O God of Soccer! One More Chance Please!

By Taiwo Tywo Akintoye

Nigerian Gooner hopes for Arsène to depart after the Cup Final on a high

I really admire Arsene Wenger for the years he has spent and the tremendous transformation he was able to bring to Arsenal Football Club during this period. He is undoubtedly the greatest manager in the history of the club and remains one of the greatest as well in the history of world football at large.

I am a die-hard Arsenal fan from Nigeria, I’m sure many people are already aware of the level of following the club enjoys in my country which is obvious considering the various sponsorship deals they have signed with corporate organizations from here, talking especially about Sterling Bank plc and more recently one of Africa’s biggest telecommunications companies, MTN. The heartbreaks of many years is equally felt by the enduring fans of the club here as much as it is felt by the local London fans and those in other parts of the world. Not many sporting organizations have such a huge reputation yet bring such huge disappointment to its fans like Arsenal football club has done in the last twelve years and I have not seen any other group of fans who can remain as loyal despite the serial failures of those years.

It has become very embarrassing as Arsenal have become a laughing stock for the supporters of other clubs. Blame the board and you will be right. Blame the attitude of the players and you won’t be totally wrong. You could blame it on many factors including the scouting, transfer and wage policies, but putting all the blame on one man could be cruel, though I sometimes blame him too, not for the poor results but for bringing himself this low and making himself the scapegoat for every other person’s sins. Now, what could be wrong with Mr. Wenger? Almost everyone wants him out and that’s understandable because this is not the Arsenal FC we used to know and this is not the Arsenal he built. Okay, I understand he’s given his best but I’m sorry I have to blame him for taking the grace of God upon his life for granted. Yes, I come from a country of highly spiritual people, where every occurrence, good or bad, is believed to be an act of God, so, pardon me.

Before now, Sir Alex Ferguson was the longest serving manager in the same league. He had his own challenges while managing Manchester United FC, but he remained productive till his old age and eventual retirement. Wenger right now is not even as old as SAF when he retired, but his abilities have really dwindled. As successful as Ferguson was, he many times contemplated on his retirement but he hung on because he wanted to leave on a high note and that was exactly what he did when he poached Robin van Persie from Arsenal - who scored twenty goals to win him the club’s 20th league title. To the surprise of everyone including his own players, he smartly announced his retirement immediately and that made his a glorious goodbye.

Unfortunately for Mr. Wenger, despite his achievements in the 90s till the FA Cup triumph of 2005, Arsenal were trophyless for eight seasons until they won another FA Cup in 2014. I understand we didn’t have as much investment in our squad as Ferguson or other managers had in the big clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City. In fact, it was so bad we became a feeder club to these moneybags who came every summer to snatch away our best players, but still, Wenger managed to keep us in the top four of the Premier League. As commendable as that is, I think it beclouded Mr Wenger’s sense of judgment; he overnight became mediocre in a game he once ruled.

While many fans called for his retirement during this trying time of “no trophy”, Wenger was seen by some others as a man giving his best but lacking financial support as a result of the club’s economic strategies. It is obvious now however that Mr. Wenger - with all due respect - is a major part of his own problems. After spending much on players like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Petr Cech, Granit Xhaka, Mustafi etc. he still has not managed to bring the glory days back to the club which is a sign that times have changed and he has refused to change with the times. His excuses don’t work anymore and he has begun to sound like a broken record. Quality, motivation and steel are some of the values missing in the squad Wenger has built and you can’t blame anyone else for that except the manager himself.

If Mr. Wenger was humble enough to know that his time was up, he could have ended on a good note when he broke the trophy jinx in 2014 and bowed out leaving the club in a good financial state, playing in the Champions’ League and having won the prestigious English FA Cup. That was God giving him a chance to leave in a big way but he refused it. God gave him a second chance in 2015 when he finished 3rd and won the FA Cup back to back, yet he refused to heed the warning. From then on, things began to go from bad to worse.

For me, 2015/2016 was the worst season for Arsenal in about 10 years, a season when our major rivals all performed woefully, giving us an opportunity to win the league, yet we still ridiculously lost it to a certain Leicester City FC and got knocked out of every other competition. We ended trophyless again! Rather than see it as a disaster, Wenger believed and even claimed that the team was on the rise having finished 4th then 3rd in the previous seasons and 2nd place behind Leicester in 2016. In his utterances, the next position for 2017 was to finish 1st and win the league for the first time in 13 years, but his tactics failed him, his players failed him and his general abilities have failed him totally.

Well, it is 2017 already and if I thought 2015/2016 was our worst, then I’m sorry 2017 is worse! What could be worse than finishing fifth? Three places below Tottenham! Playing Europa League next season! We have already experienced the worst humiliation ever in our history of participation in the UEFA Champions League, losing 10-2 on aggregate against a very beatable team like Bayern Munich.

Well, we are now fifth with one more round of games to play, but if Liverpool and Man City are not stupid, we are bound to miss out on top four for the first time in about 20 years. Does Arsene Wenger need a prophet to tell him his time is up? Everything is working against him, isn’t it obvious? We don’t even command any respect from English and UEFA referees any more, even our so-called big players get kicked around by Middlesbrough without any protection from officials, every player who “dumped us” in our trying times have been vindicated with league trophies at other clubs! Isn’t it such a shame?

We’ve always been bullied in the transfer market by richer clubs, but now out of the UCL, we will find it even harder to lure big players to join us. Add that to the difficulty in keeping our own biggest players. The situation is very bad right now, but however, God has provided a lifeline to his beloved son, Arsene Wenger, in order to still finish on a high. This is the 2017 FA Cup. I love Arsene Wenger, I respect him a lot, but I think it is time for him to go. My head was thinking he may be forced to leave if we fail to win any trophy and miss out on the top four, but he has done so much for this club that for him to end it in this way would be such a shame.

Assuming we do finish fifth, my heart prays we win the FA cup again, but it won’t be easy against the champions Chelsea. Our last two FA Cup finals were won against lower quality teams like Hull City in 2014 and Aston Villa in 2015 (both now relegated). So, this is the real test of our character and if truly we are willing to bounce back to good times, this is where we should start to prove it, ahead of next season.

The FA Cup is our only hope of a trophy this year, but I care more about it being Arsene Wenger’s third chance; his last chance for a happy ending. Though judging by his body language, Wenger may refuse to leave until he wins the league, which to him might be the only level of success close to “leaving on a high”. But learning from Liverpool and Manchester United, I can see in today’s highly competitive EPL, it’s hard to come back when a big team drops out of the top four and I don’t think Wenger deserves anything to further dent his records and achievements. If there’s indeed a “God of soccer”, I’m sure he loves you Arsene and may he give you victory once again! Now use your last chance of a glorious exit. Use it well, win that trophy and go home as the legend that you truly are.


