Itís 1989 OkayÖ

By Kevin Whitcher

Thoughts on the new í89 documentary movie recalling the triumph at Anfield

So, The Gooner was invited along to a roundtable Q&A on Wednesday afternoon this week along with a variety of other Arsenal bloggers, and weíll carry a report of the revelations of Messrs Dixon, Smith and OíLeary in the next issue, out for the Huddersfield game.

Some familiar faces at the premiere

A couple of hours later we found ourselves at the Holloway Odeon for the filmís premiere, at which a number of the 89 team were present, alongside manager George Graham, Ian Wright, David Seaman, Jack Wilshere and some celebrity fans.

The movie was the brainchild of Cherry Redís Adam Velasco, one of the filmís executive producers and your author played a small, but uncredited part in the genesis of the movie when Adam asked me for Amy Lawrenceís email address! From there, the idea took shape, with Amy as the filmís producer. Lee Dixon joined up as one of the executive producers. Itís similar in style to the excellent documentary made about Forestís glory days under Brian Clough, I Believe In Miracles, in that it combines the music of the time with match footage to create the feeling of the era.

The narrative takes us from the arrival of George Graham, and explains the chopping of experienced players, as new blood arrived, from astute purchases to the mining of the rich pool of talent that had come through the clubís youth system. Itís a minor quibble that a couple of older heads that joined and played a significant part are not amongst the members of the squad interviewed, such as Kevin Richardson and Brian Marwood, but in fairness, we get a good enough account from those that are in the film. Aside from one on one interviews segued into the narrative, we get some great stuff like Merson and Smudger revisiting Highburyís Marble Halls for the first time since the Emirates was opened, and the famous back four playing cards. George Graham also reveals how he kept tabs on lower division sides always needing the use of the scouting system.

We build up to the Anfield match with an overview of the 88-89 season as it progresses, and the Hillsborough tragedy, which led to the Arsenal match being shifted to late May, is sensitively covered. Ian Wright is interviewed because of his close links with David Rocastle, and at one stage, Wrightyís emotion makes for difficult viewing.

The meat of the movie is the recollection of that game, seen through the footage of ITVís broadcast on the night, as well as some camera angles I have never seen before of incidents from the game. The tackling was certainly uncompromising, a reminder of how football has changed. The footage in the dressing room afterwards and from the ĎWinnersí nightclub in Southgate makes for some great viewing. It is fascinating to hear the account of the match from referee David Hutchinson, who was also at the premiere. It would have been enlightening to hear an account of the match from one of the opposition voices, such as John Barnes, but the decision was made to restrict the player interviews to the Arsenal side.

Thatís a minor flaw, because ultimately, this is a celebration movie which will be enjoyed by all fans of the winning side in a denouement to the football season Ė with a head to head game between the two title contenders Ė that is unlikely to be repeated.

Arsenal are showing the movie at the Emirates for 89p on Monday evening, although from what I can see, it has already sold out. An alternative is to either join a privately organised screening or, if you can get enough interest, create your own through the ourscreen website.

Or if you prefer to hang on, the movie will be available on DVD and digital download from 20th November. A trailer for it can be seen here


10th November 2017 10:01:10


Comments and Reaction

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Offside  10:39am 10th Nov 2017

Aldridge is down, Barnes is down, Dalglish just stands there! - Post No. 110703

Scruff  10:48am 10th Nov 2017

Can't wait to see it every bloody one of them a hero. Remember the 10 hour drive up to Liverpool with mates one of whom is sadly no longer with us and a couple I lost contact with ( married with children) great day's great team who cared and a manager who I believe was probably the most tactical we have ever had. Wonder what the feedback is on the other site who claim all them player's are traitors and scum should be an interesting read! - Post No. 110704

RobG  11:41am 10th Nov 2017

Love the trailer. Definitely getting the DVD. - Post No. 110705

TonyEvans  11:55am 10th Nov 2017

Best night of my life, football wise, and never to be forgotten. Didn't get to Anfield and ended up watching the game on the tv with my best mate (also an Arsenal nut back then of course) and it still sends shivers down my spine thinking about it! I expect all us older supporters can picture the move exactly right from Lukic's throw out to Mickey Thomas deftly clipping it over Grobbelaar. After years of Liverpool (the media darlings) dominating football and being rammed down our throats the sweet taste of winning the title in their own backyard was unbelievable. I remember at the time thinking how the hell are we ever going to top this, and although we have been lucky enough to have enjoyed some great times since, nothing has ever beaten that night for sheer drama - it was perfect in every way. I will get the dvd for our local film club, even if I am the only one interested in watching it! - Post No. 110707

