Arsenal Head of PR fails to see connection between Arsenal and Majority Shareholder Kroenke Sports Enterprise

By Allan Mabert

No direct involvement between club and KSE claims spin guru Mark Gonnella

The Gooner has been forwarded an exchange between a supporter and the club’s communications director Mark Gonnella…

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Dear Mr Gonnella,

I was shocked and disgusted to learn through the multi media outlets of Arsenal’s majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke’s major involvement with the UK launch of a hunting channel.

I have been a disabled season ticket holder for many years, supporting the Club, not just because of the style of football but also because of the traditions and values it upholds. This latest betrayal of these values will do nothing to build the Arsenal brand at home or globally. Whilst there is still room for improvement in this country with regards the mindless killing of wild animals for pleasure under the good name of sport, the Board would do well to remember that in this country the culture and attitude is not the same that appears to exist in America. There is evidence to confirm that over 80% of the British public is opposed to hunting.

I hope and suspect that the majority of the Arsenal fan base will find the Club’s connection with this shameful act of glorifying the misnomer that is ‘bloodsports’ abhorrent and totally unacceptable. I never thought there would come a day when I would feel ashamed to say I was an Arsenal supporter.

I am realistic to know that nothing much can be done internally to reverse the owner’s gross misjudgement but the very least that I and many others expect from the Club is a clear statement distancing themselves from Mr Kroenke’s vile activities which bring Arsenal’s name into disrepute.

I am sure there will be an online petition which will receive overwhelming support from the British public condemning this sickening channel.

Please could you inform me if Arsenal have in place an ethical business policy and if this is the case perhaps Mr Kroenke could be sent a copy. Commercially, I wonder how the Club’s current and potential business partners will view this news and the negative publicity it has, and will continue, to generate.

The only small crumb of comfort I could draw on from yesterday’s disclosures is that Aaron Ramsey was brave enough to voice his disapproval. Arsenal is more than just a football club, it is a London institution that deserves stronger and better action from its leaders.

I would be grateful if you could forward this email to Ivan Gazides, David Miles, Ken Friar and Aaron Ramsey. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this important ethical issue.

Yours sincerely, Allan Mabert JP


Dear Mr Mabert

Many thanks for your email.

As you are aware, at Arsenal we stand for a number of core values as a football club and are fully committed to a broad range of ethical business policies which inform our activities every day.

With regard to My OutdoorTV, Arsenal is not directly involved in any way with this television channel. The channel is owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment which owns a wide range of sports organisations and entertainment businesses.

Yours sincerely

Mark Gonnella
Communications Director
Arsenal Football Club
Highbury House
75 Drayton Park
N5 1BU


Ed’s note – we have been requested by the author of the letter to the club to do a link to a petition on this subject which can be signed here.

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4th August 2017 13:44:59


Comments and Reaction

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Exeter Ex  15:39pm 4th Aug 2017

A pitiful, pathetic response from M. Gonella. The bloke that basically owns Arsenal also owns this channel, but the players, manager and background staff aren't out there shooting these animals, so that's okay. I do wonder what's left to like about this club these days. However I see Kroenke's just removed the big game hunting content following a 'public outcry'. So congratulations must go to the petitions and articles that got us this far. Maybe it is worth 'moaning' after all, Badarse? - Post No. 108728

Badarse  16:25pm 4th Aug 2017

No Exeter I said 'on a fanzine website'. In fact if you reread my posts you may discover that I actually suggested that media-led protests may be-('may be' is my opinion, no more no less)-the best way, though wasn't convinced of any success. It is very disappointing that individuals respond in such a shallow and negative manner and in error, to a post after misreading and misunderstanding; after having it pointed out that they were in error then to commit the same gaffe again is beyond the pale. A dig, as a final comment to score a minute victory is puerile. By the way there are far more important issues to avail yourself of, rather than moaning on a fanzine, then moaning at another poster's similar comments. Very odd behaviour indeed. - Post No. 108729

Exeter Ex  16:45pm 4th Aug 2017

I see, Badarse, so the crucial distinction is between articles on a fanzine website - that is moaning - whilst other media articles are worthy. That's a very particular distinction you're drawing there. Except the fanzine website in question pertains to the club that the owner of the bloodsports channel also happens to own. Why don't you just admit you were wrong to use such a disparaging term about Rocky's article and wrong to think nothing could impact Kroenke? And given your history, for you to taunt someone over the amount of time they spend on here is breathtaking. - Post No. 108730

Seven Kings Gooner1  16:47pm 4th Aug 2017

To understand fully how crushingly cruel "Big game" hunting has become I urge you to google "Canned lion hunting" the cynical exploitation of these beautiful creatures will be fully explained. It is not for those with a weak disposition. - Post No. 108731

