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The first issue of The Gooner appeared on the streets in 1987. The Online Gooner was born in 1999 and The Gooner podcast arrived on the scene for the first time in mid-2007. We’ve now well over 100 recordings for you to enjoy here.

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Episode 154 / March 2017


Why is the reaction to Arsenal's annual collapse more intense this year? Would a top 4 finish & winning the FA Cup legitimize another two years of Arsene???? If Arsene Wenger did get a contract renewal, would he survive two more seasons? How effective a form of protest are empty seats? The benefits of not qualifying for the Champions League. Is the board of directors fit for purpose in 2017? Is Manchester City the best possible FA Cup semi-final draw? Mustafa Goldstein, Simon Rose and Bernard Azulay are asked the questions by host Kevin Whitcher, in the 154th edition of Arsenal's The Gooner fanzine podcast.

Episode 153 / February 2017


Do Chelsea simply have better players than Arsenal or is their 12 point lead over Arsenal due to something else? In the stadium itself, is the majority still backing the manager? How are fans able to demonstrate their discontent & opinion? Is the Arsenal manager aware of the social media debate about him? Why do Arsenal get so much media spotlight when things are going badly? Could Arsene Wenger survive losing at Sutton? Does the two year contract on offer actually exist? Is the supposed lack of hunger at Arsenal indicative of a more general problem in 21st century UK society? The Keeper situation. Thoughts on Lucas Perez. Steve Ashford, David Oudot and Layth Yousif are asked the questions by host Kevin Whitcher, in the 153rd edition of Arsenal’s The Gooner fanzine podcast.

Episode 152 / January 2016


Is the back four good enough to win the title or the Champions League? Does it really matter to players signing new contracts who the manager is going to be? Which player left the panel most heartbroken furious when they left Arsenal? Will selling Zelalem to Dortmund prove a mistake? Hopes for the tie against Bayern Munich. Have Perez & Giroud played themselves into the starting XI? Is Welbeck preferable to the Ox or Iwobi wide left? Is there such a thing as 'The Arsenal Way'? Arsenal's away record against the other teams in the top six. Of the 'big six'.Who will miss out on the top four this season? Steve Ashford, Mike Francis and Mark Leech are asked the questions by host Kevin Whitcher, in the 152nd edition of Arsenal's The Gooner fanzine podcast.

Episode 151 / December 2016


Feelings about the team after two convincing victories. Anticipating the three matches in the run up to Christmas. The best midfield pairing at Arsenal. Will Jack Wilshere return? Thoughts on the prospect of the Leipzig boss replacing Arsene Wenger. Who will choose Arsene's successor? What's the best starting front three? Which of Ozil and Sanchez would the panel retain if only one remained? Would Sanchez go to China? Favourite Arsenal hat-tricks. Kevin Whitcher, Mustafa Goldstein and Phil Wall are asked the questions by host David Oudot, in the 151st edition of Arsenal's The Gooner fanzine podcast.

Episode 150 / November 2016


What did the North London derby tell us about Arsenal? Why do Arsenal struggle with Saturday lunchtime kick-offs? With Alexis' injury, will Arsene revert to Giroud as his central striker? Could Arsenal play three at the back? Hector Bellerin's agreement on a deal to remain at the club. When might we expect a decision on Wenger staying or going? Spurs and Wembley. The 2016 Arsenal Annual General Meeting. David Oudot, Mustafa Goldstein and Tim Payton are asked the questions by host Kevin Whitcher in the 150th edition of Arsenal's The Gooner fanzine podcast.

Episode 149 / October 2016


The performances against Chelsea, Basel and Burnley. Alexis as centre forward. Is Theo's recent improvement temporary or is it permanent?? Will Arsenal learn from last season? Are too many key player contracts expiring at the same time? The election of Coquelin and Cazorla ahead of Xhaka. Is Granit Xhaka another Vieira, or more of a Petit? Would Shkodran Mustafi been bought if the the BFG had not been injured? The impact of the decline of the pound on Arsenal's ability to attract players. Memories of Arsene Wenger's early days in 1996. Stadiums elsewhere that the panel would be happy to watch Arsenal play in. David Oudot, Mustafa Goldstein and Tim Charlesworth are asked the questions by host Kevin Whitcher in the 149th edition of Arsenal's The Gooner fanzine podcast.

Episode 148 / September 2016


Thoughts on the draw against PSG. Arsene Wenger's team selections – No Giroud, Ospina in goal, Xhaka on the bench. Jack Wilshere's loan move to Bournemouth. Is Arsene planning to persist with the false number 9 tactic? So good so far for Granit Xhaka and Rob Holding? Are there any signs that this might be Arsene's last season? Is the Ox worthy of a starting spot? Was Calum Chambers an expensive mistake? Is watching Arsenal away now a closed shop? Layth Yousif, Ian Henry and Ian Tanner are asked the questions by host Kevin Whitcher in the 148th edition of Arsenal's The Gooner fanzine podcast.

Issue #264 - Out Now!

Gooner Editorial

19th March 2017

Battle of the Skies as Gunners Nosedive into Freefall

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