Yes its Ron  12:29pm 10th Nov 2017

Best moment is AFC history and as a footie follower, mine too. Beat that Mr Wenger if you can! We know you cant Sir. Legend has it that those 'best fans in the world' were all beaten with honour. No they werent, many of them were bloody awful and behaved badly towards AFC fans after that game, throwing stones at cars, spraying cars, bad mouthing etc. They were as mardy arsed as that w----r Nicol and his ignoramus mate mcmahon, neither who hung around to shake AFC players hand so we were told at the time. Fantastic night stopping at m way service stations on way back. Gooners ruled the roads that night.Mayhem in the ground never seen our fans like it since. - Post No. 110708

Redshirtwhitesleeves  12:31pm 10th Nov 2017

26.5.89 a date imprinted in my mind forever. Best footballing night that could never be beaten. I was 15 and when mickey scored I've never felt a rush of euphoria like it before or since! What a team, what a manager and the connection between the club, players and fans was unbelievable. I was on the north bank for most home games that season and if I could relive any season it would be that one! Can't wait to see the film. I feel so sorry for young gooners, they will never know how amazing Highbury and our club used to be and will never feel a bond like we felt with GG and that team. - Post No. 110709

Yes its Ron  12:45pm 10th Nov 2017

Tony - i recall the feeling in the ground when we realised it was MT bearing in on goal was sheer footie fan nerves of the worst kind. It was a case of can he, can he, not Micky ...no .. ......... f...g hell its in, hes done it, cue total utter madness broke out. Everybody hugging and kissing anything that was close ha ha. Frenzied. Everybody tipping and stumbling over each other of all age brackets. i wore a pair of new specs that were knocked of my face and got buried some where in the madness. Cdt have cared less!! I truly think that if the same scenario happened again, it wouldnt be the same for todays modern fan. The passion wdt be there. Thats team was OUR team, we loved em all as if we knew them didnt we. They were rookies really, who didnt care a fig for Liverpool and the Kop. None of Wengers teams in my view have had or ever would have the sheer mental toughness to go there and win like that. All of his teams would flake out and wilt under the same conditions, inc the so called invincibles. - Post No. 110710

markymark  12:48pm 10th Nov 2017

Still remember the utter stunned disbelief watching it on TV. It almost took some time to process . Does anybody remember the preamble to it all. We were being framed as bottlers . Teams in 89í let alone Southern teams were not expected to get results at Anfield. The game against Derby had been horrendous , children crying outside the ground and sadly a gentleman collapsed near me of a heart attack outside the ground it looked fatal. The week prior Iíd had it heaped on me by work colleagues and all through the press. We simply didnít stand a chance. That is the thing about GG at his commanding best he was a true commanding General . Wenger in contrast always wanted to morph into a foreign secretary at best a field Marshall thatís why he canít rally the troops. - Post No. 110711

Gaz  13:09pm 10th Nov 2017

So many fantastic memories from that season! Utter devastation when we thought we'd blown it at home to Derby to total and utter pandemonium when Mickey scored at Anfield!!! Watched it in our local with the mates I was going regularly with at the time and remember just feeling numb with a few minutes left when I thought we'd come so close yet ultimately we'd lost something that had been in our grasp a few games earlier. Then there was one of those big moments in your life where time just seemed to slow right down as Mickey went through and all of us looked at the TV not quite believing what we were seeing! Then it just went completely and utterly mental! I've never seen anything like it ever and the other locals couldn't believe what they were seeing!!! Get goose bumps just thinking back to that moment!!! Bottles of champagne were bought, the singing continued into the street and the best night ever was had by all of us! Also remember-through very drunken eyes-that my girlfriend (who I'm still with) came running across the street (she lived round the corner) and hugged me and celebrated with us! Went up Islington on the Sunday and managed to get hold of the trophy as Smudger walked past me from the coach and spent a small fortune on buying every single newspaper (they're still in my loft!) on the Saturday and Sunday!!! Just a great time in my life which is why I'm always sad at just how little interest I have in it all nowadays. Maybe one day it'll all come back to me! - Post No. 110712