19th May 2017 09:00:50


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jwe1981  9:05am 19th May 2017


TonyEvans  9:27am 19th May 2017

Wenger is far too up himself to take the opportunity to leave on the potential high of a Wembley cup final win. He didn't in 2014 or 2015 and won't now. Win or lose at Wembley he will be the manager next season unless a miracle happens and the board actually does something. - Post No. 107261

mad max  9:33am 19th May 2017

what,s all this religious nonsense got to do with it, utter garbage article from an akb, WENGER OUT NO NEW CONTRACT, LONG LIVE TONY ADAMS - Post No. 107262

Exeter Gunner  10:26am 19th May 2017

I don't think you understand the man at all. Wenger's God is his own ego and he will listen to that and stay until he is dragged out by the men in white coats. By the way, the greatest ever AFC manager is Herbert Chapman. And 'one of the greatest in the history of world football' is a laughable claim. He's not even won any sort of European trophy. He is a fraud. - Post No. 107265

jeff wright  10:26am 19th May 2017

Until reading this article I didn't realize that it was Comic Relief Day ! Wenger is not and never has been one of the world's top managers .A proper coach can make changes during games to try and turn things around when things are not going well. Wenger can't do that and his fixed usually on 70 minutes substitutions are made regardless of whom is having a good or bad game and are not dependent on the score or other factors . Wenger is a clown .End of. I very much doubt that he will win the FA Cup anyway .He had his chance to leave with some respect and dignity after the fortuitous win in the final against lowly Hull but his arrogance and greed were too much forhim to deal with.I can see him being humliated by Cont's champs at Wembley. On another note with the going getting tough it is no surprise to learn that Keystone Kos is injured again .You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 107266

Ham  10:32am 19th May 2017

TA, you legend and saviour. - Post No. 107267

Seven Kings Gooner1  10:36am 19th May 2017

Thank you Tony Adams for confirming to those of us that have never worked a day in football that Arene Wenger is not a coach - what next, Almunia was never a goalkeeper! - Post No. 107268

Clash  10:50am 19th May 2017

Wenger our greatest manager? Arsene Wenger is the worst thing that ever happened to Arsenal. Stuff the Invincible's, the doubles, the FA Cups and of course the soulless monstrosity that is the Emirates ... none of those are worth the price we have paid. Wenger has destroyed Englands finest football club. Under his tyrannical rule the club has morphed it into something resembling Wenger's own image. Our heart and soul has been ripped out. And we continue to be suffocated by a self-serving egomaniac who claims to love the club when really he only loves himself. The last two thirds of his Arsenal career have been a failure. Why is this man respected when he respects nobody? Wenger is a fraud and a hypocrite. A selfish, deceitful control-freak. A man who even sold his own soul for power and money. A despicable man. A man who should have been dismissed many years ago! - Post No. 107269

Bob Bayliss  11:08am 19th May 2017

I'm afraid you lost me in your first He is undoubtedly the greatest manager in the history of the club". Nonsense. Herbert Champman is probably the greatest football manager in the history of the game. And as far as leaving on a high, that ship has well and truly sailed. Whatever the result of the FA Cup Final, he will be remembered as a vain, indulgent, stubborn man who was happy to coast on a huge salary long after he should have gone. He will be no legend in the eyes of the vast majority of us, despite his earlier achievements for which he has been amply rewarded and over-indulged. - Post No. 107270

The Man From UNCLE  11:33am 19th May 2017

Win the FA Cup next Saturday and then retire, you old fraud. It will at least get you some kudos and allow the new man to come in on something of a high. Unfortunately neither Citeh or the Bin Dippers are going to get you a free pass on Sunday. - Post No. 107271

Redshirtwhitesleeves  12:12pm 19th May 2017

Really enjoyed Tony Adams assessment of Wengers coaching ability or lack thereof. Nice to hear an ex player, and in this case by far the best captain and defender I've seen in my time supporting Arsenal, coming out and slating the old fool. I would love to let big Tone loose in that dressing room when wally, Ozil, Gibbs, Kos, giroud et al have just surrendered yet another game in their customary cowardly fashion! - Post No. 107272

MAF  12:49pm 19th May 2017

As well as facing supporter protests, Wenger has found increased criticism from some former Arsenal players, with the former captain Tony Adams the latest to speak out against him. A new autobiography by Adams, who is managing Granada in Spain, is being serialised in the Sun. “Back in the day I said in an interview coaching wasn’t Arsène’s strong point,” Adams wrote. “Actually in the original draft, I said he couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag. And though I modified that in the final article it didn’t go down well. “It all left me feeling that I would never get a chance in any capacity while Arsene was there. Much as I respected him for his long and successful tenure, my occasional willingness to pass comment on him and the team probably counted against me.” - Post No. 107273

TonyEvans  13:47pm 19th May 2017

Latest news re Wenger's future is a decision is to be made in a board meeting after the cup final. Entirely expected but disappointing nevertheless as it does appear the club are hoping to announce a new contract whilst supporters are basking in the glow of a cup final victory. It's 2014 all over again isn't it - Arsenal win = a happy day but more years of purgatory under the dictator or Arsenal lose = miserable day but possible unbridled joy as Wenger is given the heave ho as a result of the loss. The key word obviously here is 'possible' as there is every chance that the board will delay an announcement if we lose the final, and wait for another chance later in the summer to confirm Wenger is staying. - Post No. 107274

mbg  13:57pm 19th May 2017

The real test of our character ? we've been having more tests of character for eleven years now and failing everytime, how many more tests do you want ? until he gets it right next season ? the season after that? after that after that ? bounce back to good times ? with wenger ? and you say your a die hard goner, it certainly won't be with TOF anyway. Happy ending for wenger ? are you having a laugh ? It's far far far to late for a happy ending now it doesn't matter one iota, in any way shape nor form what happens FA Cup or not, it will change nothing this old arrogant egoistic weasel of a manager doesn't deserve a victory or happy ending after what he has done to this club with all the humiliations and embarrassments and everything that went with them over the years (you've obviously forgotten all about those) he deserves to be kicked out with boos ringing in his ears reputation and legacy ruined, which they already are anyway regardless of God. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107275

mbg  14:34pm 19th May 2017

Exeter, Bob Bayliss, I doubt very much he has even heard of Herbert Chapman, or knows who he is/was, probably would even struggle with George Graham. wenger out now. - Post No. 107276

