in cheek' presentation of this blog.


20th March 2017 12:05:08


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MAF  12:12pm 20th Mar 2017

Uk Govt are triggering Brexit on March 29 but Arsenal's owners simply cannot contemplate Wenxit.. The Club is Held to ransom by owner + Manager back to back insisting that the fans Change their way of thiking. Fans please stop thinking we are a sporting elite Club hunting Glory because we are no longer - we are a Business that is doing very nicely thank you ! Manager pockets £10mpa inclu bonues and the owners making a good annual dividend and the value of their Investment goes up every year. PLEASE STOP TALKING TO US ABOUT SPORT AND THAT OUR SPORTING PROWESS IS A DISASTER. WE WILL NOW TELL YOU HOW TO THINK AND WHAT IS IMPORTANT ! - Post No. 105495

Guernsey gunner  12:50pm 20th Mar 2017

Brexit being announced on 29th March....seems like a perfect day for the club to shamelessly slip something onto their website (which I haven't visited for months) advising that new contract has been signed. Utterly depressing times to be a gooner the next few matches are going to be horrific, we couldn't even stand upto WBA! - Post No. 105497

Bard  12:59pm 20th Mar 2017

Rocky; I agree mate this is becoming more about one man's deluded ego than it is about Arsenal. The fact that he is able to even contemplate another contract on the back of the last 10 years shows how insulated and deluded he is. The Bayern trouncing is only because of the ref....er yes of course it was. If he seriously believes that he is capable of turning this squad around then he is needs to lie down in a darkened room. - Post No. 105498

jjetplane  13:00pm 20th Mar 2017

All too late now as the damage has been done. Wenger should have been eased out at the time of the move but has been allowed instead to hoover up 100m without any real return. Any astute football types could see that once the so-called invincible thing was over so was Wenger's reason for being anywhere near Arsenal. Wenger hates football and has proved it over the last decade. - Post No. 105499

TonyEvans  13:09pm 20th Mar 2017

Rocky - I am convinced Wenger will be going nowhere unless we keep on losing which, in turn, will galvanise more and more match day fans to protest. The anti Wenger 'snowball' has to keep speeding down the hill, getting bigger and bigger until he can't easily dismiss it. Mark my words, any excuse - the top four trophy, a fluky cup win and Wenger will be announcing he is staying as quick as a flash. He has made up his mind to stay, I am sure, and is biding his time, hoping for an upturn in form to announce his decision. I sincerely hope we lose each and every game now as nothing else is going to force him out. Force being the operative word because he sure isn't going to go quietly! He has no shame, sees himself as bigger than the club and his delusional self belief is bordering on psychopathic. He has become a monster of shocking proportions that is bleeding the life blood out of our club, and he obviously cares not a jot about anything other than himself - if he did he would have resigned long ago. - Post No. 105500

Exeter Gunner  13:36pm 20th Mar 2017

Good to see someone admit they're wrong in the face of the evidence. AKBs take note. Wenger's character has been revealed to be even more extreme and unpleasant than thought. For years he's been trumpeting top 4 as his justification to stay on and on. Now that looks unlikely, suddenly it no longer matters. Before, it still seemed possible that he had some cut off point, some standard that would make him say enough is enough, but no, it seems there is nothing that will make him let go. And the club is not giving up on all pretence of being about sporting success by allowing this. Gazidis can never dare repeat his 2013 comments again. On Kroenke, I don't get why he accumulates sporting franchises when all he's interested in is them appreciating in financial value. Wouldn't it be easier to simply buy London real estate than buy Arsenal? - Post No. 105501

