Do Arsenal Really Want To Sign Aubameyang?

By Bard

The clubís chronic lack of ambition is laid bare by failed transfer targets

Most discerning Arsenal fans understand that we havenít tried to challenge for a major trophy for more than a decade. The clubís major strategy has been to try to convince the fans that we are fully committed to challenging but unforeseen circumstances thwart our best efforts.

Aubameyang - Another case of Thomas Lemar?

We were also spun the idea that top 4 was a fantastic achievement in itself. And to some extent it was, at least from a financial point of view. The other strategy was how to protect Wenger from the worst of the fallout. But the game has now changed. We have dropped out of that bracket and are now mired in the Europa league scrap which explains the current transfer strategy.

We have allegedly been in deep negotiations for Aubameyang. If you read the press you could be forgiven for thinking itís all about the fee. Itís not, itís a lot more complicated to my mind. For us as fans the issue is simple - sign him for the fee, we have the money, but for Arsenal its a whole lot more complex. If Arsenal sign Aubameyang, a top player for £50/60m to replace Sanchez the pressure on Wenger goes through the roof. If he fails to get a top 4 finish with the signings he has made then the second year of his contract looks like it could be a disaster.

There are serious arguments for trying to sign Aubameyang but failing to sign him is a much better strategy. Itís gives the impression that we tried hard but because Dortmund were greedy we couldnít make it happen. Some Arsenal fans buy this bull**** but more importantly it gives Wenger wriggle room. Itís a much better strategy to avoid signings and hope that Liverpool or Tottenham falter. If we somehow get that top 4 spot then Wenger can be seen as a genius. If he fails with expensive signings then his cache falls. The reality is that the top 4 is no longer an Arsenal goal - the Europa League is our new level.

29th January 2018 08:55:27


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Arseneknewbest  10:17am 29th Jan 2018

Thanks Bard. A similar scenario occurred to me. IG cooks up a strategy with wengo and gonnella that he flies to Germany (an apparently visible sign of intent) and then holes himself up, practically incommunicado, while the press office starts spinning about efforts to sign PEA, as the tabloids seem to like calling him. IG's glee about being away from his nagging other half is tempered by the fact that wengo will only authorise a stay in a spartan mercure hotel next to an industrial estate on the dortmund ring road. He'said also refused any exes so IG has to fill up for the day at the breakfast buffet and cannot use his mobile to call home. All a part of wengo's punishment for IG's uppityness last season. I think we'll come as close to signing as the club can spin it, but PEA will either stay put or go to Chelsea. Nice subterfuge to actually send someone, anyone over there but no purchase will be the outcome and IG will be claiming for a pumpernickel enema...and at least his trousers will be nicely pressed after leaving them in the hot corby for a week. - Post No. 112377

John F  10:27am 29th Jan 2018

Hi Bard like you I did have doubts whether this deal will go through but according to news reports it is very close although I do remember Higuain being a done deal. .They are reporting that the delay is due to the Dortmund bus bombing inquest and if BD can get a replacement.Wenger can only have at the most 16months left I would hope signings are being made with this in mind.Giroud to Chelsea is also being mentioned to make way which would be a shock if true. - Post No. 112378

Yes its Ron  10:30am 29th Jan 2018

With or without him, im not of the view that we ll reach the top 4. I feel that the seasons ran away from us now. Oddly, though yr point is taken i reckon they are doing their best to sign him. The club needs to get past the Sanches departure and the circs that led up to him leaving so i think this potential signing is actually part of the marketing spin on this occasion and not the precipitation of it. Is he a 60 Million man? Not totally sure about that really but who knows these days. - Post No. 112379

Seven Kings Gooner1  10:48am 29th Jan 2018

I still think we'll end up with Sturridge. - Post No. 112380

Yes its Ron  10:57am 29th Jan 2018

SKG - As long as he leaves that stupid celebratory dance at Anfield. Do they ever realise what idiots they look like! Always get the impression he has a serious attitude problem to be honest. Decent player though in his one game in ten contribution. He fits the bill for us though doesnt he being a perma crock. - Post No. 112381

RobG  11:13am 29th Jan 2018

I can't see why we are signing him. Surely this Malcom guy is the replacement fro Sanchez / Walcott. We already have Lacazette. So are we reverting to 4 - 4 - 2 ? - Post No. 112382

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:02pm 29th Jan 2018

RobG Exactly my friend, if we are reverting to 4 4 2 Giroud is ideal for the job.Me thinks someone else is going to be playing out of position - Lacazette at wing back. Ron, It's all a bit crazy this window anyway - nothing will surprise me. - Post No. 112383

TonyEvans  13:05pm 29th Jan 2018

RobG - I was thinking 5 - 3 - 2 / 3 - 5 - 2 with two wing backs, assuming the Auba deal goes through. If we got Evans too we would have the makings of quite a decent side. I would dispense with a holding midfielder (which we haven't got - not a real one anyway) and rely on the 3 centre backs doing their job properly. Not going to happen though and then there's the Wenger factor to bugger it all up anyway, especially the bit about defending properly! - Post No. 112384

TonyEvans  13:26pm 29th Jan 2018

In the cold light of day this potential Auba deal has got panic signing written all over it. The guy's a trouble-maker (apparently) and it looks like Arsenal are buying purely to placate fans in the light of Sanchez's exit to Man U. That's not to say it wouldn't work though - it's an exciting prospect for a decent front two partnership for the first time in ages. As we all know full well though if we keep shipping goals like we do it's all a waste of time as far as getting us anywhere near City - especially with the biggest drawback of all, Wenger, still pulling the strings. - Post No. 112385

