Ivan Gazidis Is Playing The Long Game

By Markymark

CEOís promised change is finally arriving

It was once said that British intelligence has been so successful through the love of cricket. Long languid play, slow incremental gains then finito - game over before the enemy realised itís been compromised.

Law / Rowley outÖ Sanllehi / Mislintat in

Iím wondering whether Ivan Gazidis is a pupil of this school of thought? Either he appears to be a highly paid subservient doing whatever his employee (Arsene Wenger) requests. Or he is a thick skinned scheming individual, ready to accept a frankly poor public image whilst all the time working a grand plan to great effect.

What evidence is there for the long game? Certainly Gazidisí ridiculed speech where he claimed Arsenal searched the world and could only find Arsene again will go down in history - we suspect for the wrong reasons. Arseneís hotline to Kroenke surely is a further humiliation? But is Ivan the courtier who will take the rancour to finally topple Arsene?

We can see the complete refusal of Wenger to accept a Director of Football. Yet why do we constantly here of names being highlighted who are DOF in all but name? (As I write this itís just been announced that Barcelonaís Raul Sanllehi will be joining Arsenal). Make no mistake, whatever his new title, the DOF role will have been sold to Raul. Ivan must have convinced him that Arsenal want to make a shift upwards and this would ultimately be without Wenger in charge long term. Further to this of course has been the recruitment of Chief Scout Sven Mislintat, labelled as head of recruitment.

A wry smile might appear on all those who were shocked to hear of the Kroenke hotline to bypass the board. How well will Wenger deal with a Mislintat / Sanllehi communication flow? One wonders whether Wenger will have to pack up watching his continental football matches on TV and concentrate on The Great British Bake Off instead.

We do of course hear constant rumours that managers have been interviewed every year since 2014, although with the ultimate decision left to Wenger as to whether he wishes to go. By removing Wengerís circle of longstanding relationships and removing a built-in comfort zone is Ivan effectively forcing the famously inflexible Wenger into a decision that fits with the CEOís ultimate goal? I would imagine Wengerís job has just become a whole lot more lonely.

Certainly Wenger must now look around and ask if, in the winter of his career, has he the energy and drive to build a whole new set of relationships. The decision to go may now be a whole lot easier.

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28th November 2017 12:43:18


Comments and Reaction

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Yes its Ron  14:58pm 28th Nov 2017

I think AW knows these people who are being brought in and has approved and recommended them. AWs going nowhere. - Post No. 110900

Paulo75  16:33pm 28th Nov 2017

Whether AW knows the appointments or not it can only be a good thing that the Club is strengthening its hand on the footballing side. Wenger wont be here for too much longer, the club has crying out for the addition of footballing expertise team after too many years reliant on one man's micro management. - Post No. 110901

mbg  16:56pm 28th Nov 2017

A wry smile indeed, and fair play to Ivan if he's chipping away regardless, and this is his doing, a blow to TOF's ego and a lessening of his power and closer to getting the weasel out, even if he doesn't take much notice, yes the Director of football a roll TOF derides but would take up himself in a heartbeat if he had to, the arrogant hypocrite, to everyone who want's TOF out, keep chipping away. wenger out now. - Post No. 110902

Exeter Ex  19:11pm 28th Nov 2017

Alternatively Gazidis is tinkering around the immovable central problem at the club where he can, for reasons of good PR for himself and the club, but it's window dressing. Wenger doesn't have to worry about having the energy and drive to build new relationships. He can just ignore them. - Post No. 110904

GoonerRon  21:33pm 28th Nov 2017

I personally think the club realise (a) they are are being left behind and (b) they desperately need a post-Wenger succession plan. It remains to be seen how effective the new recruits are in their roles with us but itís difficult to imagine candidates of their calibre agreeing to come in without the autonomy to do their jobs properly. Iím glad the club have finally got their finger out to freshen things up with key appointments. - Post No. 110905

mbg  21:40pm 28th Nov 2017

Anyone fancy a bit of Hospitality at the Emirates for the Huddersfield game ? you don't even have to leave the trough and watch the match, a snip at £450, (apparently reduced)not including travel and other expenses of course, no doubt there's halfwit luvvies somewhere. wenger out - Post No. 110906