Yes its Ron  13:39pm 20th Mar 2017

Hes certainly enjoying it, hes the panto villain! Frankly, the whole Wenges in/out thing now has taken on the trappings of a soap opera, but this one plays out the same old story line even longer than the conventional ones do. Its boring. Im done with it now and to be honest, the whole thing (aided and abetted by the media of course) has made Asenal FC become a laughing stock. I think the best approach now is for everybody to close the issue down, dont mention it be it he goes or stays. The time worn debate is the oxygen of the drama that hes enjoying. Cut off the oxygen, the issue dies and he becomes irrelevant and is able to suffocate alone with his own decision. Wengs really isnt that important. Hes not worth it and sadly, neither are the Club if theyre happy to coalesce in this juvenile performance. - Post No. 105502

Siddy  14:18pm 20th Mar 2017

I actually could not even bring myself to watch Arsenal on the box the other day. The whole thing has become a circus. I have to admit, I'm glad we lost but I know that if I'd watched then I'd be torn. The whole club has become a laughing stock and that includes us fans. I just want everyone to do what they can to get rid of the old fraud until he goes. Let's make this happen. Wenger out, NOW. - Post No. 105503

Roy  14:28pm 20th Mar 2017

I know where you're coming from Rocky. It's almost as if he's thinking ' how dare they turn against me after giving 20 years of my life to this club ? ' Can he really not work that one out ? Well, if he's deluded enough to think he built the club, any things possible I suppose including nothing being his fault. All about to turn very ugly by the looks of it. Roll on the next defeat. - Post No. 105504

Alsace  14:39pm 20th Mar 2017

Siddy. Went to see my Dad on Saturday afternoon ( a former solid AKB who doesn't bother to argue anymore) and he had recorded the match. I watched the first half dutifully and then we all went and had tea. We watched a home movie of when the kids were small, Christmas 1993, when we held both domestic cups without the "help" of one Arsene Wenger. We didn't bother to find out what happened in the second half. Very pleased to learn later that we had been turned over 3-1 by the baggies. Pulis explained how easy it had been to sort that out. The only thing that seems to put any pressure on him is the team losing and so that's what I want to happen, from now until the end of the season, sorry, until he goes. While we continue to lose, it may dawn upon Wenger's master, that he will, dare I say it, LOSE MONEY if we are relegated next season because the manager can't win games. The light of sense may dawn and this mad hatter's (or should I say Wigger's) tea party will finally come to an end. Very happy to say that if I have to miss the rest of the season, it will be money well spent. I am ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED to still be in situ when that Charlatan has finally left us. As to the tenet of this article, of course he has declared war on us. He has always been against us and for himself. We now need to hack away at his grasping claws until he is separated from the gravy train and boring the other hotel guests in the Hotel Frou Frou in Cap d'Antibes about how unfair everyone has been to him. I wonder how quickly he will shrivel like a raisin in the heat? So long as he does so far away from us I really don't care. Is that enough heartfelt vitriol do you think or should I go further. - Post No. 105505

mbg  14:44pm 20th Mar 2017

Real Danger Rocky ? real danger ? where have you been the last eight or nine years, the damage has already been done it's plain to be seen even for those who don't want to see, we're a laughing stock, all our traditions ruined, gone, from one of the best defences in Europe, to arguably the worst, as has been the case for the last ten years, that's before we even start on the keepers, what about the captains ? the medical team/setup ? the list is fooking endless, and that's just on the pitch, what about off it ? again the list is endless the lies the spin the bullshyte etc, ? And then the manager (and I use that term very lightly indeed) the laughing stock of Europe, the most hated manager in Arsenal's history, No the damage has been long done and it's going to take more that several seasons to undo it, more as likely four or five (providing it doesn't get worse)and get the perpetrators grubby finger prints off everything, go now wenger you have a hell of a lot to answer for, you'll never be forgiven. We want wenger out. - Post No. 105506

Siddy  14:55pm 20th Mar 2017

Alsace, I have to also admit that my dark sense of humour is actually quite enjoying the current circus. It is entertaining and, being a rebellious type of fellow, I like the sense of revolution. BUT I would much prefer the good times to roll again. Arsenal used to be my escape from whatever bad things were happening in my life and AW is destroying that. I don't blame the players. I don't think any of them can be judged until we get a decent manager in to work with them. I think the problem on the pitch is the weak mentality that AW has allowed to fester. Wenger out, NOW. - Post No. 105507

