The Missing Factor That Made Arsenal So Different Was Highbury

By Seven Kings Gooner1

A comment worthy of an article

Ed’s note – Last week, I posted an articled titled ‘Are Arsenal’s values synonymous with success?’, concluding that ‘to me, the Arsenal values espoused by the manager seem to be used as an excuse for failure’. There were some interesting and sympathetic comments, although significantly, not one that argued the values being current espoused can lead to success, or that they were anything but a recent interpretation of the club’s so-called values. There was one comment though, that received a lot of positive reaction and it was suggested that it was worth an article in itself.

Things sure ain't what they used to be...

So with apologies for repetition to those that have already seen it, but the thoughts of Seven Kings Gooner1 justifies a wider audience…

For me the real missing factor that made Arsenal so different was Highbury, leaving that hallowed plot has torn up all the things that made Arsenal a special club. The Art Deco design, the marble halls, the glasshouse where the managers and coaches sat, our floodlights were not hundreds of feet in the air but fixed to the fascia of the east and west stands. Not an advert in sight at the ground or in the programme, and what a programme, the best in the league with it's photos from the previous week’s action.

A marching band - at West Ham the band would stroll out carrying their instruments and a folding chair, plant themselves into a corner of the ground in rough circle and more or less in time would proceed with "Bubbles" then finishing on roughly the same note the "musicians" would traipse off to the four corners of the stadium to polite applause. We had a precision marching band for god’s sake, then at five to three Constable Alex Morgan would perform his magnificent rendition of "My Way".

We had an underground station named after the club, a club crest that belonged in ancient heraldry and a succession of great captains who knew and understood why Arsenal were so different. The club had a commissionaire on the door and lords in the boardroom. When a Blackpool player thought he was being funny, as he was ushered into the temple of football, by asking if "his lordship was attending today's match" with a straight face our uniformed greeter told the player "that his lordship only attended important matches". Said player visibly shrunk a few feet!

We had so much at Highbury and then to crown it all we played a whole season undefeated in the league. Now at the “Bird's Nest" it is just about the money, no characters in the team, strong personalities discouraged by current manager and a club captain is no longer required.

We are run top to bottom by the boss's mate who has thrown away all his love of winning trophies for vice-like control and has developed a propaganda department that would make Pravda look like amateurs.

If I had a time machine I would set it for a Saturday afternoon in November, sometime in the 1960's at five minutes to three just to hear "My Way" sung by a policeman who means more to me about Arsenal in singing his party piece than the whole current management and board put together. Highbury RIP.

31st July 2017 12:39:16


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jwe1981  13:05pm 31st Jul 2017

Certainly the move from Highbury was the nail in coffin of the 'winning mentality' that kev alluded to in his recent article. It was instantly replaced with one that says 'Fourth will do as long as the money keeps coming in to pay for the move of stadium'. Now it seems to sunk even lower than that and has been replaced with '5th or 6th will do as we no longer rely on the champs league revenue as the TV money is so large'. The simple truth of the matter is this - Yesterday I took my six year old son to his first ever game at Arsenal. We went in to the club shop to have a look around, I was interested in buying him a kit for the upcoming season but gave up as the queue was too big! Whilst that is the case why would the club switch back to a 'winning mentality'? 5th is enough to keep the tills ringing and the money rolling in! - Post No. 108629

Yes its Ron  13:13pm 31st Jul 2017

A very good article indeed. Its open to the ' we needed to develop to progress'view, but my view always was pre soulless bowl and remains today that the Club should have developed Highbury to a 50000 capacity as availed them at the time. We may have stayed a medium to large Club (as we were) by doing so, but thats all we are now as its turned out thanks to these esteemed 'values' we now have. AFC isnt the Club it was by any means. Many of us who were once devoted passionate fans now merely 'follow' the Club from the outside. Its a cynical, corporate plaything now for its owner with a less than animated, committed fans base. Its true that football across the board has gone this way to greater or lesser extent for ALL Clubs, but Arsenal is the benchmark for any Club prepared to sacrifice everything a Club is so to enter footballs modern era. Roll on the bursting of the PL and football bubble! Its long overdue. In the meantime those who do frequent AFC at home these days are certainly welcome to it and its 'experience'. - Post No. 108630

