The Gooner Wins Best Fanzine at FSF Awards!

By Kevin Whitcher

What’s this? More silverware for Arsenal?

Well, well, well. Myself and a tableful of regular Gooner contributors attended the Football Supporters Federation annual awards dinner last night in a venue called The Pavilion at the Tower of London – a heated tent set up in the grounds of the Tower. We were nominated for the best fanzine award. We have been up for this twice before, and in all honesty, had no expectation of winning.

So it was a very pleasant surprise when, after the nominees were read out, The Gooner was announced as the winner. Everyone from the table got up on the stage to collect the award and host James Richardson asked a few humorous questions, as he did with all the award recipients, a far better format than rambling acceptance speeches.

So, a good night all round, with perhaps a little too much alcohol consumed, but what the hell, the hangover is worth it.

Next week, we’ll give full details of the proposal to continue The Gooner beyond the current season. We just need to do a few things first, not least set up a Crowdfunding page. There are a substantial number of Gooner readers who want the fanzine to continue, and ultimately we will do if there are enough of them prepared to commit to a season’s worth of issues by subscribing in advance. So more of that this time next week, but today, we’ll just enjoy the memory of a very enjoyable evening at the FSF awards.

The current issue of The Gooner is something of a 1988-89 special and will be on sale at home and away games until the next one comes out v Chelsea on 3rd January. It can be bought online for £3.60 including postage. The price is higher if you are outside the UK due to the extra postage costs.

Alternatively, you can simply pay £3.60 (postage included) (or £12 for a four issue UK subscription which gets you all the remaining issues before we (possibly) cease publication at the end of the current season) via online bank transfer to –
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5th December 2017 10:35:48


Comments and Reaction

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JesusSaidpaddy  11:13am 5th Dec 2017

Congratulations Kev - and to all contributors and sellers (especially Alex). Have bought and read every copy since Mike rolled the first one off the photocopier. You boys have always been the real voice of AFC and long may it continue. - Post No. 111034

Seven Kings Gooner1  12:50pm 5th Dec 2017

Great news Kev - so pleased that unlike the football side of Arsenal the Gooner Fanzine held it's nerve and apparently showed a lot of bottle (lol) to sweep all before it!! That's a proper trophy Arsene !! - Post No. 111035

Gaz  14:18pm 5th Dec 2017

Congratulations and absolutely well deserved! Well done all! - Post No. 111037

Yes its Ron  14:22pm 5th Dec 2017

Always been brilliant. Well done Kev. You kept yr focus and clearly gave absolutely everything to fight to win. Onto the next edition! Is the Gooner self sustainable by any chance or are you aware that other fanzines are being doped to gain an advantage!! If so, stick to yr values and philosophy matey. - Post No. 111038

Arseneknewbest  14:31pm 5th Dec 2017

Very well done to all gooner contributors. That's what you get for telling the truth and being entertaining to boot! - Post No. 111039

mbg  14:35pm 5th Dec 2017

Hearty Congratulations to all, and well done, so much for the Gooner being done, finished, etc, as some AKB wengerites on here and other places would like to believe, and keep telling us every now and again when unkindly things are been said about their messiah. Yet another subject/rant (on a long list)they're now unable to use in their long lost battle to defend him. wenger out. - Post No. 111040

Redshirtwhitesleeves  14:47pm 5th Dec 2017

Congratulations Kev a very well deserved accolade. I've been buying the gooner since the early days and it's always been the best fanzine around in my opinion and since the internet took off the best Arsenal online site. If our club were half as good we would be multiple champions league winners by now! - Post No. 111041

Aylesbury Gooner  15:59pm 5th Dec 2017

Congratulations Kev and co,well deserved.Hope something can be sorted for next season i always look forward to the the Gooner mag.You can't beat a hard copy landing on the doormat. - Post No. 111043

mbg  17:02pm 5th Dec 2017

Yes you showed (real)tremendous speeritte, focus, and menteel strength, well done again. - Post No. 111045

CORNISH GOONER  19:04pm 5th Dec 2017

Brilliant result - well done to all concerned. A note to Markymark also - I think your dedication to trying to help those less fortunate, TOOAW for example, who clearly have learning difficulties is commendable but I think you should heed the words of the great Brian Clough ( a proper Manager) " Don't argue with idiots. They'll bring you down to their level & then beat you with experience". - Post No. 111046

markymark  19:24pm 5th Dec 2017

Well done Kevin brilliant result! Cornish I take your wise words on board also - Post No. 111047

Cyril  20:35pm 5th Dec 2017

Congratulations to Kevin and the all the team. Your efforts have been rewarded. I hope you go on to bigger and better things. - Post No. 111049

Roy  22:25pm 5th Dec 2017

Nothing like being rewarded for hard work and quality, is there ? And you can count on my subscription for next season. Well done to all concerned. - Post No. 111050

mbg  23:13pm 5th Dec 2017

No congrats from toady yet I see, or a few others, the mountain man hasn't made one of his big comebacks to offer his either so far, as he's always monitoring. - Post No. 111051