Bob Bayliss  14:59pm 20th Mar 2017

This time last year, I wrote an article on here imploring Wenger to step down at the end of the season (May 2016) so that many of us could remember him for what he once did. I knew, as we all did, that Chelsea, Man City and Man United had recruited top managers and would have regrouped, and that Spurs and Liverpool were also slowly but surely benefiting from competent management and stronger squads. Even if Wenger went now, it would be a year too late to salvage very much of his reputation: he would be remembered as the man who did not know when to go. It is unbelievable that he should even be contemplating (or be allowed to contemplate) staying on when there is clear evidence that the club is going backwards, that we are further away than ever before from the top table and that his players are not mentally or physically good enough. He is in complete denial, like Hitler in his bunker in April 1945 or Comical Ali when the US troops were advancing on Baghdad. It is now, so far as most of us are concerned, too late to salvage anything other than a shred of his reputation. He will sadly be remembered by most Arsenal fans as a vain, deluded man who had not a shred of self-awareness. He has now destroyed his legacy - sad but true. - Post No. 105509

jeff wright  15:20pm 20th Mar 2017

This war of attrition is one war that Wenger can not win.His days are numbered and he is a man staring into an abyss of apathy with both players and supporters and probably some of Stan's gang having no faith in Wengo whatsoever. Wengo's choice of words regarding his new contact saga - will he go or will he stay - reveal what many knew anyway that Wengo is an arrogant self obsessed fool .Just what exactly does he think he will achieve with his inane obstinacy. Then again perhaps he doesn't care and is just as Rocky suggests doing this to try and annoy his ever growing band of critics .Whatever the reasons are one thing is absolutely clear Wenger lives in a parallel world to every other football manager and possesses unparalleled power for an employ of a football club in deciding on how it is run and when he thinks that it is time for him to depart. The only parties being held when the clown eventually does go will be to celebrate him having left. For many this can't come soon enough. He has stayed too long now at AFC for any good that he may have done.It is , as many predicted that it would do, all ending in tears for rat faced arrogant Arsene . - Post No. 105511

Rocky the King  15:27pm 20th Mar 2017

I thank all of you who have taken the time to read my blog and make comments. In response to all, I am pleased that the momentum to get Arsène Wenger to leave this football club is being maintained. My concern is that there are pundits and correspondents in the media @johncrossmirror among them who appear to understate the pain that the broad consensus of Gooners experience. These elements appear to consider the dignity and autonomy of Arsène Wenger to be superior to the major concerns and feelings of those Gooners. Statements which undermine amateur media attempts to expose the stark reality that Arsenal as a club faces. These statements serve only one purpose, that is to acknowledge that Arsène Wenger is bigger than the club. This has to end. Wenger does NOT deserve the right to decide either his own future or manner of leaving. Either he is an employee or not. Those elements should be emphasising the manner in which the Arsenal Board have also also declared war on Gooners. Those elements should be exposing the double standards and hypocrisy being used by members of the Board or their close associates and other high ranking employees of the club, whose sole objective is to support Arsène Wenger and remove any valid criticism from being aired. The objective is never to sympathise with the Gooners who largely fund much of the club's activities directly or indirectly, either by buying merchandise, buying season tickets, buying TV subscriptions or paper media etc etc. This means that I agree with the assertions that the current Board hold Gooners who disagree with them in utter contempt. Why don't the media elements that I have referrred to earlier, not spend more column inches on exposing the Board in it's hypocritical and pompous stance. We cannot win this battle without a more public media exposure of the way in which Arsène Wenger is allowed to become bigger than Arsenal Football Club. Sanctions, boycotts or any legal and peaceful means must be bought to bear every day of the remaining season. The discomfort must also be felt by Ivan Gazidis and the Board. I don't wish for the team to lose matches, however I can take comfort from every loss that happens as it underlines the reason why Wenger's managerial tactics and style is bankrupt. We don't have to undermine the players, the organisation that coaches and leads them does that already, and I have been careful not to attack specific players. This cannot be said of @johncrossmirror who publicly sought to undermine the contribution of Alexis Sanchez by implying that he was lazy for not having run the kilometres equal to his playmates in recent matches. This in my opinion was to support Wenger's decision to drop Sanchez. As such I would boycott the Mirror as a Gooner and let them realise that they can continue to support the Arsenal propaganda, but we as Gooners do not have to buy or read their content. Other boycotts and refusing to give hits to their website should get the message to him that the Gooners who have paid the highest prices for such insults and humiliations in the name of support cannot be considered to be cannon fodder or held in contempt in such an obscene manner. Arsène Wenger is not bigger than Arsenal Football Club period! - Post No. 105512

