Arsenal Circular 179 – Wait until November

By Graham Perry

It’s too early to draw any conclusions about Arsenal’s season so far

Johnny Giles – a quality footballer but with questionable ethics on the field of play – once said “Wait until November to assess how the season will fall into place”. He said that before the custom of early season international breaks which interrupts the flow and rhythm of Premier League football.

Duncan Edwards signs for a mystery boy at Highbury. Do you know him?

So how has it been for you? Some of the Antis and the Haters have already made up their minds and concluded nothing has changed and Wenger should go. They point in particular to the defeat at Liverpool as evidence of turmoil and discontent in the Club. They also cite the defeat at Stoke and what they regard as unconvincing victories over Bournemouth, FC Koln, WBA, Doncaster Rovers, Bate Borisov and Brighton and the draw at Chelsea as evidence that we will fall short of mounting a serious challenge for the Title.

Those of us who line up behind Wenger are not ready for a funeral quite yet. We know the Liverpool result had a number of negatives and the Stoke result was a setback but instead of jumping on the Wenger funeral cortege we are encouraged by the recent turnaround, especially the match at Chelsea and also take some satisfaction from a four game run without conceding a goal.

But it is too early to say. As Giles says more time is needed to see how teams play after the excitement of the new season has passed and we are into late autumn and early winter. Little is gained by now repeating the same arguments For and Against Wenger. It is simply too early and much of what is said can only be speculation, so let’s see where we are in the run up to Christmas. Maybe we will have managed to stay in contention or maybe we will trail City, United and perhaps THFC. Either way the position will be clearer.

And of course there is uncertainty – Will Sanchez go? Will Ozil leave? Will Lemar come? Will Jack make an impact? Will Cazorla make a return at full fitness or less?

Kolasinac has made an impact and we will see more from him. He is a strong character and able to impose his personality on the game. Lacazette is more quiet – skilful for sure but a less assertive figure than the Bosnian recruit. We will see. Players are signed but the manager is never sure his judgment will be vindicated. That said, I sense the time will come when Lacazette starts to score with confident regularity.

Jack’s return and possibly Cazorla points to what we have been missing. Cazorla was at his best when he had either Ozil or Jack close to him and Santi at his best is a wonderful player so we hope for his New Year return. But will he have lost crucial speed? Will he have the stamina? Age takes its toll on young and old alike.

Alex Iwobi fascinates – we have all been watching his emergence. We notice now that he is more willing to run with the ball and his control of the ball on tight runs is great to behold. There is a talent waiting to dominate matches. He lacks composure in front of goal. Looking back Jimmy Greaves always seemed to know what he was going to do. So often he had control and even as a 17 year old at Chelsea he scored goals early in his career because he had instinct and a football brain. Iwobi still has a way to go. The jury is still out but full marks to Wenger for the patient approach he has applied with Iwobi. The goal against Brighton was much needed – maybe it will be the trigger for him to be calm under pressure and become methodical and surgical with that final kick. He could also do with a left foot but Greaves did little with his right foot.

My own view about the shares is that Kroenke wants to buy out Usmanov so he can sell lock stock and barrel to Chinese interests. China is still a coming power with an ambition to win the World Cup of 2050 – 101 years after the formation of the People’s Republic of China. They need a seat at the top table. Kroenke knows that.

Another point – The Times, Matthew Syeed I believe, did a demolition job on the business career of Abramovich. If I was a Chelsea fan it would bother me. If the same was done on Usmanov it would affect my attitude to Arsenal Football Club. A few years back when there were rumours that we were to buy Lee Bowyer (fresh from that case in Leeds). There was a public meeting on Business and Ethics and I got on my feet to make the point that whilst I loved AFC that love would be on hold if Bowyer wore the red shirt. He was not signed but if he had I would not have gone to any Arsenal match while he was at the Club. There are some things that are more important than Arsenal.

So early October and a Chilean might be leaving, a German too, a Frenchman might be coming, the Chinese are watching whilst an American and a Russian eyeball each other. Look out for umbrella carrying men walking towards you on London Bridge.

