Arsenal’s New Updated Online Box Office Is Completely & Utterly F***ed

By Leigh Graydon

Ticket Transfer to a friend? You might as well enter the lottery

Arsenal’s ticket transfer scheme was a useful innovation some time ago. It meant that if a season ticket holder could not make a game, via the service, for the cost of £1, they could transfer their seat to a friend with an Arsenal membership without needing to physically get the season ticket card to them. The service produced a pdf print-at-home e-ticket with a barcode which was emailed to the recipient, once they had accepted the transfer in their online membership account with Arsenal.

However, a few weeks ago, all that changed. Arsenal or Ticketmaster, not certain who, decided to update the ticketing website to make it easier to use on smartphones. However, it went live before it has been fully tested, and ever since it has been a nightmare transferring tickets. It generally works at the stage where the season ticket holder transfers their ticket. However, when their friend logs on to accept the ticket, all kinds of different events construe to ensure that it never works as it used to before the update.

Amongst the following I have experienced…

There is notification that there is a ticket awaiting acceptance, but when you click on the link to it, it says there is not

If you are able to see a ticket to accept, sometimes the next screen offers you both the ticket to accept, and also, separately, the same ticket to ‘buy’ at £0.00 – the consequence of accepting the ticket at this stage is that no e-ticket is emailed, the box office at Arsenal have to be called, they apologetically explain there are still teething problems with the updated website and that they cannot produce the e-ticket. So a physical ticket will be produced which has to be collected from the box office on the day of the game. (This is generally the solution to the various number of ways in which an e-ticket is not produced). When you see this screen, the trick is to decline the ticket that they are asking you to ‘purchase’ for £0.00, log out, log back in, accept the ticket being offered (the invitation to purchase it has gone) and then proceed.

Next up, one of two things happen – Either you get a confirmation screen. In the old days, you could print this out as an option, although now you have to print it from your browser menu. Anyway, all well and good, but this does not always mean e-tickets are then emailed to the recipient. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s a lottery. Sometimes the e-tickets are emailed, but hours later, and on once occasion the barcode on the e-ticket was quite obviously not properly produced – it only had about 10 bars on it, so was useless.

The other thing that can happen at this stage is that instead of you seeing a confirmation screen, the system tells you the page cannot be loaded because there are too many re-directs and you need to clear the cookies on your system. And this on three different internet browsers. You do this, and it makes no difference, the page still will not load, and once you see this a first time, you see it a lot with pages on the ticketing website – they simply will not load. In spite of no confirmation screen, sometimes the e-tickets are emailed anyway.

The interesting thing is that given the ‘upgrade’ was made to improve the process of transferring tickets using smartphones, these problems happen whether you are using a pc or a smartphone. So it’s not as if either is a decent option.

One tip I was given by the box office staff. If you try to accept more than one ticket at a time, problems are more likely. So if you wish to accept a pair, do them one at a time, get that single e-ticket and then do the other one. Basically, I have learned from hard experience the dos and don’ts of the system and a process that used to take 2 minutes now takes about 20, although this is because I have found the way to work around the various glitches that the system now throws up. But for the novice, it can be like cracking a safe to use a system that used to be straightforward.

It’s been like this for about a month now. I wonder when Arsenal will get onto Ticketmaster to actually fix it. The page not loading problem is the worst, because it will just happen continually when you try again.

I’ll know when the system has been fixed because I will not get the error screen that does not load due to too many re-directs and references to your cookies. And one more thing. Next time you people decide to ‘upgrade’ the ticketing website, can you actually test the damned thing properly first?

Currently, it’s about as predictable as the first team…

2nd January 2018 15:36:37


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MAF  17:35pm 2nd Jan 2018

mate im not suprised, the place is asleep alround, this is what happens when the dust is allowed to gather after 21 years, whole place needs a shakedown but it wont get it. Wenger wont mind he is about £100m nett richer 21 years on so he's made sure his complete commitment to the club was fully worth his while. Louis XIV does not care about the little people so your experience means f all unfortunately. our competitors mainly spurs are delighted at the slide to mediocrity @ AFC. In 2-3 years time it will be Spurs pulling off coups and taking AFC's players. you will all see AFC's owner does not care the team are 7th best in their league and things just tick over as they are or even slide. trust me he does not care - Post No. 111532

Roy  18:09pm 2nd Jan 2018

You don't get anything for a pair, Leigh - not on this game !! As MAF says, symptomatic of the general malaise which is currently AFC. Wenger out. - Post No. 111533

mbg  19:14pm 2nd Jan 2018

No surprise there I guess it goes with the territory and everything that is Arsenal these days, a shambles on the pitch, a shambles off it, if I didn't know better I could see wengers fingerprints all over it, (would any of us be surprised) we keep hearing from others (mostly wenger luvvies) move on, forget the past, etc, so this is Arsenal moving on ? 2018 and we're no further on than we were in 2007 having regressed especially on the pitch thanks to an old past it manager. wenger out. - Post No. 111535

CORNISH GOONER  19:19pm 2nd Jan 2018

So the Online booking system is completely & utterly f****d"? I think I now understand that word "synergy" (in a negative way) because it's such a great match for the football part of the AFC business. - Post No. 111536

Yes its Ron  23:54pm 2nd Jan 2018

It sounds like theres a benign virus in that ticket transfer system thats trying its best to deter the hitherto ticketless friend that he or she really is better off not having one and to give it a miss. Quite why some body would want to wrestle with a poor system for 20 to 30 mins like that so to go to the bowl of tedium is the real mystery, not the vagaries of the computer system. - Post No. 111540

Roy  4:52am 3rd Jan 2018

So let's get this right. The club can't ensure that it's technology update is ok before it goes live causing massive inconvenience to fans, but it can employ a harpist to 'entertain' the nobs in the Diamond Club before and after the Liverpool game ? You want to know what's wrong with the current model ? There you have it. At least there's one positive thing in the offing - a 6 game touchline ban for AW on the horizon, or maybe more ! - Post No. 111541

Seven Kings Gooner1  8:52am 3rd Jan 2018

Yes it's Ron, Happy New year mate. You are so right, why waste 30 minutes of your life trying to buy a ticket from an organization that does n't want you anyway! My message for someone with a short break on the horizon - get on "You Tube" and listen to the Crusaders, you will feel so much better for it afterwards. - Post No. 111542

mbg  15:01pm 3rd Jan 2018

Roy, yes I hope they throw the book at him, not having to look at his clueless mug on the touch line for a Month and with his bony hands in the air remonstrating at every incident, tackle and decision, and of course it will be another blow to his ego which is always welcome. wenger out. - Post No. 111546

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