Boycott Sunderland Game If You Want A New Manager

By Mark Halfpenny

Your chance to send the board a message about what you want for Arsenal

There has been much speculation about where the latest “Wenger Out” plane came from. The most amusing guess was made by Ian Wright on Match of the Day. Sorry to disappoint you Ian but it wasn’t Piers Morgan – it was paid for out of donations made by thousands of Arsenal fans, fed up with seeing the same season played out again and again and again.

Will we see scenes like this on a regular basis next season?

We felt it was necessary to re-state our message, because we do not want to see yet another Groundhog season. Every year since 2008, Arsenal have got themselves in a position to challenge for the Premier and Champions League before falling away in spectacular fashion. Where I come from, that’s called Bottling It.

In those 10 seasons, the entire squad has changed, the Club’s owner has changed and our main rivals have changed. How many more times do people need to witness the same collapse before they realise that the problem is our manager?

If Arsenal do limp into 4th place (again) will that constitute a successful season? In the eyes of many it will, but is finishing 4th with the 4th biggest wage bill really an achievement? If Arsene Wenger (67) is the brilliant manager that many claim – how comes the most we can hope for is 4th place?

Much is made of his record of qualifying for the Champions League but all 4th place means is a 10-2 thrashing by Bayern Munich or a mauling by Barcelona. Nice profit for the Club but embarrassing for supporters.

Antonio Conte (47) arrived in England last summer and brought with him a whole new level of organisation, commitment and intensity. Max Allegri (49) has instilled the same thunderous desire into his Juventus players. Diego Simeone (47) has displayed the same incredible will to win for many years now. And whilst these managers carve up the big trophies, we are scrapping for 4th place. Again. Under a manager that is so far past his best.

The Board of Directors have a big decision to make this summer. To offer Wenger a contract extension would be the safe option for them, but it would guarantee at least two more years of stagnation, collapses and scrapping for the leftovers. The last 11 seasons have been virtually identical so why would a 12th be any different?

To appoint a new manager like Simeone or Allegri would be an opportunity to change direction. An opportunity to restore a winning culture. An opportunity to turn up for matches in May with more than 4th place to play for. Surely the time for a change is long overdue?

We are calling on fans that feel the same way to boycott tomorrow evening’s match against Sunderland.

Please consider joining us in this boycott. Don’t sell your seat to a tourist or give it to a mate. Let yours be one of the many gaps in the stands that send a direct and unarguable message to the directors. You do not want to watch any more of the same old same old.

If you are in any doubt, look at our season and compare that to Chelsea, Juventus and Atletico Madrid. We are a bigger club than all three of them but we are being held back by a greedy owner and a past it manager. By doing this, we can send a message to Stan Kroenke and Arsene Wenger that Arsenal should be doing so much better.

15th May 2017 08:44:02


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Herd  8:53am 15th May 2017

er only about 3 people are going to this match anyway - Post No. 107129

Time for change  9:02am 15th May 2017

I don't think Arsenal is a bigger club than Juventus (Juve has won European Cups). Already bocotting the natch as can't afford to go and pay the bills. - Post No. 107131

The Man From UNCLE  9:15am 15th May 2017

Now that it's virtually certain of Thursday / Sunday next season, how are we going to fill our Saturday afternoons? Mr Waverley has some plans I'm sure - mostly involving a wall, nail and a hammer. - Post No. 107132

gooner.ed  9:22am 15th May 2017

Herd - Do you think those who have already decided not to go or have passed up on the chance to buy tickets from the club (now on general sale) want to see Wenger running the team next season? - Post No. 107133

Perryashburtongroves  9:56am 15th May 2017

The game which perfectly sums up the last 11 seasons at the new ground. Complete apathy and completely pointless. - Post No. 107134

Exeter Gunner  10:06am 15th May 2017

Hopefully it will be empty and there'll be banners. I haven't been to that stadium for years and can't see when I'll return. This season was ruined ages ago - the only reason I can think of for anyone enjoying the late (and very probably forlorn) charge for 4th is they're a Wenger fan and think it strengthens his position. Yet another reason for wanting Wenger gone is his endless spin. Last season was less points than the season before but team finished 2nd so that was 'progress'. Now the team will probably finish 5th but Wenger is bigging up 'could be more points than last season' so that will be 'progress' despite finishing 3 places lower. Which is it Wenger - league placing or points? Or just whatever you manage? - Post No. 107135

Gunner Rob  11:15am 15th May 2017

unfortunately the ground will not be empty tomorrow night and unfortunately the atmosphere will be for once quite good - the reason for this is that the club have put this match onto general sale. expect a full house and plenty of those priced out making a noise. It will be like a League Cup match although at inflated prices. - Post No. 107137

Hi Berry  11:17am 15th May 2017

Oh dear...that first game of the season has come back to bite poor Arsene on his backside hasn't it? If I remember correctly, we weren't fully prepared for that match while Liverpool were, but a win would have seen us two points clear of Liverpool with a game in hand now. - Post No. 107138

