Summer Arsenal Thoughts

By John Evans

AKA – Don’t raise your hopes

It is always a good opportunity for any football fan to take stock of the way their club is headed during the summer months of inactivity re: the field of play.

Arsene: Are you deluded if you think he can win another title?

It is worth pointing out at this stage that I am 36 years of age and have supported Arsenal since the age of 7 when my father first took me to the old Highbury stadium to watch us play Newcastle in March of 1988. Paul Gascoigne played that day and missed a penalty, he was being heavily linked with a move to Spurs at the time for £1m and I remember asking my dad how a £1m player could ever miss a penalty!

Since that day I have been a regular over the years, taking up a season ticket with my dad at Highbury as soon as all seater stadia was introduced back in the early nineties. I was brought up in a working class household where the mood inside the house would be affected by the result of Arsenal matches on any given day. If Arsenal won my dad would be happy, if they lost his mood would be somewhat darker for the day ahead. You could say he was overly involved but this way of thinking certainly rubbed off on me as a child growing up and I have followed suit to some extent.

I can never remember a time since 1988 where I was not involved mentally with each and every game that Arsenal played so would certainly consider myself ‘a true gooner’ if that is the right phrase.

Looking at the last couple of seasons from a distance certain things stand out to me as clear as day. Two seasons ago we had our best chance in over a decade to lift the Premier League trophy. The stars aligned that season as best they could. All of our so-called major rivals for the title flopped, some in spectacular fashion. Others simply had a very mediocre season and we were left with the simple task of overcoming Leicester and Spurs to be crowned as Champions.

To say we failed that task is an understatement. Not only did we not win the title we failed to even compete. We could not cope with Leicester and finished with a points tally into double figures less than Leicester. Let’s not beat around the bush here, we were pathetic. The truth of that season is that we bottled it 100%. The bar was lowered and we dropped to our knees to go under it still. The fact that some fans celebrated at the end of the season that year as we scrambled to get above Spurs on the last day for 2nd place summed up everything that is wrong at our club for me.

Spurs did not crumble in ‘typical’ Spurs style as some would have you believe at the time. They genuinely thought they could beat Leicester to the title right up until that draw at Stamford Bridge where their own title hopes died. They were not pre-occupied with the thought of merely finishing above Arsenal, they wanted and expected to win the league that season and dropped off once that dream was ended. That is not a character trait of a loser in my opinion, quite the opposite.

Moving on to last season it stands out that two ‘achievements’ have managed to keep Arsene in his job for the last decade without too many grumbles from ‘the fans’. One was that we had managed to finish above Spurs every season that he had been in charge at our club (keeping the fans happy). The second was the annual ability to scramble into the top four and secure a Champions League berth for the next season (keeping the directors happy).

Over the previous decade we had struggled grimly on three separate occasions to keep the Champions League qualification record alive. On all three occasions it was Spurs that we were battling with on the last day and on all three occasions we came out of those last day battles as ‘victors’. Once at home to Wigan in the final ever game at Highbury (lasagne gate!) and then twice needing last day away victories at West Brom and Newcastle to secure the much coveted 4th place trophy.

Last season was different. It wasn’t just different in the sense that we failed to make that 4th place our own. It was different in the sense that the players downed tools on Arsene for the first time ever. Away to West Brom and Palace the players did not play for the manager let alone the club. They did not respond for him when needed as they had done in those previous seasons when we needed a result to nick 4th spot. There was no passion, no mental strength and above all no willingness to help out the man under pressure at the top. Arsene lost the players as simple as that and we paid for it as a club by finishing 5th and outside of the ‘gravy train’ that is Champions League qualification.

The two records that Arsene could cling to as reasons to stay on had gone. His contract was coming to an end. So let us get that into context:

Over the last two seasons we had our best chance to win the league title with just Leicester and Spurs to overcome and not only did we not manage it we didn’t even manage to compete.

The season after that we suffer some of the worst performances by Arsenal in living memory, fail to finish 4th and have to enter the Europa League and also fail (by a distance!) to finish above Spurs which until recent seasons was seen as a given.