Yes its Ron  13:28pm 29th Jan 2018

Tony - i think generally the idea of a defensive midfield player doesnt sit well with AW. I think he sees it as a waste of a player type of thing? I can sort of see the logic in it but he cant sensibly dispense with it unless he has very capable defenders as you say. Persoonally, i ve always thought rightly or wrongly that AFC need a high quality box to box type middle man like Viera. Very hard to find. Pogba is one for eg for Utd, but hes better when hes further forward even isnt he. We need a Brian Talbot type to use an eg from way back. Such players know when a game needs them totally defensively and when they can unlock themselves from the role. Cant make my mind up about Xhaka. He should be capable but his decision making seems awry all the time? I suspect that his role has never been properly spelled out to him and also that he seems reluctant to boss others about and tell them what he wants, a long terms failing in our team sadly. People say Wilshere is the man. I dont agree. I d sell him. He is simply to small to be an effective midfielder and even tho he has a low centre of gravity, hes easily brushed off the ball now and knocked over. Its a shame because he does read a game well and is constructive in what he tries to do. Its said Albion want 20 million for Evans now. Hes not worth that i feel. Decent player but hes 30 now. McGuires the one id try for in the Summer. The lad at Burnley looks ok too, Mee. i think 15 Mill is Evans real value. - Post No. 112386

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:31pm 29th Jan 2018

TonyEvans, even if Arsenal went 3 5 2 - Giroud could still be the target man. I don't think Giroud is top 4 class but as Arsenal do not have top 4 ambitions why spend 60 million on an unproven player. Better saving the money or bidding a bit more for Evans, a player who is needed far more than any striker. - Post No. 112387

Yes its Ron  14:06pm 29th Jan 2018

Tony - If Auba is a demanding a maverick type and a bit of a character we ought to welcome it i think. A compliant alter boy recruitment policy hasn't served us well this last 10 years. From Sunday league to PL teams all have these types. - Post No. 112388

mbg  15:08pm 29th Jan 2018

Do Arsenal really want to sign yang ? (Maybe they want Ying too and they won't sell) should that not does TOF really want him ? maybe others are pulling the strings on this one and his overinflated ego is hurting, or maybe it's the usual case of fighting over twenty fags by TOF himself, or more likely another case of the lies and spin just to keep the natives happy and quiet and yes never having any intention of signing him in the first place (and oh how it has worked again)next we'll hear, we tried everything in our power, and the AKB wengerites will have been caught and bent over again, and of course will take it without protest. We want wenger out now. - Post No. 112389

Paulo75  15:15pm 29th Jan 2018

It seems a very unlike Wenger transfer in many ways - Players age, character, fee all seem to be off-piste for the norm. Although I'm not knocking it, the move seems like a desperate last throw of the dice for a top 4 place. If we knew Wenger was leaving at the end of the season I'd rather the money was held back for his replacement and we addressed all areas of the squad that need reinforcements - i.e. defensive midfield, centre half to name but two. Plaudits to our new recruits behind the scenes if this does go through - seems we are getting a bit more decisive in the transfer market at least. - Post No. 112390

Arseneknewbest  15:45pm 29th Jan 2018

Guardian reporting deal is done for 55 million. He looks like Ian Wright on some of those you tube clips and certainly knows where the goal is. Wengo will soon "uncoach" that. What shame we don't have an innovative no nonsense manager to come in at the same time. Window closing on wengo and theresa may with any luck. - Post No. 112391

CORNISH GOONER  15:53pm 29th Jan 2018

Agree 100% with Bard on this - being of a cynical disposition I think it is all about the obvious power struggle at AFC & Arthur definitely won't want to be pushed into Top 4, he would rather fall back on his extensive, growing repertoire of excuses. Would be great to have the full info on the behind the scenes manoeuvring - I feel there is a great TV Soap there in the making, say a UK "Dallas" with the unresolved mystery at the end. Who "shot" Arthur? - Post No. 112392

mbg  15:57pm 29th Jan 2018

Yes i'd also say Evans would fit right in at Arsenal and he's certainly not worth £20million £7-8 maybe, a hard worker, steady, middle of the road player, that's where we are now thanks to wenger, and a norn Irish international too, just how that will go down with some is anyone's guess. wenger out. - Post No. 112393

Arseneknewbest  15:58pm 29th Jan 2018

Cornish - There'd be a humongous list of suspects, including a large number of denizens from online gooner... - Post No. 112394

Badarse  17:05pm 29th Jan 2018

Cynical disposition? With a dollop of raw speculation, name-calling, forcing the square peg of a view to fit the round hole of the unknown situation, general smokescreen espousing to meet the personal agenda. This followed by loud applause from the touchline. Wow! Easy to please or what? Where are the facts? How this type of dissemination hoodwinks the naÔve. - Post No. 112395

A Cornish Gooner  17:12pm 29th Jan 2018

Badarse. What is your view of the Auba transfer? I think you've gone for the wrong Cornish perhaps. - Post No. 112396

Arseneknewbest  17:13pm 29th Jan 2018

Badarse - try again. I'm much more intelligent than you are and I cannot for the life of me fathom your latest nugget of sh*t. E minus - go to the back of the class. - Post No. 112397