Exeter Ex  13:16pm 31st Jul 2017

Glad to see the suggestion to make it an article taken up. It's no longer a sporting institution, just a consumer brand, differentiated by these vague 'values' and the cult of Wenger. But if anyone wants any further reason not to put money into this incarnation of Arsenal, the Trump supporting majority shareholder has just launched a blood sports channel in the UK. What a disgusting example of a human being he truly is. I hope someone asks Wenger about it - how does he square working for such a man with his 'values'? - Post No. 108631

The Man From UNCLE  13:21pm 31st Jul 2017

Exeter - Mr W has eight million reasons why he works for Stan the Man. - Post No. 108632

RobG  13:52pm 31st Jul 2017

Yep. At Highbury we were a football club. At the current ground we are a corporate entity offering 'a match day experience'. Spot the difference! - Post No. 108633

Paulward  14:43pm 31st Jul 2017

Agree with Ron, we should have done what the Scousers have done with Anfield, got to 50000 capacity and stayed put which was doable if we really wanted it.However it is players and managers that win trophys not stadiums, and there's obviously no going back. - Post No. 108635

Gunner Rob  15:39pm 31st Jul 2017

although it is a shame that we left Highbury I think that we have got to move on from that now. At least we are not West Ham and in a completely different area almost. Highbury/The Emirates are very close to each other and you can still go in the same pre match pubs for example (well the ones that have survived!) The problem for me with the Emirates is the corporate bit around the middle which sucks all the atmosphere out of the ground. I think we will all be a bit envious of Spurs new ground when it is finally built, as they are not going to make the same mistake - Post No. 108636

MAF  16:33pm 31st Jul 2017

Wenger’s claim that having the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain going into the final year of their contracts is an “ideal situation” is a touch absurd surely ? the Sun’s back-page claim that Arsenal are happy to ‘write off £125million’. Are we talking about the same Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain here? Wenger sees Arsenal fans as idiots - Post No. 108638

Bard  16:36pm 31st Jul 2017

Its a good post but I cant help feeling that we are harping after something that has long gone. Its not just the stadium thats changed its the game. I dont think there is a shadow of doubt that Arsenal have lost their identity. Basically the new ground is a tourist destination but as long as someone is willing to pay a fortune to go nothing will change. Watching Sunday's piss poor performance I dont think it will be too long before war breaks out again. - Post No. 108639

Bob Bayliss  16:52pm 31st Jul 2017

It is sad that we were swept along by the tidal wave that engulfed football in the wake of the wretched Lord Justice Taylor review. I hear today that Liverpool fans - those directly affected by the events of Hillsborough which triggered that knee-jerk political response - have overwhelmingly voted for the reintroduction of safe standing. Had we simply held our nerve for another decade, we would not have had to leave our beloved ground in order to accommodate 50,000 plus people. It is not as if it led to the promised land of being at the top table of European football, or being serious contenders for domestic champions. - Post No. 108640

John F  17:00pm 31st Jul 2017

Adding to the lack of class since we left Highbury is an owner who is starting a blood sport channel featuring big game hunting.It is a stain on our club that we have ended up with such a despicable man in charge.Makes me wonder what his wig is made of,probably some rare animals bottom hair. - Post No. 108641

Badarse  17:04pm 31st Jul 2017

Yesterday afternoon I entered the Marble Halls-found one, couldn't find any others-and did an Egyptian Sand Dance across the inlaid cannon. I then rushed around to the magnificent new build, bought my programme-good value for a 'Bluey'. Hobbled up many flights with my expensively franchised ratburger, and a unique bottle of 'Arsenal' water the 'holy Arsene' variety. Took a selfie with one of those stick things where painted on the wall it pronounces, 'We're the North Bank', then entered that magnificent stadium's seating area for customers. I sat in comfort as we were unfairly beaten in an exhilarating match. I did the Mexican wave, sometimes whilst sitting as I am an old hand at this, plus have an old leg, yet always managed to 'stand up' because I hate Totteringham. Disappointed that I never got to see the boys play in their new blue strip-£55 for the shirt in the Armoury-then we won the cup. What joy, ticker tape celebrations, what excitement, what a stadium, ahh, the future is a kind of darker red. - Post No. 108642

Paulward  17:32pm 31st Jul 2017

4 goals conceded in two home friendlies tells everyone where the problems are, but don't expect Wenger to address them.Not even being linked with central defenders or defensive midfielders. With no Koscielny and Mustafi doubtful for Leicester can easily see a repeat of the Liverpool debacle last year, cue civil war. - Post No. 108643