Arsene’s contract expires one month after that season ends.

When you take a step away and see the above facts for what they are it seems totally absurd to me that Arsene has still managed to comfortably get himself a new contract. I 100% fail to see how this can in any way shape or form be justified based on the above facts. The performances have dropped, the playing staff changes but the same old failings still exist season after season. Even when give the title on a plate by all the main rivals we can’t cope with the pressure applied from Leicester City.

We as fans are then simply told to accept the decision of the club in awarding Arsene a new contract and get behind the team and manager as normal.

I ask you these simple questions: When in living memory has any other football manager at any club around the world had rallies held by the supporters of the club he manages against his tenure continuing and then been offered a new contract by the club?

When has the away support (the most loyal at any club and is the true representation of the views of real fans at that club) held aloft numerous banners for the manager to leave at a number of games (live on tv) and the manager then be offered a new contract?

I fail to think of this happening at any other club in world football ever. Yet we are told to simply accept the decision, continue to pay in our money as nice little people do and move on.

Let us get one thing very straight here. Arsenal Football Club simply can’t win a Premier League title under the current manager. Chelsea, Utd, City and Liverpool flopping like they did in 2016 is a once in a lifetime event. Even given that dream scenario not only did we not win it, we failed to compete.

Any Arsenal fan that still clings on to any hope that we can be crowned as Champions again under Arsene is beyond deluded in my opinion. There are simply zero facts to back that up, none. People getting caught up in the summer transfer madness are wasting their time. It doesn’t matter who we buy as they will not be managed in the right way to get the most out of their true potential anyway.

The truth is the loyal fans of Arsenal FC have been taken for a ride for a number of years now. We were sold a dream that never existed. The club have lied to us over and over again and continue to do so.

One very recent example of these lies is this.

The club (and manager) say they have no intention of selling Sanchez this summer yet continue to go after Thomas Lemar of Monaco. Lemar can only really play in the same position in the Arsenal line up as Sanchez. He is a very left footed attacking player who plays in behind a striker. Why would Arsenal possibly end up paying £50m+ for a player who plays in the same position on the field of play as Sanchez unless they were trying to replace him before selling him?

Take it from me the chance of Sanchez still being an Arsenal player when the transfer window shuts is next to zero. My prediction for what it is worth is that Arsenal are holding out hoping that an overseas team stumps up the cash but will sell to City if need be for an inflated price near the end of the window. If they can buy Lemar or Mahrez before this then they will feel that is enough to keep the fans at bay.

The real sad thing is it will be, as from this viewpoint, the ‘fans’ these days don’t appear able to wake up and smell the coffee.

The truth is Arsenal have no chance of being champions under the current manager but even given all of the above facts over the last two seasons, which can’t be argued against, the club still decided to ‘reward’ the man in charge with a new deal.

Happy days for all us true gooners then!

Ed’s Note – We welcome views from across the Arsenal spectrum, and publish what is submitted. If you are more positive about the next two seasons, and can see the club winning a first Premier League title since 2004, by all means pen something and submit it to gooner.ed@gmail.com. We can only run what we receive on the site, so if you don’t agree with any of the content, then have your say.

20th July 2017 09:22:33


Comments and Reaction

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Paulward  9:40am 20th Jul 2017

Disagree on Sanchez, not even a board and manager as clueless as ours can score a PR own goal as big as selling Sanchez to City on the eve of a new season, simply can't afford the type of fan negativity that will cause. If a foreign buyer doesn't come in he will run down his deal. - Post No. 108495

SPARKSY  10:13am 20th Jul 2017

When Wenger says that Lacazette will help us get to the next level, i ask myself "what is the next level"? Then i realise that as he has not once has he mentioned challenging for the title, his next level is top 4. That is the total sum of it for the coming season - a top 4 finish and CL qualification again. - Post No. 108496