Badarse  16:56pm 4th Aug 2017

Hilarious comments Exeter. I think you disparage Rocky with your bizarre sweeping assumptions. Anyway as you determine your day's purpose by conflict and it's outcomes I award you one point, as Frankie said a point is all you score. It's name is 'reference' so put it on your wall and smile at it every morning before you boil your Rice Krispies. - Post No. 108732

Exeter Ex  17:07pm 4th Aug 2017

Badarse - you're right in that these back and forth comments are trivial and worthless in comparison to the greater issue at hand. In that light, I have two questions for you: Have you signed the petition? What did you make of Wenger's response when asked about Kroenke's bloodsports channel? - Post No. 108734

Ham  17:51pm 4th Aug 2017

Gonnella's name can be added to Kroenke's and Wenger's on the out list, and well done guys for showing that mere "moaning" on an Arsenal fanzine can help to achieve something of a positive step, albeit not enough yet - Post No. 108735

markymark  20:11pm 4th Aug 2017

All I ever do is moan , I moan about lions being slaughtered , I moan about a Trump supporting Toupe wearer with absolutely no love or understanding of the game. I moan about a greedy shrivelled laughing stock of a manager who could no more deliver a title . I'm a right dark Moanie. Leastways TOOAW (paid?) and Badarse are happy. - Post No. 108738

A Cornish Gooner  21:57pm 4th Aug 2017

Baddie "a brow-beaten man at home takes on an artificial persona on a keyboard". Which of your many personas is the artificial one? - Post No. 108739

Arseneknewbest  22:49pm 4th Aug 2017

Gonnella is evidently a gaffer's boy and a fool, taking the company's shilling. A communications director that cannot communicate - maybe he could do a job exchange with Feo! Sub-standard and a fraud to boot. Crap trickles through this club at every level it would seem. Ken Friar used to give proper detailed replies to letters no matter how controversial the subject. I'm pretty certain he would not have sanctioned this appalling effort. Shame on you Gonnella. Badarse - Got a shovel near your lay-z-boy? You're doing a typically badarsian job of digging an even bigger hole for yourself as Exeter runs rings around you. Look up the two definitions of a straw man. You are aptly described by both of them. It'll soon be time for leslie judd to poke holes in a cardboard box with a pencil so that you can get into it and hibernate for the winter... - Post No. 108740

Seven Kings Gooner1  8:47am 5th Aug 2017

According to the latest news feeds SK has pulled all references of big game hunting from his Outdoor channel. If it is true, well done to all those who signed the petition and a poke in the eye to those who thought it was useless to protest. How much of a removal of the blood sports we will have to see but if we can keep on top of this we might just make enough noise to change a few other things about our club. A big up to whoever designed the cannon killing the puma on the Arsenal shirt, a picture saying a thousand words was never truer. - Post No. 108741

Petergooner  9:10am 5th Aug 2017

I hope our famous Gooner was not referring to Stan Kroenke when after winning last night Mo said this "I'd like to thank all my Arsenal fans and especially the top man for helping me" I hope he was referring to God and not Arsene or Stan Kroenke. What a Saint Mo is. - Post No. 108742

Cyril  10:24am 5th Aug 2017

Time for a 80's style fairground attraction. A Caractacus Potts type invention of a Chucky type Kroenke waxwork doll wheeling itself around a rickety track. The test is to fire as many parts off that pubic bad boy in three rounds. If you succeed in exposing his 'Baal head' , you don't have toupee. [sorry] - Post No. 108743

Badarse  10:34am 5th Aug 2017

Griff: Funny that some people don't like eggs.-Mel: Well it wouldn't do if we were all the same.-Griff: Yes but if your name is Eggs and you don't like eggs it's funny.-Mel: No it's Ex, not eggs.-Griff: Oh. Still he loves cereal doesn't he?-Mel: What makes you say that?-Griff: Well he runs around all day looking for Cornflakes.-Mel: No, he runs around all day looking for conflicts.-Griff: Oh. Perhaps he does like eggs then. - Post No. 108744

OneBardGooner  11:50am 5th Aug 2017

an articulate and well voiced letter well done to Allan Mabert. In all honesty I am not surprised in the least by the response of Arsenal FC, there again Gonella is in something of an awkward position (Literally)it must be very difficult for him to reply/type whilst having Kroenke's Man Sausage in his gob and simultaneously giving hand jobs to Wenger and Gazidis. Though I'm sure the £215k a year + Bonuses he gets will help him see it through to the sticky end. - Post No. 108745