Paulward  23:20pm 28th Nov 2017

Not convinced these behind the scenes appointments mean a great deal to be honest . Wenger will leave when he wants to leave, and with the club currently in the top four and in 3 cup competitions he is actually in a stronger position than he has been for quite some time. The next milestone? AW still our manager at 70 years old. - Post No. 110907

mbg  23:58pm 28th Nov 2017

Paul ward, your probably right, but we can hope, we are now where we've been on and off for years, and compared to last season if the season ended tomorrow we'd be hearing from the AKB wengerites and more so catweazle himself, we've made progress, you couldn't make it up, and it would be we're ready to go for next season, and it would be swallowed hook line and sinker by his followers and those who hang on his every word, f*****g sad or what, like I said before they deserve him, sadly proper fans don't. wenger out. - Post No. 110908

markymark  6:30am 29th Nov 2017

Paul ward - you could be right but then Exeterís point from previous posting sums up the continued cycle. Beware the ides of March or in Wengerís case February. We often start dropping points and shedding competitions at this point. - Post No. 110909

CORNISH GOONER  10:57am 29th Nov 2017

Having carefully read the latest bollocks from Arthur today, I am at last finding some reasons to be cheerful - Part 1 at least! His incoherent ramblings sound like the desperation of a man losing control & trying to convince all that he is still all powerful by dissing Ivan The Terrible. Pedro on Le Grove has written a good analysis of the situation imo. Maybe this light at the end of the tunnel ISN"T an oncoming train? - Post No. 110911

Exeter Ex  11:59am 29th Nov 2017

Paulward, how is Wenger in a stronger position? AFC in their standard position of 4th - the difference being it's taken until Nov just to get there - and it's the Europa Lge rather than the Champions Lge competition he's in. Cornish - yes that was especially babbling even by Wenger's standards this morning. "I know everyone!" - Post No. 110912

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:56pm 29th Nov 2017

This is one game, after 7 years since my last visit to the Em*rates, I would like to attend. I could sing along with the Huddersfield fans "one Herbert Chapman...." - Post No. 110913

Bard  15:55pm 29th Nov 2017

Paulo75. I agree mate. I dont think it matters too much how they got appointed or who's idea it was. The million dollar question is whether they are allowed to have any real influence. - Post No. 110916

Alsace  18:28pm 29th Nov 2017

Not going this evening or Saturday. Not well enough this evening and not bothered about Saturday despite the opponents. I have a party given by my Arsenal supporting ( and ticket holding)friends on Saturday night. I have joined the ranks of those who aren't interested in the foetid stench of failure which surrounds the old Alsatian folks home that Arsenal has become. I'm bored and I wont be interested again until Gazidis manages somehow to outflank our great and dear leader. I'm not hopeful other in that he wont be selling Sanchez or Ozil in January and that loses Stanley $100 million. At that point he may wake up and smell the coffee. - Post No. 110918

mbg  18:40pm 29th Nov 2017

Yes more verbal diarrhoea from TOF today, on why he keeps subbing Lacazette at the same time ? because he get's tired creating, etc, (his thought process not the players) no shyte Sherlock that's his job, and this gem, because other managers do it to their strikers, you couldn't make it up, no you old fraud it wouldn't be because the more the fans boo it, and disagree with it the more you do it to stick two fingers up at them/us and show who's boss. wenger out now, - Post No. 110919

mbg  20:01pm 29th Nov 2017

Slow down Lacazette if you keep this up TOF will sub you on 40, citing you've hit the red line, and not start you again for a fortnight. wenger out now. - Post No. 110920

markymark  20:36pm 29th Nov 2017

The comments from Wengo sound narky . I also gather Sanllehi will be accompying Gazidis on his European jaunts so I suspect its someone Ivan has got to know. Either way change is good. Looks like Kronke has taken that on board as well with his LA Rams Coach appointment - Post No. 110921

TOOAW  22:21pm 29th Nov 2017

You're gonna have to feel sorry for the mbg tonight. He's been singing the praises of the mighty Huddersfield all season along with his disrespectful comments on all things Arsenal and we just put 5 past them to prove that the man is a fool, hates everything Arsenal, bores the pants off everyone who cares to read his posts and, well, you know my take on him/her!! We hardly got out of third gear with the attacking Quartet scoring. Good days to be a gooner but I'm sure others will try to deflect the scoreline to suit their own agenda. Bring it on Kevin.... Maybe a positive post in the morning eh. - Post No. 110922