Big Andy  10:14am 20th Jul 2017

@Paulward: poppycock, old boy! Ever heard of Robin van Persie? John Evans has perfectly described the situation both with Wenger and Sanchez. The club know full well that Sanchez is going and are simply holding out for the best possible bid for the player, wherever he goes. City seem the most eager to get him so they probably will. Whatever happens, Sanchez absolutely will not be allowed to run down his contract and walk away for nothing next year - Arsenal FC simply don't work that way. And, as the club don't give a damn about us fans, Sanchez at Man City won't be a problem for them. - Post No. 108497

Mathews  10:24am 20th Jul 2017

John, to add to your views TV money also too had a part in making the field of play even among teams. Nowadays teams are investing, considering the influx of revenues and are able to get quality players on board. Unlike Arsenal, who chooses to continue with tried and tested like Walcott, Ramsey, Gibbs etc, thinking they will come good some day. Some may call it as loyalty towards players, but I feel its Wenger's arrogance to let go few deadwood. Disrupting the dressing room allegiance or pay structure of the club is what he is more worried than titles and success. - Post No. 108498

Yes its Ron  11:27am 20th Jul 2017

The dismay about the possibility of Sanchez joining Man City is a bit of a waste of time. Like Utd, buying RVP, its mmatters little. Arsenal are not Manch Citys rivals in the reals sense of the word. They want titles and CLs. Like it or not Arsenal arent too serious about such lofty ambitions. Since the 1940s AFC are a Club who think its nice to win a Cup or a league every so often, they dont see it as an essential. Wenger hasnt altered Arsenals culture in that regard at all. Selling such a player to Spurs or Liverpool or Everton would justify the concern of who he joins. If he does join MC there wont be too much fan reaction. Our support just doesnt roll that way. Lets face it too, its time we sold them a decent player!! We ve sold some top notch dross to them this last 8 or 9 years. Perhaps Arsenals conscience about the previous times we ve ripped them off has pricked Arsenes value system? - Post No. 108499

Time for change  12:01pm 20th Jul 2017

Absolutely right John. Wenger and the directors out. - Post No. 108500

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:26pm 20th Jul 2017

Strange thing with Sanchez is that as good as he is, he would be better off staying at Arsenal, considering his style of play. Both Sanchez and Ozil are at the right club, the reason they are at Arsenal is because they are not good enough for Barca, Bayern, Real etc. Under Wenger both of these players can more or less do as they please on the pitch, Wenger does n't mind that Ozil without the ball is a liability and as he does not care where our Chilean star plays on the pitch or who he gets in the way of while wearing a red shirt. At the very top clubs coaches plan every game in ever smaller segments and luxuries like Ozil & Sanchez are just not considered. Man City would suit Sanchez but PG would have to reign in some of his excesses for the benefit of the team overall. - Post No. 108501

TonyEvans  12:29pm 20th Jul 2017

There should be a sign up at The Emirates saying 'abandon hope all who enter here'! I don't know whether to admire or to feel sorry for the likes of Gooner Ron who still try to find some positives with Arsenal under Wenger. He is right though in that if you can't find anything Arsenal to be positive about (like mbg, myself and many others) why bother at all! Can't really answer that one, just habit I suppose and an inability to let go completely. I assume, John, that at least you have ceased to care as much, and Arsenal losing doesn't spoil / detract from your weekend anymore. I at least have achieved that, several years ago now, and am much better for it - that's one positive thing Wenger has done for me in recent years I suppose! - Post No. 108502

Yes its Ron  13:03pm 20th Jul 2017

SKG - Very true. Sanchez wont be an automatic pick at Manch City anyway in my view. A wholly new concept for him to deal with. Yr totally right, both are 2nd tier players. Neither is any great loss really in truth. In my view though, no player in todays game ever is much of a loss. Theyre just short term commodities passing through. Tony, i really believe that football will become a game that people can watch and enjoy without the traditional over attachment to any particular Club. Its headed that way for some years. Tribalism has long since gone. Its where ive been at for 4 or 5 yrs. Heresy it maybe, but Spurs gave a lot of pleasure last Season seeing them give it a go. Gunners are my preferred Club of course but for me, their results now dont reach far on the richter scale, win or lose. Its good to keep abreast of whats happening at Arsenal but like all these Clubs (in my view) none deserve too much loyalty. Deep down the Clubs are happy with 'generalist fans' like me. There are many though. The unbridled passion and fan fervour has gone in the game now, almost across the Board. Its the best way to look at football now for me. The money has rotted the core of the game that you and i once valued so much. - Post No. 108503