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:27am 15th May 2017

Next season to fill in the empty sets I can see Arsenal sending out empty buses to round up tourists in Trafalgar Square. Salesmen dressed in red & white wearing half & half scarves dragging bemused people from the far flung corners of the world "get your tickets to watch London's richest club play today" Then once on the bus they will then sell them vouchers for a half time Pimms & pastie. Far fetched - only the beginning of "value added selling" by Kronke and his "flying salesmen" know affectionately as the Kronketts! - Post No. 107139

Yes its Ron  11:43am 15th May 2017

Oh well it ll be nice to see another Club thrashed out of sight for once by the first decent side they meet but to enjoy it this time. Brace yourselves Liverpool. It might even raise a wry leathery grin on ole Arsene s face when it happens. It must be getting close to cancelling satellite TV time again. Not sure i can cope with the gut churning eulogising we ll have about Liverpool being 'back where they belong' and seeking 'more euro glory' and 'those great euro nights at Anfield' as they kid us on that the atmosphere there really is markedly different to any of the other dead PL stadiums while they assume that none of us have been there and know that it isnt. Klopp will be even more unbearable as he ll blather on senselessly in his pigeon english. I do so hope though that he at least goes and gets some thing done about his flthy discoloured teeth now hes going to get even more TV exposure. All viewers will be assumed to be quasi scouse fans again! Souness will be having an orgasm on screen. Carraghers voice will be even shriekier than normal. McMananman will shriek even higher than Carragher (why do scousers all seem to shriek?) and be more scally than ever as he sits there in his s--t, ill fitting suits. Henry will pretend that he admires Liverpool even more The thought of it sickens to the pit of the stomach. They ll recruit another 3 ex scouse players to be pundits for sure. Wished it had been another Club get the 4th place Cup rather than them, any Club! And then after all that, we ll have to endure that sickening dance of Sturridge s. Yes, its certainly time to cancel the BT part at least. - Post No. 107140

jjetplane  12:40pm 15th May 2017

Anyone seen GoonerRon since old Kloppie sorted Wengo out? Anyone who gives it the halfbreds bollox about other fans (easy when you are online/try it in a Stoke pub) deserves all they get from Wenger's sick farce. Here's hoping Wenger loses the next three and as indifferent as I am to Chelsea they utterly deserve and will get a double. The days of Freddie and Ray (course I was there) are long gone and these current wankers and their Stoke selfies are deplorable. Well done Klopp and more of the same against Boro. Might have been perverse fun to have seen a top four finish reached in such an 'heroic' fashion though getting humilated in the Europa will be fun! Used to be a club called Arsenal and it seems the Totts will be retaining more of an identity as they move than Wengo's twenty year deconstruction of AFC. **** the lot of em! - Post No. 107141

Bard  12:46pm 15th May 2017

Good effort Mark. I havent been since the Bayern mauling but dont expect my absence will make a difference. I think its a done deal. Selling Sanchez will offset the loss of CL revenue. Wenger will sign after the season has finished. This will prevent any protests. Expect one marque signing in the window ( think Ozil ) as a statement of intent and away we go for another season of crushing mediocrity. - Post No. 107142

jwe1981  12:53pm 15th May 2017

I really can't see what value there is in any of these 'protests'. It has become very apparent to me this season that the fans that want change no longer attend games. Many of them stopped going years ago. The people that go on the protest marches do not go to the games and the people that do go to the games don't wish to protest in any way. They are more than happy with how things are at the club and that is the reason why no anti-wenger chants ever get heard at the emirates. The real joke is people who say they want change but then continue to pay £1200+ for their season tickets and never ever chant anything against wenger inside the stadium. Strange mentality. - Post No. 107143

Bob Bayliss  13:04pm 15th May 2017

While the stadium remains sold out, an increasing number of those actually inside are 'day-trippers' with no particular club allegiance, using tickets which season ticket holders and not using. From next season many of those people will be able to access seats for Tottenham, initially at Wembley and then at their new 61,000 capacity ground. Our ticket will no longer be the hottest in town, so long as TOF is at the helm. That may make silent Stan sit up and take notice, fingers crossed. - Post No. 107144

jeff wright  13:12pm 15th May 2017

Wenger saying that he would be supporting West Ham against Liverpool and some AFC players claiming they would be wearing WHU shirts summed up the true situation regarding the recent late run of dead rubber league results. As though West Ham with nothing to play for would be fussed about saving Wengo and co.It was Fat Sam though that did for Wengo and his 4th place finish the mathematical odds were always against Wenger finishing 4th after losing to Palace with that scenario leaving Wengo relying on others to help him out .He will be talking up Boro next ! Albeit they are worst team in the league with the manager on his way out along with many of Boro's pathetic players. You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 107145

Robert Exley  13:19pm 15th May 2017

Instead of boycotting Arsenal, couldn't you boycott Walmart (where the fortune of Kronke's wife originates from)? Then you'll see who wears the trousers in the Kronke household! - Post No. 107146

mbg  13:36pm 15th May 2017

Maybe Klopp paid for it, well done Mark and you were right it was necessary (not for some of course)because a couple of meaningless results (as usual)and another chance for wengers invisible trophy were beginning to get some others moist again and bring on their bad memory and forget, forget the embarrassments, humiliations and stuffings and everything else that went with them, exactly what they were intended for and designed to do, it's good to see The Red Baron himself Klopp has also helped to jog and refresh those memories also. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107147