Arseneknewbest  23:06pm 29th Nov 2017

Tooaw - sung to the music of bread of heaven...where are you when we are shiyte? If your head pops up again on Saturday night,I'll know we won't have been rolled over by manure. - Post No. 110923

mbg  23:06pm 29th Nov 2017

So toady resurfaces with the benefit of his favourite subject of hindsight after the bully boys do it again, it's just a pity they'd show less respect to TOF and his little nice boys than they do to others, not having to get out of third gear says it all, fell sorry for ? for what ? you should be feeling sorry for yourself and others of your ilk who are and will be getting moist again over another false dawn, you couldn't make it up. wenger out. - Post No. 110924

TOOAW  23:23pm 29th Nov 2017

AKB and MBG. I do honestly sense the gritting of teeth whilst posting your two feeble efforts. Another clean sheet, strikers doing what they are paid to do and yet another master class from Mesut. But it is only mid table mediocrity opponents eh fellas. No need for a director of football when we have Monsieur Wenger eh nark. - Post No. 110925

mbg  0:32am 30th Nov 2017

There's been plenty of calls of foul and conspiracy from the AKB wengerites (and still is) over the years, but I'll tell you this if ever there was a real case of conspiracy and for a investigation it's this game, did you ever in your life see a team who have never turned up ? stand off ? and let another team run around them, through them, as much as Huddersfield have done tonight ? if it was the end of the season no doubt there would be serious questions asked from other managers, and the FA, that team and manager need to take good hard look at themselves tonight, I bet it won't be the same in their next game and the rest of the season. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 110926

GoonerRon  1:43am 30th Nov 2017

@ mbg - only you would come on an Arsenal forum and complain that the opposition didn't try hard enough against us! In any case, you are wrong. Whilst I'm naturally happy to win 5-0 it probably flattered us slightly as it was quite a stodgy performance until we got the second goal. Probably from the midway point of the first half they were well in the game and did pretty well. The second was the killer for them, we relaxed and they collapsed - not the first time a newly promoted team has done that, especially away from home against a bigger club. - Post No. 110927

markymark  7:40am 30th Nov 2017

ToOaW - Iíll give you one thing considering youíve been on here getting all Trumpy Fascist on us . Iíve noticed a chink of progressive thought from you in terms of gender fluidness . You first of all out Mandy Dodd as a man and now think MBG maybe a woman? Iím getting confused as Iím sure itís the other way around. Canít help thinking you resemble the Taxi driver in League of Gentleman. A gentle reminder btw to answer my question on previous post. - Post No. 110928

Cyril  9:57am 30th Nov 2017

MBG: I have to love ya. Lighten up my gooner comrade. Youíve got to be happy with a classic 5 nil. I know you mean well. I donít beeeeleeeve it!!! - Post No. 110930

Yes its Ron  12:37pm 30th Nov 2017

GR - Its a good result to thrash a lesser team but we ve always done that this last dozen yrs havent we. Its often followed by a collapse to better (or even similar sides) though as you and we know only too well. This means that these big wins lose their sheen. We are flat track bullies whether we like it or not. You need only examine the record this last few yrs v decent sides vis the record v weaker teams. The arrogant swagger you saw last night disappears like yr grandads gentle fart in a stiff wind once stronger teams rock up to play us. This is what this regime has brought us to. MBG is simply more vocal than most of us, but many think the same make no mistake. - Post No. 110931

markymark  12:38pm 30th Nov 2017

ToOaW - Griesman has stated he wonít join Arsenal after being left dangling ( he held out signing a contract to wait fo go-ahead) Wengo and / or Laws told him last minute we were not going for him and bought Xaka I believe. So yes to answer your question we very much need a DOF and a good recruiter. - Post No. 110932

mbg  15:22pm 30th Nov 2017

Cyril, of course i'm happy mate, (and i know some will hate to hear that) and I had the opportunity to be there last night with the young lad, on a freebie too, but still declined, i kinda of regretted it for his sake, for about ten minutes until I see wengers smug mug, but for some to think (and believe) we're now some sort of top top team with a super duper manager after winning that, 5-0 or not just takes the biscuit. - Post No. 110935

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