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:26pm 20th Jul 2017

Ron you make a good point about being a "general fan" That is me in a nutshell. The up side is you can appreciate both teams that you happen to be watching and you definitely see more of a game, however the downside is that I miss the raw exhaustion and excitement of a close game when your team, in the end comes out on top. - Post No. 108504

TonyEvans  13:38pm 20th Jul 2017

Ron - Yes football is definitely going the way of general, non tribal support. Much healthier I suppose and better for the game as a whole but, as SKG says, I sometimes do miss the raw exhaustion and ultimate high I used to get when Arsenal won a ding dong of a match. Don't miss the awful lows though when the opposite happened! - Post No. 108505

Paulward  14:24pm 20th Jul 2017

Time will tell on Sanchez but quite a bit has changed since we sold van Persie. The financial pressure to sell is not really there, what does 40/50 mill buy you nowadays? Kyle Walker? More importantly Wenger has far less credit in the bank with fans, press and board alike and time is definitely not on his side, he is vulnerable and he knows it. Sanchez to City simply cannot happen this window. - Post No. 108506

John F  15:25pm 20th Jul 2017

Good post SK,Pep does like to bore the pants off people with his possession football game and he may get frustrated with Sanchez who good as he is does lose the ball often when playing Wenger ball (Pep lite).I was reading an article that recounted the sales of Fabregas,Van Persie, Adebayor,Nasri all of which Wenger claimed would be staying.This could be a negotiation tactic to keep Sanchez price high and Lemars lower.What we want with a 38year old singer I don't know perhaps it is for half time entertainment. - Post No. 108507

Highbury Boy  15:36pm 20th Jul 2017

@Paulward; Sorry to spoil your dream but Sanchez will go to the highest bidder at the end of this transfer window. No club can afford to let a £50m plus asset go down the drain let alone one outside the CL gravy train. As others have said City are no longer our rivals. We're not targeting to win the PL but a top 4 finish would more than satisfy the Owner and Manager. Arsenal's (and Arsene's) PR team are pretty strong and will blame the player as being disruptive,arguments with other players,selfish,often dribbling and losing the ball and of course there will be dark rumours that Wenger wanted Sanchez to stay but was overruled by Gazidis/Kronke. The fans will be told to get behind the team especially the new signings Lacazetta and ? Mahrez. And they will. Sanchez will be booed if he returns to Emirates with City and that's the end of the story. - Post No. 108508

Yes its Ron  15:37pm 20th Jul 2017

SK and Tony - Lads, yes, youre right. I suppose i secretly are a bit low when we lose still, but to be honest the thrashings this last 5 yrs all of which i went and watched made me sort of immune to it. Players walk off, barely muddied shorts, smiling and arms round each other etc etc. Next day theyre on social media with some dim orange coloured bint grinning like the gawky idiots most are. They dont give a monkeys f--k, so neither do i. A few like Sanchez do admittedly but not many in my view. I d also ask how many games actually grip us these days? Most are non contact, crab like tip tap games, its not just Arsenal. Im a big cricket fan but i never thought i d see the day where i get more satisfaction from Test and 20/20 Cricket. Ive been that way now for quite some years to be honest. As far as footie goes, i think watching Serie A is better than the PL. I made a point last Season of watching quite a bit of Ita and Sp footie plus the Bundesliga highlights when i could. The PL is nt better. Its spins a good myth that it is. The PL is the league of the 'oft misplaced pass' and 'con the ref' extravaganza. The foreign lads taught us conning yrs back but we ve surpassed them now here. The barmy pen awards in the PL are sickening. Its nigh on every match. The players con them and the opponents just accept it, knowing it ll be their turn later. Footballs lost its heart and soul good and proper. - Post No. 108509

