Gooner Podcast 159 Now Online

By Kevin Whitcher

Recorded on Tuesday evening

Gooner Podcast number 159, sponsored by goonershirts.com is now online.

Anfield 89 – How we experienced the game

Recorded: Tuesday 7th November 2017

Topics Include -
The differences between Manchester City and Arsenal
Can supporters force change?
Is Arsene Wenger’s talk of an end of season review genuine?
What difference would changes at boardroom level make?
Are things at Arsenal really so bad?
Ahead of the release of the 89 DVD documentary, memories of that game at Anfield.

Mike Francis (Twitter@MikeFrancis04)
Simon Rose (Twitter@thatsimonrose)
The Highbury Spy, Steve Ashford
Host: Kevin Whitcher (Twitter@KevinWhitcher01)

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We’ll be back with another podcast in the December.

9th November 2017 10:01:06


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jwe1981  16:52pm 9th Nov 2017

Good listen as normal! I fail to understand how anyone can argue against the fact that the 'fans' at the stadium on match days are not to blame for the current state of things at the club. We could lose 5-0 to Spurs next week and there will still be no chants against AW inside the stadium. People that hide behind the argument that it would make no difference are wrong. I believe 100% that AW would walk or be asked to walk if he started to receive a bit of flack at home games. It is only then that it would be difficult for him to stay. It would get too embarrassing for him and would then not be worth the bother. Fans still have a big say even in the modern day game. Why? Because money talks and who pays the money in to the 'system'? - Post No. 110697

mbg  19:32pm 9th Nov 2017

Great photo, proper players, proper team, proper/great Manager, great memories, we'll still be remembering and reminiscing about them and that night when wenger and his are long gone and forgotten. - Post No. 110698

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