The 2017 Gooner Survey is now online

By Kevin Whitcher

Annual poll running since 1989 is now open for your votes

The 2017 Gooner Survey is now live. It will probably take you around 15 minutes to complete, so if you want to get straight into it click here

It’s the 28th year of the survey by my reckoning, and the internet means we are able to get many more responses than in the old days when people used to send in their votes by filling in the pages extracted from the final issue of the season and put them in an envelope to mail to us. Almost seems quaint now.

Anyway, there is plenty to get your teeth into, so I won’t hang around too long and just apologise that it is being launched slightly later than we would have liked, but it’s been that kind of summer here at Gooner Towers.

Everyone who completes the survey has the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw to win one of several Arsenal books (we’ll check with winners to ensure they receive a title they have not got) or a handful of digital subscription for next season by adding their contact details at the end.

The closing date for entries is not until Sunday 9th July so you’ve got a bit of time to reflect on 2016/17 and other aspects of our club, but if you’re ready to get started, just click here.

We’ll post the results of the survey on the website about a week after the survey closes.

27th June 2017 10:42:32


Comments and Reaction

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Herd  11:13am 27th Jun 2017

that was depressing - Post No. 108239

mbg  15:07pm 27th Jun 2017

Herd, yes, what player would we like to keep ? what player would we least like to keep ? etc, I wouldn't shed a bloody tear over any of them, in fact it would probably be good riddance to them all. wenger out. - Post No. 108241

Paulward  18:37pm 27th Jun 2017

Great to see us being so proactive in the transfer market this summer, as we head towards July our total spend is zero, whilst our total sales amount to, well,zero . Fully expect our indecision to be final until well after the customary first day debacle v Leicester.If anybody thought that there were going to be changes at AFC anytime soon, they must be doubting it already. - Post No. 108243

Seven Kings Gooner1  20:55pm 27th Jun 2017

We probably do have a couple players lined up but will not actually move for them until late July/early August, it saves on the salaries during the close season. - Post No. 108244

Time for change  21:36pm 27th Jun 2017

Gooner in, Wenger out. - Post No. 108245

TOOAW  22:51pm 27th Jun 2017

Great survey. I answered all of the questions honestly. BUT. I'm still waiting on the question for the most irritating poster on O.G. I'll give you a clue. He's an Irish daily poster, patronising, non responsive, false, cynical, anti Arsenal fool. I think it may have narrowed it down to one. Roll on the results my friends. - Post No. 108246

mbg  0:29am 28th Jun 2017

Paulward, there's those who thought it alright, and still do, tee hee (we all know who they are, including themselves) just like they always do every season, LOL, god love them it's not right laughing, you'd think they'd have learnt after all this time, it's just a matter of time to the big bang of realisation yet again, and oh what fun we're going to have, well not all of us, i can't wait. wenger out. - Post No. 108247

A Cornish Gooner  0:46am 28th Jun 2017

TOOAW. I didn't know you were Irish. Where in Ireland are you from. - Post No. 108248

Seven Kings Gooner1  9:05am 28th Jun 2017

Fans representation on the board is vital for all football clubs if they wish to keep in contact with their communities. I wish we also had a bit of room for some comments on our answers (it is not a complaint trust me) but for example : "which player would would you most like Arsenal to sign" my answer was Jack Butland, however I would like to add that I believe under our coaching he would probably go backwards. The laughable conclusions to the "shake up" promised at Arsenal made this survey the most depressing one I have ever filled in - most of us know where we will be at the end of the coming season. - Post No. 108249

Paulo75  10:26am 28th Jun 2017

When answering which player was the most disappointing I had a flashback to the image of Theo Walcott doing a mannequin challenge and almost broke down in tears before giving up. The Lacazette situation will drag on until late August before he ends up going elsewhere for more than we are offering. - Post No. 108250

The Man From UNCLE  11:12am 28th Jun 2017

Can I take exception with some of the questions, particularly "who would you keep", "who was most good / disappointing" as there was a very limited selection - almost as if the purveyors of the survey had their own agenda. I would have thought an empty box with the option to fill a name in would have sufficed. - Post No. 108251

gooner.ed  12:13pm 28th Jun 2017

The Man From UNCLE - Re: Can I take exception with some of the questions, particularly "who would you keep", "who was most good / disappointing" as there was a very limited selection - almost as if the purveyors of the survey had their own agenda. I would have thought an empty box with the option to fill a name in would have sufficed.

With such questions there is usually an option that says 'other, please specify' - when you select it, a text box opens for you to fill in your choice. So if you do not wish to vote for one of the suggested choices, you can. Simple - Post No. 108252

DJW  12:34pm 28th Jun 2017

To be fair I voted for Sanchez as player of the year but honestly couldn't think of any players to vote for second or third? - Post No. 108253

peter wain  13:07pm 28th Jun 2017

the lack of transfer activity is laughable when Gazidis talks of catalyst for change does he mean now or sometime in the future. In a few weeks we will get the we cannot compete speech and then the 31 August panic buy day. - Post No. 108254

Yes its Ron  13:33pm 28th Jun 2017

C mon guys, give the Club and Arsene a chance. You all well know we love a busting good trolley dash to grab the last remaining bargains!! Have you all forgotten 2011? Arsene was like a killer whale on the hunt hoovering up the signings! - Post No. 108255

