Trophy hunting of the wrong sort tarnishes Arsenal by association

By Rocky the King

Gunners now linked to Bloodsports

Arsenal Football Club is rapidly losing any credibility about being a caring club. One could argue that the role of the club is to set an example to all of the Junior Gunners who idolise what the club stands for. As such the club’s efforts to present standards of respect have taken a hit with the revelation that its majority owner has launched a TV channel which glorifies blood sports.

My Outdoor TV is a subscription channel which is popular in the USA with hunting enthusiasts and it boasts that it will show hunting which is ethical and legal. It requires a subscription and therefore will be seen mainly by enthusiasts.

Currently on our TV screens we are seeing efforts to save the Northern White Rhino from Africa, as well as efforts to stop Ivory poaching by the killing of elephants. One would have presumed that Mr Kroenke would have understood the feelings of many people in the UK following the shooting of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe in 2015. An act that spawned outrage the world over and almost got the Dentist involved a criminal record. Yet in keeping with his arrogant disdain for ordinary British people, he chooses “Trump like” to ignore the outcry and pursue his objective regardless. Well this will be one of his biggest public relations gaffes which he will come to regret.

One thing that Stan Kroenke cannot do without however is corporate sponsorship. I cannot imagine many of the club’s biggest sponsors wanting to be associated with the activities which many find so abhorrent. So if Silent Stan thinks that the furore will abate and normal service will be resumed in due course, he is sadly mistaken. He has just given us the ammunition to hunt him down by vilifying the sponsors who condone his behaviour. In the UK, fox hunting is currently banned, badger baiting is outlawed. Hare coursing rarely takes place. So where is this audience for big game hunting? Apart from the glorious 5th and Grouse shooting on the moors, our hunger for hunting on these shores is limited.

Perhaps Arsène Wenger will sidestep the inevitable criticism and questions that will occur at the press conference prior to the Community Shield. Arsène Wenger is apparently a man of principle so I wonder if he will distance himself from this latest venture of the Club’s owner. If he wants to add his voice of outrage then no doubt he will make very strong statements (NOT). For the first time in living memory I can actually say that as a consequence of Stan Kroenke’s actions, I am actually ashamed to be an Arsenal fan. I am not an animal rights protestor, but saving the planet and the endangered species thereupon means something that my children’s children have a right to see and experience.


2nd August 2017 09:53:50


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Badarse  10:26am 2nd Aug 2017

Hi Rocky, long time no connect. Yes it is a disgraceful enterprise, but businessmen often have disgraceful involvements, and there are enough dullards ready to buy into the ugliness-look around you. Sky/BT TV and the marketing has done more to harm the game than any other single thing. Then sponsors use the popularity for the purpose of selling. People buy, which encourages more of the same. We leave the EU and suddenly are confronted with the possibility of eating USA meats enhanced with chemicals. People will buy and people will eat it. That is sadly a reality. Price will dictate, but as a vegetarian I shan't buy.We exist in an unfair society and vote into power uncaring manipulative individuals, then moan about a very fortunate and rich man being the major shareholder at a football club who takes advantage of the template that this society offers. I am an animal rights supporter, no longer a protestor due to my dodgy knee, but still give voice to those without. There is ugliness in the world, and some ugly people perpetuating it. Moaning about it on a football fanzine website doesn't do much good, but then moaning about the current manager of that club also achieves little. Still: 'How do you like your eggs in the morning, (free range)? I like mine with a smile!' - Post No. 108666

TOOAW  10:39am 2nd Aug 2017

Very well spoken Badarse. Just be careful a few on here don't start throwing those eggs. - Post No. 108667

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:35pm 2nd Aug 2017

Good piece Rocky - this will run because money is now involved and sponsors will be horrified, especially once the details of the so called "hunts" are revealed. A lion is taken from a zoo drugged so that it is just about able to stand, released into a controlled area so that some twisted tw*t can kill it and have his photo taken showing what a brave man he is in his spare time - pathetic. I stopped spending money on Arsenal when I twigged what sort of club they had become, however in my wildest nightmares I never thought they would ever sink this low. - Post No. 108669