The Man From UNCLE  13:43pm 15th May 2017

Robert; we can only boycott ASDA who are part of the Walmart "family". Anyone interested in American Football should stop supporting and / or purchasing anything to do with the Rams. Who used to be based in LA, moved to St Louis and then moved back again to LA. - Post No. 107148

TonyEvans  13:46pm 15th May 2017

You shouldn't even need to ask for a boycott, Mark, but such is the nature of our fan base now, unfortunately you do. Boycotts or protests should have been the order of the day since God knows when, but no, our sheep like fans turn up week after week in support of the unsupportable in my opinion. - Post No. 107149

jeff wright  13:52pm 15th May 2017

Speaking of Syrupy Stan the city of St Louis is suing the NFL for one billion dollars over the cretin's decision to relocate the St Louis Rams to Los Angeles.Syrupy is alleged to have made false statements to help facilitate the move that was natch all about making money for himself with no regard of course for the views of the Ram's supporters - or the adverse financial effects that the move would have on the city of St Louis. So with this all looking like a costly case of litigation for the obnoxious creepy Syrupy he will not be best pleased with old clueless losing him 50m Champions League cash. This shortfall will have to be recouped somewhere . Selling Sanchez looks the best option to do that with a double whammy involved in that Stan will not have to pay Glum, who will certainly be downing tools now in the league, the 300k a week wages that he is asking for . - Post No. 107150

equalizer  14:02pm 15th May 2017

I really am puzzled by the authors claim that AFC is a bigger club than Chelsea, Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Sounds like something a Liverpool fan would claim. What do you mean, richer? Bigger fan base? Biggest cash reserves? Please enlighten us. - Post No. 107151

markymark  14:39pm 15th May 2017

Well done Mark your work on raising awareness and keeping the protests in the media spotlight are excellent. I wonder if through media contacts we could get a meeting with Oliver Holt to give our views, since he consistently resorts to calling people idiots. I reckon we could smash his arguments apart. One thought I had was, is very any ideas towards contacting Kronke franchise supporters clubs? I suspect a joint action on a weekend purely anti Kronke to allow Arsenal fanbase to back it would gets lots of support from Cardinals fans. He is gaining a reputation of being the worse Franchise owner ever (in the States) lots of media could be achieved across Atlantic networks. It could just tip the balance one day if he were ever thinking of selling up, or more likely handing over to Josh. - Post No. 107152

Yes its Ron  15:24pm 15th May 2017

Hmm, bigger than Juve? I dont think so. They have proper players playing for them for a start. If AFC ever attain Juves history and pedigree, have another go at whos bigger than who than i suggest. - Post No. 107153

MAF  15:38pm 15th May 2017

everyone Keep in mind. a more selfish man than Wenger you could not find. he levraged on the board and the Club and threw his toys of the cot when the board didnt beg him to stay. there is far more to Arsene than meet the eye. in his mind he controls and built Arsenal and thinks he owns it. when results go bad, he refers to the past victories. he is not a 100% focused Coach like Conte, Poch etc. He thiknks he is the godfatther of Arsenal and he really Needs taking down a peg or 2 !! - Post No. 107154

jjetplane  15:51pm 15th May 2017

Hilarious watching the accountant blokie pretending to feel passionate when the goals were flying in against Stoke. Looks so forced and self conscious. Contrast with Conte and they and both wear the same kind of clothes (like Pep) though Wengo is the only one who looks out of place on the touch line. Giroud is a tosser who gets all bullish on a roll over day but has generally been missing ever since his football career began. Pointless, unsavoury and quite corrupt. Thats the AFC of now. Bellerin will join Sanchez out the door if he wants a proper football career while Ozil will stay because he has no real ambition. What a season Bournemouth have had on the other hand. Good, honest club with a lively edge about them. - Post No. 107155

foxinthebox2001  15:52pm 15th May 2017

As the match isn't officially sold out, ST holders are restricted from offering their seats on the exchange system. Now Sky announced (only yesterday, were they keeping it quiet to help general ticket sales)the Sunderland game is on tv, it could be 25-30% empty. The club (through Wenger) have asked fans to boycott the fans boycott. I am boycotting the clubs plea to boycott the boycott. - Post No. 107156

Kvltman  16:26pm 15th May 2017

When you claim that we are a bigger club than Juventus, it doesn't do any favours to what is trying to be achieved. It just seems like entitled behaviour. Agree on the other two clubs mentioned (although the way things are going Chelsea won't be too far behind in a decade or so) but Arsenal are light years behind Juventus, past and present. I would consider carefully what is said on statements such as these as not to harm the cause. - Post No. 107157

Alsace  18:15pm 15th May 2017

I have already paid for my season tickets and there have been many occasions this season where I have not been able to interest anyone in going to the games. I will probably go tomorrow night but I would have thought that I will be on my own. Now that there is next to no chance of Arsenal qualifying for the Champions League I can go and take in the game without wanting Arsenal to lose. I no longer have the words to describe a man who can make me want my beloved Arsenal to lose so that he will de-camp. The only thing that matters to Kroenke is money. The only thing that matters to Wenger is himself. The only thing that matters to me is Wenger leaving. - Post No. 107158

