Leverkusen winger Leon Bailey on Arsenalís Radar

By Leigh Graydon

Sold for Ä20 million last summer, Gunners will have to spend big to secure young prospect

According to the media in the UK, Arsenal are seriously considering Bayer Leverkusenís winger Leon Bailey. Chelsea and Manchester United have both shown great interest in young player so far and now Arsenal has joined the race.

The Gunners seem to have become reconciled to the loss of Alexis Sanchez and are now preparing the ground for his successor. Pep Guardiola does not intend to send an offer for the Chilean now because his City team is playing excellently on all fronts and the experienced coach does not want to disrupt the ideal chemistry that exists within the squad. However, Sanchez's move to the Etihad Stadium is very probable in the summer transfer window. That's why the North London team has to start looking for new reinforcements.

Although it was recently mentioned that Arsene Wenger has lost influence in the teamís transfer policy because he will soon leave Emirates, as the things stand his word is still very important in the club. And it is commonly known that the Frenchman likes to work with young and promising footballers. Bailey fits this profile.

Leon Bailey has enjoyed a fantastic first half of the season, and is one of the best players in the Bundesliga so far. He has played a total of 14 games in the Bundesliga this season and scored six goals, providing four assists. Bailey is very fast and dangerous in one on one situations and also has a great left foot. With Julian Brandt, he is one of the Leverkusenís brightest prospects.

The young Jamaican arrived from Genk in the last January transfer window for a sum of Ä20 million. Therefore, it is certain that Arsenal will have to allocate a drastic amount of money if they want to bring him to London. And the price will probably jump higher because other big clubs are showing interest in the player, and are willing to spend a lot of cash in order to secure his services, with the aforementioned Chelsea and Manchester United are reported to be the most serious candidates.

On the other hand, Arsenal continue to play attractive football, with lots of goals and this will probably remain the case in the second part of the season. Lacazette and companions are scoring regularly, but defence is the problem. So, if you like to bet on goals, online bookmakers UK offers great odds. This online betting platform provides all the conditions for excellent entertainment and fair betting, especially if you are a Premier League fan. You can check the Ladbrokes bookmaker review on the link above and claim £50 deposit bonus or check Betfair and claim up to £100 in free bets. Considering pretty weak performances by Arsenal defenders and their deadly attack, we can still expect high scoring Gunnersí matches in the domestic championship and Europa League.

As the fate of Mesut Ozil is also uncertain, the North London side will need some fresh blood in attack, because Wenger does not count seriously on Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott, given both of them get their chance to play mostly in Europa League. Arsenal desperately need a pacey player on the flank. And Bailey with his speed and crossing ability can provide a lot of assists for Olivier Giroud and Alexandre Lacazette. So far this season, Lacazette often had to drop to the middle of the field to participate in the organization of teamís attacks, although his primary task is to score goals. Thatís why the possible arrival of Leverkusenís forward would make his game a lot easier.

In a recent media interview, Wenger when asked whether Arsenal will retain Sanchez and Ozil, said: ďYes, of course. No doubt. I don't think every day about that at the moment. As long as they are here, they give their best for the club. As far as I'm concerned, they'll stay until the end of the season unless something unbelievable happens. In press conferences you confront me with speculation, but for me they stay until the end of the season - that's what we decided at the start of the season. Will they stay longer? That's impossible to say right now, but they have a contract until the end of the season.Ē

Although the experienced coach has so far denied the departure of two of his most important players, it is hard to expect that they will remain if Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League. After last season, where Arsenal failed to secure a Champions League spot, it was expected that they would act seriously in the transfer market to be able to return to elite competition. However, Thomas Lemar was considered too expensive for Wenger and he stayed in AS Monaco. Even this season, Gunners are barely able to keep up with the top four teams. So, if they want to return among the title contenders next year, they have to take an opportunity like this.

29th December 2017 21:24:23


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Gaz  21:53pm 29th Dec 2017

Canít think of anything more pointless or depressing than discussing transfers of any sort whilst Wengerís still in charge. - Post No. 111458

mbg  0:13am 30th Dec 2017

Here we go again right on queue, it's starting, and of course as usual Arsenal/the spin department have no problem getting it out there, I thought I heard them all, we're (wenger) watching, interested in, a long term admirer of, keeping an eye on, tried to sign him before, has been to watch him, preparing a bid, etc, etc, but it's the first time for on our radar. - Post No. 111462

TonyEvans  8:42am 30th Dec 2017

Gaz - couldn't agree more, absolutely pointless. - Post No. 111466

Arseneknewbest  9:04am 30th Dec 2017

Isn't. Going. To. Happen. The shrivelled chihuahua head that passes for our manager these past ten years has already said so. Starting to wonder about how we can commemorate the hugely underwhelming occasion that is wengo's 811th shift at the helm of his ship of fools. Ferguson must be laughing his scabby old napper off at the old fool's vanity and the club's stupidity. - Post No. 111468