Yes its Ron  13:21pm 2nd Aug 2017

Good comments by Baddie. None of us should ever be surprised by SKs latest venture thou i knew nothing about it until i saw it mentioned on here. Men like him dont amass the wealth they do without such ventures or by becoming bogged down by values and scruples, plus hes an American and as such is a product of the society in which he was born and lives in. I think it was Napoleon that said words to the effect that to see a man for what he truly is, look at him at age 21 and you ll see that his persona reflects whats around him at that time and he will stay that way. He was a bright fella at times was old Nappo! This stuff about SK is typical mainstream USA both back then and even now. As for the ugliness that Baddie mentions, hes right of course but to what degree we accept, ignore and abhor it depends on what we do with and how we see our lives. For my part, i only look at the beautiful aspects of the World and enjoy them to the full howsoever and whenever i can. There is much to see, do and experience. Baddie, bless him, is of a left leaning persuasion and they can focus too much on the blacker, inequitable sides of lifes events and machinations in our World and for a look at the bigger picture so to give us all some width to our perspectives, its a good thing that they do. SK and his stuff is for him and most sensible people decry such ventures. I dont 'do politics' anymore than i 'do Arsenal'. Its a bit rich when you think that the other guy, the Uzbek bloke who wants Arsenal, whos name i cant recall, has been ridiculed from pillar to post by different people at Arsenal for years. The irony and hypocrisy of it. They're all cut from the same cloth by and large in my view. As a final part of my lecture, i hear the Naymar thing is occurring at some mentally set transfer fee. That's football now. Im so glad that my years of enthusing about football were way back. They and SK, Wenger and whoever else who wants it can keep the modern version of it to themselves. Its no loss to cut it from our lives in my view guys. - Post No. 108670

Rocky the King  15:45pm 2nd Aug 2017

It is so refreshing to see the spectrum of views and alliances that make up the Goonersphere. This is truly an example of the things that unite us being more common than the things that divide us, to misquote a well known phrase. OnlineGooner is a broad church and mainly runs counter to the AKB narrative. This is good, as often non aligned Gooners can then read less propaganda and see that real hardcore Gooners are hurting. It is very important that we make a hullabaloo about this whether we care for animals or not, as this represents one of the few opportunities to make mud stick on the face of Stan Kroenke. We have to make him feel unwelcome to the degree that he calculates that it is not worth it to have his sponsors take up arms against him. So what is needed is a social media boycott of the Arsenal Sponsors who support the blood sports attitude of Kroenke. We need to run campaigns on twitter, Facebook and the mainstream media. We need to get into bed with any allies including BadArse for all of his past Animal rights protesting pedigree and make a hell of a noise. This pressure must be kept up. Someone could photoshop dead trophy animals with the Arsenal cannon logo on their torsos perhaps? The puma shot by the Arsenal cannon was a stroke of genius, but is soft by comparison to mutilated elephants or decapitated lions. As for Yes its Ron, it is so sad to see the pain in his words, the glorious game has become corrupt. The Neymar transfer is symptomatic of the corrupt world that we live in. It will take a lot of humanity to reverse these obscene trends. Money talks, but humanity will silence it. Let's hope that Seven Kings Gooner1 can lead as point man as we begin our assault! The time for action is now. The community shield presents us with an ideal opportunity for bad publicity. Imagine all of those crying Junior Gunners as they realise that Stan Kroenke kills Bambi1 Onward my friends, let's get Kroenke out of our club. Hopefully the next owner will not have ties to the Kremlin (Usmanov - Yes it's Ron) Perhaps the African Billionaire Dangote might step up and buy the club who knows? - Post No. 108671

Ham  16:01pm 2nd Aug 2017

Will any of the journalists actually ask Wenger if these "values" that he espoused recently are compatible with his paymaster's activities? Doubt it somehow - Post No. 108672

Exeter Ex  16:08pm 2nd Aug 2017

I didn't like Kroenke anyway but this is just so sickening. It certainly is an issue to bridge the divide in the fanbase and I think it's good that Rocky the King is giving is further publicity here. Badarse has good principles on this but seems to be of the 'there's nothing to be done' persuasion, calling the article 'moaning'. I think there is something to be done - boycott the club, don't put any money into it until Kroenke is forced to sell his depreciating asset. Then (however unlikely it seems in this modern era) just maybe AFC could start to rediscover what it historically stood for as a football club. - Post No. 108673

Bard  16:09pm 2nd Aug 2017

Good post Rocky; while I am shocked that Stan has made such an appalling error of judgment it may help fuel any anti Stan sentiment, so we have to be grateful for small mercies. As a general post Baddie I agree with much of what you say but its conclusion is 'why bother about anything'. i cant go along with that. I dont agree that protesting against the manager or owner is useless. On the contrary Wenger gets extremely hot under the collar at the first sign of discontent. Signing his new contract has changed nothing. I am certain that at the first sign of the season going tits up as it most definitely will the fans will start protesting again. Stans major faux par has just added fuel to the fire. - Post No. 108674

Ham  17:16pm 2nd Aug 2017

Good post Exeter, we CAN do something, Liverpool supporters were able to drive their unwanted American owners out, no reason why we as a Club can't finally grow a set and do the same. As has been pointed out already, the key is always money, therefore we have to make this very uncomfortable for the sponsors etc - Post No. 108675

CBee  17:52pm 2nd Aug 2017

A petition is up and running on change.org to get Kroenke to stand down form Arsenal FC. - Post No. 108676