TonyEvans  17:30pm 29th Jan 2018

Ron - a ball playing, box to box defensive midfielder would be fantastic I agree, but as you say they are like hens teeth. What we have at the moment is for me a waste of time, we may as well go with a Wilshire, Ozil, Miki midfield three with wing backs providing the width. Also agree that a few Wrighty types in the dressing room would be great but I am not sure if Auba fits the bill - he just seems like trouble, but at least appears to be better than what we have now. SKG - fair point re 3-5-2 and Giroud but two mobile, quick front men would be great, but as you say get a defender in too. - Post No. 112398

1971 Gooner  17:38pm 29th Jan 2018

I donít particularly care what Auba (got his nickname already eh?) and Evans cost as football and money lost touch with each other in terms of reality or value many moons ago. For me the question is do they improve the starting eleven? I think that in both cases the answer is yes. - Post No. 112399

Rippy  18:18pm 29th Jan 2018

Exactly 1971 gooner . 100% agree This is shaping up to be a good ending to the month. Cup final and a good transfer window . Plucking victory from the jaws of defeat . Fingers crossed haha - Post No. 112400

CORNISH GOONER  18:58pm 29th Jan 2018

Mr. Badbum. I swore I wouldn't waste my or others time responding to your usually incomprehensible rubbish but I have to admit you are a bit of a lad aren't you? Couldn't help but smile when you mentioned the word Facts" - that must be a first for you. Lighten up please. - Post No. 112401

mbg  19:12pm 29th Jan 2018

As we all now the amount of players the old fraud has nearly, almost signed down the years in order to keep the gullible happy is legendary, and still they believe, and never doubt, and are had, you couldn't make it up. We want wenger out. - Post No. 112402

A Cornish Gooner  20:09pm 29th Jan 2018

CORNISH. Welcome to the club. Celebrate with a nice pint of Doom Bar/Tribute/Betty Stogs? - Post No. 112403

markymark  20:22pm 29th Jan 2018

Auba is a serious trouble maker, Wenger has zero authority so will try and let the team sort it out. Meanwhile the picture taken of Wengo in the Mail makes him look half dead. No wonder the 83 year old Badarse loves him, it makes Badarse feel like a youth in comparison. - Post No. 112404

markymark  20:47pm 29th Jan 2018

Iíve just realised Badarse when you sent the message to Colesey OAP to say youíd fight with him on the terraces (yes really 🤣) you were actually ****ing 81 years old! You stupid clown how anyone can take a word you say seriously . Jesus Wept ! TTFN - Post No. 112405

mbg  21:25pm 29th Jan 2018

1971Gooner, in your excitement your forgetting who they'd be working under, who'd be managing him/them, thankfully others haven't so the whole scenario/subject/who is irreverent really, only for the fact it's doing exactly what it's designed to do. wenger out now. - Post No. 112406

Bard  21:48pm 29th Jan 2018

Hello Baddie good to see you're up to your old tricks. Facts, they are tricky critters. I got banned from Untold for facts. Tony Deadwood wanted facts so I posted that Arsenal hadnt won the title for over a decade, fact and he said he wanted facts but not those sort of facts. Come to think of it I dont remember a post from you with one fact in it. Have you been converted to the factocracy. I prefer opinions myself as my piece makes clear. But hey Im openminded Baddie, get your factual piece up in blue lights and we can have a debate. love and peace from the dark lord - Post No. 112407

mbg  22:03pm 29th Jan 2018

markymark, yes, and when, like Sanchez, he showed/shows ambition all the rest of wengers little ambitionless fairies will turn against him too. wenger out now. - Post No. 112408

Arseneknewbest  22:09pm 29th Jan 2018

Marky. Comedy gold mate. Arsebad the swedging, streetfighting octogenarian who took on the ICF in his slippers. Apparently he's an all action hero after a sherry and a scotch egg. Badarse - are you the punch-drunk colonel from fawlty towers? - Post No. 112409

A Cornish Gooner  22:35pm 29th Jan 2018

markymark/AKB According to Baddie's Wikipedia page he attended his first Arsenal match in 1955 as a seven year old. The charcter in Fawlty Towers was Major Gowen. Nowadays his racist lines are cut by the BBC. - Post No. 112410

markymark  7:58am 30th Jan 2018

A Cornish - many thanks for that. When carrying some more in-depth. Checks I also discovered this Wikki page it seems to be a memoir . Itís in Low German in classic Tuetonic copperplate writing but Iíve done my best to translate. The Reverend Bídarse took a sip of sherry and as sometimes happened the memory of his distant childhood came flooding back . But it was not as you imagine, not a childhood of the idyllic Vicarage , nor of Cucumber sandwiches and a wave to a villager idling past on his bicycle. Nor had his name been Brian Bídarse for he had been Christened Wilhelm Baadenhass son of Getrud and Horst. The memory enveloped him in a shroud of pain and fear, for home had been a simple Wooden Cabin living with livestock in Eastern Pomerania, thinking back to that night when German State radio had suspended all light entertainment programmes . The sound of Bruckners 7th playing out its sinister, mournful Adagio followed by Joseph Goebels speech on the radio announcing the once mighty 6th Army, now surrounded, had fallen to a shattering defeat at Stalingrad. Bídarse remembered his father weeping , Between the sobs he said softly ďThe Regime is Kaput, Kaput ! Ivan is growing ever powerful and will be on the march. Meine Kinder you must escape for the Reds will come . Never forget the Fatherland and the Party, keep your Fuhrer Oath but you must escape! Escape boy ! Head towards the Britishers for it is your only hope! ď To be continued...... - Post No. 112411