TonyEvans  13:33pm 10th Nov 2017

Hi Ron - it was amazing enough watching it on tv, but you must have had the footy night of your life and some actually being there! Mickey's goal was just about timed perfectly. If I remember correctly there was only time left for one Liverpool foray into our box (even that was enough to drive me insane with nerves) with Mickey again (I think) calmly dealing with the situation, despite me and my mate yelling at the tv for him to hoof it as far away as he could! Thank God there wasn't longer left after the goal - I am not sure my heart would have stood up to it! Great night and the best season ever. Thinking about the empathy I felt with that team makes today's situation (as Gaz says) seem even sadder. - Post No. 110713

Scruff  13:44pm 10th Nov 2017

Anyone remember that c**t Aldridge and his actions towards O'Leary. Fair play to big Jack Charlton who dropped him from the Eire team ( remember when they were called that). - Post No. 110714

John F  13:55pm 10th Nov 2017

Watched a clip of the game yesterday and even now I still get butterflies in my stomach when Mickey gets the ball.The timing was crucial as he did miss an earlier chance which had it gone in might have given Liverpool time to get back in it.I was at the Derby and Wimbledon games and failed to get a ticket for Anfield.I remember not feeling too disappointed as I thought I could not stomach the coronation of Liverpool as Champions ,one of the biggest regrets of my life.My annoying optimistic mate was the only person around me after the Wimbledon game who thought we could do it and I just wished he would shut up and let me sulk in peace.The mid eighties team was a mess but there was thanks to Don Howe a great youth system and he should take some credit for George's later success.I certainly think that this current team is more of a challenge to improve then that one. - Post No. 110715

John F  14:20pm 10th Nov 2017

Being shown at our local Beverley cinema if enough people sign up.We even have Arsenal legend John Hawley living here and selling posh soap.Hope he turns up in that blue and green away kit just to remind me how bad it got before George turned up. - Post No. 110716

Bard  14:44pm 10th Nov 2017

One of the greatest Arsenal performances of all time. Remember it as if it were yesterday. Cant wait to watch it. - Post No. 110717

Paulward  17:41pm 10th Nov 2017

Undoubtedly the best football buzz of my life, watched it on the box as a 17 year old with a Chelsea fan and a QPR fan and they went almost as mad as me! Remember the sheer disbelief I felt that Arsenal were champions, and how proud I was of our club. - Post No. 110718

Petergooner  18:32pm 10th Nov 2017

My son was only 4 when he saw his first football live on the tele. He could not sleep afterwards he kept singing "The Gooners". It is now 28 years later and the memory is so clear. They should play this DVD at the stadium before every game to show these players that do not care about The Gooners what they should be doing. - Post No. 110719

Seven Kings Gooner1  19:07pm 10th Nov 2017

Still cannot work out what made John Lukic throw the ball to Lee Dixon, with a few minutes left most of us would have gone long to get the ball into the Liverpool box. Fantastic ending to a game that the PL and SKY are desperate to replicate but know they never will. Just wish we had n't lost that one game in the 90 - 91 season, then the 89 team would have been the Invincibles. - Post No. 110720

Roy  19:25pm 10th Nov 2017

One of the greatest days of my life. Love Rockys fist pump after he wins the free kick which leads to the first goal that makes it into the trailer. Where's all that now ? - Post No. 110721

Alsace  20:55pm 10th Nov 2017

Paul Ward says that he was proud of our club after that game. George Graham gave the club back it's pride as soon as he took over and started chucking out the lazy poseurs, imported some steel and coached the defence properly. Guts. Pride. Effort. Skill. Technique. Very straightforward. Very Arsenal. - Post No. 110722

BigDaveTheGooner  22:39pm 10th Nov 2017

I remember the day/night so well as if it was last week. I was so confident we could do it I convinced a mate of mine (a Palace supporter) that we should put £20 on each for a 2-0 and 3-1 Arsenal victory and I don't need to tell you the out come but must admit as the game drew ever closer to its conclusion I started regretting the £20 outlay, but as Mickey was getting ever closer to the scousers goal the more I wanted him to shoot and it seemed like a life time before the ball left his foot and sent Grobbelaar the wrong way before finally settling in the back of the net. I very nearly punched a hole in my sitting room ceiling such was the ecstasy of realising not only we were on the verge of clinching the title but we were 180 quid better off. What a night,thank you chaps for one of the best nights of my life!!! - Post No. 110723

markymark  22:51pm 10th Nov 2017

Iíve tended to find that a mention of George Graham once a day, keeps the Toad away (plus Badarse too:)) - Post No. 110724