Badarse  18:03pm 2nd Aug 2017

Good evening gentlemen, I've been out poaching all day, this evening I shall be frying and tonight I may make an omelette. I would just like to correct Exeter and Bard on their misunderstandings, or misreading of my post. I never suggested that I was of the 'nothing to be done' persuasion, nor did I conclude that I was of a, 'Why bother' outlook. Having put those assumptions to bed I did say moaning on a fanzine website achieves little, and stand by that. Any organised protest is worthy, but as Ron rightly points out these types are so thick skinned-just look at Trump-that there is the real consideration that they will ignore any adverse publicity, await the tailing off of the protest then shrug and continue. To defeat any opponent you have to look for an Achilles heel, engage, then fight for all your worth to succeed. That is not a recipe for throwing in the towel gentlemen, unless the rival is wrapped up in the towel and you are throwing it into a raging river. - Post No. 108677

Exeter Ex  18:27pm 2nd Aug 2017

Badarse - of course the article in itself achieves little, but it's the accumulated 'littles' that count for something. Your use of 'moaning' is a derogatory term for an article of good intent that you should be supporting, even if it's not going to change the world on its own. This matter could be Kroenke's Achilles heel. Of course the billionaire ruling class are mostly sociopathic, if not psychopathic. That's why you target the money - boycott, scare the sponsors. No one is suggesting waving placards outside the Emirates over this. But perhaps your fear that a different owner would mean a different manager is behind your emphasising of the obstacles here? - Post No. 108678

Bard  18:49pm 2nd Aug 2017

Baddie; I dont agree with Ron about how thick skinned they are. On the contrary I would venture they are terrified ( just an opinion) of fans turning against the club in more numbers than last year, hence all the spin. Wenger was on his knees last season. Liverpool fans got rid of Hicks and Gillett. Rocky's article and the points he makes wont bring about change but they put Stan in the dock and add to the general disillusionment surrounding the club. We have been treading water for years if the club really believe they can continue to peddle this mediocrity they are mistaken. Its my view that Wenger wont survive the season. If Rocky's article helps push Stan out all the better. - Post No. 108680

Arseneknewbest  19:07pm 2nd Aug 2017

Supporters of other clubs and the general public also need to line up and pour opprobrium on this awful individual. I have a feeling that a sh*t storm is gathering above the great toupee (which is made of a mix of rayon and tapir's short penis hairs). I know TOOAW won't have a word said against SK (and Badarse's pseudo-intellectul, pseudo-ennui is almost equally nauseating), but to my mind this guy is a complete sh*tbag. I reckon gooners should wear synthetic fur toupess to the charity shield and onwards until this stain is washed away from N London. Capitalism eh? Aren'tchasickofit? - Post No. 108681

John F  19:34pm 2nd Aug 2017

Good post Rocky.Baddie is right you do have to look for his achillies heal and that could be ridicule so Akb's joke about the toupees may actually be effective.Other wise it is difficult to get at a man like wiggy especially as he rarely visits these shores and lives in his billionaire bubble.My only hope is that this time he has not just upset Gooners but the wider community which could lead to a media campaign against him that may have a financial impact.We are in a similar position to Newcastle fans who hate Mike Ashley but cannot get rid of him.Wiggy has not been worried by protests against him in the states by 38000 st Louis fans and the evicted residents from his homestead in Texas one of whom committed suicide .I agree with Ron Wiggy like Ashley has a hide of Rhino,it is a pity they can't have starring roles in his wildlife show. - Post No. 108682

markymark  19:43pm 2nd Aug 2017

Badarse - from a man who apparently did so much protesting all we ever hear is don't bother , can't change anything, mixed with a little gloating now and again. TOOAW is of course the Chief (paid?) gloater in chief . I'm glad he's thrown off his little racist muttering so he can concentrate on regime support. One thing I do have over you both is seeing and hearing the panic in Ivan's voice as he had to plead for unity. Plus I got to see the puffed up Graham Perry with his stump speech. Well worth the admission fee. Believe me Ivan's deft swerve over confirming boardroom disunity did nothing to convince. Oh Baddie if you're protesting days are behind you then fine with me , go find a Moor and shoot some Grouse. For us protesting kids ( of all ages ) we're just not hearing you man. We're going to continue protesting and old Wengo's going to just get more shrivelled and bitter. Plus we've now got a further stick to beat the ugly Kronke with. - Post No. 108683