mbg  17:26pm 20th Mar 2017

So the old fraud has told Pulis his plans, another two fingers up at the fans, telling his big enemy before them, (unless they've become great mates, although we all know why Pulis and other managers want him to stay so much) so much for Respect, this old has been deserves none whatsoever. wenger out. - Post No. 105513

TonyEvans  17:33pm 20th Mar 2017

It's about time the fans declared war on Wenger - I really do not know how he has got away with it for so long. Now we are a laughing stock because of his obstinate refusal to accept his tenure has to end. The fact that the decision is still in his hands is a separate matter entirely (though just as laughable) and makes the board look completely amateurish, which in the football sense I suppose they are. - Post No. 105514

Yes its Ron  17:43pm 20th Mar 2017

Rocky - sometimes in life things happen or circumstances conspire to evolve a set of facts and arrangements that defy normal conventional, understandable tried and tested mores. Wengers situ at AFC as an 'employee' is one of those instances. Sometimes the peculiar arrangements that occur can be better than the norm, albeit unique ones and in many other situations wouldn't work at all and couldn't be recreated. Ive wondered for years whether Wenger is just an EE and that perhaps the terms of his engagement are such that normal reactions to him and dealings with him simply cannot apply as a result of the Board having contractually hamstrung itself many years ago when things looked rosier? Who knows. The Boards silence is mysterious to say the least. I suspect that there is much hand wringing and discord behind the scenes there and that the Clubs lawyers are heavily engaged as we speak. All will unravel soon enough. It always does. Wengers longevity alone is the platform for all of this and is i believe is the basis for a very unique and personal contract of employment under which he operates. Wengers stern face and obstinacy cannot surely be explained otherwise and he must think he has a sound basis to tough it out in the face of what hes handling. Hes digging in for the best financial outcome he can get im betting and if the Board has backed itself into a corner, who can blame him? Its maybe a contract that was signed pre Kroenke. We know that many of the Clubs commercial decisions were looked at underneath furrowed brows, seen to have been rushed and foolishly made before SKs time such as sponsorship and various other matters that cost the club considerable losses when its earlier decisions and deals were re evaluated post Kroenke. Whats the betting that Wengers contract wasnt more of the same folly? Lets hope that Arsenal learn from it. Its all about money. It always is with Arsenal. They more or less divorced the Club from football on the pitch years ago. - Post No. 105515

Seven Kings Gooner1  17:58pm 20th Mar 2017

Good piece Rocky _ I think you are right that in Wenger's mind he has declared war on the fans who have criticized him. The slow motion car crash will now run it's course probably until the semi final, when City will put the team and it's manager out of his misery. However I do expect a charm offensive from the board to the season ticket holders as they try to maintain the figures needed for a profitable 2017 - 18 season. If 60% of the season ticket holders renew and enough from the waiting list jump at the empty seats Wenger will get another two years. Ron, like your thinking, it would be brilliant if we all ignored the situation but better still, if no one but the away fans turned up at the next home game. - Post No. 105516