Arseneknewbest  13:10pm 5th Aug 2017

Badarse -If I were to put a trail of salade nicoise or even just some good old lidl's egg salad between your chair and the shoebox d'you think you could cart yourself and your shell across the axminster for a nice bit of scran and a six month sleep? - Post No. 108746

Bard  15:38pm 5th Aug 2017

Good stuff Exeter. So much for all that stuff about Stan and co having a thick skin and 'moaning' being a waste of time. He has backed down and removed all the relevant channels. Congratulations to all those who bothered to comment. I see Wenger is back moaning about financial doping. Presumably he is taking aim at Leicester and Atletico as well as providing himself with a get out clause. He really is a slimey toad these days. I have lost all respect for him. - Post No. 108747

Exeter Ex  11:02am 6th Aug 2017

Seems Kroenke's only removed content pertaining to endangered species, still a lot of sick stuff on there apparently. Those questions for Badarse again: Have you signed the petition? What did you make of Wenger's response when asked about Kroenke's bloodsports channel? Can't see why a principled man who has stated he is against this stuff would have an issue with answering these questions. - Post No. 108748

Badarse  11:34am 6th Aug 2017

Although I do slip on occasions-omelettes on the floor can do that to you-I try to adhere to the principle of never arguing with a fool, as others might never spot the difference. Anyone want poking with a sideways bald egg? Over to you TOOAW, I pass the baton. On the same theme I noted the wonderful English sporting spirit emanating from the crowd who constantly booed the new world champion 100m sprinter. Shouts of 'Come on Tim.' from union jack wearing aunties too. Commentators wouldn't engage. Now there is another good item to demonstrate about, or at least moan about, eh Bard? Easier to grumble about just the things that affect yourself individually and put your trust in May and the DUP. Now a couple of questions, is TOOAW from a website? If so was it the one most believed it to be? Am I? - Post No. 108749

Exeter Ex  13:08pm 6th Aug 2017

If you're going to be so cowardly and evasive, Badarse, it's probably best not to respond at all. You're not being asked to argue with anyone and your transparent attempts to deflect wouldn't fool a fool. You've been asked a couple of straightforward questions, and your refusal to answer them just demonstrates what we've seen before - it's Wenger front and centre for you. This is why you previously stood 'shoulder to shoulder' with the risible Jamerson, it's the reason you were so negative about Rocky's article, and it's the reason you won't answer now. Every proclaimed principle, every other consideration is secondary to support of Wenger. - Post No. 108750

A Cornish Gooner  14:47pm 6th Aug 2017

Baddie. I believe The One and Only Arsene Worshipper is an artificial persona. eh Alex? - Post No. 108751

TOOAW  17:52pm 6th Aug 2017

Thanks for the kind, words of interest fellas. Good to know that Badarse and myself stir some calm waters and invoke some form of dimensional meaning to the site. Certainly not intentionally but in support of the Arsenal obviously. Today saw yet another exceptional performance albeit without several influential players. Trophy wise, it's yet another in the locker for the manager whom most want killed !?!? Great quote by Arsene by the way following on from the shenanigans with the bloodsports debacle. Went over most people's head but not yours truly. Now where is that Badarse?? I'm trying to pass that baton. I hope he's not hibernating. - Post No. 108752

Paulward  18:05pm 6th Aug 2017

TOOAW Don't AgreeT , today was not a trophy, it's the Charity Shield. Having said that it's nice to win, but raises a question. The fact that we can clearly beat the best in the premier league on our day/ when we're at it must suggest that our problems lie not with the quality of the players, but with the inability of the manager to get these performances 30 odd times a year at least in the league? Maybe a different manager could. - Post No. 108753

Exeter Ex  18:39pm 6th Aug 2017

Wenger on Kroenke's bloodsport channel: " “Look, I cannot judge because I don’t know what’s going on, I have not been informed about that and so I cannot give you anymore information on that.” Perhaps, with his self-proclaimed higher intellect, TOOAW could explain what in that quote has gone over the heads of most of us? - Post No. 108754

A Cornish Gooner  18:40pm 6th Aug 2017

TOOAW Which Wenger quote are you talking about? - Post No. 108755

Petergooner  18:55pm 6th Aug 2017

After the last 2 results at Wembley, is it too late to ask the FA to exchange grounds with Spurs. We'll play at Wembley next year (wuith our record their of winning more than losing) and Sours can play at Emirates (wher we keep losing). Also when we are away and Spurs at then at home at the Emirates we can supprt the away team and help them beat the enemy. GREAT IDEA YES? - Post No. 108756

TOOAW  19:58pm 6th Aug 2017

"I am sorry I am still here and I can understand that you want to kill me, but at the moment, I survive" @exeter. Your imagination runs wild at times. Not dissimilar to mine in the Arsenal winning the league this year. @cornish. Read it slower next time my friend. Boil, fry, scramble or poached ?? - Post No. 108757