CORNISH GOONER  20:01pm 2nd Aug 2017

Well, well - so Hill-Wood was right after all "we don't want his sort here"! The .org petition is growing nicely so I respectfully suggest everyone on here adds their names. I do believe that my grand kids will inherit a f****d Environment but that doesn't mean we stop trying to change things for the better - even in the financially degraded world of football (thanks Ron for your realism). If the day of Armageddon does arrive (through the orange American or the chubby Korean) I would like to think that animals might inherit & perhaps make a better job of things. How to wreck a Planet in 400 years! - Post No. 108684

markymark  20:09pm 2nd Aug 2017

One thing to consider is letter campaigns and think about contacting animal welfare charities in regard to raising awareness. Look at writing to Puma . The Emirates could be interesting as hunting is particularly popular so I wonder If much traction will be gained with them. Girard Perregaux (Sowind group) are also developing Arsenal ties. We should look at creating an Arsenal Supporters against big game hunting group. So at least progressives can see that Arsenal supporters do not condone and are not happy about this. Lastly sign the petition . I'll get this done today (100k+) could get Parliament time. - Post No. 108685

OneBardGooner  21:04pm 2nd Aug 2017

Let's be having this right. Kroenke is a C.U.N.T - An evil despicable piece of filth who will do anything for money. We should drug the C.U.N.T and drop him into some wilderness somewhere then hunt him down with Barbed Spikes and make the C.U.N.T suffer before feeding him to a pack of dogs. May he die a slow painful death along with anyone who still hunts for 'fun' and anyone who subscribes to his channel. - Post No. 108686

TOOAW  22:45pm 2nd Aug 2017

@markymark. It was all going so well eh. The gooner family all sticking together like glue on the Kroenke situation, then you decided to insult and offend in only the manner that only you could following on from your chill out glass of red once home from work after working with serial offenders. Now let's get one thing straight. Do you wish to boycott, attend, spend, protest, love, invest, hate,???? You appear to be a bewildered, puzzled fella who can't quite come to terms with life in general and then there is the A.F.C. Seeing and hearing panic in one mans voice doesn't give you the credence that you yearn for. So you've attended an AISA meeting. Congratulations. You seem confused and once confused rather insulting. My stance on the Arsenal is clear, yours a little but muddled and muddy. Now where is that petition?? - Post No. 108687

Alsace  8:02am 3rd Aug 2017

I think that we all know that they are fond of guns. It is a peculiarly British sensibility to be (correctly) grossly offended by the gratuitous slaughter of rare animals, more than it is by the fact of their slaughtering each other in far greater numbers. Be that as it may, this is a stick with which to beat a man who has made it very clear that he hates us and that he hates the club. Let's hope that the noise somehow leads to liberation from a Manager who thinks that we are stupid enough to swallow the line that £150 million worth of transfer fees don't matter. NO surprise that Wenger feels secure enough to talk that kind of nonsense. I hope that Sanchez escapes and I wish that Ozil would get lost. - Post No. 108688

markymark  8:14am 3rd Aug 2017

TOOAW - you always take me for confused. Far from it , Kronke out , Wenger out. Protest takes many forms and therefore I make my feelings known in many ways. Glad your insulted by the way, you insult us with your institunalised Wengo love in. Talking about drinking, were you on the whiskey when you got a bit Nick Griffin? - Post No. 108689

Rocky the King  8:25am 3rd Aug 2017

BEWARE There are several petitions on Change dot org for the same topic. To have maximum impact please sign the one with 60K signatures on twitter, this is the one started by Rhys Brown and states Arsenal Sponsors: Say No to Animal Hunting! #KroenkeOut - Post No. 108690

markymark  8:27am 3rd Aug 2017

TOOAW - I admit I am bewildered you came on here sounding like a hand maiden of Jeremy Corbyn and within a month you became spokesperson for the English Defence League . Mine's a nice Malbec btw. - Post No. 108691

Badarse  9:26am 3rd Aug 2017

Good morning my little souffles-apart from those holidaying in Benidorm-a Spanish omelette good morrow to you chaps. It is amusing that a post is so conveniently, or obtusely misunderstood. Mark of Nark I never said my protesting days are over, please re-read. Currently I am almost unable to walk so demonstrating is on the back burner for the time being. However I can still spit in the eye of the loose principled advantage-takers of today's establishment. My reaction reflects reality. Having posted, three singing from the same page criticise it. So there are three...er, hang on I am good at numbers, six shoulders I would not stand alongside in protest. As it would be dangerous to ever turn my back on most posters, I am left behind, or is that right behind? AKB perhaps you can answer that one, you seem quite up on bottoms. - Post No. 108692

Rocky the King  10:29am 3rd Aug 2017

BadArse, what is this unhealthy preoccupation with EGGS may I ask? LOL! As for the comments which have been adverse towards you, I think that they are sympathetic of your feelings that DIRECT ACTION is better than words, but really, the resort to violence just then distracts the majority from supporting the cause that you feel so strongly about. It plays into their hands and Stan Kroenke would defend himself by complaining about the threats to his person being unacceptable etc etc. Arsenal FC would then be forced to defend their owner upon grounds other than the disgusting enterprise that I have chosen to blog about. So hope you keep well, sorry to hear of your disability ?Arthritis I trust that your hens are free roaming, pasture living or free range and happy! Sorry about the bad y(j)okes!!! C'mon guys sign this petition, retweet the link on my feed or use Rhys Brown's link. Let's get 100K signatures and some airtime on the media! We will BOYCOTT all Arsenal Sponsors unless they make a press statement condemning Stan Kroenke and Arsenal FC. Here's the link again Arsenal Sponsors:Say no to Animal Hunting https://www.change.org/p/kroenkeout-petition by Rhys Brown - Post No. 108693