John F  9:14am 30th Jan 2018

With Arsenal involved in a player chain which is BD will not sell unless they get a replacement Batshuayi from Chelsea who won't sell unless they get Possibly Giroud,it would be very easy for Someone at Arsenal who did not want Auba to scupper the deals by insisting on an unreasonable fee for Giroud that Chelsea will not pay.That's my conspiracy theory for the day,Standby for tomorrow's is Wenger really one of David Ickes lizard aliens. - Post No. 112412

Badarse  11:27am 30th Jan 2018

Good morrow Dark Lord. Well facts is facts. I don't enter the speculative transfer sagas, I have said this on a number of occasions, but you can certainly be forgiven for missing that fact. I do not listen to talk radio either. Why should I want to know what Bill of Hoddesdon thinks of Arsenal's medical staff? Do you know Bill? If you did you wouldn't want to listen to him either-bit like reading the MAYDUP man's views. So am bereft of actual facts in the transfer of Aub, or anyone else for that matter. Sorry. What I do know is that these absences of facts spreads across the Arsenal community. It becomes speculation and rumour. When the rumour generally emanates from the likes of Sky TV you can see why I give it a wide birth. That is only the beginning though because everyone and his dog adds his tuppence and it often takes on a life of it's own. People toss in their own prejudices, their overt secret agendas and the pool is muddied beyond any clear sight. What I do know is that negotiations can be woefully slow and convoluted. Look at the Yuxit talks as a good pointer, but with a bit of luck we might at least transfer Dave Davis the British Bulldog. Will Aub come? Doubtful. Would I want him to? Ambivalent. Would I welcome him? Absolutely. Am I hanging on every scrap, false or true, of transfer dealings? Not at all. Sorry to be unhelpful. With that, he bent into the gale, put his shoulder to the wheel, his nose to the grindstone, his best foot forward, and fell on his head. - Post No. 112413

Badarse  11:59am 30th Jan 2018

Last night the OG Virtual Barn Dance met in a disused garage. The evening became a little confusing as Badarse arranged some square dancing but asked the attendees to form a circle. Much bumping and boring, bumping from the less astute, boring from the likes of AKB(and we all know what the B stands for-intelligent!), his sidekick who has been kicked in the side more often than one of westlower's nags the Nark, and of course the MAYDUP man. As the Maydup man had arrived in wellies, dear old Hoddle and Waddle, Nark and AKB were asked to begin. Each stood opposite each other with hands stuffed deep into trouser pockets, deep enough to feel their small change. Then with grimaces on their faces they advanced stamping and frothing. AKB with that habit he has of biting his nose with his bottom lip produced hissing frothy sounds, whereas Nark just whined a little through clenched teeth as he dribbled down his chin. They moved around each other with 'Strictly' precision, each giving piercing looks into the other's eyes. AKB kept his shoulders back and his chest out but this only gave him heartburn. Nark meanwhile eased the strain on his lumber region by sticking his bottom out as he stamped and stomped. At this MAYDUP left the group. Badarse asked him to take them with him but he declined. Next month, Cossack Dancing for those who refuse to bend a knee. - Post No. 112414

A Cornish Gooner  12:23pm 30th Jan 2018

Badarse. Why do you think it's doubtful he will join us? - Post No. 112415

Yes its Ron  12:29pm 30th Jan 2018

The delays on transfers are inevitable now. Image rights, Lawyers fees, agents fees, personal terms, special conditions of contract, release clauses, insurance clauses and who pays who, option agreements, wage review clauses, marketing clauses, extra curricular activity permissions, housing clauses, hotel clauses, boot deals, shirt deals, novation of players existing contracts, cancelling of existing contracts, renewal and revision of existing contracts. Endless issues and the worse they are the bigger the personality of the player. I doubt one bit that AW is involved in any of it or any coach anywhere these days. Its all over their heads - Post No. 112416

Exeter Ex  12:29pm 30th Jan 2018

A perfectly reasonable opinion piece with plenty of precedence to back it up. It'll look all the stronger if the whole thing falls through based on the asking price for Giroud. We'll see. But whilst putting down both the article and those reading it, 'Where are the facts?' cries the man who, whenever asked to back up any of his offerings with a bit of evidence or even reasoning, howls with indignation. There's a word for that... what is it again? - Post No. 112417

A Cornish Gooner  12:37pm 30th Jan 2018

Badarse. And why are you ambivalent to him joining us? - Post No. 112418

Badarse  13:15pm 30th Jan 2018

Hi Corny. No basis in fact but I just think this transfer smacks of just one too many twists and turns for it to happen in this window. I could be wrong so await with subdued interest. Ambivalent as my main concern is the hype which surrounds the lad-true, false? His failings, other's? The other aspect to give me a distant reaction is will he fit in? If we want/need/require a CH and one is purchased it is an easy correlation. To buy an attacker, advanced midfield man, wide man(?) is a far more complex situation. You can see that as many react against a central player when pushed wide, or a wide man played deep. I shall be excited enough if and when the lad arrives thoughg, and curious to see his integration within the framework of the team. As I try to explain, I do not engage with the hype and speculation very much, if at all, so hence much of the ambivalence as it hasn't yet happened. - Post No. 112419

Yes its Ron  13:18pm 30th Jan 2018

The Giroud to Chelsea thing is strange. I thought he wanted more game time? He ll get even less there. I guess the extra money he d get will negate his wish to play more though! - Post No. 112420

Badarse  13:26pm 30th Jan 2018

I may be wild of the mark, Corny. Have just heard on BBC News that the deal is close(?). Ron you are correct. However if the lad feels he has slipped down the pecking order so isn't getting anymore playing time he perhaps weighs up his current lifestyle plus that fee you allude to, and that is enough to rule out a move abroad. Possibly he figures he is line to play in the Finals anyway and why worry about who's bench you warm when an extra 10k a week is on offer? - Post No. 112421