Scruff  23:22pm 10th Nov 2017

Big Dave we were 16-1 to win the league that year and 16-1 to win 2-0 at Anfield. Put £20 on myself. - Post No. 110726

mbg  23:27pm 10th Nov 2017

Great photo and the real messiah himself half or more of the JCL wengerites we have stinking the club out now wouldn't even know who they are, or recognise them on the street. wenger out. - Post No. 110727

mbg  23:38pm 10th Nov 2017

Great report Kevin you've got me moist already (it's been a long time since anything Arsenal has) can't wait to see it. - Post No. 110728

Gaz  7:20am 11th Nov 2017

Some great memories and not an AKB in sight! Bliss!!! - Post No. 110729

Exeter Ex  9:55am 11th Nov 2017

The greatest memory of my teenage years. Isn't it telling that Wenger's supporters are nowhere to be seen under this article? And I wonder if Wenger will want to speak about the film in his next press conference? - Post No. 110730

markymark  10:15am 11th Nov 2017

Gaz / Exeter Ex - yes itís very telling. Some claim they are super supporters that posters on here are moaning traitors . Yet here is an article celebrating a great Arsenal victory and moment in its history and not one of them have posted. Not one. This article has now been running for roughly 48 hours so youíd think one of them would have seen it. The reason is very simple for a few posters and they know who they are. There is no pre Wenger and there will be no post Wenger. A prime example of inability to separate present over staying incumbent and the club. - Post No. 110731

Redshirtwhitesleeves  11:36am 11th Nov 2017

By the way...Wenger if you want to know the real, true 'values' of Arsenal then take a look at this film, this team, these players....they put you and your band of overpaid bottle jobs and prima donnas to absolute shame! - Post No. 110732

BigDaveTheGooner  14:07pm 11th Nov 2017

Scruff,you got far better odds on the 2-0 that we did,we got 9-1 and I think the 3-1 was 16's,still I wasn't t complaining at the time the beers never tasted so sweet. I rembember Aldridge that night as well,how he totally dismissed David O'leary at the final whistle was nothing short of disgraceful and especially how he rubbed the nose of a Forest players nose in it in the semi final after putting through he's own net. r - Post No. 110733

mbg  14:36pm 11th Nov 2017

Gaz, yes mate and I wonder why ? and no mention of that old past it second rate manager wenger in the piece either, although i'm sure the JCL AKB wengerites will be wondering why not. - Post No. 110734

mbg  14:52pm 11th Nov 2017

markymark, Oh they've seen it and read it alright you can be sure of that, it's just that their messiah is not involved and getting no praise for it, and they know he doesn't fooking deserve any. Exeter I would doubt that very much, I doubt if we'll even see him anywhere near it either, it and the publicity is probably killing him. wenger out. - Post No. 110735

Rippy  20:51pm 11th Nov 2017

I think itís fantastic that the arsenal are celebrating a time before Wenger. Because letís be honest so many of our fans donít know how brilliant we were before Wenger under GG. Wenger likes to think he built our club even has the arrogance to say it sometimes. And itís pathetic to listen to. Football was on the crest of a boom and he was in the right place and time. Wengers early success was great to watch but was heavily founded on GG great work. Yet you never hear him even speak or thank anyone else ever. Players Like Adams & Winterburn and Bould know full well without GG foundations already in place Wenger would have lasted a season or two at best. How much longer we have to put up with this ridiculous situation is anyway bed guess. Looking on past glories makes you realise more and more how much damage is being done. Kroenke can shove his ideaology up his arse and **** off. Taking his patsy with him. - Post No. 110736

mbg  1:18am 12th Nov 2017

i'd just love to have a bug (microphone)planted in the pot plant in the corner where bould and George Graham are sitting enjoying a pint when the subject came round to wenger, what would a red top give for that recording. wenger out. - Post No. 110737