Yes its Ron  11:57am 3rd Aug 2017

Prefer mine scrambled Baddie, Free range (that would be genuine free range and not the farmers version of free range) with loads of ground black pepper on. Fresh done mushrooms and boiled fresh cut tomatoes. A generous slice of whole grain bread as accompaniment!! - Post No. 108694

Badarse  12:09pm 3rd Aug 2017

Nicely put Rocky, thanks for the well wishes. I ruptured a cruciate playing footie 30 years ago and it wasn't diagnosed. After campaigning and ferreting around I paid for a 2nd diagnosis in Harley Street, (the first was a member of the same Lodge as the surgeon who originally diagnosed bugger all), people change, some people never do! The surgeon was a Mister England who had just operated on Gascoigne and diagnosed within 5 minutes of me sitting down. The operation was unsuccessful due to delay. Told not to continue sports I ignored and suffered. Later in the year I will be known by my grandsons as 'Noonee'. Eggs have been at the heart of many exchanges over the years and has nothing to do with a view that many act as 'Eggmen'. Stop it Ron! I prefer mine as a bald egg, as my young grandson used to say. I remember dipping in my little soldiers, oilcloth tablecloth, sauce bottles and cruets permanently on the table, noting that Heinz were formed the same year as Arsenal, as was Hovis my dad's favourite bread-mine too. Thick cut marmalade, Keiller's was our usual brand, (remember radfordkennedy if you read this?). Zoom! What happened there? That was your life mate. Do I get another? No. That's it I'm afraid. - Post No. 108695

Yes its Ron  12:59pm 3rd Aug 2017

Same breakfast table as me Baddie, with the breadboard on it. formica top at ours. That was 'posh' back then! Oooh, Soldiers. I still do that and im betting you do too. - Post No. 108696

Rocky the King  13:46pm 3rd Aug 2017

Bloody Hell! I had a misspent childhood as I had soldiers and soft boiled eggs too, but I'm buggered if I can cook a soft boiled egg consistently so that after removing from the hot water, the yolk is still soft three minutes later as I prepare to eat it. Or greedy me likes 2 eggs, the first is usually slightly underdone, yet by the time I get to the second, that one has gone hard!!! What am I doing wrong guys? Method Medium sized Egg in cold water, bring to boil and leave boiling for 1 minute exactly, then remove from pan eat within 2 minutes. Or anyone got a better recipe? As for marmalade , always had the Golliwog one, and being Afro-Caribbean I was allowed to! LoL Now those politically correct people don't do golliwog marmalade so unlike Keiller's I cannot have life flash backs like BadArse. As for Eggmen, is that why we called people Numpties (Humpty-Dumpty rhyming slang anyone?) Now go sign this petition! https://www.change.org/p/kroenkeout-petition?recruiter=752630767&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_petition - Post No. 108697

Badarse  13:47pm 3rd Aug 2017

Yes Ron, I still has me soldiers with me bald egg. I am more international now too. Love a Begun Behar-Ruby with boiled eggs-and make a killer veggie kedgeree. Yes those old tables are indelibly printed, aren't they? Now I suppose most kids eat alone, or with their plates on their laps, or tune out at the table by playing with gizmos. What was that Paul? 'Yesterday, all my troubles...' - Post No. 108698

andy1886  13:51pm 3rd Aug 2017

Kroenke is a vile individual and will certainly be a tough nut to crack so I can understand why some might be reluctant to kick up a fuss. Worth remembering that old quote attributed to Edmund Burke though "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". So let's do humanity a favour and take any opportunity we can to give old Wiggy the good kicking that he so thoroughly deserves. - Post No. 108699

Badarse  14:04pm 3rd Aug 2017

Thing is there is a case to be made sometimes for not sitting on ones hands, and never sitting on AKB's hands. I am not an advocate of Ghandi-like peaceful demonstration, nor a direct action course. It is very much horses for courses depending on circumstances. Objecting social media-led links can be worthwhile and seem the best approach to me. I think people need to recognise the difference in cultures. I was amazed that a quarter of a century ago I found a restaurant in California selling zebra, ostrich and even lion steaks. Those I engaged with saw nothing wrong with the practise. As a nation we weaken any argument as we sanction sales of arms to petty despots, ammonia burns on chickens are self-evident, (check out the yellow/orange burn marks on their legs in supermarkets), and our masters and betters practise blood sports. One man's meat and all that, and as a vegetarian I reject them all. - Post No. 108700