Yes its Ron  17:50pm 31st Jul 2017

I fully agree that such as Spurs and Chelsea will benefit from the design flaws in AFCs stadium as will Everton when they build their new place. Arsenals is built for a different climate. The design was filched from Benfica's ground and reproduced here. The modern fan isnt as vociferous and the stadia doesnt allow unity amongst the fans as those of old had but the main fault is that the atmosphere (such as it is) just dissipates into the sky. AFCs stadium looks impressive, but its a pretty awful place really. 'soulless' is being kind to it in my view. The unity of seating and number of the visiting support give the place the only atmosphere it has. If ever there was a case for safe standing, its at Arsenal in my view. Visiting teams must love the place. Theyre fans are louder and its not at all an intimidating venue.It actually says a lot for Wengers teams that visitors arent more successful there. The home crowd is so easily silenced by a brave opponent. The away supporters often ridicule the home support and lack of atmosphere at Arsenal and lets be honest, theyre not wrong. The counter view is that the style of football we ve played since going there is quite boring (pass pass pass, sideays pass, sideways pass etc etc) and doesnt dredge up any enthusiasm. Ive a lot of sympathy for that view. - Post No. 108644

Big Andy  18:50pm 31st Jul 2017

@John F: Totally agree with you. When I read that story today about Kroenke's blood-sport channel I was disgusted. His "customers" get off by watching rare animals like lions and elephants being murdered by ignorant, heartless scum. This vile American has disgraced our wonderful club. - Post No. 108645

CORNISH GOONER  19:48pm 31st Jul 2017

It's the Club/Corporation that make the New Highbury souless. The restoration of a proper, well run PL club would, in my view, quickly eliminate the tourist presence & breed the new generation of dedicated Gunners. Currently, the set up is a sick joke. Walking our dogs, I tried talking footie with my wife as it's currently like winter down here & explained how we won the Emirates trophy. My wife is much brighter than me & didn't see why the team that won both of it's games lost the trophy. I explained that it was all about the rules which had been drawn up by OGL & the question of "golz", an Alsace word, which meant giving those teams with dodgy defences a chance to win. As Quest TV said "a trophy is a trophy" innit? " "You are joking" said my ever sensible wife. Tonight I told her about The Last Straw - Stanley's new Big Game Hunting channel. "You need to find a new Club" she said! - Post No. 108646

John F  19:55pm 31st Jul 2017

"I find it sickening that anyone could want to endanger these animals and turn it into a TV show for entertainment it absolutely boils my blood.The guy and those who contribute and support these practices are scum.Enough is enough these stunning animals are being slaughtered to the point of extinction and for anyone to celebrate it is absolutely repugnant.Arsenal fans have to drive him out.I don't know about you but I wouldn't want this person representing something I love".Kevin Pietersen former England cricketer.Well said. - Post No. 108647

Suker  3:28am 1st Aug 2017

Always remember who you are, what you are and whom you represent!! Something entrenched in the very fibre of this great club.Sadly no more?! - Post No. 108648

markymark  8:11am 1st Aug 2017

John F and Big Andy - very distasteful indeed isn't it. I recently kicked off at Richemont as Panerai watches did a series of hunter watches with cases engraved showing the big 5 . Unbelievable this still goes on. I wonder how Ivan will smooze this one away? - Post No. 108649

The Man From UNCLE  9:07am 1st Aug 2017

Some very good comments re the current state of the game. For me the soul of the game was lost post-Hillsborough, as the powers-that-be recognised that here at last was their chance to "gentrify" the game, thus driving out those annoying plebs who made up most of the support, replacing them with a more affluent, who-cares-less fan base who were more akin to seeing sport as a "product", "entertainment". The supposed "victory" regarding ID cards was spun as the story whilst all-seater stadiums quietly priced the likes of you and I out of the game. I'm sure they modelled the PL on the NFL, with its brash TV coverage and wall-to-wall reporting on who coughed or what your star striker had to eat for breakfast this morning. Now it's all about "the event", go to the game in your £50 replica shirt, pay extortionate prices for food and drink, watch a quite frankly worse standard of football then you were getting 20 years ago, and kid yourself you're having a great time. And of course this is not just football either; rugby, cricket both the same, but with those guys you are seeing the best we have to offer. Not in football though. - Post No. 108650