Cyril  9:56am 12th Nov 2017

I can remember fans celebrating for 3 days after who had not got home. I watched in a pub in Euston with work colleagues from the Civil Service. So I was quite reserved during the evening. When Thomas scored, I was dancing on the pool table. Couldn't care less about the Grade 7 sitting there. On the tube home, I could have been pulled up under the mental health act. I made about ten friends on the northern line in 4 stops back to Archway. I can always remember how eerlily quite the tube was for a Friday evening. I was hugging and telling everybody. I can only imagine the feeling if you were there. Wow, can't wait to see the film. Please check out Arsenal vs Man U - Feb 1988. Two big incidents, McLair pen miss and Nigel giving him stick and the miss by Thomas which was an almost identical situation against scousers. One on one for ages. Thank god practice makes perfect! - Post No. 110738

markymark  13:54pm 12th Nov 2017

Badarse - why arenít you on here celebrating George Grahamís Arsenal 89í Achievements. Apparently youíve got your eye on me so you must be reading. Why not contribute Badarse , why not? - Post No. 110739

Seven Kings Gooner1  16:06pm 12th Nov 2017

These were a special bunch of players - when us oldies talk of "bottle" it is not all about hard men dishing it out, it's about players like Alan Smith taking it whilst wearing an Arsenal shirt. Smudger was kicked from pillar to post by some of the most uncompromising defenders in football - never any reaction, he just continued playing his role for the team. When you spend your career playing with your back to goal and with the tackle from behind still legal, you need to be brave and Smith was not only brave but a very intelligent footballer. For me, it was his ability to deliver in the really big games, his goal and assist at Anfield and the winner against Parma is what I call real bottle, he was the proper big game player. Never called world class by the press, pundits or his peers he gave a wonderful display in the cauldron that was Anfield and struck a great winner, with his only chance, in Copenhagen - how we could have done with that bottle in the 2000 EUFA final and CL final in 2006. There have been many players who scored lots of goals for Arsenal but none were more important than the goals Smithy scored under George Graham at Highbury, when Arsenal was still a football club. - Post No. 110740

mbg  18:33pm 12th Nov 2017

Rippy, spot on, you never hear the old fraud bring up or wax lyrical about the good and great times before him, the success the achievements, the trophies, George Grahams achievements, etc, he hates it/them, except when it's to mention when making excuses after an embarrassment or stuffing the great history, traditions, we supposedly still have, the same ones he thinks and imagines he's holding up and sticking to when in reality the same ones the skinny c**t has destroyed. wenger out. - Post No. 110741

Arseneknewbest  19:34pm 12th Nov 2017

Steve McMahaon going round after 88 mins surrepticiously shaking hands with barnes and the others saying "one minute". Kerb crawler Pleat talking about poetic justice as LFC appear to holding onto a 1-0 victory...but then it was all up for grabs...Hi Marky. If ever there was a case of being careful of what you wish for, it's challenging the awful badarsio to return to these pages. I for one do not miss a single syllable of his sanctimonious, incoherent drivel. I'm going to give a copy of this dvd to every player in arseneknewbest junior's u13 team (that I coach). Compulsory watching in order to understand what a real team and manager are like. AFC is a club now officially living in the past (although what a past it is). What a feckin fiasco. - Post No. 110742

GoonerRon  9:20am 13th Nov 2017

@ SKG - I heard an interview with Dicko the other day and Lukic said he threw the ball because he was so physically and mentally knackered he didn't have the energy to kick it. Perhaps peak physical fitness that everyone prattles on about in today's game isn't all it's cracked up to be after all! Spine tingling moments that will never be recreated, despite what Sky will have you believe with the Aguero moment. - Post No. 110743

JesusSaidpaddy  9:22am 13th Nov 2017

9 of us went up there packed in a hired Toyota Spacecruiser with a sun roof. At a standstill in the middle lane on the M6 just outside Birmingham a window rolled down on the neighbouring car "Got any spare tickets mate?", We had one and let him have it. One of our lot said "That's one of the coppers out of The Bill" (a popular weekly show in the 80's). When Mickey's shot hit the net I ended up on top of my mate's missus, her husband on top of me plus 2 others on top of him and at the very bottom was the copper from The Bill - all of us screaming "Yeeeaaaaarrrgghhh" or some alien language. By the time we had disentangled ourselves the final whistle went. An hour and a half later walking and singing alongside Stanley Park four scousers came up and said "we're gonna stab you, you cockney b*****s". 2 of our lot lifted up their jerseys exposing more than generous guts and said "here you go - stick it right in there coz nothing's ever gonna spoil this night - we've just won the f***** league"!! They just sloped off. Got back to the first service station on the M6 and it was total mayhem. The till and counter staff in the cafť were all up on the shoulders of Gooners who were now serving the food "Want 3 more eggs mate? - here you go". Nobody paid and everyone was dancing on the tables singing "Georgie Graham's magic - he wears a magic hat". And to finish it all off - Big Kev is driving us all back and shouts "Look up ahead, its the team coach ?" We pulled up alongside it on the outside lane and everybody is out of the sun-roof singing in convoy alongside for at least 10 miles. The whole squad on the coach going mental. Nutty Nigel waving and showing us the Cup, Theo Foley off his head. Absolutely unforgettable night - the greatest moment and night of mine and most of my mate's lives. Culmination of 15 odd years of non-stop home and aways every week when the buzz following them was sheer magic. Still sends shivers thinking about it. And then it continued when we got back to The Tavern . . . . - Post No. 110744