Exeter Gunner  19:23pm 15th May 2017

Alsace - it did seem like the last two results don't matter any more... however that was before Wenger's preposterous press conference this morning. Apparently, as Arsenal won the league in 1998 with 78 points, 75 points this season would be a great achievement. So this season should not be judged on the present required standard but as if it was 97/98. It seems there's no failure he can't find a way to spin. - Post No. 107159

CORNISH GOONER  19:30pm 15th May 2017

Bugger Juve (who ARE bigger) & Atletico, it's results wot count! The harsh reality the remaining AKBs & the Tourists have to accept is that AFC are now the 3rd club in London. Next year, who knows, because of that ridiculous "sweetheart" deal that the Hammers managed to conn, even West Ham could improve & replace us. We are stagnant & going nowhere whereas ALL our major competitors are showing ambition & should push on. Finally ,Ron, my wife was very upset with your uncalled for put down of her beloved Jurgen ( she does accept he needs his teeth sorted however) &, for myself I have to say his english is a million miles better than my german. He is also yet another ambitious guy who will be very aware of the changes that need to be made after what he will consider to be a season of underachievement. Meanwhile our Manager continues to plough his lonely furrow surrounded by his past it team of "yes" men. Someone on this site has posted that Hulot was "the most hated" AFC manager ever. Hero to Zero in 21 years, Arsene No Mates - a very, very sad state of affairs. - Post No. 107160

Moscowgooner  19:52pm 15th May 2017

Bob Bayliss - I hope they do head off to Wembley and then to the new Lane. They contribute nothing to Arsenal - better to have 30,000 real fans in the ground than 60,000 plastics and selfie stick, half and half scarf, tourists. I think we´ve offloaded a fair few thousand to WHU already - good riddance. - Post No. 107161

mbg  22:20pm 15th May 2017

I see TOF is telling Conti (and anyone else stupid enough to listen)that he was lucky hadn't Cl football to contend with, it must be f*****g eating it up, you hadn't either wenger you weasel, but lets see how you do now yourself if your still here (and I pray your not) you arrogant c**t. wenger out. - Post No. 107162

Gunner Rob  22:37pm 15th May 2017

Alsace - if you say that the only thing that matters to you is that Wenger leaves I find it bizarre that you would want to go tomorrow night! Especially announcing it on this article!.... - Post No. 107163

mbg  1:09am 16th May 2017

jj, he's out looking for a Boro shirt, and learning their songs. - Post No. 107164

MAF  9:14am 16th May 2017

Teams taking Holidays Wenger ?? Did West Ham go for their Holidays to the same place that you took your Team to several times against Bayern x2, Palace, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, West Brom??????????????????????????? - Post No. 107165

Yes its Ron  10:00am 16th May 2017

CG - Apologies to the other half mate ha ha. I mean every word though tell her. Liverpool - the most nauseating Club in the PL in my opinion whos image isnt helped by Skys unofficial support of every thing scouse accepted. I think theres an element of the unreal in Mr Klopp. Is he really the affable, genial individual hes tries to promote and portray? Not sure, but i think probably not and suspect that hes a tad false. Hes good at buying into the scouse 'culture' though granted with his forced overt 'passion' etc etc. How long will he last there? Not too long i reckon. Liverpool have limited resources and perhaps his ambition wont be sated there. They ll be tonked in Europe, same as Arsenal always are. Run it past here indoors matey. - Post No. 107166

GoonerRon  10:33am 16th May 2017

@ jj - oh I'm still here, thanks for showing such interest in me. And as for deserving all I get for getting at Stoke fans online - well we really are going to new depths on here aren't we? Obviously, I'm the only person to ever criticise opposition fans online. The last time I checked this was an Arsenal fan site - it's quite perverse to go after me for not liking Stoke fans after our history wth them. It seems your hatred for Wenger is clouding your view of the basics of good old fashioned football fandom - i.e. hating the opposition, especially those who are inbred. - Post No. 107167

jeff wright  10:42am 16th May 2017

Wenger's comments about teams turning it in once they are safe is a bit rich coming from him considering that his own ones do that every season in the Prem once the pressure is on to win the title and in Europe every season at the first whiff of gunpowder.Also was it not himself who stated that he would be happy to finish second for the next 20 years. As for a lack of morals that Wengo chides others for lacking ,well you couldn't make it up ! - Post No. 107168

GoonerRon  10:50am 16th May 2017

@ mbg - of course. Perhaps I could get one from the same place that made your 'Anyone but Arsenal' t-shirts? - Post No. 107169

Yes its Ron  10:54am 16th May 2017

Hi Jeff - he certainly shows his hypocritical side doesn't he, Wenger, but lets face it, is there a Coach in that PL who isnt a rabid hypocrite? AW has got worse in that dept though this Season as his position has been genuinely challenged and stated to look untenable. - Post No. 107170

jeff wright  11:32am 16th May 2017

Tbh Ron I believe that Wenger is largely responsible for the lack of morality in football these days .He was the one who kick-started the crazy increase in transfer price-tags on players when he sold le sulk to Real Madrid for 20+m a unprecedented sum back then after having paid just £500,000 for him . Afterwards he hypocritically moaned about the cost of buying players from other clubs while always demanding top dollar for any that he sold ! Deja vu players wages being too high were another target while demanding massive ones for himself. His top 4 trophy and the Euro cash cow millions that this earns was another cynical move by him . I had to smile though when he said in that ranting at others for not helping him win his top 4 'trophy' interview that he starts every season with the intention of winning the league but then has to adjust his ambition at some point ,the irony of this obviously went over his rather large weird shaped head .He did once let slip though that the top 4 trophy is the first to be won in his view and I believe that this is the real ambition every season that has fitted into Syrupy's business plan . I still expect to see Wengo with us next season if he was not such a coward he would come out and say so rather than to wait until the season is over and then to try putting some spin on things while trying to find other ones to bury bad news with. - Post No. 107171