John F  13:33pm 30th Jan 2018

Extra curriculum activities Ron does that involve hotel rooms.I would have mixed feelings if Giroud ended up at Chelsea, a player I cannot make up my mind on.I always felt he would do well playing alongside another striker and for a team that crosses the ball more then Arsenal.Slow paced and has that infuriating habit of looking up to the sky when he loses the ball instead of chasing back to get it but I can see why Chelsea would want him due to his hold up play and heading ability. - Post No. 112422

A Cornish Gooner  13:44pm 30th Jan 2018

Baddie. I think your one-word answers were pretty much what most of us on here are thinking. Iíll remain doubtful about the transfer, based on Arsenalís track record and all the twists you mention, until it is officially announced he has joined us. Iím ambivalent because of his reported Ďattitudeí An attitude can be an asset (Ian Wright) but it can turn into a liability (Anelka). Iím sure most Arsenal fans, if not all, will welcome him (AKB and WOBs). The fan base needs this to happen. He will improve the squad. I still think though, that if he is a huge success at Arsenal, then Real or Barca will be after him. - Post No. 112423

Seven Kings Gooner1  13:45pm 30th Jan 2018

I find the whole deal strange, it is not just a simple replacement signing because we do not play with 2 up front, unless we are a few goals behind that is, then it's 5 up top and the big clog. This signing, if it does happen, suggests a change in formation or is a recommendation from an outside party, like a new manager maybe. - Post No. 112424

markymark  14:11pm 30th Jan 2018

Assuming this does happen and I expect it to. Itís pretty amazing how simple this transfer business is. I mean all you do is pay roughly the valuation the selling team wants. Price inflation is effectively creating a return. Of course if you allow a deluded lizard and a guy who always missed his flights to dither then you get what happened to Arsenal ever since Dein went. I expect more professional player business moving forward simply because Wenger has been sidelined - Post No. 112425

Badarse  14:44pm 30th Jan 2018

To be honest Corny the attitude thing is something which I am only vaguely aware, have picked up on it through whispers, am not interested in reading about it as yet, so in this area I am a bit of casual when mentioning it. As you rightly say 'attitude' can be a positive or a negative. Oh, and yes his arrival would be welcomed. Sometimes a player's character can shape the dressing room. - Post No. 112426

Badarse  15:11pm 30th Jan 2018

Nark I think you are the man for the job. You will be our transfer king. All you do is roughly give the amount they want. Tell your man in Brussels to do that. Oh he'd ignore you too. Must say something about your strategy then, methinks, and me does, pity that often you don't. What about a player asking for playing time, release clauses, housing, add-ons, even number on shirt might get an airing? Remember there is AFC negotiating team, possibly reporting back to the big cheese, the same at the other end. Then the player, all via an agent. Also remember rarely do they all sit around a table. Can you imagine this group from the OG around a table? I suppose if I told you to duck under the table you'd bend down and go, 'Quack! Quack!' - Post No. 112427

TonyEvans  15:18pm 30th Jan 2018

SKG - surely must mean a change in formation, as I previously suggested a fluid 3-5-2. I could almost get excited about the prospect if Wenger was no longer in charge and a top quality defender arrived too. - Post No. 112428

markymark  15:21pm 30th Jan 2018

Baddie - pretty simples two blunderers Wengo and Laws removed from process . Transfers now happening to time . I think Wengo went on the same procurement course you went on. - Post No. 112429

Badarse  15:23pm 30th Jan 2018

Probably correct Nark, you are about most things. - Post No. 112430

mbg  15:40pm 30th Jan 2018

Exeter, yes mate, he just never learns does he, even regurgitating his ridicules get to gethers disguised as humour, (there's as much humour in them as internal haemorrhoids, the only joke is himself but he still doesn't get it)in an attempt to provoke and alienate, he must be the only poster in the history of the Onlinegooner who has to stand up to read and post, more to be pitied than laughed at. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 112431

mbg  16:00pm 30th Jan 2018

Ron, yes the extra dough on offer would explain it i'd say, I wonder what his nice boy team mates would/wil think of that, will they not celebrate with him if he scores against relegation fodder tonight ? will there be hostilities in the dressing room ? etc etc, I wonder how the AKB wengerite luvvies feel about it, another one leaving, it looks like their quite happy with it and with a just right, good on him attitude, no accusing him of leaving their messiah in the lurch, obviously it's alright to leave for more dough but not for ambition, for some anyway. wenger out tonight. - Post No. 112432

Badarse  16:00pm 30th Jan 2018

The Eggman detects an howl; is that just a posh bird? MAYDUP sings along with him. How does it go lads? 'One wheel on my wagon, but we're still rolling along...' - Post No. 112433

Exeter Ex  16:21pm 30th Jan 2018

Badarse, as you've admitted to still being very naÔve and incompetent in negotiating the online world, here's a tip: There's a way forward for you in your responses to Cornish today. Every other comment, you're trolling. Look it up. - Post No. 112434