Scruff  10:43am 13th Nov 2017

The copper from The Bill was the character Dave Quinnon used to see him all the time . - Post No. 110745

Seven Kings Gooner1  10:53am 13th Nov 2017

GoonerRon, thanks for that, I never knew that was the reason - can't see why he was knackered though, he had F - all to do all match! - Post No. 110746

Yes its Ron  11:17am 13th Nov 2017

SKG - Perhaps he was mentally tired? In the red zone? Needing a rest? ......but 'overall' maybe he was OK to give absolutely everything to keep his focus and to fight .... zzzzz. How times have changed! Cd you imagine GG ever trotting out that stuff? - Post No. 110747

markymark  12:32pm 13th Nov 2017

Yes itís Ron - I seem to remember Anders Limpar moaning to GG saying he needed to come off. GG told to stop ****ing moaning and keep running. It later transpired Anders had a dislocated or possibly broken jaw! Those were the days no blinking red zones but also no mollycoddling for yeas and years of injuries . Sad though it was to the player. When you were gone you were gone. - Post No. 110749

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:33pm 13th Nov 2017

Ron, A few months with Wenger poor John Lukic would have gone out on loan to Juve or some other feeder club! The posts on this piece from Kevin is how we all viewed football back in the day, bits of it still exist lower down the leagues but overall it's no longer the game it was. - Post No. 110750

mbg  14:38pm 13th Nov 2017

SKG, if it had been TOF he'd have subbed him on 70 minutes, and handed him a bottle of luke warm water. wenger out. - Post No. 110754

John F  20:14pm 13th Nov 2017

Enjoyed reading that Jesus.Like you I was following Arsenal home and away back then and how I regret not getting to that match. - Post No. 110761

mbg  1:07am 14th Nov 2017

One thing about all this is, and some might say fitting and deserved is these AKB jcl wengerites who think wenger formed and built the club will never witness what the fans who were here long before he arrived on these shores witnessed that night. The love, the togetherness, the commadrie among fans, the togetherness with the players, (they could have done anything after that and would have been forgiven) it's fitting also that those that did witness it and now with all's that's going on also think the sun shines out of wengers arse and continue to support him that they'll, thanks to wenger and indeed themselves will never witness anything like it again either, unfortunately fans that do deserve to witness it all again won't either, thanks wenger, and your fans. wenger out now. - Post No. 110762

mbg  15:58pm 15th Nov 2017

Something not mentioned was after Smith scored the first was the Liverpool players surrounding the referee, Ablett, Hansen (he never got over that night and still bears grudges, lol) Whelan, pressuring him to disallow it, fair play to him he never folded under the pressure, I remember waiting for the out come it seemed like ages as they remonstrated with him, I think he consulted with the lino too, and then he pointed to the spot the relief, I remember the look on whelans face, and the dirty look he gave the referee hilarious, worth watching out for when watching the original. - Post No. 110771

BigDaveTheGooner  21:07pm 15th Nov 2017

Steve Bould looks as miserable as he does when sitting next to Wenger on match days!!!! - Post No. 110773

mbg  0:05am 16th Nov 2017

Big Dave, would you blame him mate ? poor sod knowing he has to go back into work and listen and put up with that excuse for a manager compared to the one he's standing beside, but I suppose we can't have much sympathy for him he's been well compensated for looking and being miserable. and anyway he's probably under orders from wenger not to enjoy himself and to do and look like he always does. - Post No. 110774

BigDaveTheGooner  17:14pm 16th Nov 2017

mbg,perhaps he's pissed off with telling all the legends and greats that our once great club is being totally mismanaged from top to bottom!!!!!!! - Post No. 110787

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