Yes its Ron  11:56am 16th May 2017

Jeff - yes, its why the debate ended many moons ago really isnt it. SKs business plan is the be all and end all. Its his privilege to run the Club that way too sadly. Enough said. He ll give AW the benefit of the doubt this time and let his failing to get top 4 pass. SK is so remote from the Club that he' ll still be feeling that he needs Wenger in situ in the face of the other passive Board members who arent football men at all as has often been said. Yes, hes almost certainly there for at least 1 more yr isnt he its looking like. I think him and the Club have known the score for many months in truth. The gag on it all hasn't just been Wengers torment and tease routine (though i think hes enjoyed it as hes a surly, snobbish, condescending sod), its been universally agreed in the Boardroom and sanctioned by SK. Perhaps SK suggested that they hang fire a while though just in case it looked as if AW might have had to go. This flurry of results v teams who have been already on down time will satisfy nearly all of the those match going fans who frequent AFC these days though. They dont ask for much and buy into more or less anything, which AFC feeds them while they laugh their collective boll---s at them for stumping up the obscene costs of STs, memberships and match tickets there for their 'experience'. SK cdt give a f--k about football and even less about football supporters. Those that still go to Arsenal need to make their mind up and either pay their money or not and then put up or shut up, because this is what Arsenal are and its all those fans are going to get like it or not. These protests havent caused as much as a rippled G and T in the Boardroom in reality. They dont like them of course but they're barely a minor hindrance to the comfort zone of the Diamond Club, recognised as the actions of plebs venting off. - Post No. 107172

Almunia is a clown  12:04pm 16th May 2017

2017 WENGER OUT!, 1966 WRIGHT OUT! http://www.onlinegooner.com/article.php?section=exclusive&id=2885#.WRrbr5IrJ6o - Post No. 107173

jeff wright  12:17pm 16th May 2017

I concur with your view Ron that SK is the key to the Wenger does he go or stay yawn inducing saga .The Old Etonian merchant banker ( aren't they all) chairman of the bored Sir Chippo flounced off early during the Fat Sam Palace humiliation and slippery Ivano has made some comments about changes at the club so it's not all happy families behind the facade of solidarity at AFC. Wengo though knows that in the final analysis - because even a dimwit like Wenger knows that it is what Syrupy says that counts - so he listens to the organ grinder and not his monkey regarding his future .As you say Syrupy may well have given the nod to Wenger with a nod being as good as a wink to a blind horse that he is safe for next term and a damage limitation exercise is now taking place. Wengo's comments that nothing will change while HE is the manager suggests that this is the case. Those AKB's lapping up the recent non-event league results are really though why Wengo is still in charge and why beleaguered Syrupy hangs on to his shares in AFC .The yanks know how to exploit schmucks and Syrupy is a master at doing so. - Post No. 107174

jjetplane  12:23pm 16th May 2017

Haha GoonerRon is very angry thinking the quite wonderful Scousers would fold against the Hammers but there you go. Put all your eggs in the aging, rotten Wengo basket and that is what you will get. Not a friend of Moyes presently (slimey **** and would tell him!) but hope his team win for the fun of it! I am full of love for football and it's fans being one of the original Rave generation. Prior to that remember having a few rows with assorted crews but always have respect for fans. So all the Daily Mail **** of calling people inbreds is firstly biologically askew and secondly the thoughts of those who are reactionary and frightened by nature. RON I love the way Klopp is with his players as I am with Conte at Chelsea. Throw in Porch and you have the top three and who knows - I have more faith in any of those coaches having a go in the CL than Wenger. Think Wenger has given up the ghost he will be secretly happy not to have to ever face Barca or BM for his duration. Good old John Terry too! - Post No. 107175

Yes its Ron  12:30pm 16th May 2017

I think much of what IG has said has been stage managed comment, designed to make it look like the Club are to a degree receptive to fans and the notion of change. Its another type of spin to show apparent 'unrest'. Its fake though in my view. AFC do spin like no other Club. 12 yrs of spinning has made them the masters of it. Spin carries those with passive minds doesn't it. Look at Govts here for the last 35 years as the proof! AFC have learned it well it has to be said. IG and Wengs are still thick as thieves together i think. Maybe a slight divergence of opinion here and there between them perhaps as they each would like primacy for the ear of SK, but nothing to disturb their respective slippers and baggy cardigans. The social Club rolls on regardless. Bottoms up Chips old boy, another cigar my dear chap? - Post No. 107176