Bard  15:06pm 19th May 2017

I think the debate has been done to death in all honesty. Its just a question of whether he stays or goes. My view is that he will stay with a proviso that this will be his last contract and he will help prepare for a handover. It will be all spin and bull**** of course but thats to be expected. Why would you walk away from a £8m a year job with no expectations. Also he deluded enough to actually believe that he has exceeded expectations. I believe it will be a colossal misjudgement to stay on. The fan divide will just get worse. Can you imagine the atmosphere if he signs and then we get tonked by one of the other top sides. - Post No. 107277

peter wain  15:22pm 19th May 2017

i think tony adams would have been wiser not to have written this book. It does not show him in a great light and his adventures in coaching are not great. So great player you were but just belt up. - Post No. 107278

mbg  15:48pm 19th May 2017

Well Done, well said big Tone, regardless of publicity for his new book (which i'll be buying)he's telling the truth (so come on the rest of you ex players arse licking luvvies)so that's another enemy for the AKB's and another ex player to hate. @ no new contract, wenger out. - Post No. 107279

Alsace  16:17pm 19th May 2017

Peter, your reaction is an interesting one. I would have thought that Tony Adams is entitled to give his opinion of coaches. He was coached by Don Howe, one of Arsenal's greatest coaches, especially defensively, and also by George Graham, who could also organise a defence. He was an England player under a number of accomplished coaches and managers and by some not so accomplished as well. The fact that he has not enjoyed unbridled success as a coach is clear and apparent to him, and wholly irrelevant. He was a very competent footballer. I am pleased, but not surprised that he has been willing to come out and show his loyalty to Arsenal Football Club, and his dislike of its enemies, which must, by his conduct, now include Arsene Wenger. I have been offered tickets today not having been taken up by Plat and Gold Member. CUP FINAL TICKETS. NOT PURCHASED. The F.A. Cup Final and people don't want to go to it. Wenger has destroyed Arsenal FC as we knew it. - Post No. 107280

Cyril  16:50pm 19th May 2017

Peter, I have just finished reading 'Romford Pele' and he points out that he designed a new back 5 which is true. He also brought in Edu who was a cracking player. Whilst, I am desperate for better tactics, you can't take the 'invincibles' from Wenger. Even the most highly critical [and believe me I have been there] can look back at the golden league trophy as just pure class for a pure class club. TA has gone over the top there. Yes, we can be critical for the last ten years but how many teams have gone unbeaten! - Post No. 107281

jeff wright  16:58pm 19th May 2017

You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs and TA 's comments on Wenger and his lack of tactical and coaching nous fit that scenario like a pair of Ozil's gloves fit his tiny hands. TA though was fair to Wenger when stating that he was the right man for the job at AFC when he first arrived. Indeed it would be churlish to claim other wise seeing as Wenger won the double in his first full season. There was however a warning afterwards of what could happen in the future when Wenger failed to build on that double season and went 4 years without winning anything. I recall that there were some supporters back then questioning if Wenger was really the right man. However, a quick flurry of trophies followed after the 4 year stutter and the myth of Arsene knows best was born and bought into by many . 10 trophyless years though elapsed after the rather fortunate 2005 Cup Final penalty shoot-out win over United and those earlier doubts about Wenger were proven to be correct . With him it's a case of the sum total does not fit the parts. He really has gone well past his sell by date and become stale and boring . Acouple of FA Cup wins does not change that . A man with more self awareness than he possesses would know this and would have left before he was pushed out in acrimonious circumstances .I suspect that this is the fate that awaits Wenger and he can't blame anyone but himself for it when it does happen. And it will happen ,as sure as night follows day and tappy follows tippy ( yawn). - Post No. 107282

Yes its Ron  17:27pm 19th May 2017

i think Adams is entitled to his view but it's informed by his ire felt towards Wenger, so its a distorted one and that makes it potentially a poor or incorrect view. Lest be honest here, tho he was a great player despite technical limitations and he was a great leader, he was though a drunk albeit now reformed. His own Coaching record is absolutely of no merit. No Clubs beat a path to his door as hes no pedigree as a Coach and by the looks of it, he never will have. Im with Wenger on being dismissive of Adams. I could accept his cheap dismissal of Wengers coaching skills if Adams had proved he got some himself.Its a fact that Adams wont ever achieve what AW has. His type of view should have been expressed less crudely or kept to himself in my opinion. That hes gobbed of as he has perhaps explains why nobody apart from 'triffic' but silly Harry Redknapp has ever bothered with him and we all know how that sad lot tuned out at Pompey. Wenger maybe think Admas has been a perennial failure since he hung his boots up and hes right. Hes there now in Spain, on the touchline with Spanish players taking the p--s out of him as they sit on the oppo s bench. Admas should know when to keep stum if he ever wants to be taken seriously which at 50 isnt going to happen now. - Post No. 107283

Yes its Ron  17:40pm 19th May 2017

Hi Tony - yr maybe right re announcement timings. I hope we win the FAC anyway, despite AW and my view on the bloke. In as much as the coaching issue goes, its my view that for the most part AFC have as much prioritised the FAC as Man U have the Europa Cup. Typically though, Arsenal wont admit it. I say this because the 3 at the back thing has (as i see it anyway) been introduced to counter Chelsea's 3 at the back set up. In many ways, to play a side good at 3 at the back you have to play them at the same game so you've got enough bodies to get wide v their back 3. Its this that prompted AFC to give it a go when they did, not so much the run of deplorable PL form and 3 goal defeats. I could be wrong of course. Often am! - Post No. 107284

Yes its Ron  17:56pm 19th May 2017

I think the original article by Taiwo is good. AW will always be argued by some as the best we ve had, as in truth, we ve only had 3 candidates in our history for the title of the best ever. GG is the best for me, but we cant say Wengers case isnt arguable, whatever we think about him now. The FAC would still allow him to go out on a high of sorts if we do win it and i still think we will. Strong gut feeling that Chelsea are very beatable at Wembley if our motley lot believe it can be done. 2-1 Gunners. Young Holding to score 1 from a header off a corner. You heard it here first lads!. - Post No. 107285