Exeter Ex  19:59pm 6th Aug 2017

Peter - if you supply the £5k odd required to go to Wembley one week, the E*****s the next throughout the season, then I'm in. - Post No. 108758

TOOAW  21:37pm 6th Aug 2017

Breaking News........ Ceasefire in Syria as UN send in Alvaro Morata- No shots reported so far. - Post No. 108759

Roy  22:05pm 6th Aug 2017

Stan Kroenke. One of the worst associations ever with AFC. OUT NOW. - Post No. 108760

Bard  23:36pm 6th Aug 2017

Always good to give the Chavs a bloody nose but nothing to be read into the result. We looked as always fragile, talented and frustrating. I didnt see anything that suggested we look stronger than last year. Baddie you should go easy on those painkillers for that gammy knee mate, I think you are in danger of losing it teaming up with TOOAW. He makes dear old Jamerson seem sane. - Post No. 108761

MAF  9:10am 7th Aug 2017

why would Arsenal sell the Ox of all the Players???????? im lost - Post No. 108762

Badarse  9:57am 7th Aug 2017

What a roll-not quite an egg roll as those are best eaten in the Spring. Isn't that nine consecutive Wembley victories? My MotM was Mo, so a gold medal to one Arsenal Mo, then an impressive performance by the other. The WOR monthly meeting took place on Friday evening and the report shall follow as soon as the carrier pigeon arrives-it's travelling via Waterloo so long delays expected. Bad knee, but, 'I'm still standing...ha ha.' Now ou est mon oeuf? Got the baton TOOAW, great delivery; we have the baton and the WOR in the palms of our hands. - Post No. 108763

Seven Kings Gooner1  10:51am 7th Aug 2017

So another trophy won at Tottenham's ground - this time before the Spuds have even kicked a ball there! - Post No. 108764

Yes its Ron  11:23am 7th Aug 2017

Only 5 days to go to this years satellite tele fuelled Pep, Klopp and Mourinho PL bore fest. Good to win another game v Chelsea though all the same. Not too sure the PL games v Chelsea will go the way of the Cup games though. Football seems never ending these days doesnt it. Oh for the days when the FAC Final would pass and then we could forget football and be suitably enthused come the August kick off! - Post No. 108765

peter wain  11:41am 7th Aug 2017

This sums up why Kroenke is not a fit and proper person to own our club. The sooner is made to leave the better. He has not done anything to help Arsenal in all the times he has owned his shares. - Post No. 108766

Exeter Ex  12:02pm 7th Aug 2017

TOOAW - if you think that quote from Wenger was a subtle allusion to the hunting channel you are even more deluded than was already apparent. A 1-1 draw with 10 man Chelsea and a man too cowardly to answer a couple of direct questions as they'll show up the profound disjunct between his stated principles and his actions thinks he has us in the palm of his hands. These arch-AKBs really do live in a world of their own. - Post No. 108767

The Man From UNCLE  12:09pm 7th Aug 2017

Yep Ron just five more nights to go before the oversexed overhyped and over here PL bunfight returns. How about some kind of online bingo for the following phrases you're sure to hear in the next ten months. (a) There's a lot of twists and turns to go this season (b) He's not that kind of player (c) This is definately Liverpool's year (d) We'll be happy to end in 17th place (e) It's so hard playing Sundays after Europa League (f) It was a penalty!! Who's got any more, there must be hundreds. - Post No. 108768

Exeter Ex  12:54pm 7th Aug 2017

TMFU - just playing Wenger bingo will give you plenty of choice as the season wears on: "We are ready for the new season." "We didn't look ready. We have many players still out" "Sanchez has the flu." "The conditions made it difficult to play our game." "The EL looks to me now on the same level as the CL" "January transfer window? I believe it is more important to get our injured players back." "Yes, Sanchez will play at Man City next season, but I believe he will give 100% commitment for the remaining 4 months of the season." "Sanchez has flu." "RC Genk are a top European side. We were very close to going through." "We play in a very difficult atmosphere at home." "The players have shown outstanding mental strength in the last few games of the season. We were so close to qualifying for CL." "If we keep this squad together, next season they will fight for the title." "My future? I have a year left on my contract. I always honour my contracts." "One thing you cannot question is my love and loyalty to Arsenal." - Post No. 108769

Yes its Ron  13:14pm 7th Aug 2017

The man from - Hows about - 'he was entitled to go down' and 'the ref will even it up' and 'i never saw it' or 'we need a winter break' or 'we ll try to bring a few in during January'. Its endless isnt it not to mention tedious! - Post No. 108770

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