Yes its Ron  16:50pm 30th Jan 2018

Apparently, the deals done but likely to founder. Auba s not prepared to move to London unless he s given a contract length supply of Mackays Dundee Marmalade. Arsenal are baulking at this saying that Co Op s own should do. I dont blame him. I d stay at Dortmund over this. Typical Arsenal. Always on the cheap. - Post No. 112435

mbg  17:12pm 30th Jan 2018

Bard, yes the joke of the site tells us he never enters transfer sagas, and is only vaguely aware of (it'd be the first time ever he has never made out to be fully aware of, and an expert in everything, and stuck his hooter into, but he does know they can be woefully slow and convoluted who'd have guessed, gives the rumours of Sky Tv a wide birth for some reason (only known to himself) but listens to them on BBC, gives the talk radio (is there any other kind ?) a miss, oh, and yes doesn't engage in speculation but does in (and prefers) pure shyte. You couldn't make it up, i'd bet if you seen his house/home it would have a Satellite dish (maybe two) on the roof with a couple of radios maybe he still calls them trannies with his age, tuned into Sky TV and talk sport 24/7. wenger out. - Post No. 112436

Yes its Ron  17:20pm 30th Jan 2018

CG - It goes without saying that any player bought and improved to a good level is potentially Real Barca bound as you say. Thats the modern game. Coutinho the latest eg. This is the conundrum for coaches of the top clubs. If they buy expensive then by definition the players good and if hes the right age, he gets better and thus Real etc etc snap them up. The coach needs the player to try for top trophies, pressured by fans and Boardrooms, yet he ll only have the player for a yr or two. The sensible coach who wants stability and continuity and loyalty has to buy lesser cheaper players, improve them and still challenge for said trophies. The latter method is AWs preferred method as the top clubs wont want the player even though hes been improved, as they only buy sexy 'footballers'. The Coach then is in an impossible position. Fans who wont wear it and Boards who eventually follow the fans thus coach gets sacked. AW has of course avoided the sack as hes trod a line between the 2 methods and had relative success still. Therein lies the persuasive support for AW staying in the job and why his owner loves him. As much as many of us want change, from an owners view point only the arguments for the status quo are rock solid. Fans views arent worth ear time. if you were a Kroenke man, anybody who shouts for AW to resign or be sacked is a total fool. For all the arguments for Arsene to pick up his kit bag, don his cap and gloves and leave, we have to accept that its an argument thats never likely to be fulfilled and if yr a Kronke man never should be. Its why ive dropped out of the debate over our Coach. Football fans are typified by Liverpools now. They were hailed and lauded as nigh on 'Real Liverpool' when they beat City (luckily i thought), Countino gone and two defeats later theyre questioning Kloppie and demanding different transfer policies, some are saying hes no better than Rodgers and needs ousting! Football is mad. Fans are largely stupid and Coaches are madder still for doing the job. Baddie is right to describe in that post earlier how pressure builds through barmy social media, whatever the limitations of the 'wisdom' quoted. The daftest of comments often does become 'sound reasoning'in no time at all. Underpinning all this is another option for fans - support a lesser club, even a non league club. Theyre far earthier and honest. The so called top 6, their fans and owners in that PL are poisoning football equally as much as the cash flowing into them is. Twitter and Facebook is a vessel for carrying poison too and aids and abets the madness. Ask that idiot Phil Neville. - Post No. 112437

Yes its Ron  17:34pm 30th Jan 2018

now now MGB, theres no need to slam trannies as there might be on the site! Its each to their own matey. id hasten to add that trannies have no relevance to my post earlier 112416 when i mentioned Aubas possible 'extra curricular' activities!! - Post No. 112438

Badarse  18:04pm 30th Jan 2018

Mmm, MAYDUP you may have me there. Have you been taking lessons from the Nark or the Eggman? Perhaps both? Possibly it's you guiding them. You see broadly speaking people fall into two camps-pay attention I am not talking of AKB Central Command, or the WOR phone box, just the generalisation of yin and yang, the Chinese twin spearheads. Firstly thank joke for the recognition of my joking, though it was Old Sticky Fingers Ron who undid the lid of the marmalade joke. No it isn't intellect, (they are not the third team in Milan by the way), it is a personal choice. I know personal choice is generally alien to Ulster but there you are. Until you recognise that Sky have an agenda, ergo transfer 'NEWS!', then you will find it impossible to recognise agendas in others, even yourself, just look in the mirror. No! Stop! You will only go into your Gollum act, 'We wants him out, doesn't we my precious?' Shut up! We wants him in, we does.' BBC gets many things wrong in a woeful world but it gets most things right. It was a news item, not a rumour, or gossip. Do you get the difference? I am a bit bemused as you agree that I don't engage in speculation, as I said, but does in pure pooh. There you go again talking about bottoms. Try to put your bum behind you. No satellite dishes on my roof. I prefer to avoid those kind of overheads. Has the Daniel Levy tattoo healed yet? 'One wheel on my wagon...' - Post No. 112439

A Cornish Gooner  18:21pm 30th Jan 2018

Ron. Agree with what you say about Real/Barca. That was my point really. I'm resigned to the 'fact' that if Auba's a huge success he WILL be off. - Post No. 112440

CORNISH GOONER  19:12pm 30th Jan 2018

Ron, in an earlier post you gave a huge list of things that have to be sorted in today's transfer market. These things, along with the sheer greed of all the participants are increasingly making me feel that I can't be Arsed with it anymore. However, regarding managerial sackings Man U, in particular, will always be seen as a bigger club than AFC because they & their fans demand success & are not happy with "comfortable"& the top players will sense any lack of ambition. Ironic that the People's Game is owned & played by a small number of a******** & generally funded by us Plebs. a CG, if you are out there, mine's a pint of Doombar please! - Post No. 112441

markymark  19:45pm 30th Jan 2018

A Cornish / Cornish / Exeter - I wonder how far Eastward one can go to still enjoy a nice Doombar and a Tribute. Well down an alley in London Bridge is the Old Kings Head and that does lovely pints of the above on draught. Proper spit and sawdust pub as welll ( one of the few left). On a separate note . Badarse itís quite bemusing to see your lifeís work at the age of 83 descend into trollery . I bet you put accusing letters through your neighbours letter boxes as well. Probably the whole community is plagued by them. - Post No. 112442