Cyril  18:15pm 19th May 2017

Yes Ron about TA. Don't want to dig him out but he finds himself always looking to buy Old Kent Rd when he should try to go for Vine St to get going. Maybe, he will get a half decent contract, but I have also been keeping an eye on him at Granada and he should bin the glasses and loosen up a bit and learn some Spanish. He's in a right pickle there. At present I couldn't even call him a decent supply teacher in a failing school. Must do better TA and cut out the barbs like that as it really comes across as quite spiteful. Sorry about the analogies !! - Post No. 107286

jjetplane  18:36pm 19th May 2017

Could not get on earlier but am ****ing mad about Wenger not giving a toss what Tony Adams says. Tony A delivered that ****ing useless accountant wally trophies on a plate and kept the spine for as long as he good. Without him it could be seen how **** Arsenal are. Cast back to seeing an awestruck Anelka (with a smile) working alongside Adams and Wenger is not even at that race. It was against Everton end of season double time in the sunshine and I am so ****ing drunk on the east lower I could sing! Wenger - whatta bitch! Massive news Usmanov in with bid to bring Arsenal up to Chelsea level. **** off Stan and take Atwood with ya! Article above pile of poop - I'm an atheist! lol! - Post No. 107287

Aylesbury Gooner  18:39pm 19th May 2017

Just seen on Sky sports that Usmanov makes 1 billion bid to buy Kroenkes stake in Arsenal.I know someone who won't be happy about that.Bye bye Wenger. - Post No. 107288

jeff wright  18:39pm 19th May 2017

"Alisher Usmanov has made a £1bn bid to buy out the majority shareholder at Arsenal, according to Sky sources. It is understood Stan Kroenke has yet to formally respond to the offer, but it is expected he will reject it. " Let's hope not ! I agree witgh Ron that TA's comments on Wenger are a case of pique .He lets the cat out the bag when saying that perhaps the board don't see him as being managerial material. The comments about Wenger's obvious lack of tactical and coaching nous are right but then everyone knoes that anyway so TA is not telling us anything new because he has said that before.It seems as though it has been done in a way to attract publicity for his latest book . - Post No. 107289

jjetplane  18:53pm 19th May 2017

Like all the **** about Neville and he is a fine one to talk and what a crap coach he is and get back in the studio blah blah Neville and Adams are proven football men. Bollox to Wenger and the how can you upset are wondrous leader crowd. Whatever coach Adams is I would have him in for Wenger now and maybe he would get Bouldie breathing again. He did it before. Some on here should be moving over to Untold because they already have their we hate Adams articl out and all the streaming fans from around the globe are jumping in on it as they don't even know who Adams is. Here's hoping for a Merseyside double! Tony Adams in the sunshine arms raised - as good as Charlie at Wembley. Know your ****ing Arsenal please! - Post No. 107290

Bard  18:56pm 19th May 2017

Interesting developments re Usmanov. Does Stan need the money for the Rams move ? Does he have the time and interest to oversee a transition. Currently Arsenal are on the slide and they wont reverse that without a change of philosophy and substantial investment. Usmanov is a shrewd operator. He may know something about Stan's position that we dont. I certainly hope so. Stan is a bigger problem than Wenger. - Post No. 107291

TonyEvans  19:14pm 19th May 2017

Hi Ron - I hope we win the cup too. Never mind what the possible effect on Wenger's contract is - who knows when we will get to another final' - Post No. 107292

CORNISH GOONER  19:37pm 19th May 2017

Oh bugger! After todays latest Hulot bull**** I had made up my mind to give 100% support to Plymouth Argyle next season - a proper club with a proper (local) owner, well run & supported by the great Green Army. Many on here testify to the healthier atmosphere in the lower divisions away from the vile corruption of the Premier League. And then Alisher raises my hopes again!!! By the way MBG I do like the comparison of our beloved manager to a weasel - it's funny how many animals he can be likened to. For me though it's The Ostrich every time! - Post No. 107293

MAF  20:17pm 19th May 2017

Usmanov is a fan like the rest of us - he just happens to be a Billionaire with the means to try to do something about the demise of this great club. My prayers are with him and i wish i had the money to help him up his bid until Stan accepted it. Arsenal fans we need to rally being Usmanov !! THERE'S ONLY ONE TONY ADAMS ONE TONY ADAMS - Post No. 107294

mbg  1:29am 20th May 2017

Hopefully more ex players will speak out now and tell it as it is/was, wenger was nothing special just another run of the mill coach (and like big tone says not very good)without George Graham's legacy he'd have been a nobody, he struck it lucky arriving at the right time. Tony might not have the record as a manager as he did as a player as we all know (but remember the weasel wenger had neither) but it's a f*****g shame he might now never be given the chance (just like TOF himself was) to manage his beloved Arsenal just for speaking the truth at exactly the right time about an old over the hill egoistic arrogant c**t of a manager who can't take criticism, the fact he can block him is a f*****g disgrace, but TOF won't be here for ever he's on the way out, and Tony Adams is still a young man with time on his side and plenty off it (unlike wenger)and i'd safely say he will get his chance regardless of the weasel. Well done Tone more of the same, you have the AKB's riled just for telling the truth. There's only one Tony Adams. - Post No. 107295

mbg  3:05am 20th May 2017

jw, your dead right about that shoot out over man yoo, oh how we laughed at fergie on the touch line shaking his head in disbelief as united hit the bar hit the post had balls cleared of the line, and wenger sitting there f*****g clueless just letting it all happen and unfold, and then as the camera flashed to fergie again with keane was it ? still shaking their heads in disbelief as we stole it on pens, oh how we laughed, little did we know back then how the laugh would be on us, and how we escaped one of our many humiliations, hailing TOF as some sort of f*****g tactical genius LOL, we're not laughing now, he certainly had us fooled but not for long his true colours soon shone through and it's been like that ever since with embarrassments and humiliations every season. Go now wenger you embarrassment. There's only one Tony Adams. - Post No. 107296

Petergooner  7:30am 20th May 2017

As many have said the only good thing about this season maybe we still win a trophy and Tottenham have won nothing. Yes I agree we will win 2-1 against Chelsea but "I have had a dream" as someone famous said. It is 1-1 after 90 minutes then there is a corner for Gooners. The ball comes into area and Cesc realises who made him the player he is and then heads the ball into his own net (the Chelsea net). 2-1 THE GOONERS. What a great way to end the season for all us True Gooners (including Cesc). - Post No. 107297

jeff wright  9:37am 20th May 2017

mbg, we are in dangrer of morphing into becoming the spuds !All of this gloating at the prospect of stopping Chelsea winning the double is the sort of petty nonsense that those cretins indulged in for donkeys years with us when we were top dogs in London. Now we are third best and Wenger winning or not winning the FA Cup is not going to change that fact. Teams of won the cup and then been relegated uner the current rules of engagement in football the FA Cup is no longer a big trophy unfortunate but true. Wenger himself has said this in the past and as the actress said to the bishop ,you can't have it both ways. I understand myself where some are coming from on Wenger winning the cup because took that stance on here a few years back but that was years ago and now is now right> I suggested at the time when the top 4 is the main trophy AKB's were not interested in winning the cup that it was Wenger's best hope of ending his yawn inducing decade without winning any since the fortuitous win in Cardiff over United ,that win by the way was not then considered worth celebrating by Wenger so no open bus parade was held. If by chance Wengo wins the cup next weekend I don't believe that he will but he could get lucky again then he should be embarrassed to celebrate that with another parade after finishing so far behind Chelsea in the league and having taken us down below the spuds as well . So in my opinion anyone taking part in another cringe worthy parade by serial specialist in failure Wengo should be embarrassed as well .Especially if they have demanded that Wenger should go.You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 107298