MAF  9:11am 1st Aug 2017

i preferred the emirates when they used to Play the Elvis song as the Teams were coming on. i thought we might stick with that. naff but united the Stadium for a bit of atmosphere. blimey is Kroenke wrong in just so many ways ?? how did we get so unlucky to get him ? it will end in tears - Post No. 108651

Petergooner  12:28pm 1st Aug 2017

Just read Alexis is back in London. He's not alone either, with the image showing he has his dogs Atom and Humber. Perhaps they will be going on Kroenke's blood-sport channel and protect the wild life by killing Kroenke. That is one way of getting rid of this American idiot who has ruined our club. - Post No. 108652

TonyEvans  12:47pm 1st Aug 2017

Just when you think Arsenal and Wenger can't sink any lower in your estimation they do just that. As others have said first you have Wenger's claptrap about how marvellous it is to have players in the last year of their contracts, and then you discover the club's owner is peddling an appalling blood sports channel! It seems like another lifetime ago when I used to be blasting out 'we are the Arsenal, and we are the best' at Highbury, along with the rest of the North Bank. I really believed it too - what has happened to our club is nothing less than a travesty. - Post No. 108653

The Man From UNCLE  15:49pm 1st Aug 2017

One thing I would say; Highbury wasn't always a cauldron. I can recall plenty of very quiet games there. Mind you a lot of that "atmosphere" thing is a media creation (what? the media create things?) look at Liverpool, the "Roker Roar", "Glory Glory Nights", etc etc. I've been to the old Den at Millwall more than once and wondered what all the fuss was about. - Post No. 108654

Bob Bayliss  16:17pm 1st Aug 2017

Spot on about people using Hillsborough and the political climate as an excuse for gentrification. And when people talk about lamenting the loss of David Dein through rose-tinted glasses, they forget his enthusiasm for the Bond Scheme and changing the character of the matchday experience. He may have been good at negotiating contracts and helping to seal deals, but he was certainly complicit in the gentrification of Highbury and football in general. - Post No. 108655

Yes its Ron  16:46pm 1st Aug 2017

Man from - very, very true but the stadia even 10 yrs back weren't the nigh on morgues they are now. Its all been ratcheted down many decibels. Yr right about Highbury though, back in the day on a cold Sat aft with 22000 in v Coventry etc it was pretty uninspiring wasnt it. Bob - Bang on about Dein. He cared about one thing - Dave Dein. Hes milked his celebrity status though this last 10 years, esp when he used to stroll down the Hornsey Road pre match waving gently to his acolytes surrounded by his 5 henchmen types in similar mouse brown overcoats. Bit of a t--t really. - Post No. 108656

MAF  18:04pm 1st Aug 2017

i think arsenal remain a laughing stock. thank god we are in london and can pull off the odd result in the cup and pay decent wages. thats the only reason Laca, Alexis, Ozil joined. the contract situation at arsenal is a joke, we manage to handle it worse than any other club. No rules No Balls, the law is never laid down to the players. the old man is as weak as they come. hold tight to your *** this season really anything could happen. but feet on the ground facing all of the facts, i dont see any reason at all why this lot break into the top 4 under the old man. - Post No. 108657

Alsace  18:41pm 1st Aug 2017

I miss Highbury as well and part of me wants to but the flats, bulldoze the garden, restructure the stands and lay a new pitch with underfloor heating. We would play first team matches there. The souless bowl could then be used for housing and the incarceration of the thought criminals who love OGL. More seriously, there is nothing wrong with the new stadium. It's just Wenger who makes it a towering bore to go there. - Post No. 108658

CORNISH GOONER  19:35pm 1st Aug 2017

Hardly surprising that the mainstream media aren't too bothered about Stanley's exciting new TV prog but very encouraging that Social Media are extremely bothered. Nice comment on Le Grove pointing out that our Stan supports the killing of most endangered animals apart from a dinosaur! Now, can someone please remind me what are those wonderful, unique qualities that make Arsenal such a special club? Trashed like everything else? There used to be a football club over there. - Post No. 108659