Yes its Ron  14:07pm 3rd Aug 2017

Ha ha. Only on here could breakie become a topic! Rocky, i think the perfect yolk should be one thats slightly runny and mainly cooked. Its hard to perfect it but you need to boil slightly longer perhaps? Basically to get a perfectly dipped soldier you need a runny bit. The soldier should ideally be able to stand to attention in it. Correct Baddie? Dont apologise for being mad on eggs matey. I ll often put 5 in for scrambled!! You were clearly a 'Golden Shred' marmalade man re the Gollys. I loved them as did everybody i think. Tucked in behind the main label on the front, with the head sticking out ready to withdraw and stick in the album. Its a poor marmalade now by comparison to the many richer new ones. Its far too sugary for me mate. Happy days. - Post No. 108701

Badarse  14:20pm 3rd Aug 2017

Ahh, sugar Ron. I stopped using much sugar yonks ago and if I have any cereal-very rare-I eat porridge with a sprinkling of brown sugar and I always question it, 'How come you look so good?' Never answers which is a bit rude I think. Anyway back to topic I did eat Shreddies years ago without sugar of course, and quite got a taste for them. About three years ago I had an attack of nostalgia-which generally assaults the senses, nothing more-and bought a pack. They were so sweet even without sugar that I fed it to the birds. Anyone want to discuss lunches? - Post No. 108702

Alsace  15:24pm 3rd Aug 2017

Ahhh Breakfast. Can there in fact be any finer topic of conversation? In the old days on the North Bank at Highbury (What's that you say Mr Kroenke, " What's Highbury?" is it the house that Emma lives in in the film of the same name?), there used to be a point in the game where Alan Slumberland and Rixy and Tony Woodcock would get a bit fagged out and it would go a bit quiet and then we would talk amongst ourselves. During such regular impasses, we would discuss, for example, breakfast. The confluence of flavours involved between hot buttered toast, a piece of nicely cooked egg and Robertson's Golden Shred Marmalade would have been one of Sir Thomas More's great "natural pleasures" had he really thought about it in his "Utopia". Utopia for me would be the search for anew manager being announced as I eat said breakfast. - Post No. 108705

Badarse  16:47pm 3rd Aug 2017

Ah you see Alsace, never the twain. I wouldn't give a tinker's damn for golden or silver shred. It is thick cut seville all the time, Keiller's or Frank Cooper's, ask radfordkennedy on this one. On the subject of breakfasts my brother-long time Netherlander-eats an English Breakfast virtually every morning. Even tea leaves in a teapot. Me I do occasionally enjoy a Full Monty and the gang were in the Hope Café on Sunday eating the all day breakfast as part of our matchday tradition. Incidentally I did just breeze into Highbury, had a few snaps taken with Herbie's bust and my wife's later as I was sitting down and she was standing up-difficult to master that Mexican wave. - Post No. 108706

Arseneknewbest  17:04pm 3rd Aug 2017

Badarse - If everyone on here said they opened their boiled eggs at the sharp end, as it were,you'd inevitably be on here crapping on about the blunt end being the only proper end from which to open an egg. Countries have gone to war on this subject you know. For the record, I resent your inaccurate assertion that I'm obsessed with your fundament-despite your occasional efforts to speak and write with it,it's not exactly the font of all wisdom is it? - Post No. 108707

Moscowgooner  17:08pm 3rd Aug 2017

Corbynista storm in a tea cup frankly. I am pretty sure that the Hill Woods are or were fiox hunters. And I couldn't really give a toss if Stan goes out whaling at weekends - but I do want him out of our football club. If this assists that end, I suppose it would be churlish to raise objections. - Post No. 108708

Badarse  17:24pm 3rd Aug 2017

AKB, opening bald eggs is like peeling a banana, it has to be done from the side. By the way poking someone with a blunt-ended egg is just a gentle way of awakening a person from a far too early hibernation in the forest, where they may have been rehearsing for 'Bottom'. - Post No. 108710

Arseneknewbest  22:56pm 3rd Aug 2017

"Opening bald eggs is like peeling a banana". A new (even lower) low in the depressing gamut of badarsian polemic. 'Kin 'ell mate, that's about as funny as a 2 hour Michael McIntyre soliloquy when you've got toothache. Maybe you've contracted salmonella as a result of sucking too hard on Edwina Currie's huevos...Where is Maguiresbridge by the way? - it's been so long that I've almost forgotten what his basic massage is - something about someone needing to be out but I can't for the life of me remember who. Come back soon mbg. - Post No. 108712

Badarse  8:25am 4th Aug 2017

Good Morn Flakes gentlemen, today this site is an egg-free, free range zone, and an especial one to you too AKB, I'll raise a cup of muesli to you. mbg's in England.Parliament's on holiday so he thinks he is minding the shop. He was spotted loitering around Parliament Square as a prop to his DUP cronies, mimicking his hero jeff wright by hollering, 'MAY DUP!' - Post No. 108713