David1  10:45am 20th May 2017

Not sure why you took so long to realise, but this is very old news. I can't stand this AW propaganda BS that he made the club what it is today. He has taken the club backwards in the last 5 or 6 seasons, with generally second rate signings and substandard performances. And the success he achieved between 1998 and 2004? It always fell short of challenging for the CL when the club had its best side. He's possibly on a par with GG, but not than. - Post No. 107299

mbg  11:02am 20th May 2017

jw, some would say we already have, they've spent the last ten years or so worring about us and trying to stop and get the better of us, it was the highlight of their season. And the highlight of ours this last ten ? and the height of our ambition ? is/was St Totteringhams day, you'd think we'd won the league the way some celebrated it, didn't happen this year of course (because of who ?)that even shows how far we've regressed, and that's taken and accepted too without a whimper, then it was hoping the spuds wouldn't win the league, that ambition, although never in doubt was realised, then it would have been the great ambition and achievement of reaching the holy grail of top four again and another invisible trophy, that's been blown out the water now too, and by who ? and because of who ? more regression and again accepted without a whimper, and now ? it's down to hoping and stopping Chelsea doing the double (and saving the AKB's messiah's arse )by winning a Cup wenger despised and aborted for bigger things aided and abetted by his gloating excited ambitiousless AKB's. You couldn't make it up. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107300

jeff wright  11:51am 20th May 2017

All very true mbg, also we have Syrupy turning down Usmanov's offer to buy him out this offer was mad ea month ago but has been for some reason or other kept quiet about by the club . Syrupy has been, as they say in London, on a nice little earner with AFC, considering that he borrowed the dosh to buy out Diamond Danny and co's shares with that has earned him millions. He could be placing his faith in Wengo still coming good for a top 4 spot Liverpool often fail to deliver at home against crappy sides but even they must fancy their chances against Boro and Wenger has to beat Everton anyway .A big problem here could be the Sancho and Lukako futile vying to win the Golden Boot with both teams trying to stop either of the intrepid want away from their clubs duo from scoring ! Perhaps Syrupy is hoping that hapless Arsene ( yawn) wins yet another FA Cup to try and help hide the usual season of failure to challenge for the real top trophies and yet again a season in which more embarrassing defeats were inflicted on us by Wenger's inept management.All a bit murky really all of this Wengo will he sign a new contract or not malarkey .One moment it is claimed that a new contract is on the table for him to consent to sign and now it is said that the 'board ' that doesn't even in reality exist, with the members of this 'board' being in reality like members of Hitler's mock parliament the Reichstag,just stooges who do what they are told by Syrupy Stan .He decides Wenger's fate and it looks like he is prevaricating on what this will be depending on circumstances. No one other than Syrupy knows what he will do and most likely the beleaguered 70s porno star type porn mustachioed wig wearing c*nt doesn't even know yet himself.One thing though is for sure if Wengo fails as is most likely to get a 4th place finish then Syrupy's shares will take a nose dive in value and he will have to resort to doing some asset stripping at AFC .His whole business plan venture sports clubs enterprise is under pressure from various directions here in the UK and also in the good ol' U.S. of A . You couldnt make it up.Anyway if Wengo winning the Cup means that he and Syrupy are staying on then all I can say is come on Chelsea ! Sorry but for me that is what things have now come down to. - Post No. 107301

Bard  12:39pm 20th May 2017

Jeff it does look more and more likely that Wenger will be staying. I think the issue is timing. They will wait until the season is over before announcing it to avoid protests. There will probably be a couple of signings to appease us as with Ozil and away we go for another two years of failure. The only potential hiccup is if we get thrashed by Chelsea next week. It makes no sense to leave a change of manager so late. Liverpool got rid of Hick and Co so it can be done but it will need a lot more than just a few empty seats. As many have posted the Emirates on a Sat is now more a tourist attraction than a football club. so they can fill the ground with overseas visitors. - Post No. 107302

Up For Grabs Now  12:48pm 20th May 2017

@Editor. Why don’t you put up a poll prior to the FA Cup final with the options being: - 1 Arsenal to win the FA Cup, but Wenger signs a new 2-year contract. 2 Arsenal lose the FA Cup final, but Wenger is not offered a new contract. It would be very interesting to see what the percentages would be. Under normal circumstance you would expect a 100% vote for the club winning a real trophy (Not an imaginary fourth placed one!), but I for one, view the bigger trophy of the two to be rid of Wenger, so I would vote for the second option. I hate having to think like this, but what choice do I have? Hence it would be interesting to see how many other people like me and Jeff Wright would be prepared to sacrifice the FA Cup to land an even better imaginary trophy than fourth place! - Post No. 107303

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:00pm 20th May 2017

The only way Arsenal can win the FA Cup is before the game the players lock the dressing room door with Wenger outside it! Then get Frank in there to give the team talk. - Post No. 107304

jjetplane  13:21pm 20th May 2017

The only way Arsenal could win the FA Cup is if JM were still managing Chelsea. Alas it's Conte and Fabregas is arguably their best current player and he knows where his bread is buttered. The worst thing that ever happened to him was meeting The Accountant and he will want to avenge that sordid time. As for the other really big team in London now did you see the Totts at Leicester. Can only say sublime and the goal celebrations are fantastic! Seem to remember AKBs comparing Olly with the one season Kane. Oh you little fools. - Post No. 107305

jeff wright  14:45pm 20th May 2017

I concur with your view Bard that it's more than likely that Wenger will stay than go . The hapless fool is now making noises about accepting a director of football being installed for next season. So he has made another embarrassing for himself blunder by rubbishing a director of football at AFC as not being something that will happen while HE is manager ! Mind you when the clown said that I reckon he was confident of finishing 4th - now he is not so confident of that happening .So if he does miss out then he has now left the door open for himself to sign a new contract - even though this means accepting the humiliating - for himself that is - changes that this will entail. Wenger really is one obnoxious monsieur and there are no depths that he will not lower himself to if that means keeping his job. I pity the poor old DOF who gets to work with him .You couldn't make it up. - Post No. 107306