A Cornish Gooner  19:45pm 30th Jan 2018

CORNISH. I'd be happy to buy you a pint. Sadly, 'meet me in the pub' on this site normally has a more threatening connotation. - Post No. 112443

Yes its Ron  20:11pm 30th Jan 2018

Hi CG - Yes .PL football leaves a bad taste in the mouth very often doesnt it. Its largely those 6 Clubs tho. sspeak to fans of the clubs in the bottom half and they in so many ways get a far deeper enjoyment of it. They cherish the odd Round win inn the Cups, a win over a 'big' team etc and generally laugh at their clubs failings, just not on match days though. Man U had a good run at being 'big' didnt they. Post war stadium development when other clubs didnt bother gave them the big gate receipts and they sure spent it didnt they, though still went 26 yrs with no title. Munich disaster spawned their massive support too. Im not sure theyre quite the juggernaut now and the Man C thing must be killing them. When you and i condemn modern football, what we mean really is that we dislike the bigger clubs. I dont think Arsenal are a particularly likeable club now so i have to be fair to the others and share out the blame. There is a slow wind of change though. Even Abramovitch is looking to get young players in the team there and his cheque books been closed to a degree for a yr or two now. The cost of the new SB is perhaps a factor though. Good luck to MC of course if thats what they want. The club has had only one 5 year period of dominance over MU in its history ie 1968 - circa 1973 and its good to see Man U humbled. Its long over due. As for dropping out and not being arsed with it, thats me too. Ive enjoyed the relegation fight this last 5-6 yrs far more than the top stuff which is repetitious and largely a bore, however much they spend. One day it ll turn full circle and teams fans will again want to see local lads in the teams and coaches building teams that stick together as Arsene W has in fairness to him always said the key to a good team and club. He ll be long since gone when it happens and if hes still alive when it does, im pretty sure he ll spare a leathery smug grin saying i told you all so. I share his view on that. - Post No. 112444

mbg  20:40pm 30th Jan 2018

Ron, ha, ha. - Post No. 112445

Paulo75  21:34pm 30th Jan 2018

One nil up, three one down. Another pathetic no show away from home. This goes from bad to worse. If you haven't put pen to paper yet Aubameyang I'd have a long hard think about your next move.... - Post No. 112446

mbg  21:34pm 30th Jan 2018

Redarse, nobody has to take lessons to have, or get the better of you, everybody on here does it with ease, your a joke, the joke of this site and don't get that confused with joker, that's the very last thing you are, so why keep trying, and nobody can or does believe a word you say any more. I'd safely say your what some people call some oap's a cantankerous old git (and that's being kind)markymark has called it well, someone always going round making your neighbours life a misery with notes through their letterboxes, lol, and they've being trying to have you evicted for years. You have zero respect left from quite a few, and that's what pisses you off the most as you longed to be top dog, a few others might still engage you i'd say that's as a matter of courtesy, or they feel sorry you. And another thing your the very last person on here i'd get annoyed about or get pissed off about so don't go flattering yourself again, like I said way way back I've had it from professionals. Now you can keep this up 24/7 if you wish it really doesn't matter to me, i'll certainly oblige as it's one thing I consider myself an expert on, it's up to yourself. And as a matter of courtesy as I know it annoys you so much i'll not end my post in the usual way. - Post No. 112447

Exiled in Pt  21:39pm 30th Jan 2018

Any other club in professional football would sack the manager after yet another humiliating defeat ! Lost 7 conceded 34 utter joke! Bunch of spineless w#nkers managed by an old c#nt club owned by yanks nothing more to say!! - Post No. 112448

mbg  21:52pm 30th Jan 2018

A Cornish gooner, or maybe something more sinister if you were to hang around the toilets for to long. - Post No. 112449

Rippy  21:57pm 30th Jan 2018

We all know he has to go ... But at least thereís some decent players and changes happening. The important thing is the new team put in place to get deals done will mean the next manager can make the club a force again. - Post No. 112450

markymark  22:05pm 30th Jan 2018

The Deluded Lizard is at it again - total embarrassment . Iím not so sure he can carry on like this. An outside top 4 finish and he really canít justify himself. - Post No. 112451

RegW  22:05pm 30th Jan 2018

Any footballer with half a brain would run a mile from this mob - Post No. 112452

A Cornish Gooner  22:07pm 30th Jan 2018

TonyEvans Your post 112385 Spot on mate! - Post No. 112453

Rippy  22:13pm 30th Jan 2018

Footballers play the the cash todayís chaps. So thereís your answer to why players are still willing to sign... If we can spend 50 mill a pop and wages of 200k then we will have a good go once we get shot of Wenger. Letís hope he does the decent thing or stans lackies grow some balls. The madness of king Wenger is nearly over - Post No. 112454

Goonhogday  22:14pm 30th Jan 2018

Wouldnít it be great if Wengerís post Swansea quote ďwe will know more in the morning ď was about his future and not about Aubameyang or Giroud. Wenger out. - Post No. 112455