Alsace  18:00pm 20th Mar 2017

I don't share everyone else's view about rebuild time. Any decent coach that comes in in May will know pretty immediately who to get rid of. You have to get rid of some pour encourager les autres. Walcott and Ramsey will be offloaded smartly. The rest can be made to work well. They will be given a plan. Apart from anything else we will have our corporate pride and self respect back. The supporters will go to games with enthusiasm. The AKB's will either depart to the Hotel Chou Choufleur in Biarritz with TOF or try and forget that they ever had any allegiance to such a force for harm to the club. It will become an unmentionable phrase to say "he did a lot of good for the club" as it becomes very obvious post departure that the opposite is true. Manchester City will drive the knife in come 2nd April. Any decent coach such as Guardiola must have the same contempt for AW that Mr Pulis and many others have. Time to take a pound of flesh until he finally lets go. If, contrary to expectation, he does do the decent thing, ten years too late, I shall not be attending for his "lap of appreciation". - Post No. 105517

ArsenalMagna  18:40pm 20th Mar 2017

Wenger is so utterly deluded now that I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks the current bad form is due to the protests rather than seeing they're the effect, not the cause! I've repeatedly checked to see if an announcement has been made to no avail - it's like he's deliberately spiting us by doing this. Worse still, the board obviously want to give it another year in the hope this will take the steam out of the protests and in the meantime the manager can have another pathetic attempt at winning something (or maybe getting back into the top four will be the ultimate dream...). - Post No. 105518

Deighty  18:53pm 20th Mar 2017

As I've said before TOF will still be here next season and he has now passed the point where he will be remembered for the good things he brought to our club and will now be remembered for the turmoil and decline he's brought instead.. There is now a question of how much of his early success was down to him rather than the legacy he inherited. I also now actually want us to lose, i can't believe I feel this way but when we went behind against WBA my only thought was this is another nail in his coffin - Post No. 105519

markymark  19:33pm 20th Mar 2017

Untold --- Wait for it....... the first Wengo Out article has just been written. Poor Squeak won't be able to get his wank fodder from that site anymore. The damn had burst. Only spoiler was Tony Ego Attwood trying to tell everyone about what a great grandad he is ( Tony your grandchildren think you're a twat). Good stuff ! - Post No. 105520

CORNISH GOONER  20:03pm 20th Mar 2017

The whole situation has become so ridiculous that it is great to see so much rebellion & black humour about - like a Laurel & Hardy movie for our times. I was having my usual rant in front of my very patient wife this evening & suddenly we both burst out laughing. I never thought my Arsenal (not yours Oh Deluded One) would have that effect on me. I don't give a **** about the results anymore, like many others. However, I am confident that true supporters, from near & far will come together to find many ways of getting home the message of total frustration - stop going to matches, fly banners, hammer away at the Board & the major sponsors, stop renewing season tickets, stop TV subscriptions etc. etc. There must be other manoeuvres possible as you lot out there are an inventive bunch! But I just don't get why Webster is prepared to becoming an even bigger laughing stock. I really fear for him & want to help him. Leakey kindly supplied an address for me to write to him but I am worried that it may not be genuine. King Wenger - really? - Post No. 105521

TonyEvans  20:34pm 20th Mar 2017

SKG - as bad as we are at the moment I think we may beat City in the semi final. Their defence is as bad as ours and knowing Wenger's luck another saving his arse cup final awaits. This time though it will more than likely be against Chelsea who will be after a double by then. Nightmare scenario is a final v the Spuds for me. Hope City do beat us to keep the heat on Wenger but I've got a bad feeling about it. Of course if he has announced he is leaving at the end of the season I can get back to being a proper supporter again and not be wanting us to lose, but I am not holding my breath. - Post No. 105522