TonyEvans  8:49am 6th Dec 2017

Best Fanzine and online Arsenal site by a country mile - you tell it warts and all, as it should be. Many congratulations. - Post No. 111052

Bard  9:00am 6th Dec 2017

Hearty congratulations to Kev and the team. Fantastic. Easily the best fanzine around. - Post No. 111053

bobbybigb  9:20am 6th Dec 2017

CONGRATULATIONS.....Well deserved,always straight talking and not afraid to tell it as it is. No catalyst for change needed here. - Post No. 111054

GoonerRon  10:52am 6th Dec 2017

Fantastic news and a great endorsement for the team at The Gooner - congratulations. - Post No. 111055

Paulo75  11:07am 6th Dec 2017

Congratulations to all involved. Its a much needed platform to air your views and read like minded opinions against the backdrop of empty promises that come out of the club. - Post No. 111056

Paulward  20:06pm 6th Dec 2017

Well deserved Kevin, always been a great read - Post No. 111058

RobG  20:09pm 6th Dec 2017

We are the Champions 👏🍾😎🇬🇧👍🥂🍺🥇🥇🥇🏆 Well done guys !! - Post No. 111059

Alsace  21:17pm 6th Dec 2017

Very well deserved. glad that you all had a nice evening as well. - Post No. 111060

Bard  10:05am 7th Dec 2017

I see Smokin Jack has been ice skating !!! Can you possibly believe that with his injury record. The guy must be a sandwich short of a picnic to put it mildly. - Post No. 111061

Goonhogday  13:15pm 7th Dec 2017

Congratulations. Well deserved. - Post No. 111062

jb1109  13:42pm 7th Dec 2017

Congratulation Kevin and to all involved. Well deserved. - Post No. 111063

markymark  14:28pm 7th Dec 2017

I’ve just been over to Untold again and still cannot find any real report of Arsenal v UTD, just a moan from Attwood about MOTD bias. Has it really come to the point that no one on that site can face carrying out a post Mortem? My God they are poor. - Post No. 111064

TonyEvans  15:00pm 7th Dec 2017

Looks like the England cricket team have been taking lessons from Arsenal in the art of empty rhetoric. It would appear that they have 'learned lessons' and 'will come out fighting' and we should not 'write them off yet'. I want to believe it but just like my football team I fear it's all talk and no action! - Post No. 111065

mbg  15:06pm 7th Dec 2017

Bard, and does the little short arsed twat care ? does he fook, that's what happens when you have an undisciplined rabble with an excuse for a manager who believes in letting them work it out for themselves, just because he doesn't know how to, TOF will most likely come out with, yeeeees we allowed that because we thought it would be good for his ankle, can you imagine George Graham allowing something like that, there again George would have got rid of the wee p***k years ago, or he'd be a far better player than he is now. - Post No. 111066

Badarse  16:18pm 7th Dec 2017

Been away whisking egg whites into soft fluffy peaks. It reminded me of the posse of WORs on here so checked in. Well done Kevin, to you and all at Gooner Towers, and of course the sellers. Thoroughly deserved. - Post No. 111067

Yes its Ron  16:58pm 7th Dec 2017

Tony - Theyre being bullied just like the Arsenal too matey! PS If Mitchell Starke was English we d be OK! - Post No. 111068

mbg  19:25pm 7th Dec 2017

So it's Thursday night C5 again, and the mighty Bate Borisov, no doubt TOF will have done his homework on them, and will have had the nice boys working their socks off on tactics and drills to combate them, so the nice boys will steam roll them, sore arses will have healed from Man yoo and everything will be rosy in the garden again, with the wengerites back to getting moist, and the tadpole back to expose himself and tell us his messiah must stay, you couldn't make it up. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111069

markymark  19:26pm 7th Dec 2017

I was having a read of Myles Palmer I do think he’s a bit hit and miss and can follow a cynical hell in a handcart line at times . But something he mentioned made me prick up my ears. He is stating that the Barcelona chap is definitely Ivan’s mate , not a mate of Wengo. He then dropped in a little episode of Wenger getting grouchy about Ivan having a desk at London Colney. Just a little thing but I notice Wenger only seems to refer to Ivan as him or he. Never Ivan . That isn’t warm and is an attempt by Wenger to show parity or ever greater power than Ivan. But why does Wenger need to do this? A really comfortable man would greet him by his name , tell the world how wonderful he is and then totally ignore him. I’m more convinced than ever that project end plan is on, these were not Wenger approved appointments and are for a future after Wenger. - Post No. 111070

mbg  22:51pm 7th Dec 2017

Did ever you see such a f*****g farce in your life ? Boris's third rate batty boys who couldn't even shoot straight, being steam rolled by wengers nice boys in front of a half empty house, a new low for this club, a f*****g joke, wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111071

GSPM  13:31pm 8th Dec 2017

Well Done The Gooner - keep up the good work. - Post No. 111078

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