Exeter Ex  10:18am 4th Aug 2017

MoscowGooner - Not sure what being against the slaughter of endangered species for 'fun' has to do with Corbyn or party politics at all, though you do demonstrate the usual empathy deficit of the right winger in your comment. - Post No. 108714

Badarse  10:22am 4th Aug 2017

Well said Exeter. The comment, like snails thrown at night, had to come from your side of the fence; don't take a fence to that, will you? Walls and Bridges and all that...ta, John. - Post No. 108715

Exeter Ex  10:54am 4th Aug 2017

Badarse - there doesn't appear to be any correlation between views on current and future AFC and broader social / political viewpoints at all. Someone very progressive in other areas may prove to be very conservative when it comes to AFC. And vice versa. - Post No. 108716

Yes its Ron  11:11am 4th Aug 2017

For a bright chap Arsenes becoming ever more transparent in his chat to the media isnt he. Hes saying that the PL is now more of a focus and of greater interest to football fans than is the CL now due to the strengthening of the Clubs this Summer etc etc. For me personally as a largely TV footie follower, hes quite correct in that ive never had much time for that charade of a tournie, the so called 'Champions' league, but hes only saying this now isnt he because hes not in it surely? Must do better Arsene lad! - Post No. 108717

Badarse  11:17am 4th Aug 2017

In essence I agree with the broad concept Exeter. I have locked horns with a number of gay friends who are motivated on behalf of Lesbian/Gay issues but shrink from the support of another minority being victimised by the same clumsiness of state control. That would support the observation of 'correlation', however I deign to disagree on the cloaked point you make. I believe a common thread of characteristics can be identified. It can be nebulous though as differing backgrounds, ages, experiences, education, and geographic locations can all influence. Then personality traits play their part. We go to a demo and stand alongside strangers with a common goal, on a website we learn and share much more, this can create chasms of divisions. We all have prejudices and I suffer from mine. As an example a southern chap wearing a Moan U shirt who has never seen the skies over Old Trollope, thinks he is creating a positive image to others, however to me he can look a berk. Also a brow-beaten man at home takes on an artificial persona on a keyboard. Then sometimes the interpretation can be awry, rather than any discrepancies in the espouser. An interesting subject but I think far too complex to just use a black and white paintbrush in analysing. However analysing is a human trait too, so c'est la vie. - Post No. 108718

Exeter Ex  11:32am 4th Aug 2017

Ron - anyone willing and able to employ the critical faculty should be able to see through Wenger. I see the 'man of principle' also slunk away from giving a view on Kroenke's bloodsport channel. He's a self-interested fraud. Badarse - of course there's a spectrum with other factors and nuances at play. The conservative / progressive example I gave was for the purpose of illustration. However I don't see there's any denying that supporting Wenger and wanting him to continue is a small 'c' conservative position it itself, though an otherwise progressive will of course always shirk from the term. PS I agree on the southern Man U fans, always been a bugbear of mine. - Post No. 108720

Badarse  11:49am 4th Aug 2017

Again Exeter it is your prerogative to paint your own picture. Such strident terms just alienate and if perceived as incorrect create a division. By all means hold onto your unshakeable views as often they can prove to be a crutch in times of doubt. In terms of transparency the small 'c' conservatism alluded to, plus the 'shirked' verb as a given, in my view says more about the gun being fired rather than the target that the bullet is aimed at. Enjoy your day, off out now to buy some cereals. - Post No. 108721

Exeter Ex  12:15pm 4th Aug 2017

Badarse - I'm not going to shirk (that word again) from giving my views just to spare yours or anyone else's feelings - though you were not individually targeted. Your language does illustrate my point - of course I understand why you don't like the 'conservative' label, but it's entirely apt here. An example of what I meant in the comment above: Wenger spends all last season saying his contract issue has no impact - because it suits him at the time as he doesn't want to sign it yet. Then when the season is over he says his contract was a factor - because it now suits him to do so rather than have his methods questioned in the season's failures. Now he says again having several players in the final year of their contract isn't an issue - because that now suits him again in the predicament he has done a large part to create. Another example: Wenger spends years saying it is paramount to qualify for the CL - because this is what he can do. Then when he fails to do so, suddenly the CL isn't so important anymore. These are words of a cynical, self-interested manoeuvrist, depending on the media and most AFC fans not bothering or not being able to make the connections I have just made and many others on this site make. It's as clear as day and as a thinking person you must be able to see this, but I believe it is your sentimental attachment to the man that prevents you from saying so. But if this isn't so, why don't you engage with and counter my view rather than take simply wish a softer, cloudier view is given in the hope you can hide Wenger in the shade provided. - Post No. 108723