Deighty  20:45pm 20th Mar 2017

TonyEvans. We won't beat city in the semis, not a chance mate. - Post No. 105523

Paulward  21:09pm 20th Mar 2017

Frightening to think ahead to how poor we ll be next season. Sanchez, Ozil and quite possibley Bellerin gone, but a lame duck manager who has just guided us to 6th or 7 th in the league very much still here. A fan base at odds with the manager and board and a wafer thin squad stretched by Europa cup involvement . Back in the top four? I'd be happy if he doesn't get us relegated. And if anybody thinks it can't happen remember what Clough did to Forest in the end.Performances like Saturday and Anfield are bottom four quality not top four, and there is no way we can fight our way out of anything. - Post No. 105524

MAF  21:10pm 20th Mar 2017

'What have Arsenal's defence and count dracula got in common ? both allergic to crosses..'' im frightened to watch sky sports for fear theyre about to announce wenger's new contract. i keep hoping he will be honourable and come out and say that he is leaving end of season and he is going to help the club find the new manager (because none of them have a clue about football) but we all know this supremely arrogant selfish delusional tired low energy of a man wont do that for this club; he is obsesssed with the power and the money and loves being adored by Kroenke. Beam me up to another planet Scotty i really never ever thought it would ever get this bad at Arsenal - Post No. 105525

Arseneknewbest  21:23pm 20th Mar 2017

Cornish - Your wife sounds like a thorougly good egg -tolerant and with a sense of humour. Ms Arseneknewbest, on the other hand, thinks I'm a drama queen with tourettes syndrome every time I get started talking about you know who. In my tongue tied state of intense frustration, I usually bring any verbal skirmishes to a rapid halt by reminding her that I've regarded him as the most dismal tosser for nearly a decade. She then swears at me and heads for another room. We used to be fairly close back in the day when we had a manager and a reputation for holding our own. So AW has helped fook my relationship as well! - Post No. 105526

Yes its Ron  21:59pm 20th Mar 2017

Hi Tony - agree matey. ASL can and maybe will beat City. I accept that the front 2 of Aguero and Sane could possibly torture Arsenal and yes, they could romp it, but as a whole that MC team are far from brilliant. A clutch of them know theyre on the way out. I d go so far as to say that Otemendi and Stones are worse than Kos and Mustafi. We have enough to trouble that defence with either of their clowns standing behind them between the sticks im sure, unless of course the players have really given up the ghost as many ex players seem to think. 2-1 Asl. The Cup run ends at Wembley im afraid. Yr scenario wont play out though. Chelsea will see Asl off and that could become as embarrassing for us as was Villa's loss for them to Asl 2 years back. MC is the best draw for Asl in so far as getting to a Final applies, the down side is our nemesis Club from SW6 will be waiting. Do i want Arsenal to lose matches? No. The present saga will run its course anyway. We re not going to barnstorm the rest of the Season and the atmosphere in the Club isnt going to change to any great extent. I think he ll sign for a year now. There is still one final thing that intrigues me though that calls for AW to remain and thats to see if having no CL games is the cause of improvement under him. Hes blamed it for years and ASL have sacrificed so many games on the alter of a CL before or after PL fixtures this last decade. I dont think he will improve much and its that which will prove the to be the final ignominy for him and the lip spittling, yes men hes assembled behind and alongside him on that bench. - Post No. 105527

mbg  22:51pm 20th Mar 2017

All the other clubs, their fans,(spuds) and managers (especially the ones that hate wenger or have no time for him) must be loving all this, Pulis,(although he now appears to be his best mate) fat Sam, Hughes, Pardew, Fergie, Maureen, etc, (I bet he wishes he'd have went for a drink with them after matches now) I doubt very much they have much sympathy (in private anyway) for TOF, Billy no mates, it's all coming home to roost now alright, Cock a doodle dooooo, sorry couldn't resist that. No new contract, wenger out. - Post No. 105528