A final point – I have a photo of Duncan Edwards signing an autograph for a young lad on the day of the Busby Babes’ last league match ever – at Highbury on Saturday 1 February 1958. We have established that the boy’s Mum worked as a dinner lady at the Polytechnic in Holloway Road and we are trying to track her name. The boy would now be about 70 years old. Need someone at the local Islington paper to get busy. Any links?

Finally – keep watching Reiss Nelson.

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6th October 2017 16:00:48


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Arseneknewbest  17:00pm 6th Oct 2017

What the execrable, green trousered Mr Perry really wants to say - and doesn't quite possess the pelotas so to do - is that he thinks it's too early to judge his paramour wengo. Yes really. I speed read it guys and it's total bollox. I recommend you ignore it. - Post No. 110159

CORNISH GOONER  19:49pm 6th Oct 2017

Monsieur Perry - merde!! Arsene press conference today dans La France "The players ere are revolting & I cannot believe zat they want to leave my Club because I pay zem so much money. Ungrateful batardes! Et zat Stanley will not return my calls. C'est vrai - ce n'est pas ma faute! Rien!! - Post No. 110160

mbg  20:46pm 6th Oct 2017

Oh Gawd not another one of these from wengers chief bidet cleaner, the headline says it all no need to read on, judge him in November, it used to be May, being brought forward every year, April, March, Febuary, see how we're fixed January used to be one of their favourite spakes/excuses in TOF's defence, lol, now it's reached November skipping Xmas altogether, lol, such is the AKB wengerites panic and excuse making for their messiah, next season it'll be Halloween and they'll all have pumpkins for heads, god knows what the weasel will have, there's nothing like getting your excuse/excuses in early, you couldn't make it up, don't give up the day job. wenger out now. - Post No. 110161

Bard  22:07pm 6th Oct 2017

Graham your best post for a while. It is an absolute hoot. Who amongst us could link Iwobi with the incomparable Jimmy Greaves.Its like comparing Wenger with Ferguson. Or if you like your comparisons down to earth, Its like comparing a blind man with Phil 'the power' Taylor at darts. Throw in a reference to Duncan Edwards for credibility and you have a post. Graham you need help mate.There is nothing in your post that suggests you know anything about football. I think it is a credit to the site that they allow you a forum to write such infantile rubbish. Read the biographies about Brian Clough, Shankly, Paisley and Stein if you want to know how top managers operate. Wenger is nowhere near first rate. - Post No. 110162

Paulward  11:57am 7th Oct 2017

Forget the Liverpool debacle, the fact that West Brom carved us apart and should have had 2 or 3 goals in the first half tells us all we need to know about how much has changed. - Post No. 110164

markymark  14:26pm 7th Oct 2017

Perry I do believe in the freedom of speech but when it is so sorely tested with the utter tripe you write, the vindictiveness you have against those who you disagree with. I am glad I heckled you at AISA. You are a pompous nitwit with an agenda, as others have said it is to the credit of the Gooner that they allow you a voice as you are deeply unpleasant about the views the majority on this site hold. When Wengo’s home hopefully it’ll be an end of your sycophancy . - Post No. 110167

mbg  14:34pm 7th Oct 2017

A mystery boy at Highbury ? It's badarse, or maybe circular himself. wenger out now. - Post No. 110168

Gaz  19:14pm 7th Oct 2017

Zzzzzzzzzz - Post No. 110173

Yes its Ron  9:41am 9th Oct 2017

AFC with our values are guaranteed a successful season i feel. 6th or even 5th is a high probability this Season. This will be fantastic when you think we re up against financially doped Clubs. Dont be surprised either if we have a good Cup run in Europe. The last 16 beckons but of course we'll meet some real powerhouses then and progress will be a bonus. The future is jolly ho, forever Wengo, Wengo, success we do crave andmay all we pray, bet lets not forget we judge him in May! - Post No. 110177