BigDaveTheGooner  20:55pm 1st Aug 2017

I said before this soul less bowl was built,why not just replicate Highbury but in a much bigger version,it did,nt need any planning,it was all there,the players that moved from one stadium to the next would have been familiar,the fans would have had that old feel about the place I,m sure. Instead we are still coming to terms with the new ground and again you can point the finger at Wenger and his input,he pretty much by all accounts help design the ground and his word was final,what a sad state of affairs that is the accountant is now an architect without the qualifications. I gave up my season ticket some 10 years ago and I certainly don't miss that Cess pit,but Highbury I adored and miss,the history the feeling,it was steeped in history and nostalgia,what does the E......s equate too? For me no history and being ripped off,like I said I don't miss it in the slightest. - Post No. 108660

TOOAW  21:43pm 1st Aug 2017

Firstly, a very good post by SKG. Memories are to be remembered and past history is exactly that. Of course we all remember the old Arsenal along with the old Highbury because let's be fair that is why we are all on this site along with other sites which maybe less negative. Secondly, if the owner of AFC is desperate to expand his business by means of a blood sports channel in which the Americans will buy it into the millions, so be it. USA has a vast audience for this kind of thing. Let the man explode in his own ego, it will happen. Lastly, and unfortunately most won't see this but the "soul less bowl" is only as soulless as those in attendance. It could be a cauldron if people get rid of the negativity, ignorance, and begin supporting the Arsenal like the old days. Get in early, sing, support, shout loud.... eh markymark. - Post No. 108661

Arseneknewbest  22:16pm 1st Aug 2017

News of the appalling merkin wearer's foray into tip top quality tv put me in mind of that scene in trainspotting where renton and sick boy are hidden in the bushes with an air rifle. Both talking to each other in sean connery accents: Do you ssshpy the beeesht? Yesh, this preshents no shignificant probelmsh etc. etc. What a sh*tbag. Somebody should tie him to a tree in the rockies covered in crispy bacon. God I loathe that geezer. TOOAW - "So be it" you say. Are there no depths to which your blind loyalty and arslikhan attitude will take you? So be it if there are no rhinos norlions left cos your bemerkinned pal has conspired to kill them all with his gun-toting stateside psycho-buddies. So be it if Stan continues to fook our club into oblivion eh mate? Some gooner you are. - Post No. 108662

John F  23:11pm 1st Aug 2017

I am a bit worried for the Chelsea mascot Stamford the Lion on Sunday.So be it if the odious Wiggy and his TV crew turn up.As for the Souless bowl I have always felt that the club sold too many season tickets which a large amount tended to go to older people about my age whose singing days are over.Our away support is very good and loud and does have a larger number of younger supporters.If the club set aside a section of the ground where the away scheme members would get priority preferably next to the visiting fans then perhaps there might be more of an atmosphere.At the moment it is similar to a Wimbledon tennis crowd and I do hope Arsenal do not sign a player called Tim as I may just explode if I hear a "come on Tim shout". - Post No. 108663

TOOAW  23:30pm 1st Aug 2017

@AKB. Calm down son. Read it again and you will see that I don't like the way the canon is pointing towards the puma on our shirt. - Post No. 108664

Hi Berry  8:38am 2nd Aug 2017

Sorry, but can't agree with those that think the ground is ok. Is it just me or does anyone else get completely knobbed off with the constant stream of people getting up and wandering about during a game. How many times do you have to get up from your seat to allow someone from further up the row go and get a plate of chips? How many times is your view of the match interrupted by someone doing the same in the few rows in front of you? How many times is your concentration disturbed by the constant inane chattering of people around you? Maybe I'm just unlucky on the few occasions I can get to a game, but anyone doing the same in the West Upper at Highbury would have been told to sit down and shut up in no uncertain terms. Awful ground - too many distractions - better suited to a US football/baseball match where the constant stop start nature of the game allows this kind of behaviour. - Post No. 108665

buggleskelly  11:02am 2nd Aug 2017

I've come to this post rather late, but here's my tuppence worth. I too, am old enough to remember the sixties, and the atmosphere at The Old Lady of Avenell Road. Constable Alex Morgan and the Police Band were indeed an institution. On a calm, still evening, you could here him sing as far away as the bus stop on Blackstock Road. "My Way" was more 1970's, though, I can recall more easily, the Italian song repertoire - "Santa Lucia", "Volare"(well before the days of Patrick Viera!)and "O Sole Mio" among others. I think it's about time we remembered another unsung hero of the Highbury days, and that was the stadium announcer. I believe his name was Wally and he was the stadium electrician. He sat in a little box at the back of the East Stand Lower to make his announcements. Who can forget his so polite greeting at the end of the police band's performance of, "Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman - a VERY good afternoon to you..........", before announcing the team changes. Sooo much better than the those moronic dickheads we get now - both the DJ and, more irritatingly, the prat with the beard who leads the so-called "match-day entertainment", with crass interviews, stupid competitions. Who the hell is he? And doesn't he realise how embarrassing he is? Oh for the days of Alex Morgan, the police band and Wally the announcer. At least we got to see Joe Baker and George Eastham in their pomp. - Post No. 108668