Exiled in Pt  22:15pm 30th Jan 2018

Until the board go, i cannot see any change that is going to repair the damage! Hope i am wrong 6th place and runners up in the league cup probably enough for the zip fiddler to see out another contract as he will not walk away and they will not sack him. - Post No. 112456

mbg  22:48pm 30th Jan 2018

Paulo75, and was there a peep from the fans ? hardcore my arse, yes pathetic is the word for this shower of little nice boys, as for their so called manager ? A f*****g laughing stock (that has made the same out of the club) a failure of the highest order not fit for purpose. Go now you failure. - Post No. 112457

Paulward  23:12pm 30th Jan 2018

Even by this seasons abysmal standards tonight has to be a new low. Just how much worse can things get before someone at AFC grows a pair and tells Mr Wenger that he is leaving in the summer? Swansea are bottom of the flaming league for heavens sake, excruciatingly painful to witness our dismal descent into irrelevance. - Post No. 112458

mbg  23:43pm 30th Jan 2018

Rippy, changes happening ? lets hope so but debatable, I don't want to burst your bubble but as for the decent players who are they really, we're not going to win anything with them just look at tonight, and all the other embarrassments with them, and any more the new team in place bring in, it will only be a waste of time as they'll only be ruined by this weasel in the mean time, this past it old fraud has to be got rid of first before any rebuilding can even start, the longer it goes on the longer and harder it's going to be, and it's in a sorry state of affairs as it is. We want wenger out tonight. - Post No. 112459

Arseneknewbest  23:54pm 30th Jan 2018

Just back from the game. Arsenal were completely p*ss. Wengo is an enemy within. Very f*cking annoyed about how that cretin is destroying Arsenal. A shambles. - Post No. 112460

markymark  0:03am 31st Jan 2018

Badarse - this is what you get for supporting the Regime - Post No. 112461

Rippy  7:27am 31st Jan 2018

I hear you Mbg. Just hoping ... probably desperately that there is a game plan in place. I canít help think that itís all being made up has we go along. I have never seen an arsenal side with such a crap defence. The money is there for a new man to come in and make a difference though. We just need Wenger to admit to himself his done or gazidis and kroenke to do the right thing and put him out of his misery. We are a cup side presently and have been for 10 years really. Most supporters at other clubs would love that. But if you donít aspire for higher eventually you fail. This is that season I think .... - Post No. 112462

TonyEvans  8:36am 31st Jan 2018

Today's comedy gold headline: - 'Wenger furious at Arsenal's defending' - Post No. 112463

jwe1981  9:12am 31st Jan 2018

If Wenger coached a fish it would drown. - Post No. 112464

MAF  9:26am 31st Jan 2018

Arsenal fans have to start screaming their displeasure now in every way possible - if we dont do it we are truly done for, because the Club Looks Content to be 6th/7th Team in England and just ''get by''. i am asking everyone to please do everything that they can to save the dying DNA of this great Club. we have been invaded and taken over and we are losing our Club. from Woolwhich to Highbury to Emrirates to disaster. teh fans have to Show our Standards are higher than the owners board management - Post No. 112465

Goonhogday  9:51am 31st Jan 2018

Really hoping Giroud to Chelsea is a joke at least. Madness! Wenger out. - Post No. 112466

MAF  9:54am 31st Jan 2018

Theo to everton. ox to Liverpool. Alexis to man u. Giroud to chelsea. Ozil still out of contract and its Feb 1st. do we not all see the mis-management that has taken place at this great Club to bring it to its knees? i weep for what this Club has become. - Post No. 112467

Seven Kings Gooner1  9:55am 31st Jan 2018

Tony, "Furious at our defending" no one does that third person horror, shocked look better than Arsene, brilliant comedy. Guys I am off to see Colchester v Newport on Saturday, 22 players, a dozen or so subs and not a yellow streak or bottler in sight. It's 10 years nearly since I stopped going, why do so many of you go back for more, the club is finished the PL is not about English football anymore, give it up and get down the leagues, you will not regret it. - Post No. 112468

Goonhogday  10:09am 31st Jan 2018

No doubt this all driven by financial greed and the bottom line. Shame we canít sell Wenger to a competitor club! Wenger out. - Post No. 112469

markymark  10:14am 31st Jan 2018

The nasty one to come of course is not a massacre away from a top 6 club but a hammering away from a bottom 6 club. Arsenal are hanging purely from home form. This is reminiscent of s bad West Ham team. - Post No. 112470

Yes its Ron  10:24am 31st Jan 2018

A few defenders with Alfie Mawsons approach would do Arsenal a bit of good, in fact why not Alfie Mawson? Troubled times in N7 indeed. SKG s hit the nail on the head tho firmly when he says the PL isnt about english football. It left its roots and heritage a good ten yrs back in my opinion really in that regard. Its good if Swansea say up though. Good club and Sth Wales needs a presence in the league. - Post No. 112471

mbg  15:11pm 31st Jan 2018

Rippy, hear you too, yes if they can dish it out for wenger they can do it for the new man also, so it brings us back to the old adage/spin of Kroenke/board (such as it is) not making funds available (something I've never believed) for TOF. Like I've always said they were always there but wenger didn't want them, either to continue to try and prove everyone (apart from himself) wrong by winning the league on the cheap, long blown out of the water by Raneri and Leicester, or the fact he knew knows he's wasn't/not up to the job of identifying proper players and coaching/training them. wenger out now. - Post No. 112498

mbg  15:23pm 31st Jan 2018

jwe1981, Hilarious lol. - Post No. 112499

mbg  18:25pm 31st Jan 2018

markymark, that reminds me of the American Sci-fi series, V when Aliens invaded the earth, they looked just like us with human skin but underneath they were Lizards, maybe one got away, does wenger eat mice ? - Post No. 112515

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