Paulward  15:56pm 20th Jul 2017

On the contrary Highbury boy Arsenal can well afford a 50 million hit, particularly as keeping Sanchez could be the difference between finishing 4th and 5th . City finished one or two points above us last term and were beaten by us in the semi final, pretending we are not rivals is taking things a little bit too far. Sanchez may well go, but it won't be to City, not this window anyway. - Post No. 108510

Moscow Gooner  16:29pm 20th Jul 2017

The article is spot on: of course we´ll never win the league again under Wenger, even a credible challenge is probably beyond us now. Not down to the quality of the team necessarily but rather the spirit of mediocrity and tolerance of failure that saturates the club: I don´t think that that has been a feature of Arsenal ´since the ´40s´ as is suggested. I don´t see Mee, Howe or Graham settling for players switching to ´cruise control´ (Ozil style). Neil maybe. And yes, Sanchez will go. The rhetoric from Wenger and the club is fine - but we´ve heard it all before and frankly I don´t blame the guy wanting to move on at this stage of his career to a club where his team mates offer 100%. Why settle for 4th or 5th in the Premiership and a good run in the Europa? This will be a nasty season, with a bitter divide running through the fan base (again). - Post No. 108511

Yes its Ron  17:37pm 20th Jul 2017

MG - I never said that tolerance of failure etc etc has been part of Arsenals DNA since the 40s. I merely said that chasing titles hasnt been an imperative for Arsenal FC since the 30s effectively. In truth only the old great Liverpool teams, Utd of the last 25 yrs and the modern day Chelsea have made perennial trophy winning their respective sole goals. Arsenal have a greta pedigree and impressive history but its spanned across their whole existence and we ve not dominated for lengthy periods as we idid in the 30s. As you mention it tjhough, it could be said we have tolerated mediocrity. Look at the great players we had under TN. We shd have bagged at least 1 ttile under him i think with those players. Look at the 60s with the great forwards we had, but nobody gave a toss about the sieve we had for a defence back then for yrs. Look at the 70s decline. It took 6 or 7 yrs to arrest that. Wenger can be blamed for many things but hes only carried on with what the Club was about for many decades before him. Wengers crime is to not to maximise our resources as befits the Clubs status in the modern day game this last 6 to 7 yrs via iffy methods of playing and tactical sterility in my view. Hes hardly broken any jealously guarded historic mould of the Club. If we re going to criticise him the brickbats and barbs need to be put in context of what the Club was before he got here. AWs often resorted to saying that and hes entitled to. Hes just stayed too long in reality. No other Arsenal Coach ever has declined through their longevity only. The passage of time has cooked AWs goose, not much else. - Post No. 108512

Highbury Boy  17:48pm 20th Jul 2017

@Paulward. Coming just a few points behind City last season and beating them in the SF of the FACup doesn't make them our rivals. They were in transition with a new manager yet to bring in his players. Yet they were bitterly disappointed at only finishing in Top 4. They are buying new players and building a squad to WIN the title and possibly the CL. Our target is to get in the Top 4 and even if we miss out the Manager has a new contract to show that we are happy to play in Europe. City,United and Chelsea sack managers who don't win the PL. - Post No. 108513

Paulward  18:03pm 20th Jul 2017

My point on Sanchez is that if we keep him for a year our chances of finishing above City are fair, if we sell him directly to City those chances diminish to minimal. I am far from convinced by Guardiola so far in England and his purchases so far this summer have not changed my view, hopefully Kyle Walker will be the new John Stones, and the bloke they bought from Monaco the new Nolito( remember him ?) - Post No. 108514