Yes its Ron  13:55pm 28th Jun 2017

A very decent survey Kev but now ive said sell the Wally and the Willy can you please fix it that we do? - Post No. 108256

MAF  15:05pm 28th Jun 2017

Arsene Wenger '' I nearly signed Henry Onyekuru twice. i think we all know why he chose Everton..'' snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come up with a new one arsene - Post No. 108257

A Cornish Gooner  15:25pm 28th Jun 2017

Just seen this on Arsenal News on Twitter. "BREAKING NEWS : Lyon has rejected Arsenal's £50m+Giroud offer for Lacazzette They only want the £50m" - Post No. 108258

CORNISH GOONER  17:17pm 28th Jun 2017

TOOAW - still struggling with your little teaser of a question. Is the answer to the "poster" question, as someone has suggested, YOU or maybe Arlene Foster, although I must have somehow missed her stuff. - Post No. 108259

mbg  17:38pm 28th Jun 2017

SKG, good post, and ref the same question, what difference is it going to make who we sign when we've still got an old long past it manager and loser in charge. wenger out - Post No. 108260

mbg  17:56pm 28th Jun 2017

Paulo75, yes we could have ticked them all, the question should have been most useless. - Post No. 108261

equalizer  18:49pm 28th Jun 2017

I think singling out any of the players is kind of unfair, considering that they hey have no leadership on or off the pitch and are managed by a stubborn, tactically retarded pensioner who acts like a nervous wreck on the sideline. If the past ten years have taught us anything at all surely its that no matter who stays, comes or goes, the results will largely be the same under Clouseau. - Post No. 108263

Arseneknewbest  19:13pm 28th Jun 2017

Cornish - Interesting poser there (and no I'm not talking about our statuesque CF). For me it's a toss(er) up between TOOAW (get off MBG's case - at the very least he's a consistent voice for change in the right direction, and if you read enough of his stuff there's no doubt that he's Arsenal through and through) or the equally irritating Badarse. Ultimately, based on his decision to return - which compares to contracting severe shingles after chicken pox - I'd have to go for the verbose one. I thought there were a lot of leading questions in the survey but given the prevailing mood, it's hard to avoid. Herd is right - that was sooo depressing (not unlike reading badarse's oeuvre on here)...You should try and pump the results out as a press release when they're published - it might help to engender some more negative publicity for the chihuahua and the be'merkinned marauder. - Post No. 108264

A Cornish Gooner  21:52pm 28th Jun 2017

CORNISH. No response from the 'non-responsive' TOOAW yet. Must be working on his latest Untold Misery web site article. - Post No. 108268

TOOAW  22:30pm 28th Jun 2017

mbg..... Arsenal through and through. He he he he. Very funny Akb. Hilarious even. - Post No. 108269

mbg  23:14pm 28th Jun 2017

MAF, so it's twice now, the fool has really lost the plot now, probably even believes it himself he's so far gone, next we'll hear he's tried to sign Ronaldo three times, and been after Messi for eight years, and the funniest thing of all there's bigger fools who'll believe it all. wenger out. - Post No. 108270

Arseneknewbest  8:25am 29th Jun 2017

TOOAW - It's called dissent, or critique if you will. I suppose you think Americans who don't agree with Trump or Brits who have seen the light about Theresa May are unpatriotic and therefore unworthy. Wrong and wrong. Follow your leaders eh? That certainly helps to explain your blind devotion to the man who has reduced this club to a laughing stock, and an owner who is as unhinged as the small handed tango-man that he calls a friend in Washington. It also needs to be pointed out that you're very much a johnny-come-lately on here so you will not have read a lot of MBG's stuff about his time following Arsenal in better days for instance when GG was sat at the manager's desk and the club stood for something (even if stroller was bending the rules by the end of his reign, it was still better than the corporate beige-ness we have now). I contend that you were a little too busy in recent times running the appalling "Unsold Anusol" which was a publication dedicated to the cult (oops nearly spekt that wrong!) of Arsene. Grow up TOOAW! - Post No. 108271

Graham71  10:44am 29th Jun 2017

Ozil Mustafi Xhaka and Giroud in the nominations for player of the season.Its good to see the Gooner still has a sense of humour.Why not include Wally Walcott to make the joke more funny.Just give Sanchez 1,2 and 3 in player of the season because no other player deserves to even be in the running - Post No. 108273

OneBardGooner  19:08pm 29th Jun 2017

I think a' How Can We Get Rid of Wenger Quickly?' ideas section would have been "Fun". - Post No. 108280

markymark  20:02pm 29th Jun 2017

Graham Perry I heard you and saw you at the AISA. You sir are a buffoon. A pink trousered flouncing fool, a puff piece for all that's wrong . Shouted down for your idiocy. Don't try and pretend you are some happy go lucky innocent . You have an agenda and that just holds us back. Congratulations on the 3 other questioners. Ivan had to plead for unity during a chorus of heckling. - Post No. 108282

markymark  21:44pm 29th Jun 2017

For the record if Graham accuses me of lying due to my description. You were in fact wearing a Prince of Wales blazer and greenish strides . Anyway don't care what you were wearing but just to say the only thing that was disgraceful was your deliberate attempt to fillibust the Q and A with your lick spittle eulogy. You were rightly told to clear off. I'll be watching your further postings with interest particularly if you try and say there was a unison of support for you. You deal in lies Graham much like Tony Attwood. - Post No. 108283

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