Bard  10:48am 9th Oct 2017

I hear that all 179 circulars are going to be published in a Xmas special. All for £1,390.Discounted if you can prove undying love for all things Weng. I tend to agree that its too early to judge him. Another 30 years and we will then be able to tell if he is up to it. 20 years is hardly time enough to get smokin' Jack fit. - Post No. 110179

Yes its Ron  11:19am 9th Oct 2017

Bard - i do so hope though that all Club Level customers will at least have all 179 issues e mailed free of charge.We can then print them off on glossy photo paper and place them in our drawing rooms and lounges alongside our fee program collections? - Post No. 110181

Clash  12:14pm 9th Oct 2017

How and why is this Arsenal Circular thing still getting published on here? Is it really in the interests of this website to allow this Graham Perry nonsense to be a regular feature on here? Is it whats called being balanced? Something that always gets such low ratings should be scrapped. We wonder how after repeated failings Wenger can still our manager ... but it also seems lessons havent been learned from the previous 178 pieces of this drivel. - Post No. 110182

mbg  15:47pm 9th Oct 2017

Clash, good post, It gives us all a good laugh when things are quiet, one things for sure no one can accuse the Onlinegooner of being one sided or biased (although some halfwit AKB wengerites have, and still do on occasions)and indeed the AKB wengerites lack of presence on here at the minute is for no reason other than simply they have absolutely nothing to defend their beloved messiah with anymore and haven't had for years, you just have to see how many of them are on defending this crapand it's being lingering around like a stinking fart for a while now. We want wenger out. - Post No. 110184

Arseneknewbest  17:37pm 9th Oct 2017

The circular writer's work will be published in quilted three-ply tissue paper and will be available in Walmarts and Asdas across the free world. Each roll comes with a brown plastic implement for removing the most stubborn nuggets from those innermost crevices. The handle is a chip away production revealing the chihuahua shaped head of our former manager. The so-called author of the circulars was unavailable for comment on his new opus because he was too busy ironing the creases in his new pink chinos, - Post No. 110185

Exeter Ex  18:06pm 9th Oct 2017

Some of the writing here is so bad: "Maybe we will have managed to stay in contention or maybe we will trail City, United and perhaps THFC." Don't you have to be in contention to stay in contention? AFC do trail now, by 6 points. Do you mean 'get into contention'? Then there is "age takes its toll on young and old alike". What does this mean? How can age take its toll when you are young, you haven't aged yet. Do you mean "injuries take their toll"? But the author is the same guy who wasted valuable time at the meeting with Gazidis eulogising Wenger, didn't he? Time that could've been spent putting more questions. The impression is of a pretty clueless and delusional individual. No wonder he loves Wenger. - Post No. 110186

mbg  21:53pm 9th Oct 2017

Exeter, good post, any little excuse, they make all these silly ones in their minds (it's this, it's that, etc, etc, etc, that's at fault, then hold on to them like comfy blankies actually believing them (lol) and hoping and actually believing it will all change and all come good for their messiah, and it's been like that for thirteen or fourteen seasons/years now and still they make them when it's plain to see it won't, ever, the wengerites, circulars, and their ilk are all more to be pitied than laughed at they really are but they certainly won't be pitied by me or a lot of the Arsenal circle I travel in. wenger and his wengerites out. - Post No. 110187

Bard  10:10am 10th Oct 2017

The Utter Drivel Arsenal Circular 90,207. I have been writing these since '62 the year we bought Joe Baker from Torino. I think its still too early to say whether he will be a great striker although I accept that as he died in 2003 he will struggle to reach the heights of the great Gordon Banks. As the October nights draw in and the dark evenings get longer some us loyal fans can reflect back on the memories our great leader Arsene has given us. Who can forget Charlie George's wonder strike in the cup final against Liverpool or indeed the day we bought Ian Ure from Dundee. Arsene's longevity is a lesson to us, patience and the ability to secure massive salary for achieving mediocre results is one of the wonders of the world, fit to rank alongside the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. There is more to come so please stay tuned 90,208 is on its way. - Post No. 110188

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