Seven Kings Gooner1  18:32pm 20th Jul 2017

What this Arsenal team lacks is a collective strength and that can only come from the manager. My father thought George Graham was the cat's whiskers (what he really said was GG was the dog's b*ll*cks) Dad always gave as an example of how you can replace players with lesser players in terms of skill yet overall strengthen the squad. He cited GG replacing Kenny Samson and Viv Anderson, two very skillful full backs, yet Dixon and Winterburn together greatly strengthened and improved the team. That is maybe what is needed now - a new manager of course but a man who can bring in a couple of players who are the right characters to make the team more dynamic and tougher to beat. It's why I like Holding, the boy has a bit of something about him and Wenger deserves credit for bring him to the club. The problem area for me is midfield and I still think Fellaini could makes us stronger as a team - we have plenty of players who can pass a ball and make pretty patterns but we still don't do ugly correctly. When you spend 90 minutes on a pitch up against someone like MF you come off exhausted and battered, I don't think he is a fit for Man U but he is what Arsenal need - perhaps Utd might cough up 30 million + the Belguim for Sanchez, OK so I am being silly but the Arsenal midfield is still work in progress and away from home continues to be very brittle. - Post No. 108515

TOOAW  22:22pm 20th Jul 2017

Nice piece John but there are people who disagree with your opinions, I being one of those. Certainly Liverpool, Tottenham, Newcastle, Everton and blah blah blah would love to be going through our so called 'Demise'. Yet another bad season ahead ?!?!?!? Poor old us eh. - Post No. 108516

equalizer  9:36am 21st Jul 2017

Poor old TOOAW, always looking into the neighbours garden and saying to himself, at least I'm doing better than him! What a way to live. - Post No. 108517

GoonerRon  9:37am 21st Jul 2017

I think Wenger's new contract is a short term marriage of convenience for the board. It seems pretty clear the level of succession planning for post-Wenger was poor/non-existent. My gut feel is with the high number of incoming and outgoing player deals required this summer, plus strengthening the support structures in the club, the board thought Wenger was the safest option as they saw it whilst they got their arse in gear. Perhaps the appointments of Lehmann and Mertesacker into new roles is a signal that this work has started. As for Alexis, the fact that a lot of people are split on what we should do if he doesn't sign a new deal suggests it isn't a cut-and-dried straightforward decision. The fact is only the club can make the most educated assessment because they are talking to the player and his agent. If there are insinuations of him doing a 'Payet' it makes sense to sell (preferably abroad) as if he stays then throws a **** fit in January he will be worth £10m tops in the winter window. If he says he will give his all and the club believe him then keeping him is a financial risk worth taking. I definitely wouldn't want to keep him if he really wanted to leave as is continues to be a saga, is likely to disrupt morale and isn't good for anybody besides is proving a point. I'm not sure £50m+ is good value for showing you're prepared to be stubborn. The overriding factor here is we have to ****ing start learning our lesson about letting players we really want to keep run their contracts down. - Post No. 108518

Seven Kings Gooner1  10:58am 21st Jul 2017

Gooner Ron - The reason the club let players contracts run down is because it saves money!! - pure and simple, it saves money. When ever you talk to a player about renewing a contract it costs the club more money so if you don't engage in talks with your players it keeps them on their current salary and does not give the board any financial shocks or unexpected increases. It does not help the manager at most other clubs but at Arsenal the manager is responsible for the finances and that is why we lose some players. However if you do not target the big trophies it does n't make a blind bit of difference, with or without Sanchez we are not going to win the PL, so why not save some money instead. - Post No. 108519

Moscow Gooner  12:26pm 21st Jul 2017

Good to see Cech having a go at our youngsters for lifting a trophy after the Bayern game. Nauseating pictures frankly - a piece of tin for beating Bayern on penalties in a pre season friendly!!? Selfies too in the dressing room no doubt. Why doesn´t AW get a grip?? - Post No. 108520