Ando  10:31am 30th Dec 2017

Another to add to the ''nearly signed eleven'' - Post No. 111469

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:02pm 30th Dec 2017

The only signing I could see happening would be Sturridge, as cover for Giroud, who will be out officially till mid Jan but we know that means March. Best thing would be to buy no one and bring in Academy players till the season end, then get in a manager who will do what George Graham did when he first became manager, a grand clear out! Watching that great film "89" showed what a laxative GG was for Arsenal, removing players who he felt would not respond to his style of management. George laid the foundations for his two titles and cup victories and put the layers down for Wenger's success in 98 and 2002. How Arsenal need another strong dose of laxative to cleanse the non competitive culture of the club and the football team. - Post No. 111472

mbg  16:04pm 30th Dec 2017

Attractive football ?? yeah right, and with plenty of goals, and high scoring, that makes it alright then. wenger out. - Post No. 111473

Exeter Ex  17:18pm 30th Dec 2017

The article is a barely disguised ad for online gambling, that's why it's up. I'm sure the editor knows it's entirely pointless and badly written aside from that. A bailey (or several) rather than this Bailey is a better response to Wenger's management. - Post No. 111476

John F  18:02pm 30th Dec 2017

Odds on buying a player in a position we need like a goalkeeper,defender, defensive midfielder is 1000/1.odds on buying no one 1/1.odds on buying yet another light weight midfielder to play out wide 2/1.odds to being linked with Draxler and Benzema during the transfer window 1/10 on.odds on getting some one with a broken back on loan must be about a 10000/1 surely no one would be stupid enough to do that. - Post No. 111477

Goonhogday  18:47pm 30th Dec 2017

Sorry Leigh but, yawn, weíve heard this all too often come the re-opening of the transfer windows and nothing ever happens! Higuain, Lewandowski, Lemar, Cavani, Reus, Draxler, Hummels, Bezema, Cabaye ... I could keep going. Itís always attacking players too and not quality defenders or a holding midfielder. I don't believe a word of it. Wenger out, Kroenke out. - Post No. 111480

Roy  19:50pm 30th Dec 2017

Gaz, Tony Evans. Spot on lads. - Post No. 111484

Guernsey gunner  6:03am 31st Dec 2017

Yawnsville im afraid whatís the point in clueless signing a promising winger, playing him at left back, over using him, destroying his confidence and generally ruining him. We are better off buying no one whilst he continues to stink the place out, babbling on about values zzzzzzzz just do one now Wenger you fraud. - Post No. 111487

mbg  16:26pm 31st Dec 2017

So it's the mighty Brom who haven't won since august and holding everyone up, yes another roll over on the cards for the snood wearing nice boys, the £80, 90, 100, plus grand a week just doesn't keep out the cold the same as the 4.99 gloves and snood. wenger out. - Post No. 111493

markymark  18:24pm 31st Dec 2017

Iím sure there was someone on this forum who said Wenger is a winner.... - Post No. 111494

mbg  18:46pm 31st Dec 2017

Oh dear I was wrong, I should have known better a manager who doesn't bow or courtesy to TOF, and has him in his pocket also. Excuse making crier out tonight. - Post No. 111495

Cyril  19:45pm 31st Dec 2017

HUGE respect for Wenger, Wilshere and Cech today. That was a shocking decision. AW kept his powder dry in interview. If I ever met Mike Dean, I would have a yellow card and a whistle. I would point to his very very bald head, blow the whistle and say now thatís a clear penalty. MD your a bad man and youíve been doing it to us for years my friend. - Post No. 111496

markymark  20:11pm 31st Dec 2017

The thing is Cyril we were basically crap for 85 minutes and scored from a poor free kick. Lucky us, then Mike Dean gives a terrible decision. Two or three up though and it wouldnít have been an issue. Moaning about this is about the same as Mourinho. I think Pepe wins the dignity prize for remaining calm as Palace kicked his players out of the match. - Post No. 111497

Paulward  20:49pm 31st Dec 2017

Shocking decision when it looked liked weíd ground out a scruffy win. Have to agree with Wenger on the scheduling too, shouldnít be facing an opponent thatís had 48 hours more rest at this time of year. - Post No. 111498

mbg  0:07am 1st Jan 2018

Cyril, yes it was to be fair, but I seem to remember Henry doing something similar to a defender (kicking the ball at his hand arm) some years ago looking for a pen, I don't remember if he got it or not though, some of the historians can answer that, but I'll bet wenger didn't complain either way, and I bet if it had been the other way round tonight he wouldn't have been complaining or condemning either. wenger out now. - Post No. 111499

mbg  0:50am 1st Jan 2018

markymark, well said yes we were our usual shyte for 80 minutes or more we had all that time to win the game and as usual couldn't because of wenger and his second raters, but that won't be mentioned by wenger and his wengerites but a decision (if we'd got ourselves wouldn't have been mentioned by them or it was a definite handball) that went against us will be all we'll hear from his apologists, used as just another excuse for TOF and his long list of failures. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 111500

RobG  10:42am 1st Jan 2018

You would have to ask if any outstanding, ambitious player would want to come to us. The ones we have, are pining to go - ! - Post No. 111501

Alsace  11:33am 1st Jan 2018

I have often wondered why any good players come to Arsenal. Of course it's just the pay day. Once these mercenaries discover just how unprofessional he is even they cannot stand the stench of failure. We really are beginning to see an endgame here because although we are leaking points like a rusty sieve, we are getting draws, rather than the losses we will get when Alexis is gone. The question is will Gazidis get the green light to fire him before or after we become relegation fodder? The above comments about transfers are, as usual spot on. I'm not remotely interested in who else gets fed into the machine to have his talents and dreams destroyed. - Post No. 111502

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