Yes its Ron  12:43pm 16th May 2017

JJ - right with you on Conte and Moyes ( isnt he just awful, to listen to and visually - bit of a self serving snake i d say with the insane idea that hes a brilliant Coach). I think Klopps all theatre and not too much substance though mate, something about him that i cant take too. Respect though for any who differ to me. Agree totally on the 'inbred' barbs too. A few people ought to go take a look at North Staffs properly and ignore the present regeneration of the urban sprawl of the 6 towns that forms S on T. One of the most beautiful parts of this Country by far. Stoke people are also very warm, courteous, humble and helpful ive always found when i get there. Their fans mimicry of Wenger too is funny to see, the arm waving etc etc. - Post No. 107177

Exeter Gunner  12:56pm 16th May 2017

GoonerRon, I also think your use of and subsequent defence of the term 'inbred' is pretty disgraceful to be honest. Yes, as the abuse of Ramsey for having his leg broken shows, Stoke clearly have an idiotic dimension to their fanbase - but then that goes for all clubs, doesn't it. As with the population at large, you have the more astute types and the slower witted ones. Just look at Arsenal. You've got those who spotted the trend, saw where this was all heading years ago. Then those who robustly defended Wenger for years and years and only very recently, and very reluctantly, have cottoned on to the fact that maybe, just maybe, he isn't the future of AFC... though a few empty victories at the end of the season can get them 'loving it' again and the heckles up at anyone who dares criticise. - Post No. 107178

jjetplane  13:36pm 16th May 2017

I have lived/worked in Edinburgh (Hibs), Exeter (Exeter City), Plymouth (Argyle), Newcastle (Utd), Carlisle (Utd), Dublin (Bohemian) so getting to know the locals and finding we are all part of a bigger picture is not a long stretch. Could throw in the USA following college baseball and football in Kansas. Some fans had a thing about calling neighbouring Missou fans inbreds and whatnot which is perfectly feasible in sport as long as it's done with a bit of warmth and humour. What I do object to is the nasty way of saying such things which often is linked with rascist, sexist and homophobic intent and menace. Always found on here how it is usually the AKBs who are guilty of some of this sad **** whereas the WOBs seem pretty cool in comparison. The problem with the AKB line is that it is not really about football but more about a persecuted mentlity that has it's religion gene fine wired to some disturbing uncle figure who has clearly proved he is not up to the task and has not been for years. Oh well - the Macams tonight and worked with a few of them and a lovely bunch too as they deal with the equally fab toon army. Here's to a Sunderland win (most unlikely) because like any fan I too love to bait the loveable AKB and trounce on their faded dream. Good luck to Tottenham too and I was there in 71 as a proper gooner so understand the battle/s which is more complex than those who are once removed know. ps JW may not have politics like mine and he writes some of the best stuff on here so therein is the nub. JW is a cool cat and GoonerRon needs to get out a bit more Lol! pps am writing this having just had a hip op which is well you can imagine - raving without the legs! - Post No. 107179

jeff wright  14:47pm 16th May 2017

jj, you are right about using derogatory terms in a humorous way regarding sport a lack of humor though is one of the AKB's more pronounced traits .Then again if they had a sense of humor they would not be AKB's ! I have always found their obsession with Wengo to be rather weird with its quasi-religious type overtones. - Post No. 107180

Alsace  14:56pm 16th May 2017

Dear Gunner Rob. I could of course have pretended that I was joining the boycott. I'd rather tell the truth. I have access to three tickets tonight. I have offered two of them to EVERYONE I KNOW without reply. I have also missed several games this season and fairly recently missed two whole seasons in protest. I was also the only person in the ground who came in 13 minutes late when asked to protest. I also write polite letters to the club putting the "sack Wenger now please" point of view, including the man himself. Oh yes, and my rabid anti Wenger comments on this site go back many, many years, and long before most people cottoned on to the fact that he is a monumental waste of space. I do everything that I reasonably can to weaken the man's position and get him out. Tonight however, I am going to do the only currently enjoyable thing about going to Arsenal, and that is going to see my football friends. I'm very sorry that I'm not falling in with your (laudable) plans for removal of the Beast of Strasbourg, but that's what suits me this evening. I can only apologise humbly, deeply and sincerely. By the way, Wenger's answer to big gaps in the stadium was " but we have sold the tickets". Oh well that's alright then. ie it doesn't matter whether the customers are enjoying themselves or not, so long as Arsene is bringing the cash in. Well here's the rub Mr Wenger. You can only go on for so long hacking off your customers as well as your boss. You aren't going to qualify fro Champions League whilst offering waste of space M.O. £200k a week. That doesn't add up in Denver Colorado or in N5. I believe that Wenger is toast, and also that my attendance at tonight's game doesn't matter a stuff. - Post No. 107181