mbg  23:31pm 20th Mar 2017

Rocky, excellent post, Ron, the same and yes god knows what wenger got written into his contracts as far back as six or so seasons ago (when things were still stable and he was still popular and under no pressure) that still stand today even when his contract runs out, or when he leaves or is/was even sacked, he had so much power and popularity (he was probably writing his own contracts anyway)they'd have agreed to anything, god knows what he has had inserted, it might explain why as Tony Evans asks (and a hell of a lot of others)how he has got away with it for so long, and it's still in his own hands, and no action taken even after all those embarrassments and humiliations, maybe they're unable to sack him, or have to offer him a new contract or he may end up owning part of the club, God help us. wenger out. - Post No. 105529

vip  4:34am 21st Mar 2017

The deluded old man has become a squatter in OUR home. It's time to run the heat on. If the crowd at the Ems are uncomfortable with anti Wenger chants how about everyone singing the Stevie Bould chant to make the deluded one feel unwanted. - Post No. 105530

TonyEvans  7:24am 21st Mar 2017

Hi Ron - interesting point you make re how the possible lack of CL football may affect how things go next season. As for the cup I agree entirely that if we do make it to the final and find ourselves up against Chelsea it will be our turn for a humiliating defeat. - Post No. 105531

Petergooner  7:42am 21st Mar 2017

Just read this. Giroud told French television channel Infosport+: "We want to see Arsene Wenger continue, to continue the adventure, because we support him. "CONTINUE THE ADVENTURE" IS HE NUTS? WHAT ADVENTURE? TO MID-TABLE OR WORSE??? I always knew the French were our enemy and idiots and now it is fact. - Post No. 105532

Hi Berry  8:50am 21st Mar 2017

It's fear of the unknown for many of the players who have been cossetted and indulged over many years by the manager who sticks with them no matter how average their performances are. No doubt many of us could reel off a list of players over the past ten to twelve years that fit the mould...Eboue, Denilsson, Bendtner and more recently Walcott and Ramsey spring readily to mind. Everyone has their own opinion as to why Wenger appears to be clinging to power and his seeming contempt for the fans, but might it not also be that he is simply dithering over what to do - in the same way he has dithered over signing the right players year after year. I can't remember seeing any other managers wringing their hands with a pained expression on their face in the way Wenger does. David Dein leaving in 2007 was the death knell for Arsenal as we knew it. How ironic that he left due to differences with the rest of the board over his introduction of Kroenke to the Arsenal set-up in a bid to thwart Usmanov, with the board eventually throwing in their hand with Kroenke and Dein aligning himself with Usmanov??? (If anyone can throw any light on this turnaround I would be grateful to learn exactly what went on). Strange goings-ons indeed but equally telling is the direction the club have taken since Dein's influence on Wenger has been removed. Might it be that Dein, a football man with a wide network of contacts and instrumental in giving Wenger the opportunity in the first place, was the only person who could check Wenger's excesses, something the present board seem incapable of seeing, let alone acting upon. - Post No. 105533

Gunner Rob  10:09am 21st Mar 2017

i will view any new contract being signed by Wenger as a declaration of war against the supporters. in that case he will need to be forced out BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY - Post No. 105540

mbg  11:24am 21st Mar 2017

Petergooner, yes a comic book adventure, deluded carthorse, he knows he wouldn't get was he's getting anywhere else. #no new contract, wenger out. - Post No. 105544

Moscowgooner  14:26pm 21st Mar 2017

I have said again and again here that the current protests are not going to budge him. We need 5,000 on a demo not 500. We need walk outs at every home game - and at Wembley? Tennis balls on the pitch - again at wembley causing a stoppage to play? Pitch invasions: fans handcuffing themselves to the goalposts causing a long hold up in play. These all require personal courage and commitment. Have we got the guts to fight for our club - 25 years ago of course we had it but now? Peaceful, ´legal´, protests just don´t cut it any more. The now apparently inevitable contract renewal annoucement has to be fought fire with fire. Not renewing season tickets would be a wimpish, inadequate response. - Post No. 105557

PaulMersonlalala  18:28pm 21st Mar 2017

Does anyone agree that the league standings as they are today are a fair reflection of where we are the pecking order? I don't believe we are worse than Stoke or WBA. - Post No. 105568

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era