Moscowgooner  14:53pm 20th May 2017

Jeff - do you honestly think that Kroenke even knows what the FA Cup is? All this talk of his 'commitment' to Arsenal - two games a season, if that! He may be hoping to push Usmanov's bid up. He may feel that the value of the club will appreciate as new TV deals are struck etc. This is an investment for him pure and simple, so he will judge the right moment to sell, but sell he most definitely will. What may trip him up is that whilst he understands balance sheets, he doesn't understand fan sentiment. If things are toxic currently, can you imagine how poisonous things are going to get over the next two seasons under the new contract? In a sense, it's better that ST holders renew and then boycott games because if tickets go on general sales the plastics and tourists will flood in to fill the stadium... I trust there will be a mass exodus at the end of the Everyon game before any lap of appreciation - but perhaps the better approach would be for fans to stay and turn their backs on manager and players? - Post No. 107307

Roy  14:56pm 20th May 2017

All the portents seem to be that Wenger will be staying with the caveat of certain changes in the management structure, win or lose in the cup final. The only thing that may save us is Chelsea giving us a real going over to add to the no 4th place trophy. How far can we actually fall ? I've a feeling we're about to find out, though I don't see him lasting another 2 years when it goes thoroughly tits up. The whole thing is bordering on farce, if it's not already. What an utter joke we've become. - Post No. 107308

jjetplane  15:41pm 20th May 2017

Can understand Wenger questioning what a football director might be on the basis he clearly has not a clue what a coach is! Bouldie is still trying to explain a parked single decker to him! Driver only - see Holding. - Post No. 107309

jeff wright  16:16pm 20th May 2017

Moscow, thanks for the advice but we are all guessing what Syrupy thinks or will do including you! The only thing certain about him is as you rightly say that he has no interest in football - or soccer as he calls it. There could be reasons that we are not aware of as to why he is turning down Usmanov's offer ,cash related natch, other than to try and boost his share price .As things are going his shares will devalue rapidly if everything goes the shape of an American football for him and Wenger in the next two games left to play. However, the fact that Stanley is not going to reveal what he intends doing about Wenger until AFTER the FA Cup final suggests that not finishing 4th is in its self not going to see Wenger gone. So the result of the Cup Final for PR spin purposes might be a factor as to why Stan's decision on Wenger is being delayed. If we get a stuffing off Chelsea and I wouldn't rule that out then it will be interesting to see what the crowd reaction is. Merciless mirth from the chavs of course who have had years of experience in taunting Wenger with their 'We love you Wenger' chants .How our ones respond though is a matter for conjecture ... If it is Wenger out chanting and banners waved then it will be interesting to see how Syrupy reacts. We do know that Sir Chippo flounced off in a rage at Palace when this scenario erupted when Fat Sam gave our Gaelic genius a football lesson - so it could be a rather uncomfortable afternoon for Wenger. The pressure on him will be enormous and he is not known for handling pressure very well. No doubt however that what ever the score is Wenger's 70th minute fixed substitutions will still take place.I suspect that the volatile Conte though will be more cute in his tactics and change them and his subs according to how events are panning out rather than just awarding Brownie points to players in the way that Wenger does. Old Arsene really does struggle when confronted by top managers and his appalling rap sheet on this proves it. - Post No. 107310

BigDaveTheGooner  16:17pm 20th May 2017

How many league titles would Wenger have won without Tony Adams? Not as many,I know that much!!!!! How many league titles did Tony Adams win before Wenger arrived? It certainly shows me that Adams is entitled to an opinion regarding Wenger. Wenger should be eternally grateful for the fact that Adams was the general on the pitch that he could rely on and it most certainly would not surprise me if Adams did the coaching while in the midst of the battle leaving Wenger to take all the plaudits.Wenger has proved time and time again that he is an incompetent coach,cos he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again and as Adams will go down as one of Arsenal's greatest ever captains and certainly a club legend Wenger would do well to remember people are getting fed up with his opinions and constant whining!!!!!! - Post No. 107311

mbg  18:37pm 20th May 2017

Up for Grabs, there's more than you and jw mate, any scenario to get rid of this weasel will get my vote, (and i suspect a hell of a lot more) and as far as i'm concerned it wouldn't be much of a sacrifice the long term gain would be well worth it along with the old fraud getting his comeuppance and humiliated. We want wenger out. - Post No. 107312

mbg  19:13pm 20th May 2017

Moscow, good idea give the AKB wengerites a taste of their own medicine, you know the ones who organised (or tried to)the back turning on our ex players when returning with their ambitious clubs after winning Prem, CL medals with proper ambitious managers, lets see how they like it when the table is turned, maybe they could give us all a few tips in how to go about it like when's the right time to turn for the best effect. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 107313

GoonerRon  23:06pm 20th May 2017

TA is of course entitled to his opinion and he clearly still cares a lot for the club. The fact it's such a sensational headline that happens to be serialised in the Sun from a book he's trying flog makes it sound a bit contrived and slightly childish. The fact is his managerial record is poor so I can see why he hasn't walked into a job with us (or any other club of note) and it doesn't help justify his argument when he's managing a club that just got relegated. People seem to be using this story as a way to point score for either 'side', but surely in the early days Wenger was great for TA and TA was great for Wenger. In the 98 double year when TA was struggling with back and ankle injuries he was allowed to rest and recuperate in the Cote D'Azur when we were struggling and he repaid Wenger by having a great end to the season. When Stephen Hughes sprayed beer on TA's lips during the double celebrations Wenger gave him a bollocking. I'm sure Wenger would admit TA helped the transition to the 01/02 double team when Vieira's captaincy was starting and TA would admit that without Wenger's training methods he probably wouldn't have been playing in 01/02 to become the only captain to win titles in three different decades. It very tiresome that EVERYTHING has to viewed through the Wenger in/out prism - it's ****ing plain and obvious that they have both been massive figures in our wonderful club's history. - Post No. 107314

TonyEvans  8:50am 21st May 2017

So Kronke is in for the long term is he and wants to win the Premier League and make Arsenal a force in Europe! So why is he apparently adamant that Wenger should stay? Surely the two are are mutually exclusive! We really are up sh1t creek without a paddle. As for the cup final I don't think Wenger's future at Arsenal is hanging on the result and as such I have decided to enjoy the match and hope for an Arsenal victory. I don't buy the 'it's only the FA Cup' nonsense, after all how many Spuds fans would gladly swap their runners up spot for the chance of a Wembley final win - most I would wager. - Post No. 107315