Yes its Ron  12:36pm 21st Jul 2017

SKG - Add to that the factor of players not wanting to renew because the better ones, such as Mr Sanchez use Arsenal as a stopping off stage to hopefully bigger and better things, the player retains sole control of his destiny. Why should i hand control over to the Club says the player! Why indeed. Clubs cant make a player sign and even if he privately intends to stay, the shorter his contract gets, the better is his bargaining power. Players rule since Bosman GR. Lets face it too, AFC when they buy a player like Sanchez theyve half an eye on the sell on value before the players even played his first game. Some of our fans never seem to get this. They still see AFC as a big Club with a 'pull' to keep a player long term. Have AFC ever had that? I dont think so. Im not sure theres a Club in the UK now with that wow factor to do that. Utd lose players even when the real Giants come a calling dont they. - Post No. 108521

Exeter Ex  12:44pm 21st Jul 2017

TOOAW - two of the clubs you mention there finished above Arsenal and will play in the CL next season. Wenger himself famously said years ago CL participation is more important than domestic cups. Of course he and his followers say something different now he's not in CL and wins FA cups, but if you're going to use this pathetic 'but there are other teams not doing well' justification for your blatant support of the manager over the club, at least try and pick better examples. - Post No. 108522

peter wain  12:52pm 21st Jul 2017

sanchez will be a city player by the end of August. Wenger has lots of previous concerning this situation. I do not see us signing anymore players despite all the bluster. Quite why we do not buy Van Dyke for £75 million is beyond me. Apart from Kos no other centre half can run so to me it seems a no brainer. - Post No. 108523

mbg  17:23pm 21st Jul 2017

Don't raise your hopes no need to tell myself and a lot of others that mate, we never do and never have and never will, with damm good reason too, tell it to the AKB wengerites who think it's going to be different this season (yet again, lol) with another one of their new dawns, that their getting all moist about already, you couldn't make it up. wenger out. - Post No. 108524

mbg  17:36pm 21st Jul 2017

Big Andy and it won't be a problem for the fans either, (we're well used to the club being ambitionless now,) especially the AKB wengerite luvvies when he spreads the illusion that he wanted him to stay and he tried everything in his power to persuade him to. wenger out. - Post No. 108525

Alsace  17:58pm 21st Jul 2017

The writer of this piece has a praiseworthy grip on reality unlike the manager. What was different about last season and the contract renewal was that the owner showed his utter contempt for the supporters and the board. The Club is his personal fiefdom and like a petulant spoilt child his reaction to criticism is "Who's Queen?". The Czar is our enemy but he's pretty irrelevant to the quality of the team. Wenger remains the target for our anger and I look forward to renewing the barrage of loathing come the new season. - Post No. 108526

CORNISH GOONER  20:02pm 21st Jul 2017

Don't think we will need to spend £75 mill to get a Van Dyke - Arthur is probably confusing the guy with Dick van D? Likes a bargain does Arthur. - Post No. 108527

mbg  1:14am 22nd Jul 2017

I must say it was very thoughtful of the aussies to let their janitor take time out from cleaning duties to pose for a photo. - Post No. 108528

mbg  1:38am 22nd Jul 2017

equaliser, I bet he has great rhubarb. wenger out. - Post No. 108529

A Cornish Gooner  12:05pm 22nd Jul 2017

I see another Arsenal target has slipped through the net. He would have been perfect for the current setup. No not Hedley Lemar. His name: Anthony Scaramucci. We could have been listening to: ‘The manager is really well-loved’. ‘There tends to be a disconnection in terms of some of the things that are going on, and we want to connect that’. ‘Arsenal fans' love of Wenger will shine through in a way it didn't before under his leadership’. The good news though, is that Sean Spicer has suddenly become available. - Post No. 108530

Croker  11:28am 24th Jul 2017

I'm surprised and amazed to see Sanchez and Ozil held in such high esteem. Sanchez is outstanding for Chile but he rarely shone for Barcelona and like Ozil, he disappears for Arsenal when the pressure is on - he's not helped win a match against the top Premier League sides or top Champs League opponents. That can't just be because he is let down by inferior players around him because it goes on and on. I think he is just below the rank of top talent and is a mark of our club's limited ambitions of shopping for second best in the transfer market. - Post No. 108559

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