Yes its Ron  14:57pm 16th May 2017

Jeff - Wengoism is perhaps a cult that no other Club has ever succumbed too? I wonder if there was ever a Busbyism , Cloughism, Revieism or Shanksism phenomena? Coach's who maybe deserved quasi religious bigotry and zeal. - Post No. 107182

mbg  15:04pm 16th May 2017

I see TOF the arrogant c**t is having another dig at the Chelsea Manager, seeing him celebrate with a blow up Kings Crown on his head must be eating him up really getting to him such is his ego, we know what kind of blow up he will/should have on his head. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107183

mbg  15:39pm 16th May 2017

jw, rich indeed mate, but the weasel never lets the pot kettle saying get in the way when there's an excuse for his failures, like all his AKB wengerites he has a bad memory when it comes to all the times he and his little nice boy dwarfs didn't turn up, and when the humiliations and embarrassments where being dished out and forthcoming, luckily a lot of others don't or they'd all have being air brushed out of history as never happened. We want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 107184

jeff wright  15:50pm 16th May 2017

I cant ever recall any quasi-religious type cult following of a football manager before Wenger Ron .Sir Ferguson was respected by the glory hunting from here there and everywhere United supporters because he won trophies consistently had he not done so he would have lost their support and his job. Shankly was looked on as being a sort of stand up comedian by the scousers and media with his quips and comments but he had the sense to get out while ahead. A lot of the media still seem to be buying into the Wengo myth of him being more intelligent than the Fat Sam type that's why I find it amusing that that slimy cretin brought an end to Wengo's yawn inducing top 4 trophy malarkey. That is barring a City collapse of gigantic proportions against West Brum and Watford. Although it is no certainty that Wengo will beat Everton in my view if he has to do so. As it is 3 more points and G/D could see City over the line .I think they will beat West Brum and get at least a draw v Watford who like West Ham are unlikely to put their bodies on the line for Wenger. Wenger's biggest problem is that he is the most detested manager for opponents in the game and Pulis is no big fan of his that's for sure. Judging by Pulis's comments yesterday about going to China to see what the owners are giving him next season so it looks like job done for this season and all of his players are getting in the suncream and sunglasses and packing their cases for their holidays. - Post No. 107185

jeff wright  16:06pm 16th May 2017

mbg, when it comes to hypocrisy Wenger is in a league of his own . His comments and rants at Conte yet again reveal Wengo's lack of class.Personally I reckon that Wenger will suffer some severe embarrassment in the Cup Final at the hands of the Italian who along with other top managers and even Fat Sam have Wenger well sussed out.A glance at Wenger's stats v top clubs conclusively proves that to be fact. - Post No. 107186

Hi Berry  17:18pm 16th May 2017

Well, well....there's a thing! This morning I sent an email to igazidis@arsenal.co.uk expressing my views on the numerous statements put forward by Wenger at his press conference on Monday and I have just received a call from someone who has had my message passed on to him from Gazidis' office. Difficult to say whether this was a genuine concerned response or part of an orchestrated charm and PR offensive to placate the growing number of disgruntled fans who may have contacted them over the past few months in order to make us think we are being listened to. Obviously no revelations about what the future holds other than being sympathetic to my opinions saying it was a 'difficult time'. Might be another way of making your voice heard? - Post No. 107187

Cheltenham Gunner  18:00pm 16th May 2017

Good piece Mark, if only we could have a new manager in the mould of Conte. It would be happy days indeed! - Post No. 107188

hibeegunner  18:01pm 16th May 2017

Yes Its Ron My son lives in Newcastle under Lyme and I pay for his and 2 granchildren's season ticket at Stoke. I've only ever been to 1 premier league game and that was last November when I had to go north to a family funeral and managed to get a seat next to the family. For all the stick Stoke get on these blogs all I can say is if my grandson goes near the train ground the players are more than happy to have a photo taken with him and even before saturdays game the Stoke players went over to the family enclosure and had photos take with the kids Butland is his favourite at the moment. I can't imagine something like that happening at the Emirates. I have not attended an arsenal game since the days of GG I felt he was hung out to dry and more's the pity they don't do that with present manager who has failed the once great club far to often. Sorry for the rant. - Post No. 107189

mbg  18:34pm 16th May 2017

Seen the latest Arsenal Tee shirt ? the Arsenal emblem/badge emerging from the chest of a ripped shirt with the head line, it's in the DNA, is it fook, not any more it's being sucked out of thousands of fans and their sons by and thanks to the blood sucking slime ball wenger, how many sons and daughters couldn't be bothered and have no interest whatsoever anymore probably never to return because of him ? that's before you even take into consideration the older fans who had it before the waste of fresh air arrived, nice piece of PR spin there at the right time from the specialist in failures spin department but as usual it's fooling no one, well not everyone anyway. wenger and his infected DNA out. - Post No. 107190

CORNISH GOONER  19:35pm 16th May 2017

Ron, my "La Boss" has graciously accepted your apology re Der Kloppmeister who she says is a genuine, bubbly type of guy with no "side"! I agree & also think the 'Pool are a great club with a fantastic European history which we can only dream of under Le Egotist Supreme. Last night I watched the Chelski players celebrating with Conte - hurling him high into the night sky & making a safe catch on his descent. Heart warming stuff! I would like to see our lot try the same thing after tonight's routine thumping of a diabolical Sunderland team - only just the first bit, ignoring the catching bit. A chap can dream! - Post No. 107191

jjetplane  19:56pm 16th May 2017

Just listening to the match and a goal which means there is someone in the ground. Disallowed (tee hee) and the commentators are whispering as though it was a cricket match with a dog and a pigeon watching. Bigger crowds and better noise in the championship. Next season will be fun with all those Sunday games and all the ST holders lying on their couches with a pillow around their head. Come on City! - Post No. 107192

markymark  21:40pm 16th May 2017

I did an Alsace and went . Steward told me it was a sellout really? Had sold out signs as well! A coach tour could have turned up and all sat together. 20k seats at least available. Lovely warm evening with Wenger in a full artic puffa coat! - Post No. 107193