Alsace  9:47am 21st May 2017

It's very simple. Losses hurt Wenger. They hurt him physically personally and reputation ally. The more AFC lose under Wenger the more we win in the long run. I don't begrudge fans wanting to enjoy the cup final. I just wish that I could. I won't enjoy games again until he's gone - Post No. 107316

jjetplane  10:22am 21st May 2017

GOONERRON nice one very much in the style of the infamous Westlower. Are you him? Wenger may have brought something to Highbury including a limited vocabulary with every second sentence using the term mental spirit, a box of channel brocculi and one boiled ****ing chicken. Why don't you say like every other AKB that you hate Adams, Wrighty, Merson in no particular order and be done with it. Yours transparency is most amusing. Here's hoping for an Everton win and a tonking from Chelsea. Fingers crossed for WOB hardcore. - Post No. 107317

Exeter Gunner  11:29am 21st May 2017

It does seem like he's staying regardless but finishing 5th and losing the Cup Final weakens his position going into next season. Wenger In/Out dominates everything and it will remain like this until the day he finally goes. He's played a massive part in that being the case. Much as some may wish for it, it will never be the case again that everyone just quietly accepts his unconditional forever reign. - Post No. 107318

jeff wright  11:37am 21st May 2017

TE, the spuds have now swapped places with us ,new stadium being built,tight policy on wages and top 4 is the first trophy to be won to help pay for it all. We on the other hand have regressed from the top 4 trophy not being worth a pocket of brass buttons from not so long ago to the FA Cup now being a top trophy .This non-coincidentally at a time when Wengo is struggling to win a top 4 place before that it was no trophies won for donkeys years but top 4 places always being achieved that justified it . I doubt that many spuds would swap their current position in the league for our one in the league just to play in a Cup final at Wembley .Their record at Wembley is not great anyway these days is it ? They lost in their Champions League group there this term and also in the FA semi-final to Chelsea ! How they get on there next term playing their home games at the not an happy hunting ground for the spuds Wembley rather than at the lane of shame with its sinister atmosphere must be a matter of concern to Pocho. Anyway, let's not put the donkey before the cart regarding Wengo and the Cup Final because he's won nothing yet and if given a choice by his pal Satan between winning today his beloved top 4 trophy or playing in the FA Cup final against Chelsea ,that he is not any cert to win anyway , then I know and you know Tony which of the two options that Wengo would take. I concur with the view that winning the cup will be used to justify Wengo staying on though although even if he doesn't win it other excuses will no doubt be cobbled together to do so. Losing in the final - especially if it is an humiliating FAT Sam type trouncing - could make Wengo's position more untenable if he gets enough abuse from supporters and stick in the media .Sponsors also are now demanding more from clubs for the dosh they give them .Even United are facing a big financial loss if they fail to win a Champion League place from their kit sponsors amounting to 30% of the total amount .So old Syrupy may take note of this with new sponsorship deals in the pipe-line and the 50m deficit that hapless Arsene missing out on the Champions League will cost him.Losing to Chelsea in the Cup may well exacerbate the situation on top of that . So if it helps get shut of Wengo then bring it on say I. - Post No. 107319

GoonerRon  12:03pm 21st May 2017

@ jj - why would I hate Merson, Wright and Adams? There are very few (if any) Arsenal players past or present that I hate, let alone those three who provided some of my favourite ever Arsenal moments. Ok, I might not agree with everything they say or how they put themselves across at times but that's their opinion, style and so be it. As for my comments, I'm pretty sure if there was a conversation between the two that wasn't aimed at selling books or in a press conference I'd be confident what I suggested about them both being good for each other at the time wouldn't be far from the truth. It seems anything that doesn't involve "Wenger is a ****" or similar you will disagree with but hey ho that's life. - Post No. 107320

jjetplane  13:19pm 21st May 2017

Chief cockhead Keown talking about Wenger's 'warmth.' There's was thinking he would be radiating the heat of a corpse. lol! Arsenal are the most indulged, boring club in the PL. Neville is right as Tony Adams always has been. Like his glasses too. Keown is a total bull**** merchant. Never on Tony's level. Remeber Platt to Bouldie to Adams and in the net. PL delivered. Nearly as long ago as the Totts double .... - Post No. 107321

markymark  14:10pm 21st May 2017

Unbelieavable - a guy pen named Bulldog Drummond is claiming Untold's position is to back the boycott protest! Think I've heard it all now. - Post No. 107322

mbg  15:19pm 21st May 2017

TonyEvans, yes if Kroenke want's to win the prem under TOF it just proves he knows fook all about football. wenger out now. - Post No. 107323

Up For Grabs Now  16:53pm 21st May 2017

So, no fourth placed illusionary trophy this season, as for once Wenger’s luck has finally run out, as both Liverpool & Man City didn’t slip up, hence no stooges this time around for the dictator to claim once more how brilliant he is for extending his qualifying record in the CL (Always conveniently leaving out the fact we get eliminated/annihilated at the last 16 stage, making qualifying pointless from a fans perspective). We now move on to what I fear will be the worst FA Cup defeat (losing by more than two goals), I have personally previously experienced (1972 Leeds Utd 1-0, 1978 Ipswich Town 1-0, 1980 WHU 1-0 and lastly 2001 Liverpool 2-1). The first three were fair outcomes, with perhaps Arsenal being slightly unlucky against Leeds Utd. However, the one we should have won hands down out of that lot was ironically when Wenger was in charge against Liverpool, although to be fair to Wenger he has won the other six occasions the club have competed in the finals under his management. If we do get hammered by Chelsea, surely there can be no fans remaining who would want Wenger’s contract extended, would there, especially so now that his own benchmark of finishing inside the top four has also been missed? - Post No. 107324

markymark  17:07pm 21st May 2017

Thursday football in front of micro crowds and the first joined up shouts of Kronke out. Quite frankly Kronke out means Wengo Out in reality so happy for an angry fractious crowd in 2017-18 and also in the knowledge that 2 of the Board reportedly want Wengo Out.w - Post No. 107325

mbg  17:21pm 21st May 2017

Well done Chelsea proper celebrations and proper reasons to bounce, we can only dream, resign now wenger you f*****g fraud. - Post No. 107326

mbg  17:48pm 21st May 2017

Still not saying anything the smirking c**t (what the f**k has he got to smirk about ? Thursday nights C5) So TOF tells us he want's to do what's best for the club, go now you old past it fraud. Wenger out tonight. - Post No. 107327

jjetplane  17:56pm 21st May 2017

Wenger just said 'every club in the world wanted me but I stayed to rebuild the fainling stae of Arsenal and yes you can see I love the club and the money is how you say leedle old rope non .... Penalty I did not see but it was harsh and Klopp is getting favours from the officials every week but now Per is back I think Chelsea will find it hard to score. No protests either and leedle mon uncle cards in a sack so yes I will be staying for maybe five years as we have a lot of work to do yes but Aaron is like a new signing and Santi will be back and maybe we win Europa non? ...' With that the ostrich kicked up some dust as the cheetahs watched from afar. At least the Wengerites are in 7th heaven and with even more ammo to hate Liverpool even more. Last word. Tottenham. Harry Kane. No more finishing above for a decade at least. Wonder what Theo is doing over the summer? .... - Post No. 107328