Exeter Ex  12:53pm 4th Aug 2017

Furthermore Badarse - you were supportive of my 'strident', 'unshakeable' view that I'm sure Moscowgooner found 'alienating'. You didn't seem to have any problems with my modus operandi in that instance? - Post No. 108724

Yes its Ron  13:43pm 4th Aug 2017

Ex Ex - i suppose in mitigation in the defence of Wenger regrading his comments that his contract issue wasn't a factor etc, he has lately said that it was a mistake on his part that he left it hanging in the air as he did. However, hes ether now saying it to brush over the tracks of his contradictory comments or hes genuine in admitting it was a factor after all. Hes a very eloquent man though he makes many contradictory statements doesn't he and always has. His comments about the CL today are rather silly as its obvious hes changing the thrust of all hes said about the CL vis the PL this last 10 years. He speaks of the ever strengthening of the PL teams to back up his view yet most people, me inc , think that the PL has declined sharply in its quality since circa 2009. He mistakes spending silly cash in large amounts on 2nd rate players by all of the top Clubs in the PL as strengthening. I cant agree with that. Which Club has genuinely strengthened? Have Arsenal? He includes our Club, yet its hard to see if they really have. His next potential piece of cynicism will now be the sale of Sanchez if it happens. Hes hard on the tune of he s staying, but is this true? One wonders what he ll trot out now if hes sold eventually. Hes made a rod for his own back again, but never seems to care too much about that. AW would make an excellent politician for any party in the UK, not so much in France though in my view as he'd be eaten alive there over his contradictory utterances. His half truths, spin, propensity to dodge reality so to massage others perceptions and opinions plus ability to squirm and then to escape censure is made for Parliament here though. Hes a champagne 'socialist' isnt he? Surely Lab could use him somewhere? Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary maybe? - Post No. 108725

A Cornish Gooner  14:28pm 4th Aug 2017

Ron. He'd be referred to as a 'Gauche caviar' in France. - Post No. 108726

Exeter Ex  15:22pm 4th Aug 2017

There's nothing socialist about Wenger, Ron, which perhaps you're indicating through the use of quotes. I see him as more of a globalist neoliberal but with strong protectionist streak, as indicated by his 'socialist' wage structure - a laughable concept when talking about such sums - a mere device for buying the loyalty of average players by paying them above market rate whilst refusing to pay the market rate for star players, hence losing them and providing him with an excuse for his inability to compete whilst simultaneously shoring up his me-focused empire. But my respect for him now is at an all-time low after his cowardly 'I have no information for you' response on Kroenke's bloodsports channel. You weren't asked for 'information', you were asked for your view. It's funny how he has an opinion on everything else under the sun. The man stands for nothing but his own self-perceived interests, what more evidence is needed. - Post No. 108727

Yes its Ron  17:06pm 4th Aug 2017

Ex - Hes difficult to respect nowadays, yet up until 2010 i truly wouldn't say a word against him. Ive always felt that he could have retained all of my respect had he have fallen on his sword in Aug 2011. The day of the clubs greatest shame in my view - the 8-2 at OT. Sad to have witnessed that. It was a weakened team that day but the manner of the fear in that team and the way they just gave up was an utter disgrace, worse than a disgrace. The Coach should have been blamed and accepted he couldnt send a team out to give Utd a game. I say this of course having also have been at OT the aft we lost 4-0 in the FAC. That also was as bad as the 8-2. We could go on cdt we ......i saw the 5-1 at Liverpool too. Again, it was a surrender and the team was scared stiff of Sturridge and Suarez that day. Many there felt it was worse than the 8-2. The team has been thrashed many times of course , same as any team. My Dad went to a 7-1 at Leicester when i was a very young kid and i recall my Dad and Cousin telling me of a 5-0 at Anfield in the mid 60s they saw. I saw hammerings at Derby and Stoke as a teenager, but nothing gets close to the manner of the hammerings under AW. Not for me anyway. I do agree with you in that Wengers a self serving shadow of a Coach these days. No other conclusion can sensibly be reached can it? - Post No. 108733

Seven Kings Gooner1  18:03pm 4th Aug 2017

Exeter Ex: So right about AW paying average players "over the odds" to buy loyalty, it worked with some of the players but it gloriously failed with Bendtner who actually thought he was good! In many ways Wenger has helped the spiraling wages in the PL but like his denial about his boss's blood sports channel he follows the company line. - Post No. 108736

Alsace  18:14pm 4th Aug 2017

These set of comments crack me up. The level of erudition increases as we all get bored with the footie. I'm still smarting from Badarse's denunciation of Golden Shred. Where des he stand on Rose's Lime Marmalade or the confluence on a piece of toast of marmalade AND Marmite? The world deserves to know. - Post No. 108737

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15th January 2018

Being muscled off the ball by Bournemouth is like being mugged by your grandma

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