TOOAW  21:53pm 16th May 2017

Boycott Sunderland???? That is the post. How on earth are the demo's given a chance with people like markymark and alsace. Two faced f@ckers, the pair of them. Herd on the forum told the world last week his Arsenal days are over and he's going to the cup final. The organisers should f@ck the lot of these c@nts off once and for all. Boycott Sunderland was the post. No you did not. - Post No. 107194

mbg  21:59pm 16th May 2017

jw, yes he's the biggest hypocrite this club has ever known alright, probably trying to start some silly mind game with Conte LOL, TOF couldn't play a mind game if it was to save his marriage, he's the one the mind games are played on with great success, just ask fergie, Maureen, etc, etc, notice Conti or indeed any of his players have said nothing or hit back over his rambling and mumbling (I bet that's pissing him off too as he thinks he should be listened to) they all know him and have him in their pocket my guess is their going to wait and do their talking on the pitch and hit the weasel where it hurts, yes another embarrassment on top of all the others could be on the cards for him in the final would it surprise any of us? And it couldn't happen to a more deserving loser. - Post No. 107195

markymark  22:27pm 16th May 2017

TOOAW - ooh angry tonight aren't we! Been on any demos ? Put any money in? Doubt it. And as Alsace said better to be honest than slink in and keep quiet . For the record I've basically boycotted the last 5 years so the odd game is hardly an issue watched by lowest crowd in Emirates history I suspect. - Post No. 107196

TOOAW  22:37pm 16th May 2017

markymark. The plane on Saturday stated out is out. Two faced c@nts like you attend and it is ok. You claim to want the manager out yet with complete disregard to the demo's, you rock up and claim it's ok. Out is out meaning in it for the long haul. You pump your money into the club and it's two faced c@nts like you that deserve another 2 years. - Post No. 107197

markymark  23:04pm 16th May 2017

TOOAW - you need to tone yourself down man. Are you drunk? I can't actually make sense of what you're saying. - Post No. 107198

markymark  23:15pm 16th May 2017

TOOAW - if Wenger gets two more years it will actually be because of people like you. Unable to talk or act rationally. Your voice is simply ignored. The demo I did attend ( you still haven\'t answered if you went on one, so suspect you didn\'t) was well behaved. Wenger out means Wenger Out. Fine no issue with that again well marshalled. Then we have you rolling around on the pavement with a White lightning in your hand. Yeah let\'s all clap the Great drunken sweary oaf! I can swear I\'m hard! You imbecile. - Post No. 107199

TOOAW  23:29pm 16th May 2017

@markymark. "Boycott the Sunderland game if you want a new manager". It cannot get any simpler. You attended. There really is no argument. xissential has slogged his heart out to no avail on the forum for people like you to blow it all out of the water. You need to explain it to him my friend, not me. - Post No. 107200

markymark  23:35pm 16th May 2017

TOOAW - amazing you can actually post without swearing. Now don't hide behind others because we know your soft as putty . Answer a simple question which you have avoided 3 times . What Demo's did you attend and did you contribute? - Post No. 107201

GoonerRon  23:46pm 16th May 2017

It is ok for people on here (an Arsenal fan site) to call our players and manager ****s and God knows what else, but God forbid we call opposition fans names, that just wouldn't be right would it? I think people should look at themselves before becoming the moral guardians of what is said on here. Oh, and FYI, I'm not an 'AKB', I'm pretty sure I've said on countless occasions Wenger's contract shouldn't be renewed. Wanting the team to win, and especially enjoying us beating Stoke (granted, whose fans are not inbred) is not mutually exclusive to wanting a new manger. - Post No. 107202

markymark  23:46pm 16th May 2017

TOOAW - see what I'm getting at is you're calling me out, but baseline you're a hypocrite a no nothint who's sat on the sidelines and decided not to contribute as you'd rather spend it on a few timnies . Too feeble to attend a demo, to in-articulate to write or post meaningful contributions, I bet you didn't even write to Wenger. A basic piece of fodder for John Cross and other journos who can write you off as the lunatic fringe , the very worse thing is to demean me with the use of "my friend" my god I wouldn't go near you if you were on fire. - Post No. 107203

mbg  0:12am 17th May 2017

CORNISH, were Arsenal playing tonight ? we want wenger out we want wenger out. - Post No. 107204

Alsace  12:18pm 18th May 2017

TOOAW is clearly displeased with Mr Wenger. As am I. He expresses the view that we should not turn up. He has a point. That he expresses his chagrin less than felicitously is hardly surprising. We are a mixed ability nation, and as Arsenal fans have a mixed attitude to how closely Mr Wenger should be pursued. We also have times when we are more militant than others. Moscow Gooner would hand OGL over to the KGB for enhanced interrogation. Either of the Ron's would merely show him to the comfy chair and poke him with soft cushions until he left. Simon Rose would argue him to death. TOOAW is angry and goodness knows we can forgive him that, can't we? I would rather not be sworn at, but if I am going to be, I would rather the person doing it were on the correct side of the argument. - Post No. 107245

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