Bard  18:14pm 21st May 2017

Can you believe it. Just listened to Wenger, 'a great group of players' its the lack of support from the fans thats the problem. I agree it was my fault we got tonked by Bayern. Jesus how deluded can you get. Once again nothing to do with me gov honest. Onwards and downwards. - Post No. 107329

mbg  19:19pm 21st May 2017

Remember how we used to laugh and chant at Tottenham Liverpool and others ? Thursday night's C5, thinking we were superior, yeah right, maybe those wenger followers who followed him all over the place would like to ask the formers fans for the loan of their road maps to god forsaken grounds in the arse hole of no where with a foot of snow on the ground, Where were they today ? maybe when they're there freezing their balls off watching their messiah and the club being embarrassed they'll wish they chanted something else when they had they chance like we want wenger out, comeuppance or what ? - Post No. 107330

jjetplane  19:31pm 21st May 2017

Just heard an AKB on the radio saying Wenger should stay until 2019 and if he were avaiable every club in Europe would want him. Wrong! because as Wenger said himself every club in the world never mind Europe. His knowledge of boiled chicken and how to hoodwink a cheetah in full flight is second to none. Actually - ostrich burgers are very nice with a bit of brocculi and sweet pots. So 2019 it is and the last AKBs standing can celebrate the 100 years of a club that did not exist until Wenger came along. ps Wenger not impressed remotely with Celtic who certainly look alot better than Arsenal presently. Even South Shields do! ****ing failure! - Post No. 107331

CORNISH GOONER  20:02pm 21st May 2017

Well as it's looking increasingly like the 2017/8 is already heading for "tits up" here's my lucrative suggestion to the Arsenal Business for the next season - the renaming of The Emirates to JURASSIC PARK. I would have thought plenty of offers would be forthcoming from LaLa Land to our very own Lala Land? Stanley Out!! - Post No. 107332

CORNISH GOONER  20:52pm 21st May 2017

PS: Shame to hear Bob Wilson over the top praising of Webster this morning & even more incredible the idiotic praise of his "beautiful" football by the Dumb & Dumbers on The Sunday Supplement. Let's hope they are all able to fund their obvious need for dementia care & still have a few shillings left over to pass on to their kids when they snuff it. - Post No. 107333

John F  21:02pm 21st May 2017

Bard I was hoping the next question was do you think the hostility will still be there if you remain as manager.I have been pessimistic about Wenger staying on but the interview he just gave has given me a glimmer of hope that he is considering calling it a day.His body language and his swipe at the fans and he kept saying that the players should stay together as if he was giving advice to his successor .Clucthing at straws I know but I am hoping he set himself a target of top four to stay on.Has anyone else had problems signing in I have worked out I have had to use an ad blocker to do it as a sky bet ad kept blocking me. - Post No. 107334

mbg  21:48pm 21st May 2017

Well all you AKB wengerites happy now ? (and there's worse to come) enjoy Thursday nights C5. - Post No. 107335

CBee  22:02pm 21st May 2017

John F - Didn't hear it myself but apparently on talksport he was saying that he will just add a couple of players in the summer. Sounds like business as usual unfortunately. How f****ing depressing! - Post No. 107336

Suker  1:53am 22nd May 2017

I'm pretty sure that 5th place is a trophy now according to Monsieur Mugabe?! - Post No. 107337

CT Gooner  2:47am 22nd May 2017

When the manager takes the side of the players over the fans, then it's time for the board to step in. Unfortunately, things are so broken at Arsenal they now feel abusing the punters is the way to go. Well I can only hope others like me on the waiting list give the club two fingers and let them know where they can stick there tickets. I think the biggest debate know is do we sell our best player to a domestic rival or BM/Juve this summer?? - Post No. 107338

Yes its Ron  7:56am 22nd May 2017

At last, a few spleen being vented on here and at the stadium towards Kroenke. Hes equally at fault as Wenger is and nothing much if anything at all will change until hes gone. Have to smile at the accusations on here that we 'hate' Tony Adams because a few of us have had the temerity to question his comments about AW. Tony Adams was a great centre back and leader. Most of us loved him as a player. It ends there. As to him taking a coaching job at a Club like Arsenal? Its laughable. Sentiment gets in the way of sound reason with a few on here. No top Club will offer TA a job. He just doesn't have the characteristics, the CV or the ability to Coach at a higher level and its seriously doubtful if has at the lowest levels either. Thank heavens a few of you arent headhunting Wengers eventual replacement! - Post No. 107339

BigDaveTheGooner  11:05am 22nd May 2017

Does anyone think Wenger told Kroenke, you haven't had 5 minutes in football?!?!?! - Post No. 107340

Seven Kings Gooner1  11:15am 22nd May 2017

Morning Ron : You are of course right about TA and it is no disgrace not making it as a coach or manager. Roy Keane could n't do it, Alan Ball, Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst, Glen Hoddle and of course my favourite all time Arsenal player Frank Mclintock. Tony Adams was only ever safe with himself on a football pitch, off it he got into some serious problems. One of the greatest managers, Ferguson, was no footballer but had a instinct with players and understood player motivation. Most good manager are very intelligent but have a sly streak - I think George Graham was a perfect example of that type of manager, he was also the least likely player ever to make a great manager. - Post No. 107341

Yes its Ron  11:38am 22nd May 2017

SKG - Agree with that. Most top Coaches are arrogant too arent they. I think they have to be to succeed. Its a certain type of arrogance though, a type that doesnt detract from their skills as a coach. In my view, Adams has the arrogance of a man that betrays his insecurities. Its quite unhealthy, crude too and deters others from wanting to be too close to him. Thats ok on the pitch as you rightly say, but fatal to somebody who supposedly aspires to manage other top level players. His ' ill kick arse' , bawl out and yawp insanely at them approach wont get him anything apart from disdain and ridicule. Wengers right to dismiss him as he has. - Post No. 107342

mbg  0:07am 23rd May 2017

Maybe there is a God of Soccer after all (whatever soccer is)any real football fans call it football, oh god of Football one more time please. wenger out. - Post No. 107384

Issue #269 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

Online Ed: Another poor Arsenal display on the road just another signpost as we near the end of the Wenger era