Seven Kings Gooner1  18:36pm 2nd Aug 2017

Buggleskelly - great post, I need to dig out my old Arsenal programmes because I am sure they had a play list for the band and dear Alex. I can remember the band playing "Anchors Away" quite a bit, probably because it was Arsenal's theme tune and someone wrote a score for it - something like, and this is from memory: "Send Arsenal up the field for one more goal, no other team can fight like the boys in red and white, long may their glory reign, never let it fade, so lets all shout out with up the Gunners, up the Gunners - goal" it was awful ham, straight out of Harry Enfield but I remember most of it, very sad I know. - Post No. 108679

UTU The Arsenal FC  14:43pm 3rd Aug 2017

Bang On Fella. Highbury will always be my spirital home. Great memories with Good mates watching The Arsenal. The Modern Arsenal won't move forward until the management from top to bottom is changed ! - Post No. 108703

Moscowgooner  17:18pm 3rd Aug 2017

To be fair a lot of what you mention here (band, no ads - and you missed the half time score boards in the corners, which worked up the suspense no end!) belonged to the Highbury of the '60s and early '70s. By the end, as an all seater ground, plastered with ads and sponsorship, I think it looked a bit sad frankly. I think it was right to move to a 60 K plus capacity ground - but everything about the Emirates was wrong from the beginning: the belt of boxes and club level, the open spaces at the back of the stands, the shallow rake of the stands, the pricing policies, where away fans are sited etc etc etc. I think it needs a complete rebuild frankly. Drop the pitch, increase the rake of the stands, single tier at each end, place corporates at the very back of the stands, standing (when it's allowed) - and DROP PRICES! We face the same issues that Juve faced when they left the Stadio Communale. They lasted 20 seasons or so before biting the bullet. - Post No. 108709

Moscowgooner  17:30pm 3rd Aug 2017

Yes it's Ron - well you talk about it being quiet with 22 K versus Coventry, but I remember being in the North Bank in a 22 K crowd, and yes, versus Coventry, in about 1977. The football was dire but the singing in the North Bank throughout the second half - non stop - was superb. (I was there with a West Ham mate who grudgingly told me the atmosphere was far better than Upton Park.) Agree it wasn't always like that but during the '70s a dull game often seemed to bring out the best in the crowd. - Post No. 108711

Yes its Ron  11:28am 4th Aug 2017

MG - Agree re the stadium. Its a shrine to the well heeled though and the corporate support. They have pride of place because the Clubs geared to them and not the ordinary supporters. Isolate the well heeled and the interest would waver and fall. The Club level seats are by far the best views in the ground and for what they pay for them, they cant be shifted now. AFC arent going to do that and to be honest, im not sure that the stadium is able to be re shaped without knocking it down and starting again. Its a stadium on a limited life span anyway due to the concrete technology it was built with. In 12 years that has advanced markedly. Im led to believe from one or two engineers involved that it will crack and deteriorate badly in 50 to 60 years. Maybe it ll at least expose all of those Tottenham shirts that are supposed to be stuffed inside it as it cracks up! - Post No. 108719

Petergooner  12:02pm 4th Aug 2017

Everybody, can we get back to the present day and talk about the team and Arsene's thinking. Today ha has said about Lucos Perez and I quote "I don’t like to lose him because, for me, he’s a top-quality striker" So why did he not use him more and he would have stayed and helped us in all competitions as he gives us a different option and can play wing or central. When he has played he has scored goals and set up goals what more do you want from a striker. It is again Wenger not doing the right thing for the club and not researching his thoughts and tactics before settling on his normal chosen players. For instance how many tiems de he sub Ozil last year when he was not playing well within a game (about twice). You cannot have favourites in this sport. That is why we only have won 3 cups in the last 12 years. No tactics at all. - Post No. 108722

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